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Title: Major setback
Post by: bumknee83 on December 09, 2009, 11:54:04 PM
Well I had an HTO/MPFL repair Oct 15.  Did great up until last Fri afternoon.  Was getting up from the floor and kneep popped.  I sustained a displaced transverse fx of the patella.  Mon morning I had semi-urgent surgery-ORIF, stayed in the hospital overnight and then came home.  Doing goood but in alot of pain.  I think the best invention in this world has been a cryocuff.  Its controlling the pain alot.  Surgeons already warned me its giong to be a long drawn out recovery.  Hes going to be very cautious and conservative with therapy so it will take longer.  They dont want to stress the patella or the ligament even more.  The patella is one of the worst breaks you can have in your body as far as pain and complications go.  Therapy will start the 29th of Dec.  For the time being iIm supposed to be lazy not doing anything, no strenous activities, no excersises or anything.  Only ankle pumps to keep the swelling at bay.  I really thoguht I just popped the joint like you would pop yoru fingers or toes.  When I was in the ER and the doc told me I didnt want to beleive it and was just thinking wait till ortho gets here and he'll tell me the truth.  Anyway thats the jist of the last 72hrs or so. 
Title: Re: Major setback
Post by: maryc on December 10, 2009, 12:31:57 AM
Oh NOOOOOOO - sending an emergency supply of hugs and healing rays!