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Title: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on June 22, 2010, 10:11:16 AM
Hello all, I'm baaaaaaaack

Firstly I must apologise for my lack of attendance in recent weeks (months?). A combination of a hideously busy work schedule and having no home internet connection for a long time got me out of the habit if checking on here every half hour. I've neglected you all and I'm sorry. I have some news of my own but that can wait.

Unfortunately I haven't yet had time to trawl throught the forum and find out what's new so I want to know how everyone's getting on. That means you Snowy and you Dan and Tez and Tony and Kneetmare and all the rest of you. Anyone new say hello and tell me about yourself as well always good to meet new brothers and sisters in arms(knees?). For those of you fortunate enough not to have encountered my incessant babbling before, this link will give you all the information you could need and probably more than you're ever likely to want  ;D

Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: toughsteakdan on June 22, 2010, 04:06:54 PM
4 quesses about your news Impish;

a)     you bought a cheap 'hamstring' from Ikea ready for a DIY jobby
b)     you finally got married in Legoland
c)     your big black cat has finally exploded or imploded....ooops sorry
d)     youve had a sneaky ACLr on the quiet/on the wrong leg

Any near?.....good to hear from you Impish.....  Danwhodoesnot........
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on June 22, 2010, 07:34:16 PM
Impish!!!! We missed you. :)

Glad to hear you're doing well, and don't you dare wait on that news - we want to hear what's been going on with you! Hope the knee is doing well (ooh, Ikea hamstring graft) and life has been good to you since your last visit to the boards.

I can't remember exactly how much you've missed out on, so here's a speedy update on my news...

* Got referred to an OS with an 18-24 month wait for an initial consult, plus at least 6 months from consult to surgery
* Rammed my head extensively into the brick wall that is our medical system
* Head ramming paid off and got an appointment with a different OS on May 19th
* AClr (hamstring) scheduled for July 9th...I go under the knife two weeks on Friday (eep!)

Tez is scheduled for her ACLr just a few days later on July 19th, but she's currently off painting the town red in Benidorm this week.  I'll let the others provide their own updates. :)

In non-knee related news, I've been wincing at England's dreadful World Cup performance and dealing with a kitty health crisis. Kitty is doing better today but I can't say I'm holding out much hope for England, who I fully expect to be on a plane home tomorrow afternoon.

We're very glad to see you back, and I hope your knee news is good news!
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on June 23, 2010, 07:48:34 AM
Lol, Dan your close. But not quite. Hows work going anyway mate? Any more news with you? I seem to remember last time you OS/physio telling you to see how it went and then decide on treatment.

Snowy glad all your head banging paid off, you'll be back out on the slopes jumping like a maniac before you know it ;) Good to hear Tez has a date as well. Sorry to hear about the Kitty, what happened? Yes England have been pretty terrible haven't they? I can't say that I haven't been amused by it all and you never know, they might sneak in today. I've just been sat enjoying the wonderful football, though there have been some shockingly bad matches, the standard does seem to be going up. Argentina Vs Spain in the final would be nice to see.

Okay, time for my quick update. Been going back to the physio and it seems to be doing me some good. Have it all sorted with the health insurance company to pay for my physio and I'm claiming back the previous money paid out as well so I'm well pleased. As far as pre-hab goes, I started doing weighted squats (back against a foot(soccer?)ball against the wall) with dumbells just before I abandoned you all to try and build my quads. Regime consists of 30 unwieghted (sets of 10) to warm up, then 30 weighted (sets of 10) followed by 5 stints of 20 seconds standing with my back against the wall and my knees at right angles so my thighs are parallel to the ground. Starting weight was about 8 kilos, split over 2 dumb bells. Glad I started so light as I've managed to gradually increase and I'm now squatting 30 kilos :D

Physio has been measuring my quads and between May 20th and June 17th my left quad went from 41.1cm diameter to 41.9cm. Unfortunately my right quad went from 41.9 to 43 so it's doing more work. Have now introduced 1 legged squats, free standing but only going down about half way in place of the holding squats (though I think I'll try and do both today) also at 30kg.

I've been scoping bike routes for rehab already (all I need now is a bike) and have even found a few running routes, thought that is perhaps a little premature.

Oh, I almost forgot, I got a date as well ;) Friday 16th of July, have to be at the hospital for 7am. How wierd is that, 7days after snowy and 3 days before Tez, lol. Looks like we'll all be rehabing it up together. Nervous much?   :-\  Lol

Ah I've missed this place :D Hows everyone else doing? And anyone who doesn't know me, come on in and say hello  ;D
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: toughsteakdan on June 23, 2010, 09:21:17 AM
So you are not doing a bungie jump after all in the quest for strong ankle ligaments Impish.....your pt is going well....I have been doing one legged squats on roller board(humm), hopping (hum hum), leg presses ummm, all in all balance and strength on NHS is sporadic so I have joined the gym for 'big people!'..os says I now need to do 'advanced ' I have a personal trainer for 5 sessions free who is grade 3....that means he knows about acl injuries and prehab.

As I only have 1/2 of acl left OS has decided to do a laproscopy to see if other half has been damaged or stretched, trim and brush up etc.......if it has then Recon   If it is ok he wants me to carry on building up muscles to see if  stability is improved.   I know many would find that unacceptable but it is working for me at this stage.  I can work although anything in a downward direction needs to be carefully traversed as in skiing!!!!.  I am so glad to be back and my knee gets a good work out everyday!

Snowy Tez and youself are all in it together....and Tony interesting situation as Snowy may say!.  Will note all of your posts when the time comes......So come on England 'get the boot in'...if only....
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on June 23, 2010, 01:01:19 PM
No bungie jump just yet, though if I ever get the opportunity I'll be all over it :D Ah joyous NHS, to be fair they've given me a good surgeon so I can't complain about them too much, lol. Been tempted to hit the gym too but I can sit at home and watch the footie while I do my weights so it's winning at the moment.

roller board? Sounds difficult. Anything like these? Certainly one legged squats on it would be a challenge. I haven't been doing much balance stuff. Must start doing that on my off days from weights.

I know what you mean about downard directions mate, stairs and hills make me nervous, lol. Sounds like you're in the same boat as me. Strange as it sounds I'm pushing for the ACLr simply because I want to get back to footie. Though if they only do the meniscal trim I'll be back playing footie in 6 weeks rather than 9 months, I'd be so nervous on the pitch :( I reckon if it's working for you and you don't really need the ACLr don't get it mate. Much as I'm psyched up about 9 months of back(Knee?) breaking effort, I'd rather not be doing it,lol.

It will be a very interseting time. I think these boards might be seeing alot of the 3 of us over that time.

Interesting note, surgery date will be 2 days shy of 18 months post injury :D lol

What was the last word on Tony, how's he getting on?
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on June 23, 2010, 03:25:04 PM
a wee bird flew over to spain and told me you were back and even though i am sitting soaking up the rays i thought i would say hi and welcome you to the 3 for 2 special aclr´s in july hope we can squeeze another one in being Tony i am using the crap puter in the hotel as Conor left his lap top on the bus from the airport I think it may be gone for good and i thought i would use his and not take mine so time is tight a big hiya to all and hope everyone is doing ok..
I have never consentrated on walking so much in my life always good leg up and down kirbs etc but hey ho im in the sun and happy
Take care all Tez
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on June 23, 2010, 07:18:20 PM
Tez, you're on holiday! You get off the Internet and out into the sunshine! ;)

Pete, that's fantastic news about the ACLr date - and now we have our D'Artagnan! (With Tez, Tony and I all getting our new ACLs within days of each other, we've been calling our little gang the ACLr Musketeers.) Tony doesn't have his date yet, but they told him it would be sometime in late June or early July. Tez and I are getting hamstring grafts, and Tony a patellar tendon graft - how about you?

My prehab has been a constant battle with the existing PFS in my knees, which has flared up horribly because of all the extra legwork I've been doing. At the moment I'm swimming 5x a week (minimum 3k), cycling an hour a day with a longer ride on weekends (120k on Sunday - woot!) and doing my gym exercises at least 5 days a week. I've been mixing up the quad building (squats, leg presses etc) with hamstring curls and glute kicks to fatten up my hamstring for the kill, and lots of wobble board exercises for balance. Favourite so far is standing one-legged on the wobble board and bouncing a tennis ball off the wall, which is a never-ending source of hilarity for the coworkers sharing the gym with me. I've been limited in terms of adding weight because of the PFS, but the cycling has been really helping with the quad strength.

If you get a bike before surgery, get an indoor trainer too - then you'll be able to bring the bike in and do stationary cycling before the PT clears you to go out on the road. :)

It was Mara, our diabetic kitty, who had the crisis - she went into hypoglycaemic shock and had a series of seizures on Sunday night. We thought she'd had a stroke because she couldn't move her legs or head, and weren't expecting her to come home. Thankfully when her blood sugar stabilized she bounced back really well, and she's home again and enjoying her favourite treats. She's on a lower insulin dose now and we're keeping a very close eye on her blood sugar, but we're glad to have her back. How's your beachball kitty doing?

Dan - they actually did get the boot in this time! Very surprised that the team isn't coming home, but I can't imagine us beating a half-decent side in the next round...
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on June 24, 2010, 11:11:28 AM
Hi Tez, lol. Why am I not surprised that despite the fact you are on holiday you've ended up on here? lol. You should be away out in the sunshine or sat in a bar, these are the only things you are permitted to do in Spain. It's the law apparently ;) Keep putting your best foot forward :P and enjoy yourself.

I'm hamstring as well, which worries me a little as I've tight hamstrings as it is, but I trust the OS and a couple of physios I know rate him highly as a knee surgeon so I'll just have to get my stretches done and deal with it. Might try and fatten it up some in the 3 weeks I've got left too.

That's pretty impressive prehab snowy!!! You're obviously keeping your fitness up well doing all that, something I really haven't done :( 120k is class and 3k in the pool is very impressive. Swimming wrecks me so much, really need to get back into it, haven't been in weeks. Just been the weights really for me, managed 3x10 unweighted squats, 3x10 30kg squats, 3x10 30kg 1 legged squats and 5x20 sec hold squats yesterday ;D Time to start raising the weight again, lol. Have done very little balance work as well because it seems to be ok (relatively speaking) but I think I might buy a wobble board / balance board and try start using it now so I can learn how to use it before I get the op. I know Dan was talking about a balance board, what type do you have mate? I like the sound of that tennis ball one.

I already have an exercise bike, or more precisely, my parents have an exercise bike that I'm going to steal. Has a nice wide base so should be stable enough, thought I may look into the indoor trainer too. Probably just get a bog standard mountain bike. Found a nice section of dual carriage way not far from home that's pretty hilly, has a cycle path beside it and is exactly 1.5 miles so I'll be able to judge exactly how much I've done. There's another nice wee route down by Belfast Lough but it's pretty flat so doesn't look massively challenging, might be good to start out on.

Think I might be spending a fair bit of money in the near future on stuff like shower stools. Might try and get a few extra gel packs for this Got this in boots at the start of my ordeal, they aren't bad but takes ages to freeze and is defrosted in about 20 minutes :( What has everyone else been spending their hard earned cash on? Anything exciting for the upcoming period of inaction? I've got a massive list of stuff to do as well to get the house more cripple friendly :( Anybody else trying to pre-organise?

That sounds like it was quite scary, glad she's ok :) Lol my beachball kitty is the same as ever, sleeps unless there is food or attention available.

As far as the football goes, I really think you guys are in trouble in the next round if the team is as lethargic and lacking in motivation and energy as they have been so far. Though if anything will motivate an England football team it's a match against the Krauts ;D
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on June 24, 2010, 12:09:16 PM
Also, D'Artagnan  ;D Brilliant!
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on June 25, 2010, 04:48:59 AM
I hope Tez is having a good enough time for all of us in Spain! :)

I've been on a big pre-surgery spring-clean and organization kick too; it's amazing how motivating it is knowing that temporary incapacity is just around the corner! In the past few weeks we've replaced our leaky bathroom sink, cleaned the windows and skylights, had a huge reorganization of the deck (our main deck is up a flight of steep stairs, so we had to make a rehab corner for me on the lower deck), and repainted half the condo. I've already started building the post-surgery stack of library books, and treated myself to an iPad. That was a total indulgence and not one I can really afford, but I'm going to hook it up to the TV so I can watch shows I like through iTunes (I hate most TV with a vengeance) and the ebook reader will be handy if I do run out of library books before I'm mobile again. I even started looking at new couches before the poor sick kitty ran up a $2000 bill at Animal Emergency and put paid to any further spending, though I do plan on finding the cash for a Cryocuff from somewhere.

I've been really paranoid about losing my fitness after surgery (it was scary how fast it declined after the injury) which is why I've been working really hard to get in the best possible condition before I go under the knife. I'm also conscious of the fact that I can't do as much in the gym as I'd like to because of the PFS, so cycling is the best way I have of building quad strength. I've gone a bit overboard with it, but I am feeling in very good shape! I doubt that'll last long once I'm back on crutches, though...

Today was a bit weird as it was my last day at work before my medical leave. Surgery isn't for another two weeks, but I have my parents flying in from the UK for a visit tomorrow so I'm on vacation right up until the day itself. My doctor signed me off for 8 weeks, so I won't be back till mid-September! I haven't really wrapped my head around that yet. Do you know how long you'll be off for?

Not anticipating that England will be advancing any further in the World Cup (I'm a realist, and also not English anymore which does help take the sting out) but at least I have one more game to watch, if I can somehow convince my parents that they'd like to get up at 7am during their vacation to watch a sport they couldn't care less about. Hmmm, perhaps not...

Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on June 26, 2010, 01:49:58 PM
That is kind of freaky I'm sure. Be nice to have a bit of time off first though I'm sure, get you used to being in the house all day ;)

You never know, pressure is sort of off them now because nobody expects them to win. Fingers crossed eh? I'm sure you could get the whole house up no problem to watch it, lol.

My fitness disappeared a long time ago and it's a lot harder to get it back than it is to keep it :( Think I might just have to deal with it until post-op :(

Had a bit of a downer there for the first time in ages this week. Physio measured my quads again. first time I was measured my left was 41.1cm and my right was 41.9. Second time (last week) my left was up to 41.8 and my right was at 43, so an increase but the gap between them had widended. SO this week I added in all the 1 legged stuff and thought I was doing quite well, right was down .1 at 42.9 and right was down .3 at 41.5 :( so I'm going to move to just single leg work and get the exercise bike in and get started on it. But then I did what any self-respecting Northern Irish person would do and got very drunk ;D the pain in my knee today is easily drowned out by the thumping in my head.

