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Title: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 08, 2009, 07:43:09 PM
Well, I was trying to hold off till closer to the surgery to start the diary, but since I'm incredibly impatient, here it is.

In 4th grade my knee problems began, both aches and pain and patellar dislocations (the patella always went back though). In my early 20s, the pain was much better, although I did have 1 dislocation then. I'm 28 now, and in the last 2 years, I've been experiencing subluxations just while walking around. After scheduling a Fulkerson + LR, I backed out after I got another opinion (my fourth since January) and a CT scan and learned that I have patella alta, femoral anteversion and external tibial torsion. So my bones are all twisted. There is literature available that suggests that procedures like the Fulkerson will fail when there are underlying long-bone deformities. It makes sense to me, so I'm getting my bones untwisted instead of doing the Fulkerson. I'm having osteotomies of the femur and tibia to untwist the bones, and osteotomy of the tibial tubercle to bring it down to correct the patella alta.

For those following that like to compare numbers, my femur on the left leg is internally rotated to 37 degrees and my tibia is externally rotated to 45 degrees. My left leg, the "good leg" is similar at 32 and 46 degrees for the femur and tibia respectively.

My doc says he's going to correct my femur by about 25 degrees and my tibia by 20 degrees. The patella is going to come down about half an inch, but I'll be having another x-ray before the surgery to confirm. I'm going to end up with plate on the femur below the hip and a TOMOFIX plate on the tibia below the knee and some unknown number of screws. I don't know, I might faint when I see my xray for the first time and see all the hardware.

I will stay in the hospital overnight, and fly out the following week. I will be partial weight bearing (<25lbs) for 6 weeks. I will not use the CPM or any kind of brace, but I will have a cryocuff for the swelling. I've been told I should not lose my range of motion (since the surgery is not within the knee joint) and my doctor will have me doing stretches every hour or so starting immediately post-op presumably to keep the stiffness at bay. I'm likely going to do spinal anesthesia if I don't chicken out, since I can go to sleep before they stick the needle in my back (yikes).

As for pre-op stuff, I did have a MRSA swab along with the other pre-op tests, which my GP thought was "cool" because he has never had to do one for a pre-op test but thought it makes a lot of sense to do to in preventing MRSA infections. My OS wants me on the bike every day for an hour at my target heart rate, so I've been knocking that out. I'm taking calcium and vitamin D supplements and will continue those after the surgery.

So at this point, I'm just waiting (12 more days) to head out and do it. I've got my crutch covers and no-slip socks. I'll get a shower seat for home and I'm gonna stock up on more shorts, since some of my doctor's patients that I talked to said the bleeding from the incision site for the femur can be a bit much. I've been going through my netflix queue lining up movies and I've got my media server all set up so I can game and watch tv and bluray movies and stream stuff from the internet. Got a few books to read also, although I'm not much of a reader. 6 weeks is a long time to be nwb though, and with the 'rents and husband being anal about me staying off my feet, I imagine I won't be doing much, so plenty of entertainment is a must.

I'll try to keep this journal up to date, since there aren't many derotational osteotomy diaries on here. Thanks to all the kneegeeks on here that have helped me research and learn about knee problems. Thanks for sharing your experiences and I look forward to sharing mine. Hopefully it will help someone else.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: FormerlyActive on October 09, 2009, 06:15:16 AM
If you have external tibial torsion don't your feet go out to the side? Take a before picture and send to us if you don't mind (or just keep for yourself you will be glad to compare to the after). Best wishes.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 09, 2009, 02:28:21 PM
My feet "generally" point straight as in, I make them point straight. I've been paying attention to this lately because I kept wondering why my patellae don't point in. It seems that my feet "want" to point out ever slightly, but I've always just walked with them point straight just because. Like when I sit, I notice my feet usually point out, and when I walk, its not uncomfortable at all to let them point out some, but I've always just made them point straight at no consequence or pain. I can even make them point in like I'm pigeon-toed, and I've found that sometimes when I walk, the do just that too.

I did find a site on miserable malalignment that talks about the ankle's influence too. It doesn't just stop at the femur and tibia. The ankle can have a deformity too (perhaps to compensate) so that the feet point straight. My conclusion is that there are enough things going on to compensate that its entirely possible for the feet to point straight. I mean, I'm an example of that. My feet are mostly straight as in whether they point in, straight, or out, it is not an obvious deviation.

I will find a picture or take one to post.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on October 09, 2009, 07:29:06 PM
Hey Cranker! you impatient lady you...I totally understand though. It's hard waiting. I'm glad my wait was so short. Definitely pick up more shorts. I didn't stock up before hand and I should have. Specific short advice is look for ones without buttons on the back (like on the pockets) because you wouldn't ebelieve how uncomfortable they can become when you're stuck on your back or you butt all day long. Buttons are a pain when you're doing stretches too.  I wonder if you'll go through all of the back pain that I've been dealing with from my's unreal when you can't get comforable on your back. For me the only truly "comfortable" position for long term is in a recliner. Good luck if you try to read for the first few days (or couple of weeks). I still don't retain everything and that first week, I was so high from all the drugs that I could barely look at words on a page without them moving. I thought I was going to be able to do some puzzle books in the hospital...that was optimistic. This may sound awful, but ask your doc about stool softener too. The meds that they give you during the op and after will totally mess your system up, and the last thing a person needs to be painful after an op is that. :-) That's my two cents...good luck
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: CHILLYdogs on October 09, 2009, 07:32:22 PM
Dear crankerchick,

I just found this. †This is very, very exciting.

I couldn't possibly not be one of the first ones to wish you well, here, now..could I?

Can't wait to hear your success stories.

Rooting for you, always,

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: FormerlyActive on October 09, 2009, 08:13:00 PM
Dear Crankerchick - that is VERY interesting about your feet. My measurements are similar to yours but my feet go out at 45 degrees. However you are right the ankle adapts, I have a bone that slips under when I walk apparently. When your feet are together do you have a big space between your legs?
Did you do the CT rotational study if so where? Is that how they found out your exact measurements?
You are very brave! Keep us posted! Best healing wishes
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: FormerlyActive on October 09, 2009, 08:34:53 PM
Sorry Crankerchick one other thing - do you know how long he has been using the tomofix plate for the derotations? when I look it up online it appears it is relatively new? But highly used for the high osteotomies. If you look at the picture of it you can see why they don't take it out. It seems to have a good union rate from a few articles I saw.
Best healing wishes
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 09, 2009, 08:56:04 PM
Well thanks for the advice and well wishes everyone! There are so very helpful. Waiting is the worst, for sure, LOL.

For my shorts, I plan to pick up more athletic shorts. I'm a sweat shorts and t-shirt kind of gal, so I can never have too many, LOL. Stool softener, interesting idea, I'll have to add that to the list. I've been keeping a journal of basically all of my correspondence with my doctor to date, all of the things I need to do, and tips I've received from people, so I'll have to note this because we all know some of us aren't all there when we come to from the anesthesia!

FormerlyActive, I did have a CT rotational study as well as standing leg radiographs and the radiographs with legs bent to various degrees. They were done in TX at Methodist SugarLand, which by the way is a very nice, new facility. That is where the measurements come from. I found a paper by Dr. Teitge's group detailing the way the measurements are done.

My legs aren't bowed, they are valgus, so when I put my legs together, my ankles/feet don't touch. The gap is about 2 inches maybe? I can make my feet come together, but that puts significant pressure on my knees in that case. My tibias do bow a bit though, so they go out from my knee and then come back a bit at the ankle. My knock-knees are not drastic in the sense that my legs don't look terribly different from anybody else's, for if they did, I'm sure my mom would have had me fixed a long time ago.

I don't know how long my doc has been using the plate, but I can ask. My osteotomies are proximal for both the femur and tibia.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on October 09, 2009, 11:13:08 PM
Don't forget to Visualize Success! I swear the power of positive thinking has done wonders for me in all of will have a good outcome. :-) sandra
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: nikkiluv on October 12, 2009, 02:23:46 AM

I just read that you've had back problems since your surgery. I had a distal femoral osteotomy and ACI, and spent the first 6 weeks post-op on my back, as I had to have a towel roll constently under my ankle, ESPECIALLY when I was sleeping, to make sure I got all of my extension back. The day I came home from the hospital I made the investment in a bed wedge. I know for a fact if I didn't have one of these I would have NEVER survived. It helped me to sleep and get comfortable and my back did not end up in pain or anything because of the bed wedge. I could prop myself up more and make it "softer" with extra pillows, especially placing one down where the bed wedge met my bed to help my back. I was able to get myself into different positions that made sleeping much easier/less painful for me.

Also, the bed wedge can be used with the larger, higher end at your ankle, and the slimmer part down by your behind to elevate your leg when you ice and such. Something that serves a dual purpose!! I got mine at a local medical supply store.

Unfortunately, insurance companies consider this a "luxury item," and therefore it's not covered, but I totally believe it was worth every single penny spent on it. Maybe one would help you with your back!! :)


P.S. TOTALLY agree about the stool softeners. I was on those and a laxative starting in the immediately post-op, and I don't even want to imagine how life would have been without them. Even on both of those (which under normal circumstances would be horribly unpleasant for anyone, I assume!!) I was still on a bit of an irregular schedule. It's REDICULOUS how much those pain pills mess with your entire system!! I've had numerous surgeries in the past and experienced this before, but it's extremely important when you're on them for longer than a day or two, which is pretty much the guaranteed case following major surgery.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 12, 2009, 02:16:40 PM
8 days until my operation

I'm holding up ok, I think. I haven't had any freak out anxiety attacks like I was having when I was scheduled for the Fulkerson+LR so that is good. But the nerves are definitely alive and well. I just keep fearing that I'm having this huge surgery to fix this "little old problem" and I worry about being worse off afterward. It's the whole, "fear of the unknown" I guess, plus I'm a worry-wart, but I'm just trying to visualize success even though I'm having a hard time with it.

Right now I'm trying to ward off the frustration that is building up dealing with my doctor's office. My doctor is great. Any questions I have I email him and he responds back and even calls if its something he thinks needs to be explained better over the phone. Friday when I asked about the nerve issues was an occasion where he phoned me to talk about my concerns. However, in terms of paperwork, I still haven't been able to submit my forms for disability claims and handicap parking, or my mom's FMLA form because I haven't received them back yet from the office and I can't seem to get the office on the phone nor are they returning calls. Just praying I can be civil when I finally get the nurse on the phone.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 12, 2009, 03:10:57 PM
Sooooo i finally talked to my nurse at the office. It seems they don't start doing any of the paperwork until the week before the surgery, which is why I haven't received my stuff back yet. But I should get all of it faxed back to me today or tomorrow and I will find out about any issues with my insurance in the next few days. So finally things are rolling and I can sigh relief.

And special gold star for me for being civil instead of going off. I think my husband's people skills are finally rubbing off on me! :-)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on October 12, 2009, 06:58:55 PM
nikki, Thank you for the advice. I saw a medical supply store on my way to PT today and I think I'll ask my Dad to stop in there with me on Wednesday. I'm going nuts with the back pain making it so I can't sleep. My fingers are crossed! sandra
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: WorkinWings on October 16, 2009, 05:33:18 PM
cranker! cranker!

How are you holding up??

I hope that you enjoy your very last weekend as a fully-twisted crankerchick, because by the following weekend you will have been transformed into a half-twisted crankerchick!†† ;)

When do you go? How long do you stay? Who is going with you?
Please keep us posted?

We're here, and will be here, thinking of you and wishing you all the very best down there in Texas.
I'm really very happy for you.† ;D† You are in great hands!

*** Now go get yourself straightened out!!† ***

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: WorkinWings on October 16, 2009, 07:01:32 PM
Hey again, cranker!

Here's a fitting "puppy therapy" pic for ya -- always good for calming those pre-op nerves...


Iz dese ACTUALLY a straight leg?!†

...and BTW, hope you also liked the Burgundy and Gold

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 16, 2009, 07:21:53 PM
Well, 3.5 days till I go under the knife...and saw...and ok I'll stop.

I'm feeling my anxiety level spike even more now. Still not to the gut-wrenching fear I was experiencing before the Fulkerson--I really think that was just my gut telling me there was more to investigate--but definitely elevated to the point where I'm having a physical reaction. My stomach is a bit knotty and occasionally I get the chills. But no where near a full-on anxiety attack thank goodness. I'm not really the full-on freak out type of person, so my strong reaction before the "almost fulkerson" surprised even me.

I feel like I did when I was a kid, when I knew I did something wrong and when I got home my mom was gonna give it to me. Its like that feeeling of impending doom, LOL.

But things will be good, in fact they will be great!

I'm leaving on Monday for the operation on Tuesday 10/20. Leaving TX the following week. My mom is going with me. My husband just started a new job and hasn't accrued the days to take off. I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with him, plus my family will visit on Sunday, and hubby and I are hanging out with some friends tonight. Not exactly partying it up, but that's ok, the last time I partied it up before a big event, well let's just say it was like being back in college except I'm not college-age recovery material anymore, LOL. I'll settle for taking it easy and reminding myself that I'm no spring chicken anymore. LOL.

PS: I didn't pick up on the burgundy & gold at first, but since you pointed it out, I have to say...


How bout 'dem cowboys!

Which is funny and sad and bittersweet because I'm oging to be so close to the new stadium and likely won't get to see it unless I can somehow con my mom into taking me before we leave. Likely will not be an easy feat to accomplish. Maybe doc is a cowboy fan and will have pity and tell my mom it's ok. Not likely though, he's a NYer he's probably a fan of the G-men, who also get a BOOOOOOOO. I won't hold it against him though, since he will be the one holding the knife....and saw...and drill...and you get the point...against me.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 16, 2009, 07:26:34 PM
Oh yeah, cute doggy pic. I love those pics. Is it from ? I love that site but haven't visited in a while. Ah, so much free time coming up, I'll be able to catch up...and up...and up.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: WorkinWings on October 16, 2009, 08:19:59 PM
Dear cranker,

Please forgive my faux pas with the burgundy and gold -- I might have taken one glance at your avatar before assuming geographical loyalty on your part!!

I hope this will help make up for my major DUH! moment:


There! That better, now?† ;)

Funny thing is, the Skins have been a great source of entertainment for myself for quite a while:
they've been fantastic with the comic relief!!† †;D ;D ;D

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 19, 2009, 12:13:10 AM
The skins provided adequate laughs for me today again. They very rarely disappoint! Losing to the chiefs, not even scoring a touchdown! LOL! My team sucks this year and we beat the chiefs, LOL. I just appreciate the distraction the game provided.

I'm packing all of my electronics and gadgets to take with me. It's like moving my home; I always take too much stuff when I go away from home for fear of being bored. I've got my PS3 and games and a few bluray movies, 5 netflix movies, my laptop with games, and my external hard drive with tons of movies and videos, ipod, and 2 books. I'm gonna be gone for at least 3 weeks, maybe longer, so I feel like I need everything. I'm being a good wife and leaving the wii for my husband though (actually I'm secretly nudging my mother-in-law to buy one, LOL).

The anxiety level was a little elevated this morning, but it's better now. Now that I'm so close to leaving, I'm actually better. The wait is killer.

I still keep thinking I can't believe I'm doing this, but now it's less sheer terror and a bit more anticipation of what is to come. I'll probably post one more time tomorrow night after meeting with the doctor.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on October 19, 2009, 10:15:19 PM
Visualize success! Good luck with your surgery...Sandra
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 19, 2009, 10:56:06 PM
Sorry for the length, lots to say.

I had a 1pm appointment with the Doc. More xrays and going over the procedure, exactly what was being done, in what order, and by how much. We decided that I will take an anticoagulant. Then some paperwork and some more pre-op questions and a pregnancy test since my pre-op at home was done 2 weeks ago and they want the test within the last week.

One funny thing is when I saw my doc last time in Houston, he had the scrubs on, and on a lot of the videos on youtube and on his website, he's wearing the suit with the cufflinks and bow-tie and the like. But today, he comes out in jeans, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. It was quite funny really, very much a light moment to an otherwise somewhat stressful day.

I'm to report 1st thing tomorrow at 6:30 for 7:30 surgery. It's going to be about 3 hours. Room was left on the surgical schedule to do an arthroscopy at the end, although my doc thinks that my scope 2 years ago was done fine (it indicated no problems) and my MRI doesn't indicate any torn ligaments or anything that would need to be fixed.

The hotel here is really nice. I got a handicapped room so there is a shower head on a hose and a shower seat, as well as a large bathroom. The 37" flatscreen is right up my alley, so I'll be hooking up my ps3 and getting the room ready for when I come back after the surgery.

Oh I also learned that I'm gonna have the plasma rich platelets, so that's cool.

My mom started to lose it when hearing all that was going to be done, so that started to get to me. Its pretty hard to keep it together when you know your parent is worrying about you. She was in the room with me while going through all of the consent forms, so she got to witness going through all the stated risks and complications and the like, so that definitely didn't help either. Once we were done and chatted some, I got a little choked up. It's such an emotional journey; I'm so looking forward to getting off this rollercoaster.

I still can't believe I need to have all of this done to fix my little old kneecap that likes to go on vacation every now and then. Its pretty scary, but I'm here, I want to be better, and I know this will work out for me in the end, so bring it on!

While the nurse was going through the consent forms, the doc kept coming in the room to give his take on certain things. He's a talker. It was funny, he would come in with his anectotes and the like. So one of the times was relating to what would happen in the event of a blood transfusion, so Doc comes and gives his opinion of the likelihood of such an event occuring and adds that at the worse, my blood might be a little low, and then he would just feed me some liver. So when I went for my family history on pre-op, when they asked if there are any foods I can't/won't eat, I specifically noted LIVER!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 19, 2009, 11:03:55 PM
I forgot to add, we didn't finish up till 4 and last tour at the stadium is at 4:30, so no way we could have made it down there today :-(

And Doc is a cowboy fan, HOORAY, but still not sympathetic to my cause. So, *sigh* I won't see the new stadium on this trip to TX.  :'(
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: drmark on October 20, 2009, 03:42:53 AM
Instead of peanut butter and jelly, I grew up on chopped liver.  If my Mother was alive, you would like hers.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: fraud_ninja on October 20, 2009, 03:26:25 PM
Good luck today...although you are already in surgery.

And, I am pretty sure that liver is gross no matter how or who cooks it.  I'll stick with tofu burgers and the like.  ;D

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 20, 2009, 10:54:01 PM
Oct 20, 2009
Day 0
I would like to thank everyone for the well wishes.

I'm of course out of surgery now. It took a bit longer than originally expected. The doc said it took a bit longer to transport me from table to table (different table for femur and tibia). We didn't not do the arthroscopy. We ended up doing my femur 22 and my tibia. My patellas brought down 16mm.

They wheeled me out of the outpatient waiting aroomd 7:30, right on team. I said bye to mom, who I think held up really well. I, however, started to get emotional while they were wheeling me to the OR. I started crying. The anesthesiology joked with me while walking and then just gave me the sleepy medicine and that's all she wrote.

I woke up the recovery room to a very nice nurse who was tking my vitals and feeding me ice chips. Dr. Sanders came in told me how everything went and then did the cannonball stretch right away.

At some point after that I was wheeled to my room where my mom waiting for me.

The staff has been great so far. PT has been in twice (once every hour) to do my cannon ball. On the first visit, we got up on the crutches and took a few steps. I was a bit weak though, so we didn't do much.

Then I was able to eat, just liquid foot of jello, sorbet, juice, tea and water. They said as long as I keep that down, I can have reall food for dinner.

Doc just left my room again to check on me. His day is done, but he said to call him if I have problems, otherwise he would talk to me tomorrow.

I'm pretty tired, falling asleep writing this.

My pain level isn't bad at all, lyin gstill that is. THe cannonballs suprisingly don't hurt. Its the straightening back to normal after having bent. My femur just mostly feels like I fell on it. The tibia/shin hurts more than the femur, but so ffar not terrible.

I think that is all. My eyes are drooping. I probably have another 30 minutes before P/T comes back so its nappy time.

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Post by: slmac on October 20, 2009, 11:17:08 PM
Wow, you did great typing that! I was on another planet after my surgery...good job. So glad you came through it well.  If you get really naseous there is this little patch that they can give you that goes behind your ear and it will totally take care of it. I loved that thing the day after my surgery. I was super naseous on day two. Good luck with everything.

I find it fascinating how all of the doctors we go to have different approaches to these surgeries and how to recover. It sounds like you're doing great already. Don't push yourself too hard, remember your body needs to rest right now. I didn't get enough rest at the beginning and it came back to haunt me later. Keep us all posted!
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Post by: cat on October 21, 2009, 12:49:06 AM
Hey Gal!
How are you doing? Can you tell a difference yet?   ;) My doc actually asked me that the day after. Apparently some folks do notice improvement right away. Anyhoo, hope you have a speedy recovery with an awesome outcome,
 ;D cat  ;D

Regarding the Chiefs, surely you werent' mocking my boys??  :o :o

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 21, 2009, 01:01:44 AM
Its funny, because I was actually surprised that I was having trouble typing/writing. After my scope, i was disoriented but not nearly as much this go. I guess that makes sense though, I had a spinal and a much longer surgery etc. I'm fine talking, watching tv, etc, but my fingers seem to want hit different keys on the computer, not to mention as soon as i look at the screen, i starting falling asleep, LOL.

My mom said my doctor came out 3 times to update her on the status of the procedure and show her xrays after each limb. They also called her 2 or 3 times to update also.

The team here is just so great so far. I feel really comfortabe and plenty pleased.

The first trip to the bathroom was quite an ordeal, resulting in me feeling light headed. My low fat high protein dinner arrived and i chomped on that. I think I sat up too much though, because i started getting light headed again.

i don't know if things feel different. I have twinges and I feel like my foot points in a little more than it did before, but we'll see, Can't go speculatin.

Typing getting harder now, and its almot time for stretching again so untill i post again
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 21, 2009, 04:38:25 AM
I'm not good at being good. The internet is my crack. I'm back again :-)

I just finished another round of stretching. I did the bathroom again too and took percocet. This time went much better. Boy its exhausting just getting up and moving around, but it feels good to move and I didn't get lightheaded this time so altogether very good.

I can't see how people refuse to do the exercise and moving around. I watch the clock waiting for time to bend again. Sure its a bit painful, but its also just soo nice to move and bend and get the limbs in a different position. So far I'm liking Doc's rehab protocol. Except for maybe right after surgery when I did the cannonball the first time and he was like, "push it girl!" It really didn't hurt that much looking back, but during the time it is pretty scary to bend, just afraid it will hurt. But I'm glad I did it because it didn't hurt that much and it was very rewarding to get the flexion and have the doctor's praise.

So far I'm sticking to the prescribed 2 percocet every 4 hours because I want to stay in front of the pain. I haven't had any IV drugs though. They will wake me to take the percocet, but they will check every hour for the stretches but will not wake me if I'm asleep. So at worse I will do the stretches every 4 hours, but I plan to ask to do them when I wake up if I sleep through the scheduled time. The bending is real important, plus it feels nice to move.

So far so good. I think I'm not looking forward to hot to tomorrow, as I bet this is no different then falling down or getting in a car accident, the real pain and soreness sets in the next day. Hopefully if that is the case, the drugs will work for me :-)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: ORNURSE on October 21, 2009, 07:36:56 AM
I am very impressed with you being on the internet.  I think I will be the same way after my surgery though I love my computer.  I am glad you are doing so well and keeping up on the pain.  I read that you are on percocet.  My OS gave me an RX for dilaudid for post op pain, I think it might be a bit over kill but we will find out in four weeks, and I will be going home after surgery, no hospital stay for me.
Good luck
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: doublemom on October 21, 2009, 05:11:40 PM
Just stopping by to wish you a healthy and quick recovery!!  You're probably in la-la-land right now, but know that a bunch of us are here thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way :)

As for the pain pills and GI issues... ask your doc if you can take magnesium supplements, it'll help with constipation that always seems to happen from the pain pills. 

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 21, 2009, 05:28:00 PM
Well, it seems I was right. The pain is a bit more elevated today, probably a 7 out of 10 but I'm tolerating. I'm still doing the 2 percocet, but no IV meds. Its more of an ache and soreness, so its more annoying than anything. I truly hate having my leg elevated with nothing under the knee, it's the pits.

I pretty much slept about 20 minutes at a time all through the night, so i was able to do my stretching every hour except once when I slept through it. I was starving through the night though. I think I ate 2 fruit cups and applesauce!

After breakfast I had physical therapy which consisted of walking down the hall a bit on the crutches. I'm heel-toe touching on the crutches. Then some leg extensions and straight leg raises, neither of which I can do on my own so the therapist helps me lift the leg.

My doctor just called to check on me, so that was nice. Its funny, he's a bit of a hard ass when he posts online, and he claims he doesn't do the coddly, "you'll be alright" routine, but I think he did a fine job of being reassuring and comforting on the phone. I begged him to let me have 5 minutes every few hours of ditching the elevation at the heel so I don't go nuts and to my surprise, he said that would be fine. He stressed the importance of the hyperextension, but said i can take a 5 minute break every few hours. Thank goodness!

Because the surgery went longer than planned, everything is pushed behind because there are things I can't do until 24 hours post-op. I'm not allowed to shower and take the dressing off yet. They are still saying I will be able to be discharged today though.

They started me on the lovenox today. I didn't know it was going to be an injection that i have to give myself. It went ok the first time; it didn't hurt, just a pinch like giving blood. But it was unexpected and honestly not something i want to do, but oh well.

Well the computer tends to make me nauseous so I'm done with this post, LOL. I think I've typed enough anyway.

Thanks for all of the well wishes, I really appreciate them.

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: nikkiluv on October 21, 2009, 06:51:01 PM

Glad to hear your surgery went well and that your pain and everything is pretty much under control. Yes, the day after surgery is pretty bad (although immediately post-op they had trouble getting my pain level down as my epidural kinked during my surgery), and then intense pain again the day after surgery when they were transitioning me from the IV and epidural meds to oral meds. Once they finally got the pain under control and the oral dosing down I was okay, but it when it was bad, it was bad.

I can't believe you're on the internet so much either! I could barely bring myself to come on the internet and update or do anything, as I thought it was just too much effort and not worth it...and for me to think that I must've been exhausted or in rough shape, since I'm literally on my laptop like every chance I get, haha!!!

I was on coumadin pills following my surgery. I would've done it if I had to, but I'm glad I didn't have to have the shots. Between that and the blood draws in the hospital and finger pricks from the home nurses to check my coumadin levels I'm sure I would have been an unpleasant person to deal with, haha. How often do you have to do them? Once a day? I only took my coumadin once a day and it had to be the same time, every day.

Although having the towel roll underneath your heel and nothing under your knee is awful and annoying, you'll be thankful your doctor made you do it. I had to do that for 6 weeks (sleeping, etc.) and I hated it, but when I went to my doctor for my 6 week post-op it was worth it to have perfect extension. I was also grateful for it because it was one thing I didn't have to work on while at PT (since there was sooo much other stuff I had to work on!!!). ;)


You may think the dilaudid is overkill now, but after my surgery it was definitely a blessing! I had a DFO and ACI on May 18th, and was in the hospital for 3 days. I had an IV I coudl pump every 7 minutes, and an epidural I could pump every 20 minutes. One of them had dilaudid in it. I honestly could not have imagined being on just percoset for pain after my surgery, and I definitely have a high pain tolerance. This was my first major knee surgery, the other being scopes...I was on percoset for all of those, for just about a day or two max and then I didn't need them. I was on dilaudid for about 3-4 weeks. The first two weeks was definitely a constant dosing, and then I weaned myself down by increasing the time between doses, then decreasing the dose. I was on 8mg dilaudid for my pain. I'm out of state from my OS, and you have to call into their prescription line for refills. They told me the incorrect timing to call (2-3 days prior to running out, but didn't mention that's just the time for them to get the message and write the takes another 1-2 days for it to be mailed!!!). I called the 2-3 days in advance, but ran out the day before the prescription. They called in percoset for me (that's the strongest thing they could do for me at the time), and when I ran out of dilaudid the first week and had to go on that for even just a few hours it was miserable!! Thank goodness my OS here wrote me a script for more dilaudid to get me through until I got the other script, otherwise I don't even want to imagine what I would've felt like, as we all know once the pain gets out of control it's so hard to get back under control!!

I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming surgery...I can't believe that you're going home the same day after your surgery!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: fraud_ninja on October 21, 2009, 06:52:02 PM
Sounds like you are doing really well. †If you can keep the pain under control for the first few days then you should be in a good position. †Thats interesting about the elevating from the heel to help keep the knee in full extension. †It makes total sense, but I guess extension was never really an issue for me. †I always got full extension the first time I attempted without ever really trying. †

I am with you on wanting to see the Cowboys Stadium. †I have been to Dallas twice in the last year and still have not made it. †Does it count that I saw it from a distance from the top of one of the Roller Coasters in Six Flags Over Texas? †Ah, the next time I go to Dallas its going to happen for me.

So when do you fly to Atlanta? †Are you going to stay in a hotel for a few days before embarking on an airplane? †I cannot imagine flying the day after one of my surgeries.

Good luck with everything. †You should win an award for the most coherant posts by someone who just had surgery. lol

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: vl7007 on October 24, 2009, 03:18:56 AM
Hey Crankerchick;

Its great to see yor doing so well post op.  sorry I haven't been on line for a bit, my daughters first op was 5 weeks ago, and she is still only able to stand for about 30 seconds.  The pain does ease over time, Kat is down to 20 mg of oxycodin twice a day now and paracetamol when needed.  Her wounds are still healing so until that happens kat can't start hydrotherapy.  It's great that you were able to have your mum there, it really helps. When do you fly home? Will you be out of hospital quickly, as Kat was in for 3 weeks. Good luck with everything, you are in great hands.  Glad to hear you're moving. All the best.

Vicki ;)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 24, 2009, 06:36:43 PM
Post-op day 4

Thanks for the posts everyone :-) It's great to sign in and see the well wishes.

So Wednesday was a little worse than Tuesday. I figured out the computer was contributing to my nausea, so that is what I haven't come back for a while. After I signed off on Wednesday, I felt sick to my stomach again and ended up vomiting. At least I felt better afterwards. Then they came in to give me a shower and change the dressing. I got overheated in the shower and fainted :-( but thankfully I was sitting in a chair in the shower and I didn't slump or anything. I gave the nurses and my mom a scare. Evidently they yelled for the PT (the only man) and he rushed in to help in case I fell over. I came too and was still a bit dazed but feeling like I had been sleep for a while and felt better, LOL.

After that, people were concerned of course, so back to the bed and only doing the exercises every hour, after a nap. My blood was low, but my doctor said that was to be expected and he didn't feel it was low enough to do any kind of transfusion or anything. He called Wednesday evening to check on me, so that was nice. He wanted me to stay the night, so I did.

Wednesday night I slept more through the night, about 2 hours at a time. That's havoc on your leg, not to stretch for 2 hours and to be in that uncomfortable position for so long, but the sleep was needed too so I guess it's just a balance.

Thursday morning I got started with PT after breakfast. He took it easy at first because he was worried about me fainting, but after lunch and talking with Doc, he decided I needed to try to walk a bit farther. I was up for the challenge. I walked about 50 yards, to which earned me a gift from my PT - a set of Texas longhorn Coasters! He planned for me to ride back in a chair, but I only rode half the way and then felt up to walk the rest. We did some more exercises and then I was pooped! Nap time. Then more stretches, medicines, and relaxing and they let me go at 10 after my last dose of meds.

I'm doing the Lovenox every 12 hours, so twice a day. Sub-cutaneous injection. It's actually not too bad, but I'm still not a fan of doing it.

Getting into the hotel room was a bit of a chore, as our room is at the end of a hallway. I was a bit worried, but I made it. I couldn't get fcomfortable in the bed at all and for a moment, thought I should have stayed in the hospital.

But we eventually got more comfortable and I slep 2-3 hours each time, stretching and medicating in between.

Friday was just me and my mom hanging out in the room. We went out only for dinner: a 5 minute ride to Sonic. I've never been to one before, and I really enjoyed my food, but it was a bit bittersweet because I didn't want to order anything to greasy and risky nausea. I got a chicken club sandwhich, and it was excellent.

Sorry for the grotesque, but I finally got some results from the stool softener and the mild laxative my mom gave me at my 6 oclock med time. I've felt better of course after finally going.

Today we've just been doing the same, relaxing around the room. Right now, I'm sitting up on the couch with my leg elevated on a foot stool. I can look out the window and I'm successfully using the computer without feeling sick.

The important important important thing so far is and remains moving every hour or so. Sometimes, between the bathroom, resting, stretching, getting back into bed, it can take 20-30 minutes for all of that and I get down and settled and its time to do it again! I really wish I could measure my ROM because I really need that confirmation that I'm keeping my 125 degrees that I had in the hospital.

I'll go for PT on monday, then a visit with the doctor, and then leave for ATL that evening after the hour ride south to DFW. That will be a long day, I hope I can make it through.

Well, I think that covers everything. Sorry for the length, just wanted to give a day by day since I wasn't able to post the other days. It wasn't that I really felt that terrible, although it was worse Wednesday then it was immediately post op, but more that I suspected the computer was contributing to my nausea so I just avoided it altogether.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on October 25, 2009, 11:57:48 PM
Hey Latise!

I've been so focused on my own recovery that I haven't made it out of "my" thread to see if you'd posted elsewhere, until today.  I have, however, been wondering how you've been doing and I'm really glad to see that you're okay!

It's amazing how different our hospital stays were - even though I had a less significant surgery, I was coddled much MUCH more and it was terrible!

Keep up the good work!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 27, 2009, 09:00:21 PM
Post-op day 5

Uneventful. conquered the shower. ate some authentic mexican that was very good and very cheap. my kind of meal!

The big news is yesterday and today.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 27, 2009, 09:00:54 PM
Post op day 6

I had physical therapy. We did quad sets, straight leg raises, and leg extensions. Or should I say, I did quat sets and then for the SLRs and LEs I clenched my quad and my therapist lifted my leg, LOL. Evidently I was supposed to be doing the leg raises and extensions all along, but I didn't know that. I felt horrible and worried, but my therapist calmed me down and told me not to worry, its not like I could do them really anyway. When we did them in the hotel, I couldn't lift my leg off the bed.

After that, I rode the stationary bike. First the recumbent for about 20 minutes and then an upright just to practice getting up on it, as I wasn't sure which type I would have access to at my in laws. It was REALLY scary doing the bike at first. I was afraid I couldn't get it around, but I could. When my operative leg is at the bottom of the range of motion, it feels very wobbly and my knee feels like its going to twist. That is extremely scary because twisting is a definite no for pain. But a few revolutions and I was rolling. It felt so good.

Then it was a visit with the doctor and xrays. Everything looked good so a handshake and a few funny anectodes later we were making the 1hour drive south to DFW for the 615 flight out to Atlanta. We stopped halfway for lunch and a rest.

The flight was what you can expect. I can bend my knee. I can only imagine how bad it would have been otherwise. It was just extremely uncomfortable to sit in one position for that long. Our wait in the airport was about 1.5 hours, then about 30 minutes on the plane since I boarded first, and then 145 minute flight and hten another probably 15-20 minutes waiting for everyone to get off and the wheelchairs to show up. It was loooong. I was so happy get off. But thankfully, I was able to will myself to sleep through the flight, and I guess my leg realized no matter how much it protested, the situation wasn't changing, so it finally just went numb and gave me relief.

Being at my in-laws, I can do more for myself. I'm in a smaller bed so I can reach things better and the bathroom is right there, I can even go by myself. I can go through the house as I like. I slept decent last night when I said I'm tired enough so to heck with the mound of elevation, I'm gonna get comfortable and get some sleep. Maybe that wasn't the smartest thing to do, but it was after 12 when we finally got to bed and I had been going non-stop since 9am, it was time for a real rest, not a restless 30 minute nap with leg locked straight and can't go back to sleep without getting up and moving around. At least without the mound, I can wake up and fall back to sleep after a little movement.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: cat on October 27, 2009, 09:09:24 PM
Yay, the dreaded plane trip is over! Keep up the good work and positive attitude,
 ;D ;D

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 27, 2009, 09:26:50 PM
Post-op day 7

Today I did therapy here in Atlanta. The therapist is really good; good enough to make me consider staying here for the duration of the rehab. I've seen my share of therapists and this guy seems to be the most knowledgeable about what he's doing. And he has a great personality to match, so all around good experience. I went through the whole history with him (at his request, I warned him I was long-winded) and showed him my pictures I have showing my "not patella alta" and the osteotomies and plates in my femur and tibia. He was actually familiar with the procedure and has treated someone who has had this done.

He noted how extremely not normal it is to do what i had done, more common to do either the tibia or femur but not both, and said he has also had patients that have had just the tibia or the femur. In just one visit, I'm very satisfied with him. He looked at my prescribed therapy plan and blessed it and said it was good. Sometimes, people show up with exercies from their doctor or ER or even an ortho and he feels like half of them need to go out the window.

I was happy to hear that he was on board with following my protocol given to me by my therapist in TX. I wasn't about to deal with someone that I would have to constantly battle over what should or should not be done. He just can see that my strength isn't what it needs to be to do 3 sets of 15 leg raises and what not, so we did some muscle stimulation and just focused on getting my heel off the table. He told me not to kill my self trying to raise my leg 6 inches and the like, when it's clear I can't do that. Push myself to the point of pain, but don't over do it. I'll go 2x per week since my entire plan can be done at home. I'll just go there for the massage/tens/guidance/etc.

So far the patella tendon of course is the limiting factor. I can only clench my quad so much and for so long before it feels like its going to burst off. Any kind of twisting is of course pain, and there is a certain way I can have my leg angled when I'm cructhing or attempting to sit or stand that makes a very peircing 11/10 owieee pain. Beyond that, the pain is ok. I'm just taking tylenol extra strentgth every 4 hours, and working in a hydrocodone if i need one (or think I need one). I took one yesterday before PT and today before PT but that is it. I'm considering ditching the tylenol completely.

So, overall things seem to be going very well, even though as the patient it just seems like it takes forever. I can't sit in any way and be comfortable and it's just so frustrating. The femur I can't tell sometimes if how i'm sitting or laying is making it worse or not. THings could defeinitely be worse, I know. I'm very thankful that at-rest the pain is very tolerable, but man, what I wouldn't give to just find a comfortable way to exist without my hip feeling so tight.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: mhsflute07 on October 28, 2009, 02:03:57 AM
Hi Latise,

I'm glad everything seems to be going well and you're not in too much pain. I live in Atlanta and was just curious as to where you're going to PT if you don't mind sharing.

I hope you have a good night!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: CHILLYdogs on October 28, 2009, 02:19:44 AM

Two dozen CHILLYdogs are wagging their tails and howling their heads off over here for ya!



Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 28, 2009, 05:50:58 PM
I believe the name of the physical therapy place is Genesis Physical Therapy. It is in Camp Creek if that helps at all. I'm not very familiar with the area, that's about all I can provide.

Mmm chilly dogs, sounds tasty! Except you are talking about dogs of the chilly type, so in that case, cool! Maybe they could pull me along for a ride, to relieve this boredom.

Post-op day 8
So far the day is going good medically. I had a scare in the night, doing my cannonball stretch when I woke up to go to the bathroom. For some reason, I had ridiculous piercing pain when my mom raised my leg off the bed to bring my knee to my chest. We tried three times and got to the same place each time. It scared the crap out of me, so we gave up and I went back to sleep. This morning I was petrified to try again, but I tried again and it was much better. I hit the point where the pain came, but it wasn't as bad and I just tried to relax and go a little at a time but stop if it was like it was during the night. Well, thankfully it wasn't. When I went a little further the pain subsided a lot and I felt confident to push through. A little more and it was gone completely and I was able to go ahead and bend my knee to my chest the rest of the way and finish the stretch. I did it 2 more times along with the rest of my exercises, pain free too, and just iced afterwards and all was fine.

My mom left today to go back home, so that was rough. She has been with me since I left for TX last week. I know it was hard for her to leave me. I'm already a little homesick and a lot bored, but I know this is the best place for me to be. I wonder if my longings for home are just coinciding with my mom leaving. I hope the feelings pass, because for the last few hours I've been finding it hard to fight the tears.

I brought lots of stuff to do, but I just don't feel like doing any of it, I don't know why. So i'm just sitting on the bed watching tv. It's coming on about the time do the exercises again so perhaps that will distract me some.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on October 28, 2009, 09:36:52 PM
Latise, What you are feeling is totally normal. You've been through a lot, and feeling homesick and missing the help of your mom is par for the course now. The important thing is not to get frustrated and don't get too down, but if you need a day where you are in a funk a little bit you do what you need to feel better. I know it's easier said than done. I was alone trying to take care of my daughter by myself if the mornings at 10 or 11 days post op and that's when I got bummed out and started missing my mom like crazy because she had been visiting and helping us out. It sounds like you are doing great!!! I use a similar techniqe of relaxing and pushing a little further each time I relaxed on days when the pain gets really bad. Some days that's the only way I can bend. Hang in there lady! You are going to do great. It sounds like your therapist and the facility are top notch! Sandra
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 29, 2009, 04:35:55 PM
Well I'm wrapping it up after what felt like a rather long day. Boy, I hope the rest don't take this long. Thanks for the votes of confidence!

Sandra, I can't imagine taking care of a baby in the state I'm in, so major kudos to you for making it through. I can't even imagine how emotionally, mentally, and physically draining it was to have to care for not only yourself but your precious cargo too.

So I carved a pumpkin with my mother-in-law (well she carved, i sat on the deck and watched) and that helped pass the time.

But let me get to the reason I signed in. It struck me during the pumpkin adventure that I've seen some people ask about the pain levels for something like this and how much the femur hurts versus the tibia. I just wanted to share that everyone's pain is different. For me, the femur is more of annoyance than anything. It doesn't hurt nearly as much as the tibia, nor did it ever. It's just annoying because the whole outside of my thigh is tight and its just unrelenting and no matter how I move or sit it just doesn't quit.

The tibia on the other hand hurts a little more for me. When I go to a standing position, that is where I feel the throb as the blood starts to flow. That is where I feel the discomfort if my leg feels like it is going to twist in the slightest. The incision area is just below the knee, to the outside like near the tibial tubercle and extends quite a ways down my leg. Everything to the inside of my knee feels "normal" and everything lateral, to the outside of the incision is just one big lump of pressure. Pressing on it feels like touching on your skin when your limbs go to sleep. Near the IT band connection to the tibia, to the back of my leg is very sensitive and this is where I get the owie pain occasionally.

So far, the pain has just been more of annoyance, like a dull ache. The tightness and pressure seems to be the killer really. Just no way to get comfortable. But at least I'm not in a lot of pain. I haven't taken anything, tylenol or otherwise for a full 24 hours now.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 30, 2009, 01:16:47 AM
9 days post-op

I write the date because otherwise I wouldn't know what the date is or even what day of the week it is!

Short post. Physical therapy today, then a little frustrated "funk" moment afterward, feeling like I'm doing so much work and can't catch a break for just 5 minutes of sheer comfort. But it passed. Came home, napped, and was surprised and happy to find that my mood was better and I had a better day today. Less restless, and maybe even felt better, just a little.

I got my first shower at the inlaws. They didn't get the seat and detachable shower head till yesterday and i refused to try with out them. It went well. It works out that i can get off the seat and step out of the shower so I don't have to worry about crutches in the wet shower. And they have a door (with a ledge I have to step over--scary) so the floor outside stays dry.

I took a spin on the bike for about 10 minutes and was happy to find that my stability has improved since monday, but the outside is very tight so going around feels really creepy.

Tomorrow we are going to ride and get manicures & pedicures. It's going to feel good to have my feet done (i meant to do it before the surgery), but i'm a little weary about the car ride, which I don't know why, I rode an hour in the car before. I already know that I'm going to forewarn the stylist that she better not twist my foot else she will be met with a crutch to the face and that will be her only warning!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: CHILLYdogs on October 30, 2009, 02:39:18 AM
Woah! Woah! Woah!

Do NOT twist that feisty crankerchick!!! Don't you know she's just been through a whole lot to get UN-twisted??
And watch out:
Don't mess with Doc Sanders' superior handiwork, either!† ;D
That's right, Latise.† Protect your new goods with all weapons at hand.
That stylist don't know who she's messin' with...

Great to hear of the fantastic job you've been doing.
Hang in there!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: CHILLYdogs on October 30, 2009, 02:49:19 AM
What's your range of motion?
How does the hardware feel??
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 30, 2009, 10:56:50 PM
10 days post op

So today has been a pretty good day. I got up around 8 to get ready to leave the house by 10. I did my exercises, dressed, and had breakfast then we left for the nail salon. It went well. The pedicurist was very gentle--no need for me to threaten her at all!. I'm not really a "high maintenance" woman, in fact, mani/pedis are my one claim to "girliness" and I probably only do them every 4 months. But having my feet in the bubbling water felt wonderful, and getting my feet cleaned up helps mentally since I have different people helping me lotion my feet and put on socks after bathing.

The outing was kind of long, and there is nothing comfortable about riding in the car at all, but I made it through and it was nice to be out of the house and not trying to figure out what to do with myself.

I rested for a bit when we got back, then did my exercises again and rode the bike. I made it about 10 minutes. The outside of leg, just below my knee, is just so tight that every revolution, while not painful, is just not very fun. But things feel looser after doing it, so that's good.

