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Title: help me please knee pain
Post by: sclark on June 15, 2010, 09:53:53 PM
Hi I have  been having moderate to severe pain behind and on the inner side of my knee.Went to the doctor took xrays and did mri The doctor said he saw a small tear and a slight case of arthritis. Gave me a cortozone shot This did not help.  The next day my knee locked up and gave out I had to go to emergency room.  they gave me crutches wrapped it and told me to see my doctor monday.  I went to see a surgeon he said in the previous mri he did not see a tear, although the doctor did Another one was never given after knee went out. Is it possible not to see a tear from a mri?  I am scheduled for knee surgery with a scope Monday Does anyone know if there is not a tear can they do anything else. Some times my knee feels better and sometimes it feels bad. Can someone help me as I am having surgery Monday. If it is a mild case of arthritis can it make your knee lock up and not be able to walk for three days   
Title: Re: help me please knee pain
Post by: tenisfan on June 15, 2010, 11:41:12 PM
a MRI cannot always pick up tears. You know your body, a knee just does not lock and give out for no reason, plus the pain i bet it is a meniscus tear, you can tear the meniscus without doing serious injury to it. Just ask me i am always getting the meniscus fixed, because i starts to catch and buckle. Good luck, and I hope they find the problem :)