On the plus side it has taught me a valuable lesson, on I've been taught before through all this but it's easy to forget when things are going well - Don't ever assume anything, don't get ideas in your head about how things are going and don't get your hopes up. Just do the work and let the pros tell you how well you're doing.
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: stacey123 on June 26, 2010, 03:15:25 PM
Hello to everyone,

I have read many of your posts. I will be having multiple ligamant reconstruction in a couple of months hopefully. I am still trying to gain back ROM prior to the surgery. Now, I really need to focus on strength, especially the quad. I was a gymnast long ago, but four kids later and my horrible injury has left my quad in shambles. I will be very interested to keep reading to see how everyone's recovery goes. I wish you all the best with your upcoming surgeries. I know for sure that after reading everything you all are doing to be prepared that I have a lot of catching up to do. What is everyone's ROM like? Mu surgeon was adament about this prior to surgery and I have had to break through scar tissue which has been difficult. I am at 124 with assistance from a strap. He wants me to be at 125 or more on my own. Again, good luck to everyone and I wish for speedy recoveries!
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on June 28, 2010, 06:38:44 AM
Hi Stacey! Nice to see you here, though I'm sorry to hear that your knee is needing such extensive surgery. If you don't mind me asking, what happened that left the knee in such bad shape? Which ligamnents will you be having reconstructed? I hope that your prehab isn't too challenging - I'm sure with multiple ligament damage you have a lot of pain and instability.

To answer your question about ROM, I had awful stiffness right after my injury (I crashlanded a ski jump in March and blew my ACL.) For about three weeks I could barely bend the leg past 90; I would sit on my bike trying to get the pedals to turn, and not be able to do it because I couldn't get the knee to bend through the top of the rotation. My PT told me flex would come and had me focus on extension, and I think I got back to full extension somewhere around 6 weeks to 2 months post-injury. I still find that if I don't do my physio, pushing back into full extension starts to feel stiff and awkward really quickly. I finally got back to full flex about 3 weeks ago; I can now bend the leg to 140 degrees (same as the good leg) quite consistently as long as it's warmed up. It's taken a lot of plugging away at it to get there, though.

Good luck to you, and I echo your wishes for speedy recoveries all round!

Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on June 28, 2010, 12:05:03 PM
Hi Stacey, welcome to our little crowd :) I'd like to echo snowy's thoughts in hoping your prehab isn't getting you down too much. Have you any indication of when you'll be getting surgery yet? My ROM is pretty good, can get heel to bum when lying on my stomach with a little help from the physio, but unassisted it's exactly the same as my good leg, but then this long post injury I don't have any problems with swelling etc, unless I do something stupid of course.

Got more of my electrode treatment on friday (must find out the name for it), asked her to crank up the current a bit after the drop in quad diameter, think I might secretly be a masochist as it was less than comfortable. Spent the weekend making a couple of wee lists of stuff for before the operation. "To Do" "To Buy" and "To Ask". I'll type them up when I get a chance but I'd be interested to see what everyone else is thinking along those lines, maybe we'll all mention things the others haven't thought of yet :)

Snowy you would be proud. Hair o' the dog was consumed during the Uruguay match on Saturday (3pm our time kick off). It worked so well that I then continued to drink in the house until going out with my mates to watch the second game and then head out afterwards :D Come 5am we were all sat in my living room still boozing, zero hang over on sunday. Cheap beer to be avoided in future, stick to the good stuff ;)

One other thing, how do you guys measure flexion / ROM at home (if at all)?
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on June 28, 2010, 05:31:20 PM
I use an iPhone app called the iGoniometer:

I think I actually discovered it via this site back when I first joined. It uses the tibial angle to measure knee flexion, and my PT has found it accurate to within a degree of his measuring instruments. It's been really helpful, even if I've tended to get a bit obsessive about checking it on days when my leg feels stiff...
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: stacey123 on June 29, 2010, 01:02:36 AM
Snowy and Impish,
I would like to say I was skiing down some awesome slope, (I'm not even a skiier), but I was sledding with my children. We were going really fast, took a turn, and were headed right towards a wooden fence. I was afraid to dump the sled for fear that my children might keep going in those slippery snow suits and possibly hit head first, so I decided to stay on the sled and when we got to the fence I stuck my leg out in an attempt to diminish the impact. Well, I did just that except my leg wasn't a match for the fence. It dislocated. I completely tore my ACL, PCL, LCL (FCL), and posterolateral corner. I also had a bucket handle meniscus tear. So, I kept in tact my MCL and medial meniscus, but suffered a ton of surrounding damage as well. I am hoping to have surgery soon, but I have to still gain better ROM and strength. I can definitely relate to the stiffness! I wish for the day that my heel can once again touch my bum, or at least close. All in all, I am keeping in good spirits, just really sick of wearing this brace, but if I don't I risk my knee dislocating again. So, I am eager to hear of your recoveries from ACL reconstruction. Again best wishes to all of you!
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on June 29, 2010, 04:51:12 AM
Yowch! At least you had someone else's best interests in mind when you stuck your leg out; I have no-one to blame but myself for my injury. Still, that's an awful high price to pay for one sledge run. I'm surprised they're pushing you to keep working on the PT when the damage is that extensive; it sounds like you've lost about 90% of the stabilizing ligaments in your knee, so I'm not surprised ROM and strength aren't doing that well. What sorts of exercises do they have you doing now, and do they have any idea when you'll be ready for your reconstruction?
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on June 29, 2010, 01:05:09 PM
BOOOO! They have no android version :( Looks like a good wee app too.

Stacey that's insane. Sounds very painful. When did it happen? I didn't exactly cover myself in glory with mine either. Playing football and an opposition player dummied me, I basically fell over and screamed a bit, lol.

Snowy, I've managed to sneak in a few days holiday to get my to do lists done before the op. My last day in work is the day of your op, lol. Do you know what time your operation is yet?
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on June 29, 2010, 05:18:14 PM
I don't have an exact time yet, but they told me yesterday that I'm definitely the first case of the day so probably about 9am. I'm not a morning person (and will be even less of one with no coffee to jump-start my brain) but at least I'll be getting it over and done with early in the day rather than waiting around.

Man, these dates are sneaking up awful fast! I have my parents in town for a visit at the moment so the days are just flying. Can hardly believe it's a week on Friday...
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on June 29, 2010, 05:23:45 PM
Evening all!! well by the fact that this should make better sense than anything I written recently I am home and no more sex on the beaches for me (the drink not the act) I feel as if I have been slightly drunk for the last week ( very on a few occasions) ;D
Pete its brill to see you back with us, I have been wondering how things were going for you and great news on your op the time is really running in fast now, and now I'm home from my holibags there's only work from now till surgery time, its getting a wee bit scary ??? the closer it gets..
You and Snowy are going great guns with the prehab you both put me to shame but I will try to do better for the next 2 weeks,
unfortunatly the last week while I was away most excersise I got was alot of walking and a bit of swimming the knee didnt like the walking much but the swimming seemed not to bad, its funny how I can stand all day at work with a bit of walikng round the salon but actually walking up and down hill's a couple of times a day kills and as for the kirbs they are scary things when you dont have any confidence in your knee.
Stacy you sound as if you have done a right number on your knee I hope you get your rom sorted out soon and get to the position where they can start repairing all that damage so you can get on with your life especially with kids it must be really difficult for you just now.
take care all you lovely people Tez
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on June 30, 2010, 10:17:59 AM
Lol, I'm the same, though I've to be at the hospital for 7am, which is unpleasant. Who knows, maybe jump starting your brain isn't the best idea before going in to surgery anyway? ;) I shall have to message you before you go in as that will be what, 3pm here? You'll be going in to surgery as I'll be finishing my last day of work before going off for mine (assuming I'm still on early shift) Time really is rushing on. Nerves are starting to kick in now, partly because "damn, someone's gonna be poking about in my leg" and partly because I won't know what's going to be done until I've woken up. But, just have to man up and deal with it.

On a brighter note, I have decided that because I'm going to be confined to the house and be fairly immobile for a while I'm going to buy myself a new TV and wire up a media PC on it so I can watch iPlayer / youtube / any films I've *cough* legitimately *cough* downloaded. A nice 37" or 42" Panasonic plasma methinks :D lol. Along with the books this should keep me fairly occupied when I'm not trying to do physio exercises.

Good to see you're back in one piece Tez, even if your liver may be slightly the worse for wear ;) I've just been plugging away at the prehab, though couldn't do much yesterday, knee was complaining at upping the weight so will have to drop it down again I think. And I totally agree, hills are bad, I'm looking forward to the day I can run up this Beautiful view from the top. One of the rehab targets I've set myself (looooooooooong way away,lol)

I've also been doing a few things around the house to optimise it for the modern cripple ;) I've combined this with 2 of these so I won't have to bend / crouch to get at drawers. Also this only fill the top half and voila easy access DVDs :D

Can anyone else tell I really would rather not be in work? lol
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on June 30, 2010, 11:54:42 AM
You ARE Mr organised aint you, me thinks you have been giving all this after op stuff loads of thought do you live alone or do you have someone to help for the first wee while?? I am going to rely on my lovely family for the start Dougie [hubby] is gonna take the first week off work and as its during the holidays my daughter should be around a bit also, so I really havent given all that much thought apart from my new shiney cryo cuff that is still sitting in the wrapper it came in maybe an idea to make sure I can work it before my op ???
You and Snowy are lucky that you both seem to be having your surgery in the moring, I have been told to be at the hospital for 1pm so I guess I wont be done untill the afternoon :( as long as they dont leave me for 5 hours like they did when I had my scope in Jan >:(
Are you in and out in the same day? I think Snowy is! I have been told that because I am a lot older than there usual aclr folk I will prolly have to stay in a couple of days :'(  Little do they know I aint your usual older patient so with any luck it wont be in too long
Take care Tez
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: kneetmare on June 30, 2010, 02:32:53 PM
Hey Pete ..glad to see ya back.. good luck with the up coming op, hope it all goes to plan for you! You seem to have been sticking at it well so im sure you will have no problems!

My knee is generally alot better after the op.. hasn't went excatly to plan post op, alot of the pain that was in the knee before the op is still there, but stability 10x better. The quads are also bigger then what they were before the op, still not as big as the good one though. On occassions the knee feels like it could twist out but im just taking it slow to get everything is back in order. Also our lovely local hospital seems as if they might of skipped one of my post op appointments with the surgeon so i have been unable to voice any of my concerns to him. I'm not to worried though, hopefully with the added time my slight concerns will resolve themselves.

Good luck again with the upcoming op! Be warned though... be prepared for a stingy hamstring for a long while!!
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on June 30, 2010, 04:27:28 PM
If it makes you any better, I've been told to be at the hospital by 6am...and Delta is a good hour's drive from here! I suspect I won't be sleeping much the night before the op.

Great minds think alike on the TV - I've gotten all the cables to get mine hooked up to the net and run shows and movies either through iTunes, or directly from the computer. I live in fear of being trapped with nothing to do but watch daytime TV. :) You're way ahead of me on the furniture, though - I'm just counting on J to bring me things that I can't reach!

Not sure if you saw on the other thread but I had a great moment yesterday - first ACL-deficient Grouse Grind! ("Nature's Stairmaster" - a 3k scramble up the side of a mountain, with 1k elevation gain! It's basically big rough rock steps the whole way.) Knee was surprisingly chilled about it; I could feel it but it wasn't a problem, and no ill effects today. I guess it's had a bit of a break as I haven't been doing my regular strengthening exercises during my parents' visit (bad Snowy!)

It's lovely having my parents here, but having visitors is definitely leaving me very short on time to prepare for next Friday, both psychologically and around the house! I have a feeling that when they leave (late Sunday) I'm going to be left with so much to do that I don't know which way to turn.

Kneetmare - good to hear from you! How far post-op are you now?
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on June 30, 2010, 05:12:48 PM
The OS's office just called with my time! Surgery is at 7.45am on the 9th. I really hope my surgeon is a morning guy!
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: kneetmare on June 30, 2010, 06:29:10 PM
Hey Snowy. I'm 14 wks.. last time I posted i mentioned I went for a limpy jog in physio, which was about 8 wks.. have had a diff physio from then, she doesn't want me doing that.. instead has me jogging on a trampolene because of the continuing pain. Going up and down stairs is still very awkward and painful aswell. ROM is very up an down still aswell. Saying that I have seen others at similar stage do it with no bother... I think so anyway. Wouldn't say they are in any better shape then I am physically but i guess its the old cliché.. 'everybody is different'. Will just continue to do the strengthing exercises an hope for the best :D

July is going to be a busy month of reading post-op diaries, I look forward to reading them and hope all goes well for everyone :)
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 01, 2010, 01:21:54 PM
I live with 2 of my mates, but will basically try my best to be as self sufficient as possible. Though one of my house mates has kindly agreed to let me use his ensuite shower which is a walk in one, rather than the main bathroom which is a bathtub with a shower head. I'm tempted to look at a cryo cuff myself to be honest as I can't find any additional gel packs for my knee wrap :( Think I've been trying to sort of focus on this stuff rather than the actual surgery. Hate thinking about that part of it, maybe because there's still so much uncertainty. Gets me down. So I'll focus on all the ancillary stuff instead. Currently building 2 media servers for around the house so I can store all my music films etc centrally but access it from my bedroom, living room or study. Also iPlayer (God bless the bbc) 4 On Demand and the wonderful world of t'internet (Knee geeks on a 42" TV anyone?). Foudn my TV that I'm going to buy as well, tax rebate = £700, new TV = £699, it's a sign, I must buy it.

5 HOURS! That's pretty poor show all round. Damn NHS. I haven't been told if I'll be staying in or not, more of ye olde uncertainty. Glad to be having it in the morning though, get it out of the way, more chance of getting home etc.

Knee mare, I'd get on to the NHS and complain about that mate. If you've got concerns you're better getting them off your chest. Glad to hear you're doing well generally though. Lol, oh goody, can't wait, stingy hamstring for the win eh? Is it still bad? I think you're right about the diaries too mate. Who are you going to for physio?

Noticed it on the book of faces snowy, though wasn't sure what it was. That sound pretty full on, sort of thing I'd love to be doing, but after that sort of thing my knee always complains quite a bit and it's complaining enough at the moment with all these weights. Sort of nervous about physio later, wonder if my legs slipped more despite all the weights :( I'm not counting on too much sympathy or assistance. When I wrecked my knee in the first place they all came downstairs from our old flat so they could stand at the bottom and watch me try and climb them on crutches, they were actually crying with laughter by the end, filmed it and everything, lol. An hour drive sounds pretty horrendous if you've to be there that early, lol.

Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on July 01, 2010, 02:20:37 PM
I decicded to get the cryo cuff after reading how so many people felt it helped them with the pain and swelling after surgery,
 I had a look online and ended getting it from the physio room site, another plus for it is when you fill it with ice and water it stays cold for a lot longer than an ice pack or gel pack, and especially for you if your flat mates are not going to be available to fetch and carry for you it could be a good idea, as it wouldn't need chainging too often.
Entertainment wise you seem to have that all well covered so boerdom shouldn't be a problem for you ;D
The 5 hour wait was the pits I was to be at hospital for 7am, there was no bed for me and had to sit in admissions for the 5 hours, right beside the cafe >:( so there was me nothing to eat and drink since 12am smelling coffee and breakfast first then it moved on to the lunch smells I was ready to kill someone by the time they took me through lol.
Kneetmare 14 weeks already god it's gone really fast, maybe not so much for you though, I think as long as you'r making progress its a good thing, there will always be someone who seems to be doing that wee bit better than you but I'm sure there are lots of folk not doing as well as you, I think its a lesson in patience.
Snowy maybe the fact you are so busy showing the folks round is a good thing cos if they weren't here you would just be fretting about everything  and getting more and more freaked out about things, the fact that there wont be much time once they go means you will concentrate on all the practcal things without over thinking what lies ahead. I hope it works out that way anyway..
Take care Tez 
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 02, 2010, 07:57:21 AM
Tez that would be so frustrating, nothing worse than being hungry when there's food around you can't eat. I'm gonna have a look around at the cryo cuff and see, it's very very tempting. I think you might be right about snowy too. Sometimes it's better keeping yourself busy rather than thinking about it loads and making yourself more nervous. That's how I'm going to try and play it anyway.

Went to the physio last night, was a bit nervous after last weeks drop in quad size, had only been doing 1 legged stuff to try and redress the balance. So last week my right quad was at 42.9, had dropped to 42.2. This made me nervous as that's quite a big drop for 7 days :/ Measure my left, was at 41.5 last week, this week was 42.4. My left quad is now bigger than my right, didn't see that coming. Sat the whole session being electrocuted with a big grin on my face, lol. Right one going down isn't ideal, but at least it means I haven't just put on weight and it's actually muscle growth in my left leg. So there's a good start to the weekend :D

How's everyone doing today?
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on July 02, 2010, 03:55:55 PM
Keeping busy is good in some ways (I definitely haven't had time to stop and get nervous) but I am actually getting quite worried now that I'm really behind on the things I wanted to do to prepare, and haven't been doing my usual daily exercises either. I've done a few here and there, but it's just not possible to fit that much in (house guests are a full-time job!) I have a feeling the four days I have free next week are going to be really frantic! In retrospect I would definitely have tried to arrange the timing differently and have my folks here quite a bit earlier.

Great news on the quad muscle! :) That must be a very satisfying feeling.

Hope all your weekends are getting off to a good start. :)
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on July 02, 2010, 11:57:54 PM
Imp excellent news on the muscle's :) you have been working hard :o
Sometimes I feel like a bit of a fraud as all the stuff about muscle mass and leg strength and getting back to sport seems so important to you and Snowy whereas  all I want is to be able to trust my knee enough to go for a walk and be pain free so I can sleep all night ::)
Snowy try and stop over thinking what you should be doing to get ready for surgery and make the most of spending time with your folks, cos they'll be gone before you know it :'( and I would hate to think you were worring so much about what you have to do you didn't enjoy yourself with them.
I hope you all have a great weekend take care Tez
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on July 03, 2010, 07:08:25 AM
You shouldn't feel like a fraud just because your goals from knee surgery are different to ours - this is all about getting each one of us back to the things we care about and enjoy doing, and there's no rule that says those have to be the same. :) The most important thing is that eight or twelve months down the road, we're all back to doing the things we want to do (fingers crossed!)

Don't worry - I'm sure you've worked out from Facebook that I'm definitely enjoying the time with my parents! Had a wonderful day today whale watching; we saw dozens of orcas, including three babies playing chase, and had a great boat ride through the Gulf Islands (Canada) and San Juan Islands (US). I'm not letting the surgery worries get in the way of the visit at all, but there definitely is a bit of a nagging fear in the back of my mind about how much I'm leaving myself to do in the last four days.

Strange to think that this time next week, it will be over and done...
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on July 03, 2010, 08:25:49 AM
Snowy you definatley look like you are enjoying your parents visit the photos are amazing they'll be wanting to move out there next.

I dont blame you about getting those nagging fears but as you said this time next week it will be all over and you cans start getting over the surgery and on with your life, bu I know what you mean the time is going so fast and once the folks go home it really will be a blur untill sirgery time. What sort of things do you still need to do?? I am worried incase there is something I should be doing and havent ??? so any suggestions gratefully recieved.
Take care Tez
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on July 04, 2010, 07:23:46 AM
Hee! No, no chance my folk will want to move out here - they've really enjoyed the visit but home has their grandson, and now a second grandchild due in January! It's great for them that my younger sister stayed near home, as they're super involved in my nephew's life. My older sister is in Scotland and I'm here, so if we'd had kids they'd have missed out on a lot. We provide good vacation options instead. :)

My pre-surgery list contains lots of shopping. J doesn't drive, so I want to make sure we're stocked up on all the stuff that's big, heavy, or a long way away (especially cat medications!). I still need to get some kind of icing device, though I've left it too late to get a cryocuff. I have a few physio-type items to pick up as well. We also want to cook a couple of big batches of chilli and soup, stuff that can be frozen and heated up easily. I want to do one more run for library books to make sure I have plenty of reading material. We did a big closet clear out right before my parents' visit and need to run the stuff we're getting rid of to the charity store/secondhand bookstore to clear some space, and I also want to rearrange a few areas of the condo to make them more crutch-friendly. Finally we have to rehang the shower door, scrub the stall with bleach and move the kitties' litterbox somewhere else so that I can shower without having to climb into the tub. All fairly small things, but it makes a mighty list when added up.

On a less necessary note, I want to climb the Grind once more, cycle up at least one of the North Shore mountains, and swim 5k at least once before Friday. Just because it's a while till I'll be able to do these things again.

It's probably not going to be the end of the world if I don't get everything done, but I also don't want to leave a whole bunch of things for J to do post-surgery. A drug-addled, mobility-limited Kay will be quite enough work. ;)

How are you feeling about your op now it's not too far away? Or does it still seem a long way off with two weeks of work to get through?
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on July 04, 2010, 01:09:30 PM
God Kay when you put it all down in black and white it does seem like a whole lot to do before your surgery maybe an idea would be to prioritise the list so make sure the most important things get done first then if you run out of time at least the really important things will be covered.
That's unfortunate that J dose't drive how will you manage with getting to physio etc, I hope you have lots of good friends with cars willing to help ;) You may still have time to get a cryo cuff I ordered one day and it was dispatched the next day. I got mine from the physio room, I assume that will be a British company but I'm pretty sure there will be somethig similar out where you are
if not then loads of bags of ice will have to be added to the list of things to do ;D. I was pleased to see the shop just round the corner from us is now selling bags of ice so I dont have to worry about running out once Dougie goes back to work .I can get one of the kids to go round for me, Oh I'm gonna make them work, they have NO IDEA ??? cos as things are just now I do everything for them, far too much to be honest.
I hope youve really enjoyed having you parents stay but I think from what you have said today is the day they go home so I'm sure much as you will miss them its nice to get your home back to normal, and your plans for surgery day to comence.
I still feel that my op is in the distance I still have 2 full weeks at work to get through first but its always there in the back of my mind.
take care Tez 
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on July 04, 2010, 04:48:59 PM
The Cryocuff ships from the States, so I'm not sure I would get it for Friday if it got caught up in customs. There's a Canadian company that makes a very similar product so I'm going to see if I can get one of those in town, or I might do a quick run down to Bellingham (just over the border in Washington state) and see if I can get one there.

My PT, thankfully, is half a block from the house so I can even make it there on crutches if I need to! That was a very random bit of luck, as when the sports med doc gave me my original referral (for the PFS in my knees, weeks before the ACL tear) I just asked him to recommend someone who was good with knees. We also have at least a dozen friends who have offered to be chauffeurs if needed, so we should be okay. I'm hoping I'll be able to drive within a week or so of surgery; my truck is an automatic and it's big enough that I can get in and out of the driver's seat with my left leg straight (I had practice after the injury), so all I really have to do is get off the strong painkillers before I get behind the wheel. :)

Sounds like it might be quite good for your kids to have to look after you for a change! :) You have a lovely family - I took a very quick peek at your vacation pics on FB. It's often a bit of a wake up call for teenagers to realise that they're not quite as independent as they think, and just how much they still rely on mum! :)

My folks are just packing their bags up now - we're going to go for a swim at the beach this morning, then meet a friend for lunch and go to the Bloedel Conservatory (my mum is a very keen gardener) on the way to the airport this afternoon. It's been a lovely visit and I think they've really enjoyed it, but almost time to turn my sights toward getting ready for surgery! One thing I have to do is a whole ton of physio - I haven't been doing my daily exercises and the knee is making its unhappiness known right now.
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on July 05, 2010, 08:18:17 PM
Snowy by now you will be in the midst of getting everything ready for you surgery, I can picture the frenzy of activity at the condo for the next few days,
I hope your parents get back home safe and sound and I'm glad that you all had such a nice time while they were with you.
Any luck with the cryocuff thingy I supose its not the end of the world if you dont get one but from what folk say it helps and is a bit less maintanence than an ice pack.
Your right my kids are going to get a shock when I cant to everything that they'r used to me doing for them but I guess it should do them some good. ;)
If you feel you have to rely on friends to drive you around for a few weeks then please do so cos from what I have sussed out about you, you would be the first person to offer if anybody needed help with anything..
Imp how are things going with you are you starting to get excited about your upcoming op do you think you are prepared for whatver is to come? when do you stop work? I am working right up till the Sat op on Mon so I shouln't have too much time to freak out ::)
Take care Tez
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 06, 2010, 06:46:22 PM
Hello all, sorry it's been a while, weekend seemed to be spent drunk or hungover (neither good for computer use) and yesterday in work was beyond mad.

Tez, must echo snowys thoughts about you most definately NOT being a fraud. Though I can empathise with the feelings. A lot of the time I feel kind of selfish for getting it done as it doesn't massively effect my day to day life, it's just so I can play sport again, whereas you seem to be more severely afflicted. You're just right getting the kids to look after you too, I had to do something similar when my mum wrecked her back and to be honest it did me an awful lot of good :)

My pre-surgery list contains cooking up lots of nice food that I can batch freeze and then microwave when required (3 bean and chorizo stew is awesome :D) get a shower stool, distribute phone chargers about the house, build my wardrobe to compliment my little IKEA drawers, move my DVD stands into the living room and fill the tops, distribute my books, buy a decent bag for carrying stuff in (netbook, water, pain killers, books, ad infinitum) and generally tidy the place up, lol. Still haven't gotten round to stealing my parent's exercise bike either.

Starting to get more nervous I think more than excited, still trying to keep busy thought so it's all good. I finish up on the 9th, surgery on the 16th so it should be plenty of time to get everything sorted / bought / cooked / built ;)

Lucky for some snowy, my PT is 20 miles away, lol. Think I may end up bussing it or scrounging lifts, lol. How are you getting on with the prep anyway? Cooking aynthing interesting? Always looking for new recipes, love to cook, gonna be another thing I'll probably miss out on for a while, lol.
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on July 06, 2010, 07:53:12 PM
Imp good to hear from you sounds like you had quite a weekend I take it your not following Snowys pre op ban on booze :P
I was trying to keep away from the whole party thing after I got back from holiday, but unfortunatly we have friend's coming down for the weekend and I cant be rude and not have a drink with them ::) will be my last chance to party for a wee while.
So your a bit of a chef are you good for you, I decided rather than make meals to freeze I plan on buying in things that Dougie can manage to turn into a meal, I have discovered the precooked chopped chicken in iceland, even the kids can putt together a meal with that a jar of sauce and a pack of micro rice...
Do you think you'll manage at home without much help for the first few days could you not stay with you parents even for a couple of nights just in case you need a hand with anything? see thers the Mum in me wanting to make sure you will be ok :P
Snowy when you get your breath back from all the climbing, swimming and cycling how is the other preperations going ;D
Take care Tez 
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: toughsteakdan on July 06, 2010, 08:36:57 PM
Sending good brave cryocuff wishes to 'knee to be' folk this July.  You all sound so perfectly prepared for your big adventure...receipes included...tried bangers and mash..... now thats comfort food......must be the finest sausages and real mash with lots of butter!!! ;)

Hope all your quads are tingling with anticipation and hamstrings trembling at the thought of 'the removal man' coming to get them!.  Hope the moggies/doggies/kiddies/flat mates and partners are primed for the odd crutch attack and all well wishers awaiting hysterical...oops sorry........goings on in late July and the early August!.

Seriously I wish you all no complications and all the things you hope from your reconstructed for Imp  (are you any good at it !)...skiing down Whistler for Snowy and long sleepy nights and 6 inch killer heels for day to Tez.

I am now a Gym member ....enjoying knee presses, elliptical trainers and hot sweaty hours.....ugh...or more mins..... striving for a more stable knee.  Dont have a date for laproscopy as yet but it will be when you lot are well on the road to rehab land!.

Happy days all Dan x

Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on July 07, 2010, 04:36:16 PM
Dan - thanks for the good wishes - and good luck with your exercises and pending scope! I hope that all the knee presses and elliptical hours are helping make your knee less wobbly and more supportive. :)

Tez - No luck on the cryocuff, but I have one more store over on Broadway to try today - apparently they normally stock them. Otherwise I'll just buy a couple of extra gel packs from London Drugs so that I can keep switching them up. Just got a text yesterday from one of our friends who announced that she's cleared her schedule for the next couple of weeks so that she can be our personal chauffeur if needed (we have some wonderful friends.) She also says it's her personal mission to teach me how to do nothing. I say good luck.  ;D

Impish - We have a great chilli recipe which I'll have to send along to you. J also makes a fabulous beef stew with red wine that can be done in big batches and frozen. I'll get the recipes and send them along on FB. Sadly I don't think we're going to get to cooking prior to surgery, so J will probably be left to do it all after the weekend. I don't know where the time is going; I've barely dented my prep list and now I only have two days left! Off to see my PT this morning to get my instructions for the immediate aftermath of surgery.

Oh well; what doesn't get done now just won't get done...
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on July 07, 2010, 07:59:35 PM
Dan great to hear from you, do you think the gym is helping the stability of your knee?? I hope you dont have to wait too long for your scope, if the acl is completly gone when they get in there will they do the reconstruction at the same time?? As for the 6 inch heels I have learned my lesson and never again will just have to satisfy myself that I will never be tall :o
Snowy I think it would be practicaly impossible to teach you how to do nothing but good luck to your friend, and its fantastic that she can be there to help out while your incapacitated, good friends are soooooo important, I wouldnt survive without mine :)
Shame about the cryocuff but the gel packs will do the job no bother..You are sounding a lot calmer about the op is it the fact it is only 2 days away now? Let me know what your physio advises for your post op excersises I think I will get an appointment for my Private physio for about 5 days post op and see what he wants me to do I will also see the nhs one but I feel I can trust Paul and I know he'll do his best to get me back to normal working order asap.
take care Tez   
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on July 08, 2010, 03:32:08 AM
I found a Cryocuff!!! It was at the very last sports med store that I tried. They're out of stock to rent but they had one left to buy, so I put that on hold and will be collecting it tomorrow. :)
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: toughsteakdan on July 09, 2010, 08:18:17 AM
Thinking of you today Snowy......lots of hugs and oodlles of support...I know you are on line to read this!.......think of your wonderful outcome ....its only a day in the whole scheme of sound such a supportive girl yourself so let us all virtually support you.

