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Title: Great weekend, back in the saddle !!!
Post by: SlowBurn on October 06, 2003, 09:02:50 PM
Hi everyone. I did have a small milestone this weekend.
After my 8 wk. post op check up. My OS said I could  start bearing weight on my left leg over the next 2 wks. as much as I could tolerate. But the best thing he said was I could get back on my horse. At a walk only of course, but that was fine with me  :). It was a gorgeous sunny fall day and my daughter was with me and took pics. I was a little nervous mounting since that is what got me injured but I kept reminding myself that was another horse, another set of circumstances.  I lowered my stirrup as low as I could and got up on the mounting block, put my foot in and took a deep breath. Before I knew it I was on and I felt so back to normal again! Actually I can ride better than I can walk. Pretty funny thought that occured to me as I was walking around the ring with him. It was good exercise using muscles I hadn't used in awhile and to my surprise I felt no pain.
Well this is going to be my weekend therapy for awhile till I get better at it.  I will keep you all posted at my progress.

Take care and keep on movin!
Title: Re: Great weekend, back in the saddle !!!
Post by: lam651 on October 07, 2003, 12:21:46 AM
Congratulations on your milestone! After being non weightbearing for awhile, starting to walk again can feel like a little bit of heaven. Good luck on your continued recovery. Larry :)
Title: Re: Great weekend, back in the saddle !!!
Post by: sienna on October 07, 2003, 06:58:36 AM
Great to hear of your milestone.  It's a pity that you can't do the shopping etc on the back of a horse  ;D  I hope it all continues to go well for you.
Title: Re: Great weekend, back in the saddle !!!
Post by: SlowBurn on October 07, 2003, 04:46:48 PM
Thanks Larry, Thanks Sienna  :)
It was good to be moving around w/o crutches or wheelchair. I know compared to most others 8-10 wks. is nothing but I was so active before my accident and my weekend job was exercising horses, so this injury was very difficult for me, physically. I never even thought of the mental aspect till after the fact. There were some depressing days.
In any event, it is definately life altering.  I walk with a limp but I see it improving each day and the muscles around my knee getting stronger too. But on top of my horse you would never know what my poor knee has been through. And yes it would be great to go shopping as well as everything else on horseback. Oh the time I would save .... ;)
Title: Re: Great weekend, back in the saddle !!!
Post by: missmyknee on October 07, 2003, 07:33:15 PM
Hi Slowburn

I am so glad you got in the saddle again. I know the drive to be able to ride again. It took me 2 yrs to be able to ride again ( I did hunter-jumper) but it was short lived as it was extremely painful to do so. Someday I hope to be back. Enjoy your ride!!! ;D ;D

Title: Re: Great weekend, back in the saddle !!!
Post by: ozzybug on October 08, 2003, 12:44:54 AM

What a great thing to be back doing something that you love to do! ;D

I am so glad to hear that things are going good for you.  I hope to be back doing the things I love to do soon.  I hit a major set back after taking a fall on my crutches about 3 weeks ago and have been having problems that seem to be progressively getting worse.  I go to see my OS tomorrow, and if I can not get the answers that I need will be going to VA for a second opinion.

Trying to keep a good attitude, and will continue to do so because I have to.  I really feel that I will recover- it's just going to take longer than expected that's all.

I hope you continue to progress and see improvement on a daily basis!

Title: Re: Great weekend, back in the saddle !!!
Post by: SlowBurn on October 08, 2003, 01:17:33 AM
Thanks Lezlee,

I hope things get better for you.  Those dang crutches!
I too had a nasty fall 2-1/2 weeks post op. I work out of the home and my office is downstairs. I got hung uo on my crutches somehow and couldn't grab the rails in times and down i went. It was awful, those things literally catapulted me  >:( I was only about 1/4 of the way down, flew over several steps, tumbled down the last few and went smack into a cinder block wall. I caught it with my left hand and right shoulder. the next day I felt like I had been hit by truck, all I wanted to do was curl up in bed and bypass the next few days. I ached all over. My knee hurt alot after that and was afraid to say anything. Eventually it got better. Sometimes I wonder about those crutches, I have gotten them caught on a few other things too. Sounds like you have the right attitude  ;) and a good game plan. Follow through with it, especially if you feel your knee is getting worse.  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Let us know how it goes.
Title: Re: Great weekend, back in the saddle !!!
Post by: tahoegirl on November 08, 2003, 08:01:42 AM

How nice, to see another horse rider.  I have a 3 year old quarter horse, I spent this summer, breaking and training.  Needless, to say my summer was full of pain, and I refused to have surgery until, my horse left for the cutting horse trainer.  Now, this wed, I am having surgery, on my left knee.  My OS, is doing an open lateral release a debrevment, VMO advancement.  My OS, is also a horse person, so he knows my passion and needs to get back in the saddle.

May, I ask what type of surgery did you have? What kind of riding do you do?  I need all the support, I can get..  I will do everything in my power, to ride my cutting horse by Jan..  