I'm not sure my range of motion, we didn't measure at therapy. Dr. Sanders said to compare to my good leg, and when I do the cannonball and compare to my good leg, i'm almost the same. I guess when I go to therapy on tuesday I will ask to measure ROM again.

I think I can feel the plate on the tibia, on the outside area. My skin is real hard and sensitive there, but its also numb too. That is the area that feels really tight too. I'm wondering if the sharp owie pain I've felt in the area a few times is the IT band on the plate. For my thigh, I don't think I can feel the hardware at all so far. I'm pretty "meaty" out there though. I think its too early to tell either way though.

TOnight the inlaws are having some family over and we are having dinner, so I have a full night on my hands too.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: CHILLYdogs on November 01, 2009, 12:48:51 AM
Latise, dear!

You have been doing such a great job, on top of the outstanding job done by Doc Sanders, that your recovery is sounding refreshingly uneventful† ;)
Keep it up, and keep posting on your progress, please!† It makes me very happy to read how well it's all turning out.

So how's your Halloween going?

Are you all dressed up as a big ol' scary BLADE plate??†    ;D
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on November 01, 2009, 02:49:46 AM
11 days post-op

Well, since I have an audience, here's today's update. Nothing special to report. Stayed home the whole day, but developed into a schedule. Up at ~8, exercise, bike for 20 minutes, then breakfast + ice, then a shower. The shower, while not terrible hard the other day, went more smooth today. I'm still scared when I exit the shower, because of the little ledge, but beyond that, smooth and refreshing.

After lunch I did the exercises again and another session on the bike for 20 minutes. I'm noticing greater control over my limb, although I still can't do a straight leg raise.

The extensions remain uncomfortable. I'm going to email my doctor about them. They don't hurt, but they are just really uncomfortable and also I'm worried about the stress it puts on the TTO site. I guess I just need some reassurance that they are ok to do. So many people that have a TTT aren't allowed to do those types of exercises so soon.

So that it is it. Tomorrow a cousin that i have met only once or twice is going to visit, so that will break up my day some. We didn't get any trick-or-treaters, so I didn't get to show off my fancy costume. I disguised myself as a patient that just went through a triple osteotomy 11 days ago. Suprisingly, wasn't too hard to pull off.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: WorkinWings on November 01, 2009, 09:27:45 PM
cranker! cranker!

I just posted on your old thread, "TTT-type Surgery suggested--weighing options"

I thought we all would benefit from the cross-linking of your valuable threads:

I really feel confident that I have done better research now and gotten opinions from the right people. Although I'm not going to have the procedure done with Dr. Teitge, this is only because after reading over his papers and corresponding with him, there are few things that Dr. Sanders does differently and I prefer his approach on these key details.

I plan on starting a post-op journal as I get closer to my surgery date. I think it will be helpful on the forum for people to be able to read about my derotational experience, considering most of the girls on here have had their procedures done by Dr. Teitge. Hopefully mine will be a success story too. I believe it will be. At the least, I'll be able to say I gave it my best effort and made the decision that seemed right to me.

Wow, cranker!†

Somehow I had completely missed the updates from this thread and never did read this post of yours from back in September...

I have, though, been keeping an eye on your post-op diary, and have been very impressed with your recovery.

We don't see enough success stories here on KGs, so I thought it was important enough to revive this thread and to include a link here to your diary, so that all that had been following your story can go take a look at how well you have been doing.

Plus, I am sure that you could use the support...† Even as smoothly as everything is going, it has to be a challenge for you emotionally to be recovering far away from home, at your in-laws--no matter how wonderful they might be† ;)

So, here's the link to crankerchick's post-op diary, everyone:

I am so grateful that you have been sharing your story. I'm sure many others here have been, as well.
Future visitors to this thread should also benefit from your inspiring journey.

TTTs, lateral releases... It is very scary how often these are such misguided, damaging procedures.
It is also tremendously frustrating that this vital information is almost impossibly hard to obtain.

Here's to your continued success: an inspiration to us all!

Thank you so much for showing us a better way.

(formerly ClippedWings)

I hope you are continuing to do well.† Let us know!

PS-I'm in mourning: Little Manning had a really baaaaaaaaad day, today† :'(
Let's hope Brett can deliver.........
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on November 02, 2009, 04:45:26 AM
Thanks for cross-linking the threads. Hopefully in the future no one will have any problems keeping track of my long sordid history LOL!

12 days post-op

Nothing much changing day by day. We went to my mother-in-law's sister's house for breakfast, so another trip in the car. I get in pretty easily, just take my time and bend the knee and twist in. I usually put the seat back some to get in, but I could get in with all the way back or all the way forward. It's also a lot easier to get in without shoes on. My sneakers probably have 1-inch sole, so not having them on is huge. Car rides themselves kind of suck because the seat is tilted in a way that starts to dig in the back of my legs. And the seatbelt pushes into my side, ride where the femur incision is. It doesn't hurt, its just uncomfortable.

I sat at the table with everyone like a normal person for breakfast. It felt good to "join society" instead of eating from a tray on the couch. I was actually comfortable sitting on the couch there, with the huge ottoman to rest my leg on. It was notably the first time I sat "comfortably" since the surgery, instead of just sitting and feeling miserable. I guess I'm making progress.

I did 2 sessions on the bike. I know when I'm done because I start to feel wobbly and shaky around my foot. My thigh and shin feel fine (except for the tightness) but I guess my foot gets tired because I don't move it too much. The wobbly feels like my leg might twist, so I call it quits. Also of note, my shower today we figured out how to get over the ledge in a less scary way. Its not a step down, but just something I have to step over, but i don't want to put the crutches in the stall because it's wet. We just put the crutches as close to the ledge as we can, then step out with the good foot, with my mother-in-law standing in front of me to help make sure I don't fall forward. Its a lot less scary then how we did it before.

It also sucks, I think I am coming down with a cold :-(
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on November 02, 2009, 04:47:03 AM
Oh yes, and....

How 'bout them cowboys!!!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Tailwind on November 02, 2009, 05:41:04 PM
Hey, I've been so busy on our osteotomy board that I missed your surgery. By my quick scan of the posts, its seems like you are doing ok. I need to back and read them more carefully when I have a few minutes.

I will check in again. Hang in there!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on November 02, 2009, 06:35:33 PM
Hi! So glad to hear you are doing well!

 Unfortunately, the uncomfortableness from the seatbelt lasts for a does not being able to lay on that side. That's great you can start to sit comfortably! I don't know exactly why, but since my left femoral derotation, sitting up in hard chairs, like in class, really bothers me after a while, and it's almost been a year! Sitting through my 3 hour night class is almost unbearable by the end. Hopefully after the plates come out on the 16th that will all go away. So you don't have a whole lot of pain from the femoral hardware? Did they use a blade plate and screws? Are you going to have the hardware taken out down the road?

Hang in there! Every day gets a little better!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on November 02, 2009, 07:20:16 PM
Hi lyndsey, thanks for the reply. I'm sure you can't wait for the 16th! Hopefully things will improve for you after removal and you can finally have good days without paying for it later.

So far, I don't believe I can feel the femoral hardware. The plates are tomofix plates (by synthes) and screws. They are different from Dr. Teitge's angle blade plate. I won't have the hardware taken out unless it is bothersome. My doctor doesn't think they will be bothersome at all, given their low profile and my size. I'm 6'2" and not skinny (his words are "meaty") so the belief is I will have zero problems. I guess only time will tell.

I thought I might was feeling the tibia plate, since there is a hardness I can feel laterally, just below the joint line of my knee. I asked my doctor and he said that was very unlikely, as the plate is only 3-5 mm in thickness depending on where its being measured and I have "lots of meat" there. He said its just my inflamed tissue from the surgery and to give it time. The bike minimally helps with the tightness in that area, but the ankle pumps are good for keeping the area at least lose enough to bend without pain. I don't think at this time I'm feeling the femur at all. All I feel is a little bit of tightness in my thigh, and maybe a twinge from the incision if roll too far to one side or the other.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on November 04, 2009, 11:08:48 PM
Latise, I have one of those little lips to step over in my shower too and I swear it might as well have been two feet high at first! For a long while I was stuck sitting on the shower chair with my leg sticking out the door of the shower. Now that I can bend, I do a trick where I scoot the shower chair up to the door so my feet are both already out of the shower when I go to get out. It took me a while to come up with it, but it works and I'm comfortable showering by myself now. I just stand on the bath mat and tip the water off the shower chair, place it in the middle of the bathroom floor and sit on that for drying off and blow drying my hair. I only do minimal movement in the bathroom while I'm wet. Isn't it crazy how something so simple can be so dangerous?

I'm envious of you being able to cycle! Hats off to you. I don't have enough ROM yet to do the bike. Fingers crossed! That's great that you're getting around better and starting to be able to be more social...sitting at the table like a normal person sure is nice. Now that I can bend, it's great for me too...I don't feel like a social outcast anymore:-)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on November 04, 2009, 11:46:31 PM
slmac, I thought I was the ONLY person with that problem in my shower stall!

Of course, I bought a folding shower stool so, er, scooting with it means that it folds up.  My dad came over and put in a hand held shower head for me in the other bath.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on November 04, 2009, 11:54:29 PM
fold up shower chairs and scooting definitely don't go together! lol. The hand held shower head makes all the difference doesn't it? I had my husband install one in our shower the day before surgery because I knew it would be one of those small luxuries that allow you to feel human after the complete and total loss of privacy that only childbirth and surgeries can bring to our lives. He went above and beyond though in picking out my shower chair. He even installed raised arm rests on our toilet...bless his heart. I didn't even know they sold those.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on November 07, 2009, 06:54:51 PM
18 days post-op

I layed off posting for a while, since posting daily felt like it was making the days drag. Not much has happened anyway, just slowly progressing a little at a time. I've noticed in these last few days that the lateral tightness across my tibia is getting a little better each day. Sleeping at night is also getting slightly easier. I've laid off the strict elevation only with air under the knee and that has helped for sleeping. I emailed my doctor to ask if if that was ok and he said yeah so that was sweet!

I also asked about straight leg raises, which I still can't do on my own and he reiterated that I'm doing fine in my rehab and that it just takes time. For the femoral osteotomy, the quad has to be moved out of the way completely, so it isn't surprising that my hip muscle strength is lacking. I guess because I don't "feel" so weak up there, i feel like I should be able to do the raise. But then in physical therapy, I am reminded of just how weak my hip muscles really are. Lifting my leg is pretty tough, but the extensions are coming along nicely. This week the therapist worked my hips and ankles a lot more and boy was I feeling it yesterday. But I can now in a sitting position lift my foot off of the floor, like marching. Before, I could only extend it off the floor, but not actually lift it.

So progress is slow but steady and uneventful. Still doign my at home exercises 3x a day and riding the bike for an hour a day. Today I tried some heel slides and found that I can bend just as much as the other leg and I can sit comfortable like that too. That's going to be huge for when I wake up in the middle of the night and want to bend.

So that's it. I can't believe I haven't walked in 18 days. I'm starting to wonder what it will be like when I can walk. Will I be afraid? How hard will it be? Time will tell.

3 more weeks until I will go home! I decided to stay with the in-laws through the thanksgiving. It's just easier for me and everyone else. My husband will come down for thanksgiving and then we will go home together. Right after that will be my 6 week xray and hopefully things will be great and I can start putting more weight on the leg.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: drmark on November 07, 2009, 08:42:41 PM
I don't regularly see my post op patients every week, so there are some milestones that a reached without my being there. 

A week before Crankerchick's surgery, I did a DFO and tibial tubericle advancement on another chick, whose insurance didnt cover outpatient PT.  So, that left Michelle and I as the therapists.

It took four weeks for her to be able to do a SLR without a quad lag.  Also at four weeks,  her ROM without a CPM or formal PT was 0-110 degrees and she decided to ditch her crutches (against my advice, but it hard to impose your will on a 16 year old).  The TOMOFIX plate is amazing.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: FormerlyActive on November 09, 2009, 01:08:01 AM
Sorry I haven't posted I have been thinking of you and praying for your healing.
Sounds like you are one tough chick!
Really give you credit for all you have been through and your proactivity.
Best healing wishes FA
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on November 09, 2009, 10:26:29 PM
Latise...It's the craziest feeling when you try walking again for the first time. The first few days I would have moments where my leg just wouldn't step. It was like my brain was saying no! It gets better quickly though and you'll be to that point before you know it. It's so great that you have your ROM. I'm still trying. Hopefully I'll be able to bike soon. I have about ten more degrees to go in ROM before I can go all the way around...fingers crossed. When do you go back home to Texas? I feel your pain when it comes to straight leg raises. I can do it, but my leg isn't completely straight. They've been using the TENS that has super shocking power on my VMO to pop it up and then I can do the raise no problem at PT. Slowly but surely, we'll both get there. We're getting our grooves back... (I'm doing my seated happy dance...can't wait to actually dance...doesn't work so well on crutches) Sandra
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: CHILLYdogs on November 12, 2009, 04:13:10 PM
It's been vewy, vewy quiet around here...

Latise, may your silence be an inspiration to all who prefer to go for a life free from knee drama: Great job!

(we do like updates, though, even if they are accounts of oh-hum booooring successes such as yours† ;) )
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on November 12, 2009, 08:25:29 PM
23 days post-op

LOL, back by popular demand is my post. I meant to post at 3 weeks, but I've been a little busy. And by busy I mean, you know, sitting around, exercising, sitting, sleeping, exercising, LOL.

I'm excited today because I have only one more Lovenox shot. Tuesday coming (4 weeks post-op) I get the staples out. Tuesday past at therapy I got a decent massage of my quad for once and it felt better for a few hours. No such love today though--just exercises. My strength is coming along, but still no SLR. I was really hoping I would be able to do it by the 4-week mark, but I'm not so sure if I'll reach that. Only 5 more days to hit that target and it feels like I'm not close, so I guess we'll see.

I'm a bit dismayed that I still have swelling around the tibia and its still pretty tight and numb along the lateral side. But given the numbness, I guess the swelling is to be expected. Its not THAT swollen, but its enough to feel some tightness.

I've also been getting muscle spams when riding the bike. OMG, its quite painful. It doesn't start right away, but at some point during the 30 minute session, it starts. I bend the operative leg and it feels like elastic that has reached the breaking point and is about to snap! If it is bad enough, I stop and massage the area and then start again. Otherwise I just apply pressure as I pedal and just wait for it to subside. Both my PT and doctor said its just something to work through and they don't think it's anything serious.

I guess my only funny thing to share is yesterday I went to get my hair done at my mother-in-law's salon. I should have known it was some hoity-toity spot. A day spa and salon with all the fancy chairs and soothing decorum and high prices. It was supposed to be a fast appointment, but the stylist was behind and it took 3.5 HOURS! Fortunately I wasn't too uncomfortable in that time. But the (not so) funny part was sitting in the styling chair, I could only keep my foot on the ledge for so long and then I would have to put it down on the floor. I told the lady to warn me before spinning the chair so I could lift my leg, and she said she would just wlak around me and not spin it. Well, whenever someone would come and talk to her, she would forget and spin the chair. The first time I was like WHOA WHOA WHOA! She was this close to getting a crutch to the ribs! She apologized for like 5 minutes. Then she did it again (while distracted as someone was talking to her) but this time I knew it was coming so I lifted my leg off the floor. Right after she started to spin it, she caught herself and started apologizing, which I let her do. I didn't tell her I knew the spin was coming and had lifted my foot off the floor.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on November 13, 2009, 04:46:33 PM
So, on the SLR front I have some progress!

Last night I had my mother-in-law stand at the foot of the bed and just help me lift my heel off the bed to start the SLR. I've been doing the SLR assisted anyway, where I contract the quad and all, but my helper lifts the leg. After a few assisted, I would try one on my own but couldn't get the foot off the bed. So last night, instead of helping with the whole raise, I just had her start my heel off the bed like 1 inch. She did this twice and I would just try to hold it there. On the 3rd, I tried raising it myself and I actually got the heel off the bed! I did like 5 of these and was pooped.

This morning my father-in-law helped me the same way and I did 2 sets of 10 of just getting my heel off the bed. I can't raise my whole leg yet, but hey, its a start. Perhaps I will be raising the whole leg by Tuesday after all.

Also, doing the leg extensions today I am *this* close to getting my leg completely straight. I feel some resistance that I feel like is more because of the tightness and swelling than actual lack of strength.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: fraud_ninja on November 13, 2009, 06:37:38 PM
Its amazing how such seemingly simple movements such as a straight leg raise become such a challenge after surgery.  I mean, how would have thought that something so seemingly insignificant could become so difficult to do.  And then, there is the excitment that goes with getting closer to accomplishing one.'re doing great.  And having someone assist is a good way to start.  My PT always showed me a way to use a strap or a belt to help assist with that intital 'lift-off' from a SLR.  You'll be doing them on your own in no time at all!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: doublemom on November 13, 2009, 07:45:34 PM
Cranker - you are doing so well!  I tell Sharon (Snorunner) the same thing with her PFJR rehab.  Those tiny little milestones all add up in the long run, and one day you'll take a step or do something without expecting it, and all that hard work will be worth it.  I haven't been posting much, but have been following your progress.  Keep up the good work, and hopefully when this is all behind you you'll be able to climb mountains or do whatever your heart desires without having to think "those darn knees!"

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on November 17, 2009, 06:11:41 PM
4 weeks post op

Thanks for the encouragement every one. Yes, the excitement of getting closer to accomplishing something so simple as a straight leg raise is just too funny. I was so happy when I got the leg off the bed. Of course I was also exhausted and sweating, but so proud. I'm still not completely doing the full SLR, which I had hoped to be at this point, but I can still see improvement, as I seem to get it a little higher each session, or I have a few more that are "good" each session, versus barely leaving the bed.

Got the staples out today. Just a pinch feeling a few times, but no pain, and most of them didn't even feel the pinch. The day started a bit on the wrong foot, as the appointment was at 8:30, so we left at 7:30 (40 minute ride) and still got there at 8:40, only to learn we were at the wrong office! Thankfully traffic was clear going to the Decatur office, so it only took about 15 minutes to get to the right place.

They took xrays (even though I said I didn't need them), checked for blood clots, and asked about my pain and ROM. The PA-C for some reason was really amazed that I wasn't taking any pain meds any more.

The doctor said things looked good, definitely signs of the bones beginning to heal. I think the doctor was going to say it was ok to start putting a little more weight on the leg, but he got a phone call at the end and stepped out. It wouldn't have mattered, I'll be following my doctor's protocol which is no more than 25# until he sees my 6-week xray and gives me the ok.

This was the first time I noticed that my screws extend out the opposite side of the bone, so that kind of freaked me out. The doctor said its a tough decision whether to let the screws protrude out or not, but its better structurally to do it the way it was done. I asked if my body won't like that, and he said, it won't like it but everyone is different so it might be fine. The PA-C said she thought my hardware might need to come out at some point, which kind of alarmed me. But my doctor has repeatedly said he's confident I'll be fine, so we'll just have to wait and see.

So all in all good visit. I'm still progressing with the exercises. The spasms during the riding the bike are getting better. I have to make sure I stretch really good before riding and also start slow in the beginning. I'm trying to work up to going at a decent pace where I might actually get some kind of cardio workout out of it. Right now, my HR probably hits 105, which isn't much of an exercise at all.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on November 19, 2009, 01:30:58 AM
I kept meaning to post this yesterday but forgot. I think I did reach my hope/expectation of a real SLR at 4 weeks. Yesterday after posting, when I did my session of exercises, I did 10 legitimate SLRs! I raised my leg, held it, and lowered it back down like a real SLR, LOL! It was a decent amount off the bed too, like easily 6 inches, probably more.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Tailwind on November 19, 2009, 02:21:04 AM
Keep up the hard work! You will so look back on this and laugh. I remember not being able to extend my leg 4 inches! One day at a time.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: drmark on November 19, 2009, 04:50:26 AM
It seems like the four week mark is a consistant time for a patient to be able to resume SLR after a femoral osteotomy and tibial tubericle advancement.

Our patients who just have a tibial tubericle advancement can SLR from the first day, so the delay must be due to the femoral osteotomy, either distal or proximal (as in this case).
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Tailwind on November 19, 2009, 11:56:35 AM
Dr. Sanders

Thanks so much for your posts on this forum. They are always informative. I am impressed you have the time, desire and risk tolerence to post here. Thanks again.

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on November 19, 2009, 05:41:37 PM
Thanks for the encouragement everyone.

Drmark, the hip/thigh is definitely what was holding me back from doing the SLR. It's just so dang tight and weak. The higher up the leg, the more tight and weak it is. I can do the raises, but man they are hard and I'm pooped afterward. Also a little pain afterwards too. Definitely not my favorite exercise, but they will get easier. I was just so happy to be able to do it. It will get easier, but right now, just doing it is an accomplishment.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on November 20, 2009, 02:35:03 AM
Latise, Congrats on reaching your SLR goal! Good work! It has to be a boost to your spirits. Isn't it amazing how something so simple can equate to such joy? I hope I never take being able to walk for granted again. Keep visualizing success...sandra
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: agresknee on November 20, 2009, 03:12:50 AM
Keep up the good work you are doing so AWESOME and soon each day you will see major changes in what your body can do

And with time each task will get easier and easier, I sometimes read back on what i have written about my daughters journey to remind myself what AWESOME progress she is making......Try it sometime a little further down the journey.

good luck
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on November 23, 2009, 10:41:02 PM
5 weeks - 1 day

Thanks for the encouragement everyone. That is one of the reasons why this community is so great, because we hype each other up during the high times and listen to each other holler on the down times.

So tomorrow will be 5 weeks since the surgery. My physical therapist worked me over good today.

We did hamstring curls (no resistance) and leg press with 40 lbs (my OS gave me the ok on friday to progress to 40 lbs of weight bearing). Those were the hardest things, the rest was just normal quad exercises on the table, which I was thankful for.

At the end, they tried to get me to lay on the non-surgery side to put heat on my thigh. I wasn't too keen on this, as I've tried laying on my side at least 3 times and it's none too comfortable at all. They said my thigh is tight and needs to stretch out. Hmm, last time I checked, I stretch by active and manual stretching, not lying in an uncomfortable position. I lasted about 1 minute on my side with the heating pad on before I told him I couldn't take it anymore. I need a big body pillow that allows my thigh to stay at it's normal height, not droop down. A pillow between the knees isn't enough height. My thigh feels like something is poking up and ready to bust through my skin. It's not the "good ouch" feeling of a stretch, it's a bad ouch feeling of "if you don't take this heating pack off me and get me off my side I'm going to beat you with both of these crutches" feeling.

I'll spare the elaborate details for those interested, but the short of it is, I just got back from the dermatologist. It seems I'm having an allergic reaction to neosporine. I stopped the neosporine after about 4 weeks, but evidently that is too long to use it. When used for extended periods of time, the body can develop an allergy to it. I'm now having a secondary reaction to it, so i've got bumps not even near the area where the neosporine was applied (under my arms, on my neck, etc). But I got some prescription steroid ointment now to hopefully calm the itch. But just giving a word of warning that extended use of antibiotic ointments might not be a good idea.

Too bad the secondary reaction didn't start until thursday evening; that meant I had to go all weekend feeling itchy!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on November 23, 2009, 10:45:17 PM
The dermatology thing is SOP.  When I had an ugly mole removed on my arm, I had to keep it clean, coated in Vaseline, and covered.  My only trouble is that I'm sensitive to adhesive (with an actual reaction to latex) that I thought I was going to scratch my arm off before the wound healed.

You must be so ready to head home, finally!  Way to go! :)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on November 23, 2009, 10:54:28 PM
Isn't that the craziest about neosporin? I found that out a little bit ago when I put it in some dry skin bumps (thinking it was a rash) and it got worse! The doc told me about half the people who use neosporin have an allergy to one or more of the medicines in the ointment. I haven't used it since. I never really used an ointment on my scars for this surgery. Just kept them clean and dry and then put eucerin cream on them when we do my bending. So far they look pretty good. They're an angry shade of dark purplish pink, but that's about on par with being two months old for me.

I laughed so hard when you described the feeling of a need to hit them with the crutches! I know that feeling all too well. At my PT, that's when I screech "Kelly Clarkson." That's my sign to them that it has gone way beyond what I can tolerate:-)

Sounds like you're doing great! Keep up the awesome work...can't believe your five weeks
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: agresknee on November 24, 2009, 03:00:50 PM
Keep up the good work and thanks for the laugh of the day the hitting them with the crutches was so funny. i saw that look many times on my daughters  face.......

Have to keep your  humor through this process
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on November 29, 2009, 02:58:48 AM
5 weeks 4 days post-op

So, if you got a laugh out of hitting my therapist with crutches, wait till you hear this one.

I flew home today! Finally I am seeing my home after 5 weeks and 5 days! I was so happy to come in and sit on my couch, come upstairs (which I handled well) and lie on my bed and sit at my computer in my office. There's no place like home!

We have a sleep number bed and I tried laying on my side with some pillows and the bed on the softest (lowest) numbers and it seems I *might* be able to sleep on my side tonight. We'll see!

So, the (not so) funny story. Coming through the airport, my husband was pushing my wheelchair. At Hartsfield-Jackson you can take a train to your concourse, so he pushes me into the very crowded train. An airport guy pushing another wheelchair decides he's going to fit on the train too so he proceeds to basically run onto the train and move me and this other lady in a wheelchair to make more room. He's moving very hurriedly and abruptly. He demands the person pushing her to back up, mind you he has nowhere to go as there are PEOPLE behind him. He then is trying to push me SIDEWAYS in my chair and there is a POLE in the direction he is pushing me. My husband is protesting, I am yelling at the top of my lungs and all the while he is just like, "Please make room, move here move here." After he BANGS my chair into the pole, he realizes and apologizes. My husband was hot and told the guy to calm down and stop moving so fast. This is all happening very quickly, my story doesn't do it justice. I had my crutches on my lap and you better believe I had already got them up in position to cane this guy. Then as he is backing in the chair that there is no room for, he is *this* close to backing that dang chair right into my operative leg. This is when I got irate, I'm sorry to say. My husband told him very pointedly to stop rushing before he hurts someone. I told him to watch what he's doing because he's close to hitting my BROKEN leg and causing that airport to have to pay me a LOT of money! Needless to say, I didn't see his badge, but I let Delta know that I was NOT happy with his behavior.

I was so fed up at that point already because people are just so inconsiderate. They see a wheelchair coming and try to dart out in front (not so) quickly. Getting on the train, at least 3 people tried to slide in while my husband was wheeling me on, like they were going to miss the train if they waited for him to get me on. Plus in general, people just do not pay attention. They walk into you, or stop walking in the middle of the walkway. They are walking and not watching where they are going. I was so over being in that wheelchair by the time we hit that train, and then that employee just being so careless. I hope I am not like that to those with special needs, and if I am you can believe I won't be anymore, as this experience has definitely enlightened me a bit.

Anyway, that is my rant. THankfully, the pole took more damage than I did and my surgery leg is none the worse for wear. I'm so thankful to be home now and with my husband. I've missed him so much even his snoring is music to my ears (for now).
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on November 29, 2009, 03:27:37 AM
I get that "OMG HURRY IN FRONT OF HER!" when I'm on crutches.  Okay, for starters, is there a race I'm not aware of?  Also, if you cut me off, I'll end up putting my crutches on your achilles.  Or maybe your ankle.

And I have.  Especially when they look at me and deliberately get in my way!!

How was getting through security?
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on November 29, 2009, 03:39:48 AM
Hmm crutches to the achilles. I'm going to have to remember that one. That guy pissed me off so much, I could not help but lay into him and I didn't feel bad about it either.

Security was fine, but just like when leaving to DFW to go to ATL, I didn't go through the metal detectors but was instead wheeled through for search since I can't walk through the detectors without the the very metal crutches. However, this time they didn't wand me, I just got the pat down, in the chair no less, and that was it.

It's so nice to see the stringent security measures that are so consistent from on airport to the next...

The airport wasn't too crowded for 2pm on the Saturday following thanksgiving. The plane was a 757 and was a much better ride at 5 weeks post op then it was at 1 week post op. I flew first class again and while the leg room was fine, the whole leg bent for 2 hours kinda sucked, but not as bad as the seat pushing into my not-as-numb-as-last-time thigh. I felt that whole 2 hour ride on my thigh surgery site. But nonetheless, it was still much better than the previous trip. I was able to watch TV and even relax a bit, rather than being utterly miserable the entire flight and having to will myself to sleep to block out the discomfort.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on November 29, 2009, 03:45:37 AM
Thanks for the update! When I travel on 12/24, I'll not be able to go through security unassisted (without my crutches), so I've been pondering how I'll do it.  Did you talk to TSA for the wheelchair/assistance or did you get it from the airline?

Crutches to the achilles is very effective.  Especially since, you know, you're just moving forward at a constant pace... what else are you supposed to do when someone cuts you off?  And I've certainly never swung my crutches forward to whack someone in the ankle, either.  They look SO SURPRISED that I'm a functioning thinking human being and not a mental midget because I'm on crutches.  It's SO frustrating and offensive... and SO COMMON!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on November 29, 2009, 03:53:58 AM
I'm not sure how the different airlines work, as both my flight to ATL and home were on Delta. When I purchased my ticket, I checked the special needs box and selected that I need a wheelchair to get me to the plane, but that I could walk to my seat. When I arrived at the airport, we just alerted staff that I needed a wheelchair and then they take care of you from there. On arrival, the wheelchairs were waiting at the gate (although at ATL they had a shortage so we had to wait).

I would start with the airline if you don't have the option to say you need a wheelchair on your ticket.

There certainly are people on crutches or in wheelchairs that aren't mentally capable of understanding that they have just been caught off, but guess what neither you nor me are one of them. I can say, "Hey jackass, you're a jackass" and I really have no problem doing that either. I'm a nice person in general, but even a patient person can get annoyed with inconsiderate people. That is when my mother's not so friendly traits start to show in me!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on November 29, 2009, 04:00:20 AM
Excellent.  I figured if you were flying out of ATL, you were flying Delta.  Flying out of DTW, yeah, it's Delta as well.  I did not check any boxes off but I will sort something out.  I'm going in optimistic and naive, for once.

We were at a hockey game tonight and in the handicap section were two young men, both with EXTREME physical handicaps.  It was interesting how some people ignored them but how many "names" knew them and stopped by to chat directly with the men.  (College sports people, with names you wouldn't necessarily know outside of Michigan) 

I am aggressive - I suspect you and I wouldn't be that different, other than the extra foot in height you have on me - in how we deal with people.  Not doormats.  And I will whack them with my purple crutches, dammit! :)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on November 29, 2009, 04:08:29 AM
Aggressive is one for it. I've heard a few other words in my time, the most common one being that nice one that rhymes with witch. It's ok though, I kind of like it. Means I'm keeping my swagger. Hey, I'm nice to start, I can't help if people push me to my limit. I didn't rip that employee a new one until he was about slam a wheelchair into my leg--I think that is just cause to cease with the niceties and get to the crux of the matter!

My crutch covers and bag are blue, so not as flashy as the purple, but like you said, I've got 6 foot 2 on my side!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on November 29, 2009, 08:22:35 PM
you've hit the nail on the head! There is some secret race that people are in when they see us coming in our wheelchairs and with our crutches. I can't tell you how many times I've had people cut me off on my crutches in stores so they can check out first...nevermind they make me pull up so short and fast that I almost fall. The butt munches! I don't think I've ever been in so big of a hurry as to cut off someone on crutches or in a chair. My mom was funny. When one lady practically rammed me with her shopping cart at target my mom told me I should have stuck my crutch out and tripped up her cart...if only I could think of these things fast enough. I held my mom back from saying the very choice words she had on her mind at that moment, but hind sight, I should have let her have at it. Every day I learn more compassion for the folks in this world who will always be in a chair or on crutches or using a cane. If more people new how very hard it is to get around, hopefully they'd be more considerate. My fave in addition to participating in a drag race that you didn't know you were in is all the folks who think that holding the door until you hit the threshhold is helpful. I just love when it slams back at me and then gets stuck on my crutches nobby thing on the bottom. I can't express what a fabulous feeling it is to struggle to push open a heavy door that definitely isn't ADA compliant and not fall over as I disentangle my crutch. Can't folks just complete the effort and hold the door til you're all the way through? Sorry I'm belly aching, but yeesh...people are crazy. 

Latise, I'm glad you got home safely and in one piece. I was feeling for you thinking of your plane flight. Glad it went well.  We too have a sleep number, and I still was uncomfortable on ours (during the trapped on my back phase) and we got a two inch thing memroy foam for us and it's been great ever since. Just something to think about if you find you're still uncomfortable. I'm downright evil if I don't get enough sleep, so I was willing to try anything to get better rest. Hang in there!

Oh yeah, did I tell you I can finally cycle? oh so happy...the only crappy thing now is that I need the alcohol to bend. my scar tissue is just awful at this point.  Hope you had a happy holiday! Sandra (sorry if this is a little garbled or had a lot of typos...just had a very big cocktail in preparation for bending today:-) I feel like such a lush:-)
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Post by: slmac on November 30, 2009, 12:50:44 AM
Latise, since you're a Big D fan, I thought that you'd get a kick out of this story. The other day I decided to try wearing long pants to therapy instead of shorts (since it's so cold lately) and they happened to be my redskins sweats. The logo on them can't be bigger than two inches by two inches. Anyway, one of the therapists is a Dallas fan (though he had his panthers stuff on since that's the team that the practice I go to rehabilitates) and he started giving me a hard time...something about how he'd bend me and then some. It made me laugh! It opened up the door to all kinds of jokes, especially once my husband joined me there (die hard skins fan he is!). sandra
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Post by: crankerchick on December 04, 2009, 03:50:43 PM
6 weeks 3 days post-op

Well, I can see how people update less and less as life begins to improve and we are thinking less and less about our knees. My comfort level is much better, as I can finally be reasonably comfortable and sit and watch tv or movies or play games without feeling really uncomfortable or likewise falling asleep. I think being at home has something to do with it. Your own home is just more comfortable I think.

I did my xray on wednesday, just waiting on the results from doctor. The films should arrive in TX on monday so hopefully I'll hear from my doctor then. I'm holding off on going to work on Monday until after I talk to the doctor. I'm starting to get cold feet about returning, since I'm really still not in a condition to work an 8 hour day. I sat at my desk in my home office the other day for too long and was nice and achy afterward. I don't know how I will make it 8 hours at work, not to mention crutching around the building for water, lunch, bathroom breaks, meetings, and that pesky work thing. We will see how it goes.

I've started my physical therapy here at home now. I liked the place I went to in ATL, but man they didn't do any stretching or massage--just all exercises and active stretching (where I do it myself). My man here hooks me up and I feel so much more loose and relaxed after therapy. Of course it lasts for all of like 30 minutes, but hey, I'll take it.

I get to use the game ready machine there and while it is sweet, I have to say in my opinion its not worth how much more it costs over the cryo-cuff. Aside from covering more area on my leg, so more of the leg is iced, it does what the cryo-cuff (with autochill) does. Granted, it can regulate the temperature of the water, which the cryo-cuff can't, but it costs a lot more than a cryo-cuff (and is only available with prescription from doctor). It is a sweet contraption to use though.

My first night home was a bit rough. I didn't have the wedge pillow and sleeping was just awful. But the in-laws arrived Sunday with the pillow in tow and things have been much better. I'm handling the stairs good so far, and have been driving myself a few places with no problem. I go to my gym every day for the stationary bike and besides that, spend my time alternating from the bedroom to the couch to the office. I'm finally catching up on my tv shows that i missed (check out and watching some movies and things, so the days aren't so amazingly boring.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on December 04, 2009, 03:54:48 PM
Football inevitably comes up therapy it seems. My therapist is a skins fan and another patient was talking about the skins vs the saints this week and I started laughing about how badly they are going to lose (of course the cowboys will likely lose when they play the saints too). When I said I was a Dallas fan I got the boo hiss from all the folks in the facility. It's all good though.

Glad you all got a laugh out of the situation and glad to hear at least one person at your therapy place is rooting for the right team!
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Post by: crankerchick on December 08, 2009, 10:19:20 PM
7 weeks post-op

So I'm 7 weeks post-op today and coming along I guess. I spoke briefly with my doctor yesterday and got the results of my x-ray. The bone healing is going as expected and he cleared me to full weight bear as tolerated with 2 crutches. I'm to proceed as such for 1-2 weeks, at which point I can drop down to 1 crutch or a cane, my choice, and then move on to ditching the crutches completely. So Christmas without crutches seems like a good possibility. So far I haven't had much pain increasing my weight bearing status, but like I said before I suspect I was doing more than 40 lbs anyway.

It's tough mentally to try and walk with the crutches without still putting some of my weight on them. I don't even know if I can put all of my weight without pain or not because I can't get myself to mentally step and just use the crutches for balance. It's only been one day though, so I guess/hope with each day I'll get the confidence.

I'm amazed at how long its taking to get a semblance of "normal" feeling in my leg. I know this is way different than plica removal, but after my plica surgery, at 7 weeks I was throwing a bowling ball. I didn't expect to be that far along after this surgery obviously, but I did think my leg would be somewhere close to feeling normal by this point.

My thigh incision is still a bit sore, and pushing on that area definitely elicits pain of about a 2 or 3. Any movement/stretching to that area makes pain of 4 or 5. My tibia is still gawd-awful tight lateral to the incision, although the numbness is slowly going away and the feeling is coming back. I can now massage my leg or let it rest up against things without it feeling creepy. The inside of my leg below the knee still feels tight and active bending (think hamstring curl) still feels super creepy in that area (although arguably better since the surgery). If I bend too quickly (like say on the bike), my leg literally feels like it may come apart there, if that makes any sense. I can feel that up into the knee itself, on the bone that makes up the inside of the knee, which I'm guessing is the tibia. However, the feeling isn't one of pain, just the discomfort of things feeling like they aren't moving fluidly.

As long as things stay in a straight line, it feels good, but twisting is still creepy. It is however much better than before, as I no longer cringe at the thought of my leg not being completely straight when bending. My therapist has been bending and stretching me and I've noticed that I'm much less sensitive to it now. Before, a sharp turn in a car would send me cussing. Not so much now.

I ran all of this by my doctor, since I'm paranoid, and he basically said rome wasn't built in a day. It's all normal, but man I wish there was someone else on here to compare with. It seems the twisted sisters aren't around on the forum lately, and I don't think any of them that still post even had the tibial derotation anyway.

So anyway, that is my incredibly long and boring update. I'm still home until I hear from the doctor's office on that front. Only problem is my disability ins was set to end on 11/29 unless there was a follow up from the doctor's office. Since the office hasn't submitted the follow-up yet, I'm home right now without pay, which kind of sucks basically. I'm in no rush to go back, as I'm skeptical about working full days anyway, but for my sanity I need the paperwork filed so I can stop worrying about when I'm going to see a paycheck!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on December 09, 2009, 07:46:42 PM
7 weeks 1 day post-op

So yesterday I tried to put more weight on my leg like I said. My leg felt none the worse for wear yesterday or this morning.

Today, to help shake that mental hurdle of putting all of my weight on my leg with the crutches, I tried the treadmill. LOL, i know maybe that was silly, LOL. But it went fine. I kept it on the slowest speed and held the rails on the side and front. I already told myself going in I would only do it if I felt I could sufficiently support myself. So I did 5 minutes holding on to first the sides and then the rail on front (where HR is measured). Since I'm so tall, I had to hunch over a bit, but my goal was just to work on the rhythm of walking and taking steps in normal cadence (instead of favoring one leg over the other). At 0.7 mph, it was none too fast. All-in-all it was a success. I was able to hold the rails and take steps in time without putting all of my weight. It allowed me to have some confidence in taking steps. It also helped me to see that my limbs can actually work right to take steps, despite all the tightness and non-fluid movement feelings.

I've known all along I could take steps. When I'm standing up without my crutches, ever since about week 3 the temptation has been there to take a step. I could definitely put my left foot out to take the step, but would wimp out before stepping with the right foot, ie actually putting weight on the operative leg. Such fear was good before, because I shouldn't have been taking steps anyway, LOL, but now its time to get over it. Going on the treadmill, even tough I was holding on, just helped me to see that my legs will indeed work to walk like a normal person, and all I have to do is getting over the fear of putting all my weight down.
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Post by: crankerchick on December 09, 2009, 07:53:29 PM
Also, looks like I'm going back to work on Monday and I won't be going back part-time, well at least not part-time as far as disability insurance is concerned. Since we have the entire holiday break from christmas to new years off, I've only got 2 weeks before I have a week off anyway. So I will just work each day as many hours as I can tolerate and use vacation time to fill in. I'm sure I can work a half day and probably will be able to work a full day after a few days of getting back in to the swing of things.

I have a desk job, just sit at a computer or work in a lab so it won't be awful of course. Just gotta make sure I get up and move around often and I'll have to find a way to make my desk and the lab space accomodate my long leg being propped up when I can't sit with it bent for any longer.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: fraud_ninja on December 09, 2009, 08:14:22 PM
Good luck going back to work.  I always found it was a good morale boost to be getting back into a more normal routine.  Plus, I think that it helps with the healing process to begin to be up and about more.  The first few days will probably be rough, but then it should get a lot easier.

As far as feeling normal in general, its a slow process.  In many ways I have found that the first two weeks after you start to come off crutches and/or a brace are the hardest.  The body just isn't used to walking and the muscles are so weak that they are hardly doing their job.  Expect the first two weeks or so to be slow progress as the body kind of starts to readjust to everything.  Once your body gets readjusted then the progress will be a lot faster.  This was definately the case with my ankle surgery.  The first two weeks without the boot were so difficult.  My foot hurt with every step and I did not see much progress.  I kept pushing forward and in the past week the progress has been daily. 

Good luck.

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Post by: crankerchick on December 09, 2009, 09:33:56 PM
Thanks for the advice Brianne. I just have to say this, everytime i type your name I type Brianna. My neice's name is Brianna so it is just natural to type so every single time i type it then have to backspace, LOL.

Anyway, I agree with you about the morale booster. After I posted, I got a call from my doctor and they finished my paperwork today so they actually cleared me today so I am going to go in tomorrow after therapy. I thought the same words you just posted, that going back is basically another step towards getting back to normal life. It will be tough at first, especially trying to work 8 hours, exercise 3x a day, and do the bike for an hour plus do all the normal stuff that takes twice as long, LOL. But its all just getting me to the point where life is back to normal but with a new twist--my kneecap not popping out randomly!

I hear you on the progress. Its been 2 days since I've been trying to convince myself to walk with all my weight on the leg and boy is it a process. I think I need to accept that i'm not going to just throw the crutches down and walk. I think I need to just take my time and let it happen. I feel physically strong enough to walk, it seems like my apprehension is more mental than anything. So perhaps instead of trying to convince myself to walk, I need to just let it happen and maybe my mind will follow suit.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on December 11, 2009, 02:06:32 PM
You described the weirdness of the head getting in the way of taking steps perfectly...I too had experienced the moments of my leg tempting me to try walking and then when I was allowed to walk with two crutches my leg was overwhelmed. In a few more days you won't be thinking about it so hard and your body will cooperate more. I swear at first I had to have a pep-talk with my leg to get going. It was worst the first few days I went down to one crutch. It's hard keeping your head from getting in the way. My doc gave me a similar timeline to yours and I wasn't there when they said I would be. Therapy said that it's different for everyone and that they thought my OS had been a little overly optimistic. I was supposed to go from two crutches to one to no brace all in two weeks...didn't happen. It really took about 6 for me and I think I dragged it out a little bit from nerves because I was afraid of falling at work or in public. In the house was a different story. Now I can even walk holding my daughter with no brace and no crutch for support.

You will get there! Just be patient.
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Post by: crankerchick on December 14, 2009, 06:38:43 PM
Well, I had posted a nice long whiney post about my walking escapades, but I decided to start all over and be positive.

I've been trying for a week with bearing more weight in hopes of ditching the crutches. I can successfully use 1 crutch around the house and for short distances. Its certainly easier to carry things when when using only 1 crutch.

My pain levels haven't increased, although I'm not sure just how much more weight I'm bearing now than before I got the ok to put more weight on the leg. I did the whole "not think about it" thing for a few days but things still haven't improved, I'm still apprehensive about taking steps without the crutches. I've successfully "hopped" through a step without them, but no dice on "walking normal" without them.

I feel like I'm a bit behind in what the other derotated folks that have posted here were doing by this point, but I do have to remind myself that I have had both the tibia and the femur done at the same time. My thigh muscles are still pretty weak, especially the ones used to move the legs outward. I sooo can't lay on my side and raise my leg without someone standing help me raise it.

I guess this is just a frustrated day. It will pass.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on December 14, 2009, 07:28:49 PM
Frustrated days are certainly par for the course - we all have them, especially during recovery!

(For example, mine is that I seem to have a sinus infection and I can't get to the doctor's office without getting my husband to drive me... across campus.  Any other year, I'd walk there, 0 degree windchills and all, but right now I can't and I'm beside myself)

Today might stink, but tomorrow should be better!!
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Post by: drmark on December 14, 2009, 07:29:43 PM
Walking on one crutch can only be done fully weight bearing on the involved leg. †This is a big step in the right direction.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on December 14, 2009, 10:19:22 PM
Steps in the right direction are good LOL :-)

Sarah, sorry to hear about your sinus infection and double bummer on not being able to take yourself. Saturday I woke up feeling like I'm coming down with something sinus related. My head feels stuffy and my throat is hot and scratchy at night. It sucks!