Not so tough Dan xxxxxxx
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 09, 2010, 12:04:24 PM
Good luck snowy, I'll be thinking of you today, hope all goes well, let us know how you are when your in a fit state to read.


Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on July 13, 2010, 11:58:35 PM
Hey Pete how are you feeling about Friday only a couple of days to go!!!! do you feel as if your ready for all the drilling and cutting ;D I hope your feeling ok about everything...
Take care Tez
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 14, 2010, 12:32:48 AM
Getting very nervous. Also pushed for time. Had all these grand plans but haven't done half the stuff, lol. Last physio tomoro, haircut, buy some stuff, do some cooking, wash my car and finish building my wardrobe, lol. All in a days work eh ;) what about you, not long left for you either. Nerves setting in yet? I'm ust trying to keepy myself busy and think about it as little as possible.
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on July 14, 2010, 01:00:30 AM
In the end I didn't get half the stuff on my list done, but you know what? In the greater scheme of things, it hasn't really mattered too much. Just do what you can, and one way or another the rest will either get taken care of by someone else (if it's important) or you'll just forget you ever planned to do it in the first place (if it's not).

I've got a very detailed diary (you can tell I have too much time on my hands right now) over in the post-op section if you want to hear about how I've been getting on over the first few days. Best advice I can offer right now:

* Stay ahead of the pain! It was much worse than I expected and I let it get ahead of me by not staying on top of my meds on the first day. Bad move.
* Make sure there's someone else around to help you for the first 48 hours at least. I was surprised by just how immobilized I was - it was a lot harder to do stuff for myself than after the original injury.
* Plan for a *lot* of rest. Even sitting at my main computer for an hour yesterday was enough to make my calf get swollen and sore from not elevating the knee. Again, the need for total rest is much more pronounced than after the ACL rupture.
* If you haven't already, see if you can get hold of a cryocuff. They're not cheap but oh my god, mind is worth its weight in gold. So much more effective than regular bags of ice or gel packs with elastic strapping - the combo of icing and compression works great, and it's really easy to use.

GOOD LUCK! The last few days are odd, and in some ways the final 24 hours - which is when nerves really kicked in for me - is worse than the surgery itself. Once it's over you just get on with it one small, slow step at a time, whereas beforehand you feel like there are 10 million things you should be doing and your imagination tortures you with endless possibilities for what could happen.

Sending good thoughts your way...
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: toughsteakdan on July 14, 2010, 05:54:50 AM
Hi Impish....certainly hav'nt forgotton about you this Friday....good not to overthink it beforehand...I think if it was me my 'shopping list' would be;
     Nerve pain block
     anti sickness meds for anaesthetic
     Senocot S for opiate intake for you know what.....lots of !!!!

would forget about the rest!

Dream about playing football with confidence again and will be thinking about you on Friday and Tez on Monday  x x x Dan
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 14, 2010, 04:57:45 PM
Surgery cancelled. Never been angrier or more frustrated in my life.
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on July 14, 2010, 05:36:13 PM
WHAT?! What happened? Oh Pete, I'm really sorry - I hope they can get you another date asap. That sucks, especially to have it happen so close to the date, when you've done so much work preparing.

It's been a bad night for Kris and Lottie, too - wish we were closer so we could all go and drown our sorrows together.
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 14, 2010, 06:00:09 PM
'Higher priority patient' took my slot. Surgeon off on hols after Friday. Earliest I'll be seen is mid to late august.what fun :( so so angry. Probably a private patient coming in.
What's happened to the others?
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on July 14, 2010, 06:31:52 PM
That's absolute bullsh*t - I'm sure any of us would understand the need to treat a more urgent case first (as long as it was urgent for health reasons and not someone who'd coughed up the cash necessary to take your place) but to leave you sitting around for a month and a half is just plain wrong. They should at least be referring you to another consultant and/or hospital to try and get you in sooner. If I were you, I'd make a lot of noise about this and stress any inconvenience and/or losses that you might suffer due to the incredibly late notice. Being a squeaky enough wheel might get you back in sooner.

Lottie had to cancel her foot surgery at the last minute - she was facing having her big toe joint fused depending on what the surgeon found, and she wasn't confident that she'd explored enough different options to be sure that such a drastic step was warranted. Absolutely the right thing to do (you can't go back from a fusion) but hard to make the call within hours of surgery after all that planning. And Kris is going through a bit of a rocky phase in her rehab. The full stories are on Cosmic's post-op thread, but it's been a tough 24 hours for a few folk.

I am so sorry this happened to you - if I only could, I would be stamping my foot in rage on your behalf.
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on July 14, 2010, 06:57:20 PM
Pete I am so so sorry that really sucks, the problem is we are so unimportant to these people your just a name and a number there is absolutly no thought to how much this decision is going to affect you. Do what Snowy says and make a pest of yourself and get right in the face of whoever makes these decisions, ask if there is some other hospital that you could go to for your op, this is what happend to me, my wait would have taken me to the end of August or begining of September but was offered an eairlier appointment at a different hospital and it took a fair bit of time off my wait, Lucky for me I had heard good things about the surgeon who would be doing my op.
Again I am so sorry and I hope it dosent happen to me
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Kaputt_Knee on July 14, 2010, 09:44:09 PM

I'm really sorry to read this but don't blame the messenger

Your basic problem in the UK is that an ACL reconstruction is still seen as "Elective Surgery" - so if anything comes in ahead of you that "has to be/ must be" done you lose out! Under the current climate and the foreseeable future, this will remain so, encouraging more and more patients of "Elective surgery" to go down the private route.

It could be that the surgery that has taken your slot is actually much more important and critical to the quality of life of the person concerned.  A complex fracture of a vital structure for example that requires long and complicated surgery.

The question really should be why is your surgery tied to one surgeon? Is there not an equally qualified surgeon who is able to take their place? Why should you have to wait until "your" surgeon returns from holiday (which nobody begrudges then)? Who is their deputy while they are away and why have you nor been moved to their lists as a priority due to your "cancelled" operation?

Just a thought or two about how you are getting mucked up in the UK because you have become accustomed to be "grateful" for any service you receive! I have to say that I am bloody glad to be out of it and where I can see who I want, when I want (within reason), ask for as many opinions as I want and still at no extra cost. I pay a heftier part of my income though - currently 14.9% shortly to rise to 15.5%, but a price I am happy to pay to be honest given my knee history!

Kick up a fuss - lie to your back teeth about how it impacts on your work (only economic arguments carry any weight - forget the emotional arguments) - do anything and everything to make them take you sooner rather than accept their deferral. You've been shate on from a great height, time to give as good as you got!

Good luck - adopt the terrier mode and see what happens!  ;)

Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: toughsteakdan on July 15, 2010, 06:58:09 AM
Bet you feel so let down Pete......Kaputt_knee is right ....especially the ecomonic would be in my case if that happened.....when you feel ready I would think about a phonecall backed up by a letter of protest...photocopied to all the relevant people....but also state an understanding of priority medical cases as KN states.

All your well thought out plans now must be changed....You will get a recon in the end  Pete but I join you in your utter disbelief....

It may be cathartic to do a bit of 'replying' to the relevant people if nothing else.

Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 15, 2010, 08:50:06 AM
Hi Kaputt. I know what you mean mate, and I know it's equally as possible that it's an important surgery that's taken my place but the fact that the hospital I'm getting it done at also does private procedures makes me very skeptical. I really hope it is the first one.

The irony here is I have private medical insurance, provided by my employers, but had decided not to use it for the op itself as I was already on the list for a surgeon who my pysio highly recommended.

Unfortunately little Norn Iron isn't overly blessed with knee surgeons so I'm not sure what the situation is with getting another surgeon or if they've even brought anyone in to deputise. This morning I'm going to ring my physio, see what the situation is regarding which surgeons in this country are good. Then going to phone my OS's secretary and see who I need to talk to about getting moved. Will also phone my insurance company to see what they can do.

I know Dan, mental isn't it?
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 15, 2010, 09:45:47 AM
Quick update:

Physio not in til 12.30 so can't ask her opinion on surgeons here ( see other thread, lol )

Rang health insurance company, they're willing to cover anything but I have to get it sorted basically

Rang OS' secretary back, she's currently ringing about to see if there are any private appointments with surgeons available (still would like to know which ones to avoid)

Rang the Ulster Private Clinic (where all the private stuff is housed) to ask if any surgeons had capacity to perform an op between now and mid August, to which I got an "I don't know, alot are off on holiday..." a helpful bunch it would seem

Rang OS' secretary back, she's currently looking in to it for me.
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on July 15, 2010, 05:20:07 PM
You're doing exactly the right thing, and it's great that you have private insurance as well - that gives you some extra options. Keep going with the phone calls and you'll get there; it does feel a bit like beating your head against a brick wall, but from my experience it's very much worth it.

(I was told initially that there would be a minimum 18-24 month wait for my initial consult, plus 6-9 months from consult to surgery. My PT told me to be a squeaky wheel and not give up, and after a few days of very persistent phoning I had a consult for May 19th (just six weeks after injury) and ended up having surgery just four months after injury. It was about a combination of being flexible (I did end up with a different OS) and very persistent.)

The down side of the summer months is that a lot of surgeons will be away at various times; however, there is a plus side. I was told when booking my date that it's a lot easier to get an ACLr date in the summer, as a lot of people wait until the fall to schedule their surgeries because they don't want to be laid up over the summer months.

Keeping my fingers very tightly crossed for you. Keep plugging away until you get a positive response.
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on July 15, 2010, 05:27:04 PM
Oh - here's another thought when it comes to flexibility. Northern Ireland falls under the NHS - is there any way you could go to the mainland UK for treatment? Or if you were going through your private insurance company, you might even find that you could book into a private clinic more or less immediately (I could have seen a surgeon in 3 days if I'd been able to afford private treatment here.)

Traveling for surgery isn't ideal as you'd have to get home again afterwards; obviously if you had friends or family you could stay with for a few days that would make it easier. However, it might be worth considering if it saves you a much longer wait to have the surgery. If you were going through your private insurance, you might even find that they would cover the cost of staying in hospital or in a hotel for a few days.
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 16, 2010, 06:20:08 PM
REALLY don't like the idea of plane / boat travel post-op :( I know it's stupid but I don't know if I could deal with it. And the NHS are ridiculous, especially here, there are 5 different health trusts in this country alone and they struggle to transfer between each other, God knows how they'd deal with a transfer to the mainland.

So my OS' secretary rang around, basically the situation is, there are no NHS appointments at all, between now and when I'd be getting in with my current OS, provisionally the 11th of August (there are only 3 specialist knee surgeons in the country including mine). Privately, the way things are with people on holidays etc, I'd be lucky to get a consultation with one of the other surgeons before the 11th, never mind the actual op. So basically I'm screwed.

Won't know til the 26th if I'll be able to get the op on the 11th or not as the secretary is off. :(
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: kneetmare on July 16, 2010, 06:34:15 PM
Really sorry to hear what has happened to you mate. Not much I can say, just hope this is the end of the set backs for you and when you go in for the op everything goes smoothly and you have a good recovery.
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on July 16, 2010, 06:39:37 PM
Pete sorry I lost you on FB but I was saying that I dont blame you not wanting to travel just after having an op especially after hearing about how much post op pain there could be, it's not the best news, but as long as you get a deffinate appointment for the 11th of Aug its not too long to wait.
I hope you have decided to go out and party this weekend to take your mind off what you should have been doing ;D a few drinks should help with the anger and disapointment, well I hope it dose anyway a few drinks with some good friends always makes me feel better
Take care Tez      
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on July 16, 2010, 07:17:29 PM
That's really too bad. I'm guessing you've already made sure you're on their cancellation lists?

I guess the only thing to do now is really make the most of the time between now and August 11th. Do all the stuff you'll miss after surgery, keep working on the leg strengthening,  and finish up any preparation you hadn't done yet. And as Tez says, go out and drown your sorrows.

I'm really sorry this happened - there just isn't any way to lessen the frustration of having all your plans knocked for a loop. I'm sure Tony will sympathize - he was supposed to get his op at the beginning of July but is still being given such a runaround that he doesn't even have a definite date yet.
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 17, 2010, 12:56:39 PM
SO...the provisional date of the 11th of August has now become the 20th of August (she did warn me that she would have to check with the OS to make sure it would be able to be fit in to the empty slot available on the 11th), so it's all fun and games :( Am on the cancellations list, but I doubt that will make any difference.

Last night I sort of mopped about with my house mates and drank quite a bit of white wine (usually prefer red, but I've found some white I actually like) and then some beer, with no headache this morning, so at least something went right. Going out tonight so may well get the hangover from hell tomorrow.
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on July 18, 2010, 05:37:18 PM
Ack. There's not much to say in consolation - I'm glad you have a new date, but it sucks that you have to wait another month.

The only positive (and it's pretty small) is that you have another month to really work on building your quad strength. I'm finding that all the work I did building my quads, including that crazy last week of cycling up mountains, is standing me in really good stead post-op. My quads didn't shut down the way they did after injury, and I was able to do a good strong quad flex just as soon as the initial post-op pain subsided. I'm sure that's one of the reasons my leg has felt quite stable post-op and I was able to come off the crutches so fast.

Hope you had fun drowning your sorrows. Gotta stay on top of them or they learn to swim. ;)
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 19, 2010, 10:45:59 AM
Ended up not going out on saturday, between the knee saga and the gf huffing somewhat, I decided I'd be much better off chilling in the house on my own. Bottle of wine, nice and relaxed, lol.

I've been thinking about all this alot over the last few days and I have managed to come up with a little list of pros and cons regarding the delay. I'll get the cons out of the way first:

Mainly the delay in getting my recovery started
Less convenient regarding work as end of July and August are the quiet times, but September, especially the start, are extrememly busy.
Have a friends wedding 8 days post-op, so I highly doubt I'd be able to make it to that :(

There are however pros:

Gives me the chance to re-evaluate what I need to do in preparation (around the house, cooking, cleaning), make sure everything's sorted
Gives me more time to work on my quad strength, which I'm thankful for as it seemd to drop off at the end of pre-hab
One other thing that occurred to me is that I'm quite happy that my OS isn't going to be on holiday straight after my surgery, that way I might be able to call him up and hassle him if I have any problems or questions

The way I look at it, I've explored the avenues open to me that I'm willing to take (i.e. anywhere I can get it done in Nothern Ireland). With that done I have no choice really but to get the head down, get on with it and keep my fingers crossed that I don't get cancelled again ;)
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on July 20, 2010, 06:10:00 PM
hiya Pete looks like you are coming to terms with your wait I know the feeling of frustration you must be having but forget the con's list and concentrate on the pro's list and you'll be fine ;) ;)
A little word of advice now that I am on the other side of the drilling and chopping try and get the doctor to give you one of these knee catheters for pain cos I didnt realise how much it helped untill they stole it away from me this morning oh my god it really makes a difference  ::)
Take care Tez 
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 22, 2010, 11:28:12 AM
Well...yesterday was interesting...went to the pool and it seems I've forgotten how to swim. Couldn't get my rhythm, at all, breathing was all wrong (think I might have swallowed about half the pool) kept getting water up my nose and my left arm didn't seem to want to move properly. My right arm was moving correctly (I think, elbow bent, hand entering water narrow side first then flattening out to act as a paddle) but my left arm just felt like it was falling in to the water and not doing very much no matter how hard I concentrated on controlling the movement. Not encouraging in my quest to reach 100 lengths before the 20th :(

All tips and advice welcome, lol.
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: vickster on July 22, 2010, 01:13:17 PM
I am new to this thread, so hey!