Thank you for posting this, it helps

Title: Re: Great weekend, back in the saddle !!!
Post by: SlowBurn on November 10, 2003, 07:35:24 PM
Hello again!
Well another weekend in the saddle and slow but steady improvement. Hello Tahoegirl and greetings from South Carolina  :). Well yesterday I rode for 45 minutes and things went pretty well. Slow starting at first but i forced myself to really concentrate on my leg positioning and using my calf like i used to. It was alittle painful and uncomfortable at first but once I got warmed up it became easier. I'm still quite a ways from the rider i used to be but I know i will get there again. Thank god i have a wonderful, patient horse who is really being a trooper. He is an ex-race horse who I used to "fly" with and is adjusting well to just walking and trotting.
To answer Tahoegirl's question, I had arthoscopic surgery, if you want to call it that, on my left knee. I had chipped off the outer protion of my left tibia and they had to pull it back up and "glue" it back on and put 3 screws underneath it to support it. They also did a bone graft "tunnel" below that and injected some kind of "bondo" type stuff for added support. My own marrow is supposed to replace it over the next year. But for now the stuff has hardened well enough for me to do all my regular activities. My limp went away at 11-1/2 wks post op and i am thrilled at that. I ride mostly English. Do jumping, trail riding and Fox hunting. Last year my horse and I got into Endurance riding which we've discovered he really has a knack for. But now I don't think i will be able to ride 30 milers for awhile. Maybe in a year, so he and I just ride in the ring and on the trails while I try to rebuild strenghth. I think the jumping, Fox Hunting and Endurance will have to wait a year. But that's OK we go out every weekend and I am so grateful for that ;D.  I hope all goes well with your surgery and don't get discouraged if you can't ride for a while. I had to sit it out for 10 wks and it felt like an eternity then but it really went by quickly. and you really never lose your seat, it all came right back to me the first time I got back on. Best of luck! and keep in touch!
Title: Re: Great weekend, back in the saddle !!!
Post by: Nettan on November 11, 2003, 08:12:42 PM
Hey !!

Nice to hear this. lucky u !!
Wish you good luck.

hugs nettan
Title: Re: Great weekend, back in the saddle !!!
Post by: tahoegirl on November 11, 2003, 10:19:45 PM

How wonderful, for you!!!  Thank you for telling me..  It makes things a little easier knowing, other people had knee surgery and are riding again.

I ride western, cutting horse to be exact.  I bought my first colt, this pass Jan.  He had only 20 rides under him, so I had the hole summer to train him.  I would ride 5 days a week, training my colt on the ground and on his back.  All was fine in the beginning, until, I took him to a small western pleasure show, and was warming him up, in the round pen.  While, I was posting and long trotting him out, I heard a loud pop, in my knee and could not move.  My horse stopped as soon as he heard me yell, and I slid off him, took one step and my knee poped back into place.  After, that it was down hill from there.  I could no longer open up at the hip, and could not keep my left leg from clamping down on him.  So, with a young green horse, when you clamp, they crow hop.  So, I did ride after that, but had to do alot of ground work, as I could only ride for about 20 mins or so then my knee would hurt, and my hip would get a cramp, and I could not ride.

So, after 3 months of PT, and it did not work, my OS, said surgery, I told him, I had to wait until my colt left for the trainer in Nov..  What we will not do for our four legged friends..  

So, tomorrow is the big day, a little nervous, but I am sure all will be fine.  My OS, says I should beable to ride by Jan..  

Thanks again..

Title: Re: Great weekend, back in the saddle !!!
Post by: SlowBurn on January 13, 2004, 08:03:18 PM
Hello everyone... It's been awhile since I've been on this site work and the holidays really had me busy. Just wanted to say that I had a pretty darn good start to the New Year. It was my 4th wedding anniv. last weekend and my husband and I went back to where we spent our honeymoon, in the mountains. It was wonderful and though I was dreading doing the hiking we did 4 yrs ago, I managed to pull it off fairly well. We hiked 4 miles the first day on a trail I came later to find out was designated one of the more difficult in the area. I was pretty stiff at first and had trouble going downhill but after about 30 minutes my leg really got warmed up and I was able to open my stride and really move. My husband could't believe my pace or the time we made. I was really afraid of holding him back, but I didn't and it didn't hurt at all, it actually felt better. The next day we hiked to 4930 ft in elev. the sight at the top of the mountain was beautiful. I was so thankful to be able to do this again. The next day we just relaxed and did a little shopping.
I've continued to ride my horse every weekend and have progressed to cantering like I used to. I can't do it for as long, but am grateful to be doing it at all  :)
It's been 5 months (8-8-03) since my surgery and I hope this provides encouragement to someone. If I can do it, so can you  ;)

Take care all and hope everyone is well

Title: Re: Great weekend, back in the saddle !!!
Post by: Shahid on March 05, 2004, 10:47:24 AM
Dear Rachel,
It so nice to hear that you are back in saddle- It always encouraging to read sucess story with knees. I am now into 4th month of my surgery for cartilage damage in right knee- that has now improved but it seems that I have developed tendonitis in both of my knee and it difficult taking few steps- my doctor is saying that there is nothing wrong- just to continue with the exercises plus swimming and it will go- I am taking Viox-25mg daily- and looking forward that soon I will start riding as I used to do- Although I am not as good a rider as you but over last two years , I learned riding and love it on the weekend..
love, shahid