So after I posted, I headed out for PT. He watched me walk with 1 crutch and said I'm doing it 90% well. I was afraid I was leaning on the crutch too much but he said the lean is only slight. It comes of course when taking the step with non-operative leg. I know I clench the crutch at that point, so to me it feels like I'm leaning on to the crutch holding on for dear life! LOL! He had me watch myself in the mirror and it isn't nearly as bad as I thought.

So a few days of mostly 1 crutch and I'll see where I am. I feel more positive now after p/t and after reading the cheer up posts here.

On a different note, tomorrow makes 8 weeks. I can do 3x10 straight leg raises now. 10 at a time doesn't send me to tears either. I started riding the upright stationary bike instead of the geriatric recumbent. When I was only pwb, I couldn't figure out how to get up on the bike without a step-stool so I just left it alone. Plus at my in-laws, they only had a recumbent. But now I'm on the big girl bike and its much better. So much more knee bend on the upright. With that said, it brought a whole new set of popping and snapping, only instead of in my quad, I feel them in my shin. I wonder if it is the ITB snapping of the plate, but its hard to tell. It doesn't seem like its on the onside of my leg, so it probably isn't that. It doesn't hurt so I'm not concerned, but it sure does feel funny.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on December 14, 2009, 11:25:20 PM
Yeah, I'm lucky enough to have an official diagnosis of "chronic rhinosinusitis" in my files, along with the side note (I think) of "give her the drugs and shut up" (since doctors look at that note, shut up, and write out a prescription).  Sadly, I'm pretty sure it's workplace driven, since I was fine at home (and happy to not be sick) and then i got back to work and yeah.

Be nice to geriatric recumbent bikes! ;)  It's all I've ever been able to ride with the arthritis in my knee.  It's also exactly what I've needed for all my PT.  But since I nearly fell over just when standing today, my coordination is suspect and perhaps a recumbent is safest for me.

I am jealous of your walking ability and permissions, even though you did have a different surgery than me.  I'm at 9 weeks, still on two crutches, and barely PWB!  So over this.  You'll be dancing and I'll just be getting off crutches. ;)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on December 14, 2009, 11:53:18 PM
Sadly, I'm pretty sure it's workplace driven, since I was fine at home (and happy to not be sick) and then i got back to work and yeah.

I think mine is too. I was fine when I wasn't around people, but I go back to work on Thursday and Saturday I wake up sniffling. Workplace germs, damn you!

As for my walking restrictions, you are right we had different surgeries. I didn't have a wedge of bone taken out of my leg. Isn't that what they do for an HTO, take a wedge of bone out? Mine is just broke (in half I think?) and spun around, which just sounds so wonderful when you think about it, even more so when thinking about doing that in 2 different places.

My doctor is "aggressive" in the area of movement and exercises it seems, when compared to others on here, but I think he was pretty standard in his weight-bearing restriction of 6 weeks. I only ended up waiting for 7 weeks to start bearing more weight because of the delay in getting my xray films from here to TX in the snail mail. I was actually surprised when he said to basically wean off the crutches. I was expecting him to say ok the bone is healing, ditch the sticks. One of the reasons I chose my doctor is because of his post-op protocol.

Just remember, your docs protocol is what it is for a reason and you'll be all the better for following it. I'm so over being on crutches too, even if I'm only on one, LOL. And I won't be dancing cause I suck at dancing and coincidentally it seems both times my lifelong knee problems actually resulted in surgery followed events I was dancing at, so I'm starting to think dancing makes my kneecap really think that it needs to run away from its home. It probably feels that way because my dancing is so awful, my kneecap wants to leave my body so as not to be embarrassed. Both surgeries also followed significant worsening of symptoms in the beginning of the month of January (2007 and 2009) so I think I'll be very careful not to dance in December for real this year.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on December 15, 2009, 12:08:37 AM
I had an opening wedge HTO.  My tibia was cut and then opened up 12mm and is held in to place with a plate and pins.  The three months on crutches is SOP at MedSport and I was warned, at 2 weeks, that the third month is the hardest.  It is!

But add to that I'm very short (and, if I was proportional to the top half of my body, I'd be almost 2" taller), so that 12mm opening is GIANT for me and almost landed me in a hard cast for six weeks.  Heck, I can see the outline of the plate when I bend my knee. 

In short, my surgeon opened up my leg and has forced bone to grow where there had been none before, without a graft... so 12 weeks isn't THAT long.  And I did know about it going in, but knowing and living it are two totally different things!!

I think mine is aggressive in doing as much as I can, without walking.  I suspect at this point that most of my recovery has to do with a broken bone type of healing, rather than the growth. I can bear some weight, I can do non-impact exercising (see: recumbent bike), and I can do home PT.

But, again, it's 9 weeks on crutches today.  It's the Christmas season and it's definitely winter.  The crutches are metal, which is unpleasant when the temps are near 0.  Getting around on snow and ice is a challenge.  I miss going to the mall at Christmas time.  We didn't put up a tree because I couldn't help.  I couldn't make my usual cookies. I think it's a build up of things, around this time of year, that just make it more challenging for me than the Jan-March time frame (okay.  then it would be coooooooooold cold cold or too much snow. but no cookies or christmas trees! ;)).

I've already, accidentally, seen a positive outcome to the surgery, so I know it was worth it.  I just gotta get to the other side!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on December 15, 2009, 05:46:12 PM
Isn't it nice to know up front what is being done and what the post-op protocol is? There are a lot of people on here that have a surgery and haven't a clue what they are having done or what they are and aren't allowed to do after the surgery. I just don't understand that. I guess because I'm a control freak and have a massive fear of the unknown, but I can't imagine letting someone chop me open and I not know what they are going to do (or even worse, the doctor not know what they are going in to do) or have an idea what it will be like afterward.

My doctor has asked me a few times specifically if things have gone as described prior to the surgery, and so far it has, so no complaints there. For someone like me, that is important, to know as much as I can upfront and then have things actually play out that way too.

I think being able to be active with the home exercises is important for the recovery, at least for me, because I feel like I'm doing something active in my recovery, versus just sitting on the couch letting the muscles atrophy away until allowed to bend or do a SLR.

I agree it does suck to be on the crutches during the holiday, especially when it interferes with the things that help to get you into the spirit. This year was going to be the year I finally did a tree and really decorated. We spent the last 2 Christmases in ATL so we didn't decorate much, just put some lights on the bushes. But last year, knowing this would be our first Christmas as a married couple, I decided that this year we were going to decorate and do cards and the like whether we were away from home or not. Enter knee problems and then surgery, all that went out the window. I haven't even done our thank you notes from our wedding in June. My mother-in-law offered to help with decorations and a tree but I told her it was ok because I didn't want my husband getting stuck taking it all down. Well, my guy isn't much in the way of affectionate, so I really have to appreciate the little things. I came home from the gym the other day and he had been to home depot and got more lights to decorate the yard and he had bought a pre-lit tree, so we have a tree this year! If I was the crying type, I would have been bawling, LOL.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on December 16, 2009, 05:32:51 PM
So yesterday made 8 weeks post-op. I'm still hoping to be walking like a normal person by Christmas, but we'll see.

Yesterday I spent mostly the whole day with 1 crutch. I left the second one at home for the trip to the gym, and left it in the car when I went to work. That was my way of not tempting myself to use it. After the gym, getting ready for work, I felt pretty good and tried a few steps around the bedroom. Steps were more like "hobbling" since I have the apprehension about putting all weight on the left leg. But I limped across the room nonetheless which was good for my confidence.

I worked about 5 hours and then came home and did the exercises and cooked dinner. I think I did too much, but of course because I threw all scientific method out of the window and did more than one new thing at a time, I'm not sure which activity is to blame or if it is just a combination of too much activity. So today I will scale it back some. Since I felt some twinges in my back today, I will only use 1 crutch when I'm sure I can stand up straight and not lean to the one side too much. That means using 2 crutches for walking long distances too.

I'm feeling crappy enough today to take some Tylenol and I will probably work only 4 hours today. I may pop the vicodin if the tylenol doesn't help.

I'm a pretty mental person. I know my muscles aren't going to just get stronger on their own, so I'm hesitant to give in and only do my exercises and biking and otherwise just sit around. I want to do all I can and should do, but its hard to know how much I should do. I don't want to be a wimp but I don't want to hurt myself either!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on December 16, 2009, 05:46:18 PM
Latise, Hang in there!!! You're being so hard on yourself. I know how frustrating it is teaching your mind and your leg that you can walk again after not being able to for a while. I don't want to be a total downer, but your body is still healing and this is a long process. Even though I'm tweleve weeks out now and can pretty much walk (but I still limp when I'm fatigued, tired in general, or stiff) I still have moments where the leg goes all squirrelly on me and I want the crutch back. The big boost for me was pushing myself to do more and more around the house with walking with one and then no crutch. The other main helper for me is that I still rarely go barefoot or walk in just stalking feet in the house. PT told me to always have my shoes on and boy do I notice how much better I walk when I have my stabilizer running shoes on. Your quad and your hip took a beating with your surgery. I know the biking and excercises don't feel like you're doing much now, but you are. I still can't do a perfectly straight leg raise, but it's so much better than it was...just like your raises on your side where you can do it if someone is assisting, that was me with the SLR's. It's just a lot of patience (that I don't always have) and pushing to try and get better. This may sound crazy, but I noticed I started moving better after I started playing some simple games on the Wii with my hubby. The tennis and the bowling took my mind off of what I was doing just enough to do better. You will be amazed at how different you'll feel next week walking. Every week I† make gains with it. Hang in there! Sandra
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on December 16, 2009, 05:49:19 PM
oh, I cracked myself up rereading that post. I didn't mean "stalking" feet :-) Big difference between that and "stockinged." One sounds respectable while the other makes me sound shiftless and up to no good...and that's my brain without vicadin today...I'll blame it on withdrawls.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on December 16, 2009, 07:30:23 PM
LOL to funny with stalking feet, LOL. But it is something I hadn't thought of. Once I'm home my shoes come off immediately. Last night after cooking dinner and my feet were so tired it dawned on me that I probably should have worn my shoes, so I will definitely keep that in mind.

I'm sure I am being hard on myself, that is what I do best, LOL. I just don't want to hurt myself by not being active. A lot of times people hurt so they rest, when in reality what they need is to exercise and move! I know with my back injury that was exactly what helped me--giving it time but also exercising and stretching. I just don't want to not do enough. You hit it on the head with the home exercises--it doesn't feel like much. Not to say they are easy, because they so are not, and I constantly change them or increase the reps or add a weight when they feel like they are getting easy. But they aren't the same as working out in the gym, building a sweat doing lunges and strength training. So thanks for the reminder, that at this point I'm doing what I'm suppsoed to be doing. Just need to be patient. My doctor keeps telling me every time I email him, patience is a virtue or something equally anecdotal relating to patience. I'm so not a patient person. I can be patient, I just need to know that I'm being patient doing all that I can and should do, LOL. I'm that person that always worries I'm not doing enough.

But you are right. I'm still healing. I just wish I could tell the difference in healing pain and overdoing it pain. But I'm taking the hint today. Healing pair or overdoing it pain, it doesn't matter, I'm ease it back some cause being awake at night in discomfort isn't cool, LOL.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on December 16, 2009, 10:28:55 PM
A rule of thumb I was given is that if you hurt for more than an hour with achy muscles and joints (compared to our "normal"), you did too much. Some days I overdo it and pay the price. You'll get the green light for more soon enough. I can't believe what I'm working up to at the gym now. This is my first week solo on strength training and it's a crazy balance of figuring out what I can take and what is too much... patience grasshopper... :)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on December 17, 2009, 04:37:03 PM
That sounds like a good rule of thumb to follow, thanks. I'm feeling better today after lightening up some yesterday. I'm real stiff though. Working has done a number on the stiffness. My quad is so tight I'm losing some of my flexion. I'm gonna check it after I bike this afternoon and my legs are stretched better.

My word for the next few weeks is patience. I'm getting caught up in day-to-day progress and letting that discourage me. Thinking back, there aren't many things in this recovery that I just woke up one morning and it was drastically improved from the day before, LOL. Things have taken days and weeks to change just a little. So I'm going to try to get back to just getting through each day one at a time, and focus on enjoying the holidays and stuff and not worry about if I'm babying my limb or not.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on December 21, 2009, 06:00:52 PM
Well geeks, it seems i've had my first snag, but thankfully it is of the administrative kind, and not a setback in my overall health. My lovely insurance company UHC has stopped paying for my therapy visits. Actually, they stopped paying for them about 12 visits ago, so that is sweet. There are still 3 more visits to post too.

Of course, the self-payment option at my current facility is $100 per visit, but every visit to the insurance company was billed for more than that, so if I had known before, I could have been on the self-pay option and saved myself some money for the 6 visits I've already had at this place.

I am going for an appeal on those visits in Atlanta. I have paperwork to suggest they should be covered.

I just wish insurance matters could really be sorted out BEFORE service instead of having to wait for the claims to post. All of the claims for the Atlanta visits posted at once, just a few days ago. If they had been submitting like my current place does (the next day following service), I could have caught this sooner. When I was going in Atlanta, I submitted for pre-approval and all of that, and I was told everything was fine. Hehe, yeah it was fine, *shrug*.

I'm not angry, I mean it is what it is. Plus, I'm sure it is my fault somehow anyway. I didn't do something I should have done so I would know my coverage was maxed out. I mean, I know my ins only covers 20 visits, I just thought it was 20 visits per condition, like it was the last time I had surgery. Whoops. I'm not sure what the answer is, as calling multiple times before service results in differing, usually conflicting, answers, and waiting till after service puts a person at risk for denial of coverage. Hmm, sounds like I chose the wrong profession.

I'm thankful it is happening now, at the end of the year, so at least I can get a new set of visits in the new year. At least my $50k hospital stay and my surgery and anesthesia were covered. Oh yeah, and the $2k charge for the on-call doctor to order blood work and tell me to take it easy following my fainting spell at the hospital. Nice.

I called 3 different times to the ins company before the surgery and was told something different every time as to whether my doctor was in network or not and whether my surgery was covered. I just crossed my fingers, checked my out-of-pocket maximum to make sure I could cover it if the worst case happened, and rolled the dice.

I phoned my doctor about laying off PT for the next 2 weeks and he thinks I'm ok to do things on my own. All of the exercises I'm currently doing in therapy are all exercises I do at home 2-3x per day in addition to the stationary biking every day. I have ankle weights at home, an exercise ball, resistance bands, and thera bands. I'm no newbie to physical therapy, I've been doing these exercises for years, since I was a kid, so I'm not afraid of doing them and I think I know when to add more or increase the weight or reps. It's a little daunting being in this half walking position trying to rehab myself, as I've never been here before, but my doctor seems confident I can manage. My therapist gave me some advice on what to do regarding my walking and increasing weight and reps for the current exercises, so I have a plan. I just don't want to jeopardize my recovery. On the one hand, I know EVERYTHING i'm doing right now in P/T I can do at home and already do at home and have been doing at home all along, so why pay $100+ per visit twice a week? But on the other hand, there's that nagging feeling of hey don't be cheap and jeopardize your recovery.

What I'm telling myself right now is just take it 1 day at a time. I canceled my visit for today but if I ever feel really uncomfortable about my decision, just make a phone call and schedule an appointment. I'm going to miss the massage and stretching that comprised about 5-10 minutes of my visits, but perhaps I will trust my husband to stretch me and pound on my thigh for 5 minutes.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on December 21, 2009, 06:26:58 PM
It might be worth it, then, for you to contact your PT and ask for a take-home plan.† Your situation is, sadly, not the least bit unusual, and they can probably work with you on one.† And perhaps a monthly follow-up, even if it's out of pocket.

Good luck!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on December 21, 2009, 07:11:01 PM
Thanks for the advice Sarah. It's only 2 weeks that I'm going to be skipping with therapy. The new year brings me to a new insurance company (and a new set of visits if i was still with UHC) so I will resume Jan 4th for sure. If it was a case of stopping indefinitely, I would just suck it up and figure out how to pay out of pocket. Since it's just 2 weeks (4 visits), I figured I can take it one day at a time and not spend $400 (on top of what I've already accrued) for a bunch of exercises I'm already doing on my own at home anyway.

On the plus side, I don't think the new ins co has a max number of visits (just a higher co-pay) so that is a good thing, although I'm not sure how long I will go once I start walking. I feel pretty confident in my ability to rehab myself once I'm walking. I'm just hesitant right now because of the whole barely walking thing. But my doctor think it'll be fine and my therapist too, so I'll go with it for now. In the grand scheme $100 per visit isn't awful though, so if I feel like I need to go, I'll be making that appointment!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: agresknee on December 21, 2009, 09:09:50 PM
If you havent paid your bill yet ask your office about Prompt payment plan I read about it in a magazine and asked the hospital about it and sure enough they said yes we have it and I saved off kates hospital bill my portion after insurance and it was about 600 dollars I also asked my PT about it and they do it for any bill over i think was 500 so I saved on that as well,  Because we were in the same situation as you with Kate and mine was 220 a visit  til we graduated to the personal training sessions which are only 75 still seems the same as PT but classified different so doesnt cost me as much.

Dont know if any of this helps, sadly your situation is very very common we only get 24 visits a year and we burned 12 on first surgery so we did not have much to work with this time but we are almost done

good luck, Happy Holidays
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on December 22, 2009, 06:49:07 PM
Oh thanks I will definitely inquire about this! If they can help me out, that would be sweet.

This will be long (of course) as I realize my updates haven't really been updates but more like whining sessions.

9 weeks post-op

I can finally do a few straight leg raises on my side! I'm also doing quad sets, SLR, pelvic tilt, bridging, clams with resistance band, clams on my side with no band, hamstring curl on my stomach, wall squats, and marching on the ball. I purchased a "stretch out" rope to do quad stretching on my stomach.

I've started crawling on the floor before I get up from doing the floor exercises to help desensitize the screw area on the TTT site. Let me say that I was surprised I can get on my knees, and the discomfort borderline pain I feel on the bad knee isn't completely contained to the screw area. In general, the whole knee feels uncomfortable enough on the floor that the screw area isn't even on the radar.

Today in the gym I started some resistance training. I did seated leg press (both legs and also just the bad leg), seated hamstring curl, glute presses, calf press, and hip abductor. Finished it off with a go on the upright stationary bike. I started trying the resistance machines at 6 weeks post-op, but was finding it hard to do most of them, even on the lowest weight settings. Plus, it was hard getting on and off most of them. After each attempt, I waited a week or 2 and tried again. This week I was able to do them all, hooray!

Of course, I did all my home exercises first, and then went to the gym and did all of that. I'm feeling it now. None of the exercises hurt when I did them, and I'll just use this pain now as a guide for finding the right balance.

I'm using mostly 1 crutch still, 2 crutches for long distances and the stairs. I hobble around at home until usually at night when it hurts more and my leg feels like it is going to hyperextend, which I guess is from fatigue.

My pain levels are mostly good, but can be as much as a 5 out of 10 at times. Usually when it hurts (like now), it is an achy type pain. I don't take anything unless it is really bad (like now). The only pain that pisses me off is the sharp, stabbing pain like a pitchfork being driven into my leg. It happens both in my thigh and in my shin. For that pain, I just bear through, as the vicodin doesn't help. I wonder if it is a nerve thing or a bone thing, not sure. It doesn't necessarily coincide with activity level either.

I can lay on the bad side when I'm awake for a few minutes as long as I make the bed really soft. A patient at my old P/T said to get my leg used to it, I should lay on it every day for longer and longer. I figured its worth a try, especially since my doc said the same thing about crawling for helping the screw area. So when I remember I lay with some amount of my weight on that side for a little bit.

On a different note, before this last round of patella problems, I was making real headway in getting my life healthier by both eating better and exercising regularly. The pre-op routine of cycling daily as suggested by my doctor furthered my efforts (and hopefully is helping in my recovery too). I'm down 45lbs from my heaviest weight and have even managed to lose about 12 lbs since the surgery, even with my mother-in-law feeding me any snack I wanted (i said no a lot). I'm so relieved that I didn't derail myself after the surgery.

Hope my novel length posts are helpful to someone, and if you made this far reading (i probably wouldn't), happy holidays to all!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on January 02, 2010, 12:49:36 AM
10 weeks 3 days post-op

Short update, can you believe it?!

I'm now using 1 crutch all the time even out of the house. At home I "walk" around. The walking is getting better. The pain is pretty much nonexistent. I'm not sure why I can't lose the limp, although it has gotten better.

I'm pumping iron in the gym and doind all my home pt exercises, although the routine is suffering some with all the holiday festivities and traveling.

Pain is still well managed and I'm now finally sleeping in the bed like a normal person (no pillow mound and wedge pillow). My husband got me a body pillow so I'm excited to try it out now that I'm sleeping on my side.

I start back with pt next week and I'm looking forward to getting rid of the 1 crutch. Not too much longer! Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on January 02, 2010, 02:15:51 AM
Happy New Knee year! I know what you mean on the limp thing. It's a pain to lose the darn thing sometimes. It's great to hear you are doing so well and that the pain is pretty well managed for you. Keep up the totally awesome work. I hope that you see great gains this new year.

Remember how you were talking before about being super careful on curbs. I didn't notice it before, but I'm doing the exact same thing without realizing it. Better safe than sorry though. Good luck! Sandra
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Post by: agresknee on January 02, 2010, 03:21:41 AM
 I see a limp with kate when she gets tired

So maybe something you have for awhile

Happy new year
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on January 05, 2010, 09:41:01 PM
Happy New Knee Year to all of you!

I can deal with a tired limp. My "limp" right now is more of an understatement. My walking is more like a "hobble" or "wobble" then a limp, LOL. But I'm being a good sport about it. I'm definitely in a better mental state of patience then I was when I was first permitted to begin the journey of ditching the sticks.

11-weeks post op

So nothing much is new. I started back with my therapist yesterday. He measured my ROM just to make sure nothing went bad in the 2 weeks since he'd seen me and everything was good. ROM is 120 degrees active and 130 passive. Flexion is perfect, as it has been throughout. That elevating with nothing but air under the knee must really be the truth.† ;-)

Everyone at work this week is commenting how much faster I'm moving now (with the 1 crutch), and I of course have noticed that myself. I tried to walk from my desk to the kitchen without it, and that was a big no-no. No pain, just so tired and my muscles were all clenched up by the time I got back to my desk. About halfway to my desk on the way back, I had to stop and take a pause because my leg just wouldn't move any more. I won't try that again for a few days.

This week I decided its time to try and work a full day. After being off all last week, I had somewhat forgotten how stiff and achy my leg gets at my desk. It's a bit better since before the break, but not much. The extra 2-3 hours I'm spending here more than make up for the improvement anyway. I just popped 2 tylenol actually, because it aches badly enough for me to want to try drugs.

As for all the tight discomforty numb feeling stuff, not much improvement there. The uncertainty is killer too. I'm afraid my leg won't ever feel "normal" again. I know the numbness will likely stick around forever, but I hope the tight, hot feeling will continue to wane with time, even if it is does seem like a long time like it has so far.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: CHILLYdogs on January 14, 2010, 03:23:15 PM
Hey there, Little SandaSista!!
Happy New Year to you, as well.
I've been catching up on your posts and it really makes me happy to see how well you've been doing. 
Congratulations to both you and Dr. Sanders on the fantastic job.
Keep up the good work!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on January 14, 2010, 04:28:08 PM
Thanks Kyle. Things seem to be going good so far, no real complications, just working on walking still.

12 weeks 2 days post op

So this past Tuesday made 12 weeks since my surgery. Considering I spent the first 6 weeks away from home, it really doesn't seem like it's only been 12 weeks. Boy, time flies when you are having fun...

So I don't have much to report, just that things are still going. I'm still 1-crutching outside of the house, which is annoying and starting to get real old. It just seems like I should be able to walk unassisted by now, which I can, its just I limp so terribly. Anyway, so I told my therapist today that this is some BS and I'm starting to get frustrated. He said he thinks I'm doing fine, my hip muscles are really weak and thats where the limp is coming from. He said we would really focus more on the hip and glute to fix the limp, and the only reason he hadn't introduced more stuff like that is because I'm still struggling to do side straight leg raise, indicating that my strength is still pretty bad.

So anyway, we did more hip/glute stuff today including side step ups and step downs, standing hip adductor with resistance band, and side walking with resistance bands. Also practiced the walking motion with the parallel bars. I had to hold on to the bars for most of the exercises, but it felt good to work the thigh hard, even if it does hurt now.

My thigh now aches something good, but I'll take it. For my mind's sake I needed to push it really hard so I can see for myself that it really is strength and balance that is keeping me from walking correctly, and not just a mental thing. I just keep worrying that it's just in my mind.

After today, it definitely is strength and balance, I'm convinced. I totally wasn't afraid to let go of the bars for any of the exercises, but my leg just wouldn't cooperate. My balance is just awful.

My husband said I need to let the pt do his job, but he doesn't get where I have been mentally last few days, feeling like my mind is the reason I'm still limping around--like I'm afraid to walk right. After today, I'm fairly certain that it really is still just strength and balance because those simple exercises were SOO tough. Just as tough as they were when I tried them on my own shortly after being cleared to full weight bear. A few times it definitely felt like it was going to give out when bending and hyperextend when straightening. I think me and the PT both learned something today---that I can do a bit more than he was having me do, but I can't do all that I think I should be able to do.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on January 19, 2010, 04:14:58 PM
13 weeks post-op

Another week has gone by. Not much to report. Had my 12-week xray and talked to my Doc about it yesterday. All is good. All 3 osteotomy sites are healing as expected. My pain levels remain under control. Most of the time if I feel any discomfort it is after doing too much and it doesn't hurt badly enough to send me to the drugs.

It was nice to talk to my doctor, as I am not corresponding with him as much as prior to and right after the surgery. He's a funny guy and being able to talk about the recovery process helps to quell my fears that I'm taking too long to recover and that it is somehow damaging my potential to get back to full function. He reassured me that as I suspected and my pt said, it's my hip abductors that are weak and causing the limp. He also noted that the hip abductor isn't even touched for the surgery, it's just that weak from not using it, and it was likely weak to begin with. He just said to have the pt focus more on this (or, his words, fire him) and keep riding the bike.

As I posted before, I already mentioned to my pt on Thursday that I was getting frustrated with the limp, and he started me doing more thigh/glue stuff. I had some pain and definitely felt fatigue after that session, but it was worth it. Yesterday I had pt again and in addition to the new thigh stuff we added last week, he added 3 more hip/glute exercises, so now my sessions last almost 2 hours with about 45 minutes of quad stuff, 45 minutes of hip/glute stuff, bike and ice time. Last night I felt some discomfort putting weight on my leg after all of that, but I know it will get better. The hardest and most fatiguing is standing on one foot. I'm pretty sure that is the exercise that had things hurting when I was done. But I hit the gym this morning for the bike and after that session, the muscles are of course less tight and already feeling a little better.

I'm no wuss, I'm willing to work. I told my pt this yesterday, that he didn't have to be as conservative with me because there was a time that I was a serious athlete and even though I don't look the part now, my desire and drive to work hard and work through stuff is still there.

Of not,e Saturday was my company's holiday party. Now, my job throws a decent party with full open bar and dj and the works. It was a bit crappy to not being able to dance like I have all the other times, but I still ahd fun (danced a little bit with my 1 crutch) and best of all, I sat through the whole dinner (like 2 hours) with my leg bent and very little increased stiffness, plus I did a lot of standing all of Saturday between managing a bowling tournament for 5 hours and then going to the holiday party for another 7 hours, and thankfully my leg felt nonetheworse for wear on Sunday beyond some stiffness and fatigue.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: NadiaMac on January 19, 2010, 08:08:28 PM
hi there-
congrats on the progress!  what exercises are you doing for hip/glutes?
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on January 19, 2010, 08:15:31 PM

I do side lying straight leg raise, supine hip abductor with resistance band, side step up, side dip, standing hip abductor with resistance band, hip abductor using he rotary machine, hip raise on the rotary machine, standing on one foot for 10 seconds for each rep, and side walking with the resistance band.

I also use the hip abductor and hip adductor and glute machines when I go to the gym.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on February 11, 2010, 10:47:44 PM
Quick post for me, but wanted to post since I haven't for a while.

Things are progressing, albeit slow for my tastes. I had a breakdown over the crutch, a serious wig out bawl my eyes moment and said I'm done with it. That was like 2 weeks ago. I haven't used it since, limp and all. I take it with me to have it depending on where I go, but I'm so tired of it so I don't use it. I'll deal with the limp. Its probably not my best decisiion, but for my mental sanity it had to go.

I looked into getting a cane, stopped to pick one up but they didn't have any I liked. I was going to buy onliine but just haven't gotten to it.

In this time we have progressively doing more hip and VL stuff and my strength is coming. Lots of improvement since my last post. The vice grip on my tibia has eased up, and the crawling on the floor must be helping because the sensitivity around the TTT site is all but gone now. Neither my jeans, PJs, nor shorts agitate it.

We've been gettin it pretty hard from mother nature, over 50" of snow in the last 5 days. Haven't went out much, but looking forward to the weekend and getting some freedom!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on February 12, 2010, 11:48:31 AM
You know, with your icon, I assumed that you were in Texas and not Metro DC.  I'm sorry that you've had to deal with all that snow!  We just got 8 inches on Tuesday and overnight and it pretty much shut down our area for a day.  Snow is especially tricky when we're not completely steady on both feet, yet!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on February 12, 2010, 04:24:31 PM
I can't believe all this snow!!! I'm close to the Laurel Highlands in PA, and the snow has just been dumped on us! I thought it was supposed to not snow today (Friday) but what do you know, it's still snowing! I heard somewhere we are supposed to get even more snow on Sunday and Monday.

I know what you mean about dealing with the limp, after my left derotation, I used one crutch for a while because I limped pretty bad. I just came to a point where I said it doesn't matter, i'm still in pain and that's the reason I limp and this one crutch thing has to go! So, for the next 11 months until I had the plates removed I limped pretty badly. After the plate came out, the limp has gotten much better, although when i'm tired it comes back a little. I think whatever you have to do to stay sane, a limp can be dealt with later.

I went sledriding yesterday...I probably shouldn't have, but it has been 8 weeks since I had both my plates removed and I wanted to go so bad! I'm really in pain today.... the worst part was all the walking through sometimes 3 foot drifts of snow. It was just one of those things, you all know how it is to be held back by pain. I was determined!!! So I went... Now i'm paying for it, but I think it was worth it.

Hope everyone is doing well! Crankerchick, hang in there! I'm glad to hear your strength is coming back, i'm excited for you!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 02, 2010, 06:12:06 PM
Wow, it's been a long time since I posted, like 3 weeks! Lyndsey, I'm glad you were able to enjoy the sledding. It sucks that you hurt afterward, but a little fun sometimes is totally worth it. I didn't get to enjoy the fun-ness (sledding and snowballs) of the snow too much, but in return I didn't have to deal too much with the annoying-ness (shoveling) from it either. Getting around sucked, but thankfully I didn't have many places to go besides work so it wasn't too bad.

19 weeks post-op

So wouldn't you know it. I went I guess about 2-3 weeks without the crutch, and then started feeling conscious about the limp and the words of my doctor and pt in my ear. So that said, I picked up a cane 2 weeks ago. Finally my CVS had just a plain black one. There was no way I was going to use a hot-pink colored cane or one with flowers or butterflies on it. That's why I didn't get one the first time I went!

So things are still slowly improving. The PT says I'm so close to having no limp. I'm not so sure. Although I can definitely see and feel improvement, it doesn't feel to me like I'm "barely limping" as my mom and the PT say.

I was pretty sure my rehab was going slower compared to the few other people I have to compare to. Nobody else (mom, pt, husband) seemed to think I was taking too long. But I spoke with my doc about it last week and he basically flat out said, "Yeah it is taking you a bit longer to walk unassisted then my other patients." It still sucks to hear that, even though I kind of knew it, but at least he said it so I don't have to keep wondering. That's why I like him, he doesn't pull any punches. In my defense, he did say most people don't have all the work done that I had done, and furthermore they are usually younger, smaller, and in better shape. He's not concerned with my progress or lack thereof (and neither am I really). He maintained there is no reason to think the osteotomy sites aren't healing properly, considering my x-rays look good and my pain mostly non-existent and nothing out of the ordinary.

I'm getting some snapping along the side, below the hip. PT thinks it is just muscle tightness, and I'm inclined to believe (hope?) he's right because it doesn't always do it, and because I've also felt snapping/popping in other areas through this process (and the previous surgery) in places where there is no hardware. The doc said it might very well be some plate issues, but no big deal, wait it out and we can address it later if it really is. It doesn't hurt or anything, but it's damn creepy to feel when it happens.

I must have tweaked something over the weekend, because I was having some real pain on Sunday and yesterday along the outside of my lower leg, somewhere around the bottom of the plate on my tibia. I can't tell if it is muscle or bone pain, only that it seems to coincide with certain movements and positions of the leg, and sometimes when i put weight on it. It is a throb type pain followed by a more sharp, intense pain. It sucks for real, so I'm taking it easy.

Friday I tried and succeeded on the elliptical. For the first time I was able to do it with no pain or wierd feelings, it just felt "normal." I went for 5 minutes. On Saturday I did 10. Sunday morning is when the tibia felt odd, so when I tried it at the gym, I did 10 minutes but the pain was prevalent so I didn't do it with as much intensity. Not sure if the elliptical is the culprit for the new tibia pain, but its the only thing I did different, so I'll lay off for a bit.

I go for 18-week post-op xray today, so I will mention this pain to him when we talk about the results.

One thing about having the doc so far away is I think I would have more comfort if I could go into his office and point to where it hurts or feels funny or sore instead of having to describe it. He knows where the hardware is specifically, and since I'm so paranoid about feeling the hardware and knowing if certain pain is from the hardware, being able to show him specifically would give me more peace of mind. Still, I wouldn't change a thing. I have better correspondence with this doc however many miles away than I have ever had with any doc right in my backyard. Just last week when I emailed regarding my progress, I was greeted with a phone call conversation which did wonders for my spirits.

Anyway, so that is my long update. Not much to say, just still chugging along. Still have areas of soreness, mostly in the femur area. Still get super stiff after sitting for a few minutes and I look like an old lady when I stand up and try to walk!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 04, 2010, 12:18:48 AM
Spoke with my doc today about the xray results. Both bones look good, you can't even see any sign of the fractures at all.

As for the tibia pain, just grind it out, which was my thought anyway. PT is always like, "take it easy, don't push it" but I tend to be a push it kind of person and my doctor appears to be one as well. His words were, at this point in the process, things are healed, just work through the pain. I concur :-)

It seems noticeably better today. I have PT tomorrow so I'll do that and then hit the gym on Friday and give the elliptical a try again :-) in addition to my normal workout.

The end is near!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 04, 2010, 09:55:36 PM
So it was said after the surgery to look back at my journal down the road, to see where I cam from compared to where I'm at. If you are still following Suzanne, thanks for the advice!

Man, I've come a long way! Laughing at my ridiculously long posts, my post-op typing skills, and my beat people with crutches escapades. Heh.

Then I got to the middle of the journey, where things seemed to slow down once I started trying to walk. It seems I was doing so well in the beginning, but turning to sucky once I started trying to walk. It was and still is especially frustrating because I felt and still feel like I've done everything I was supposed to do and things still just started taking longer. But now I'm walking almost completely limp-free when I try without the cane, and the end is in sight!

So, I'm trying not to be down on myself about how long walking limp-free has taken, and just focus on where I'm going now. I'm a lot closer to the finish line then I was a few months ago, even if it has taken a bit longer to get there then it should have.

It was good to take this time to reflect. Makes me all the more thankful for everyone here and all the more thankful for my kickass doctor. Anyone who can put up with my rambling posts deserves an award.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: drmark on March 08, 2010, 01:24:45 AM
I have been looking at this website for a long time, and to the best of my knowledge none of the other posters had a triple osteotomy.  Your progress has been excellent, even at the risk of being accused of self praise.  Actually the praise belongs to YOU!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 08, 2010, 05:28:56 PM
Thanks drmark, that really means a lot. I'm just trying to do the best I can for myself and so I don't mess up your handiwork, LOL. And thank you for untwisting this crazy leg and giving me a chance to finally get on with my life sans knee problems. Self-praise? You? Hah! Don't you say yourself, you're just an average guy that puts his pants on one leg at a time?

Although a little self-praise never hurt, especially when the person deserves it.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 08, 2010, 05:42:14 PM
I reply to my own posts a lot. Must have something to do with being long winded.

So for anyone still following, I've been ridiculously happy the last few days and I'm not sure why. This is not normal for me, LOL. I think I'm just so happy because for the first time since this all started in 4th grade, I actually feel like it might finally all just be a memory. Up until my first trip to TX, I never really had any confidence that things would get better. I felt like my knee was always going to get in the way of living life. But now I am really hopeful that things are going to be better.

The pain in my tibia has subsided for the most part. I haven't been back on the elliptical yet, I've been doing the treadmill instead. 10-15 minutes at 2.0-2.5 mph pace, nothing crazy, to help with endurance and cadence. I hold on to the rails when I start to get tired and limp. I've been doing the treadmill since about week 8 off and on, and finally I'm not hearing the clunk clunk of my feet from limping. I'm so kicking butt on the bike now too, which is big for me because the stationary bike has never been my favorite. I much prefer to ride outside. I had been mountain biking for about year before this last round of issues sidelined me.

The snapping around the top of my femoral incisions seems to be happening less and less, but the soreness and irritation in that area seems to be escalating :-( but it is what it is I guess. If it is irritation from the plate, the plate isn't coming out any time soon. And if it isn't from the plate, I guess it is just something I have to wait out and work through. Compared to what I've experienced before, even this pales in comparison.

So my spirits are high and I'm lovin it! There is more rehab to do, more strength to build, I still have yet to conquer stairs normally without holding the rail, or really be able to put all my weight on the one leg and squat. But these are just details. This will come with time and work. I dedicated a generous and conservative year to recovery from the surgery before going back to bowling, and I have no reason to believe I won't hit that target.
Title: Re: SUCCESS STORY: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: WorkinWings on March 08, 2010, 07:43:31 PM
Latise, dear!

So nice to have you back posting on your great progress. We want to know! Just didn't want to interfere with your need for a time-out: very well understood and respected...

I have always been impressed by your drive.† It was very apparent from the very first time I read your posts -- waaaay back in your fully-twisted days. ;)†
You have what it takes for this fight, and deserve to be as happy as you are right now.

Both you and Dr. Sanders are outstanding.† High (bona-fide, third-party ;-) praises to you both!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: vl7007 on March 09, 2010, 12:48:40 PM
 :D hey crankerchick, glad to see that you are getting on so well. life for the twisted is not for the faint-hearted, but as they say, SOME-ONES GOT TO DO IT, and i know it might seem strange but you cope so well with all you have gone through.  kat is in awe of you and aims to get to your level eventually. i've past on your message to her which made her smile.  she is kind of frustrated by everything at the moment and unable to get out of bed much, so reading your expereinces with the gym equipment gives her hope and future expectations to aim towards.  i know you will succeed in your endeavours and want you to know that we all pray for you down here in australia.  our thoughts are with you often.  kats mum vicki.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: agresknee on March 09, 2010, 01:01:33 PM
Wonderful Post so happy for you, and glad the pt tip was helpful, posted an update  on kate she is really doing well, Ran at 5.5 on the treadmill so everything is starting to get back in shape,

I check in every couple weeks so I look forward to reading more happy posts from you

Great News so happy for you Suzanne
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 10, 2010, 02:58:51 PM
Thanks everyone for the encouragement and kind words. Sometimes I read these posts over and over again for encouragement on a down day. I'm really so blessed to have so many outlets to get encouragement from be it my doctor, this forum, my friends, and my family. For the battles we are fighting, we need all the help we can get!

Been having a little bit of paranoia lately, I might post more on it later, not quite ready to share yet. But I've just been trying to focus on strength training and weight management--they are the most important things right now regardless of what else might be happening. I'm working on making a facebook group for an awesome cause too, so that has provided some distraction too.

Monday I was hurtin pretty good. After posting, i went to therapy and the femoral osteotomy area was really bugging me. The irritation was causing enough pain to interfere with the exercises. I grinded it out though. My physical therapist thinks I might be trying to do too much. He thinks because I feel like I'm behind that I'm trying to do more than my body will allow. So I have him on the one hand saying listen to my body, and my doctor in the other ear saying to grind through the pain. I tend to have the grind mentality myself, so even though the PT is babying me, on my own I'm still pushing myself.

Yesterday things felt a bit better. Maybe I did push it to hard over the weekend. Either way, I felt better, so it was time to push it again, LOL. In the gym I took it up a level and worked with the balancing on the BOSU ball in addition to riding the stationary bike and doing the treadmill, leg press, hamstring curl, hip machines, and all the non-weight bearing exercises. The BOSU balancing gave me uber confidence, and even though I didn't go as hard on the treadmill, it felt noticeably better on my upper leg--it felt a lot stronger.

There are definitely positives happening in the midst of this mental time. I'm still trying to stay upbeat despite the battle going on in my mind. What I wouldn't give for the happy feeling I had only a few days ago, though!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 11, 2010, 05:18:23 PM
I'm feeling better mentally today. One day at a time, one scare at a time, LOL.

1. I conquered the big girl (8") step today in PT without holding a rail to go up. Very rewarding, as I've been struggling on that step for quite some time. It's not a very controlled step-up, but at least it's not a hop-up followed by a fall-down.

2. I did some single leg lunges today. PT was pleased, but I guess he doesn't know I've been doing them on my own in the gym for a few weeks now, LOL. I was pleased because I was able to go a lot further than previously.

3. The weather is beautiful lately, and I'm noticing a major itch to get back out biking, especially mountain biking. This is a welcome itch, considering at one point before the surgery, I was timid and just kind of felt like I would be happy just walking without issue.

I didn't do much mountain biking last summer, as my original doctor said absolutely not until after surgery. He blessed paved trail riding, but said no to the off-road stuff. After canceling that surgery and changing to my current doctor in August, I didn't explicitly ask about it, I just assumed it was ok so I went back out. I ended up leaving it alone after i fell twice, the second time directly because of my knee going flaky on a downhill turn. After the falls, that's when I started feeling like I wouldn't mess with mountain biking after my surgery, and just leave well enough alone and be happy with a working leg, LOL. So it is pretty awesome to feel now like I can't wait to get back out. I tend to be a "leave well enough alone" kind of person so to feel like I maybe want to go back out surprises me. But, it is pretty addictive, even for someone not in good shape, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Riding paved trails is ok, but mountain biking has more challenge and is just more fun.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 13, 2010, 02:51:34 AM
Ok so I'm trying to keep good spirits but I gotta say. This sucks! Nice weather the last few days but no mtb. Now I'm riding up to NJ to a watch a tournament I have done well in in the past. 4th and 12th out of 200 women the 2 years I've been able to bowl ain't bad!

I missed last year and now this year, plus I missed a tourney last february and this feb that I've also done well in and made decent coin too. I don't miss league bowling too much, but I miss the tournaments, especially when I go and watch these big events.

Sigh. I will be back at it soon.

Just have to keep working at it. Cant wait to get back to my life. I'm glad I finally have some hope of getting back to my life. My inlaws and my mom are itching to be grandparents and I'm pretty much itching to oblige, after I mtb a few months first that is LOL.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 13, 2010, 09:59:42 PM
Ok silver lining. Seeing a bunch of friends I haven't seen in a long while and they all keep complimenting me on how slim I look.

I have lost probably 30 lbs since most of these people have seen me. 40 lbs for a few of them.

Still got more to lose, but it is nice to have people notice!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: vl7007 on March 14, 2010, 12:57:52 AM
hey crankerchick,

glad to she your postivie spirit.  it's good that you try and message most days.  i smile everytime i read your notes.  remember you inspire other with your achievements.  i can only hope that my daughter will eventually reach your goals.  keep up that fighting spirit. and congrats on losing weight.  something i really need to do.  bye for now kat's mum vicki
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 14, 2010, 01:28:43 AM
Thanks vicki. That's kind of why post, to help in case someone is following or perhaps ever comes back to read the diary. I probably also post because I just talk (and write) a lot. I just got so much help here and I want to return the favor.

This is such an emotional journey, sometimes it helps to get it out even if no one ever comments.

Sometimes I'm like, man I post a lot. I'm really self conscious about being verbose LOL.

Growing up my brother used to sing this Run DMC song to me that goes "You talk too much, you never shut up!"
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on March 14, 2010, 01:38:04 AM
I post as often as you do and I think they're about 47x longer than your posts, crankerchick! I occasionally feel bad, but I'm narrating my experience as well and I want people to see it all. Because there are ups and downs!!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 14, 2010, 01:45:35 AM
For our 2 threads, I think anyone who can make it through our lengthy posts will find they have a very accurate picture of what this is like, and isn't that the point anyway?!

It is definitely just as hard emotionally as it is physically hard, maybe evn harder. If I could turn my mind off through this, I'm sure my husband, my friends, and my doctor would all be appreciative of the silence, LOL!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on March 14, 2010, 02:51:50 AM
HA!! Yes and no.  My problem recently was that when my shin started hurting, I told my husband that I was a "little sore."  A couple days later, I fessed up and said "and by a little sore, I really meant excruciating."  Of course, since I'd downplayed it, he downplayed it, then I got frustrated and cranky and and we agreed that I needed to be more upfront with him about these things!

