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Title: Running on Partial Knee Replacement(s)
Post by: RickPeter on April 01, 2010, 12:01:45 AM
I know that you really aren't supposed to run on partial knee replacement(s).  I also believe it happens by some.  Please share your expereince or about anyone that you know that has run or attempted to run after a partial knee replacement.  Thanks!
Title: Re: Running on Partial Knee Replacement(s)
Post by: KW on April 01, 2010, 01:26:04 AM
2 things I can pass on.....

1) The one time I had to jog to get out of the way of the Bus that was heading toward me....IT HURT!

2) Something I was told when I scheduled my Partial... If you want the Partial to LAST you won't run or participate in any high impact sports on a regular basis.

The longer this puppy lasts the least in my mind! 


Title: Re: Running on Partial Knee Replacement(s)
Post by: elizabethb on April 01, 2010, 02:40:20 PM
There are other low impact excercises you can do.  Please don't tear up your new knees.
Title: Re: Running on Partial Knee Replacement(s)
Post by: runlolarun on April 02, 2010, 03:53:47 PM
Sorry, I have to be the outlier here.

(note that I am not speaking from experience, I don't have any kind of knee replacement, although I do have arthritis, and I do run.)

You (all) should read the following article:

This one:

It is quite recent.  Basically, the gist is that impact sports DO NOT increase the risk of mechanical failure in knee replacements.  Another finding that flies in the face of conventional wisdom.  Also note that the study is, I believe, talking about total knee replacements.

probably any doctor will tell you not to do any impact stuff on knee replacements, partial or otherwise, that's what doctors do.  The problem is that people then just get more and more limited and the muscles respond by atrophying, and then you *can't* do anything without it hurting. 

Do your own research and figure out what works.  Strengthening your muscles will allow you to do more.
I just read a story about an 89 year old woman with arthritis who walked across the entire USA, camping out, etc., covering 10+ miles at a time.   Not on topic especially but the point is she didn't let crap like arthritis limit her options. 
Title: Re: Running on Partial Knee Replacement(s)
Post by: snorunner on June 06, 2010, 06:09:13 PM
That was an interesting article--but I caution that the study only went out 7 years. It would be interesting to give it another 5-10 years to see what the outcomes are like. I am not totally surprised because I too think that a certain higher level of activity is a good thing.

I am not a runner; and like KW, I have a PFJR which is the least common type of partial. I did try a little "jog" just for kicks after my first replacement and I was totally surprised by how good it felt! The knee wasn't super strong at that point but it didn't hurt nearly as much as it would have before surgery. I don't know anyone with either a partial or a total who runs. It's one of the things you just don't do. My doc is fine with just about everything else though and I intend to alpine ski, cross country ski, hike with a pack and cycle. Anything but pounding the knee. But in my mind if it's going to ruin your life by not running, then give it a try. But it will be quite a long time before you would feel up to it. And you might put the longevity of the implant at risk. If you need a medial or lateral partial that is a weight-bearing area as opposed to the patellofemoral replacement, which is not weight bearing unless bent and loaded.

If you can run and have arthritis, then just keep going as long as you can. If you're still running you are not too bad yet. Get all the shots you can, use bracing, taping, anti-inflamms or whatever and go to the bitter end. You'll know when you're there--you won't be able to run! When the bones lock up on one another because there's zero cartilage left you will know it's time. Ummm and it kind of hurts a lot too. I agree though, that there is a lot you can do with arthritis for a long time. I did myself until I was 100% bone on bone--actually down into subchondral bone. Then it was game over for the natural parts. And off to a new game with robo parts! Sorry I couldn't answer your real question though--I just don't know anyone running on their parts--lots of other activities, just not running.
Title: Re: Running on Partial Knee Replacement(s)
Post by: mary812 on June 18, 2010, 07:15:03 PM
I think it may depend on the type of replacement you have.† I had a PFR on my right knee 5 years ago and have been running for the past 4 years - 3-4 miles per run.† Did ask my orthpedic about it and he is fine with it as long as I don't over do it.† I ran for years and was unable to run prior to the replacement.† When I could start up again, I was thrilled.†
Did have a few issues with the other knee and had a tibial tubercle osteotomy with a bone graft on the left knee late last year and only missed 3 months of running.†
No pain with the replacement at all and am going to ask about adding more distance as I would like to run a marathon next year.† Am in my early 50's and the replacement gave me back the active life I missed for several years prior to the replacement.
Title: Re: Running on Partial Knee Replacement(s)
Post by: UK Girl ! on June 18, 2010, 07:43:00 PM
I ran as long as I could with osteo-arthritis.