Your swimming skills sound like mine - except mine have always been like that!

100 lengths is a lot, how big is the pool?

Glad to hear that you have a date sorted now.  Assuming my op gets signed off (it's not all plain sailing even if you do have private HC), it won't be until the 23rd September.  Not very convenient probably for work either, but simply your health, well being and quality of life simply have to come first (I guess if you are self-employed it's different). 
I chose September partly as my OS is off for the last 2 weeks of August - I wasn't keen on having what is a fairly new/experimental procedure, which not many OS's seem to do before this (especially as he said he could really do with the holiday)!  I will also need help from my parents and they are away in August too. 

As you've said, it allows a good time for pre-hab (although the 20 August is only a month, not long really in the context of a whole lifetime ultimately).  See how you feel for the wedding - might be ok with crutches assuming someone else can drive you (ACLr & meniscus issue?), even if you can get along for a bit.

All the best with it :)
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 22, 2010, 01:43:30 PM
Welcome Vick, always glad to see a new face :D

I used to be a pretty good swimmer, I think the best I've ever done is 5K, but that was when I was round 10/11/12 years old. I hardly swam at all until a couple of years ago and it's been sporadic since and never anywhere near what I used to do. It's a 25m pool so 2.5k. I doubt I'll make it, but I'm gonna try my damndest. Will go back tomoro and try and get as many as I can do, then aim to increase it by at least 5 and hopefully 10 lengths every session after that. Will keep you all up to date ;)

Have decided 3 swims a week with weights afterwards combined with gym on the other week days for the next 4 week is my new pre-hab plan. Gf won't be happy but she'll understand (I hope, lol)

What sort of experimental procedure are you going to have? I can sympathise with the not wanting to have the surgeon off on hols after your op, give you a little extra peace of mind.

I'm not holding out much hope for the wedding, and I doubt I'll be able to drive for a while (manual car), but hey, I'm just happy to be heading in the right direction, it can be the first of many post-op sacrifices, lol.
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on July 22, 2010, 02:21:33 PM
Pete I'm pretty sure once you get back into swimming the flow will come back aint it like riding a bike something you never forget... maybe the rhythm has just dissapeard for a while and wil gradually come back once you get back into it...
The wedding 8 days post op may still be doable as long as you can get someone to drive you and you take the crutches and use them, I would lmagine there wont be any dancing for you and depending on the pain med maybe no drinking but after thinking about all that you still think its worth while going then you go  8)
Take care Tez
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on July 22, 2010, 08:28:47 PM
I'd suggest getting a set of resistance paddles to improve your form. The small ones (or the ones with holes) won't up the resistance noticeably, but they will force you to use correct form as your arms enter the water. A nose clip, while horrible, will stop the water getting up your nose. Most of all, keep practicing - the technique will come back, but it might take a few trips to the pool for it to happen. I was in just the same position after I moved to London - I didn't swim for about 5 years (the local pool in our borough gave me two horrible ear infections on my first visits, and after that I avoided it) and had to completely re-educate myself when I got back in the water. The first couple of swims were very frustrating and then it all clicked back into place.

Tell the gf that a side effect of all your prehab will be an increasingly buff boyfriend. That should get her on board. ;)

To put the size of my pool in perspective, for me 2.5k is 18 lengths! (137m pool - longest in the world that isn't tide-filled.)
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: roo222 on July 22, 2010, 09:45:26 PM
Hey, ive followed this thread and your progress, so i thought id finally chip in: mainly to say congrats on new date, even if the extra wait is a drag :( To echo what others have said, think of the positives, use it as extra time for prehab!!

While were on the topic of swimming, i dont think ive swam (even that was only messing around with a few mates, so i wouldnt exactly class it as 'proper' swimming!) for around 4/5 years now. Im off on holiday on sat, so im going to give it a go though. However, the only technique ill be employing is trying to keep my head above water ::)

Best of luck!!
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 23, 2010, 12:47:55 PM
Well, off to the pool after work today, aiming to start with 30 / 35 lengths today and work my way up :)

Tez- Yeah, I'll just have to see about the wedding I guess, I probably won't know until a couple of days before. Gf already has a friend lined up to take with her if I can't make it so if I don't go at least she won't be on her own, lol. Might end up going to the evening do for a while just, get the foot up and get drinks brought to me all night :D not too many though, don't want to be falling over now do I ;)

Snowy - do you mean something like this?    ( )
Is the correct technique to have the hand entering the water thumb first and then flattening to catch as much water as possible to propel me along? sort of  intow water like this    |    then switching to   _    (what a basic illustration that was, lol) I have a nose clip somewhere but I never used to need it :( There is a pool across the road from my office so I've no excuse really, lol. She should be pleased by that, though has warned me that I'm not allowed to get big muscles because she thinks they are horrible, which is quitel lucky given my build :D lol. Think she might come to the gym with me as well, which would be good.

That's some size of pool, I assume from what you said in your thread it's outdoor. Is it fresh or salt water and is it filtered, chlorinated etc?

Hi Roo, always nice to see a new face :) If you're bored there's plenty more background in my very first post on the forums, can get at it through my profile, lol. Cheers for the positive words, I've decided I'm going to try and blitz the prehab for the next 4 weeks and really push myself. Oh where are you off to on holidays? I've seen a few of your posts around the site but can't remember exactly what happened to you knee, I do remember you're heading to uni to do sports science (or similar?) in september. Have you had any more word on some treatment?

On a different note, I did find this site and thought it wasn't bad
Given me a few additional ideas. I'm gonna try and get my technique on all the exercises I can think of as close to perfect as possible, so I'll know a) what's different and b) exactly what I should be doing post-op :)
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: roo222 on July 23, 2010, 01:08:10 PM
Im off to Zante, an Greek island if you havent heard of it. Fingers crossed for some sunny weather 8) No, still no news on my op date im hoping to have one by the time i get back though (ive instructed my dad to ring up the surgeon on my behalf while im away!). Im going to to relax next 2 weeks away, doing basic excercises aswell as swimming, then like you, come back and blitz through some harder excercises!!! :)

And yes, you remember rightly im starting a sports development course in september!! So hoping to be on my feet by then.

Ive had a brief look at that website, and it looks really good, already picked up a new excercise or two. Will definately have a more detailed look later. :)
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 23, 2010, 01:11:54 PM
Ahhhhh Zante, you're off to party and have a few drinks then? Don't do anything I wouldn't do :P lol

Yeah a bit of light swimming and some basic exercises while you're away should help you get on the right road. When / how did you hurt yourself?

I just found this as well (work is quiet today) it's like being back in school :D Not much use to the post-op crowd, but interesting none the less.
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: roo222 on July 23, 2010, 01:28:32 PM
A few drinks might be a bit of an understatement!! ;D Im treating it as a 2 week long toast to my soon-to-be new ACL :P lol

I tore my ACL and damaged meniscus end of March playing football, arthroscopy in April confirmed it and trimmed meniscus. Pre hab has been going pretty well so far, been going to physio gym classes twice a week for about a month and a half/2 months. Havent lost too much muscle in my bad leg - not noticabley any way! Ive started having a bit more pain though in the last 2 weeks, on and off, so if i dont have a date by the time i get back, i might try and milk it to hurry the date along... :P

Remind me how you hurt yourself? Im sure ive already read about it, but my brain can only hold so much information... and those new excersices ive just learnt about on those websites are taking up quite a bit of room atm ::)
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 23, 2010, 01:52:22 PM
Lol, I get that ALL the time. I hurt mine playing football as well. Closing a guy down and he dummied me, planted my leg to try and go after him and instead of bending forwards it bent off to the side. That was 18th Jan 09 :( Going from only having 1 day in the week where I wasn't playing / training to not being able to even go for a run was a pretty big shock to the system, lol. I've a partial ACL tear and some pretty substantial meniscal damage as far as I know. Still a risk they won't do the ACLr...that would make me  >:( and  :'( lol

I decided not to go on hols this year as i didn't want to book anything without knowing my surgery date, bought a new tv instead :D I'm sure there will be more than a few, I might have to have 1 or 2 between now and the 20th myself ;)
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: roo222 on July 23, 2010, 02:19:13 PM
Hmm i know what you mean, i used to play anywhere between 3 and 7 times a week!! So not being able to play has been a right kick up the arse :'(

I dont really know how i did it! I mean, i got tackled then the next thing i remember is a 'pop' and i couldnt move my knee. It wasnt a bad tackle or anything, i think my knee just got trapped behing hers, so as i fell it twisted/pulled or whatver. we got a free kick, but i reckon it was only cause i got injured :P At A&E i got told there was nothing wrong, so i was planning on being back in training that thursday! ::) If only...

The holiday was actually booked just under a year ago, a mate of mine's mum is getting married, so it was all arranged well before my knee troubles!

So despite the fact you have a op date, you still might not get the recon?? :o i cant even imagine how nervous you must be before you go in, with the uncertainty! But im sure you'd rather not think about that... :-\
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 23, 2010, 02:36:41 PM
Lol, its hard to think about anything else sometimes. Coming on here helps though :) I'm really going to push for it, tell him if there is any chance that not doing it would jeapordise my abilility to play sport, especially footie, then do it.

Ha, at least you got tackled, I just fell over. A couple of the guys thought I'd just tripped but that guy beside me heard it and basically told them to get an ambulance straight away. They told me there was nothing wrong as well, didn't find out what exactly was wrong until June last year, lol. The ridiculousness of that is made worse by the size my knee blew up to, think there's a pic of it in the "names to faces" thread on the cruciate board.

That sounds like it will be good fun, wedding's are always a good excuse for a party :D Just don't drink too much or you might fall and make it worse ;)

Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on July 23, 2010, 08:42:15 PM
Imp and Roo what are you 2 like swapping footbal stories the fact that you both did your knees in playing the game should be enough to put you both off, but from the sound of things your both planning on going back to it asap you both are nuts ;D ;D ;D
very brave but a litle nuts..
Roo I hope you have a fantastic holiday I love going away and if there is a crowd of you going i'm sure you'll have a ball.
I am going to try and get over to my friend in Spain before I go back to work a good old girls holiday my friend's husband clears out every year for the week we go over and we just have a great time chilling and eating and drinking.
Pete you could always try to get away once you op is over and you starting to feel better or has all your cash been spent on the new t.v and everything else you've been splashing out on to keep you busy while recouperating....
Take care Tez 
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: roo222 on July 23, 2010, 10:15:13 PM
A little ACL damage aint going to put me off football, no way, no how! ;) I somehow doubt ill be able to forget about it that easily but there's no way im going to quit! 8) haha, im already lookin forward to it :)

Cheers Tez, im sure it'll be fantastic. Ill check back in on your progress when i get back... youll be 21/22 days post op by then!! hope it all goes smoothly, im sure you'll be back on your feet (yes both of them!) in no time.

Take care
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Post by: impishgrin on July 24, 2010, 01:43:45 PM
You  probably won't get this until you get back but enjoy yourself in Zante, have a pre-op blow out and enjoy yourself ;)

If I'm honest I did consider quitting, not really because of the ACL specifically, but because it was the 5th bad injury I'd had in 5 years. That was only really in the ambulance and in the hospital. I think if I get another I might have to consider it more seriously, but if I do I'll try and get my coaching badges or something I think.

Once a football nut, always a football nut ;)

I'm not sure work would be massivley pleased at me disappearing again. Might try and get a few days away somewhere in November, but I think I'll just try and save money and get away next summer somewhere nice. Would quite like to got to Ibiza before I'm too old (I love dance music) and a couple of my mates were talking about going to a Heavy Metal festival in Czech Republic next summer as well so I'd be tempted by that. But yeah, I've spent alot on bits and pieces and I'm probably going to spend more, lol.
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 24, 2010, 02:40:00 PM
Forgot to mention my swim (bit tired today, lol). Disappointing in ways, encouraging in others. I only managed 16 lengths of my 30 target, took me half an hour to do them and it totally exhausted me, so I am disappointed by all of that. Though I did have some positives to take away from it. My technique to start was poor again, but for a few lengths in the middle I felt really comfortable doing it again. Breathing was right, nose clip did it's job and my legs and arms seemed to be going well. Unfortunately then as I fatigued I my techqiue started to falter again and I kept sucking in water on the breathing, lol. I may have to re-evaluate my 100 lengths target, but we will see, I'm going to keep pushing and see how far I get :D
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on July 24, 2010, 09:18:51 PM
For some reason I couldn't get your link to work, but here's some pics of resistance paddles:

They force your hand to enter the water at the exact right angle, which is very helpful if you're working on form. Your description of the stroke sounds as though you know what you need to do, so it's just a case of practice. :) Don't worry too much about the first few swims being exhausting and difficult - as you get back into practice your stroke will improve, and you'll find you get massive gains from the increased efficiency that results.

The Kits Beach pool is outdoor, and is a mix of salt and chlorinated water. The salt is barely noticeable, but means it's a lot less chlorinated than your typical indoor pool. It's right on the beach with a view across English Bay to the mountains:

Very motivating as a swim venue. :)

I completely understand where both you and Roo are with the football. The main reason I had the reconstruction is so I can ski again on the same kind of terrain I was tackling before, even though it was a mistimed jump that cost me my ACL. Some things are worth it. :)
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on July 26, 2010, 11:58:38 AM
That view is gorgeous, would love somewhere like that to swim around here.

I bought a pair of the speedo tech paddles from that site. £11 and they look like they'll be exactly what I need. Also spent £50 on an underwater mp3 player, lol. It's small so I'll be able to use it in the gym too... :-\

It is like an addiction really isn't it? You know it's probably bad for you in the long run but you just can't stop ;D

Going to hit the pool again this afternoon so I'll let you know how I get on.