However, the rest of my friends?  Yeah, if they never heard from me about my leg again, I suspect they'd be thrilled ;)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on March 14, 2010, 09:08:37 PM
I know exactly what you mean! I have had a similar problem for a long time! I'm so used to just trying to tough it out and downplaying everything. Then when I don't want to go out and clean the horse stalls and feed my parents get upset. Then I try to explain to them that I really am in pain, and they just think i'm trying to get out of work. In reality, some days it just hurts so bad and I would love to be able to be outside doing stalls but I can't.

Then I get frustrated with myself because it's been over a year since both of my derotations, and I feel like I should be able to climb mount everest if i wanted to. I had the plates taken out on December 15th, and everyone told me it would be really easy and I would be back to full strength in no time. I have been doing much better, but my hips still bother me a little bit. I think it's the tendons. My knees are pretty good, but I can definitely feel the weather changes.

I think everyone is sick of me and my leg issues. It's been years now that i've been dealing with this all with surgeries and recovery and so on. Now i'm still a little afraid because it's all done, and my legs are as close to straight as they will ever be, and my knees still bother me some.. :( Mostly when the weather is changing.... like today and yesterday i've been in a decent amount of pain and it's been cold and rainy. Then my dad tells me there is no way that should bother me because i'm too young to have arthritis.... and he's probably right about that, I don't know..... but I do know that it hurts a great deal more when the weather changes!!! I guess i'm just dissapointed that it still hurts, I should have known that the derotation wasn't a miracle surgery to make all the pain dissapear, and I should be happy that it doesn't bother me half as much as it used to. I am finally able to start living a little, so I should be thrilled and not let this short bout of pain bother me, but it has...

On top of all of this, I broke my right humerus bone and dislocated my right shoulder when I fell off my horse in 2003. It was a pretty bad accident, and I couldn't feel my hand and lower part of my arm for 3 days after the accident. They kept me in the hospital for those 3 days and I don't really remember much but being pretty doped up. ANYWAY, this shouldn't bother me right??? It's been years, and my arm hasn't bothered me at all for about a year or so, and then 2 days ago, right in the place where I snapped the bone, and my shoulder has been causing me a tremendous amount of pain. I have no idea why, and this happened about 2 years ago and I went to the doctors and he told me he had no idea why it was causing me pain and told me to take some motrin.... needless to say that didn't help much. But then it went away, and now for some reason it's back full force. I can only hope it stops soon, because between my knees, hips, and my arm, I feel like I am completely broken. :(

I'm really sorry for the long post, but I really needed to tell someone about all this, and you guys on kneegeeks are the only ones who really understand. I'm just so frustrated with everything......
Sorry for hijacking your thread crankerchick, but I figured you might be able to give me some words of wisdom, I could use some about now!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 14, 2010, 09:45:13 PM

Come on girl, you've been through so much and come so far, you should be so proud of yourself! I can understand being frustrated though, you have been through so much and you are just ready for it to be over. But at least things are better. And hey, even if this is the best it gets, think about how much worse it was before.

We definitely get it, we've all been dealing with knees for years. I had a dislocation that caused me to miss a few weeks of my traveling league, promptly followed by a herniated disk that took me out of all activities for a year. I had just started back with bowling and softball when it happened. The next year knees again and the plica mess and surgery. Then last year more knee stuff again, culminating where i am now. My friends joke about how I am always injured and can never finish a season of anything. Its funny but its not because I'm the one living it! And this is just the last 5 years of my life LOL.

Not to make it a whine session, but more to just say that I definitely know where you are coming from, especially with the knees. Its not like we hurt ourselves or otherwise did somethig to deserve this. We were just born with twisted legs. It seems so unfair.

I choose to think I was chosen to live this life because I'm strong enough to endure. I think the same goes for you.

The ups and downs never end it seems, the best we can do is make the best we can with what we've got. Parents, spoues they just can't really understand. The important thing to do is do what we need to di for ourselves regardless, which yes is sometimes hard. But you know when you have hd enough so take the time for you that you need and your parents can just think whatever. Its hard, but you know, its part if growing up too. We want to please our parents, but we have to please ourselves too.

I think we were picked to fight this battle because we are strong enough to fight it and stubborn enough to prevail and make the best of the situation. Imo, that is the true victory.

I hope my post could live up to the challenge and help you feel even a tiny bit better. I can't help with your pain, but hopefully I can help with the mental struggle.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on March 14, 2010, 11:10:32 PM
Thanks for the support! Really your post did help with the mental struggle. As awful as this sounds, and i'd never wish twisted legs on anybody, it's nice to know i'm not the only one having these issues.

It seems like i've been just like you, all my life I think things are finally going right and something goes wrong. I ride and show horses, and i've qualified to show at the state show 4 times, and only got to actually go once. Every time I get something good going for me it seems like I get hurt. One summer I was in the ER so many times they knew my name. I was thrown from my brothers horse and landed 10 feet on the outside of the ring; I went through the top and bottom boards of the fence and nicked my face on the way out earning myself 15 stitches underneath my jaw. That was pretty bad... Then I fractured my right collar bone. Then I had the accident where I snapped my right humerus bone and dislocated that right shoulder.

I guess adding the arm pain has just kind of threw me over the edge. I can usually tough out the knee and hip pain, because i'm so used to it. I am just a little puzzled at why my arm has decided on now to act up so badly. I always laugh at my pain, and all my setbacks and injuries, because if I don't laugh i'll cry, and I hate to do that.

I had my life all planned out and was so motivated, I knew I wanted to go to law school since I was 12, and the past 3 years I have found myself immersed in the twisted leg issues and not sure that's actually what I want to do. I like the political science field i'm in, but now I don't think I want to go the lawyer track. I just feel like the twisted legs have put such a wrench in my plans, and then I feel bad because I know there are people that have it much worse than me. I should be glad that I have both my legs and can see and hear. So what if i'm in pain sometimes, at least it's not all the time.

I agree with you and feel the same way about why I have these issues. I do feel like i've been changed as a person from the experience, and I have gotten stronger. I know what it's like to just spend a couple days in a wheelchair, and I have so much respect for the people that are there for the rest of their life. It has shown me that those people are so strong and have to deal with so much. I'm much more aware of a person on crutches or in a wheelchair needing what would seem simple to me but for them may not be, like help with a door. I have become much more appreciative of the small things, like being able to get my breakfast and carry it to the table!

Sometimes it just seems like everything is too much. I think that's the point i'm at now. My arm is killing me and my knees and hips are both hurting, and I have so much schoolwork to do. I'm writing my senior thesis on global warming this semester, and it's a ton of work, research and writing. I am a little more behind than i'd like to be because I just can't think when i'm in pain, or then I take meds and REALLY can't think straight. Then I worry because I still take the occassional Percocet, not often at all, maybe once or twice a month, when the pain gets to me. But, I only have 9 of them left, and it's been so long since surgery i'm just kind of saving them for when I really need them. I found myself taking one two days ago because the pain in my arm and legs was just unbearable and I couldn't sleep....

Sorry to whine on you, but talking really really really helps! So thanks!!!!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: doublemom on March 14, 2010, 11:32:35 PM
Cranker and Lyndsey - Just wondering if I can join in your "pity-party, but at the same time we are stronger for it" discussion?† I know how you both feel, in that sometimes I wish I could have ONE day with nothing in pain, nothing wrong with my defective legs to worry about.† I've had pain of some sort or another for 25 years, most of it very tolerable and very low on the pain scale, so I'm able to just put it in the back of my mind and not think about it.† But... it's still there.† From bilateral foot pain with plantar fascia releases, to chronic ITB syndrome and hip bursitis, to sacroiliac joint subluxations, to knee pain and problems since I was about 16.† Sometimes it just seems so unfair, but then I see others who have it soooo much worse than I do and I feel stupid for feeling sorry for myself.

My DH is one of those people who gets a minor cold and maybe a headache about once a year. He has no concept of what it's like to have chronic, daily pain.† I tend to not say anything to him, because I feel like I'm constantly complaining about a foot or a knee or a hip.† I also have to be careful, because I don't want my teenage girls to think their mother is a whiner, so I usually keep it to myself.

So... I'm scheduled for my TTT/LR on April 6th, and I'm so mentally ready for it, I can't wait to finally get it over with.† If it weren't for kids's school/work schedules, I'd have it done tomorrow if I could!† I've been going to the gym several times a week and really working those legs, trying to build as much strength as possible before surgery.† It's been a good thing for me to focus on, both mentally and physically.†

So, like you both, I'm just ready to get on with my life. I want to get back to hiking without worrying about the damage I'm causing to my knees and limiting everyone who goes with me because I can't handle more than 3 miles or so at a time.† Mt. Rainier, the Cascades, and the Olympic Peninsula are practically in my back yard, I can't imagine not being out there in the middle of it hiking.† I want to dig back into my garden and be able to spend a full day outside with my plants without pain, which has been years since I've been able to do.†

Anyhow, so you both know, reading your posts and seeing you go through rehab and keeping strong, thorough the ups and downs, has been a huge inspiration to me for my upcoming surgery.† Makes me know that I will get through this and that there are others out there who know what it's like :)


Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 15, 2010, 03:54:25 AM
I'm really glad this site exists and that I found it. I have received so much help and support here. Without this forum I would have had the fulkerson and maybe it would have worked, but dr t and dr s both say not likely.† What a blessing to FINALLY have a real diagnosis and be making worthwhile attempts to correct.

I used to play basketball, volleyball, and soccer competitively and could have played both basketball and soccer in college, along with bowling, but my knee just bothered me so much and the dislocations so annoying that I just didn't want to deal with sports anymore. Not being able to play sports and being perpetually injured and not able to do the activities I had found to replace sports, well it does a number on a person. Some of the worst times of depression and weight gain coincided with times of prolonged injury and pain. And then to have various doctors tell me there is nothing wrong with me and I just need to lose weight, well it was so frustrating. I've ALWAYS had knee issues regardless of my size or actvity level. Some of the worse times for dislocations and just daily pain were when I was most active, at a healthy weight, and exercising daily. I got so tired of the rollercoaster of being high on sports by day and crying in pain at night.

IT ain't easy now, but at least things are finally coming together.

Lyndsey, no matter how tough a person is, daily pain takes a toll. I think its fine to hit a wall. It's healthy and normal. Just work through it and then get back on the ride. It helps to find other hobbies and distractions too, to help relieve stress.

Andi, well wow, seeing your avatar I just cringe everytime I see it! I can't imagine living with that for so long, which just sounds silly given my own issues lol. I know you have done your homework and are too doing the best procedure that YOU think is best and makes sense. That's all we can do, and hope for the best.

We will all look back one day and say, "I can't believe I was so whiney back then!" LOL

I don't think our doctors know just what they do. To them we are just patients that they try to fix. But to us, they are everything. They have the potential power to change lives. When they actually do make people lives better, well I call that awesome.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: vl7007 on March 15, 2010, 01:01:54 PM
hey crankerchick and lynsey,

it's kat's mum here. i am so proud of both of you. seeing how you support one and other as well as other like kat it is truly amazing.  reading your stories, i realise just how far you have both come, and yet how far you still will go on this journey.  your right to say that the doctors have an incredible power in their talents, they don't realise how they help empower you.  depression seems to be part and parcel of these stories, as everyone seems to get understandly depressed when living with these conditions.  however when you discuss with each other, you seem to boulster the others spirit which is such a wonderful and caring thing that you do.  i only wish there was a way your support could be recognised asif i could i would give all you tisted sisters a medal of courage and honor. the respect and dignity you demonstrate just clarifies your strenghts and always remember you have the power to inform.  there needs to be more recognition in society for people with twisted senses (i hate the term disabilities) as you have so much to give. this site has been invaluable to myself giving me a sense of solace through reading others stories and sorrows.  learning and realising you are never alone, also recognising that other people are do it harder, helps me to bring prospective to my situation with my daughter. 

as for kat, well she takes each day, one at a time.  her goal would be to be able to walk out to the car or loungeroom again.  but as she is still growing,which in turn causes further twisting of her bones, this is not looking like it will happen in the near future.  her physio's have decided to use kat as a pinup and do a informative poster on derotational surgery for other physio's around australia, to demonstrate stratagies and problems associated with the surgery as well as conditions that can lead to this type of treatment. kat and my goal to combine with this is to better inform the general medical frat that this is happening through the world, and that twisted people need to be well supported by a team of specialists, to help deal with lifestyle modifications/daily living skills/supports and equipment in the home, depression, pain relief, physiotherapy, surgical intervention, and dietitans.  by doing this we hope to bring awareness to these issues.   is there anything like this in your countries, or do you need to research and work it out and source this for yourselves.  we also told the physios about kneegeeks web site, so they can pass this on other clients that would benefit for this site.

we are hoping the getthe message out in the public eye through both local media and television, hoping eventually to bring the attention of national tv, as there needs to be a more holistic support system out there for people with mobility issues that aren't properly supported in the community at present.  people tend to close their eyes and not think about these things.  as everyone says no-one can do really understand, and as a parent, i can say we others fear you pain.  we wish it would go away just like you do.  and just maybe we need to help fight for you as you deserve the support in so may ways.

kat mum vicki
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 15, 2010, 01:46:55 PM
Wow Vicki, that is great what you all are trying to do to increase awareness of this topic. Kat is so brave and thoughtful and considerate to be trying to help others while dealing with her own situation. Seriously, she should be so proud of herself, actually both of you should be so proud. That kind of strength isn't bestowed upon just anybody. You both are equipped to fight the fight!

I wish I could say such a program exists here in the US, but I don't think it does. I did a lot of researching and hunting around when I learned of the condition. I wasn't going to just hop on a plane and spend $1,000 dollars to see a doctor on a whim of a PM from a random person on the internet. Well, I didn't find much in the way of information. I started reading Dr. Teitge's literature, and a few people on this forum shared literature they had on the subject. I spoke to both Dr. T and this random TX doctor (who ended up being my doctor) about the topic and that really is how I learned about the subject. I decided it was time to leave Maryland when I questioned the 3 doctors I had previously gotten opinions from (2 of which are purported to be among the best in my state) and was met with empty stares or short answers of "yes we checked you for malignment on the first visit." The literature I had gathered all suggested a CT scan is the only way to see the rotational issues and I had never had one. One doctor's PA went so far as to say a CT scan isn't needed, they can see it in a physical examination of my gait. And this is the PA for the doctor that I was going to let chop me up with a Fulkerson TTT, lateral release, and possible MPFL reconstruction. This is true for some people, those like Lyndsey, who's knees basically pointed in, but my knees didn't point in and my feet pointed mostly straight, yet I too have rotated bones.

That's when I said enough is enough, better safe than sorry, and hopped on a plane to spend a day in Houston getting a CT scan and a physical examination. And lo and behold, twisted bones.

Best decision I ever made.

Although I didn't ultimately choose Dr. Teitge for my surgery, I acknowledge that he is basically the man we in the US can thank for researching and spreading information about rotational issues, I feel like he's right up there somewhere with "The Big Guy" for helping to fix people and improve their quality of life. My doctor gives all credit to Dr. T for "showing us the way" and as far as I'm concerned, my doctor might as well be one step below the big guy too! I'm not even completely recovered and I already feel like I owe my doctor my firstborn for just finally giving me hope of life after knee problems.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on March 15, 2010, 04:02:03 PM
I totally agree! I too found very little actual literature, and there was no real consensus about "miserable malalignment." It's kind of funny, because I ended up calling Dr. T after a couple people on KG referred me to him. So I called him, and I sent him the same pictures I have on my photobucket account of before surgery. Then he told me he knew exactly what was wrong and exactly how to fix it! Finally, I had found someone that had a clue! My first doctor took one look at my legs and said quote "holy crap you need to see a specialist" Now that made me feel wonderful! Then another doctor told me there are perfectly successfull people that live happy lives in wheelchairs....... that's not what I wanted to hear at 16 years old! So after 9 doctors and several more experiences like that I finally found Dr. T. I don't know what I would have done without the info and people on this site that referred me to him. I live near Pittsburgh PA, which is known for it's excellent healthcare system, and they have some really really good ortho's too, like Freddy Fu, but none of them really knew what to do with me.

There was one doctor, another Dr. TK i'll call him, and he really had a handle on what was going on, but he had only done one other derotation, and he used a rod... so I went with Dr. T who is much more experienced in the matter. Dr. TK however is a really really great Dr. and a nice guy, so he coordinated my 2 week post op check ups, so that I didn't have to go back to MI. He couldn't believe how skilled Dr. T was, and was so impressed to look at my xrays. Once he saw that he used a blade plate, he was like WOW, you have to do things perfectly to use those... he said I was really lucky to have found Dr. T. He was so right!

I have definitley hit my fair share of "walls" throughout my twisted journey, although with a little support from my KG friends and once the pain lets up a little, I go right back on to living. I try not to let myself get down like this very often, but it does happen sometimes. I just hope I can kick this wall soon, because I have a ton of things to do. I think that's part of the problem too, stress. I know I have a ton of schoolwork, and it just all seems to pile up, and then the pain sends me over the edge.

Actually, Dr. T ended up using my before and after pictures in a chapter in a textbook. Dr. Noyes asked him to write chapter 40 of his new textbook about knee disorders, on lower limb malalignment, and Dr. T used my pictures and my case as well as some others from other people. I was like.... hmm.... i'm so twisted i'm in a textbook!!! How crazy is that!

Kat's really a strong person for going through all she is going through! I can't even imagine going through the procedure she is dealing with. My surgeries were painful, but after 4 or 5 days in the hospital I was on crutches and able to go home. I can't imagine dealing with the external fixator and everything. Tell her I admire her strength, and to hang in there!!!

Andi, I hope your surgery goes well, and you can get back to living life soon! It takes a while, and like cranker said, there are walls to climb, but all in all with a good support team, which sounds like you have in your DH, then the walls will be easier to overcome.

I'm so glad we are having this conversation, I haven't really talked to anyone on KG in a while, and I feel so much better after I get on and read new posts from you guys!

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Post by: crankerchick on March 15, 2010, 05:41:57 PM
omg lyndsey, i just knew those pictures in that chapter were your legs! that is awesome. your story is helping to educate doctors on the realness of this condition and how important it is to rule out bone deformities before doing anything else.

Once I got done conferring with the new doctors and knew I had rotational issues, i read your diary from beginning to end, along with amberle's and cat's. i thought it was so awesome to see you all supporting each other. I'm glad you are able to find that comfort yet again.

My up and down right now is just the rehab struggle. Some days I feel like I'm doing good, other days like I should be farther along. My doctor can get his patients back to sports in like 3 months for most surgeries, and here i am just shy of 5 months and still struggling to walk without a limp. But I'm not in good shape and admittedly did have a lot more done than most patients, so it probably should be taking longer. But still, I do not accept anything less than awesome, LOL.

I'm just used to doing things well--giving it my all and seeing results!--and here I feel like I'm giving it my all but the results aren't coming as quickly as I wanted. My husband said the other day, everyone says you are doing good, even your doctor, why do you torment yourself? My response was simple: i don't live to do things good, i live to do things great! I never want to feel like I didn't give something my all, and the way I know I gave it my all is by seeing the results. But my doctor has said everything is fine, that my bones are healed, and just keep working on the strengthening. That counts for a lot. And it has to be true because I don't think he's one to sugar coat or beat around the bush. The doctor's job is to chop us up, it's on us to do the work after the surgery, and I think he would call me out if he didn't think I was doing my part.

There's a sign in my pt facility that just has a circle with the word "whining" inside it and a slash going through the circle. When I'm ready to drop into pity or have OCD send me to emailing/calling my doctor to get reassurance about my rehab, I think about that sign. It works most of the time, LOL.

I'm glad we are having these chats too. It helps to just get everything out and put it all in perspective at once. We have been through a lot, but we are better for it and stronger for it, and it never hurts to be reminded of that full-circle. Now, if anyone ever comes behind us and reads all that we type, well I guess I feel sorry for them for having to read my novel posts, but hopefully they can appreciate the journey and all that it entails.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on March 15, 2010, 08:54:09 PM
When I first found out about my "Twistedness" I came on here and found Cat, and I read her diary and asked her all sorts of questions. Having her help talk me through everything before it actually happened was really important, and helped me an enormous amount.

I understand about the rehab struggle. I didn't really have it with my right leg, but my left was a different story. Even a year after the derotation, I was still in pain and limping badly. I was so weak in my left hip, and my quad was practically non-existent. I was in a great deal of pain with bursitis and tendonitis, mostly from the plate. So, I never really did get going with my rehab, and that was extremely frustrating. Now, both the plates are out, and my left leg doesn't really pain me awfully like it did with the plate in, but there is still some residual pain. Most of all, what gets to me is the weakness. My left leg is so weak it's unbelievable. I feel like now that the plates are out I should be superwoman, but once again, like you, I need to remind myself that I am doing wonderfully for my time, and just need to chill. I want to be able to run a marathon though, and ride my horse all day long without pain..... maybe someday. For now i'll settle for a half hour ride, and being able to run to my car in the rain!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 15, 2010, 10:22:54 PM
Ahh run to the car in the rain, what I would have given to have been able to do that this weekend. The east coast had a nice monsoon rain sideways event this weekend. I was in north jersey and basically a walk to the car was like taking a shower, under a waterfall that is. I eventually gave up on the umbrella since I didn't have my super-sized golf one and the wind kept turnng it inside and out.

I remember you having issues with your left leg and the plate. I think paige is uaving plate issues too. My weakness feels mostly in my hip/thigh too. My tibia feels fine save for the vice grip around my shin. But my strength is improving. No too long now.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on March 16, 2010, 02:28:07 AM
That's good that your strength is improving!  ;D Keep up the good work!

Yea, I really value the little things, like running to the car in the rain. It's so cool that I can do that now! I never could before..... so that's just one positive thing this surgery has done for me.

Some good news! The pain in my arm has finally let up! It isn't really bothering me at all anymore.... it's so weird how pain that bad comes and goes, I sure don't understand it. Also, I got 5 pages done on my global warming thesis today! I finally decided I couldn't concentrate in the house with my whole family home, too many distractions. I am a lucky enough girl that my dad, when we asked for a playhouse when we were little, built us a play mansion. It's about 2 football fields away from our house, and he built it 2 stories with a wraparound porch and a balcony off the 2nd floor. We never got it quite finished, so it has running water and is hooked up for sewage, but dad never got around to putting in the bathroom. Someday i'll convince him to finish it! It's so cool, so I figured today I would go out there and study. I have a desk on the bottom level, and there are 3 full size beds on the top floor for sleepovers. We usually don't use it in the winter because it's too cold, but I convinced dad to take out one of our portable propane heaters today so that I could get some peace and quiet to study. It worked!!!

Yea, the left leg has been the real pain literally and figuratively! I'm glad I had it done second. I'm currently laying in my bed with heat on it, because it's sore, and i'm hoping this will help. Ice doesn't seem to work for my hip pain, but it does for my knee pain. It sure is funny how things work.

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 16, 2010, 03:13:18 AM
A play mansion?! That IS cool, even if it doesn't have a bathroom yet. LOL! I grew up in an apartment. One summer my mom let me build a fort in my brother's room while he was staying with his dad. She let me keep it up the whole summer and even sleep in it in my sleeping bag a few times.

Hah, I even remember icing my knee in the fort. I think that was the same year my brother got me rollerblades for my birthday. I just remember playing football and rollerblading and 4-square all day, and then hanging out in the fort at night and icing my knee while I played nintendo. Hah, nintendo! LOL!

Hmmph, funny how most memories I can pretty much put a time of knee issues with it. Oh I had a blast, but I paid the price too. But as a kid, pain didn't slow me down unless it just hurt so bad to walk. That didn't happen that often thankfully.

Glad your pain is subsiding and hooray for progress with the schoolwork. Since you are writing a senior thesis, I assume this is your final semester? How awesome, it must feel so good to be almost done. I know I could barely contain myself when I was finally finishing up. I ended up staying on for my master's in engineering, and I just remember writing that awful 100-page thesis and how great it felt to finally be done!

Isn't it funny how pain just stops as mysteriously as it starts some times? After the surgery, I would have times where for no apparent reason (besides having had surgery) where it felt like someone was stabbing me in the thigh or the shin with a pitchfork. It would last for a bit and then just stop.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: doublemom on March 16, 2010, 03:35:55 AM
Can I come over and stay in the play mansion?  I think that would be so fun, and I'm 42!  (I never quite grew up all the way, there is still definitely "kid" in me :) )  When my girls were little I used to set up a small tend in the middle of the living room, after pushing all the furniture to the walls, and they would "camp" out there for days and days, including sleeping bags, eating out of a cooler, watching movies on a portable DVD player, using flashlights at night, etc.  It was sure fun, but a play mansion would be amazing... please tell your dad he's a great guy for doing that for you.

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on March 16, 2010, 10:51:56 AM
It is funny how many of our memories are tied to our knees.

When I was 11 and first complained of my knees, I was told "maybe osgood-schlatters?"
Then, "growing pains."
Eventually, "tendonitis."

In SOME ways - but really? not really - my saving grace was that my toes on both feet were in visibly bad shape and, in my junior year of high school, I had corrective surgery for mallet toes (let's not talk about how the time is near for a re-do).  That got me out of the ever-painful gym class for nearly half my junior year and the start of my senior year.  When I was cleared for gym again, my knee was KILLING ME.  The doctor I'd switched to just wrote a note excusing me from gym class, period.

Still.  You know, if I was in pain because I was bow-legged, why did no one notice until I was in my mid-20s?  But then, my pediatrician also told me there was NOTHING wrong with my toes and look where that got me, junior year!!

Right after we moved into the house my parents still live in, I tried to convince them that the shed should be our playhouse.  Unfortunately, my parents thought the shed should be a shed and used for storage.  Oooh I was so mad at them!  (Ah, 8 year olds!)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 17, 2010, 05:58:22 PM
I had a few opportunities to get out of gym, but that never made me happy, only sad :-(

For the most part as a kid I just ran around through the pain. It wasn't until I got older, poised for college, that I just decided I couldn't handle the roller coaster any more and wanted off, especially trying to ride that ride and do well academically too. That is when the weight gain started, but the knee was better without the sports. In sophomore year of college I noticed I had getting the freshman 15 (more like 30) and I wasn't doing anything besides bowling, so I got my stuff together and got back to a healthy weight. I played sports just for fun off and on (ultimate frisbee, soccer) but never in a league and never trying hard. I was being safe.

Junior year I decided to try a little pickup basketball for fun. I never dislocated then, but the pain was just as bad as it had ever been, and I was in decent shape then, and at the right weight, so when that league ended I gave it up again. I was bowling for money at that point and definitely didn't want to risk an injury.

I'm pretty much adjusted to life without sports now. I haven't played for years. My pain was better after stopping, but the instability remained.

At this point, I just want to be able to walk, ride my bike, bowl, and chase behind some kids, the first and last being most important.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 17, 2010, 06:42:13 PM
St Patrick's Day!
21 weeks post-op

I'm going to interrupt our discussion for a quick update. I'm doing the leg press, hip flexor, hip abductor, hip adductor, hamstring press, single leg lunge, balance ball toss, step up and down on 8" step, and a slew of other exercises in PT. In the gym I do 15 minutes on the treadmill, stretching, bosu balancing, leg press, hip adductor, hip abductor, hamstring curl (seated), lunges, and then the stationary bike. It's a long dang workout! Then I still do the isometric crap at home (side and straight leg raise, i think i'm up to 5 lbs for both), stretching, hamstring curls, clams with resistance band, etc.

My strength seems to finally be improving at a faster pace. Limp is almost gone and my ability to walk longer distances without the leg seizing up is much better. Pain is generally good, mostly just irritation still around the thigh incision. It still hurts to move my legs apart, push on the area, move my leg certain ways, etc.

So, the only that sucks is my knee itself is getting tighter and tighter laterally, to the point of annoyance and affecting my walking. It is just lateral to the patella as well as on the outside of my leg at the knee. PT says it is the lateral retinaculum and the IT band. That bothers me a lot, as I know both of those can pull on the patella. My leg has felt jacked up there for the last 3 years since the plica mess and I just want it to go away. I don't recall it feeling like this since the surgery until now, so i'm especially worried. I really want to contact my doctor, but I really am trying to be less of a freak out person. I just contacted him last week and the week before about issues and I really feel like I need to stop worrying about every single thing at this point. I'm basically 5 months post-op!

So thats where I am. Puttin along at a snails pace and really wishing this tight, clunky, nasty feeling around my kneecap would just go away. I can deal with the thigh irritation, but funky feelings in the knee are scary.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 18, 2010, 03:42:20 PM
So, I had pt yesterday after posting. We talked more about the tight clunky feeling. After a little examination, he thought maybe some muscle reeducation might be helpful, in general, not necessarily specific to the lateral tightness issue. He's just concerned about the likelihood of the VL in general compensating for so many years and the possibility that due to the alignment, the muscles just have never been firing properly. The fact that I can hardly ever feel any muscle engagement on the inside of my leg (i can feel it on my right leg) makes him feel like this is a definite possibility.

He wanted my doctor's opinion on doing the reeducation for strengthening the VMO, so that gave me an excuse to go ahead and send a message to the doc (the email had just been sitting in my draft box for a few days LOL).

My doc just said that the soft tissues can take a while (a long while) to adjust and basically just keep stretching the quad heel to butt lying down. PT does this every visit and I do it with the stretch-out strap 2-3 times a day. I'm anal and OCD, and as far as I'm concerned, my doctor has the final say, so it's always nice to hear the final verdict from him on whether something is cause to worry about or not. Not that I don't trust my pt, but it's not the same as hearing it from the doctor.

So, more patience and keep just going along. It actually feels a hair better today. The therapist had me leave out the exercises like the side leg raises, side walking, etc, things that work the VL I guess, just to see. Maybe it made a difference or may be it is just coincidence that it feels a little less tight today or maybe it's just in my mind and i'm focusing less on it now after talking to the doctor. Who knows. Just keep moving along. Almost there! Today is a gym today, time to push it!
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Post by: CHILLYdogs on March 19, 2010, 01:27:33 PM
Just keep moving along. Almost there! Today is a gym today, time to push it!

Hey, crankerchick:

"Just crank it up till the walls cave in!
Just crank it up!
I systematically move every bone
So crank it up!
I wanna get in the zone"

OK, please forgive me... I know the song sucks!†
But the lyrics fit so well, I could NOT resist† ;D

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 19, 2010, 01:30:41 PM
Ok did you just post Ashley Tisdale lyrics in my diary?!

 :o :o :o


All is forgiven...this time...LOL
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Post by: CHILLYdogs on March 19, 2010, 01:33:11 PM
Hey! Hey! I too can be 'shameless' when it comes to worthy causes!!!!!!!  ;)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 19, 2010, 07:40:16 PM
I wanted to remind a friend of how grateful he should be to even be able to bowl in tournaments (he's a perpetual complainer whenever he doesn't win), so I pulled up a calendar to tell him the exact last day I bowled. The last time I bowled was Jan 29th, 2008! I bowled a tournament Jan 25th, and then league on the 29th. I woke up on the 30th and felt my patella go out while walking to the bathroom and that started the beginning of Chapter 1,324,459 in my book of knee drama!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 22, 2010, 02:09:14 AM
So I think I overdid it. LOL! I was sore this morning after yesterdays gym workout. I didn't do anything new just bumped up the weight like I always do, like I was taught to back in my sporty days. Hmmph, hip is soo irritate today, more than normal. My quad is sore but I can handle that, that's a good thing. Its always sore when i increase the weight, as it should be. But the irritated hip and the just overall leg ache is grrrr. I thought I was past the leg ache and moving past the irritated hip LOL. Guess not. Tomorrow will be better.

Its just hard to know when something hurts just because it does, versus when it hurts because I did something to make it hurt. Increasing the weight isn't something that normally results in pain.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on March 22, 2010, 10:22:30 PM
I totally understand the feeling!!! That's EXACTLY how i'm feeling right now! :-\ I have overdone it too, except I am at the point, at least I thought, now that the plates are gone that overdoing it shouldn't be possible.... I figured i'd be fine by now. I don't understand why my hip, just the left, is bothering me so much. I have been outside and walking alot, and been riding a great deal the past 4 days, but still, I thought I would be over the whole pain thing by now. I'm so frustrated!

I got a total of 3 hours sleep last night because my hip and knee kept me up.... I tried ice and heat, but nothing could stop the pain. Now, I feel like maybe i'm just being wimpy, because I don't even have any plates in there and it's been probably 15 weeks since I had them taken out..... the doc says i'm free to do what I want. So why does it still hurt? I have been a zombie today because 1 my leg is still KILLING me, and 2 I got no sleep!

Sorry to vent on here again..... you were such a help last time I had a mini crisis I figured i'd see if it worked again! I love kneegeeks!

A very tired and sore Lyndsey
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 23, 2010, 02:44:50 AM
Kneegeeks really is awesome!

I really thought your pain days were behind you once the plates camw out too, but I guess that isn't the case, at least not yet. One thing that makes sense to me right off the bat is that to have the plates removed, the muscle, fat, and soft tissue gets cut/moved jsut like with the original surgery. Sure the bone fills in in the 6 weeks following, but the rest of the surrounding area still takes longer to recover. I'm pretry certain what I'm experiencing is still just surgery recovery and angry muscles. I haven't felt the stabbing bone pain in quite a while. It just makez sense to me that even though it has been long enough for your bones to have healed, perhaps the soft tissue and muscles are still agitated, especially with increased activity and you are still building muscle strengh too.

I'm certain and confident that once our bodies fully heal, things will be great. We might not be completely pain free, but I just know we are going to have a better quality of life. When I think about how things were, I just know that fixed has to be better than still twisted!

As for being awake through the night, I'll just say that I haven't slept completely for a while, and I know that because everytime I say I'm tired, my husband gets the bitter look and says, "me too!" I feel so bad for him because I toss and turn all night and wince quite a bit and he wakes up everytime I wince and asks if I'm ok.

You have had a busy 4 days and your body an legs have taken a beating over the years. It takes a while to get strength back. I never thought 7 weeks on crutches would take this long to get strength back just to walk limp free!

Just keep hanging there and work on finding that balance between too much and not enough. Sometimes it is going to hurt and yup it sucks but it will get better, and the next time it will hurt a little less or for less time.

I guess drugs don't help at all? What about stretching and light exercise? When I need to sleep or go crazy, I resort to the pillow mound for both legs and get real comfortable and see how that helps.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 23, 2010, 01:43:31 PM
March 23, 2010
22 weeks post-op

I interrupt our internet bonding session to give a brief update. Yesterday my physiotherapist gave me the official green light to say goodbye to the cane. I was using that thing begrudgingly because I knew I was limping and didn't want to make things worse, but in the last week or two I have felt a marked improvement in my strength. I found I was finally able to go through the entire range of motion for walking with no pain through the hip and minimal feeling of lack of strength in the quad. So I had been leaving the cane by the wayside more and more anyway. So yesterday I asked officially and he said "cane be gone!" I am still to use it if I feel like I'm limping terribly or if i have to walk a long distance or very quickly, but beyond that, use it as little as possible.


Now to just walk with no limp *all the time* and master these steps. Yesterday I stepped down from the big girl step (8" step) without holding on to the rail, although it is more of a fall off the step then a careful and controlled step down, but it will come. Now I just need more strength to be able to the side dips without holding on. I'm on the 4-6" step trying to dip the good foot down to the floor and back up but its still pretty hard and not well controlled at all. In good time though, just keep working it. Strength is definitely finally starting to improve at a faster pace then before.

And now back to your regularly scheduled bonding and support session.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on March 23, 2010, 02:13:38 PM
LOL, Latise you are so funny! I'm SO glad you get to say goodbye to the cane! That's so exciting! It sure takes a while to get rid of the limp, I actually didn't manage it until I got the hardware taken out. The plate was rubbing too much to not limp with it in there. Thats awesome you stepped down with the rail! It's unbelievable how scary that is at first, and it seems like such a tiny thing but it's not.

I really haven't had any searing bone pain, even on the worst of days, so that's a WONDERFUL thing. It's more muscle pain, and I think some pain with my tendons and the hip bursa still.... You are right, this is the first time the muscles and tendons have had to be in the position they are now, and I think it takes some getting used to.

The pillow mounds definitely help with sleep! I'm sure drugs would help, but I don't want to take any because then it messes my brain up for like 3 days, and I have way too much to do with school. Although, not sleeping messes me up too..... hmmm.... I don't know! Motrin helps a good bit most of the time, so I just stick to it.

Now I just have to get through classes today, hopefully I won't fidget too much. I can't ever get comfortable in the desks, so I move around alot. People probably think i'm the most impatient person in the world.

Hope everyone has a good day!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Becs3740 on March 23, 2010, 07:51:38 PM

Latise and Lyndsey thank you both for your support. Today has been a bad day for me and reading that im not on my own does help.

I constantly have pain in my left knee. The reason why i feel so down at the moment is because when i agreed to have the derotational osteotmy i didn't think i could be in any more pain than i was at that time. Now 9 months after the surgery i still get alot of pain in my hip but this is better than it was but the pain in my knee has got so much worse. I am now doing less than i was before the surgery. I am just hoping that when i have the metal removed and lateral release things will be alot better.

Lyndsey i hope today wasn't too bad for you. I can't sit properly for more than 20 minutes so i can imagine how it must be to sit all day and have to concentrate on your work. People who do not have these problems don't realise they think that if your sitting down you won't be in pain.

Latise well done for being able to stop using the cane. I still have to use a crutch when i go out as the pain it just to much without it. I still limp quite badly. If i really try i can walk with just a tiny limp but this makes the knee worse.

Now that im not working i spend i alot my time online. Facebook and farmville are my life at the moment. lol. Really helps to take my mind off the pain.

Hope both of your days haven't been too bad.

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 24, 2010, 03:36:09 AM

Please forgive me for ky time away. As soon as I say I live and die online, I'm gone from the forum for longer than a few hours! I got swamped at work and then had to rush out to make it to the gym and then a poker game ($20 buy-in, yikes!).

Lyndsey, I hope you made it through class with an easing of the pain. I know hoy you feel having to sit and not fidget and tough it out. I sit at a computer or work in a lab all day everyday and it is just pure torture. My leg is never happy with the arangement and its like I live for the weekend just to recover from the 40 hours of sitting at work. If only I could get a recliner at work, or a big oversized ottoman!

Its funny how little accomplishments mean so much. Who would havethought I would ever be happy just to step down without holding on. We take so many things for granted until they are gone.

Becks, glad you made it to kneegeeks. It sucks you are goijg through more pain than prior to your surgery. Ihope hardware removal makes things better for you. Do you kbow your tibia roatation angles? Not that you want more surgery, but perhaps there is more left unfixed in your knee?

Omg everyone on my fb is into farmville, but I haven't drank the kool aid just yet. But at least you have something to distract you. Have you tried mafia wars, that is popular too.

At my poker game we were chatting about other group activities we could do. It was a bit bittersweet because there were a lot o things mentioned that I would like to do but know I can't for a while. Others are things like pickup basketball and the work softball team, things that in my younger years I would be all about doing. Now I'm so hesitant to try things like that, even when my knee is recovered. This is going to sound conrtived, but sometimes I feel like I've lost a part of myswlf over the years because of my knee problems. I used to do all kinds of high impact activities and contact sports. I wanted to sky dive! My spirit of adventure is still there, but uts like a spirit of trepidation has overwhelmed it. I'm 28, in awful shape, and fearful to do things. When I'm recovered, I feel now like I'll be so happy just to walk with no issue that I won't want to risk injury with something high risk and high impact. That really disheartens me because it is like I let my knees win and even in better times, they continue to win.

I guess I just went on the pity tirade and I don't mean to, but that is kind of where I am right now. Just a tad disappointed. I want back my adventurous spirit without the fear of pain or injury. I don't wish I had continued to play sports despjte my knees, I just wish my knees were never like this or that the problems were found sooner so iwould have never had to choose.

Like you all, it sucks having our lives affected so wholly by something so out of our control.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on March 24, 2010, 10:46:46 AM
I've never even had that spirit, Latise.  But you know it's out there and you're SO young (technically, while I'm older, I'm still pretty young) and your surgery was SO recent that I'd advise the usual "give it TIME."  We're not quite 6 months from our surgeries.  Give it a year.  Give it maybe 2.  Remember the first George Bush president?  How old was HE when he went sky diving?  At age 28, there's still a HECK of a lot of life left ahead and you may need to give it a year or two before you're feeling better or before you don't think about your knee all the time.

But I know, who wants to wait a year or two?  We had our respective surgeries to feel better and to be able to do things again.  I want to do things NOW (I, of course, am that happy fun case of ending up with a stress injury, simply trying to do a minimum). 

We gotta find the patience somewhere anywhere! 
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Becs3740 on March 24, 2010, 12:18:33 PM

Not sure if i told you but i live in the UK. Im not sure what our time difference is but that is why you might get a delay from me.

Latise, no i don't know my tibia roatation angles. I don't get told an awful lot. I had an MRI on my knee a few weeks ago because they were thinking of doing a TTO and a lateral release because of a tight lateral retinaculum which is causing a patellar tilt. When i got the result they said that they were just going to do the lateral release and clean out under the knee cap as there is alot of imflammation.

I know it must be really hard for you to think of what you want to be able to do and can't. But like Sarbah has said it is only about 6 months since your surgury. I know it proberly feels like everything should be better by now but it does take time. At 5/6 months my leg was still pretty weak. Now at 9 months its quite strong and i feel like its just my knee stopping me now. A few months makes such a differnence. I know you want to be able to do things now and waiting a year or two feels like a life time but you are still young and have got your whole life ahead of you. My friends and family say that yes i have got another 2-3 years of going through this (because i still have the other leg to sort out) but that is just a few years out of my long life. I never have been into sports but i have always loved dancing (although im not very good at it). I will be scared to dance again properly but i will be happy enough to be able to pratice a few dance routines in my room as a hobby.

Im really sorry that you are feeling like this at the moment. Like i said earlier i know a few years at this moment feels like a life time. But the way that i try to think to help my self is that if things can improve so much (apart from knee) in a few months just think how things will be in a year or 2.

I am sorry if i haven't been much help. Im not very good at writing down my thoughts and feelings.

Take care

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 24, 2010, 01:50:31 PM
Thanks Becks and Sarah. This is why so many people like kneegeeks, because we can get so much support in so many different ways.

I guess I'm not really too frustrated about the right now. I mean yeah it sucks to not be able to stuff like photography hikes, or trail riding, or bowling tournaments, but I know this is just temporary and I really feel like I'll be back to those things soon. Yeah, the right now is manageable, especially since I feel like I'm finally on the right path to putting this knee stuff behind me (unless of course the right, still twisted leg decides to be a problem).

What is getting me down is the change in my mindset that has happened over the years. I used to never think twice about trying something fun at least once, even with my knee problems, I didn't let that stop me. Then at some point I just started letting it stop me, and little by little it stopped me more and more to the point now where its like, "Oh I'd love to try that but I can't because I might hurt myself."

I feel OLD! Actually real old, cause even some just plain old people are still really active, LOL.

I'm just a little angry/bitter that I allowed my spirit to get crushed so to speak and even more so that I cant seem to shake that fear. Even my husband gives me a sideways look if there is something I want to try. Like when I decided to try mountain biking, he was just like why, you're knee is doing ok, just leave well enough alone, LOL. Of course I didn't listen, and nothing bad happened, so nanny nanny boo boo, but man i remember going back and forth about the mountain biking thing, should i do it or shouldn't i.

Maybe this is just a third life crisis or something, LOL. Tomorrow I'll wake up and won't give two sh1ts about mountain biking or basketball or ultimate frisbee (ooOOh ultimate frisbee, i loved that in college), but right now just thinking about how I used to feel about doing things and how I feel now, I just feel pretty annoyed that I let a piece of myself go in the shuffle. Letting my knees defeat me physically is one thing, but letting them crush me mentally is something i'm not too happy with.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on March 24, 2010, 02:17:14 PM
Yeah, and that's definitely part of a pity party we're ALL allowed to have.  You've read my kneegeeks diary and you know that I've certainly done more than my fair share.  But I guess what I should have expressed better is that you have TIME to change this.  In a year or two, when you no longer think about your leg/knee daily, you might be going "I think I'm going to join in that pick-up game..."  But it's not going to happen immediately.  It'll probably happen when you no longer hurt or worry about it.  Like, yesterday, I walked down the stairs.  I got to the bottom and went "wait, what did I just do?"  Except, in your case, it'll be on a MUCH bigger scale.

Like, my husband, when an undergrad, convinced himself that he was no good at running.  WHY BOTHER.  A decade later, he picked it up again.  This April, at age 36 but closer to 37, he's running the Boston Marathon.  He QUALIFIED to run the Boston Marathon at age 35.  He psyched himself out.... then psyched himself RIGHT back in!

And, I think, in time - with the motivation, the energy, and the lack of pain (the last one being something we're all waiting on!), you'll be able to do darned near ANYTHING you want.  And anything you ever felt you wanted to do.

