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Title: Left TTT - Mar 19, 2010
Post by: 007Cupcake on April 05, 2010, 04:21:03 AM
Just wanted to put my experience out there for any interested.

32 year old, female, TTT/LR on right knee in 1999, just had TTT on left knee. I was told 10 years ago that I would need my left knee done but due to my terrible experience with my first TTT I was able to hold off for ten years until the pain just got to be too much.  TT was moved 12mm, the scope photos showed that certain areas within my knee had no cartilage left and the back of my knee cap was basically shredded from the constant grinding over the years.

I had a femoral nerve block and spinal for the procedure.  I had a lot of pain when I woke up from surgery so not sure what happened with the nerve block.  They had to do my spinal twice as the anesth. told me he used the wrong size needle the first time, I wasn't happy about this but everything else during my hospital stay was a good experience.  I stayed 2 nights in the hospital, first night was in the pacu (recovery) as there were no beds available in the hospital, next day around 3pm I was taken to my room and stayed that night.  I had a PCA pump with Dilaudid for the first night, disconnected the following morning and then switched to full PO meds prior to going to my room.  I had a drain in my knee that was also pulled prior to going to my room.  I had issues with the Dilaudid dropping my heart rate into the 40's so I tried not to use it too much and requested PO pain meds in addition to the PCA. I started with a CPM the evening on my surgery. I was weight bearing as tolerated from the beginning so physical therapy began the morning after surgery. Last TTT I was NWB for quite a while so this was a huge difference for me to adjust to, mentally more than anything. I used a cryo/cuff religiously the first week which I think made a huge difference in swelling and pain for me.

Since coming home I used two crutches the first week after surgery and now down to one the second week. I have a DonJoy brace which is locked at 0 degrees when walking.  I will use no assistive device at home but will still take one crutch when I venture outside. I began outpatient PT formally one week after surgery and had 90 degree ROM at the first visit and still do.  I began heel slides when I got home which helped the ROM early on. I am still unable to contract quads very well so I have been working on that at home. I use the recumbant bike at the PT office, my PT straps my foot to the pedal and I use the other leg to pedal just so I can work on the ROM, good mentally as well. I just take ibuprofen throughout the day and something stronger if I need at night.

Past couple days I have had a sharp burning pain down the front of my tibia, not sure what it is from but I hope it subsides soon.

I will keep updating as I move through the weeks.
Title: Re: Left TTT - Mar 19, 2010
Post by: doublemom on April 05, 2010, 03:54:11 PM
Thanks for posting your experience with your surgery... I'm having a TTT/LR tomorrow.  Like you, I've been waiting several years to have this done because I was just never at a point where I could put my life "on hold" for rehab until now.  I'm having day surgery, will be home by that afternoon.  I'll be in a locking brace with crutches, WBAT from the start.  My OS has said that any time I'm sitting or laying down, he wants me out of the brace and doing heel slides to get that ROM started as soon as possible.  I'll start PT after two weeks. 

Sounds like you've been doing great with getting off of your crutches so soon, I can only hope that I'm the same :) 

Title: Re: Left TTT - Mar 19, 2010
Post by: crankerchick on April 05, 2010, 04:49:58 PM
007Cupcake, glad to see another diary of someone reporting they are doing well. You sound like things are going good considering. I too woke up with 2 holes in my back from my spinal. I'm not sure what happened, and i waited so long to ask my doc, that he couldn't remember either. Not sure if they had to poke me twice because my surgery went for so long or what.

Cool to see you bearing weight and progressing as you are with your mobility. That is a great sign. I'm a big believe in early mobilization as long as it is safe. Being immobilized and NWB scared the bejesus out of me, but fortunately I ended up going with a doctor that also gets his patients up and moving as quickly as is safely possible for whatever type of surgery they had.

I wish you the best in your recovery and look forward to reading more happy posts!

Andi!!!! One more day till you get your groove back!
Title: Re: Left TTT - Mar 19, 2010
Post by: 007Cupcake on April 05, 2010, 06:46:56 PM
Andi - Good luck tomorrow.  I hope you have a great experience.  Keep us updated as you progress.  Keep up with the ice in the beginning and if you need pain meds don't be afraid to ask/take them, no need to be macho. It will hurt in the beginning but it does get better.