In the meant time I bring you

My books, my tv/xbox/media pc and the spot where I'll be spending most of the end of August, enjoy lol.
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on July 26, 2010, 12:11:26 PM
Pete your wee nest looks ideal but take my word for it you will still be sooooooooooooo board, my first week went pretty quickly, but now I'm home alone and missing work  :P  so make the most of the swimming etc at the moment cos befor you know it your bum will be stuck to that sofa and you'll be missing all the everyday things.
Enjoy your swim today and take care Tez
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Post by: impishgrin on July 26, 2010, 08:14:48 PM
Well went to the pool after work, having managed 16 on friday I pushed myself on to 30 today. Now to be fair, only about 1/3 of those were front crawl, the rest being breast stroke, so it does feel like a bit of a cheat and I did still struggle with my breathing and such, but hey, progress is progress. I felt like I could have done more but didn't for a couple of reasons 1) If I'm going to be in the pool or gym every weekday I don't want to burn myself out on monday 2) I didn't want to give myself a sense of false acheivment having moved to breast stroke for some of the time. Tech paddles in the post as is my underwater mp3 player, so I'll be suited and booted soon enough. Unfortunately though my plan of doing weights is out the window tonight, ended up going to my parents and then up to see my gran as she's not well. Will just have to get stuck in to them on wednesday night instead :D How's everyone else doing tonight?
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Post by: Snowy on July 27, 2010, 07:46:03 PM
Nice rehab spot. :) How large is that TV? We've got a 37" HD flatscreen - absolutely rocks for scifi.

Which waterproof MP3 player did you get? I've been thinking about picking one up now that swimming is my only form of exercise and I'm spending more time in the pool than ever.

Swimming is swimming, even if you're mixing up the strokes. Of course the problem is that after ACLr you won't be able to do the breaststroke kick, so you'll have to stick to crawl! Something else that might help with technique is practicing upper and lower body movement separately. Try holding a float and doing a few lengths just working on your kick, and then put a pull float between your legs and try just working on the arms. Then put it all together and see what happens. :)
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Post by: impishgrin on July 28, 2010, 09:41:33 AM
Ah Snowy, a sci-fi geek and a beer lover, excellent news :D What are your preferred sci-fi series / films / books? I think we should talk beer as well? Are you a fan of ale / porter / Wheat beer / lager (obviously good stuff rather than, say, Carling) / Stout etc? There's a wonderful little off licence in my town that stocks all kinds of wierd and wonderful beers that I regularly go in to and lift half a dozen random bottles to try :D Loving the Wheat beer at the minute, Franziskaner being a favourite :)

The TV is 42" HD, a most wonderful purchase. I also spotted Band of Brothers on Blu-Ray (I got a free blu-ray player with the tv) for £18 so snapped that up too :D

I bougth a speedo aquabeat, will let you know what it's like when it arrives. They were £75 on the speedo website but only £45 on amazon so I thought I'd give it a try for the same reason as you, I feel the pool will become a second home for a while.

I just always feel like the breast stroke is less effort, and as you say, I won't be able to do it post-op so I want to try and improve my crawl now before I've got the knee to worry about as well. How often do you breath during front crawl? I might try doing one at a time first to try and get it all nice and smooth.
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Post by: impishgrin on July 28, 2010, 11:05:04 AM
Forgot to mention the gym yesterday. Went with a friend of mine who also has knee problems. We have a mate who is a personal trainer so he did up a little knee friendly workout to try and get the fitness back

3km on the bike at minimum 90rpm (set at 5 effort level)
1km on the rowing machine at minimum 30 spm (again 5 difficulty)
12 minutes on the x-trainer at 120 spm (once again 5 difficulty)
Then 10 minutes on the bike again to warm down

Wasn't a bad workout, though I feel like I could have done more. I think I might start recording the times for the first 2 and the distance for the x-trainer and attempt to increase the effort level on the machine and decrease the times/disctance.

Does anyone else feel that if they aren't totally wrecked after the gym or pool / sore the next day, that they haven't done enough? Or is that just my mind set having been altered by lots of gruelling pre-season training?
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Post by: Snowy on July 28, 2010, 08:46:41 PM
Oooh, scifi...I like everything from the big flashy blockbusters to old BBC series like The Tripods. Faves include Firefly (and Serenity, of course), Dark City, Donnie Darko, Moon, Event Horizon, and District 9. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few. :) For books I'm a big fan of David Zindell's Neverness series; Alan Dean Foster's Cachalot, and of course a whole bunch of the classics. How about you?

Beers...moving to Vancouver is like dying and going to heaven for a beer fan. We have dozens of amazing local microbreweries to choose from; I can't even remember when I last had a generic beer like Molson or Kokanee (our equivalent of Stella/Heineken). The Howe Sound Brewery in Squamish does some incredible beers - I love their Garibaldi Honey Pale Ale and an experimental scotch beer (yes, with whiskey) that they only serve at the brew pub itself. The Driftwood brewery's Tall Timber Ale, Whistler Brewing's Honey Lager and Lighthouse Brewing's Race Rocks Amber Ale are some other favourites. I'm a big fan of the amber ales, though there's nothing wrong with lager or stout either. :) Outside of the local microbrews, I love Innis & Gunn although it's super expensive here. The Trois Mousquetaires that I have in the fridge (scheduled for opening August 20th) is the Grand Cuvee Doppelbock - I'm really looking forward to that one.  ;D

Front crawl I breathe every four strokes at regular pace, every two during sprints. I'm a unilateral breather - I've tried to train myself to breathe bilaterally but breathing to the right feels natural and comfortable, whereas breathing to the left feels clumsy and breaks my rhythm.

I agree completely about the need to feel totally wrecked at the end of a workout. It's why I like cycling up mountains and climbing the Grind so much - I haven't yet found any gym activity that can replicate the intensity of doing the Grind in under an hour. At the moment I'm getting that from my morning swim, but it's a fairly brief workout - I'm still limiting myself to 3k (which takes exactly an hour) because I don't want to overstress my body while it's healing. It is nice to have at least one activity where I can go really hard, though - everything else is so darn gentle right now!
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Post by: impishgrin on July 29, 2010, 09:29:30 AM
I haven't heard of a couple of those so I shall have to a look at them, The Neverness series sounds very interesting, possibly not unlike the warhammer 40k universe, it sort of melds sci-fi and fantasy ("Space-Marines" fighting demons, Super technology alongside religious zealotry, that sort of thing), I've never had any interest in the actual board game, but the universe around it is rich and there is a vast amount of both fan written and commerical literature alot of which is quite good ( this fan story isn't half bad, though a bit heavy on the action, but a fairly quick read at 17,000 words).

Ah I love firefly / serenity as well, Donnie Dark is one of my favourite films, moon and district 9 are simply outstanding and Event Horizon is again one I've loved since my early teens :) I'm a massive Star Trek Fan (all series but especially the Original, Next Gen and DS9), Star Wars, Alien Trilogy, Blade Runner, The Thing, to name but a few :D Book wise I've actually been reading science history recently (massive book on the making of the atmoic bomb that basically went through the development of nuclear physics all the way through to the cold war) favourites come from the like of Philip K. Dick and any of the Star Trek books written by Judith and Garfield Reeves Stevens, though I've recently added a few to the list to read (on top of my pile I've got) like Iain M Banks' "Consider Phlebas", Isaac Asimov's Foundation series and "The Stars My Destination" by Alfred Bester, which is supposed to be outstanding. Currently reading Arthur C. Clarke's collection of short stories :)

That sounds outstanding you know. We're sadly lacking in Micro Breweries in NI (at least ones I'm aware of, must go hunting) there are a couple and they aren't bad, but nothing to rave about. My time is basically dedicated to finding the rarer commercial stuff (rarer for here at least) and trying anything I an get my hands on. I do like a bit of Innis & Gunn myself, along with German, Eastern European and Asian Largers. Have gotten very in to my Wheat beer recently too, but the oddest things I've tried recently are Banana Bread beer and Waggle Dance (Honey beer) both English ales and both quite nice :D

I've noticed I think my issue may be breathing out too aggressively, which is making me out of breath as I'm completely emptying my lungs between breathing. I'm trying to train myself to be bilateral, every 3, but may move back to unilateral, probably start on 2 and move to 4 once my lung capacity increases as turning to my left seems to make my legs sink in the water, think I'm lifting my head too high to try and get the breath.

Ahhhh glad I'm not the only one :) Hitting the gym again tonight so might try and up the effort level some so it hurts more (masochist anyone?) But outdoor stuff is always much better. I remember trying to explain why running 5k on a treadmill doesn't mean you could do it on a track or a road. The fact the treadmill sets the pace for you, the give in it compared to tarmac or concrete, the flat even surface, no wind, no rain, just doesn't compare.

Went to the pool yesterday and managed 40 lengths this time :D did 2 blocks of 10 lenghts as well which is an improvement (I've been doing blocks of 4 with a brief rest so far, trying to cut the rest out completely) I only very slightly increased my percentage of front crawl, but I'm starting to understand the reasons it's so difficult and my tech paddles arrived yesterday so hopefully the only way is up ;)

Wobble board also arrived and my word, I'm absolutely bloody useless on it. I've never used one before and wasn't able to get it balanced with all edges off the ground for more than a few seconds. How did you start out on it? It came with a sheet of exercises to try and build your control so I think I'm gonna have to start with those and work my way in to it gradually. Also bought some resistance bands for hamstring work, anyone got any good exercises for fattening up the hamstring before it's butchered? ;) It something that has concerned me mroe and more as my hamstrings weren't in great shape to start with :( lol
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Post by: Snowy on July 29, 2010, 09:47:16 PM
Oooh, a lot of the same favourites on the list there. :) I'll be interested to hear what you think of Neverness if you try it. Zindell is a bit wordy and his characters sometimes grate a little bit, but he has a knack for explaining the most insanely convoluted astrophysical concepts in a way that anyone can understand. The universe he created is really fabulous, as well.

FB me your address and I'll send you a couple of our best local microbrews to help you recover from your op. ;) I'm a big fan of honey lagers but haven't seen the Waggle Dance anywhere - we have so many good honey beers here that I don't think they're a big one for importing, although I have seen Fuller's Honeydew at the liquor store. I didn't think I liked wheat beers but have been completely converted by Driftwood Brewery's White Bark - it's a really awesome summer drink.

Great news on the longer swim! I would stick with unilateral breathing to start with. If you're naturally a unilateral breather (most people are) then trying to breathe bilaterally will interfere with your rhythm and make everything feel like much harder work. Best to get the stroke sorted out first, then work on the breathing once you're fully confident in all other areas.

I was a complete embarrassment when I started out on the wobble board. Oddly I'm very well balanced at speed (e.g. on skis or a bike) but have no balance whatsoever when I'm stationary, so I just fell off it over and over again. It took a good few sessions before I started being able to use it effectively. Then I added in a tennis ball which I bounced off the wall and tried to catch, and started falling off all over again. It does come, but it's a humbling experience if you're not used to being on one!

For the hamstring I did basic hamstring curls with weights around my ankles, and glute kicks using the multigym ankle cuff to gradually increase resistance. Also do hamstring stretches like crazy - I used to get up from my desk at work and give it a good 30-second stretch every hour or so that I wasn't in meetings. You can't actually build up the two tendons that they use through exercise, but you can build the main hamstring muscle and you can also make sure everything is loosened up and in good shape.
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Post by: impishgrin on July 30, 2010, 10:13:39 AM
I may do that, but only if you give me yours so I can ship you some stuff from here. I read it was difficult to ship booze to Canada but I read somewhere about someone sending it in a lava lamp box and getting it through  Up until a couple of years ago I didn't like Wheat beer myself. But there is a continental market that comes to the grounds of city hall in Belfast every christmas, (it's amazing by the way, just a mass of market stalls selling loads of different foods, from full hog roast to olives) there is a little bar in it called the Merry Monk, which is basically a Bier Halle but in a tent. I decided to try as many of the beers as I could and found that both Schneider Weisse and Weihenstephaner are excellent, so since then I've been trying as much as possible

I quite like wordy books actually, it makes me focus more. That book on the making of the atomic bomb was a cross between a history book and a physics text book. I really do love the whole astrophysical side of sci-fi and a properly rich universe, those are the 2 things that drew me in to the warhammer fiction too, there's a wiki for warhammer that is just filled with the details of the entire universe, it's so unbelievably fleshed out.

Yeah that's my plan today, stick to unilateral and try not to breathe too heavily. Will try out the paddles as well to see how they help. Don't know how many lengths I'll do today but I've no time constraints so I can do as many as I feel I'm capable of.

Yeah, my girlfriend was actually just lying on the sofa laughing at me as I clunked from side to side. I'm going to try to use it every day, even if I'm just standing on it watching TV. My balance isn't bad when I'm running, but that really was ridiculous the first time round, lol. I got resistance bands for doing,S,89869 and similar but lying on my front doing hamstring curls and will try my best to stretch the old hammy as much as possible, I suppose the stronger it is before, the stronger it will be once the tendons come out.

Yesterday I hit the gym again, same work out as before but rather optimistically thought I'd bring it up a notch. Straight on to the bike, bumped the effort level from 5 up to 8 and off I went confident of hitting the 3k and staying above 90 rpm. About 1K in I realised I was sadly mistaken, there was no way I'd be able to keep up the intensity. Had to give up after 1.5 as the rpm had dropped to 80, gave my self 60 seconds rest, dropped the intensity back to 5 and managed the 3k with the rpm at 90+. When I got off however I noticed my right leg was an awful lot sorer than my bad one, seems I was favouring it an awful lot on the bike, any tips for avoiding that? Did the 1k row in a similar time at the same intensity and then x-trainer I managed to keep the rpm up at about 150 for the whole 12 minutes. I basically made sure my right leg did as little work as possible on this and it seemed to do the trick but I'm still worried that when I think I'm working evenly I'm favouring my right so much. I suppose it's natural after 18 months but it's still annoying. Anyway it felt like a proper workout yesterday as when I got home I could feel the stretch in my muscles going up and down the stairs  Always a good thing.
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Post by: Snowy on July 31, 2010, 06:51:51 AM
Deal. :) Transatlantic beer exchange is on! I'll definitely include a bottle of the White Bark if you're enjoying your wheat ales. It's brewed in Victoria, on the island, and uses orange peel and coriander in the brewing process - no wonder it's so good!

I think Neverness will be right up your street if you like wordy. :) Zindell's universe is amazing - I haven't found anything yet that compares to it for precision, detail, and astrophysical accuracy. I did start getting into Susan Palwick during recovery - her endings are always a little bit too pat but she's also really good at creating alternate universes and belief systems, and is an easy read for someone whacked out on oxycodone. I'm also a big fan of anything based on a future dystopia on earth scenario - not sure why I find those so appealing. I'm actually quite intrigued by the Warhammer fiction based on your description.

How did you get on with the swimming today?

When you start to get comfortable on the wobble board, get the girlfriend to help out by pelting you with tennis balls while you're on it. Trying to catch them will really help with your balance, and will also provide her with endless hours of amusement.
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Post by: impishgrin on July 31, 2010, 12:05:52 PM
Swim didn't go at all :( Was in work and my legs were pretty sore and I was exhausted, all I wanted to do was go home and lie down. But I didn't, pushed myself, parked up at the leisure centre, looked in my bag, forgot my tech paddles! Pushed myself on anyway. As I was going in a crowd of kids ran past me. I thought oh no! Made the mistake of going in to the viewing gallery first and the place was hiving with kids, bouncing in and out of the swimming lanes and that was before the crowd that ran past me had got in and I knew I wouldn't get any worthwhile swimming done, so I went home :( Feel like I should have pushed on anyway but I just couldn't face it. I shall just have to spend all weekend on the wobble board to try and make up for it. As well as my hamstring exercises.

