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Title: Medial femoral Cordyle
Post by: kscope09 on April 08, 2010, 07:54:10 AM
Can anyone tell me which parts of the mfc ae weightbearing and which are non-weightbearing?  My chrondoplasty was on a non-weigthbearing part but I don't exactly know wherethat is.  I unerstand that round the kneecap is not weightbearing but what about the jointline. and going round the back.
Title: Re: Medial femoral Cordyle
Post by: kscope09 on April 09, 2010, 09:47:40 AM
I've asked my pt but I'm still not sure.  He seemed to think my chrondoplasty was done very close to the kneecap, but that doesn't explain why pr-op pain towards the back jointline has come back.  I'd felt it creeping back in for weeks and while it is not excruciating yet it is getting more painful and I am getting more worried.  To see my OS is 200 for a 15 mintue appointment, so io thought perhaps someone here could tell me.  If i know whihc parts of the mfc are non-weightbearing then I could maybe rule out the failure of the chrondoplasty.
Title: Re: Medial femoral Cordyle
Post by: Lottiefox on April 09, 2010, 10:19:24 AM
Well, any part of the condyle that is on the actual jointline is going to be weight bearing - it has to be, it is where the joints of the femur and tibia meet and carry the weight (along with the supporting structures of ligaments, tendons, menisci etc). You have the two "prongs" one medially and one laterally and that will hinge about as you flex and extend the knee. Weightbearing will therefore shift slightly as you bear weight with things like a bended knee or on twists/pivots. My defect is on a WB area of the anterior medial condyle - but I can walk fine with weight through the joint, but if I twist a certain way it hurts as the surface obviously shifts in its "touching" point slightly. Areas of the condyle that splay up the prongs towards the trochlear groove will be non weight bearing, hence why they take OATS grafts from these areas. You could still have pain though from defects there. The thing with a chondroplasty is that is basically a smoothing of a problem area to reduce friction and stimulate some healing. It might *fail* or it might simply not be addressing the problem. Or there might be a completely different issue going on.

Have a look at the information hub on here, it has some good anatomy diagrams of the knee etc.
Title: Re: Medial femoral Cordyle
Post by: kscope09 on April 09, 2010, 11:26:22 AM
Thnaks Lottie.  My Os said I didn't have any weightbearing problems and the pt tends to put everything town to my deficient acl and say's the lesion would have been up by my patella.  He also said it would have grown firbocartliage and I havn't done anything that could have knocked it off except that i've been tryin gto get my old gait back and wonder if I might just be aggrivating things.

Does your gait come back eventually or should you work at it specifically.  i used to take big strides and really push off when I walked and could still do it even after my injury so I hope I'll get it back.