Crankerchick - thanks for your comments.  I switched surgeons for the second TTT as I was just not happy how the first surgery and recovery went and my experience has been completely different this time. I wish I had not waited 10 years for the second surgery and dealt with the life limiting pain all those years.  I also became an RN in between the two surgeries so I think that also helped me have a positive experience, although I'm sure the nurses in the hospital were glad to see me go home :)
Title: Re: Left TTT - Mar 19, 2010
Post by: 007Cupcake on April 12, 2010, 05:31:41 PM
Just wanted to post an update.

It is end of week 3 for me.  I have been having PT twice a week, ROM between 90 to 100, able to pedal on recumbant bike with minimal difficulty (no resistance) this is to help ROM primarily.  Last Friday was finally able to do a SLR for the first time since surgery which was a milestone for me.  My quads have shutdown after both TTT but got it back quicker this time.  Walking around at home without crutches, now that I have been adventuring to PT by myself I take one crutch with me incase I end up walking further than I expect to.  I had issues with my brace slipping down all the time, I pulled it apart and put it back together and it fits much better and stays where it should now. Getting very frustrated being stuck at home and really miss work (never thought I would say that). 

Something I didn't mention in my first post, I had dissolvable sutures and steri-strips.

I am attaching some pics on wound healing.  The photo size are large so will do one per post.
Title: Re: Left TTT - Mar 19, 2010
Post by: 007Cupcake on April 12, 2010, 05:32:59 PM
3rd week post op photo
Title: Re: Left TTT - Mar 19, 2010
Post by: 007Cupcake on April 19, 2010, 07:22:02 PM
Hi everyone,

Just to update on my recovery.

Last week went for MD follow-up visit (day 25), he asked me to stop using crutches if I felt comfortable and unlocked my brace to 30 degrees.  I feel like a new person since this happened and now see improvements every day and my gait is so much better. Xrays were taken and everything is where it should be, there is still quite a large area (to me it seems large) where bone needs to regrow so that kind of brought me back to reality that I still need to take things easy for a while.  My leg feels stronger, SLR are no problem, pain is still there over screw site with certain movements but as soon as I change position the pain goes away.  ROM over 100.  My leg still gets very achy at night, I don't wear my brace to sleep in and need to change the position of my leg several times through the night to get comfortable. Haven't needed to take pain meds in quite sometime and at those times ibuprofen is enough. 

I am having scope procedure on my other knee on April 29, feeling concerned about movement after that but I am sure I will figure it out somehow. 
Title: Re: Left TTT - Mar 19, 2010
Post by: thecamster21 on April 20, 2010, 12:56:28 AM
Thanks for your updates and glad to see everything is going well for you post surgery!!  ;D  I am having a similar surgery except no LR this time had that in August 09, but am having a MPFL repair as well in addition to the TTT.. Thanks for the pictures to as I just found out today all my information and how big the scar will be etc.. It's nice to see some other people's experiences and scars.. Super nervous and freaked out, but ready for it to be done and on the way to hopefully becoming an active 24 year old again.. I too am about to graduate from nursing school and become an RN, but will be waiting at least 3 months before beginning my career.. Good luck with your recovery and I look forward to following your progress!
Title: Re: Left TTT/Scope - Mar 19, 2010, right scope April 29,2010
Post by: 007Cupcake on May 02, 2010, 06:56:35 PM
Today is day +44 from my Left TTT/scope, day +3 from my right knee scope.  My scope last week went well last week.  Had a spinal and was allowed to stay awake for the procedure so I got to see the surgeon working on my knee from the monitors.  Was a great experience. Meniscus tear was repaired, some scar tissue released/removed from my TTT/LR 10 years ago, 'cotton candy' removed from behind knee cap.  Apparently this scar tissue was causing the knee cap to sit a lot higher than it should be and once the spinal wore off I could feel an immediate difference. He also showed me the small crack in the end of my femur. I left the hospital using one crutch mainly for the protection of my left knee but haven't had to use any assistive devices at home. Pain is minimal and transient.

Left knee TTT - PT is going well, able to cycle several miles on the bike which is a great feeling, no brace (unless I am tired or knee not feeling great), just above 120 ROM, still have some pain over screw site which comes and goes, still no active ROM strengthening yet, still have some calf muscle pain/cramping which just annoys me more than anything.  I had some acupuncture to help relieve some of the pain/cramping, which did work just have to schedule some more sessions.  PT is also incorporating some Pilates into my treatment sessions which I find a great help to my core and hips.

Hope everyone is well!