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Title: MCL tear possible meniscus MRI(pics)
Post by: RaiderRC on February 09, 2010, 09:31:35 AM
I was playing soccer 4 weeks ago to the date.  In a tackle my right knee bent out to the right can't remember a pop sound.  The doctor says i tore my MCL and all I need is time to heal.  3 weeks went by and I decided to get an MRI because my range of motion isn't improving, infact its getting worse.  I have been going to therapy and my range of motion went from 97 two almost 108 back down to 86 degrees. 

I can't straighten my knee and it won't bend past 90ish.  It's not locked but the pain just gets to intense to bend it.  It's a sharp knife like pain not sore.  I've tried to force it past and it won't go, hurts to much.  These are some of the pictures we got.  I think their could be a very small tear but was trying to get a second opinion.  I see my other doctor later this week.  Isn't their soppose to be pure black triangles left and right?  I think i see something but then again i don't get paid to do this...  what else could be wrong that is stopping my knees range of motion?

Title: Re: MCL tear possible meniscus MRI(pics)
Post by: Audice on February 09, 2010, 11:33:40 AM
Raider ~ I can't address the MRI pictures but I can tell you that realistically you can expect an MCL tear to take 6-8 weeks to heal & although there surely could be other things going on in your knee, the MCL is most likely nowhere near healed yet.

Because I had so many things happen to my knee at the same time I honestly don't know where the sharp pains were coming from - MCL, meniscus, ACL, Baker's cyst but I have heard that sometimes a meniscal tear doesn't show up on an MRI. A good OS might be the best source of interpretation on those pictures. Can you get an OS to read those pictures for you? You mention doctors but not whether they're specialists or not. Wishing you well.
Title: Re: MCL tear possible meniscus MRI(pics)
Post by: RaiderRC on February 09, 2010, 07:21:06 PM
We know for sure my ACL is fine.  They wrench on it moving my knee back and forth and there was no pain at all.  I am seeing an OS, with a specialty in knees...  The 2nd doctor is an OS as well.

doctor a says nothing else is wrong after looking at the MRI and the MCL could be healing tightly...

doctor b said if your range of motion isn't increasing in 4 weeks I should get an MRI... i haven't been back to see him yet...