I'm sure she'd be highly ammused by that, probably TOO ammused, lol.

That beer sounds amazing :D I shall have to find someting special in response ;) Though I might not be able to keep them up at your standard, lol.

If you like dystopian sci-fi try The Man in the High Castle by Philip K Dick. Was set in the near future but was written in the 60's. Nazis win WW2, won't say any more than that, lol.
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Post by: Snowy on August 01, 2010, 10:03:17 PM
That's too bad. I remember that happening a lot when I swam at one of our local pools back in London. If I picked the wrong time to go it would be jammed full of screaming, annoying children who apparently had never been taught to read the signs that told them to stay out of the swim lanes. The lifeguards never did a damn thing about it, either - even when length swimmers went and complained. Probably too afraid of being sued by a litigation-happy parent.

We had our first cloudy morning in a month here (though it's clearing now) and the pool was deserted - everyone obviously decided to wait till the sun came out after lunch!

Thanks for the recommendation - I'll put that on hold at the library. Have you read either Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash or Cory Doctorow's Little Brother? (Or anything else by Cory Doctorow, for that matter.) A couple of really good recent reads.
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Post by: impishgrin on August 02, 2010, 11:53:01 PM
Yeah, only here they're probably less worried about litigation and more worried about daddy being in a paramilitary organisation (pretty rough area). Oh the joys of this little country I call home  :-\

I love a deserted pool, makes me wish I was rich so I had my own. Went today and it was relatively quiet though. Took my paddles for their first go. Outstanding! Technique improved, felt the increased work on my arms and shoulders, even fixed my rhythm and made my breathing so much easier. Only ended up doing 20 lengths, about 75% front crawl, totally exhausted me for some reason. Might be that I'm swimming more fluently with less breaks now. Tried a few lengths at the end and my breathing and rhythm were bad again so I must try and see how the paddles change the way I swim so I can try and replicate it without them.

I've never read either of them. It's quite good the timing of this actually. My mum got me a voucher for a chain bookstore for christmas and I've yet to spot anything when I was in that jumped out at me to buy. Now I've got a huge list :D
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Post by: impishgrin on August 04, 2010, 12:17:11 PM
Gym last night just. REALLY struggled to actually go, but it's the days you feel like that before hand that you feel so much better once you're finished. Same cicuit as last time but bumped up the effort level on everything (only the 1 level this time though, lesson learned) also added in 30 bilateral and 30 unilateral leg presses (40kg and 30kg respectively) decided to start light but push it up quite quickly, next time will probably be 60 40. Felt good after it, but exhausted, was in bed for half 10 (unheard of) and slept through til my alarm at 7 :D
Highly disappointed my aquabeat mp3 player doesn't work. Didn't work at all out of the box. They're sending me a replacement but having read reviews online I'm no hopeful of the quality :( ah well
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Post by: tez27 on August 04, 2010, 01:35:15 PM
Imp you seem to be using your time pre surgery  extremely well good for you, the time is coming in pretty quickly wont be long till you too will be the owner of a new acl, how are you feeling about the upcoming op ??? have you decided about staying at your parents for the first couple of days? my advice would be to stay with them as the first few days are pretty uncomfortable and its good to have someone there to lift and lay for you..
Thats rubbish your mp3 is not working  :-X I hadn't heard you could get one for under water, and and thought if I get back to swimming I might have invested in one  cos it might help to keep me in the water a bit longer without getting to board.
Keep up the good work and take care
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Post by: impishgrin on August 04, 2010, 11:19:11 PM
Bit nervous about it, but I suppose that's to be expected. I think I will stay with them, if only to avoid stairs. Will try and get back home as soon as I can managed 2 stair trips a day.

Replacement arrived in the post while I was at work, they sent it express delivery because my first 1 didn't work :) and this one does work :D shall report back on friday to let you know if it's any good or not.

Hit the pool today, managed 50 lengths (1250m) in 63 minutes. Rather disappointingly I had to take my paddles off for a while as I was informed you aren't allowed to wear them if there are other people in the lane, another incentive for me to go when it's quiet. Timed my 25m front crawl with paddles, 32 sec and without 37, just to see the difference. 5 seconds is alot over quite a short distance I guess. No idea if that's a good time, but it's something for me to improve on.

Feel like I'm making progress and I'm pushing myself forward, but I also know I haven't hit any real limits yet. I think I'm going to try and push the lengths up but keep the time at an hour, might provide more of a challenge :)
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Post by: Snowy on August 05, 2010, 01:42:36 AM
That's crazy that they won't let you use paddles if there are other people in the lane - how are people supposed to train?! I'm glad they're helping with technique - they really are a great tool for getting your stroke sorted out. Sounds like you're well on track to get to your 100 length target by surgery day. :)

I've just finished wrapping up a very large box full of stuff ready to ship off to Northern Ireland...  ;D
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Post by: impishgrin on August 07, 2010, 02:31:02 PM
A rather disappointing couple of days unfortunately. Thursday in the gym about 1k into my first ride I suddenly felt a very very sharp pain in the lateral side, had to ease down to about 50rpm from the usual 90 for about .5k. manged to crank it back up again but felt sort of wary of it the rest of the work out. Decided to leave out the rowing machine as I've always been sort of wary of it but on the plus side I did everything else and cranked up the weight on the bilateral / unilateral leg press to 60kg and 40kg respectively (plus my own weight, must weigh myself actually).

Swim yesterday was more disappointing. Soon as I got in and started swimming I felt this very sharp pain in my left shoulder on every stroke. Tried breast stroke, front crawl, back crawl but there just was not let up in in it. Only managed 10 lengths :( Have been having a few problems with it recently (can't sleep on that side at night anymore or it feels horribly stiff and sore when I wake up) but never during swimming. I'll try my best to rest it over the weekend and then try again on monday but if it doesn't get any better this week another trip to the docs might be required :( Another plus though is my replacement underwater mp3 player arrived so I was able to test it and it works a treat. I have a funny feeling I'll be very glad of it in the weeks and months to come.

As for the paddles, I had similar thougths, especially given that I was being careful not to get near anyone in the lane. I also thought "why are you coming over to have a go at me when there are umpteen scum bags making everyones life a misery that you've been ignoring for the last 20 minutes?" I suppose I don't look like I'm going to come down with a baseball bat if I get some aggro. Maybe I should shave my head again (must find some pictures of that, give you all a laugh)
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Post by: impishgrin on August 07, 2010, 02:55:56 PM
For your entertainment. Also found one from the aftermath of my 23rd Birthday night out. This picture was swiftly followed by people leaning over me and pouring more beer in to my mouth, lol.
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Post by: tez27 on August 07, 2010, 06:26:49 PM
Imp so sorry your work out was not as sucssesful as usual, just be carefull with the knee you dont want to do any more damage before your op just remember if your acl aint working you have to be carefull you dont hurt the other structures that might want to compensate for the deficiant acl. As for the shoulder if I was you I would get it checked out, cos one of the things I have struggeled with when using crutches was my shoulder, Like you I have always had a problem with it, that comes and goes, for me it is an ocupational hazard with being 5ft2 and most clients being way taller even when sitting down, my arms spend most of the day up above shoulder height, this has resulted in one shoulder acting up from time to time, and it went into meltdown while using both crutches, it really surprised me how much upper body stregnth you need for them, so a duff shoulder might cause you some problems with your post op crutch walking.
The photos are funny not so much with the skinhead it does look a bit convict like, so hope that has grown out by now ;D the drunkan one is a peach, thats what birthdays are for ::).
I hope things improve with your workout and please take care
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Post by: Snowy on August 07, 2010, 09:01:28 PM
Heh! Love the pics. You look quite different with no hair!

Sorry to hear about the unsuccessful workouts. You definitely want to be wary of any sharp knee pains; as Tez says, you don't want any additional damage before surgery. (Is your ACL tear the only knee damage you have, or did you injure the meniscus as well?) It's probably worth getting the shoulder checked out sooner rather than later; you'll want all your energy to focus on the knee once surgery day arrives.

If the shoulder pain persists during the next swim, try grabbing a float and just kicking your way up and down. It's not quite as good a cardio workout, but it's great for the legs - especially those all-important hamstrings.
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Post by: impishgrin on August 09, 2010, 12:14:12 PM
The lateral and medial menisucs have quite a bit of damage as well, I think that's where most of my pain acually comes from rather than the ACL. Get the odd sharp pain but it disappears as quickly as it arrives. Just puts me off a little if I get it during exercise.

 Made an appointment with my GP for friday morning, he's quite good so I'll just have to hope he can think of something. It's only something I've noticed over the past month or so but I'm wondering if it's something to with the fact that my collar bone on that side is shorter after a double break 6 years ago ( looked like this still pretty much the same shape but all healed)
Float isn't a bad idea I may have to do that just to try and keep the legs going. Was supposed to get up and hit the gym this morning as I'm on late shift but managed to sleep in and I might not get time after work so I might have to stick to 2 gym and 2 pool sessions this week. Might try and restrict my paddle use in the pool too until my shoulder is feeling better too.

Ha Ha, that picture was taken Feb 07 (why I shaved my head in Feb I'll never know). Long since grown back. My favourite quote about it was from one of my football teammates "I never thought I'd say this, but you look kind of intimidating" Was quite useful as I was playing central midfield at the time, lol. You're right Tez, I was probably in a worse state the year after that but fortunately there are no pictures that I'm aware of. This year was a more reserved house party, though my cousin arrived at 2am with a bottle of absinthe which was swiftly drained so not exactly a quiet one, lol.
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Post by: tez27 on August 09, 2010, 12:43:12 PM
Imp OH MY GOD what is it with you and the grousome photos, if its not major swelling or bad haircuts or you lying comatose on the floor now its horrendously broke bones  :o at least they add a little spice to my day....
Glad your seeing your gp about the shoulder especially after seeing the x ray you are going to have to be carefull when it comes to crutches, I am asuming you will be having elbow crutches like I had, just wonderd wheather the under arm ones might be easier to use if you have a shoulder problem, may be worth asking...
Take care Tez   
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Post by: impishgrin on August 09, 2010, 02:01:08 PM
Heh Heh, I've got to keep you all on your toes ;) There's a fairly sizeable visible lump in my shoulder as well, though unfortunately I think the picture of it is at home, lol.

I'll try and swim tomoro morning and see how I get on regarding the shoulder, no paddles this time round. Will just have to see how things go.
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Post by: impishgrin on August 10, 2010, 10:36:09 PM
Decided on the gym tonight rather than the pool. 3k ride the straight on to weights. 3 sets of 8 1 legged squats at 40kg, 3 sets of 10 bilateral leg press at 80kg and 3 sets of 10 unilateral leg press at 60kg, then 12 minutes on the x-trainer. Felt some serious pain in my quad afterwards, but good pain :D do love that feeling. Could barely move my legs by the time I left (not so good with stairs, lol).

Was thinking earlier on that perhaps this 19 months since the injury will make rehab a little easier  psychologically that it is for the likes of snowy. I've gotten used to not being able to exercise like I used to over a year and a half and because it's taken this long, 9/10 months til I can be back to "normal" doesn't seem quite as long, lol. NHS has done me a favour, lol.

Now I'm sat enjoying a nice Samuel Adams and I think I may have a little whiskey after that, hope everyone is enjoying their night :)
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Post by: Snowy on August 11, 2010, 06:17:32 AM
Nice work in the gym. :) You could well be right about the length of the layoff and the expectations around it; I only went through four months between injury and surgery, and I bounced back from the injury so fast that I was exercising at a pretty high capacity for at least half that time - I avoided certain activities, but I was cycling and hiking up mountains and even skiing with a few restrictions. Plus I'm not temperamentally suited to long layoffs, as may be obvious.

Fingers crossed for the shoulder on the next swim. Perhaps try the whiskey first to deaden the pain. ;)
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Post by: impishgrin on August 11, 2010, 11:59:28 AM
I think I might not get to the pool until after the docs at the earliest. On the cross trainer last night, as my bad arm moved forward I felt this very distinct pop in my shoulder, accompanied by a fairly loud clunk. Wasn't overly painful, and was able to keep going, but it did up my heartrate by a few beats per minute, lol. Looking forward to speaking to the doc on friday. 

It would seem that my body is made out of plywood and sticky tape :/
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Post by: tez27 on August 11, 2010, 12:38:55 PM
for once I think your being a very wise Imp, best see the doctor about the popping clunking shoulder befor doing any thing that might make it creak and groan and even splutter ::) maybe the beer and whyskey is helping the plywood and sticky tape to hold you all together..
Take care Tez
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Post by: impishgrin on August 11, 2010, 05:52:29 PM
I know, go me for being sensible. Will wobble board it up a little tonight and try and do some SLRs, quad flexes, hamstring work etc.

It's all medicinal ;D I've a nice bottle of 15 year old Glennfiddich sat in the house waiting for me, to be preceded by a steak and a glass of red wine. I can almost hear it all calling my name from here...
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Post by: Snowy on August 12, 2010, 01:03:24 AM
Hopefully the pop and clunk was just some old scar tissue working loose...when do you see the doc?

You have also been upgraded to ACLr Musketeer #3 after Tony's reconstruction turned into a lateral meniscus repair.  ;D
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Post by: tez27 on August 12, 2010, 11:06:18 AM
Imp congratulations on your upgrade or promotion or whatever you call it now your muskateer no 3.
as for a sensible Imp not sure if that is really a natural state for you to be in maybe maturity is rearing its ugly head, long may it continue maybe if it does your many trips to A&E will decrease..... though I  have a feeling it aint gonna happen ;D
Take care Tez
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Post by: impishgrin on August 12, 2010, 01:42:34 PM
Was a lazy boy last night. Didn't get home until about 9, then cooked dinner (ultra thin steak rubbed with paprika, cracked pepper corns, dried oregano and a touch of salt with rocket in a warm buttered ciabatta :D ) and had a glass of wine. Then realised it was well after 10 and decided I was unlikely to do my exercises. I've only got a week left WHAT AM I DOING?!?!?! lol.

Dead pleased for Tony, part of me wants that to happen to me as well, but I a) can feel the instability in the knee to the point where I reckon that's unlikely and b) don't know how I'd cope pyschologically with going back to sport without the ACL being touched :/ Also, if I don't get and ACLr there will only be 2 musketeers, that would never do ;) I've been promoted...WOOT WOOT! we'll have to promote someone else to D'Artangan, who's next up for ACLr?

Tez you're probably right about it not being a natural state of mind for me, I do hope I'm not getting all mature, lol.

