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Title: Locking knee! Please help a Newbie!!!!!!
Post by: Starlet on June 08, 2010, 08:00:55 PM
Hi, I'm hoping someone here can help with my knee problem!  I am 37 years old and since I was a teenage I have suffered with a locking knee.  My left knee locks in the bent position and any slight movement whilst it is locked causes excrutiating pain, eventually my knee will relax and straigten again leaving a dull ache which subsided reasonably quickly.  On a few occassions when I was younger my knee would not straighten and Doctors would administer Diazepam and straighten it. For the last 20 years or so my knee has always straightened on it's own generally within an hour, however, last year I had an incident and when after four hours my knee was still extremely painful and was still locked I went to A & E.  After 24 hours in hospital, an MRI and some interesting drugs I had to go to theatre for a manipulation under anaesthetic. The sugeon said that my knee was difficult to straighten but that it had eventually returned with a "loud clunk" but that it had returned 5 degrees in the opposite direction????  It took a good couple of weeks for my knee to feel back to normal.  At a later out patients appointment I was told what I was told as a teenager, that there is nothing anatomically wrong with my knee, my MRI did not reveal any problems tears or damage and "it's just one of those things".  Since then my knee feels less stable then ever and I have to be extremely careful not to kneel etc as it is more likely to lock and I am concerned that it will not straighten without intervention.  Does anyone else have this problem, a diagnosis or a solution???? Please tell me it's not "just one of those things".
Title: Re: Locking knee! Please help a Newbie!!!!!!
Post by: jane77 on June 09, 2010, 10:35:44 AM
I had this happen to me about 6 weeks ago. I may have a meniscus tear from an injury 3 years ago - don't know - Knee Dr has so far stalled getting an MRI done.

My pain when the patella went back into position was horrible.  I envy your drugs !   

I still have pain and swelling around the knee and have just started walking without a crutch.  Doing the physio etc.  Haave you looked into Prolotherapy ? That will be my next step as it is claimed to strengthen ligaments and my basic anatomy tells me that ligaments hold the patella in place.  I had Prolo for my back about 6 years ago and was very happy with it.

Are you able to tape the knee ? I can't but wish I could. Good luck with it all. 
Title: Re: Locking knee! Please help a Newbie!!!!!!
Post by: hayden31 on June 10, 2010, 07:25:36 AM
Ouch!  Is your patella dislocating? When your knee 'locks' do you push the patella back in place when straightening it?  I had this happen quite a bit when I was very young, where my knee would get 'locked' in a bent position.   If I were you I'd get another opinion and do some research into patellar dislocations and subluxations to see if that is what is happening.  Best wishes!
Title: Re: Locking knee! Please help a Newbie!!!!!!
Post by: sleepylawyer on June 11, 2010, 10:19:14 AM
Has anyone ever mentioned discoid meniscus to you both i and my daughter suffer from this  on the lateral side and bilaterally.  It is oftern missed although it can show up on xray and MRI but you ahve to know what you are lookling for and have the right slices done on MRI  It is rare in caucasians only 3%  It causes pain swelling and locking giving way  and the most terrible clunking sound believe me it is loud when you bend the knee.  Because it is rare I think a lot of doctors have never come across it in real life although they should all know about it in theory.It is a major problem becuse the meniscs is ill formed toobig and thick and it is not the right structure.  You have to be persistent to get it diagnosed although with MRI and arthroscopy ist is getting eaiser it took 6 doctors and 5 years to get my daughter diagnosed.

Get another opinion and rase the discoid meniscus as a possibility.

Title: Re: Locking knee! Please help a Newbie!!!!!!
Post by: Starlet on June 21, 2010, 05:54:30 PM
Thanks to everyone, you have been most helpful, now just the small task of going back and challenging the consultant!!!