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Title: Foreign body in knee?
Post by: soccer8466 on July 17, 2010, 11:00:33 PM
For about two months now I have had this weird ball (about the size of a pencil eraser) floating around in my knee joint, right on top of my knee cap. The weird thing is that I can push it all over my knee and can go up into my thigh and I can push it back down. So I kind of forgot about it for awhile thinking it was nothing, but a few weeks ago my knee started bothering me when I was running or going up and down stairs (I'm very active).

So I got it looked at this past week and the orthopedic surgeon took xrays and told me that I had some type of foreign body in my knee. He is going to do a minor surgery on it in a few days- using local anesthesia to cut open the top of my knee to pull this thing out...

So I was wondering how common this is or if anyone else has experienced anything like this? If so, what should I expect for this surgery?


Thank you!
Title: Re: Foreign body in knee?
Post by: The KNEEguru on July 18, 2010, 08:57:12 AM
You say it is a 'foreign body'. Usually a foreign body in the knee is a bit of glass or similar, and sometimes a bit of sewing needle that may have been in a carpet and been knelt upon. I am surprised that you are able to move such a foreign body around to the extent that you describe, as the body often reacts to it prsence and makes scar tissue around it. A needle may 'migrate' and move from its original position, and removal of a needle is usually performed under imaging control.

The other kind of 'body' one gets in the knee is a 'loose body' (or 'knee mouse') and this is usually a bit of tissue from the inside of the knee that has broken off and floats in the knee cavity. As the fluid in the knee (synovial fluid) is nourishing, such loose bodies often grow, and get get considerably larger than their original size. Usually one needs an arthroscopic procedure to remove a loose body. A knee mouse can often be flipped about the knee joint space - and remember that the joint space extends right up above the kneecap and also around to the sides of the joint. They can be quite challenging to remove at arthroscopy as they can slip out at speed from the surgeon's forceps (tweezers) and can end up around the back of the knee where they are hard to locate again. A knee mouse sometimes gets caught in the joint, and can cause painful 'catching'.
Title: Re: Foreign body in knee?
Post by: soccer8466 on July 18, 2010, 01:36:21 PM
Well I called it a foreign body because that's what he called it. He said it's not in my knee joint, it's floating around in the fluid I think on top of the joint? Does that sound right? So I don't know what to think? He said all they have to do is make an incision on the top of my knee and pull it out, so he said he is not scoping it, so he thought it should be pretty easy... I just can't imagine what this thing is?
Title: Re: Foreign body in knee?
Post by: kscope09 on July 18, 2010, 02:21:43 PM
I had a peiece o fmy acl floating round and catching for 18 months.  I caused me lots of problems but none the physios could pick up on and it didn't even show up on mri, but I could tell it wa there and whenever I asked a doc or pt about it they always dismissed it and said I would be in a lot more pain.  Mine caused catching, which wa a ymptom i didn't understand at the time it was basically like a big click when I exteneded the knee that sounded like a gun shot, then I would flex the knee and extend again and have another gun shot, and again and again.  when I had my hand on top of the kneecap it danced up and down and it was always dismissed.  It did float around a bit and sometimes I could feel it down the edge of the knee, where it created a terrible scartching sensation that felt like itching udner the skin.  Even if my chrondoplasty and plica excism were failures and I often wonder, I am nevertheless glad to have rid of the loose body.