I want to run a 5k.  I'm not sure it's feasible.  I also want to strangle my surgeon.  That's definitely not allowable.  I should just take my crutches and thwack some unsuspecting and innocent undergrad. ;)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Becs3740 on March 24, 2010, 02:21:57 PM
Latise, i know what you mean about feeling old. I went for lunch with my mum and sister the other weekend for mothers day and they kept laughing at me saying that i was like a little old lady because i was walking so slow. I didn't mind them saying that because they were only joking and wasn't saying it in a horrible way. But alot of the time i do feel like an old lady and it does get me down. My nan is 85 and you would never think it if you saw her. She has no problem at all with her legs. Doesn't even have to use a stick. She also lives in a third floor flat and manages fine with the stairs everyday. Don't get me wrong i am very happy that she is doing so well for her age and wouldn't wish bad legs on her but it does get me down sometimes when i look at her and think that because of our ages we should have each others legs.

Hope you have a good day

Take care

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 24, 2010, 02:40:40 PM
Thanks for the pep talk ladies :-)

Sarah you are definitely right, I might have a defeated mental spirit now but I don't have to let that continue. I just hope that over time I will get that nerve back. It's never left, it's just been squashed down, LOL. After limping around all of last year until my surgery, with my knee as unstable as it has ever been, my thoughts were on just wanting to walk without issue.

LOL @ strangling your surgeon. I'm the opposite, I want to like dedicate a shrine to mine (is that creepy?). I'm actually working on a little project so that other people can thank him for helping them too. I tried to offer him my first born once, but apparently he's more interested in getting rid of his own than picking up another one.

OMG Becks, my friends do the same to me. Two of my friends walk around behind me dragging their leg mocking me (some friends huh lol) and all my bowling friends call me old and make jokes. My husband has a good time with it too. It doesn't bother me, it's all in jest. Me and a friend from college used to joke all the time about stuff saying, "It's funny cause its true!" That's how I feel sometimes when folks joke about me being old, like, it's funny cause its true, LOL.

Oh well, I just gotta say thanks for the pep talks. I'm feeling less down today. It's a new day, soon it will be a new month and then even a new year. Its not like my life sucks, in fact, I love my life, peg leg and all. Whatever comes in the future will be awesome regardless :-)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on March 24, 2010, 02:55:05 PM
Good! I'm glad you're feeling better!

But, my surgeon.  I'm going to vent here!

I love him. He's a great surgeon.  He also makes himself very available, via cell or work phone and definitely through email. I feel valued as a patient and that he listens and understands.

However, last Friday, post-MRI... he called me between surgeries to let me know the result of the MRI.  It was nothing definitive, but his instruction was "it's not worrisome, but do what ever you're comfortable with doing."  Well, that's not much.  Because it hurts to walk.  If I can't walk, what is there to do?

I replied, via email, and asked (this is from my email to him): I know you said that I should do what I'm comfortable with but I don't want to decide that means I should sit on the couch for three more weeks.  Unless, of course, it does mean that - ice, elevation, Advil - and anything else that doesn't cause too much pain? Should I pitch those stupid crutches or keep using them, as I hurt enough?

I added a bit about no rush, thanks for being so fast, I appreciate all you do, etc.  But I wanted a bit more clarification, because I want a FRIGGIN treatment plan, so I asked specific questions.

This was the entire reply, from greeting to sign off: I would try to keep the activity level in the "comfort zone", if that exists.

Super, thanks.  But after I emailed him on Friday, I also called (late in the day, no expectation of a return call) and left a message for the physician's assistant I'd been seeing with this stupid leg pain, until my OS stepped in (even then, that PA was the one in attendance).  No call Monday.  Saw him in the PA clinic yesterday.  No call.  I called back today.

The person I spoke to (clerical staff, like me!) looked in to it.  The PA contacted the head PA who talked to my OS who'd said he'd answered my questions, so the original PA didn't call me back.  But the clerical staff person expressed my desire to speak to someone and get further clarification of what my OS meant and perhaps an idea on how to work on getting better.  Well, my OS was in today, so I think it worked out that she was going to take a message for him.  Or something.  To many male pronouns were used and I lost track of which "he" she was referring to.

A few minutes later, she called back and said "Your OS said you should email him."

AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH.  If I thought he was going to ANSWER MY QUESTIONS, I would have! I didn't even reply to that stupid one liner.  Tomorrow is FIVE weeks of leg pain.  It's not a stress fracture.  It's a stress injury.  It's NOT getting better.  My leg doesn't hurt, if I don't use it.  I DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT I NEED TO DO TO GET THIS MAN TO ANSWER A DIRECT QUESTION.

And since he won't let a PA answer me, I just want to strangle him at this point.  I feel like I'm being really REALLY pushy, but I HURT.  Dammit.

Right now, I'm considering sucking it up for my six month post-op in 12 days... but I really hoped that someone would be able to talk to me about What To Do.  Is that really so hard?

Hmph!!!  >:( :o


(Sorry for ranting all over your thread)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 24, 2010, 05:01:24 PM
Hah, no worries, others have ranted here too, as have I ranted elsewhere, LOL. How ever will i distract myself from this technical report i don't desire to write if not for knee rants?!

I think its a male thing. Men just don't really know how to answer questions directly. My husband suffers from this condition. My husband says its just the women, specifically me, want more then they give, but that they do in fact give us satisfactory answers. I think its an argument with no answer.

I guess for you the answer is just if something makes pain, don't do it. If walking hurts, then yeah, sucks, but use the crutches. I guess, don't baby it, but don't overdo it either.

I suffer from the same problem about talking to my doctor. I don't want to like be a pester, especially considering I'm someone that can ask a gazillion questions and also freak out over the tiniest things and convince myself that i'm dying because my chest feels funny or that my surgery failed because soething feels 'off' LOL. It's really hard for me to decide what to ask, how often to ask questions, and how much to ask to be clarified. The answers are of course, everything, as often as necessary, and as much until it is clear. But it sure feels like being a nag, so I know how you feel. Having an easily accessible doctor, i kind of feel like i don't want to take advantage of that. Before the surgery, I didn't feel all the conscious of asking a bunch of questions and emailing all the time. I was on a mission for answers! But now that he's said basically, "your bones are healed" i'm kind of like, at this point it is on me so I really don't need to be asking him stuff anymore, his job is kind of done. Of course it doesn't really work that way, but in theory it does, and I'm a technical person, i like theory and patterns and rules, LOL.

Maybe the answer is as simple as stated. Do as much as feels comfortable. Try not to over think it and just keep it simple. What is comfortable to you? And whatever that is, do nothing more.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on March 24, 2010, 05:09:58 PM
LOL to the last line in your sig file.

Anyway... and you can relate to this (and if Megan-the-overdoer read this, her too!)... but but but I JUST WANNA GO OUTSIDE AND TAKE A WALK! I want to go to the mall! I want to be able to rake the damned leaves that my husband is ignoring (he's good like that. He also thinks my OS makes sense).

AND I WANT TO DO IT ALL RIGHT NOW.  Not next week.  Not in 12 days, after I see my OS.  NOW.


Anyway, I finally wrote to my OS after making sure I didn't say "you're stupid" or anything that was clearly me being a brat.  I said "look, I hurt, I want to stop hurting. And my six month post op is in 12 days. If I hurt still, we could readdress it them.  Alternately, if you've seen enough of me, I'll willingly cancel it." (paraphrased a tad, mind)

His reply was FOUR WHOLE LINES.  It included using my name, his name, the enter key, and a note useful reply! But! More than one line! He wrote: I am happy to see you any time.
Please contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns - it will likely be more efficient that way.

But it's NOT.  You don't answer QUESTIONS. Direct OR implied.

But I really want to walk downtown, visit the local chocolate store, buy a locally made chocolate bunny, then walk across the street and pick up a locally made cupcake.  And I want to do it NOW! ;)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Becs3740 on March 24, 2010, 05:31:01 PM

Sarah, I know what you mean. I am stuck at home pretty much every day at the moment. I feel very much how you do. All i want to be able to do is a 10 min walk down the road to get my food shopping. Im fed up of having to give my mum my shopping list all the time and do the rest of my shopping online.

My day started out ok but as soon as i got up the pain really kicked in. Im now lying on my bed in absolute agongy.

It must be so frustrating for you to not get a straight answer from your OS. I don't feel that i would be able to ask my OS any questions even through his secretary. But in the last few days i think i really have found alot of answers to my questions on this website.

I feel very lucky to have found this website and the lovely people on hear willing to share their thoughts and give you their support. So a big thank you to you all i just wish i had found this website earlier.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 24, 2010, 06:53:26 PM
Oh Becks, sorry you are hurting now. Are you taking any meds for the pain? Nobody can really every say anything to help with the pain, so I'm at a loss for how to help except to just say hang in there and do whatever it takes to find some comfort. For me, ice and the pillow mound was enough, and perhaps a vicodin if absolutely necessary. I'm glad we've been able to help in some capacity here on kneegeeks though. Everyone needs a support system, especially since family friends don't quite get it unless they have been through it.

Sarah, are you LOL @ my bit about the cane or my shameless plug for a super-sweet clinic that I know of? Either way, glad you got a laugh. As for the cane, well unfortunately we are quite intimate at the moment, but I would not call us monogamous, but more like a fling, an on and off affair if you will, except without emotions, more like an affair where the 2 just use each other for physical reasons. LOL!

I went yesterday all day without it, and it was quite a long day. I had to go out to my car and get it at lunch today because my leg just gets so stiff at work and after all of yesterday, I'm finding it hard not to limp today. I really just want to javelin this thing into a trash compactor or something, but *sigh* I promised the therapist I would listen to him and use it if I was limping. Damn those cute physical therapists with the pretty eyes and soft hands. I should have gotten my appointments with the boss there. While he's a nice guy, he just doesn't catch my eye and I think I would find it easier to go against him--in the rebelling sense, not the physical one.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Becs3740 on March 24, 2010, 07:03:43 PM
Thanks Latise was trying to have a tablet free day today but had to finally give in. Got a pillow under my knees at the moment and will put ice on them later.

You do make me lol. Im not happy that you had to use the cane but you make me laugh the way you write about it. lol

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 24, 2010, 10:10:58 PM
Laughter is good for the soul, or something like that. Glad I can entertain someone with my wit.

Sarah, I definitely relate. Right now, at this very moment, I just want to leave work (I'm stuck here waiting on my project manager to review my technical report). Even sitting on the stationary bike to nowhere is better then being at work. In the more general sense, right now I just I would just like to walk without limp so I can put the cane back in my car and go do some photographs of the sunset. It's a tad cloudy which usually makes for good colors in the sky. I also wouldn't mind hopping on my bike to go take said photographs and finish it off by walking the dog and running around with him a bit (we don't have a dog but my in-laws are in town and brought theirs).

I am happy to see you any time.
Please contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns - it will likely be more efficient that way.
I assume the 2 lines to total 4 were your name to start and his to finish. I say with that info just give him a call. Do you have a number directly to him?

I try to never call my docs direct cell number unless it is really big, like when I felt like I was high as a kite and entering an alternate reality (except that I hadn't taken any drugs) and once when I had pain in my good leg and was worried about a blood clot, and both times he said I did the right thing by calling. Usually I just shoot him an email and he responds right away or calls if it is something that needs more than a quick email response. Maybe your docs quick, short answers at times are a result of just being busy at that moment. If he said to call, then I think I think I would just call, that way you can hold him hostage on the line until he gives the answer you want to hear, LOL,or possibly get hung up on, which would give you just cause to hit him with a crutch when you next see him. I would avoid the strangulation method you spoke of earlier, as that is attempted murder. Assualt has a much lighter penalty. Plus with crutches you can always say it was an accident caused by tripping. You don't accidentally find yourself strangling someone.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on March 24, 2010, 10:50:11 PM
Laughter is good for the soul, or something like that. Glad I can entertain someone with my wit.

If he said to call, then I think I think I would just call, that way you can hold him hostage on the line until he gives the answer you want to hear, LOL,or possibly get hung up on, which would give you just cause to hit him with a crutch when you next see him. I would avoid the strangulation method you spoke of earlier, as that is attempted murder. Assualt has a much lighter penalty. Plus with crutches you can always say it was an accident caused by tripping. You don't accidentally find yourself strangling someone.

So I just read that out loud to my husband.  I was unable to get through it without busting up with laughter.

Anyway, he doesn't REALLY want me to call him.  After I called and left a message with the almost instant call back... the message from my OS was for me to email him.  So I did.  And you can see where that got me.  Yes, the other two lines were my name and then his name.  (I'm always a little weirded out by the fact that he always just says "Hey Sarah, it's Bruce."  It is, clearly, but I'm just not comfortable calling him - of all people! - by his first name.  Whatever.)

The conversation on the day died there.  Well, it died after my reply to that.  My husband congratulated me on a large amount of passive-aggressivity in my initial email to the OS.  But he and I are starting to think there's just something going on in his head, with regards to me, that hasn't come out yet.  Usually, we pick up on it, but this time, well, I just don't know.  My DH thinks that the OS is waiting until the somewhat arbitrary six month mark to decide if it's likely the plate is causing my pain.  He also thinks that the OS probably gave me a perfectly valid answer but that I just don't want to hear it - if it hurts, don't do it.  If doing anything causes hurt, do nothing.  And then let me know how it goes.  My DH thinks that I just want to hear an answer that's less passive and more, er, aggressive?  Oh, bad pun aside, I mean active.  The DH is likely right about the OS.

I feel that I should throw in more abbreviations while I'm at it, but given I speak in code at work, maybe not.  (And then there's how the code is pronounced - it changes from department to department.  My last boss called LNCUR lin-cur.  Current boss says El En See You Arr.  Current boss also says FACAW as fah-caw and the last one said Eff A See You Double-You)

However, in refernce to the above quoted part, I think I will keep that in mind.  Especially since seeing my OS usually means there's a PA in the room, as well.  More witnesses and that's never good.  Tripping with crutches is a much better accident.

(For all who might not see the humor in this, please understand that I will not ever intentionally damage my surgeon, as he is an excellent surgeon who really does care... but there have been many times in the past 5 years when he has just made me want to bang my head against the wall.  This current round is one of them)

It's going to be hard for me to NOT say anything for the next 12 days, unless I wake up healed.  There's just not going to be a point, if things hold steady.  I do have PT tomorrow and I might vent at my PT a bit and get his sense of things.  By which I mean "what the heck is WRONG with my OS?"

I'm sorry you had to work late.  Perhaps you should have tripped with your cane near your project manager? ;)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 25, 2010, 09:47:16 PM
:-) Glad you found that funny. It always makes me happy when people are laughing but I'm not the brunt of the joke. Unfortunately I have a speak before I think personality, and that means most times people are laughing AT me in some fashion, rather than with me. Thank goodness for the 'Modify' button on kneegeeks!

I'm sorry you had to work late.† Perhaps you should have tripped with your cane near your project manager?
Hah, I wish I had thought of that yesterday! I finally was able to leave at 715 after reviewing the doc with the project manager and making some more changes. U-G-H!

So, here's a piece of update for my more quiet followers that for whatever reason like to know my progress. Today I finally did 2x10 "dips" without holding the rail. For those that may not know, the "dips" are when I stand on the aerobic step on the bad leg, and then try to toe-touch down to the floor with the good leg. This basically requires you to bend with all your weight on the bad leg. I did this with 1 set of risers under the step. I guess that makes it about a 4" step. So yeah, go me.

I also walked up the 2 flights of stairs in my house like a normal person (1 foot after the other) without holding on to anything. Some of it was more of a hop, but at least I did it.

Less walking at work today, but so far no cane :-)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Becs3740 on March 25, 2010, 10:41:54 PM
Well done Latise. I was getting really good at dips but have had to stop them because they hurt my knee and plate area so much. Thats really good be able to do the stairs normally without holding on to anything. I tried to do that today because i had my arms full and couldn't hold on but my knee felt very weak and didn't like me putting all that weight through it so had to do the annoying one step at a time  :(

Well done with the progress :)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 27, 2010, 02:49:46 AM
Ah, the one step at a time. It IS so annoying!

So...advice! I need some.

I've been thinking lately about going to Houston for a few days and work with the physical therapist there. I guess I would likely have a visit with the doc too, since I would be out there. It's not that I'm not satisfied with my physiotherapist here, because I am (I think). But he's not the doctor's pt and I know he's never treated someone with my kind of surgery before. Not that my surgery is all prima donna unique and what not, but still.

I'm just looking for some validation that the exercises I'm doing are the right ones to be doing to push myself the hardest. I'm paranoid that I'm not doing enough and I feel like a trip to Houston would allow me to really assess where I am, where I need to be, and what I need to do to get there and if what I'm currently doing in PT and on my own are in line with those goals.

But the rub: money. Do I really need to spend the travel $ for a check-up?

Oh the decisions. I've spared no expense on my leg so far throughout this journey, but still, I don't want to be silly and just throw money around for peace of mind when its probably unwarranted and me just being impatient and paranoid.

Ugh. I wish I could just walk right. I wish my leg didn't feel so weird when I bend it. I wish it didn't still hurt in places. It fills my head with doubt. My doc can answer questions, but emails and phone calls don't fix doubt.

Which brings me to the other thing on my mind. My leg. oh wait, I already said that. It just feels weird. Not bad weird, just weird like who knew that having your leg rearranged would feel weird? Everything feels "wrong" when I use my leg, which I guess makes sense since its all different from before. But still.

I just want some confirmation that the way it feels is normal and that what I'm doing so far is the right regimen.

But still, I'm in a good mood, and I hope that shows in my post. I'm not mad or frustrated, I'm just not confident. And me and a lack of confidence don't go well together.

And I know I could have a worse position to be in that trying to decide whether to spend $1,000 for peace of mind. Things could be bad, i could be in ridiculous pain, or worse, my kneecap could be popping out, so I'm grateful. There are worse positions to be in than this. But still, GAH!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Becs3740 on March 27, 2010, 11:58:00 PM
Hi Latise,

Its hard to say what would be the best for you to do. I know im no doctor or physio but from what you have been saying on here you seem to be doing quite well for 6 months post op even though it may not feel it at times. It also sounds that you are doing alot more physio than i was doing.

Im quite lucky because my mum works at a physio clinic so knows quite a few physios. Because the physio at the hospital wasn't helping i have seen a few different physios that my mum knows through her work. All of them gave me a few of the same exercises but then some of them gave me some others as well. I managed to make up my own home programme from mixing the exercises that i felt made me better.

As you have said it is alot of money to spend for a check up but you will be getting a second opinion. But to you is it worth spending that money to put your mind at rest and also try and get some of your confidence back?

For months my leg felt really weird. Sometimes when i was walking it didn't feel right and i wasn't sure what position was my new normal. I was so used to my foot turning in that when i stepped forward it felt really awkward having my foot straight. It took me quite a while to adjust and im still doing that now. When i was 6 months post op i told doctors and physios that it still felt weird and they told me that it was only 6 months since the surgery and that my muscles had been in a certain position for 22 years and that 6 months isn't long enough for them to get used to being in a different position and to work differently.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Becs3740 on March 28, 2010, 12:10:46 AM
Sorry about my last post knees are really hurting at the moment and im really tired. I posted it without reading it back so sorry if it doesn't make much sense to you my mind feels a bit cloudy at the moment.

It helped me to get a second opinion because my physio had told me to stop doing a lot of the exercises. When i told her that the pain in my knee was getting worse she said that there was nothing that she could do and to continue with my 2 exercises and see her in 3 months time.

Has your doctor told you where he thinks you should be with your progress? I got told that it would take me 12 months till i would be walking normally.

Take care

P.s sorry again about the confusing posts my minds not quite there at the mo. lol. Hopefully others on here can give you alot better advise than me.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 28, 2010, 06:18:29 PM
Hey Becks thanks for the replies. I can understand them fine, maybe your cloudy mind is just making you think your posts are incoherent, LOL.

You hit the nail on the head about going for a followup mostly for a sanity check. I keep in touch with my OS and sometimes he posts in this thread. He's pretty up to date on my progress and has said I'm doing fine. I don't doubt that. Especially from a bone healing perspective, he said the bones are healed fine based in my xrays that I've sent at 6, 12, and 18 weeks.

As for the weird feeling leg, he said it can take a long time for soft tissue to adjust. Its like I "know" things are ok, but its my personality pretty much to worry and be paranoid.

I feel like I want to know that my physio is up to snuff and that my gym exercises are what I should be doing and not missing anything. Like, just want to sanity check I'm getting the best use of my workout time.

I think my progress has been good when I step back and be rational. And my doc says im doing fine. But living it and thinking it are 2 different sides if the coin!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 30, 2010, 03:20:58 PM
March 30, 2010
23 weeks post-op

I haven't much to update this week. I'm still progressing along. It's been a week since I stopped using the cane. I've only pulled it out twice, once last week at work after the first full day of not using it and once this weekend at a party. My leg still feels weird when I bend it, like it isn't sure which way to bend is right. It's a disconcerting feeling, and I hope it doesn't stay that way forever. It also still feels like something is pulling along the inside of my knee, when i bend it. And I noticed a few weeks ago this bump on the bone on the inside of the knee, so that is interesting. I'm curious as to what it is. It seems like it is along the line of where the osteotomy was, so i wonder if it where the bone healed with a bump. It's curious and freaky at the same time.

The lateral tightness is better after exercising and stretching of course, but it just comes right back. But I guess the fact that it is better worse is a good indicator that there isn't something wrong, just have to work through it.

My hip/thigh continues to be irritated, but I think it is getting better too, albeit slowly.

I still keep considering a trip out to see my doctor's therapist, but I'm still putting it off for now until I drive myself crazy. I talked to my physiotherapist about my gym workout plan and he said i'm doing all the right things, but he thinks maybe I shouldn't strength train everyday, maybe take the third day off, but that I should make sure to do the stationary bike and stretching daily. i think I'll run that by my doctor first.

The physio thinks part of my discouragement at times is coming from working out or doing physio everyday and being disappointed with the results not coming faster. He could be right.

Oh yeah, so fun times, I fell down the steps this morning! I was going down the stairs to head out to the gym. My leg took the brunt of the fall, and twisted a bit at the knee, so it feels a bit tweaked. My hip/thigh just feels like I put way too much weight on it for way too long. My pride is hurt the most, LOL. I iced and elevated and now i'm of course at work so that sucks, but I think I'm none-the-worse for wear.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on March 30, 2010, 03:23:43 PM
While it's not the original meaning, the person who coined "Pride goes before the fall" clearly had never tripped over his own feet.

That's all I have to say about that. ;)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 30, 2010, 03:30:38 PM
Haha, nice.

Yeah, with this foot that wants to point in ever so slightly (but enough for me to notice), I'm tripping over my own feet quite a bit now. But I don't even think that is what happened on the stairs. My foot just slid off the stair. I think it's the new shoes I bought for the gym, it just slid right off the edge, and BAM! Down goes Frazier!

So I already had a headache starting after that episode, then I whack my head getting into the car, so now my head really hurts.

My morning did not get off to a good start!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on March 30, 2010, 03:57:46 PM
It might have to be an ice cream day.
Or a chocolate day.

To make up for the bad start, of course.

Mine hasn't been a bad start.  I had PT.  No one knows why I hurt still. But it was a better workout than they had been.  He commiserated with me over not having heard back from my surgeon.  By the time I got to work, I had a reply (which came after I left PT, as I was checking email while icing).  The reply was useless.

I might be having a chocolate day, too. ;)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 30, 2010, 06:29:15 PM
OoH ice cream. But *sigh* I am trying to get myself back on my healthy eating pattern. Thankfully I haven't gained any weight since coming home from Atlanta, but I haven't lost any either!

But maybe just one scoop :-) It's been a rough day.

After all, I believe in 'moderation' anyway. My problem lately is just 8+ hours at work, 2+ hours in the gym, by the time I get home I'm already starving so cooking isn't high on my list. More like I grab something on the way in. Which is why I was awake at 6:15am this morning, and probably partially why I was on my a** on the stairs at 6:30, because I was trying to get my day started earlier so I could work out, work, and still be home at a reasonable hour to cook. It always comes back to being awake too early--I'm not a morning person at all. Come to think of it, most of my trips down the stairs on my butt have been early in the morning (yes there have been other falls).

So did your doctor's reply start off "Hi Sarah it's Bruce" like before? I keep thinking about your previous post, LOL. I guess your guy forgets that his name shows up in the 'From' line, LOL.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on March 30, 2010, 07:35:35 PM
Well, sort of.  It started with "Sarah-" and ended with "-Bruce."  Generally, the replies I get from him are from his Blackberry (when I saw he had one I went "ooooh.  That explains SO much.") and consist of a thought.  It's like text messaging your surgeon.

The middle read "I can certainly understand your frustration . . . believe me, I want nothing more than this pain to go away!
I am happy to sit and chat any time you have concerns. I have time on Thurs if you prefer not to wait until the 5th."

I suppose I can't complain (but, you know, I do anyway), as I didn't ask him any questions, but basically said "I'm so frustrated I cry.  When I see you, I would like to have a plan of attack."  I sent that last Thursday and I kind of wasn't expecting a reply.  And what do I say to that?  Thursday is April 1.  April 1. April 5. April 1. April 5.  While I'm impatient, I hate bucking the system for something that isn't going to bring about immediate change - let's face it, seeing my surgeon on Thursday isn't going to miraculously heal my leg.  Or, if it is, he's really holding back from me.

I emailed my PT, too, and HE's not giving me a home program until he knows what the surgeon has to say.  So my entire life is pivoting on this appointment but I don't want to put all my hopes on it.  Does that make sense?

Also, I really want ice cream now, too.  Let's face it, not gaining weight while recovering from MASSIVE HUGE surgery is a major bonus.  Especially since we had Thanksgiving and Christmas between surgery and now.  And Easter coming.  Anyway, I know what you mean and I rarely like to reward myself with food (which explains why I have purchased a lot of - calorie-free! - yarn in the past couple months).  But an occasional ice cream can't hurt. ;)

I also couldn't maintain your level of activity.  Have you considered a slow cooker for meals?  I usually use it on Sundays and then I have a few days worth of food, since it's only two of us.  But it's a few days less to think about cooking, especially on Mondays!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on March 30, 2010, 08:19:37 PM
LOL, yeah April 1, April 5th, big difference. But if it is the difference in being able to ask what to tell your PT and you have a PT appointment between now and the 5th, then I would probably take the opportunity to talk to him.

My doc has the blackberry too, as evidenced by the dead-giveaway signature "Sent from my Verizon Wireless Black Berry" which coincidentally made me happy because I have VZW too, so I knew any phone conversations with him are free minutes, LOL. I have had a few 30+ minute conversations with him, so free minutes are a bonus, LOL.

But yeah, responses are definitely shorter in general when they come from the BB and sometimes just in general. I thought that might be the case for you too, since it sounds like your doc has joined the 21st century of communicating with his patients, LOL. You figure, these guys are super busy. Even though our lives hang on their every word, they have a gazilion other patients whose lives also hang on their every word, LOL. As accessible as my doctor makes himself, I can't imagine how many emails and phone calls he gets on a daily from patients. That's why I try my best not to email or call about every single thing even though I'm OCD and anal and want to.

I know it's hard to hear, but I guess just one thing at a time. I know what you mean about having everything riding on that one appointment. Can you say TTT/LR surgery scheduled on 8/5 rescheduled to go to TX on 8/5 (on 1 weeks notice) to find out if TTT/LR surgery is the RIGHT surgery for me? I felt like my entire life was riding on that doctor visit, and in a way it was, not in the strict sense of life or death, but in the sense of my knee's potential life vs prolonged death, LOL!

Don't leave there without the answers you need to make you feel good and give your PT some direction. And don't forget about the whole tripping that results in a crutch to the groin if need be.

I have busted out the slow cooker for the exact reason you mention. I'm just being lazy and enjoying eating chipotle every other day. Mmmm chipotle. But no more, back to boneless skinless chicken breast and lean meat and veggies. Yay... definitely want some ice cream now.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on March 30, 2010, 09:04:17 PM
Yeah, I was absolutely FLOORED when he gave me his email & cell phone number (he has, however, removed the "sent from..." on his phone).  And for a non-urgent matter (like my last email), I am so beyond okay with a multi-day turn around time.  Heck, I didn't even think there was anything to reply to - I just didn't want him walking in, on April 5th, only to have me burst into tears or something stupid where he ends up surprised.

I do have a PT appointment on Friday.  Maybe.  But my PT thinks I could cancel it.  It's also my last PT appointment.  He told me that, either way, I should come see him after my OS appointment and tell him what happened.  My insurance approved visits through the end of May, so I could always come back. or something. WHO KNOWS!

I'll talk to my husband later.  I haven't replied to my OS and we're probably past the window of opportunity.  I did just realize, as we discussed food, that my husband wanted to go to a buffet on Easter.  Tricky on crutches, but it's a good thing I don't need to be on them.  Unless I want to be pain free.

I usually toss roasts in the slow cooker.  Sometimes soups, as well.  And, yeah, I hear ya.  I've been on a burrito kick, recently.  I love to pretend I'm being healthier and get them in a bowl, instead of the tortilla.  The bowl isn't edible, so I'm sure I save, what, 5 calories?  But I figure even a bbq pork roast is healthier (usually) than eating out.

I'm sure I'll angst about Thursday v. Monday until Thursday and then go "whoops."  It's how I do things around here! ;)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 03, 2010, 08:31:05 PM
Soooo...I have decided to go out to Houston for a few days and do physio there and have a follow-up with my doctor. I'm going to hopefully go in 2 weeks, but I need to call the office on Monday and get the appointments made.

Really, my leg feels great pain-wise, I can't complain. I mean yes it hurts sometimes, and yes my hip is still irritated, but it ain't awful or nothing. What drives me nuts is the weird pulling sensations in my knee itself that are pissing me off. I'm totally capable of walking limp-free, but all the lateral tightness just feels so bad when I walk that I'm still walking kind of jacked up. I just want to go there, get evaluated and checked up, and see if I can ditch formal pt and just rehab on my own in the gym everyday. I hope to leave with a solid workout program for the gym, in case what I'm doing now needs to be fine-tuned.

Today I OWNED the bosu ball in the gym, it was tops! Not sure what was special about today that was different from yesterday or all the other days, but today I did like pretty much all the repetitions of balancing without losing my balance and I was able to step off the thing with the weak leg holding my weight without holding on to anything. It was like damn near normal. Had a great ride on the stationary bike too. Again, not sure what made today so different from all the other days, but it was a really good work out, very encouraging.

And I finally finished my special project I was working on, so all in all a good start to a beautiful weekend. Final Four tonight, bowling tournament tomorrow (yes on Easter), and probably dinner with the family. Doesn't get much better.

And no I'm of course not bowling. My husband and I, in addition to bowling competitively, we also run amateur tournaments. So tomorrow we will be running an event because my husband didn't do a good job of looking on the calendar and planning around Easter...
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 03, 2010, 08:39:46 PM
Sarah, did you end up going to see the doctor?

I think I'm spoiled at this point with my doctor. He responds to email pretty much right away so I know the first time I send one and it he takes a while to respond I'll likely be kicking and screaming and flailing my arms like a spoiled brat. Meh, such is life.

I was definitely floored when I learned that my doc gives his cell # and email out so freely. I think its great that some doctors have joined this century of instant communication. As long as people don't take advantage of it, it's a powerful thing.

Hah, I get my chipotle without the tortilla too. But I get my 5 calories back and then some by adding in chips and salsa, LOL.

But I've done much better this week. This week starts getting back to the healthy lifestyle and I must say I made nice improvements on that front. One day at a time, one meal at a time.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on April 03, 2010, 09:16:47 PM
I did not end up seeing the doctor on Thursday.  I will see him on Monday.  I've kept it off Twitter because I have my mom as a contact and I'm having some issues with her.  If she doesn't know, she can't drive me crazy about it. :)

I did write back and politely thank him and that was that.  There was nothing for him to reply to and so he didn't.  We'll see how things go then.  I intend to do what I've done before and write up an actual list of questions, but we'll see how it goes.  Especially since this is kind of an unknown.  I might pull together "unknown and now what" questions and "plate removal" questions.

Every now and again, I think things are getting better and I look down and note I'm limping.  Ha ha ha.  I'm just looking forward to greater pain-free mobility.  Heck, Friday afternoon I ended up with one VERY red eye.  I get pink eye like no one's business, so I had to haul myself on crutches to the doctor's office.  (It's allergic conjunctivitis - way to go, self!)  It will be nice to not have to do that - either be on crutches or cause myself pain.  But I *will* get there!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 03, 2010, 09:33:47 PM
But I *will* get there!
Love the positivity!

Yeah, I can't see how seeing him a few days earlier would have made much of a difference, except maybe for PT. Monday you will go, hold him hostage in the room, and get every question answered sufficiently and it will be awesome. Or you will hit him with a crutch. THat would be awesome too. I suggest waving the crutch a little when you ask questions, for intimidation.

I need to get my list of questions together for my trip. I'm not flying 1500 miles from home to forget to ask something. I have questions for the physiotherapist and questions for my doctor, not that I can't ask these questions over the phone or email, but still, I want to be able to point out the stuff that feels off while I'm there.

I'm not sure what I'm expecting from this trip. It'll probably be a let down of epic proportion. He'll answer my questions, chat at me and make laugh, and then say "you're fine, go exercise" and i'll be like "wait, what about this tight feeling when i walk, waaaaahhhh!!!" THen I'll see the pt and he'll be like, "yup you're doing fine" and i'll go "but waaaahhh it feels creepy and I don't want it to!" But then, that wouldn't be so bad to hear, even though what you really want to hear is "it will stop feeling like this in a X days, do this this and that and it will go away completely."

I'll be out there for a few days, maybe I should take my cane so I can waive it in intimidation until I get the answers I want to hear...Oh, I'll get answers, but I may need the cane to get the ones I want to hear.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on April 04, 2010, 03:50:26 AM
It's funny because, recently, I've gotten some flack for the "negative" tone of my Facebook status updates.  I think it's only funny because it's from one who calls myself friend but who clearly doesn't know me.  I will get through this.  I will get better.  I don't know what it's going to take, but I will find out eventually.

But I'm allowed to be negative or upset, because I hurt.  And no one knows why.  I'm not a Pollyanna and I never have been (plus, it's MY Facebook anyway).  Foo on all of them.

And, hey, my appointment with my OS is in 35 hours.  It's surprisingly SOON!

I know what you mean about the face-to-face time.  It really is about body language.  Not that anyone thinks that your OS is lying to you (I'm sure he's not) but sometimes, it's just seeing how he reacts to your questions as he answers them.  So ask him FIRST that it feels like X when you walk and is that normal ... I dunno about you, but I usually have my questions in an "if, then" format, since sometimes the conversation takes a different turn than I expect and I can roll with the punches.

Also, if they could answer that it would stop feeling like this in however many days, they'd probably all be employed as successful psychics and not as medical professionals!  No one's ever exactly the same in their recovery.  Even if you and I had the exact same surgery, could you imagine what the 12 inches and 5 years would mean for differences in recovery?!  (The 12" would affect the plate, the 5 years could affect recovery time)

I hope you enjoy your bowling Easter tournament.  Have more chocolate! I know I will! ;)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 04, 2010, 04:53:04 AM
I know what you mean about facebook. you should be able to say what you want. I've since stopped caring and post whatever i want regardless of what "friend" or family member might not like it. I just make sure not to bash coworkers or my job since i have coworkers as friends. FB is the land of "friends."

I can't imagine how frustrating and annoying it must be to hurt and no one knows why. Well then of course my knee hurt and was unstable for damn near 20 years with no real explanation, but somehow I don't think that is the same. They will figure it out, or will just resolve on its own, it has to.

I like face time because it never feels like explaining something over the internet or on the phone is sufficient for me. I suck with words and describing things. It's like a blind man trying to describe the weather to someone that is hearing impaired if you ask me. I want to be able to point to where it hurts. And like you said, body language is a big deal. I know i'm doing fine, I don't question that. But getting some reassurance and direction, especially since I am considering dropping formal pt, can only be a good thing.

Oh I definitely know the docs aren't God or psychics. It would help if they were, but *sigh* they are human. There's a lot of people that would do well to understand this simple concept.

So I'm sitting here in utter disgust because Duke is going to the National Championship and is probably going to win. Suckage. All is not right with the world. I need sleep now and hopefully wake up no longer disgusted.

Chocolate, ain't nothin wrong with that! Good call. Enjoy your Easter!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on April 05, 2010, 05:41:23 PM
Well, we'll root for Butler.  I sure did, especially as they played (Michigan) State.  Or "little brothers".  Or "sore losers."  Depending on the score. ;)

I had my six month post-op which turned into a "solve Sarah's medical mystery" this morning.  And I'm REALLY annoyed but I also think I'm far too harsh with my OS.  He's still not 100% sure what's wrong and I realize that I'm heaping all the blame on him anyway. :)

He's rotated back to the idea of "shin splints" which kind of seemed a given, especially since he sent me for an MRI to rule out a stress fracture.  Shin splints lead to... well, you know.

First, he said that there's no way the plate can come out now. That's how the conversation started and you (plural you!) and I know that to be true.  Next, he manhandled my poor leg around the plate.  Man, that hurt like HECk.  Of course, it hurts like heck a lot of times - when pressure is applied to it, when I try to sleep, etc - but having someone deliberately poking for a response was unfun!

We went around for a bit, before he said it sounds like shin splints (no foolin', man).  My husband had to press him a bit to get him to do anything about it.  Like the possibility of inserts?  My OS ran out of the room and tracked down the orthodics guru in the office and came back with a recommendation for some OTC insoles.  I guess I'll give that a chance and see how it goes.  Of course, those only fit in sneakers.  I don't always wear sneakers.  Ugh.

Then he suggested I use ice and take anti-inflammatories.  I emailed him, on March 19th, and asked him the same damned question.  Honest, I have the email where I asked "should I ice? Take Advil?" and he replied with "do what's most comfortable."  So I really feel like I've lost SO much time here.  Shin splints are not the end of the world, but if we'd able to work on "fixing" that weeks ago, I might be in so much better shape.  If he'd listened to me two weeks ago, well, who knows.  Ice/Advil are not, certainly, cure-alls, but even replying to my questions....

...especially as most of the email replies are about how I should talk only to him.  And then I got lectured about how I should stay in touch via email.  *head desk*  I try, I get nonsense for replies, and I'm not inclined to simply fill up his inbox because, as we've all established, our OS's are very busy people.

I guess the seriously positive upside to all of this is that I am REALLY feeling better, finally.  Finally!  I'm definitely not "OMG HEALED" but the pain is so much less.  Of course, we need to make sure my knee doesn't hurt, which would indicate I'm limping, so we shall see.  Tentatively optomistic, regardless.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 05, 2010, 06:05:30 PM
I will definitely be rooting for Butler but *sigh* I don't like their chances. I am having friends over to watch, and one wants Duke to win. My mean side may have to come out if he cheers too loudly for Duke. I've never had to put someone out of my house before, but there's a first time for everything.

It's easy to be harsh with the OS when you are hurting and don't feel like you are getting answers. You aren't the first person he's probably had to deal with that has potentially misdirected and arguably irrational disgust for him, LOL. I don't think I could ever be annoyed with my doc, but I'm also not in your situation, so what can I say really. You know these guys are human and they do the best they can with what they've got. You wouldn't have let a dumbass chop on you in the first place, so you just have to try to be confident that he's doing the best he can to restore you to function once he actually listens to you and understands. You may have to push a little harder on the listening and understanding part. Remember, kneegeeks help other kneegeeks to remember to be their own advocate.

That said, I feel you on the responses that he has shared. Its not so hard to say "Yes use ice and advil" or "No, just duke it out." But men aren't best communicators either, and couple that with being super busy and it is a bad recipe.

I can't really advise on how to handle the situation because I have never been it before. This is my first experience with even communicating with a doctor so freely in the first place. I've never had a doctor I could email or call directly, so I'm still starry eyed about that. I do know that I'm a bit of a b1tch when I need to be, and I make no apologies. In the end, what matters is results and sometimes the dark side has to come out for that to happen. So perhaps your passive aggressive emails could be replaced with a little more forceful responses. Something along the lines of "Hey, yes or no, ice and advil?" I think it's ok to be blunt and straight-forward, and even perturbed, on a phone call or email, as long as it remains professional and respectful. But that's just me. I am 3rd generation of women that say whatever they feel, I've just learned from my predecessors and abandoned the rudeness that usually accompanies their statements and behaviors.

I'm glad you are least feeling better. Hopefully the orthotics, ice, and advil will help this to resolve. Just remember not to overdo it since you are feeling a bit better. If this really is an overuse injury, it's best to take it slow.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 05, 2010, 06:26:18 PM
On a different note, I called my doctor's office and it looks like I will be able to meet with the physical therapist and the doctor the week I'm trying to go out. I'm waiting for them to call back and confirm for sure that the PT will be able to work with me the whole week, then I'll book my travel. I really hope they call back today because I don't want to miss out on the travel deals that are available today. The schedule is to meet with the PT first, on a monday, and then the doctor on wed (he's not in the office on mon or tues). Kinda wondering if I should be seeing him first, and then the PT, so i guess that is a question i need to ask.

I'm feeling good about this trip. Some of my family yesterday gave me the whole, "aren't you being a bit foolish and dramatic, going all the way out there for a follow-up?" comments and what is wrong with my therapist here. They don't want me to even think about dropping formal PT. It's funny how I've handled this whole thing on my own, yet the peanut gallery still has input on how I should do things. I've wasted my life away in pt for 20 years, so forgive me if I don't have a lot of faith in them and want some reassurance that everything is kosher.

My mother-in-law went with me on the preliminary trip to Houston and she thinks its a good idea for me to go. Better safe than sorry.

Good thing even though I care what other people think, I don't let what they think stop me from what I think I need to do for myself. If it turns out to be a unneeded trip, well so be it, better safe than sorry. If i lived in TX, it would be a no brainer that I would go back for follow-ups. Just because I'm 1500 miles away means I shouldn't? $$$ is a dumb reason not to do something when the means are there to do it.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on April 05, 2010, 06:27:50 PM
Oh, definitely, my perception is colored because of my frustration. †Stepping back, I realized that, and it helps.

But I saw one PA twice. I had regular PT. †None of them went "gosh, maybe we should treat this like shin splints"? Or "oh, hey, these symptoms are similar to..."? And then, the MRI to test for a stress fracture. †I think that they all might have gone "OMG KNEE!" when I've been saying "leg." †I'm 33; I know the difference in my body parts and I'd hope they'd know that. †If I say leg, I mean leg. †If I tell them my knee is fine but my leg hurts...

...I hopefully won't overdo it. †My "no walking!" doctor's note is good through the 18th. I leave on vacation a few days before that. †That should give me time to heal at my own pace and not at my boss's, who was trying to push me into walking across campus for a meeting on Wednesday. †That's what got me into this mess, so, no, not while there's a note on file saying so. †And, ideally, the shoe inserts will help. †I always wear athletic shoes when I walk further than a block so if I'm wearing dress shoes at work, I'm probably not going far. †(Did I mention I actually keep an old pair in my office, anyway? HA!!)

My husband had much the same opinion you do. †He figures my surgeon replies to my email because it's in front of him. †But since I'm not in front of him, he fires off a reply and moves on to the next thing... that he's not always looking at the person behind the email but the words in the email. †But I'll do what the surgeon wants - if he wants to be kept updated, fine.

I don't usually send him passive-aggressive emails. †They infuriate me and I won't do it to others. †But when i asked him directly about ice and pain killers, and got a reply of "do what makes you comfortable", I followed up with a back-handed P-A email, which got the exact same response. †I was frustrated and just trying to see if an indirect approach would have better success than direct. †it didn't. †I'm sticking to direct.

But I am also glad I brought my husband along. †He's also my advocate, which is good because when I get frustrated I just shut down. †I know this, he knows this, he comes with me. †(I have a coworker who reacts similarly but doesn't bring along an advocate, and prefers to gather sympathy rather than FIX) †He was the one who forced the idea of shoe inserts with the surgeon. †Of course, he'd also admitted he didn't know knowledge of shin splints, so my husband (the marathoner, who does) suggested it, and my surgeon who also had admitted he wasn't 100% ran out to get advice on it. †(Let's face it, that's also AWESOME - he went and got the answer to a question he didn't have an answer for!)

My PT also wanted an update on my appointment. †He actually wanted me to stop by and let him know what was up, but the appointment ran late and my husband had a meeting blah blah blah. †So I sent HIM an email, too, and, GUYS! †The only thing HE wanted to know was if I'd gotten a sense of when "soon" really was for the plate removal.


My OS asked me to keep a pain journal. †Now that I'm more rational and not venting at you - thanks for listening, by the way! - I think I'll look in to that and get marching forward.

We're actually going to miss the game tonight. †We have tickets to Avenue Q, which is here in town. †My husband is SO excited. †(If you knew my husband - he looks like a stereotypical midwestern farm boy - you'd also be as amused as I am) †You should make your Duke loving fan a cone of shame. †It would be fun. ;)
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Post by: sarbah77 on April 05, 2010, 06:33:09 PM
Good luck with the trip! I hope they get back to you today, but you know how Mondays can go.

I haven't said it, but I totally agree with you for going.  There's no price for peace of mind, period!

And if you can afford it- like, you're not missing a mortgage payment - then do it.  I'm lucky that I live in the same TOWN as my hospital system (and my surgeon, of course, but hooray for large college towns), but I'd probably be flying out a lot more often than you have.

