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Post by: danthequaker on October 12, 2009, 02:40:30 PM
I come from a long line of long livers.   In my mid 40's I'm too young for the new knee I need, so to buy me time, I was put in an unloader.  Imediate pain relief!  I was a little hot and uncomfortable at first, but now after 2 yrs. I can't imagine life without it.   People here gave me great tips for "hooking it up".  I don't care who sees it, I'll wear it forever if it keeps me from surgery.  I was srapping it on this morn and thought, I haven't checked in here for a while but want all who're told you need an unloader, GO FOR IT!  Don't give up in the first couple days.   If the docs are telling you "new knee",  ask them if an unloader would help.   It's a whole lot cheaper and as long as I can get along with my own old knee, I won't be wearing out a fake one that will need rereplacement. ;)
Post by: 60schld on December 03, 2009, 07:08:53 AM
Hi~ I hope this thread is not too old.  I just got my first unloader brace.  It is the Donjoy Everyday OA for my lateral compartment " bone on bone".  So the loading screws are on the medial side.  Which one do you have?  I have heard it is not as effective for the lateral OA as it is for the medial side.  I am willing to give it a try.  My knee doesn't really bug me too much unless I walk too far.  I would like to see if I can walk my dog a little more comfortably.  How does yours work? Thanks.
Post by: danthequaker on January 13, 2010, 10:54:24 PM
I have Ossur Gen. II Select.   Medial    unloader.   Actually have two.   I wear any time I'm doing any amount of walking, i.e.  more than walking around the house.     I go to lots of fairs and shows, and wear it walking everywhere.   It has given me a life I wouldn't have been able to have without it.   Hope you're enjoying yours by now.  They take a little getting used to just having the thing on, it slipping at first, being hot, and you just being concerned about looking like the "bionic man"  but pain relief was immediate which made me get through the first 3 weeks which were the worst.  Now I don't think about it.
Post by: knitterbetty on March 16, 2010, 12:36:51 AM
I am an 82 year old woman with medial OA.  My OS says braces are cumbersome, but I read about this Ossur Unloader and am going to show him the material on it.  I hope he will agree to write a prescription, if he doesn't any ideas what to do, except pay for it myself.  Did you get yours off the shelf or is it a custom made? thanks.
Post by: nikkiluv on June 16, 2010, 05:03:00 PM

Sorry I never saw your post sooner! I hope you did get the Ossur Unloader brace. I specifically have the Ossur Unloader One, and I don't know if I could imagine life without it again for those days that are really bad. My particular one is off the shelf (cheaper than custom), but the brace place I go to was able to "customize" it for me by tweaking it here and there so it fit me a whole lot better and pretty much did feel like it was made for me. Braces are cumbersome, but if it helps then it's totally worth a shot. My insurance paid for most of it so it didn't really cost me anything, I only had to pay the co-insurance on it. When a brace costs $700-$800, that's awesome to only have to pay like $70 for it.

I do love it, it's not too cumbersome, fairly lightweight, extremely easy to put on and off, stays in place (with the silicone on the pads which go between the brace and your skin), and I mostly love it because of it's design, since it fits underneath all of my pants! I'm not necessarily trying to hide my brace, but when the brace needs to be right against your skin to be effective and can't be worn over pants, but the style of pants doesn't allow for it to fit underneath, what is a girl to do? (Especially since I'm only 24, I don't really want to stick out in a crowd).

Hope you were able to get your prescription for an unloader and it's working for you! :)

Post by: dm on October 16, 2010, 08:19:42 PM
I've been wearing unloader braces since 2004, and I vote for G2 (Ossur) braces over Donjoy's anyday. Townsend's also got similar "shell" designs to Ossur's. There are several models, the off the shelf ones are cheaper than the custom ones, so if you're not of a unique physique, such as a very chunky thigh and smaller calf, the ready made one may work just fine.
Donjoy's braces don't have as much to them, they're more metal bands and straps than Ossur's shells design, but if you're going to be a power user, like wear the thing all day long, go for the shells, they're infinitely more comfortable, and disperse the contact areas better, even though it looks like you're wearing more "stuff".

 From personal experience, when you gotta wear it 10-12 hours, you don't want spots that rub or edges that dig in, or a brace that slides around.
Post by: bd1 on October 18, 2010, 10:58:01 AM
 ;Di use a custom townsend ci brace with full shells, i've been using it for a month now and it's fantastic to wear compared to the donjoy slip down and rub brace, it unloads my lateral compartment and stabilises my lcl laxity, it's also given me confidence to push my knee more and there's a marked difference in muscle mass returning, I wore it all day yesterday while hiking in the lake district, I forgot I was wearing it until people kept asking what i'd done, great conversation starter, ha ha.