See the doc tomorrow morning snowy, hope you're right, really want to be able to swim post-op :(
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Post by: roo222 on August 12, 2010, 04:23:45 PM
well i might be next for ACLr...if  ever get a date that is lol!! ;) Im still hoping for a result like Tony's, i.e. no ACL damage, so i can get back to sports asap...unlikely though as its been confirmed through a scope ::)

Let us know how the doc appt goes, fingers crossed that its just a bit of nothing! whatever the hell that means!
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Post by: impishgrin on August 12, 2010, 10:34:23 PM
Lol, I really hope you get a date soon Roo, waiting is horrible :( I can't see me getting away with just the meniscus either, just not that lucky! I hope tomorrow comes up with nothing too  :-\

Not a great night again tonight. Did okay with my right knee, but the muscles felt a little tired still from Tuesday night so I skipped the 1 legged squats. Up to 90kg on the bilateral and 70kg on the unilateral leg press.

I have another slight problem. My "good" knee :( I can remember the exact instant I hurt it,  just over 3 years ago, last ditch tackle, got the ball but the striker landed on my knee as we hit the ground. It's been a bit gimpy ever since. I ignored it and ignored it and nothing was ever done, I just dealt with it, but I think it might be getting worse. Tonight on the x-trainer, every downard stroke on my good leg there was this pain in the front and medial areas, same as it's always been. I think it's about time I got it looked at so I'm gonna mention it to my doc in the morning as well
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Post by: tez27 on August 13, 2010, 02:58:09 AM
Roo I think you should be our D'Artangan now that Imp has been upgraded, just need for you to get your surgery date to get the ball rolling for you ;)
Imp would that be your good bad leg your talking about lol you my dear seem to be falling apart, I hope its only limbs that are giving you problems and nought else ::) I hope you get on ok at the Docs tomorrow or should I saw today, let us know how it goes!!
Take care Tez 
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Post by: impishgrin on August 13, 2010, 12:14:06 PM
Lol, Tez I have plenty of problems but who doesn't, most of them are insignificant and solve themselves so all is well :D

Doctor said what I expected "not really much I can tell from a simple examination" gave me some anti-inflamatories and said they might help with the shoulder and the knee, told me if they don't help to come back and he'd refer me to get some imaging done to see if anything is up with it, so basically I know no more now than I did before and I've got some pills to take. Will leave the gym til sunday and the pool til monday and see how I get on I think. How's everyone else getting on?

This time next week I should be out of surgery, how freaky is that. Glad it's not today though, surgery on Friday 13th would probably make me a bit paranoid, lol.
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Post by: Snowy on August 13, 2010, 09:11:06 PM
You're almost there! Soon you'll be experiencing all the fun sensations that follow the installation of a new ACL. :)

Sorry you didn't get any definitive answers from the doc. Does he know you're having knee surgery in a week? I was told by my OS to stop taking all anti-inflammatories a week before the surgery, as they act as blood thinners. I think this is pretty standard procedure.

Hope the shoulder and knee feel better today.
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Post by: impishgrin on August 16, 2010, 08:18:43 AM
I did tell him I was having surgery and he said to stop taking them after wedensday, but I tend to bleed quite a bit from small cuts anyway so I've stopped already.

Starting to get a bit nervous now, only a couple of days left. The uncertainty of it all really starting to bother me ???

Both knees and shoulder were still annoying me most of the weekend. Gave the gym a miss yesterday,will go today and after the physio on wednesday and will try a swim tomorrow see how my shoulder feels.

I wonder if I could manage 3 100kg unilateral leg press sets before friday, that would make me happy, lol.
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Post by: tez27 on August 16, 2010, 12:02:42 PM
Imp last few days before surgery and your allowed to get a little freaked out, what you are not allowed to do is over do things in the gym or the pool and give yourself more problems that could result in you having to postpone  your op, so please be sensible and dont do anything silly  ;D ::) :P
Make the most of the last wee bit of freedom before you turn into a gimmpy knee geek along with Snowy and I, also try and keep busy so you dont have too much time to worry about the chopping and drilling to come.
When do you finish work?
Take care Tez
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Post by: impishgrin on August 16, 2010, 01:06:53 PM
I'm in today and tomorrow and that's me, had worked up some lieu days so decided to take them. Then who knows when I'll be back. I can take 5 weeks full paid sick leave then I'm down to statutory sick pay, but basically I'll go back when I feel I'm up to it and the doctor clears me.

Lol, don't worry I'm not going to do anything stupid. Getting to 100kg would only be a slight increase over what I would normally add (I've been going up 10kg per session, this would mean going up 15kg) so it's certainly doable. Would make me feel better about not getting my 100 lengths done too :(

I intend to try and make the most of it, get out and about, wander around Belfast, maybe go to the coast if the weather is nice. I've got to take a run to the dump as well at some point as the TV box is still lying in the house. Would be nice to get rid of it so I don't trip over it, lol.

Chopping and drilling...what nice images that conjures  :-X
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Post by: tez27 on August 16, 2010, 08:09:37 PM
One more day at work for you then... excellent! not be long now and I'm sorry if my choice of words to describe your op gives you the heedies but I think it describes the whole thing pretty well ;D
You will be fine so dont get too worried about it, just enjoy your time off and before you know it you will be posting your own post op diary.
Take care Tez
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on August 16, 2010, 10:14:44 PM
Yeah, just gonna have to keep my head down tomorrow in work, try and get as much tidied up as possible.

Went to the gym, up to 110kg on the bilateral and 90kg on the unilateral leg presses :D Ended up only doing bike and cross trainer on top of that as my right knee still doesn't seem massively happy. Maybe the forced inaction post-op will let it heal up a little...  ???

So Roo, are you going to be our new D'Artagnan? Have you been hassling them to try and get a date?
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on August 17, 2010, 01:51:44 AM
Good luck with your last day at work! Hard to believe that before the week is done, you'll be on the other side. :)

I've got another book to add to your post-op reading list - Spin, by Robert Charles Wilson. Just finished it and it's one of the best scifi titles I've read in several years.

Congrats on the extra leg press weight - that should stand you in good stead for Friday. :)
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: BlueTopaz_ZA on August 17, 2010, 05:38:05 AM
Hi Imp

When is yr date? Mine is this Thursday!

We can track progress together :-)

I have only been booked off work (desk jockey, IT related) for 10 days! Will see how I am coping and decide if I need more time. Fortunately am able to work from home.

Best wishes to you, see you on the flip side!
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on August 17, 2010, 08:00:45 AM
I know, it's all happened so fast. Doesn't seem like a month ago that I was so gutted about the cancellation, yet here we are. Think today I might ring up health insurance to organise post-op physio and ring my gp to organise going in 1 week post-op to pick up sick line.

Excellent, I'm going to Waterstone's tomorrow morning after the physio to spend some hard earned cash so that's another one for me to look out for. I'm quite pleased by the 90 kg. Doesn't feel like I'm getting close to failure with it either, maybe should have been doing more than 3 sets of 10, but too late to worry now. Hit the 100kg tomorrow hopefuly and then I'll be happy.

Blue, I'm an IT Geek as well, very much a desk jockey unfortunately. Luckily even though I've been here less than 6 months I'm entitled to 5 weeks full pay sick leave so I intend to take as much time off as I can and / or need and just focus on my rehab for the first while. I'm sure they'll survive without me for a while (even though it's the busiest time of the year, lol).

My date is Friday so it'll be good to have someone who's pretty much dead on the same path to compare with as well as all the helpful people who are well ahead
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on August 18, 2010, 05:07:48 PM
Two days away - eep! Are you ready? Did you find a good stack of reading materials?

Five weeks off work should be fine. If it were just an issue of mobility I'd be okay to work now (5.5 weeks), but since I have the sick bank it's great to have been able to take a bit more time to focus on my rehab and really make my knee the priority for the first couple of months after surgery. I'm already working on strategies for refining my rehab program when I do go back to work, and accommodating my current limitations.

And Blue, you're tomorrow - how are you feeling? Are you ready?

It definitely helps having folk who are close to your own surgery date to track progress with. It's also great having folk who are a week or two ahead, as they offer great reassurances about all the strange sensations that follow surgery!
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on August 18, 2010, 07:00:35 PM
Imp 2 DAYS TOO GO YIPEEEEEEE how you feeling now your nearly there, hope your all ready, will you be in hospital overnight or are you done as a day patient?? I know you have your new big t.v your reading material and from the sound of things some posh Canadian beer so you should be set..
Blue good luck for tomorrow I shall look out for your post op diary, how about you are you all ready for your op as well?
Take care Tez   
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on August 18, 2010, 08:16:51 PM
Heylo Snowy and Tez :) I'm about as ready as I'll ever be. Bought some more books today (couldn't find Neverness so I'll just have to order it up), went to the physio and went for a very nice lunch in Belfast with the girlfriend seeing I won't be able to for a while :)

Physio was excellent. My bad leg is now 0.8cm bigger than my good leg, at a pleasant 42.6cm diameter (15cm up from the tibial plateau) so I'm glad I've been able to make good use of the time since the cancellation (it's 1.6cm bigger now than it was then). Didn't go to the gym today as I'm currently feeling the effects of the inferential (electric shock) treatment  I'm currently firing some more films on to the Network for watching post operatively, though I won't be able to actually watch them until I'm back from my parent's lol. I think I'm supposed to be in for the day just, but I suppose it depends on my reaction to the GA.

Yeah, that's basically what I was thinking. I'm just going to have to refine my rehab regime a little quicker, lol. Quick question on the cryo cuff guys. Did you put in on straight after surgery? Do you have to stick to the 20 minutes in every 2 hours rule like with icepacks or can you keep it on constantly? Did you put it on top of your dressings just or outside your clothes or anything like that? Lol, lots of questions.

The posh canadian beer will be saved for milestones I think, rather than wasting it when I'm wiped out on painkillers, lol.

Good luck blue, hope all goes well :)
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on August 18, 2010, 09:13:53 PM
Great work on bulking up the bad leg!

Cryocuff - you can literally start using it immediately after surgery. They actually asked me in recovery if I'd brought it to the hospital, which I hadn't - but apparently if you do they'll put it on for you as soon as you wake up. You can keep it on constantly (and you'll want to in the beginning); because it's not quite as cold as a regular ice pack, there are no time restrictions. I used mine on top of my dressings; I was wearing shorts so clothes weren't an issue, but I imagine it's more effective under them.

Good luck with your final preparations!
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: roo222 on August 18, 2010, 10:15:22 PM
Hey, good luck Pete. Fantastic news on how well you've managed to bulk up your bad leg, will definately do you the world of good come post-op! As will your newly found stack of dvds/books/games! Since reading your post, ive just rushed to my mam's sewing kit to find a tape measure, my bad leg is roughly 0.5cm smaller then my good, but i just did it roughly!! :P

And good luck Blue as well!!

Hope it goes well for both of you, i cant wait to hear how you get on...

Im definately looking forward to joining you all on the other side!!! :o lol

Best of luck guys

Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on August 18, 2010, 11:21:39 PM
Cheers snowy, that's exactly what I needed to know :) I intend to be either wearing shorts or really loose bottoms for quite a while so that shouldn't be a problem. I think a nice glass of wine, some light music and some schubert should calm my nerves nicely ;D

Roo, that's a pretty good difference to be starting off with. My bad leg was -1.4 on my good leg on the 14th of July so you can improve things quite quickly, get yourself down the gym ;)

One last thing, do you think I should go to the gym tomorrow for one last session or should I just leave it? I'd obviously be careful as always but just wondering if it's worth putting the leg through the extra strain. I really want the 100kg but I don't know if working all the muscles is the best thing the day before  ???
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: roo222 on August 18, 2010, 11:52:14 PM
Ive been going to the gym for a while, but my only probelm is my knee is starting to hurt when i excercise it...quite a lot :( especially when bending and putting pressure on it e.g. squats, leg presses. Its been getting steadily worse, and ive spoke to my physio. he says just let your pain be the guide, ( ::) ) and take it easy, while he said he'd try and push me further up the list! I think thats the reason my muscles in my bad leg are smaller, because ive really had to slow down the excercises over the past 2-3 weeks. :(

Hmmm, its a catch 22 about the gynm isnt it!! either go and risk pushing yourself too far, or miss out on your last gym session before your ACLr. ::) If i was you, id go but be very concious about not over straining your self, as pulling a muscle or doing extra damage would probably be the worst thing for rehab. I think Kay or Tez would probably be a better guide though, as obviously they would know more about the surgery/rehab!

Good luck again...
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on August 19, 2010, 03:46:41 AM
My PT said that in order to ensure the knee was in the best possible shape for surgery, I shouldn't do anything strenuous with my legs the day before. So I climbed a mountain three days before surgery, cycled up a different mountain two days before, and settled for swimming 6k on the last day.  ;D
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on August 19, 2010, 05:14:19 AM
Imp it would appear you are good and ready for the drilling and chopping :P I agree with Snowy about the cryocuff I wore it as soon as I got out of hospital but wish I had been able to use it for the first night while still in but didnt think to ask if it was possible to bring it in with me, so it might be an idea to check just in case they keep you in over night,you will find that it becomes a very importand part of your life especially for the first few weeks, I still use mine at least once a day if not more.
I would also take Snowys advice about going to the gym today and just be carefull you dont over do things the day before your op.
Excellent news on the muscle gain on the bad leg you must be really pleased to know your going in to surgey so well prepared.
Will you have internet access at your parents? cos we will all be wondering and worrying about how it all is going for you, if not let me know and I could give you my mobile no so you can tx me and I can pass on the info to the other knee geeks.
Enjoy your last preop day and try and keep busy so you dont have too much time to freak out about the op.
Take care Tez
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: tez27 on August 19, 2010, 08:19:02 PM
Imp good luck for tomorrow I will be sending pain killing vibes to you and good concentration and hand steadying vibes to your surgeon I'm also sending you a big hug that says you will be fine and before you know it you will be waking up with a brand new acl ((((((((hugs)))))))))
Take care Tez
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: impishgrin on August 19, 2010, 10:42:53 PM
Well, it's nearly time. Anything that hasn't been done at this point is going to be. JUst had a nice glass of wine and am currently getting my bag sorted for the morning.

Roo that's crap about the pain. I've been quite lucky that way, most of the time I'm relatively pain free, it just comes in little bursts.

I ended up not going to the gym today. My leg is only starting to feel less tight after monday so I thought I'd be best leaving it.

I will have internet access at the parents, but PM me your mobile number and I'll text you when I'm concious anyway.

Thanks for all the kind wishes and I'll see you all over on the post-op board.

Yours nervoiusly, Pete
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: vickster on August 19, 2010, 10:51:18 PM
Good Luck'll be a star  ;D
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on August 19, 2010, 11:13:56 PM
Good luck! Will be thinking of you - with the time difference, you'll be all done by the time I wake up tomorrow. I hope you manage to get a good night's sleep, though I remember it being almost impossible with the nerves.

You're going to do just fine, and I'll look forward to finally cracking the Trois Mousquetaires Grand Cuvee tomorrow!
Title: Re: The Wanderer Returns
Post by: Snowy on August 20, 2010, 04:22:08 PM
Text from Pete...he has a new ACL!  ;D