Plus, anything the Houston PT says or suggests can only help out your current PT.  If your current PT gets his knickers in a twist about it, then fie on him!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 05, 2010, 06:53:42 PM
:-) I totally feel you on the whole, "maybe we should treat this like shin splints" thing. But you know, hindsight is 20/20 too. It's easy to think that now. You definitely feel like weeks went by without any real "targeted" treatment plan. But realistically, what is different now from the other weeks, except having the orthotics for what they are worth, and now being instructed to ice and take the anti-inflammatory. If it really is shin splints and overuse, isn't the best treatment just to rest, stretch, light exercise, etc? So in that case, time has not really been lost in the shuffle.

I feel you on being infuriated by passive aggressiveness. My mom is so passive aggressive and it drives me absolutely insane. It's sweet too that you have your husband there to advocate for you. I love my husband, he's awesome, but he doesn't know how to do the support thing in the way some women (like me) need it. I just have to accept his way of supporting and get the rest from friends and kneegeeks. He's not unsupportive, he's just not supportive in the way that I need sometimes. But such is life.

I think the pain journal is a good idea. I've never done it myself, but I can see how it would help. Sometimes time starts running together, and when a certain places started hurting gets lost. And it helps when you look back and can remember just how awful something felt before compared to now. It just helps with perspective.

A cone of shame? Thats awesome, too bad I have pt tonight and won't have much time on my hand!

Honestly, I can't believe this is my first trip for follow up too. My doctor said from the beginning, there was no need to come if everything was fine, but I'm the kind of paranoid person that I just can't believe I was ok with that. Part of the reason I started thinking about this trip was simply, he only knows what I bring to his attention. I'm more less the one in charge here of whether something is "bad" or not. But I'm no doctor, how the he11 do I know if something is "off" or not to even bring to his attention? I made it 6 months without wiggin out, I think I'm doing good to only just start losing my confidence.
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Post by: crankerchick on April 05, 2010, 08:32:11 PM
Haha so I just requested my surgery report for sh1tz&giggles. Received it by fax afew hours later.

Nothing surprising in it, it just says that exactly what I was told would happen actually happened. But still it s creepy reading about my leg getting sawed on. And I learned some new words like "fluoroscopy" and "fasciotomy" and "diaphysis." Lookout world, I've got my pseudo medical degree now.

It's amazing that how they rotate the bone is so simple, just using a pin for reference and then rotate the bone basically using a protractor. How primitive. I also have some kind of wire in for the tibia, FIBERWIRE. Gotta look that one up.

Just thought I'd share. I read about how it is done before, in some material passed on to me by some awesome kneegeeks, but still, reading in the surgery report makes it more real, like this is what was done to me holy crikees!
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Post by: crankerchick on April 05, 2010, 09:04:20 PM
did i just type "holy crikees" on the internet?

'tis been a long day
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Post by: sarbah77 on April 05, 2010, 09:24:26 PM
did i just type "holy crikees" on the internet?

'tis been a long day

I figured it was a self-censoring move on the internets.  Or on a board where I'm not sure of the cussing policy. ;)
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Post by: crankerchick on April 06, 2010, 02:24:36 AM
Nah I would just cuss and let the filter blank it out. Unfortunately, this time it's just good old fashioned nerdbomber.

So I'm all booked! I called the office back before I left work, confirmed the appt dates with my doctor, and just finished booking my travel. I let my pt here know that I'm going out for a follow up and he offered to write up a status report. I also told him if he has any questions for the doctor, that he should include them. If I do get the ok to rehab on my own, I think I will still follow up occasionally with the PT here, so either way, he should still have any questions answered.

Today I asked for more some proprioception type exercises so I can start to get some of my agility back. He gave me 3 new exercises to do on 1 leg, 2 which included bending the knee with the weight on the leg. So i went from feeling high on owning my exercises to low on trying to bend with weight on one leg and failing miserable. It hurts a ton now, but so be it. It's good for me, it will get easier. I can handle the hard work, I can't handle sitting around doing nothing.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 07, 2010, 01:20:47 AM
So it definitely hurts more today after the 2 new exercises. I decided to follow my PTs advice (just for today though) and not do back to back days of strength training considering my pain level after yesterday's session. So today I just did a warm up on the treadmill and then the stationary bike.

On top of that, my right leg is hurting. I noticed the other day a spot below my kneecap, sort of right where the inner part of the patella tendon connects with the patella. It was a bit tender to the touch and was definintely noticeably painful doing something like going down the steps. It's quite a bit more painful over the last few days so that I feel it just when I walk. My guess is tendonitis, but what do i know.

I know my not perfect gate is not good for my "good" (but twisted) knee, but I also think the activity is getting it too. As I've increased my exercising intensity as my surgery leg has grown stronger, the "good" leg just starts to hurt/ache more and more. The same thing was happening before the surgery, although I was limping then too, so I can't relaly say if it is the activity or limping or both. I will say my limp now is definitely better than before the surgery. Before the surgery I locked my "bad" leg straight and walked that way for 10 months. At least now I walk normal and bend both knees, albeit with a slight limp from weakness and lateral tightness in the surgery leg.

The pain isn't bad, but more unsettling than anything. I have PT again tomorrow night, but hopefully after taking it a little easier today my thigh/hip will feel good as new (old?) so I can terrorize it again tomorrow. I look forward to doing the challenging exercises, I can't wait to do the 2 that I struggled with yesterday again. I just want for it not to hurt tomorrow because if the pt asks and I say I hurt, he'll probably not have me do them. I rather work through the pain unless the pain is really awful, which it isn't, but I also can't lie and say it doesn't hurt cause well, i'm not a liar, its just not my thing.

As for the "good" leg, well I'm going to start popping 4 advil every 4 hours and ice it and see if that helps. I think at this point I should be allowed to take anti-inflammatory pills, but maybe i should clear that with my doctor, since he said no anti-inflammatory medicines after surgery.

So I'm a little down today, just cause my right leg aches and my left hip/thigh is hurting. My gait is kinda bad today. Sure do hate to pull the cane out, so hopefully it is better tomorrow.

Oh yeah, 24 weeks post-op today. Still making progress. The lateral tightness is still present, but is either a little better or I've just managed to finally stop thinking about it. As a result, my gate has improved even more. I still have a bit of trunk rotation that I think I'm missing. I can tell because some steps I guess my muscle memory kicks in and I go to rotate when stepping with the surgery leg and it hurts in my thigh and I have to catch myself.
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Post by: crankerchick on April 08, 2010, 01:04:34 AM
So I just finished pt. I didn't tell him how the 2 new torture exercises messed me up, and he didn't ask so I got to do them again today. LOL. Now I can barely walk so home to the cryocuff LOL. The 2 really engage the VL and the hip abductors so that is good. It will get easier. We also worked on trunk rotation while walking for what that was worth.

So I'm getting a little anxious about the upcoming pt with my doctor's therapist in TX. I'm going out on the 19th and will meet with him before meeting with my doctor. I'm juzt anxious cause it'll be just my luck he'll take one look at what I can do and be like "damn girl you suck for 6 months post-op!" Then I'll be all pissed off with myself because im an over achiever and dont handle failure too well. But that is the point of the trip right? To assess where I am and get me on a plan to where I want to be if the current one needs adjusting? LOL I can't believe I'm nervous about something so dumb. Oh well.
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Post by: sarbah77 on April 08, 2010, 01:11:51 AM

For starters, you know he won't.  you know that your surgeon knows where you're at and isn't terribly concerned.  You know the real reason is to make sure that you're not missing anything in your recovery.

Of course, I wouldn't be thinking annnnny differently than you, so take my words with a grain of salt.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 08, 2010, 01:16:30 AM
LOL. At least we are on the same page.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 08, 2010, 11:54:22 PM
OMG my right "good" leg is on FIRE today GAHHH!!! And the surgery leg hip/thigh is still pissed off from the 2 torture exercises. Sitting in this chair at work hasn't helped. I can hardly work today cause I keep getting up to "walk" (is that what I'm doing?) around?

Only did the treadmill and bike in the gym this morning and felt ok while doing them, but stiff/pain in the surgery leg when i was done. As the day has gone on, damn it all, the ache in "good" leg is worse and the sting in the thigh of the surgery leg has intensified. Still no drugs for me though, just home to stretch, exercise, and chill with ice.

This is real annoying, but these exercises will not own me! O's game on Sunday in awful stadium seats probably won't help, but the knee has owned me for long enough, so I'm going anyway. Plus, I need to spend $7 per beer like I need an enema, so there really isn't any discussion on the matter.

Just thought I'd share, for anyone (not) listening.
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Post by: doublemom on April 09, 2010, 03:06:58 AM
Yeah... Love those $7 beers, you need them like you need a hole in the head, right?  Me too... considering that's about the only time I have a drink is at an M's game once every other year LOL!  Take it easy on those exercises, you need to keep your "good" leg "good" :)

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 09, 2010, 03:49:23 AM
My "good" leg I think has just finally had enough of carrying the load combined with all my increased activity. I'm not doing the torture exercises on that leg, of course they aren't torture on that leg. In fact, the surgery leg feels best when exercising. As soon as I done and I stretch, enter stiffnes and pain with movement. Too bad I can't exercise 24/7!

The friend we are going to the game with is someone we always spend way too much money with. These $7 beers are going to add up. And I have a feeling I'm going to need quite a few so I can keep my mind off the suckage of the seats LOL.
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Post by: sarbah77 on April 09, 2010, 04:21:43 AM
Because the Frozen Four is NCAA level, Ford Field isn't even ALLOWED to sell beer.  Very strange to be at a football stadium where there's NO BEER.

(of course, it's even weirder that they're sell Pepsi, but because Coca-Cola is a sponsor all the Pepsi logos are covered)

But football stadium seats are vastly preferable to the benches for the College arena we usually watch hockey in.  Even *I* don't have enough leg room!
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Post by: doublemom on April 09, 2010, 08:48:11 AM
Sometimes the seating at sporting events is crazy, even with two good legs.  For last Friday's MUSE concert at Key Arena in Seattle (where the Sonics USED to play basketball, before Seattle was too retarded to let them leave town), I had my leg mega-McConnell taped and I still had a hard time tweaking it into the "allocated space" that a leg is supposed to fit into.  Gives me the willies right now just thinking about it. 

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 09, 2010, 04:29:56 PM
Haha, I've been to events where all the pepsi (or coke) logos were covered up because the event's official drink was coke (or pepsi). Even funnier seeing the fountains shut off and mobile fountains or coolers set up with the "official" drink. But no beer, that would be a tough sell!

I'm 6'2" so this is going to be interesting in those seats. Having the debate with the hubby about whether to take the cane or not. We are taking the light rail to the stadium, but still have to walk from the rail to the stadium, to the seats, for food, back to the rail, etc so it would be the most walking I'll have done with no aid. I don't WANT to take the darn thing. And I don't want to not have it if I need it. I'll feel really dumb carrying around a cane that I'm not using, but that is probably what i'll end up doing. I can always hit someone with it if they look at me funny.

So thankfully both legs feel quite a bit better today. It's not often that I sign on here just to post that stuff hurts like he11, but yesterday was one of those rare days where it was just out of control in both legs and I was about to just lose it.

I did my usual strength training today after warming up on the treadmill and finished it off with my ride on the stationary bike to nowhere. I did one of the 2 torture exercises (i need to figure out how to do the other 1 there) but I had to modify it some since the exact stuff I use at pt isn't available in my gym. The mod made it less challenging, but also less painful. Not sure how i feel about that. I'll just have to figure out how to do them both there, and with as much difficulty. No pain no gain right? Ugh, whoever said that should be <insert mean way to die here>.
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Post by: sarbah77 on April 09, 2010, 04:33:28 PM
Well! THat's the funny part! Still a Pepsi-only venue!

So lest you think I didn't do self-harm by not having beer, I had the SOUVENIER CUP of diet Pepsi.  Of course, the cup was for the Detroit Lions so, uh, whatever!  (I also had a 5pm game and an 8:40 game.  It was cost efficient to get the bladder buster.  And the bottomless popcorn.)

Bring the cane, dammit.  It'll make your life easier.  It's also an excellent weapon in crowds.  But, no, it's not cool and it's not fun... but eaaaaaaaaaase.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 09, 2010, 04:55:09 PM
Hah so they still served pepsi, just covered the pepsi logos, haha that is sweet.

My stadium food sin is nachos. Our seating choices were $8 standing seats, which was obviously out, $20 center field seats (which suck), or $40 seats with all you can eat food. I told my husband we don't need all we can eat anything, LOL. I'm trying to figure out how to get in some healthy snacks to munch on. Might have to wear my very manly cargo pants with the deep pockets.

I finally seem to be making the transition back into healthier lifestyle. Finally seeing the scale go in the right direction again too, so that is encouraging. I have enough splurge days that I don't need an all i can eat stadium food day, LOL.

Thanks to your gentle persuading and my husband's very vocal and not gentle persuading, I have decided to take the cane. Mostly so that I can hit people with it. Including said husband.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on April 09, 2010, 05:16:36 PM
Comerica Park (Tigers) is very family friendly.  We're allowed to bring in unopened bottles and food, in small amounts.  So we usually carry in a bag of peanuts and a bottle of water.  I hope to get to a couple of games this year.  Of course, they play my Red Sox in May.  May? In Michigan? Bleh!

My sin is popcorn, at games.  The fact that it was bottomless is why I chose it, because I'm cheap.  $6 for bottomless popcorn (and two games in a row) or $7 for nachos.  Maybe next time, nachos!

Yes, Ford Field has a GIANT Pepsi bottle that was covered.  And all the Pepsi logos around the field.  It's pretty funny.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: doublemom on April 09, 2010, 06:33:04 PM
Crranker - bring the cane... here in Seattle with our lovely climate it's called "The Umbrella Theory"... if you have it with you, you won't need it.  But if you don't have it, you will need it. 

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 09, 2010, 07:09:34 PM
Wow they let you bring in unopened stuff? That is sweet. I'm going to look on the website for Camden yards and see if they have a similar policy and I just don't know it.

A giant pepsi bottle is alarming. I might be happy that it was covered.

Andi, I'm going to take the cane for the reason you mentioned, and also in case I need to hit anybody. I so hope I do--need to hit someone that is. Err, um, yeah.

So halfway through the work day and the legs are still cooperating. The surgery leg is still stiff and tight and feels the yucky feeling when I walk, but at least the thigh isn't hurting at rest and feeling like I imagine a rusty, creeky gear would feel when I attempt to move. I've done something I haven't done in a while today, which is set my alarm to go off every 30 minutes so i can stand up and walk around. Normally, my body tells me when I need to move and I do, but today, I'm just not even waiting around for that.
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Post by: Lyndsey on April 12, 2010, 01:51:07 AM
Hey guys!

I haven't been on in a while, things have been crazy with school and everything. I turned in the rough draft of my 30 page Senior Thesis. I still have another 10 page paper that I haven't even started yet.... and that's just the tip of the iceberg that is my life! I'm sure you all know how it goes.... being so busy you don't know which way is up!

Sorry to hear your leg was bothering you so much before! I'm glad it let up a little. I agree with Andi about the cane usage.... I was in a similar situation last year when deciding whether or not to take one crutch to the Kenny Chesney concert in Pittsburgh. Eventually, even though I hated it.... I took it, and i'm glad I did. There were so many people and even with the crutch people still pushed me around, but not near as bad as it could have been. Just getting to the seats was a chore.

So I rode with my school Equestrian Team for the first time since I had the plates removed. It started out great, but about 10 minutes into riding my right ankle, the tendon on the outside of my foot started really hurting. It only hurt when I put my heels down and my weight into the stirrups. I'm hoping it's just because I haven't ridden in forever, but I don't know.... The left one, oddly enough, didn't bother me at all! It felt great.... So I don't know.... I'm a little worried because we usually ride for at least an hour, and today I went about 10 minutes before that tendon, at least that's what I think it is, started to really get weak and feel like it was on fire. I sure hope it doesn't last... I love to ride but man that was so painful today. Now, if I rode without my foot in the stirrup without that pressure it felt okay.... although now after getting off it's REALLY really sore.... it's bad enough that I have a tiny bit of a limp.... stupid crooked legs... I don't think i'll ever be right! Grrr.

Anyways, if any of you have any advice and ideas i'm all ears, or in this case eyes! I am definitely not going to be getting much sleep tonight.

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 12, 2010, 03:49:54 PM
So the game yesterday was fun, even though our awful Orioles lost. They are just terrible! After the game we walked a few blocks to have a few cocktails and relax in the shade. I was rather dehydrated after doing the gym yesterday morning, so I didn't do any $7 $9 beers at the park. I knew the bar we were going to would have reasonable prices, so I svaed my $ for some beloved jack daniel's afterward, LOL.

I took the cane begrudgingly. I used it about half the time. I think my right "good" (but still twisted) leg thanks me for it. *Sigh* I didn't get to hit anyone with it, and all ankles in front of me were spared too. It seems Baltimorons are pretty considerate of crippled folks. Surprisingly my leg didn't get as stiff as I thought it would, but I was able to put my leg over the seat in front of me so that helped.

It wasn't as much walking as I imagined, and I'm sure I could have handled it all w/o the cane without getting tired. But I would have been limping some so that wouldn't have been good for either leg. Plus the cane helped me walk faster.

It was great to have a full day of fun with friends, I just wish my leg was more cooperative in terms of mobility. While I'm grateful it didn't hurt any more than normal (stupid irritated hip), I can't help but be annoyed that I *still* can't walk right and it *still* feels all yucky in my leg. I know it takes time and blah blah, but grrrr. How much time?!?! Some days it's hard not to wonder if the tightness and stiffness and creepiness will ever go away.

But on the other hand, although my leg may have had more mobility and felt more "normal" prior to surgery, it definitely wasn't better or normal. There was no way I would have made it through a day like yesterday without being extremely frustrated, simply because EVERY STEP would have been fear of the kneecap going out, and no doubt if I tried to walk normally, in all that walking it WOULD HAVE went out at some point, probably more than once, even in a brace.

I had no real fears or feelings of instability, just weakness trying to walk and the yucky feeling of pressure my knee that just feels creepy walking, like things are pushing on my kneecap.

The *no whining* sign in my physiotherapy facility comes to mind today. At almost 6 months post-op I definitely thought I'd be walking like a normal person at this point. Under-achieving doesn't work well for me. Good thing I have PT this evening. It's a date with the torture exercises. Time to let out some frustration and OWN those exercises (or be owned most likely).
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Post by: crankerchick on April 12, 2010, 04:04:27 PM
Lyndsey, hooray for submitting the rough draft of your thesis! And riding on the equestrian team again?! So cool!

It sucks that your ankle bothered you, and hopefully it is just a consequence of the time off and it will get better with each ride and with time. When you don't do activities for a while, everything gets weaker, so maybe some ankle stretches and exercises would help you in this area?

As we know, from back to hips to legs to ankles and feet, all this crap works together. My foot points different now and my arch is different (i hope in a good way) since untwisting this leg. I wholly expect for other body parts to be pissed off when I finally get back to bowling and even mountain biking, because even though I'm cycling now, being on a real bike is still different from the stationary. It's just the nature of the beast. Different activities utilize different muscles and sometimes you don't know you've lost strength in a particular area until you try an activity that wants to use the muscles.
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Post by: sarbah77 on April 12, 2010, 05:58:47 PM
I wonder if your knee issue is the plate! I realize that most of my problems with my knee are plate related.  It just doesn't feel right and I know it's the effect of the plate.  I'd perhaps jot that down to talk to your OS and the other PT about, too.  Couldn't hurt?
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 12, 2010, 08:44:26 PM
Yeah I do wonder about the plate some and if that is the culprit for some of the irritation, especially in my thigh/hip area. My OS has said more than once that it's unlikely I'm feeling my plate, and I think I cling to that because of my whole heeby jeebies at having metal in me. But now that the op is over and done with and it's in there, i'm not all heeby jeebie anymore.

I really don't think the tibial plate is a factor, but what do I know. Nothing is irritated in a painful way on my lower leg. I mean there is an area of definite swelling and irritation, but it doesn't really hurt. What bothers me is the wierd pulling and pushing sensations when I bend my leg and how sometimes my leg just doesn't feel like it is bending right at all, like it might come apart. I can't bend my leg on my own as far as it will bend like if someone bends it or if I use a stretch strap. Someone asked me about scar tissue building up, but I kind of think that is unlikely, since my leg will bend easily to 130 degrees with no pain with help and I can bend it to i guess around 120 on my own without pain, although it is again, uncomfortable with the tuggy/pully feeling.

But we shall see. I go to TX next week, or I can talk to the OS now if I'm that impatient. I'm worried about this stuff, but I guess because I'm so used to feeling it, it's kind of normal to me now. But I don't want to feel it forever, so hopefully it is nothing and normal and will go away but I'll be getting it checked out either way. Hopefully it's not something that I should have been more vocal about before. That's the only thing I'm worried about.
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Post by: slmac on April 12, 2010, 11:42:25 PM
Latise! you crack me up. I haven't heard the term Baltimoron in a long time. I used to live up there. We had Columbamorons too for the people who lived in Columbia...never mind we were just outside the two cities at one time or another.

I hope you get some peace of mind when you go to the doc. My leg still goes funy on me when I try to bend and straighten without any assistance. It's getting a little better, but it still feels very weird and doesn't work well for me. I still find myself manually bending the rest of the way sometimes or using my other leg to keep the bad one straight. What I'm finding is the more strength returns, the better it's getting. Perhaps it's related to still building back that leg's strength. Mine too sometimes feels like it's doing something wrong, but isn't.

On the metal thing...I'm with you there. I'm not too keen on having metal in my body. There are times where I'm acutely aware of the osteotomy site and the screws. It is a foreign object in the body afterall.

I hope all is well with you. I'm glad you're still puching through. We will be back to normal (whatver that is)soon.
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Post by: crankerchick on April 13, 2010, 12:08:19 AM
Hey sandy, thanks for poppin in and good to read on your thread and see you are still progressing.

Now i laugh. Hah! You just called me a columbamoron! LOL, but I'm not offended cuz I'm awesome (and because I moved out of columbia 3 years ago).

So your leg feels all creepy pully too? I don't want to say good cause that would sound mean, so I'll say thanks good to know. I have noticed that it has improved ever so slightly with time and strength so based on that and your experience, I have hope that it won't be like this forever. I'm sure the doctor will say "suck it up girl!" Which is probably better than hearing something is wrong.

Looking forward to being a new normal cause the old normal was C-R-A-P!

Easy on that treadmill too. I get the urge to run lately and then I have a reality check and remember I can't hardly walk. Then I try anyway because I'm a dumbass. And then my leg feels like jello and I get the whole leg is going to twist apart feeling and I go back to (limping) walking. This all happens in like 20 seconds.
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Post by: crankerchick on April 13, 2010, 02:16:59 AM
My foul mouth frequency in my posts is increasing exponentially. I should probably rein that in.
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Post by: crankerchick on April 13, 2010, 03:04:53 PM
April 13, 2010
25 weeks post-op

It feels dumb when I reply to a post that is my own, but so be it. Here's my weekly update (with words safe for the little kids...maybe).

I can't believe it has been almost 6 months since my surgery. This is insane. I'm starting to get just a tad depressed. I am progressing so i guess I shouldn't complain. I still don't walk normal, but the kneecap feels stable and that is a wonderful thing, even with my duck shimmy of a walk.

I mostly don't have pain. It hurts sometimes, but I expect that. What I have all the time is soreness and irritation. The outside of my thigh and hip remains irritated and weak. The lower leg doesn't hurt, it's just tight. My "good" leg aches.

I train every day, either at the gym or at PT. I stretch 2-3 times a day. I spend easily 3 hours a day on rehab. Daily exercising includes quad sets, SLR, side SLR, leg extensions, and bridging. At PT, I do this with the e-stim for isolating the VMO. Then I do leg presses (both legs and just one leg), hip flexor, hip extension, hip abductor, hip adductor, calf extension, hamstring curl and glute stuff. At PT I do side step-ups, dips, and step-up-and-over. I balance, either on the bosu in the gym, or a foam pad and toss a ball at pt. Then lunges and sidewalking with resistance band. Next are the new torture exercises that make me bend while standing on the surgery leg. I stand on one leg and touch cylinders placed in front of me and to my side, first with my other leg and then with my hand. Touching with my hand is the suckage. It hurts my thigh. 3 times a week I throw in the elliptical at this point for 20 minutes (there just isn't time everyday). Last is a spin on the stationary bike for an hour. I haven't spent this long in the gym since my days of basketball, soccer, and volleyball.

I can't sleep at night. I wake up around 3 or 4 am. It sucks. It's not pain that keeps me up. I just can't get comfortable. I toss and turn. First on my good side with a pillow between my knees, then draped over the body pillow, then on my back with the leg on the pillow, then with it not on the pillow, then maybe on the bad side for a while, then rinse and repeat. I should just start getting up at 4 am, I could get a lot more done in my day if I could function that early.

I'm going to follow up with the doctor and his therapist next week. I feel like I spend a lot of time (2+ hours in the morning and another hour at night) training, yet my progress seems to be so slow. It's frustrating. I hope while I'm out there I can get confirmation that I'm doing the right stuff.

This is turning into the marathon rehab. I guess it's good that I'm stubborn and won't give up. It doesn't feel like anything is wrong, just seems like it is taking forever to regain my strength. I'm not really in a rush, but walking like a drunk duck really does get old, plus people stare at me and since I don't use a cane anymore, I have nothing to hit them with.
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Post by: rsuddeth on April 14, 2010, 01:11:28 AM
Wow, that is a lot of training. And it reminds me to go do the exercises we didn't get in this morning in PT.

Glad to hear you will talk to them about it. Any chance if you're doing all this stuff every day that you're overworking some of it, and the body needs a rest once a week or something? Just a thought...
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 14, 2010, 01:51:00 AM
It does seem like a lot.

I discussed with my therapist what I do on my own in the gym and he said I'm doing the right stuff. But he did say that I should take a day or two break and just ride the bike and stretch on those days. I'm going to ask my doctor and his PT next week when I see them. As I get more exercises, the time to workout just keeps growing, LOL! Starting to burn out!

PT takes like 2 hours. They don't usually have me ride the bike for a full hour so that cuts down on time. But usually I feel bad about not doing the bike so I try to go to the gym and ride the remainder if I'm up for it.

I don't mind all the working out. I just don't want to be wasting my time if I don't need to do all of that everyday. The schedule also impacts my work, in that I don't go in till around 9:30 or so, which means I'm there till 6 or 7.

Last night I stayed up till like midnight and managed to sleep better through the night, so I may just try to stay up later and see how that helps. If going to bed later results in more hours of actual sleep, then its like winning the lottery twice! LOL, more sleep AND more time.
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Post by: slmac on April 19, 2010, 02:01:44 PM
Here's another laugh for you. I can't be too condescending seeing as I lived in Elkridge and Glen Burnie. If we sneezed where we lived in Elkridge we'd end up in Columbia so we identified as Columbamorons too since people would look at us like we were space aliens if we said Elkridge. But anyway, you know how our licenses there had the county we lived in on them too? Well the joke for us was I was an Elkridge Ho since that's how it was listed on my license. Terrible, I know. I miss Ho Co though. It was a nice place to live....just really expensive.

I hope you're adjustments to your work out are working for you. I too was sort of overdoing it based on what my doc told me to do. When I checked in with therapy, they said three days a week and rest. Apparently muscle is built during the rest periods in between workouts.

It's good to know someone else is getting those insane urges to run and push the limits. I've tried to explain the running urge to my hubby and I don't think he quite gets it. It is the strangest blend of impulse and sheer stubborness on my part. I just want to do it, so by golly, I'm gonna do it...never mind I've got a serious hitch/limp going on when I try. I have even tried it in my neighborhood when walking the dog...don't recommend doing that n case of falling. :-) It's just that sometimes a girl has gotta run! I hope by end of summer to be doing a lot better. Keep on keeping on.
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Post by: doublemom on April 19, 2010, 05:21:19 PM
Cranker - pardon my mental fog (blame it on the pain meds), but when are you headed back to TX?  I sure hope you can get some answers, and maybe some ideas to break through what sounds like a plateau with rehab.  Holy guacamole, 3 hours a day in rehab.  That sounds like a lot, but then again with my numb-butt syndrome only two weeks out of my surgery, being able to actually DO something for three hours a day sounds good to me LOL.

I am so sick of sitting still it's ridiculous, but at the same time any time I try to do anything like dishes or feeding the cats or cleaning up around the house, I break out in a huge sweat and get shaky and need to sit down.  Imagine, exactly two weeks ago today I could easily do 3 miles on an elliptical machine and another 45 minutes of strengthening with no problem, and today just loading the dishwasher had me breaking out in a sweat.  I keep telling myself to be patient.  Definitely not my strong point LOL!

Good luck in TX, hope you get some answers and keep up the good work.  You've had a long journey but keep up the great work !!!

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Post by: crankerchick on April 20, 2010, 04:53:53 AM
Hey everybody!!! Ok I'm going to apologize for the length now, but I'm brimming with positivity!

Sandy and Andi, thx for posting, I have more to say to both of you but this is post is already going to be long, LOL.

So I had my first session with the trainer here in TX! In a word, it was AWESOME.

After warming up on the bike and going over my history, we focused on soft-tissue massage, stretching, and some gait training. The soft-tissue work should not be called a massage. Torture is more accurate. In all my years of therapy and massage never had my soft-tissue victimized like this. He was leaning into my ouchie areas with his elbow! It was all I had not to punch him. Then lots of stretching, much more intense and effective than anything my physio at home does.

I was in the office all afternoon. I told him from the start, I'm here to work and get better, I'll stay here all day everyday I'm here that's what I'm here for.

He is definitely on the same page as me about coming up with an exercise plan for home and also about getting a trainer. I may end up going to a massage therapist at home too.

I've only been here (to Houston) once back in August for the initial consult. And even still, the people that I met that time remembered me. It just feels so friendly here. And by remember me, I mean remember me and called me by name when I walked by (with my head down, wholly expecting to go unnoticed). I was so surprised. I mean, I definitely remember every single person, but they see how many patients, and remember little ole me (ok actually i'm big  but work with me here) by name?

Yeah ::grins::

Oh yeah, and my bionic woman status remains undetectable. Despite the stainless steel on my femur and the titanium alloy on my tibia, I strolled (ok duck shimmied) through the metal detector in the airport with no issue, just like my doctor said.
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Post by: Becs3740 on April 20, 2010, 10:56:27 PM
Hi eveyone. Haven't been on here for a while, the past few weeks have been pretty bad for me.

Lastise i am really pleased for you that you decided to go and from reading your last post and how postive you are it looks like it really was the right desicion for you. Im really lucky with my mum working at a physio clinic so i have managed to see a few different physios but have stuck with seeing just one now because she has been so much help. It really helped me to see a few different physios and take bits and pieces from each one.

I have been in so much pain lately and nothing helps. I just have to wait till i have my surgery but i am still seeing my physio once a week. Physio can not help me long term (thats why i have to have the surgery) but it is worth keep seeing her even if it is only a few hours of having a little less pain. She does massage and stretching and yes it hurts so much that i want to tell her to stop but don't because i know it does help.

I finally managed to get my surgery booked for the 20th May. I will be having the metalwork removed from the derotational osteotomy (yay) and a scope with lateral release and chondroplasty on my left knee.

Am pleased for you that you didn't beep when you went through the metal detector at the airport. That was something i was worried about because i wanted to go on holiday this year but thats not going to happen now anyway.

Take care

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Post by: crankerchick on April 21, 2010, 03:09:21 AM
Becks: glad to see you back, but not glad to see you in pain :-( Can't wait for you to have better days!

Sorry if I'm ignoring you all, I'm just really caught up in my own thing right now.

I had another great session with the trainer today. I did the bike for an hour to warm up and then it was on like donkey kong. Stretching, strength assessment and exercises, soft-tissue torture, and stairs.

So I had a great breakthrough on the stairs. I've been doing the stairs "normally" for a while now at home, but not "correctly" at all. I have significant pain in the area of the femur incision when doing things that involve bending my knee with weight on it, like going up and down stairs. I was having a tough time going down with control and a tough time going up period. I made a lot of improvement going down. As for going up, by the end I went up the last 3 or 4 flights normally and CORRECTLY. It hurt like s#*t but I did it and it felt so damn good.

One of the best things about this trainer is he really explains things like how the muscles are working, why we exercise them how we do, and what to focus on feeling when doing the exercise to make sure you are working the right areas and doing the exercise correctly.

I just wish I had come out here sooner and I wish I could spend longer here. It's just really awesome to work with someone with a clue, that reassures me to push through the pain. My physio at home of course says to stop at pain. I know to push through pain, and I do, but with uncertainty. This trainer is watching what I'm doing, correcting my form if it is wrong, and encouraging me to keep going when it hurts as long as my form is correct.

I have a learned a ton about so much already. It's going to be a challenge to remember it all!

Can't wait to see what he has for me tomorrow.
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Post by: crankerchick on April 21, 2010, 03:56:47 AM
6 months post op

Yes, lame, replying to my own post. But it's 6 months today since I had my left leg unspun. In keeping with sarbah77 at 6 months, I shall do a post to focus on the good. This will be good to look back on.

1. My kneecap feels stable and my knee doesn't hurt!

2. I finally have hope that life after knee problems might be a reality.

3. I can do the elliptical and it doesn't feel like my kneecap is going to explode out of the side of my leg like it has for years.

4. I don't have the peg leg straight leg walk like before the surgery. And even more, I'm not walking with a peg leg, I'm not wearing a brace, AND my kneecap isn't going out. Win!

5. To borrow from sarbah77, I have 2 8"+ scars that show that I had the courage and (utterly fictitious) balls to try and improve my quality of life.

6. I've learned that I'm a lot stronger and a lot braver than I ever knew.

7. I've learned how utterly important it is to be your own advocate for your health and even more so, how important it is to educate yourself as best you can and make an informed decision. It's my body after all.

8. I've learned a ton about stretching and exercise and fitness that is applicable in general and not just specific to knees.

9. The surgery went fine and my pain levels have never been out of control crazy.

10. I was very well prepared for what to expect with the surgery and post-op recovery period.

I'm totally not sorry I did this surgery no matter how long this rehab takes. My leg is better now that it is straight. If I was going to have a surgery, this surgery made the most sense to do. And so far, it hasn't proven to be a mistake at all.
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Post by: doublemom on April 21, 2010, 06:09:59 PM

Cranker - you rock!!!!

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Post by: crankerchick on April 22, 2010, 04:57:13 AM
I rock?? Andi are you kidding me? You are doing G-R-E-A-T at this point, you ROCK. Your recovery has been stellar, you totally rock.

Speaking of rocking. My doc rocks! His staff rocks! I just need to say it because it's not like I haven't already said it a lot, but I farking (i really want to cuss on this one) love them.

So today I met with the doctor. I had more x-rays which show that my bones are so healed it doesn't even look like they were ever busted. I got all of my questions answered. I'm ditching the physio and moving on to a trainer.

It does seem that a hardware removal is my future. I have to decide if I want the femur hardware out too. Meh.

But first things first, flexibility and strength. I have a lot of work to do in this area.

One thing that rubs me wrong is that I waited so long to put my foot down regarding pt. I push myself harder on my own in the gym than the physio does at PT. I can certainly be pushed harder then he pushes. I've felt this way for a while and I'm pissed at myself for not doing something about it sooner. What irks me the most is I don't have any good reason for why. I wasn't my own advocate in this regard, and instead defaulted to the physio thinking he's the expert and knows more than me. But it's past now, I will only look back to learn from the mistake. Now it is time to move on.

So today after seeing the doctor, I worked with the trainer (on his day off I learned later, how awesome is that?!). We got to the step-up/dips that I've been struggling with and wouldn't you know, with proper form and guidance I did so much better, but damn it hurt. We also did more steps today, 10 flights to be exact. Going down (with control) is harder than going up. I just felt great on those stairs. I got my "f*#& it all" attitude in gear and just kept going no matter how much it hurt. Damn that felt good to just tell this leg "F*#& YOO LEG YOU WILL NOT CONTROL ME!" Then he stretched me and and I had to yell "Kelly Clarkson" along with "NSync" and "Britney Spears" a lot and still he did not stop. If I was a crybaby I would have been bawling.

Tomorrow we are going to the gym to work out so that should be really helpful!

This trip is very productive. My doctor said I shouldn't have to come this far to hear the stuff he's telling me, and he's right. I probably didn't need to come this far, and I certainly shouldn't have to come this far. But I did and I ain't mad I did. He's the only person that will ever touch my knees. And I am learning a ton from the trainer. I feel really confident that I'm better equipped now to get this ship moving in the right direction.
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Post by: crankerchick on April 22, 2010, 10:23:28 PM
Day 4 with the trainer. We went to the gym. I got there early to get in my time on the bike and then when he arrived we hit the weights. He showed me how he wants me to lift. It's different from how I was taught, but it works the muscles much harder. The last set is KILLER.

He's going to give me a full work out plan and also spread stuff over 2 days, as he thinks I was just doing too much at once.

After he left I decided to blow off some steam. While I'm so glad to be here and getting the help I need, I'm pissed at myself for taking so long to seek help. It's not like I wasn't pushing myself in the gym before, but I felt lost on what to do and how to do it. I pushed through pain sure, but I needed direction and I knew it and I didn't seek it out. My husband said this morning not to be so disappointed in myself, it's not like I've ever had to deal with something like this before. While that is true, it's not really an excuse. There's no excuse. My gut was telling me that my progress was BS, and I didn't listen to it.† Everyone posts on here about physical pain. I could care less about physical pain. The self-inflicted pain of under achieving is the pain that pisses me off to the point of tears.

While we working out my annoyance just hit overload. There was something he wanted me to do but I was just afraid to let go of the wall to do it. I finally let go, but man in the moment I could have put my hand through the wall I was so frustrated with myself about the mental struggle i was going through just to get myself to let go of a damn wall. I didn't use to be this way. I'm the person that slid down a mountain on my ass because I didn't listen to signs that told me to slow down. I'm the one that broke 3 ribs because I decided that going down one flight of stairs on a bike wasn't enough so I need to try 3 flights. I ended up flipping over the handlebars trying to go too fast.

I'm just tired of letting a limb defeat my mental spirit. So I hit those stairs and I hit them hard. I just kept thinking about everything that was pissing me off and I let it all out. Now I can move on. I'm done letting my knee control me and I'm done being disappointed at myself for something that I can't change now.

So today was good on many levels, not just physically, but mentally. Hopefully this will be helpful to someone, or maybe I'll just look back and read it one day and remember the day I had my breakthrough.
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Post by: crankerchick on April 25, 2010, 04:16:50 PM
So I've had one heck of a week. My last day with the trainer was Friday and it was another good one. I got a very detailed workout plan for home which is exactly what I wanted. Then he showed me the plyometrics that are in the work out plan, then it was off to the stairs. This time, all 17 floors worth (that is 22 stairs per floor). Coming up, every other floor I skipped a stair so stepped up 2 at a time. It was awesome! I left with very stern warnings from everyone to keep in touch and call if I need help.

I showed up in Houston walking like a grandma through the airport and left Houston walking with confidence and much better control of my limb. I had great food and great company. It was really a blast. Sucks to come to back to reality and go to work tomorrow, LOL.

Last night I went to a wedding and finally felt comfortable to dance! One week in Houston isn't the cure all end all, but it really did wonders for me physically and mentally.

My husband, who has never even met my doctor, loves to brag about him just as much as I do. Yesterday he was hanging out with his car buddies and some of them were saying how it probably takes 2 years to fully recover from a surgery like this. My husband proudly said, "Not with her doctor, he gets his patients moving!"
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Post by: Lottiefox on April 25, 2010, 07:07:02 PM
Hi hi hi,

Just spent some time with a coffee finally catching up with your diary. I can only say - YOU ARE AWESOME. I got your PM BTW, we've been on hols for a few days so no worry with the delay. You've been kinda busy - I can tell! TX and the trainer and the whole experience sounds like it was worth every bit of blood, sweat and tears. I read your comment about viewing the knee as no longer controlling you - what a true true statement that we all aspire to. Someone said to me that I am me with my knee problems, the knees don't take anything away - I am who am I because of them not in spite of them. So, they are a part of us (much as we'd like them to be STANDARD!!) and yet, we are so much more.

You contribute SO much to this forum that I am completely made up that you're making such good progress now. Dancing 8) ;D. I bopped (kinda left straight legged with a deviation to the right!) to Abba in the bathroom the other evening. I forgot how much I miss dancing - I used to regularly bop and do a dance aerobics class each Tuesday. I'll get back there. (On the subject of me - I'm postponing I think - too many ifs, buts, maybes - even if they only exist in my own head my ifs, buts and maybes have never been wrong in the hurry, no rush, the right choice at the right time.....)

Safe trip home :D

Lottie xx :)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: doublemom on April 25, 2010, 09:52:37 PM
Cranker - you're so much farther into your rehab than I am, but I know what you mean about this being just as hard (or harder) mentally as physically.  My leg is doing well, better than I thought I'd actually be doing at this point (less than 3 weeks postop), but my mind wants to do more and more and more. I have to keep rationalizing to myself that I'm still in the healing process ,I still have soft tissue work and a tibia fracture/screw that need to heal and strengthen, so I can't be so tough on myself...

I'm so glad you had a breakthrough this past week.  I know this has been a long, hard road for you, but I bet this past week in TX with a trainer will be like a springboard for you to get your life back :)  I absolutely can't wait till I can get back in a gym setting on my own, and start hiking again.  Mt. Rainier is right out my back door, I can hear it calling me...

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 26, 2010, 01:33:13 PM
Wow Lottie you are one brave soul to read through this whole diary. You made it through with only one coffee?!?! I'm impressed, i type a lot so it had to be a LONG read!

The trip to TX was totally worth the time, sweat, and $$$. I can't get over how awesome my doctor and the people in his clinic are. And to think it was because of people on this website that I finally got put into contact with the right folks to get me on track and back to my life. I keep posting here now because I just want to pay it forward to the next person struggling.

When I was still being active despite the pain and instability, my knee didn't define me so much as it just beat me down slowly until I gave in and gave up on sports. After that, it slowly began to define me, first with just what I could do physically and eventually taking over my mind and affecting how I approach things in life. But the very first day in TX, my trainer said that my leg doesn't control me, I control it, and I'm taking that to heart.

Andi, the mental battle is just so tough sometimes. I hear you on the taking your time as you are still healing comments, but offer a word of warning too. Listen to your gut. When my gut started telling me that slow and steady wasn't winning the race, I didn't listen, instead I listened to the folks around me who kept saying "it just takes time" and "you are still healing" and look where that got me. Before you know it, valuable time has been wasted. I am now turning off anyone in the peanut gallery that keeps telling me to take it slow! My grandfather keeps saying, "But you are going to keep the cane in reach right?" Haha, suuuuuuure granddad.

Screw that cane. And the crutch. And the limp. And the plates. And the screws. And the pain. Done.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: 007Cupcake on May 02, 2010, 07:10:51 PM
Your posts inspire so many of us working through the physical/mental issues associated with our knees, and the pain, and the surgeries, and the heartache etc.....

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: doublemom on May 02, 2010, 08:23:14 PM
Yeah... screw the leg and the pain and the cane and the the the... whatever LOL!!!  I'm actually doing great strength-wise, but stuck at 70 degrees of flexion and it's really making me mad.  I need to break through that and keep moving forward, so I've spent the weekend working on flexibility till I'm sore and swollen and frustrated.  But I'll keep at it :) 

Glad you're doing well, and yes, so much of this is the mental attitude, isn't it?

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on May 03, 2010, 02:50:15 AM
007Cupcake: I'm really glad my posts are helpful :-) Being able to journal about my experience is so helpful for me. I keep a journal anyway, when life gets crazy, otherwise I will go absolutely batty. I decided to keep the journal here so maybe it might help someone else. And I can embarrass myself on the intertubes, which is clearly a good thing for everybody.

Andi: Keep working that flexion! And getting mad sometimes is a good thing, because you just feel so mad you push yourself even harder. Now don't hurt yourself of course, but as long as you are following doctor's orders, nothing wrong with working yourself and pushing yourself.

For me, the mental challenge is ten times harder than dealing with pain. I'm still riding the high from last week, but feel myself coming down and back to reality just a bit. I can torment myself with the best of them. The mental aspects of all of this is just much more taxing than the physical pain.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on May 05, 2010, 12:19:20 AM
Hey Latise! Just dropping by to say hi and good luck with your continuing recovery. I'm glad to see that your Houston visit was a good deal and that you're renewing your spirits. Remember, visualize success! Keep it up. My do released me today after judging me at about 90%. I'm doing the happy (though slightly gimpy) dance. I'm so glad I had my surgery. I still might decide to have the hardware removed one day, but right now it's not a necessity at all. Keep on keeping on! Sandy
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on May 05, 2010, 03:14:20 AM
Thanks for dropping in Sandy and congrats again on being released from doctor's care. It's been great to read your success story and I'm glad you are able to get on with life after knee problems.

Since I'm online I might as well update this thing.

28 weeks post-op

Since I've been back from Houston I've just been following the rehab plan drawn up by my Houston trainer, henceforth known as AHT for Awesome Houston Trainer. It's a 5 day program with a rest day on the 6th day. It's a very simple combination of strength training on days 1 and 4 and plyometrics on days 2 and 5. All days 1-5 also include 1 hour of cardio and then stretching afterwards. I decided on a trainer for home and I have my first session with him on Thursday. I will have to try hard not to compare him to AHT for the entire hour. He is very willing to follow my rehab plan and communicate with AHT, so that's good.

