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Title: 2nd ACL Reconstruction
Post by: gav1 on March 27, 2010, 08:24:09 PM
I am going in for my second ACL reconstruction in a weeks time.  I originally had the patellat tendon graft and I am now having a hamstring graft.  I just wondered if anyone can give me some advice as to what to expect as it has been a rushed decision.  I was due to have it in 2 months but due to a cancellation im having it sooner than expected.  I dont have much information, I have been told by the surgeons secretary that as far as she is concerned I am only due one operation even though I was expecting 2, 1 to remove the old graft and the second for the reconstruction.  Is it possible to have it done all in the one operation.  Any inforamtion would be grateful as I wont know more until i have by pre op 2 days before. Thanks.
Title: Re: 2nd ACL Reconstruction
Post by: Kaputt_Knee on March 27, 2010, 10:09:42 PM
Bloody computer just ate the reply I had typed in!  >:( >:( >:( >:(

OK back to the beginning.

I've had 3 replacements - 2 on my right knee and one on my left knee! They were all single ops.

The first 2 were artificial fibre grafts and both failed within a year each of being put in (thank God really considering what has happened with some of them since!) I was eventually given a patella tendon (BTB) graft in 1992 and that has been rock solid (if a little stretched) ever since.

In 2006 I blew out my left knee slipping on some black ice. I was operated on by a Head of Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery, but he was not a knee specialist and he messed up big time. Two and a half years later I had revision surgery. I was expecting a 2 stager, but when my current surgeon actually got in he found that the placement was so far out he could do it all in one go. So first graft removed tunnels cleaned out and filled with bone and new tunnels drilled and a double bundle hamstring graft inserted. He was able to harvest from the same site that my previous surgeon had already harvested from and discarded in favour of a patella tendon. My current surgeon was/is far from complimentary about the skills of my first surgeon and is still trying to get me to make a claim against him. I don't see the point to be honest. The guy is an excellent hand, arm and shoulder specialist but he should not work on knees if I'm anything to go by!

So it can be done in one go, however they often like to give themselves the option of doing a 2-stager if they feel it is the better move with regard to your knee. They really cannot be absolutely certain until they see what the damage really is.

The rehab after my last op was intensive but it worked like a dream and I was back skiing with 5.5 months in Feb 2009. This season I've managed over 30 days skiing so far and have just got back from a week skiing in heavy spring snow with no problems whatsoever. Skied everything going including very steep blacks and bumps runs. Had to pass on the racing and jumps though just to be on the safe side as I have little or no meniscus left in places.

Good luck it will be a breeze  ;) You're an old timer at this game now Gav!

Sue  ;)

Title: Re: 2nd ACL Reconstruction
Post by: tez27 on March 28, 2010, 05:47:27 PM
Hi Gav
Sorry I cant offer any advice at the moment as I am still waiting for my recon but I do have a question if you dont mind,
Do you know why your first recon was'nt a success, and what made you choose the patella tendon in the first place I am trying to get as much info as possible before I see the o.s to discuss what sort or reconstruction I will have.
I really hope you surgery goes well this time and you get some answeres before your op.
Take care Tez
Title: Re: 2nd ACL Reconstruction
Post by: gav1 on March 28, 2010, 08:45:35 PM
Hi, I had the patellar tendon graft as i had it done on the NHS and the OS i had specialises in this method. Since my original reconstruction 30 months ago I have also had 2 other ops to remove torn cartiliage and during the last one,, almost a year ago he inspected the knee and saw the ACL had not knitted together as well as hoped, which apparently can happen. I was told although this wouldnt affect my every day life sports such as football would be out of the question as it may give out.  Although I didnt return to Football, I was out one night and did something stupid (the effects of alcohol) and my knee gave way, I knew it had snapped again.  I went back to my OS and he recommended another OS who specialises in the hamstring technic as this is what i would need second time around.  After my scan results confirmed that I had snapped my ACL again I was given the options.  I originally decided on not having it done, as the you have to go thru a lot of rehab and be very dedicated to it.  I changed my mind a couple of days later and this is why I am seeking more info on the subject as I was due to have it in 2 months time but due to a cancellation I am having it next week.

If you want to know anything else dont hesitate to ask.