I got my TKR at 43 - it has to last me a very long time - NO WAY am I going to risk 'wearing it out' before its time is up, my OS said NO running - as he did such a fab job on it I am not going to go against his advice.

There are plenty of exercises to keep the supporting muscles strong without running.
Title: Re: Running on Partial Knee Replacement(s)
Post by: UofRSpider on November 30, 2010, 12:13:06 PM
I know that you really aren't supposed to run on partial knee replacement(s).† I also believe it happens by some.† Please share your expereince or about anyone that you know that has run or attempted to run after a partial knee replacement.† Thanks!

I had my PKR done while I was still in Gov't service (35 yoa) and had to train in order to keep my job (I have since retired because my knee simply cannot handle it).† I have run up to 2 miles on mine (several times) and also did defensive tactics training and other intensive tactical training.†

With that said, my PKR has taken a beating and in my opinion, needs to be transitioned to a TKR (constant pain).† I firmly believe my former job/ training activities reduced the longevity of my PKR.

Long story short - don't do it.

Title: Re: Running on Partial Knee Replacement(s)
Post by: Runwhatyabrung on August 28, 2015, 03:17:26 AM
  I've had a partial knee replacement and I'm 51 years of age. I have always been extremely active so when my knee went it was the logical decision for me to hopefully get my quality of life back. I was worried about all the things that were going to change in my life after this procedure, but it had to be done. I wish that I hadn't of waited for a year and a half trying Platelet rich injections, Synvisc, and steroids shots. It's freaking awesome, I was through rehab in 3 weeks and did my first Half Ironman in 3 months. Oh yeah at 5 months I did 87 miles of a 100 miler and could've completed it if I would've have been in better shape, but with everything considered I am stoked to say the least. I have gotten my consistent pace back to 9 minutes at 6 months and my confidence is still growing with leaps and bounds. I used to frequent these discussions before it all went down hoping for an encouraging bit of information. I want whoever reads this to know that I understand where you are and I'm here to tell it works so don't listen to naysayers listen to someone who has been in your shoes. Life Goes On, Live It!!!
Title: Re: Running on Partial Knee Replacement(s)
Post by: Giblet on January 07, 2018, 02:44:12 PM
Iím am so stoked to read your post!!! I just had a PKR and at 50 Iím contemplating whatís next. Iím a former Lake Placid IM finisher and was worried those days were behind me. So far recovery has been great. Iím pain free and walking/biking at 4 weeks post op.  Thanks for the positive post! #hopeful
Title: Re: Running on Partial Knee Replacement(s)
Post by: millen on February 14, 2018, 10:16:14 PM
Sorry, I'm not a regular reader of this board now.  I had a medial PKR late September and posted in the post-op rehab threads.  Anyway, 2 days ago in the gym I thought I'd try a gentle 5-min jog on the treadmill, as an experiment.  Bad idea.  Maybe I've just forgotten how to run, and I know a treadmill isn't like natural running, but the unoperated knee became sore early on and is still slightly niggled.  No complaints from the operated knee, but for me it's banished any thoughts of resuming running  :'(   Fast walking with steep gradient is fine, as is cycling thankfully.  We have a WattBike in the gym which enables me to compare the L and R powers and max pressure angles - there's still an imbalance that I'm working to correct.