Sunday I went for a massage with someone trained in myofacial release. It was ok, not quite the same as AHT, but still seemed useful. My hip feels decent today, the best it's felt since Houston, so it must be good.

That said, things are no bueno right now unfortunately. Yesterday I started having some really bad pain in my lower leg, like the worst pain everX. Walking is like not even possible, #10 pain every few steps. It's sweet that it's not my knee, but sucky nonetheless. Today was a plyometrics day, no way I could jump around on this leg. I tried some steps ups and made it through 2 sets of 20 in terrible pain, but I had to try. Bike wasn't great, but it was doable.

Taking it easy tomorrow per doctors orders (it's my rest day anyway so that works LOL). Hopefully it is significantly better on Thrusday. I don't want to have miss another day of training.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on May 06, 2010, 03:02:56 PM
Just a quick update to say that my leg seems to be improving. Yesterday I was able to put all my weight on it with less pain. The at rest pain is pretty much gone. The bloodrushes when going to stand up still suck.

I brought my cryocuff in yesterday to work and spent pretty much all day on it. I was able to do my twice a day walks around the office quad with some pain, but tolerable. Yesterday was my off day from the gym, so I just rested the leg, walked around, and spent a good bit of time stretching. Started with tylenol on Tuesday night for shitz and giggles on recommendation from the doc. Not sure if it is the reason the pain is better or not. Dunno, don't care, just glad the pain isn't #10 when I walk.

I'm hoping to go to the gym today. It's my day with the trainer. AHT already said on Tuesday that I could do a light workout today if everything is going better. Will likely chat with the doc before time and get his take.

Not sure what the heck I did to my leg, just glad it is improving.

I have a 6 month long post-op diary. This is crazy. I feel like a kneegeek veteran. Looking forward to the day I don't post on it any longer. Thinking today might be the day.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Becs3740 on May 06, 2010, 04:28:47 PM
Hi crankerchick sorry to hear that you leg has been causing you a lot of pain lately. Hopefully it will improve soon for you.

My surgery is in 2 weeks time. Im scared about it. Not about the actual operation though just because im in more pain now after the last one. I know that this is really minor surgery compared to the last one but im just scared that its not going to get rid of the pain. Im also worried about loosing muscle strength again because it took me so long to get it back before. The plus side of this operation though is that im finally getting rid of the metal work from the derotational osteotomy  ;D

I can't wait for this to all be over. It has now been nearly 11 months since my surgery. When i look at it i think that things would be pretty much back to normal now if it wasn't for my stupid knee. It felt like i was never going to get the strength back in my leg but after about 7 months it just seemed to come back.

Sorry to keep crashing your thread. Will be starting my own i think once i have had this next op.

Carry on with all your hard work you are doing so well.

Take care
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on May 06, 2010, 06:38:41 PM
Becks, your surgery is May 19th I think? You're going to do great and hopefully it will work for you and your knee pain will be over.

Oh my pain is definitely better since monday and tuesday. I can walk on it! Heading back to the gym this afternoon.

AHT thinks I hurt it on the leg extension, but I really don't think that is the case. If it is, then I look real dumb calling my doctor about a pain that has nothing to do with my surgery and if i was him i'd be annoyed at being bothered about it LOL. But, I really don't think that is what happened. I've felt this pain before, long before i was doing leg extensions, but not to this intensity or duration. Either way, just happy it is easing up.

I hope you do start your own thread, not because you are crashing mine LOL (i don't care), but just so others can see it and choose to follow. I'm not sure who's following mine still, but it will be nice for you to have your own for people to support you!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Becs3740 on May 06, 2010, 09:08:05 PM
Yeah im going in on the 19th for surgery on the 20th May.

I don't think your doctor would be annoyed if you have phoned him and the pain isn't caused by the surgery.

I want to start my own thread because when i look back at my last surgery i can not remember much. It would be good to have something to read through when/if it gets to the tough times then i can read about the progress that i have already made.

Take care and i hope the pain carrys on easing for you.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lottiefox on May 07, 2010, 12:36:38 PM
Hey Latise,

Glad the 10/10 pain has decreased - must have been scary/frustrating . I love the fact you are worried it makes you stop training rather than anything else - awesome attitude. So many people use ANY excuse not to train and it is inspiring to see someone so dedicated. As you know, once the results start showing it is addictive and the whole mental high that comes from a great program is just unbeatable (not even rivaled by a big slice of cake a double skinny capuccino.... ;D 8))

Keep up the hard work, you ARE a KG veteran - and I too look forward to when you don't post in your diary any more - in the nicest possible way of course, as it will mean the knee is WORKING GOOD!!  ;D


Lottie x :)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on May 07, 2010, 01:37:13 PM
Well it seems mysteriously leg pain will remain a mystery in origin. No idea what I did to it. The pain isn't/wasn't in my knee, but more like on the outside of my shin, where the plate is. It was a sharp and piercing grinding pain. But the intolerable pain has definitely passed. Now it is just more of annoyance.

It was definitely frustrating and even a bit scary (yes i admit it) to go from walking to falling in a single step and then not being able to take another step for almost 2 days and even worse, not knowing why. Just glad to have my doctor and AHT so easily available to get guidance on how to proceed. I mean, I don't just email/call my doc about every little or even moderate pain, but this pain was just crazy ridiculous and didn't seem to be easing up in the slightest.

I did work out yesterday woot! I was able to go through everything at my normal weight and number of reps. I had mystery pain on the leg press and squats, but it was tolerable. I worked with my new trainer, henceforth known as MDT (Maryland Trainer). He said my form was fine, except for raising my hips on the leg press. He stretched me afterward, almost as good as AHT. I was definitely yelling NSync Kelly Clarkson and Backstreet Boys, so he was doing it right. Today is a plyometrics day so I get to jump around on my leg and go up and down 20 flights of stairs.

Becks: The diary definitely helps for looking back on, for exactly the reasons you state. Can't wait to follow your success story!

Lottie: I just want to get on with my life so I just have to put all my effort into getting my leg strong and flexible again. I'm mad I wasn't one of my docs patients that was fine in 3 months! Just gotta do what needs to be done so I can be another of his success stories. It feels good to finally have something to work FOR versus just having my knee be something working AGAINST me.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on May 11, 2010, 01:39:23 PM
Well I wasn't going to update this thing for a while but...
Yesterday I finally took some time yesterday to fix my bike after my little wipe out last fall and go for a ride. I just rode around the neighborhood to warm up and then tried some maneuvers in the back yard. I lowered my seat a bit so my feet could solidly touch the ground. That also made more of a bend in my knee, which I felt on every revolution.

I tried some jumps. At first I couldn't even get my back tire off the ground, but I kept trying and eventually got it off. Not nearly high enough to get over any obstacles on a trail though. ::mad::

I also had a bit of a time trying to stand up and pedal, which is no bueno for going up hills. At first I couldn't even get one revolution cause the surgery leg just wouldn't push hard enough. Kept trying, finally got it around but it was very wobbly and I had to lean the bike pretty far to cheat. Kept going and it got better, but still not great.

Mystery leg pain reared its head on the jumps and the standing pedal but it wasn't bad. My thigh did not like the jumping at all, neither the lift off nor the landing. Meh. All the pressure on the shin just feels uncomfortable. Those stupid screws on the inside of my leg bothered me whenever my leg was bent. But like my sig says, screw that stuff. It is what it is!

It was sweet to be back on my bike! The only thing that would have made it better would have been to hit a trail, but ::sigh:: in time. There's an easy beginner trail near my house that I will try soon. It isn't very technical so it will be a good place to start. Best to go alone the first time. Whenever I go with my friends my competitive spirit comes out.

Tomorrow I'll be bumping the weight and dropping the repetitions for my strength training.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: acheek71 on May 12, 2010, 06:55:16 PM
Wow!!!  So this is my first time to post on here,and I just have one thing to say are amazing!!  I lucked upon this site, after leaving Dr. Sanders office last week with my diagnosis!  And you are right, he is amazing!  I had never even considered being a "twisted sister" as he has referred to me as.  It has taken me two days, but once I started to read this thread I couldn't stop!!  I have read yours and the one started by clippedwings.  I, like. clippedwings have had a failed lateral release done.  And now I have no muscle in my left leg, a dislocating patella, and apparently a twisted tibia.  And i have become quite the wimp.  I raced motocross my whole life, and since this last surgery in December I have been bummed.  Then I found Dr. Sanders, and I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel, I think....or maybe its a train!!!  Anywoo, he has given 6 weeks to build up my muscles through therapy...and let me tell you the therapists in Fort Smith. Arkansas are CLUELESS!!!!!!  I am trying to find the courage to push through!   Sorry for rambling.........Just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration!!!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on May 12, 2010, 07:24:30 PM
Wow, you read this whole thread??? Big ups to you! But tell me, how many times did you fall asleep while reading?!

You definitely didn't ramble. I ramble. You post. I ramble.

So it's never fun to say, but welcome to the club of twisted sisters. I'm glad you were able to find a doctor with a clue of what to look for and how to treat these problems. If you have seen Dr. Sanders, then it's a good bet what you are seeing is a light, not a train! He's awesome, and there are a lot of other people that will tell you the same. He will do all he can to get you back on your bike.

I want to thank you for reading my thread and posting. Part of the reason I keep going with this thing is to help the next person that might stumble on it. So thanks for letting me know that it has been a help to you.

Feel free to ask me questions or anything. Post away here like others have. This site is a big support group so to speak and considering I've gotten so much help here, I'm totally willing to pay it forward.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: WorkinWings on May 12, 2010, 10:48:19 PM
Wow! it's been sooooo long since I've been here, that I had a hard time remembering my password† :-X

But, I had to come offer my public mea culpa...Apologies to both of you! I have not been able to keep up with my email in the last few weeks, but I was very honored by your words on my thread, cranker, and touched by your email, acheek71. Thank you both.

acheek, I did call my physical therapist so that he could pass along† my exercise plan to Dr Sanders. I hope that has reached you by now, and that it might help you.
I am glad you are moving towards that light at the end of the tunnel. That ain't no train, it's your life calling you back† ;D
I wish you the best. Please keep in touch, and let me know how you do?

cranker, here's a BIG thank you for what you've done for Doc!! He deserves it!† You haven't mentioned your special project here, so I am OUTTING you, now!! Check this out, people:

It's a beautiful thing!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on May 13, 2010, 01:57:37 PM
LOL ClippedWings you haven't been back to KG because you have reached the status of WorkingWings and you are now enjoying your life after knee problems! That's a great thing!

Thanks for 'outing' me. I just hadn't decided "how" exactly to share that page on this site, but you've now done it for me LOL. He totally deserves it. His clinic deserves it. I got a lot of stuff I could say here to toot his horn (and embarrass myself) so I'll shut up. Blah blah sappy sappy and all that. ::embarrassed::

Acheek, please do keep us all updated either via email or on here. You will find the courage to push through! And if you can't, don't worry because the doc will make you find it! You will ride the stationary bike everyday for the rest of HIS life and you will like it. And if you have a day where you feel like giving in, you can email me and vent. There's a lot of times when I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Somedays it feels like it has been so long and my leg is going to feel like this forever. Other days I'm top of the world and as optimistic as it gets. This is just as much an emotional and mental journey as it is physical. But you just keep going, it's all you can do. I feel like I live to work, exercise, and eat lean meat and veggies right now. Somedays I wake up (at 6am) and just want to bury my head in the pillow and holler at the top of my lungs! Then I think about the life I want to have and what others have done and are still doing to help me get to it, and it all starts to make sense again.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: acheek71 on May 14, 2010, 07:36:09 PM
ClippedWings, I can't thank you enough!!!  My PT is trying...he just doesn't understand whats going on.  That's why I do most of it at home!  He hasn't even completed my therapy workout booklet yet.  He did say once he gets it done he's sending it to Dr. Sanders for approval. 

Crankerchick, eating healthy...whats that!?!  I am trying to kick start therapy on my own, but man is it hard.  I haven't been able to do ANYTHING in 10 months and its hard to get out of that slump!  But I'm working on it!  And You have done a wonderful job on the tribute!!

I truly appreciate everything you guys have done for me, and I have only been on here less than a week!!!  You are such an encouragement to us all!!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on May 14, 2010, 09:37:28 PM
Thanks for the kind words about the facebook page. The page is a bit of a sap fest. It took me a long time to be comfortable with the wording on it 'cause it's so sappy. Then I just decided, whatever, it's how I feel so oh well, people will like it or not.

I love the response I've gotten in some of the forums I've shared the link in though. Let's just say it's good that I have thick skin and don't really give 2 sh1ts. I rather enjoy sticking it to the haters. I've received some very pleasant ::sarcasm:: responses and personal messages regarding that page. I do enjoy playing devil's advocate though, so that helps. It's amazing the time and energy people put into telling you they don't like something. I find it comical.

One thing you learn from our doctor is that your body can do a lot more than you think. The exercises I was doing right after surgery, one literally felt like the front of my shin was going to separate from the rest of my leg. And that was on the first set of 15, so imagine what the next 2 sets felt like. I did it for like a week then I finally emailed the doctor because I was just like, dude this sucks!! Of course the answer was basically "It's fine, the hardware isn't going anywhere, now do it!"

Hopefully your PT will get your workout booklet finished ASAP and approved so you can have that mental boost to get you rolling. Just grit your teeth and push through, one SLR and hour on the bike at a time.

Once you get things going, I think it will get a little easier.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on May 16, 2010, 05:35:55 PM
Glad to hear your awful pain is better, but not glad to hear it's still causing you some pain. I read that you had fallen and thought "Oh no!" because as all of us kneegeeks know, that's an awful thing and we all fear it! Thats AWESOME  ;D you were on your bike! It's very exciting! Hopefully given time you'll be hitting the trail better than ever! You are definitely an inspiration!

I started my summer job this week and worked 48 hours! It was a pretty exhausting week. My left hip still isn't right, and I think the work week didn't agree with it. I spent all day sitting in a chair in my office on the computer for most of the days. I get up some, but not like walking around campus. Then, on Friday and Saturday I ran a horsemanship skills program at a horse camp. That was really a great time, but it was pretty much two solid days standing on my feet and walking around. I went from one extreme to the other. I hope it's just because the plates only came out in December, and i'm just not at full strength yet. But, I feel like December was forever ago and I should be perfect now!

As of right now, i'm sitting here with heat on my hip because that makes it feel a little better than ice sometimes. I have to go outside and clean the barn and do some chores, but I don't want to move. Being in bed on my comfy mattress feels so good! I think now is the least amount of pain i've felt all week, but heaven only knows I can't just sit here all day. I have to be at work at 8:30 tomorrow morning!

Hope everyone's well, Crankerchick, thanks for keeping up with your thread. I feel bad coming to whine on here, but you always check it and offer such great words of advice or just a little bit of inspiration, and I really appreciate it! You are an asset to the board!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on May 16, 2010, 07:42:24 PM
Hey Lyndsey! It's funny you feel like December was forever ago and you should perfect now. I feel like my surgery (in Oct) was forever ago and I should be bowling and mountain biking to my heart's desire now. The slogan for my doctor's office is "The Fastest Way Back" and I feel like I'm disgracing that, LOL! But such is life, I'm doing what needs to be done so I just have to put in the time to get to where I want to be.

Your summer job sounds like my every day job. And it's not good on the body at all. I've been doing the following: propping the leg up under the desk, getting up every 45 minutes and walking around and stretching for 15 minutes, and taking a walk around the office park at least twice daily and stretching afterward. I've also been taking my cryocuff sometimes.

Last weekend I went to a festival. Ended up walking about 2.5 miles, which isn't a lot really, but the most I walked at one time since my surgery. My hip was killing me by the end, but the knee held up fine. Yesterday I saw the Blue Angels at an air show and it was another day of walking quite a bit. I was also able to finally have a good cardio workout on the treadmill the other day. All of these things are activities that last year were basically impossible for me. Every step hurts, but at least I can step now, and with confidence. Prior to my surgery, every step was a braced, peg-leg cautious one, and every non-peg leg step was an unstable one. I even had some hustle when running in from the rain the other day.

You know the drill, be thankful for what is better so that what sucks at the moment doesn't seem so bad! I hope your pain eases up soon for you, cause duh, pain sucks. Maybe your body and your leg just need to adjust to your new and different schedule. I feel like I spend the weekend reversing all the damage that the work week does to my hip.

BTW, you guys are going to have my head inflated to the size of TX with all your compliments.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on May 16, 2010, 08:07:48 PM
Lol! None you don't deserve!

Sounds like you have a heck of a week! That's a good idea to make sure you get up and stretch. I will definitely try that, because I know I didn't enough this week. With it my first week back (I worked there last summer) I had a ton of stuff to do and got engrossed in the computer for hours on end.

Sounds like you did alot last weekend, but i'm glad the knee held up well! It sounds like you are in the same boat as me... my knees are now stable, and I can actually sort of run (it's not pretty) but if I do then my hip starts killing me. You're right though, I should definitely be glad my knees are stable now, and the pain in them is gone. I feel selfish when I get so mad because my hip really is causing me difficulty, but I just get so frustrated. Then I try to remind myself how bad it was before.

I'm hoping they will adjust! That's my game plan is just pray and hope things get better and adjust, because there is only so much Motrin I can take in a day, and even then I hurt sometimes! I know how you feel about using the weekends to recouperate, but unfortunately my job doesn't even allow me to do that sometimes. Like today I had to work everyday but today (Sunday) and even today I have so much stuff to do, and I had to help my sister ride her horse. Then at 5 I have to give a little girl a riding lesson for an hour.... and that will be another hour walking around a sand arena... i'm going to die!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on May 16, 2010, 09:29:38 PM
Ah, yeah my job gets crazy at times, but lately things have been under control. Plus I communicated to my supervisor to keep me off the crazy contracts because I'm spending a lot of time exercising every day and that has to be my priority.

I can't run. I get the urge on the treadmill, so I try, and yeah, it's bad. In Houston, I tried twice and pretty much almost hit the ground. My trainer looked at me first with surprise like "Damn I can't believe you tried that" and then with the evil eye to say "Don't do that again!" It will come, just have to keep trying.

I know how you feel with the frustration and anger. Like I said before, I just think about the goal and I think about everyone that is helping me and cheering for me to get to the goal. Working out also helps with this. It's a good stress reliever. Not only do I know I'm helping myself get stronger by working out, but I feel my anger and frustration in my workouts and just let it out and use it as a motivator. Plus good workouts tire you out and you are just too exhausted to be angry afterward. When I injured my back 5 years ago and could barely tie my shoes, I learned then the mental benefits of a good workout for me.

Do you have any time to work out? You'd be surprised how relieving it is to be angry and hit a punching bag for a bit until you've got nothing left.

Hope your lesson doesn't kill you too bad. Dying sucks. Hang in there chica.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on May 17, 2010, 01:51:46 AM
I'm still alive! Thank heavens! My left hip is still really bothering me, especially since I am now just laying here feeling it. I wish I had more time then I could work out, but between work, horses, and school there is no time left. My riding is my workout, and it's a great stress reliever, BUT, my horse is currently just as sore and lame as I am. He has a disease of his front legs called Navicular, and it's been getting progressively worse. Now it's to the point where he doesn't even put any weight on his heels, he just hops. SO, i've been trying to deal with that, and the meds just don't work anymore. They do a procedure where they cut the nerve that goes to their feet so they can't feel the pain anymore, and that will make him sound and I can ride again. I'm seriously considering it.

SO, that's where I am with that. I can't believe you try to run on the treadmill! I can say I did try once, and that was the last time i've tried something like that! I was in so much pain and pretty much fell off the back!

Thanks for the wisdom and the support!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on May 17, 2010, 02:53:03 AM
Ooo I'm sorry to hear about your horse, that sucks. I don't know much about horses, but I know about surgery and surgery sucks.

Yes it was quite funny both times I tried to run in Houston. It wasn't on the treadmill, just in the office, first when I got there and we were assessing what I could do, and then later when we had been working for like 3 days and I was feeling good. Both times were epic fails. The look on my trainer's face was priceless though, especially the second time. There was a doctor from Mexico City there observing, and I heard him ask the trainer if I could run. Before he could say no, I just broke out in a sprint. Errr, well, yeah...I just broke. It was like day 3 and I was feeling good and ready to try again, so I did. And as quickly as I thought to do it, it was over and victory was not mine.

My trainer just had this astonished look that was a mix of laughter, concern, and caution. He was just like, half laughing, half amazed, and half concerned, "I can't believe you did that!" Then he said very sternly, "Don't do it again!" LOL.

What can I say, I'm an idiot, LOL.

Hope you started to feel better this evening and definitely hope your work day is better for you tomorrow. Remember, take those breaks!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on May 18, 2010, 07:51:04 PM
Lol! I'll say it definitely sucks!

I can't even imagine trying to sprint when you did! Yikes! I can actually manage a sprint from like my car to a building in the rain. It's nice to finally be able to do that! But beyond that, the after effects bother me too much. I pay for my excercise dearly.... I can just picture your trainers face! Too funny!

Yesterday wasn't too bad of a day, but I found myself waking up thismorning coughing like mad and all stuffed up. Now on top of everything i'm getting sick. Isn't it great how you find yourself getting sick just when you have the most to do? Drives me crazy! I did make sure I got up today and yesterday, and that definitely helped. I'll be sure to put that into my schedule. I also got a different chair, and that has made some of a difference.

I think it's the weather though that's sending me over the edge. The weather is making my bones hurt, and the run down feeling sick I am is wrecking havock on my muscles and psyche. Oh well, I need to stop whining and just keep on living. I'll get over it soon I hope. This weather sure is awful though, it's raining and storming, and COLD for this time in May! I keep praying it will end soon, and yet it just gets rainyer and rainyer.... I don't even think rainyer is a word.... :P but oh well, that describes the situation here pretty well.

Okay, i'll be done rambling now..... Now that i'm back at work I find myself checking KG way more... always an excuse to take a break! :)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Becs3740 on May 18, 2010, 08:47:58 PM

Thanks crankerchick for your personal message. Im pretty nervous about going in tomorrow. Im getting worried though because my Dad has a cold and i have woke up with it. Im feeling quite rough at the moment. Im just hoping that i wake up feeling a lot better tomorrow. The last thing a want is to have the op cancelled.

Am going to have an early night. Will catch up on your progress and let you know how i get on when im home.

Hope everyones ok. Take care all and talk to you later.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on May 19, 2010, 04:17:48 PM
Becks, hopefully you are gone now and getting ready for your op. Chat atcha on the flip side when you're feeling up to it.

Lyndsey, glad the chair change and frequent breaks help with the hip pain. Sorry the weather is getting to you. It bothers my right knee but the left knee has been solid since the surgery.

As for me, not much going on just that my leg is feeling even stronger. Hip soreness is noticeably improved in the last 2 weeks.

I am now calling it my "comeback" not "rehab" because rehab sounds like a sick patient and I'm not a patient anymore. I'm just a normal person that needs to improve my strength and flexibility. Big ups to the Houston clan for getting me on track.

I jogged on the treadmill yesterday. It was only for a minute then the hip pain got pretty bad and the limp set in, but I did jog lightly at about 3.0 mph and my leg didn't just totally quit on the first step like before.

Swelling around the tibia plate has gone down more. What used to be a lump of "stuff" that hurt to the left of the incision is now less of a lump and I can pinpoint exactly where the tenderness is. Surprise! It's the 2 screws at the top of the tibia plate. The same 2 that poke out the other side of the bone and hurt on the inside of my leg. Meh, so long plate, won't miss ya one bit.

I guess I must be a nice person or something because I sure have a lot of people looking out for me. Monday a coworker saw me doing step-ups on the curb in the parking lot in the rain. He offered to make me a step. Wasn't sure of the dimensions they use in the doc's office, so i inquired and my doc said to go straight to an 8" step.

So yeah, I figured might as well go all in. He was already going to make it tiered like the box at the doc's office, so I had him make the first tier at 2" and the second at 8" from the first, so the second is actually 10" from the ground. Gives me something to work towards LOL. Of course it hurts a ton on the side step ups, but its whatever. It's good for me or something.

rock on.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: doublemom on May 20, 2010, 12:17:19 AM
Cranker - you are doing so great, it's wonderful to see your progress :)  Speaking of step-ups, I tried a 2" step up (from the side) today at PT and failed miserably, but then again I'm only 6 weeks post-op from my TTT/LR.  All in good time, I guess...  But I did get on the treadmill for the first time today at PT and it felt soooooo good to be able to do something that seemed productive, instead of wall slides and SLRs. 

Keep up the wonderful attitude, it's contagious, and seeing your progress helps everyone who has read through your posts :)

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on May 21, 2010, 03:24:03 PM
Holy cow, Andi! You're my hero. I can't even fathom doing a step up at six weeks out. You rock! But then again, my protocol was very conservative and I wasn't weight bearing at that point. I hope that you are doing well. I seem to remember you were very cautious about choosing surgery.

Latise, I like your renaming from "rehab" to something more positive. I swear our outlook is a great determining factor in returning to normal (whatever that is) from these evil ops of ours. Isn't it amazing how the pain improves with the strength returning? Have you cut back on your workouts to allow yourself more rest? That was when I noticed improvements for me. Hang in there!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on May 21, 2010, 04:47:55 PM
Andi, ace job on the treadmill! Sitting/Lying on a table and doing easy grandma exercises can only work for so long before the body and mind start to protest for more.

Slmac, I agree outlook is a big factor. Gotta be positive and hungry, especially when things start to drag out. Just have to keep pushing.

Instead of taking rest days like I was considering before, I went out to Houston and worked with the trainer/rehab specialist in my doctor's clinic to basically get the lowdown on what I should be doing. It was a great decision. He gave me a 6-day workout plan to follow. It has a cardio only day on day 3 and a rest day on day 6, so I really only do 2 days of intensity in a row then a easier day. All the days include a good amount of stretching of hip, hamstring, quad, and knee.

I'm working with a personal trainer twice a week and he either follows the workout plan or adds in his own stuff, depending on which day it is on the work out plan. Then he spends about 15-20 minutes making me holler (kelly clarkson, in honor of you) stretching my hip, knee, and quad.

Not sure my doctor or his trainer know what "rest" is, but that's fine because I just want to get my leg back to full function, i don't care how much work it takes.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: doublemom on May 21, 2010, 08:00:07 PM
Not sure my doctor or his trainer know what "rest" is, but that's fine because I just want to get my leg back to full function, i don't care how much work it takes.

I love it... I'm stealing it for my motto of the day if that's OK with you :)  Isn't it amazing how a good workout can totally change your mental attitude (good music helps too)... must be those endorphins floating around, but I always feel so very much better mentally after a good hike or a trip to the gym. 

It's impossible to live here in Washington state and not be an outdoors person.  Mt Rainier is right outside my living room window, and I can't WAIT to be strong enough to get back up there and start hiking again.  We need to get Sharon's knee #1 fixed once and for all as well, and then she and I will be unstoppable on the slopes together LOL!!!!  How is that for something to aim for?

Hope everyone has a great day... and make it a good weekend too!!!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on May 21, 2010, 09:31:18 PM
Steal away! But let's call it sharing. "Steal" sounds so, well, thievish.

I also listen to music. I waiver between two types lately: inspirational, motivational, feel-good stuff that reminds me to stay positive and hard-core stuff that lets me get my f-it-all attitude in full swing.

It's true, workouts really help with the mental attitude. Usually I'm either fired up after a good workout and super positive. Or I'm so tired I'm too pooped to be negative. If I manage to get myself into a negative mood during a workout (usually because I'm frustrated at my progress), then when I leave I find something else to tire me out. One favorite is playing boxing on the wii. Do you know how pooped you are after you yell a few times and beat the crap out of a computerized opponent? The answer is: usually too tired to go back to the pity party. Then I take a nice long shower and go on with my day.

I'm a mental person. Lots of confidence issues going on for me. If left alone with my own thoughts, bad things happen. So working out, music, tv, computer are good things to distract me so I can turn off my overly analytical and critical mind.

I have a love/hate relationship with the outdoors. I like my outdoor activities (mountain biking, photography hikes, fishing) but I hate heat and I have awful allergies. The best times for photography are early morning or just before sunset, so that helps with the heat factor. And I like mountain biking enough that I'll go regardless of temperature.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Becs3740 on May 22, 2010, 05:39:16 PM

Just a quick message to let you know that im home and as far as i know it all went ok. The metal from the derotationl osteotomy is out† :).
 They did a lateral release and something else to my knee but not sure what as i was pretty tired when the consultant came round.

Feeling very tired and rough at the moment from all the tablets. Leg isn't feeling too bad though just very swollen.

I will catch up with all your progress later when i feel more with it. I will also start my own diary so i can look back at my progress in the future.

Hope your ok.

Take care
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on May 23, 2010, 02:32:51 AM

Glad to dear it all went okay! Being metal free is a definite plus!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Becs3740 on May 23, 2010, 03:33:03 PM
Hi hope you are all ok. Just to let you know that i have finally started my own diary. I don't think any of it really makes much sense at the moment though.

Will catch up with all your latest progress later when my mind is more with it.

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Hooligan on May 27, 2010, 09:17:19 PM
Crankerchick -

I'm pretty new to this board but I just read through all your posts and I am compelled to tell you how helpful they are.

I relate to your story so strongly. I've always had one kneecap that gave me a lot of issues (18 subluxations that I can remember...and I'm in my early 30s), but it never really stopped me from living life - I'm a very active person who loves to be on the go! But then 2 years ago, my last injury really did me in and I've never recovered (both emotionally and physically).

However, after finding a specialist OS, I was finally properly diagnosed with patella alta and trochlear dysplasia (thankfully no rotational issues). So now I'm gearing up for my TTT in July (after freaking out and cancelling my last surgery date in April!). Needless to say I'm still terrified.

All that said, reading through your posts (and others) has been so helpful. The physical and emotional journey is tough, and it's wonderful to hear how other people come out the other side swinging!

So thanks!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on May 27, 2010, 10:13:16 PM
Hi Hooligan! Welcome to KG :-)

Thanks for reading through my saga, LOL, and super thanks for posting. It's equally wonderful for me to read that my 20+ pages of babble is actually helpful.

It's great to read that you made it so long without letting your knee stop you. I'm glad you were able to find a good OS to thoroughly examine you too, so you can have the right procedure to get you back to that active life you are accustomed to. Finding a competent and skilled OS is really important, and apparently pretty tough. I can thank some KG buddies for helping me find mine.

It's pretty normal and natural to be scared. I never had a good feeling about the op I almost had--thank goodness I didn't do it! For this op, I was scared at first, but I did a lot of reading and asked a ton questions and eventually felt very confident it was the right op for me and by the right man for the job. As the op drew nearer, I surprisingly was more excited than scared, if that makes sense.

I'm glad my thread has been helpful and wish you the best with your op. Hope you will stick around or at least come back and let us know how you are doing. This forum is a great place to talk to people that "get it."
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Hooligan on May 28, 2010, 04:40:36 PM
I hear what you are saying about being more excited than scared - I am actually getting to that place in my head, which as you know, is AMAZING!

I'm going to see my OS one more time to bombard him with more questions. He doesn't have the best bedside manner, though he does have a tonne of experience with patella problems and I've read many clinical studies of his. On my first visit, he x-rayed me, look at my knees and said, "You have patella alta. Your tendon is almost twice as long as it should be. I can fix this." Then he walked away and I was handed the consent forms. Yikes!

I've gone back to see him 2 other times, where he was more patient - drew me pictures of my knee, explained the surgery etc. What messed with my head is that I saw another surgeon for a second opinion. He is MUCH younger, just opened his practice BUT trained with THE Dr. Fulkerson in the States. He didn't think the surgery would work for me because of the trochlear dysplasion and had concerns about chronic pain post surgery because of my cartilage damage under my patella. But then my current surgeon told me the dysplasia wasn't that bad. Plus he said moving the kneecap down might actually improve the cartilage contact surfaces. Oh the confusion!!

Is there anything else you suggest I ask my current OS?

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on May 28, 2010, 05:06:15 PM
Well a second opinion is never a bad idea, but i agree it does mess with your head when the two opinions differ.

At home I went to 3 different doctors and got 3 different opinions. Then I went out-of-state and got a fourth opinion! But the fourth one was backed up with CT scans and more in-depth x-rays than I had previously. It was a lot easier to trust radiological evidence right in front of my eyes as opposed to the talking heads at home trying to play guinea pig on me. Oh they had done x-rays and MRIs, but not a CT scan and had never mentioned any of the issues brought to my attention by the fourth opinion. I talked to another patella specialist after that and I knew what the best course of action for me was, and it wasn't the talking heads with their "let's try this" approaches.

Anyway, the main question I always suggest people ask is basically everything related to post-op protocol. You might be too groggy to remember things after the surgery. I asked a ton of questions of my OS, but that's because I'm anal retentive and a worry wart so the more i know up front, the less potential unknowns for me to worry about. Plus in general, medicine fascinates me so I wanted to know all about how the procedure is done exactly and things like that.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on June 01, 2010, 04:38:29 PM
Today working with my trainer I finally got my heel to my butt for the prone quad stretch. Yes, after 7 months or something ridiculous like that, my heel finally touches my backside without me blacking out.

I think it might be a bit of cheating, because my foot is plantar flexed. But it's there, so hooray.

Last week I finally rested on my heels when sitting on my knees. I can't say I can sit comfortably like that, but I can finally do it now. Just have to work up to being able to sit longer and longer like that.

Here's a link for a some of the stretches I do:

6 weeks with trainers and more progress than 6 months in PT. Go figure...
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Becs3740 on June 01, 2010, 08:13:22 PM
Yay well done Latise  :)

Its really good when you get to this stage. You start doing things that you couldn't do a few months a ago without realising. About a month or so before this last surgery that i had a few weeks ago i was sitting in a chair with the operated leg crossed over the other. Then i was like hang on i am sitting with my legs crossed and its really comfortable. For months i couldn't do that and i thought it would take ages to come back.

I think you are doing so well. You had three osteotomys done at the same time. I only had one and that was bad enough.

Take care
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: acheek71 on June 02, 2010, 04:23:16 PM
Latise....I really am so excited for you!!!!!!

I can't wait to hit those milestones after this next one!!! be able to touch your heel to your butt, kneel on your knees, sit indian style, etc.  One of these days!!  I may have to go up and hang with you so I can meet these wonderful trainers of yours!!! Seriously, I read that yesterday and I had a grin from ear to ear, its so amazing to hear stories like that, no matter how big or small!! 

Shoot I'm excited that I'm actually getting some flexibility back after 10 months, even though I know I'm gonna lose it in 4 weeks!  It's the little things! 

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on June 10, 2010, 09:12:26 PM
Thanks Becks and Amanda for being excited for me LOL. I'm kind of at a point where I don't get excited about milestones anymore. Instead I just feel more like, "It's about time!"

I can last a little bit longer on my heels when sitting on my knees and now I can get my heel to my rear end on my own. It takes one or 2 warm-up stretches, but that is better then a few weeks ago when my trainer couldn't even force it there. Made a 20-minute mile today too finally. It wasn't the most pleasant experience, but I made it. I even limp-jogged the last minute of it at 3.5 mph.

I have walked well over a mile multiple times, but it's the 3.0 mph pace that made the 20-minute mile a goal for me. Walking that fast seems to cause pain long before fatigue sets in.

So I'm still making progress and at a faster pace than I did all those months in PT. It seems like something noticeable changes every week. I'm progressing in the plan the trainer down in Houston gave me and things are really seeming on track now.

Now to just get this right leg to stop protesting. I've been trying not to acknowledge it, sort of like if you ignore a misbehaving child craving attention then they will finally sit down and shut up. Well, no such luck, the thing just keeps protesting louder.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: agresknee on June 12, 2010, 09:57:50 PM
sounds like you have made some awesome progress since last time i checked in

Congrats and good luck
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on June 28, 2010, 02:49:27 PM
Thanks Suzanne. I was dismayed to read your latest update on Kate. Hopefully it is nothing. In fact, I'm sure it's nothing.

It's been a couple of weeks, still just going along with my workout program and getting the massages and stretching a lot. My heel goes to my rear end much easier now. My personal trainer can pretty much just bend it there no problem on the first try. No more yelling Kelly Clarkson either. I'm able to get there on my own too, with the help of a strap. I can now get my heel to touch my leg in the cannonball position. It takes some force, but it's not painful or anything.

Dare I say the area on the inside of my leg where the 2 screws seem to be annoying is also improving ever so slightly. Here's to hoping I can avoid hardware removal.

My right leg seems to be cooperating better too, but I kind of eased up on the treadmill some too, hoping that would help get the pain under control. It's a sucky balance. My surgery leg needs the workout, but my other leg can't handle it.

The hip remains my limiting factor. I just keep working on it, increasing the difficulty of the exercises or adding in others. I'm working on getting into the figure 4 position to stretch the external rotators. That and the hip flexor seem to the be problem areas.

We've added an assortment of plyometric exercises, one of which we just added is jumping off and landing on the same foot. I have one word: abysmal. Seriously, I suck at it. It just exposes the hip and quad weakness. I can barely get off the ground and the landing, well twice my leg wanted to give out and once it wanted to hyperextend. I had to hold the wall. Mentally, it was a tough exercise to do , as it was quite hard to get my mind to allow me jump when everything in my head was yelling "OUCH" and "FALL!!!" So I'm looking forward to tomorrow to do that exercise again. I need to conquer it.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on June 28, 2010, 03:06:45 PM
Yay! I'm glad to hear you're doing better! I know exactly how you feel about the hip, and the hip exercises. I had a very similar problem. My right hip was never too bad, but the left was horrible. I couldn't even do the hop on one leg exercise at all for at least 6 months... then I could get it a little bit, but it hurt soooo bad and was so weak, I think metally I fought it too. Since the plate has been out, i've gotten a little stronger, but I never actually did therapy for the hip. I think you're right that is important. I feel like if I did that then things might get better. Even since the plate removal I still have pain in the left hip. I'm going back to MI to see the OS on July 13th. Hopefully he'll just say I need to do therapy or something of the sort. I'm afraid there may be some soft tissue or tendon damage from the plate..... hopefully that's not the cause!

Keep getting better!!!  ;D

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on June 30, 2010, 06:09:21 PM
Lyndsey, thanks for sharing your hip story. I feel like my hip sucks so much and it's helpful to read that this hip issue isn't unique to me.

I forgot to say that I finally went mountain biking (if I can call it that just yet)! It has been ridiculously hot here the last few weeks, but I was able to get out and ride some trails around my house since I last updated. The trail I chose to start with isn't very technical but there are a lot of tree roots to maneuver along with a few rocky areas and streams to cross. The trails are narrow (single track) in a few places and wind quite a bit, so it's still a fun time even though not grossly technical.

I didn't do awfully but it wasn't great either. I was riding very tentatively, which sucks, but doesn't surprise me either. I did have a near miss going up a hill where I hit a sequence of roots just wrong and with not enough speed, causing me to come to a complete halt on the last one and end up having to put my foot downm while on the hill, to keep my balance. I stumbled around on my leg leg but didn't fall thankfully. I wasn't in the right gear to climb the hill and I didn't have enough speed because I was riding so dang slow and tentative throughout the whole ride.

I just need to keep riding and get my confidence. Of course, it's mountain biking. A fall is going to happen sooner or later, just hope it's later rather than sooner. Falling on the plates doesn't shout fun times to me.

I've also been riding with my friends on some longer, mostly paved trails. My riding friends have been pretty busy, but it was nice to ride with them versus riding alone. Feels like old times, but better, because no knee pain afterward (at least not in the left knee) and no patella popping out!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on June 30, 2010, 09:03:16 PM

That's AWESOME you were able to go mountain biking! That's really exciting! Even if you were riding slow and not as hard trails, STILL, that's great! I rode my sisters bike up the hill on the road to our mailbox and I was out of breath and my legs were killing me! I can't even imagine riding on trails! My brother and I try every once in a while to ride what we call "the loop" around our house. We live on 10 acres in the country, so around our property and the neighbors is about a mile loop. I'm dead when we come back, and it's only a mile! Although the hill is crazy steep...

Anyways, just wanted to tell you to keep your chin up! I know it's hard, but really you are doing great! Unfortunately, I think those of us who are "lucky" (haha) enough to be twisted, all have to deal with some hip issues at some point. It seems that some of us have to deal with a little more. I think the hip has been the hardest part of this whole twisted ordeal. My knee is great now, and is okay as far as strength goes. It just seems like my hip doesn't want to cooperate with the rest of the leg and get better already! LOL.

I'm headed to Deep Creek Lake in Maryland with my grandparents for the night and the day tomorrow. They have friends that let them park their motorhome on the lake, and we have a dock and a boat. I'm not quite sure i'm up to water skiing like I used too, but i'll settle for some tubing! I think for a leg workout we'll take out the paddle boat and see how far we can go! I'll just be glad to get away from work and the daily grind of life and relax!

Great job with the biking! Keep us updated!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: agresknee on July 02, 2010, 10:54:12 PM

Luckily it was only a bruise the doctor said she should where volleyball knee pad during basketball so it doesnt happen again the good news is no damage to the surgery

If she decides to play ball in college I think we will probably take the remaining screw out,  Her scar is so nasty i can then have a plastic surgeon fix it. She landed directly on that area and it caused it to SWELL but xray and evaluation was all good thanks goodness and if the knee can take that fall we should be great guess that is the silver lining

Kate has issues with her hips being extremly tight she gets ART therapy on her hips once a month to help them  will have to re read your posts on your hips to see your actual issue but you can google
ART therapy i think you google ActiveReleaseTherapy but kate loves it makes her feel awesome. I ran a half marathon this year and he worked on me after the race and now i know why she likes it so much

You sound great and are doing really tough things that is so good. Congrats on how far you have come, Just think in a few months  you will be celebrating your ONE YEAR

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on July 14, 2010, 02:11:31 AM
hey everybody, Latise, I hope things are going well for you! I figured i'd kidnap your thread some.... i'm going to put it on mine too, but I know I can get some of your wonderful advice if I put it here too! I sure could use it about now..... LOL.

So, I went and saw Dr. T today. He had some good insight into why my left hip is bothering me so much. God Bless that man, he sure is good. Anyways, he took some x-rays of the hip, and after feeling it pop when I walk, he said it could be a couple of things. Most likely he thinks it's probably the IT band snapping over some bone calcification in my hip...  :-\ So, he said i've given it plenty of time, and so far it's only gotten worse. So October 28th he's going to open me back up and take a look inside.... lol.... he thinks he may have to grind the bone down and smooth it out some. Also he's going to look at the tendons and make sure it isn't because they are too tight. So, ugh, another surgery to look forward too.... hopefully I really really hope this will be the last one.

He said the surgery will be like the plate removal, except probably a little more painful and a little longer recovery because he's going to be digging around and messing with alot of muscle and tendons. SO, now i'm at another dilemma, what to do about school.... I'm graduating from SVC in the december with a political science degree. I only need 3 more classes this semester to graduate. BUT, I was thinking about going to grad school, and for the program I want to get into there are 3 prereq. classes, and I haven't taken any of them. So my original plan was to suck it up and make it a 6 class semester. The classes are 5 in a row on Mon, Wed, Fri, and one 4 hr class on Sat. Now with this surgery, i'm not sure i'm going to be able to handle that class load..... ANY ADVICE from any of you guys??? I was thinking if I have to, i'll just take the 3 classes I need to graduate, and then take the other 3 classes in the fall if that's what I decide to do....

What do you think???? I'm really stuck here.....

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on July 14, 2010, 02:57:03 AM
Hey Lindsey!
I just saw your post over in Amberle's thread on this topic. I'm glad Dr. T thinks he knows what might be the problem, but sucks that it involves more surgery to address it. Boy, the disruption to the hip from this surgery just really sucks. That area has been on fire for me the last few days, just hoping it resides some after tomorrow, which is my rest day from working out.

Is it possible to do your surgery in December when the semester is over? Oct 28th is pretty close to the end. I know pain sucks and all, but would another month and some change be that awful? Then you could load up and do the 6 classes and be done. I think that is what I would do if it were an option.

Otherwise, I would just do the 3 classes or even consider doing less than that and saving the remaining for the spring along with the 3 prereqs for grad school.

This is not really on topic but this sort of reminds me of my junior year of undergrad when my friend and I thought we would be tough and take 4 engineering classes back to back on Tu/Th so we could have light days MonWed and Fridays off. I had an honors seminar on monday evenings, a discussion section for one of the engineering courses on wednesdays (which we skipped often) and then Fridays off. Let me tell you. That was the best and worse semester ever LOL. I did very well that semester (straight a's go me, hey i can brag now it was like 8 years ago) but it was probably one of the craziest stupid academic decisions we ever made because it was just torture. 8 hours of straight hours of electronics. It drove us to drink. A lot. We needed our light days to recover. But *shh* don't tell anyone.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on July 14, 2010, 03:12:08 AM

I totally agree! I had no idea what my hip was in for.... but the improvement to the knee has been unbelievable! I guess we win some and loose some... sorry to hear your hip's been bothering you too..... hopefully a day of rest will give you some relief.

