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Title: Something similar to proximal tibiofibular subluxation?
Post by: Marchello on August 04, 2010, 12:47:35 AM
Hi everyone

I really hope I can find someone who has or has had a similar "problem" to what I have.

I have done a mountain of research online to see if I can self diagnose it, but unfortunately, I have been unable to uncover much that helps.

The issue

* Right leg, lower lateral knee, proximal tibiofibular joint
* After sitting for periods of time with my right leg extended and the right foot crossing over my left, I get a build up of pressure in the above mentioned region - if I push my right knee outwards, the pressure releases with a really loud popping/snapping noise (the noise is similar to wrapping a knuckle over a table)
* There is no pain
* It is loudest in the morning if I "release" it after waking up
* The sensation prior to the release is like something is jammed.
* This movement can occur up to 20-30 times per day
* My right piriformis/glute med are very tight - I get ART weekly to help release it - when I attempt to do a piriformis or glute med stretch, pain (but not crippling pain...just discomfort) refers to area mentioned above. 

I have had this for around 12 months now. My ankle used to do something similar however after I had arthroscopic surgery on it last November, it no longer locks in place or produces noises of a similar nature.

I don't recall the ankle and the knee producing the popping sounds in conjunction with each other.

I realise that because there is no pain, I probably shouldn't be worried but as I get older (I am 34) and this continues, I am concerned that the issue will get worse if left unmanaged.

I do advanced strength training techniques plus I also play soccer on the weekend so it doesn't appear to interfere with my movement patterns.

Any help is appreciated!