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Title: Has my arthroscopy totally broken me?
Post by: nev1984 on November 16, 2009, 01:32:22 PM
Hello, im looking for some advice, after many years of persistant knee pain (for as long as i can remember) 2 lots of physio later my doctor decided to refer me to a surgeon- he advised me that an MRI wouldnt show him what he wanted and that an arthroscopy would give him a better look (right knee)- 4 weeks later i was in surgery... next thing i know im awake and having a local anethestic put in my knee to reduce the pain before i go home, a few hours later and i was told i could go home, getting up was awful! no crutches and walking was agony, but i was told to grin and bear it and that i should weight bare as much as possible... it was all down hill from there, one point i thought my leg was going to fall off the bruising went from mid thigh to the underneath of my foot, i was in sooooooo much pain! Any way i would be on here all day reciting the worst 5 months of my life! the problem is its 5 months on and i still cant kneel, bend properly, i can just about cycle for 10 mins before pain gets too bad, i cant even swim (front crawl) without the water pressure causing pain in my knee, my physio cant work out why im still in so much pain and has now suggested i go back to my GP to get a referral back to the consultant, but when i saw the consultant last ( 4 months ago) he told me nothing significant was found in my knee but that he had done a lateral release and removal of medial synovial fold- not even sure what that is! i mentioned to him that i was still in pain but he seemed to have dismissed it as 'normal' i was then dismissed. at my last physio appointment  he was bending my knee all around asking when and where it hurt, he was surprised to learn that some of the movements were hurting my hips and not my knees, ive always had pain in my hips, but its been my knees  that have always stopped me from doing things, i mentioned it to the doctors once but they dismissed it also, anyway, my physio has now told me to go to my GP and try to get a referral to a hip and pelvis specialist as he thinks this could be to root of my problem. It is now really concerning me that my arthroscopy has been a complete waste of time and left me in more pain than ever, im wondering if this pain and grinding and clicking i now have will ever go away??? any ideas? sorry my post is so long!!...
Title: Re: Has my arthroscopy totally broken me?
Post by: doublemom on November 17, 2009, 07:15:00 PM
Well, something doesn't sound right and it would be great if you could get a second opinion from a knee specialist.  What types of problems were you having with your knee before the arthroscopy?  Do you know specifically what was done to your knee during the surgery itself?  Why was the lateral release done?  Did the surgeon talk to you about the possibility of a lateral release before your surgery or did he do it without your permission because he didn't know what else to do at the time (unfortunately, far too many surgeons do a lateral release without having a darn good reason to do so)?  If you can, get hold of a copy of your operative report and see a different knee specialist, hopefully someone else who will be able to look at your history, at the surgery, and at your current problems and hopefully know how to fix it.  You shouldn't just be dismissed because your first doctor has no idea what to do with you, that's just not acceptable IMO. 

I know this doesn't answer any of your questions, but hopefully it'll give you something to look into and get a second opinion.

Title: Re: Has my arthroscopy totally broken me?
Post by: nev1984 on November 18, 2009, 03:21:04 PM
thanks for your reply,

Before surgery i had been getting pain in my knees during sport when i was young but they said it was growing pains, i then gave up even doing PE at school cause of the pain, then i started weight watchers and after losing 4 stone started doing mountain biking where i would get to about 10km and then be in agony they would be hot and swollen to the point i couldnt bear to even squat to go to the toilet (sorry for sharing that but you get the gist), they have always cracked and made weird grinding noises-and when i started driving, if i drove for long periods of time they would ache and hurt.
With regards to my hips, i always thought the aching and pain in was due to carrying excess weight, although that pain never stoped my physically doing anything so i continued concentrating on my knees, i kept going back to the doctor knowing something wasnt right but they never really said they could do anything other than physio, so i have had 2 years on and off which never seemed to help, i came to the conclusion i just had to stop doing the things i loved and thought that if i carried on losing weight things might get easier.
Then back in January i decided to do a 1/2 marathon in september just gone for MS, i love raising money and as soon as i started training the problems flared up again and i wasnt progressing- this is when the doctor finally referred me to the hospital...

Since my previous post i have since been back to the doctor to get a referral to see a hip and pelvis specialist and he totally disregarded my request and has sent me back to ortho dept at the hospital to get my knee looked at again but have been advised it may take 12 weeks for me to get an appointment :(

When i went to see the specialist to begin with he had a poke around and decided that he needed to 'go in' and have a look- i agreed to let him do so as he advised me i would be in and out and back to normal within 6 weeks, he didnt mention performing any surgery whilst he was in there and i assumed if there was nothing significantly wrong he wouldn't disturb my normal knee joint!! i never saw anyone who explained what had happened after surgery, the first i knew was 2 weeks later when i had my first follow up, he simply told me he had done a lateral release and performed a removal of my medial synovial fold (plica i think) im not sure, it wasnt very well explained... I wasnt even told what to do after surgery, just to weight bear as much as poss and start the excercises after day 1- after 3 days my other half nearly got the ambulance out as i was in so much pain, co-codamol didnt touch it and my leg was the size of a house, the doctor ended up calling me in, but i couldnt walk more than a few steps with a huge limp, its such a long story, my stitches came out, they gave me tubi-grip that wouldnt fit over my arm let alone leg, had me self administering fragmin injections due to the doctor thinking i had developed DVT, god i could go on and on, im in the process of writing a complaint letter but im not sure what the treatment should have been and whether mine was out of the ordinary.
Think i will try and get hold of my notes and see what they say, i was told  (after i had been referred to the hospital by my GP as they were concerned that i might have an infection in my knee) that the notes weren't very comprehensive and that i should have been given crutches and tramadol to control the pain... its been a joke from the start, its at times like these i wish i had private medical insurance!!
Title: Re: Has my arthroscopy totally broken me?
Post by: weirdknees on November 18, 2009, 09:53:54 PM
This sounds awful :( From what I've seen on here, a lateral release is quite a big surgery...I'm surprised he made you weight bear.  I would really go and see a knee specialist before your problem gets worse.

I hope everything gets better for you.
Title: Re: Has my arthroscopy totally broken me?
Post by: nev1984 on November 24, 2009, 03:30:26 PM

Just an update really, i had my letter from the hospital asking me to book my appointment with my consultant on line as i duly did, just got a call from the hospital to say that they have cancelled my appointment to see orthopeadics and that the musculoskeletal people are now going to see me...aparently they will be in touch in a few days ??? Was just wondering if this is a good thing or not, concerned they might be 'farming me off' to another set of people and that i will have to go through the whole scenario again!! Any thoughts??...