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Title: Good knee specialists
Post by: jimyyy on December 09, 2009, 12:09:10 PM
  Hi everyone,
now that I am going for an ACL reconstruction in the coming summer, I need to look for a good surgeon to carry it on.
Can you give me some names and locations of a good specialists in UK an Europe.
Anyone who had that kind of problem and is happy with the way his surgeon did is welcome to share his ideas

       Thank you in advance
Title: Re: Good knee specialists
Post by: Kaputt_Knee on December 09, 2009, 02:39:36 PM
There is a list of surgeons that come highly recommended in the Information Hub.  Look at the top right of the Knee Geeks banner and you'll find an active link.

It helps if you say whereabouts you are based in either the UK or Europe as it allows people to narrow down the choice. Another consideration is whether you are covered only by the NHS or have private insurance.

I would unequivocally recommend my surgeon, but I doubt if you would want to travel to S.E. Bavaria for your post-op follow-ups! But without a doubt he is an out and out knee specialist and to my mind, a superstar!  ;D

Title: Re: Good knee specialists
Post by: ipswich1984 on December 09, 2009, 08:49:23 PM
Im in Ipswich and I couldnt recommend my surgeon highly enough, his name is Mark Bowditch, he works at Ipswich Hospital (NHS) or the Nuffield Hospital (private).

He is also the consultant for Ipswich Town Football Club, which shows the confidence in him if he is trusted to look after footballers.
Title: Re: Good knee specialists
Post by: Clarkey on December 10, 2009, 02:01:38 PM
Hi there, I live in Birmingham but my sister works at Ipswich Hospital as a Nurse at the orthopaedic unit and she works under Mr Mark Bowditch and tells me he a very good OS and cannot fault him in anyway.

I also recommend Mr Marcus Green who did my surgery last month but he based in Birmingham so depends on where you live in the UK.

Another excellent OS is Mr Richard Villar who according to his website is worldclass and is based in London and Cambridge.

The 1st link below is a list of OS's in the UK recommended by KneeGuru so may find an OS thats more local rather then having to travel far.

Nick :) {2009} :)
Title: Re: Good knee specialists
Post by: jimyyy on December 10, 2009, 09:18:19 PM
Thank you very much for your replies,
I am currently an European student in Edinburgh, so I am just asking informatively.
I am not from UK and I don't have any private insurance and I guess it will cost a lot to go to one of those guys.
I went to a hospital in Edinburgh through NHS and they told me it's no problem to get the surgery done there even it's free.
I am just not too sure about the quality of NHS regarding knee surgeries.
Title: Re: Good knee specialists
Post by: Kaputt_Knee on December 11, 2009, 07:09:15 AM
You can trust the NHS, they will do the repair for free. Scottish hospitals are really good and the training of surgeons is of a very high standard.

Forget all the media hype and just get yourself on the list of a surgeon. Check the Information Hub to see what you have to expect in terms of preparation and the rehab regime after the surgery.

There are some stickies (threads permanently at the top of his board) which you will find very helpful too