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Title: lateral release
Post by: vicky123 on April 07, 2010, 02:22:36 PM
hey, i just joined this as i realised i now seem to have never ending knee problems and want info from other people  :) i've got knock knees and when i was little surgeons wanted to operate on them but said it wasnt necessary, mum didnt want to put me through it so i didnt have it. then last year my right knee really started to hurt, gps fobbed me off and my dad took me to a physio who said i needed an mri. saw an ortho doctor and he wanted to do a lateral release, i read all about this surgery and people were like nah its not worth it. i had it 9 weeks ago and god it was worth it! saw my surgeon for the first time yesterday and he wants to do my other knee, which is now getting painful, this wont be till august, or maybe next year if isnt convienient for me. i just wondered if its normal to need a lateral release on both knees as its due to patella tilt and maltracking isnt it? thanks!
Title: Re: lateral release
Post by: crankerchick on April 07, 2010, 02:46:06 PM
It's not uncommon for pain to be present in both knees when the problem is structural and not related to injury. The indications for lateral release it seems are for patella tilt due to tight lateral structures, and if there is an underlying structural problem, it is likely present in both legs, so it makes sense to have problems with both. However, it is always important to treat each leg like its own entity and make sure that the treatment plan you go with is consistent for that leg, in other words, make sure lateral release is the right thing to do for the other leg on its own, and not just because it worked the first time.

I'm glad your surgery 9 weeks ago has provided you relief. You may want to give your recovery some more time before making the decision to do the other leg. Sometimes the non-surgery leg becomes painful solely because it is compensating for the bad leg. I'm going through it right now.
Title: Re: lateral release
Post by: Lottiefox on April 07, 2010, 10:16:40 PM
I'm having a laser scope lateral release in a month's time - severe tilt on the kneecap and wear and tear under the patella. My "good" knee has the same tilt. It is creating problems now too as its doing a lot more work as the left one got really bad. I know the other knee will need doing too. It isn't uncommon for structural issues to be in both knees.

I'm really glad that your release has worked well for you. Good luck with deciisons!

Lottie  ;D
Title: Re: lateral release
Post by: jt801 on April 07, 2010, 11:05:58 PM
Hi and welcome. I had lateral release on left knee 10 years ago, and i would say it improved my knee but the pain never went completely away-although i think it's possible the damage to the cartilage done before the LR could be causing the painful episodes i've had since the surgery. I will say that i think the LR stopped the problem from getting worse. I'm fairly sure that the patellar tilt is probably present in both knees for those of us that suffer from it. I know the right knee MRI's from my last surgery for a different problem showed a lot of wear around the kneecap and recently i've started to feel it. I would say if you are pleased with the results from your 1st LR than having the other knee done would be well worth it if you dont mind the hassle of the surgery.
Title: Re: lateral release
Post by: smillie on April 08, 2010, 12:22:35 AM
I have tilt in both legs too.  I think it's not uncommon for us who just "grew" that way.
Title: Re: lateral release
Post by: Casino on April 08, 2010, 10:46:26 AM

I had LR on my right knee on the 23 March. Its not as painful as before, Ive not got full ROM and its still swollen. So Im heartened to hear that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for the encouragement ! and I hope you get better.
Title: Re: lateral release
Post by: vicky123 on April 08, 2010, 11:21:49 AM
phew, i just thought i was pretty unlucky! well im on the waiting list so when i get a date i will see how bad it is, but the more exercise im starting to do again the worse the other ones now getting.

casino my swelling isnt completely gone, still some on the bit where the cut whatever it is they cut! just make sure you do exercises!