I thought about doing it that way, but the problem there is then I won't be on my parent's insurance anymore because I won't be a full time student. And insurance at this point is a MUST. LOL. So, I don't know what i'm going to do.... the need to hurry up is partly because of the pain, but mostly because of the insurance issue. So, that's where my dilemma really comes in. What you did in your junior year is sort of what I was going to attempt to do this semester with the 6 classes.... but there is NO way i'll be able to do that and get decent grades while in pain and or recovering from surgery.....

Thanks for the advice! I really am glad you're here to bounce ideas and frustrations off of.

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on July 14, 2010, 02:30:55 PM
Yeah it does seem like we traded one thing for another. I've got pissed off hip muscles and a shin that feels like bob the builder took his vice clamp and locked it around my tibia. Still better than knee instability and pain, but wearing on a person's patience and willpower nonetheless.

Ah so insurance worries come into play. That certainly changes everything. Given the situation, I think I would take the minimum credits to remain full-time and insured and then just go with it. Getting the surgery while insured is of course the priority, so the next priority is just to minimize the work load as much as possible.

It sounds kind of crude/brutal but the reality is surgery hurts and these darn knee problems hurt and it's just kind of like, "that's the way it is" and we just tough it out. Do what you gotta do, as they say.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on July 14, 2010, 07:31:10 PM
Yep, you're right. Sometimes it takes a dose of reality. And the reality of our situation is pain is inevitable,  and it's all about how we deal with it. I try not to be too much of a wimp, although when i'm on here is when i'm definitely at my worst and wimpiest..... if that makes any sense. LOL.

The insurance is my main worry, I know surgery is going to be painful, and I know it'll take me a good 2 weeks after to feel half decent in a school desk with my hip all bent. That's the reality, and I guess i'll just have to deal with it as it happens. I just figure if I can minimize the amount of time in the desk that may be better for me in the long run. I've also figured out that drugs and classes don't mix well together.

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on July 14, 2010, 09:11:50 PM
Lyndsey, it sounds like you've got your answer! Since delaying either school or surgery isn't an option, then just balancing the surgery with the lightest course load is the only real option. Do you have any insight into the difficulty levels of the courses? Maybe you could mix and match the pre-reqs and the courses you need to graduate based on which ones will involve more work/time/focus so that you take some combination of the 6 courses in both the fall and the spring.

You are definitely right, just deal with it as it happens. Do what seems best for you and then just make it work!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on July 15, 2010, 03:45:08 AM

After alot of thought and talking with different people, I think what i'm going to do is take the 3 classes I need in the fall to graduate, and then graduate in December. If I decide to go to grad school I can take those 3 prereq classes in the spring at the community college. It would be cheaper! lol. So now I need to call my advisor and the registrar's office at school and make sure it's okay that i'm changing all of this and talk to them.... The courses should be a little difficult, but not impossible. The 3 I need to graduate will probably actually be easier than the prereqs because I know alot about them. I'm really good at my political science courses... and the teachers all know me and my situation. They know i'm a hard worker, and a good student. So they work with me. The 3 prereqs all involve math, and math and I don't get along to begin with... so if I add pain and drugs I know I will not do well. So I think i'm going to skip those.... at least for now.

Thanks for hearing me out and giving me sound advice! You're a lifesaver, you really are!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Teacher2Many on July 15, 2010, 07:39:41 PM
Wow, sounds like hip issues following the derotational osteotomy is par for the course!  Since I am just beginning on this journey (only 1 week post-op today), anything one would recommend to help with this issue from the beginning?  Is there are one particular thing you have found to help or hinder the situation?  I know we are going to target this in PT as well but not sure what others have found to be helpful.

Lyndsey....I know how difficult things can be trying to juggle surgery with school and still trying to maintain a semi pain free lifestyle, all while dealing with insurance issues.  I think your plan of taking the 3 classes you need to graduate should work well!  Perhaps you can even schedule surgery for later in the semester, depending on your class syllabi, when things sort of wind down as the semester ends; maybe over Thanksgiving break?  Not sure what your age is, but I thought they had just recently passed the law re: coverage of dependents and changed the ages when dependents are still able to be covered on their parents' policy being a student and not.  Can't remember what it is off hand but might be something to look into, if you haven't already.  Hopefully things will allow you to pursue attending grad school as well.  I am set to start in the fall and am wondering if I will be healed enough to do so but that is my plan.  Not sure what will happen come next summer-need to do an internship for my grad program but that's also when I would plan on doing the surgery on the L leg.  So many things to contemplate and deal with while trying to pursue our educational goals in life!!!

Hope all is well with everyone!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on July 15, 2010, 08:19:43 PM
Hi Beth! Been reading your post-op thread, welcome to the half-twisted club!

The biggest thing I would suggest is stretch stretch stretch that hip! Stretch the external and internal rotators, hip flexors, quad, all of it. Massage those areas (myofascial and deep tissue) too.

When I went back to my doctor at 6 months post-op, the trainer there showed me a bunch of stretches for the hip that I do now along with weekly or biweekly visits to a massage therapist.

I guess I should clarify, when I say hip I don't mean specifically in my hip joint. My hip joint is just fine. What hurts for me is the area around the femoral incision. Specifically, when I engage the muscles to abduct the hip, it is still pretty sore. When I attempt external rotation like to cross my legs it hurts a ton. When I sit like at a desk, everything throbs in the outer thigh. Certain motions make a snapping in my outer thigh that at best is annoying and at worse outright hurts.

On a good note though, the soreness to touch in that area has gotten better, especially with the massages now. I can lay on that side and have been able to for a while now. I do a lot on the foam roller which helps to loosen things up too, in addition to helping get rid of the soreness to touch. Of course the foam roller is evil. Necessary, but evil!

I mostly just try to ignore it keep with the stretching and strengthening. As I say all too often, it is what it is.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Snowy on July 15, 2010, 10:08:33 PM
Hey Latise! Have been gradually reading through your thread and finally reached page 22 today - what a journey you've been on! Makes my little ACLr seem like child's play in comparison. Long may the good progress continue, and here's to a future full of mountain bikes and bowling balls. :)

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on July 15, 2010, 10:40:28 PM
Hi Snowy, wow I can't believe you read this whole thread! That is a feat in and of itself LOL. I just got in from working out and was feeling kind of beat. Your post is just the pick me up I needed. Me and the hubster are about to go shoot some baskets in this heatwave LOL. I want to get in some jumping while the hip is still good and loose. Keep up the good progress with that ACL and you will be back on the ski slopes in no time. :)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Snowy on July 16, 2010, 02:25:10 AM
A knee strong enough to shoot baskets - now that's an inspiring thought for me to work toward! I climbed the stairs to our roof deck today and that little trip felt like an epic journey. :) One step at a time...
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on July 16, 2010, 03:06:37 PM
Shooting baskets and climbing stairs! Sounds good!  :D I was happy I rode my sisters horse for a little while yesterday. It was really nice to ride! I think that aggrivates the tendon snapping though, maybe it's the position my hips have to be in.... ?

Anyways, I went to school yesterday and redid my class schedule. Now I have 3 semi-difficult classes, and one that I have to have to graduate, and I think it may be borderline hard. But, it's a better schedule than 6 hard classes. The only thing is, they are every day. I'm hoping that I can be back in the classroom a week after surgery.... that's my goal. We'll see. lol.

Kay, I can't believe you read the whole thread! Whew! I do think hip issues come with the derotatation. I guess how many issues depends though. Because my right hip is great, but my left is awful.... and they both had the same thing done to them. I'm going to get my dad to check with his healthcare provider to see what the plan is for healthcare..... that would be wonderful if i'm automatically on full insurance until i'm 26.

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on July 20, 2010, 04:33:32 PM
Today I am 9 months post-op.

It's great to be able to walk around without my kneecap going nuts. Stability is wonderful. Confidence is wonderful.

I still work out according to my Houston trainer's plan, but of course change it up to add in new, harder exercises. I work with a personal trainer twice a week also.

I've been going to the basketball court to shoot around. I shoot a lot of layups to work on jumping off and landing on the surgery leg, which sucks terribly for my hip. Single leg ball wall squats feel equally awful. My agility/dexterity seems to be improving though, as I can start to make quicker "cutting-type" movements on some of the drills I do.

When I think about my activity level right before the surgery, I was so limited in what I could do and what I felt comfortable to do. But now I can do a lot, even if it does hurt or is hard, I can at least do it.

Still no real running, but jogging is getting better. Bowling is still a ways off it seems. I tried a few weeks ago and it was pretty rough on my hip, and that wasn't even attempting to really bowl "normally" but just kind of walking up there and chucking it.

So that's where I'm at, just trying to stay positive. The pain and irritation in the hip and on the tibia are pretty frustrating and taxing, both physically and mentally, but I just trying to ignore and keep pushing and be patient and give it more time and work. I don't know how much more healing is in my future at 9 months post-op, but considering how the hip and shin still feel, I hope the answer is a lot LOL!

For my more silent "high-flying" followers that like it when I give shout outs: Sanders Clinic RULEZ!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Teacher2Many on July 21, 2010, 09:39:52 PM
Sounds like there has been a great deal of improvement over the past 9 months and although there are still some limitations of sorts, sounds like you are better off from the surgery!  That is very promising to hear for someone who is just starting out on the road to recovery!

Sounds like your hip is still causing you some pain and irritation-just wondering if you've had your hardware removed yet or not and if not, if your surgeon thinks that could be a contributing factor?  Also, did you only have the osteotomies done on one leg or both?  If only on one, does your other leg need to be done as well?  I need to get the other leg done as well and am just trying to figure out when I'd be able to do so, as the R leg definitely needs to be strong enough to do all the work while the L leg heals.  Right now, looks like next summer but that's going to interfere w/grad school so who knows what will happen!

Congrats on being 9 months post-op!!!  Pretty soon, it will be a year post-op and you'll wonder where the time went I'm sure!

Here's to continued improvement, strength, and flexibility!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on July 21, 2010, 11:32:42 PM
Hi Beth, I hope you are coming along in your recovery. I know how those first few weeks are!

I am definitely better off from the surgery, there's no doubt about that. No regrets on going to TX to get checked out or on going back to get untwisted.

My right leg has the same things going on as the left, but the left has always been the real problem child. I am not trying to untwist it at this time, I'm just grin and bearing it, hopefully forever LOL!

I still have the hardware. I had a follow up at 6 months post-op and when I showed the doctor where it hurt on the tibia, he immediately said to come back in 6-12 months and have it out. For the hip, there was still soft-tissue inflammation and muscle tightness to account for before blaming all the problems on the plate. The consensus was to continue to work on strengthening and flexibility in the mean time. So far the strength and flexibility continues to improve but the discomfort/pain and snapping remains.

I'm pretty confident the discomfort around the tibia is from the hardware, as the problem areas line up exactly with the metal. That makes it a lot easier to be ok with taking it out. The hip though, drives me nuts to think about whether to have the hardware out or not, because the recovery from the femur work has been so much harder and in the back of my mind I worry about it not being better after hardware removal. But that is a worry with any surgery--worrying that it won't work.

I will just talk it over with the doc as time gets closer and I'm sure, just as before, it will be clear to me the best course of action to take.

I hope your recovery is going well so far! The first few weeks are tough but it gets better :-)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on July 22, 2010, 02:09:13 PM
It's a definite worry whether or not hardware removal will stop the pain.... look at me, I thought for sure that the snapping and grinding would stop once the plates came out. Unfortunately, it didn't! I will tell you though, that for me, harware removal was pretty easy compared to the actual derotation. I only spent 1 night in the hospital, and was walking the day after. I was really glad to have my hardware out.

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on July 22, 2010, 03:01:54 PM
Thanks Lyndsey. My doctor said the hardware removal wouldn't be bad, just wouldn't be allowed to play football for 6 weeks LOL. Maybe no nights in the hospital, we would play it by ear. I already decided the crutches won't even go to TX with me, unless of course they tell me to bring them.

I was talking about it with my husband the other day and he reminded me that what I keep thinking about--about the hip not being better with hardware removal--is the same worry with any surgery. Also, you raise a valid point, I know I'll be happy to have the hardware out so in that sense it wouldn't be a "useless" surgery. Meh, ::whine:: I want to be one of the doc's patients that has no hardware issues!

Gah, surgery sucks. I'd much rather travel to TX to hang out with my family there and buy the doc and company a few rounds at the bar than needing to go back to see them to get chopped on again. I like them and all, they're awesome, but I'm just sayin!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: rawbeetsalad on July 24, 2010, 01:29:53 AM
Hi girls, I have a twisted leg, too.  I also have hip impingement and labral tears.  I was referred by Cleveland Clinic to Dr. Paley in West Palm Beach but his first available is 9/24.  I'm hoping to get in somewhere sooner and don't mind traveling.  I need someone who does joint preservation for my hip and also can do the CT imaging my deformity requires.  Cleveland Clinic in Miami said they didn't know how to do it and my whole leg looks wonky.  Crankerchick I would have PM'd you but I can't figure out how to do it.  I prefer south or east US.  I'm in FL. 

Thanks so much!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on July 24, 2010, 10:39:11 PM
Sarah, thanks so much for posting. I love your nickname (even though I hate beets). For some reason it is just making me laugh!

Its good that the cleveland clinic was able to spot something "wonky" going on and refer you elsewhere before attempting to chop on you.

I will email you some doctors to consider, one of which is in the south (TX) and is awesome, as if I dont toot his horn on here enough already. But what can I say, having the right doc makes a huge difference.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: rawbeetsalad on July 25, 2010, 09:35:23 AM
Thanks for the quick reply.  I actually don't like beets much either.  I worked with a lady that always ordered too many of them for the grocery store so if we wanted free food it was usually beets.  Bleh...

I've combed through the site and found some names.  I see that it takes forever to get into Dr. T which is the same situation I have with Dr. Paley here so I emailed your doc in TX to see if he does hips.  There are plenty (as in 20 or so) of docs in the US that treat the hip issue I have but none of them really do rotational stuff.  My knee pain hasn't ever been bad enough to consider surgery but when I took up roller skating, my whole right leg fell apart.  It was like skating on a broken shopping cart since it's not straight.  Thanks to this site I didn't listen to the doc that said my leg was crooked from weak muscles.  No way with all the time I spend in the gym!  Turns out there is something wonky with my bones making it crooked. 

I feel like a misfit.  I'm on the hip boards and non of them have rotational issues and since Cleveland Clinic said that if I solve the rotational problem I'll solve the cause of the hip and knee pain I'm trying to find a doc.  I've been in bed for three months waiting for the health care bill to take effect and just got the high risk insurance so I can get this fixed.  Even with my family paying for opinions, it's like impossible to find anyone who knows anything.  Gained 20 pounds and lost my house...  it's been tough.  I just want to walk again.  Playing roller derby would be gravy.

I'm crossing my fingers that Dr. Sanders treats hip impingement as well as crooked legs.  Sigh...  You would think a doctor's office would know these thing and  patient wouldn't have to spend hundreds of hours researching just to find a doctor. 
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on July 25, 2010, 01:48:20 PM
Sarah, I'm so glad you emailed Dr. Sanders! I just can't say enough good things about him and the Sanders Clinic. There are many "doctors" out there but few DOCTORS. Dr. Sanders is a cut above and I'm not just saying that because he's my doctor. I did my research too, just like you, and I wouldn't let just anyone cut on me. That's how I ended up in TX in the first place.

I know how it feels to be stuck on the sideline from your activities and your life, but the good news is Dr. Sanders is all about getting people out of the clinic and back to their lives.

Weak muscles making a leg crooked? That just doesn't even sound logical! I'm glad you didn't buy into that. You are right, it is ridiculous that a patient needs to spend so much time and effort to get proper treatment. So kudos to you for being proactive in fixing yourself.

Just hang in there and keep fighting for yourself. It is tough, but I think you are on the right path now to finding the right professionals to get you upright and back to your life. It's amazing the difference having the right doctor for you makes.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: rawbeetsalad on July 26, 2010, 06:27:39 AM
You're right about Dr. Sanders being wonderful.  He had an email conversation with me today.  A doctor taking time to do something like that is unheard of.  He said he wasn't sure that he could help me but that he could definitely get me in for a rotational CT study.  I won't be surprised if I need to see someone else for the surgery but getting those pictures taken will be huge because I can send them to the various places around the country and not have to wait for an office visit for them to say whether or not they can take my case. 

Just the email conversation with him was so refreshing.  I feel like doctors don't like to admit they don't know.  They'd rather propose some outrageous surgery to treat something they admittedly have never even seen before then refer me to someone who actually regularly treat my problem.  Or, they just say, "sorry, I can't help you."  I feel like I've been passed around between docs like a sorority girl on ruffies. 

Just having an intelligent respectful, thoughtful conversation and offer of real assistance is such a relief.  I am waiting for calls back from a place in Boston and a place in NY that might be able to address the hip and rotational thing but if they're booked a million years out I'll go to Houston and have the rotational CT done and wait for my Sept appt with Dr. Paley.

This reminds me of a video game.  You get one little piece of info and then go to the next level and go through a bunch of crap to get to the next level.  I just want to find the GD princess!

Thanks for your help and advice.  It's nice to not be alone.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on July 26, 2010, 02:21:59 PM
Thanks for keeping me updated!

I'm very pleased to read that your exchange with Dr. Sanders was good (although, call me arrogant but I expected nothing less). It was my expectation that he could most definitely help with the rotational issues, and more than that, just be a source of help for you, rather than one of frustration. He's a smart dude, a brilliant surgeon, and a great resource to have in one's corner.

Your comparison to this being like a video game describes exactly how I have felt pretty much all of my life! What a great analogy! When I was younger, it was like playing a game like pacman--one that has no end but just keeps getting harder and harder. Eventually I got tired of playing and put in an RPG--one with an end but you have to gather all the clues, make sensible choices, and navigate the obligatory obstacles to get there.

It's a shame a person has to basically self-diagnose and then find the appropriate doctor(s) to confirm the diagnosis and treat. I think most doctors mean well, they just aren't all fully equipped to tackle the problems they take on, even though they think they are.

I guess the ideal outcome would be that solving the rotational problem will take care of the hip too. You will know more once you have the study, so that seems like the logical next step.

You are definitely not alone. There are a lot of people on here that have been where you are and have gone great lengths to improve their situation. I'm glad that you found my thread and that I've been of some help to you. I'm totally cheering you on!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on July 29, 2010, 06:18:27 AM
I'm cheering you on as well! It's a long and frustrating ordeal, being twisted. It's not very fun, and its really hard to sort it all out. I'm glad you had a good talk with Dr. Sanders! It sure is refreshing to talk to a doctor that knows what he's doing and is confident, but is humble at the same time.

If you look back, my first post on this board was entitled, "Help, My leg is like a Puzzle!" and at the time, I had seen 10 different OS's and none of them had a clue what they could do to help me. I was fortunate that none of them tried anything, and messed me up even more. Now i've realized, my leg is like a puzzle and so are all the other twisted legs out there. We just need to find someone who's really good at our type of puzzle and put it back together correctly. Some people just aren't cut out to do some puzzles. I can do a 50 piece one, but wouldn't even attempt anything over 100!  :P So i'm glad you're well on your way to solving your puzzle!

Good Luck!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: NickiAnn on July 29, 2010, 05:01:00 PM

I have to keep this post short as I am traveling and do not have much computer battery.  I also have twisted legs, and like you a lot of the pain is in my hips.  I have an appointment with Dr. T in a couple of weeks, but I wanted to let you know that when I first started investigating my problem (about ten years ago) I saw a wonderful doctor named Jeffrey Mast.  He was a colleague of Dr. T's, and he understood rotational issues very well.  I don't think that the rotational issues are his specialty, but he was very familiar with Dr. Teitge's methods.  Anyways, his specialty is hips.  I had a great meeting with him.  Like Dr. Sanders and Dr. T, he will spend hours talking to his patients.  If he was closer, I would see him again in a heartbeat.  He works in Nevada now.  I know you were looking for someone in the south or east, but I just thought that since he is a hip specialist I would throw his name out there for you.

What does your hip pain feel like?  Mine is right in the joint and almost has a grinding feeling sometimes.


P.S.  Lyndsey, how is your hip doing?  Are you managing better this week?
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: drmark on July 30, 2010, 04:05:58 AM
Unfortunately for us, Dr. Mast, my professor, friend, and my doctor has retired.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on July 30, 2010, 04:15:08 AM
Nicole, Thanks for asking! I'm not great, but i'm much better than I was before! I'm still pushing myself beyond what I should, but what's new with that! lol. I guess you could say that i'm medicating some as well. I didn't take anything before, I just suffered because i'm really fearful of addiction. It's been so many years, and I have never had a problem with the medication, and I don't want to start now... that's for sure. I just got tired of it hurting. My family and boss was tired of it as well, because when i'm in pain I have a very short temper, no patience, and am very grumpy.

 Every time I take a step, I can feel my tendon pop over some spot on my hip, and it catches up. It's really painful, and the only way to stop it is to lay flat and not move. It also grinds as well, but the grinding feeling is more in my groin, and the popping is where the incision on my hip is. Unfortunately, real life doesn't allow for doing nothing. So I try to rest inbetween work days... but then I get to having too much fun in the evenings. I try to ride horses with my sisters, and go to the lake.

Good luck with your appointment with Dr. T! Tell him Lyndsey says Hi. LOL.
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Post by: Ivy973 on August 03, 2010, 01:42:07 AM
I have had knee pain for about 20 years on/off but more recently have been diagnosed with femoral anteversion (along with torn labrums and impingement in the hip).  I already have cartilage damage, so am worried about all this doctor search dragging out even more. Latisse and Sarah have already been all sorts of helpful with specific advice and recommendations (Teitge, Paley, Sanders, etc.).  I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with HSS in Manhattan...?  Or other surgeons Northeast.  Thanks!
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Post by: Lyndsey on August 05, 2010, 04:38:10 AM
Hey everyone, Latise, i'm sorry i'm stealing your thread again.... I seem to be doing that quite often. Feel free to boot me off!

The past 4 days have been awful for me. It seems like many things are just piling up. My left hip is still causing me a great amount of pain, but i'm sure that is because i'm still working and riding horses. I don't ride often, but when I do I pay for it. Anyways, I rode all day Saturday, because we did a "Ride for the Cure" and donated all the proceeds from the show to breast cancer research. My friend Chelsea came up with the idea 3 years ago and I helped her put the show together. Now it's an annual show and we passed it on to other 4hers. It's a really great event though, we raised $6,ooo for it in the one show. BUT, anyways, I rode all day and so the pain was crazy bad that evening.

Then we had another 4h show on sunday, but I didn't ride again. I was barely walking.... that wasn't even the worst of it though. A good friend of mine was in a really bad vehicle accident on Saturday night at like 3am. So when I got to the show Sunday morning, I was told he had been in an accident. I didn't really know how bad at first, but then I found out he had wrecked his Chevy Dually into a tree.... not only did he wreck, he hit the tree so hard, the frame just wrapped around it, and the truck actually split in half. The bed of the truck stayed behind the tree, and the cab went flying forward. The engine was 50 yards down the road. He wasn't wearing a seatbelt, so he was ejected from the truck. They lifeflighted him, and put him in the ICU. But they had to put him on life support, and there was no brain activity.

So the show went on, and we were all wondering about our friend, but we kept riding. He would have wanted that, he was a true cowboy. Then at 3pm that day, we found out he didn't make it... His 21st birthday was Friday, so later it was found that his BAC was 2 times over the legal limit. I'm deeply saddened that I lost a good friend, and a great horseman. But i'm angry too, that he made such a stupid decision to drive drunk. It has devastated his family and his friends.

I went to the viewing thisevening, and it was the most somber and sad moments of my life. My friend Chris passed away in a car accident our senior year, and I thought nothing could be worse. Yet somehow, this was just awful. I guess it was because I have so many memories of us and our friends at horse events throughout our teenage years. Camps and shows spent together. I never expected this to happen, especially to him. It sure is crazy how fast life can change, and how sometimes you just don't get second chances....

Anyways, with all of this going on, I was also at Penn State University for our 4h state days chaperoning a delegation of 30 kids. I brought some home with me today for the funeral.... but the point of all this is, I don't think my muscles and tendons are handling the stress and the walking very well at all. I'm so tense and my hip pops with every movement. I haven't really slept since I got the news, and my body is just on total shutdown mode. I still, however, can't seem to sleep without the aid of benadryl or something of that sort. I usually don't have a problem sleeping, but between the pain and all the thoughts running through my brain I just can't seem to keep it together.

Sorry for hijacking your thread, but I really needed to get this off my chest, and I know the folks here on the board are willing to lend a listening ear, or in this case a reading eye.

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Post by: NickiAnn on August 05, 2010, 09:43:33 AM

I am very sorry to hear about your friend.  Life just isn't fair sometimes.  He was very young.  I'm sorry that this happened to him.  It seems that we lose a young person every year at the high school where I teach.  Sometimes because they have been drinking, sometimes because of drugs, and sometimes just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It's always horrible, and makes you realize that every day being alive is somewhat of a miracle, even if it does not always feel like it.

I think you need to make sleep your number one priority.  I know that my entire outlook on life is gloomy if I am not sleeping at night.  You need all the mental and physical strength possible to get through this tough time.  I think that the pain will be even worse if you are overly tired. 

I know that I am not in nearly the pain that you are, yet I even broke down and took a pill last night so that the achiness could go away and I could sleep in complete comfort.  I don't know if it's because I am not in my bed while traveling, but I have been tossing and turning.  I felt like a complete wimp when I took the pill because I would describe my pain as uncomfortable, not excruciating, but I feel so much better this morning because I slept well.

I know you are very worried about addiction, and I don't blame you one bit.  I would be too.  Only you can judge what you should take and when, but I think sleep is essential to you right now. 

I dont know if it would help you or not, but for a drug free option maybe a long, hot bath would get your muscles and tendons to relax before bed?  It can feel really good to be weightless for a while. 

Take care Lyndsey.  Make sure to do some nice things for yourself during this tough time.


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Post by: crankerchick on August 05, 2010, 03:12:28 PM

Just saw your post. Not sure why the email notifications aren't working for me, I never get them anymore when threads are updated.

Sorry to read about your friend. I grew up in a kind of rough area and lost a few good friends and heard about too many others gone too soon. Losing a friend or a loved one is never easy, it's just one of those things you kind of zombie through until you find that peace where you can just be grateful for the time spent together. Like you said, you just have to keep going on, that's what they would have wanted.

I agree with NickiAnn, you gotta take care of you. More sleep, whatever you need to do to get it! Pain is emotionally and physically taxing on a person, plus with all that is going on in your life right now, your body is even more in need of rest, even if it isn't sleep, but just rest and relaxation. It goes a long way. I'm not into hot baths myself, but I second the suggestion for you if that is your thing. My relaxation comes in two forms. One is just getting comfortable (as I can anyway LOL) with some music and just taking some time to find some peace. The other is hanging out with my husband's godchildren. Nothing like clowning around with kids with no worries beyond not wanting to take a bath or go to bed to get your mind off your worries and remind you about what is important in life.

I hope your hip (and mine!) starts to ease up soon. The last few days haven't been great for me in the pain department, but I'm pressing on nonetheless. Just hang in there, things will get better soon. They always do.
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Post by: Lyndsey on August 05, 2010, 03:30:11 PM
Nicole, sleep as a number one priority sounds like a good idea. Last night I got about 6 hours of sleep, which is probably the most sleep i've had since Sunday. I don't think it was quite enough though, and it was benadryl induced. I laid there until 2am, but my hip felt like there was a butcher knife repeatedly stabbing me on the outside part of my hip near the incision and my brain was going at a million miles an hour. So after 800mg of motrin and 3 benadryl I did get some sleep.

I feel a little more rested today, but I'm still a mess emotionally and I think that's making me a mess physically. My muscles and tendons are so tight I feel like they are going to snap. Latise, i'm so sorry to hear your hip has been giving you grief as well! It sure is awful to feel that pain and I hate it because with the hip it's not really easy to ice, and virtually impossible to wrap.

I talked to my friend yesterday who said she was going to come over today and hang out and help me clean stalls and get some horsey stuff done that needs to be done that I really physically have a hard time doing. I guess i'm kind of in a funk because last time she said she was coming, she never showed up. I called and left messages and everything else and she never came. I was really counting on her coming over today, and she was supposed to come between 9 and 10. It's 10:30 and I have a really really bad feeling that she's not coming this time either. I just feel like crying. I just wanted a friend to come over and hang out and take my mind off of things. My other really good friend is on vacation for 3 weeks, so she won't be able to come over either.

I woke up thismorning in pain and decided to take your advice, Nicole, and I did take a pill. The pain is barely there now, and it's so nice not to feel like I want to curl up in a ball and cry from the pain. Although now i'm all foggy, and still feel like curling up and crying. I know that I have friends and everyone says they understand and will be here for me, but right at this moment.... I feel so alone. Maybe it's because of the pill that I feel such strong emotions, but I thought when you were on that stuff you were supposed to not feel anything. That's definitely not true.

Thanks for listening guys, I really truly appreciate all the conversations and words of advice and support.
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Post by: Teacher2Many on August 05, 2010, 06:34:35 PM

I'm so sorry to hear of the rough time that you are going through lately.  To be dealing with all of the hip pain is bad enough but to add the loss of a good friend on top of that makes things that much worse and I can't even begin to imagine the emotional roller coaster that results from that.  Sadness from the loss of a good friend and then the anger, because as you said, it could all have been prevented by not driving while intoxicated.

Loss of sleep (or not enough sleep) takes its toll, esp. after a few consecutive days, and really messes with your system-I remember crying at the drop of a hat for no reason about a week or so after surgery and all because I was only getting about 2 hrs. of sleep a night w/no naps during the day.  Didn't even know why I was crying-watching comedies, movies, or just talking to my nephew would bring tears to my eyes.  I too took Benadryl for a few days and ended up at my doc for prescription sleep meds for a few days in hopes of it resetting my sleep cycle and I too was fearful of that becoming the only way I'd be able to fall asleep-didn't want to go down that road but at the same time, I knew how much my body needed the rest in order to recover.  Neither did the trick-it was just something my body needed to deal with and although it's not perfect and I'm still up a lot, it's much better.  Do what you feel is best-whether it's taking a Benadryl to fall asleep or taking a pain pill or two to be slightly comfortable

So do what you can to make sure you get some decent rest, whether it by sleep, or just lounging on the couch in your pjs with a good movie, enjoying some time pampering yourself (perhaps a soothing pedicure, hot bath, etc.), and endulge in some of your favorite treats (for me, a hot chocolate from Starbucks while listening to my favorite Christmas songs makes everything so much better.  Yes I know I'm weird but I'm a huge Christmas fan and listen to the music all year round and count down the days starting on 12/26)!! 

I agree with the hip being the hardest area to ease the pain from-very difficult to wrap, ice, elevate, etc.  But perhaps some moist heat via heating pad will help loosen up those tendons a bit and if that's too difficult to do, maybe even some Bengay or IcyHot cream that provides the heat w/out having to figure out a way to either lay on the heat or attach it to the hip.  IcyHot has worked for me in the past-it cools it which helps numb the pain and then the heat helps relax the muscles, tendons, etc.  Just a thought to try if nothing else seems to help!

We're here if needed...even if hundreds of miles away!  Here's hoping that things will start to improve from here on out!

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Post by: Lyndsey on August 05, 2010, 09:53:50 PM

You sure have hit the nail on the head with saying it's like a rollercoaster. My life lately has been one high speed roller coaster that spins me upsidedown and spins around! It sure is crazy what happens when you don't sleep enough. I took a half hour nap thisafternoon when I was so tired that I just shut down. So that gave me a little pick-me up. I wish I would have slept longer, but the phone rang and woke me up! Next time i'm taking the phone off the hook. Of course, once I was up I was up. I floated around in the pool for a while today, and that really helps to ease the pain some, weightless is a wonderful thing. :)

I think after experimenting a little today, sleep will come better with pain relief than with benadryl. I've been taking it the past couple of nights, and have had some sleep, but when I took a percocet today and was barely in any pain, that's when I found myself able to drift off. Of course, I do worry because it took away the physical pain, but it also made me forget about all the emotional pain too..... and I don't want to get addicted. I realize that it took me to a place where I wasn't an emotional basketcase worried about my friend, work, and my family..... but I didn't take it for that reason at all. I'm hoping that since I realize that and don't take it for that reason at all, I won't have to worry. It was so nice not to wince and do a little limp thing every time I take a step.

Now though, it has worn off and i'm back to wincing and stressing. I have to go to an Executive Board Meeting and Extension picnic tonight at 6 for my work. I really really really really really don't feel like putting on a happy face and pretending i'm not a mess for all my bosses, but alas, that's life and I have to do what I have to do. Being able to vent on here to all of you folks who understand keep me sane. You know what it's like to struggle with medication, pain, and daily life. It sure is hard sometimes..... I'm sure in time it will get better, but right now things sure are difficult. I don't even want to leave my bed, and yet here I am going to an evening meeting with a TON of people to talk to and make nice. Ugh..... I do love all the people I work with, so that's a huge plus. They understand that i'm sort of a mess, but yet I definitely want to stay professional and do my job and do it well.

Beth, IcyHot is my SAVIOR! I LOVE it! It doesn't take the pain away like a pill, but when I don't want to be fuzzy in the head, it dulls the stabbing feeling. I have found that the balm is the best way to go for me, because it's easy to apply and lasts for a decent amount of time.

Thanks guys for the support! It's been a rough couple of days. I wish I would have gotten on here sooner.... you all seem to know just the right things to say. It's just nice to talk to people who understand and don't judge me for taking a pill, or for being an emotional wreck.

Love you all!
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Post by: NickiAnn on August 08, 2010, 07:31:09 PM

Just wanted to check in and say hello.† Keep on doing anything you can to make yourself comfortable.† †Soak in the bath, float in the pool--heck, soak in a tub of Icy Hot if that's what it takes!

By the way, I was sorry to read that you are getting some hip pain in the groin area.† I had thought that your hip pain was confined to the outside of the hip where the IT band connects.† I hope that the groin pain subsides for you and it is just a passing pang.†

I have to say I love all the feel good ideas that everyone has put out there!† Music is definitely a great mood elevator, though I'm not sure if Christmas tunes would do it for me.† I think they would just make me think about how I should have started my Christmas shopping last month!

Keep sleep your number one priority.† Don't forget, the body heals while we sleep!† The brain does too, so sleep can truly reset our moods and emotions!


I'm so sorry that you are having the persistent pain on your side.† If I remember correctly, you do not yet have your hardware out?† Maybe that will make a difference.† That's got to be tough.† The hard thing with having achey hips is that the only thing that helps is being flat in bed, and really how realistic is it to spend much time flat out in bed?† Sitting makes it hurt, walking, stanidng, etc, etc... Hip pain is hard to escape.† I'm lucky that the very sharp pains I have are not continuous.† I feel them at random times!† Keeps life exciting!† All kidding aside, it would be very difficult to have constant, sharp hip pain.† Sounds like you have great coping mechanisms, though.

I can't offer much advice, just wanted to wish you more comfortable sitting!

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Post by: Lyndsey on August 08, 2010, 10:44:55 PM
Nicole, Thanks for checking in! I'm not doing too awful bad. All things considered, this I guess you could call it a flare up, hasn't gone away yet. I really need a day to totally shut down and recuperate. This weekend was crazy for me.... Yesterday was the Games horse show at the fairgrounds, and my friend that was killed was supposed to be the judge. It ended up they found someone else to do the timed events, but they needed a judge for the showmanship. They practically begged me, and considering the circumstances I really didn't feel like I could say no.

So yesterday I went out and judged 15 horses in showmanship. It wasn't too hard, but it was the fact that I didn't have Saturday to do nothing either. So I went and judged in the morning, (PS. Standing and walking around in a ring full of sand for an hour does NOTHING to alleviate the hip pain) then when I got home I had to help my sisters get their horses ready for the show that was today. I said around 7pm that I was done and went inside and watched TV on my computer for about 2 hours. Then I tried to get some sleep. So at 6:30 I got up and went to the horse show today. I just got home, thank heavens this one was an early ending one. I'm ready to drop again. I LOVE showing, and being there all day with the people and training my sisters, but my hip just HATES it.

I ended up taking percocet yesterday and today, just to get through the day and continue functioning. I hate to take it, especially 2 days in a row, but it sure takes away the pain. It's so nice not to hurt. BUT, the problem is, now that it's worn off and i'm back at home, it hurts 10 times worse than it did before I took the pill. I think when I take it, I don't feel the pain and I don't limp, I walk normal, and I walk more than I probably should. Then by using all those muscles and letting my tendon snap even more than usual, when it wears off i'm in pretty bad pain. So then I end up like I am now....... Sitting here with my laptop, posting and whining on KG to all of you guys!

On the positive side, the past 2 nights I have had benadryl free sleep! It's nice to wake up and not feel groggy! Emotionally, I feel like i'm in a much better place than I was 2 days ago. I've come to terms with my friends passing away, and although it still hurts, I am not dwelling on it anymore. It seemed like for that first 5 or so days all I could think about was him and the accident and everything else.... I couldn't focus on work or anything.... and that's when sleep was hard as well. So now i'm feeling much better on that regard! I wanted to thank you guys that responded, because emotionally I was a wreck, and you guys all helped keep everything in perspective.

Now if I could only get rid of the hip pain! I think the stress and all the activity i've been doing has set it off big time. I just can't seem to kick it! I hate taking the pain meds, but since my appointment with Dr. T on July 14th i've taken 7 percocets, and probably 5 of them have been within the last week. I guess my question to you guys is, is that bad? I don't think it's too bad, but I have definitely been suffering not taking them. But I don't want to take more, just because I hear about people getting addicted and loosing their jobs, and all kinds of other bad stories. I really really really don't want that to be me. The last week i've just totally given in to the pain, and given in to taking the meds. I'm such a happier person when i'm not in pain. That's been getting too me to. Because i've been really snapping at people lately, and been on a really short fuse. But I really blame that on the pain. I've just been miserable....

 When I woke up today, my hip was hurting already, and I had to go out and load the horses to go to the show. I was in pain and just woke up. It seems to be even worse in the morning and at night. But anyways, I went outside and was extra grumpy because I was hurting, and my sister kept doing stupid things that were making me angry. So I yelled at her and we were bickering some.... then I did load the horses.... but I didn't want to walk to the stalls to get them out. I was willing to load em, but I didn't want to go get them. I told mom that....... and I told her my hip was killing me. THEN, I got the response that I HATE to hear-----the "I know Lyndsey, you tell me that often enough." and then she pretty much told me to go get them anyways. THAT drives me CRAZY! She can't imagine how much it stinking hurts, every stinking step. I'd much rather have to hear someone complain about pain, than have to be in it all the time! I guess that's why I come here, because you guys don't tell me, "We know Lyndsey, you tell us about your problems all the time." You just read it and make a supportive comment and I feel better! I guess that's what I was looking for from mom, and it didn't happen thismorning....

Ugh......I did it again and posted a big long story! I don't know about you guys, but once I start typing I can't seem to stop! There's so much I want to say, and get off my chest.... and you guys always have pretty sound advice.
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Post by: Becs3740 on August 09, 2010, 12:24:12 AM
Hi Lyndsey,

Im so sorry to hear about the rough time that you have been having lately.

Sorry that you are in so much pain with your hip. Did you have hip pain before you had the surgery? I have had the same surgery as you and before it my hip pain was really bad every time I took a step forward or lifted my leg it felt like my hip popped out then back in again. When I told my consultant this he said that it was popping out and in again. After I had the surgery the popping stopped. The pain was still there but not as bad as it was. Then it kept getting worse and now pops again.

I understand how you feel with the pain meds. I have not been sleeping very well after hardware removal and knee surgery that i had over two months ago. I don't seem to have much trouble getting to sleep its just staying asleep. I really try not to take any medication now because I have been taking it nearly everyday for over the past year but now doctors and physio are moaning because they are saying that if you don't keep the pain under control then the muscles won't work as much.

When I read the last bit about your mum it made me sigh with relief that its not just my mum that says things like that. When ever I mention to her that I am in pain she just tuts and says that its all she ever hears. She always moans at me every time I ask her to get me some food when she goes shopping but she knows that it is too far for me to walk there and back. I just wish she would understand. Going through all this pain makes you feel so lonely at times.

Sorry this post has turned into me having a huge rant on here. I haven't been on here in ages and its all coming out.

I hope the pain starts settling down for you. Make sure you find some time for yourself to rest and relax.

Take care
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Post by: Lyndsey on August 09, 2010, 12:45:54 AM

First off, don't be sorry! Secondly, you did not have a huge rant.... I had a huge rant. I think you're post isn't even half the size of mine, so don't feel bad!

I actually didn't have much pain at all in my hips before surgery, it was all in my knees. Now, I have pretty much no knee pain at all, which is wonderful, but my left hip has really been causing me problems. I had my hardware removed in December, and it didn't do anything to help with the pain at all. I hate that the pain is in my hip, because as somebody said on here earlier, it's almost impossible to wrap and elevate.

Don't get me wrong, I love my mom, and she is very supportive of me and everything i've been through, but you put it perfectly..... she just doesn't understand. I don't think anyone who doesn't have the problems we do does understand. I agree, that sometimes you feel all alone, that's how I was feeling last week after my hip has been bothering me more than usual, and my friend passed away. That's when I got on here and just talked to people, and then I don't feel so alone. So i'm going to tell you what everyone tells me, you're not alone in this, and the board is here as a sounding board when you do get frustrated with you mom, or your situation in general.

You've been on meds for a year? I think that's something that has me worried, I don't want to become addicted, but it helps SO much for the pain..... I don't know what I should do.
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Post by: Becs3740 on August 09, 2010, 07:34:04 AM

Yep pain meds for over a year. I wasn't happy with it but because my knee was so bad after the first surgery that was the only way to help get through each day. I was very concerned about becoming addicted so days when I was at home all day I used to not take anything. My doctors encouraged taking them everyday because it was the only thing that took some of the pain away. Now I have had the surgery on my knee I very rarely take any medication. I got told to slowly come off the pain meds because I had been on them for so long but I just stopped taking them and was fine.

Latise, Sorry to hear that your hip has been causing you pain lately. I have to say that getting the hardware removed was the best thing I could have done. I still have pain in the hip joint and this hasn't improved since having the hardware removed but the pain and discomfort in the plate area has now gone. But I don understand that everyone is different and that you are worried about having it done and it not being any different after. I was meant to decide if I wanted it out after a year but my consultant just booked me in to take it out the same time that they did the surgery on my knee.

Right must finish getting ready for work now as I'm running late and yes I'm finally back at work after being signed off for over 6 months. Although I'm only allowed to work 4 hours a day 2 days a week for the first 2 months. I know it doesn't sound a lot but its actually a 7 and a half hour day from leaving in the morning to getting home. Its the travelling that is making it hard for me but a little bit at a time and I'm sure I will get there.

Take care
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Post by: crankerchick on August 09, 2010, 01:48:56 PM
Hey everyone!

Lyndsey: I'm glad to read you have come to terms with the events of last week. That's a start! My gut feeling about the pain killers is that taking them for a few days or even weeks is not going to result in dependency, but what do I know. I think you should do what you need to do to get some pain relief.

Becks: It's great to see an update from you. Cool that you are back to work, even if only in a reduced capacity. That is steps in the right direction. I know exactly what you mean about sleeping, as that is what I have been going through for pretty much 9 months now! I sleep fine for a few hours, then it's just tossing and turning and wincing the rest of the night. I call it my 5 hour version of the 8 hour nap.

My update:
So here's my update. I'm getting the hardware out! After talking with the doc, he still thinks it should come out. And, bless his heart, he says I don't have to wait till October either, so I'm calling to schedule it today. I'm all in. I hope I get to keep the metal, that would be cool. If I can no longer gross people out by letting them feel it in my leg, at least I can gross them out by letting them see what used to be inside me LOL.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on August 09, 2010, 06:39:54 PM
Latise, Yay for getting the hardware out! I think that's a decision you probably won't regret. That's AWESOME you don't have to wait until October! With my right side, taking the hardware out was enough to cause the pain to go away completely. I just wasn't so lucky with the left. Hopefully you'll be one of the lucky ones!

That's what I thought about the painkillers as well. I'm going to be careful, but I want to be in less pain. Once the fair is over, then i'll be able to get off my feet some and my activity and stress level will drop at least 60%. I can't wait! That's August 30th, so if I can stick it out until then, and take the meds to help me out, then I should be okay until surgery.

That's great you had good results wtih your hardware removal. It sounds like you're kind of in the same boat as me though... which isn't good. As much pain as i'm still in, i'm glad the hardware is out. It got better there for a while, then seemed to get worse again with the left.

I bet they will let you keep your metal! Becks, do you still have yours? I still have mine, although i'm missing one screw from the left side. He dropped it in the OR and didn't look for it to give it to me. I'm kind of sad i'm missing one! Haha, it's just like in life, I have a few screws loose, but some are just missing completely!  ;D

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Post by: Becs3740 on August 09, 2010, 10:21:29 PM

Yay Latise for getting the hardware removed early. I didn't even think about asking to keep it. I was so focused on my knee and getting that sorted that I kept forgetting that the hardware was being removed. When I woke up after the operation it took me a while to realise why I had pain in that area. lol.

I haven't been on here in ages. I did start a diary after my last op but never kept it going as every time I went to write a post it was just me moaning and making me feel more down so I stopped. Also it doesn't seem like much has improved over the last month. Yes im back at work but every time I try to walk a bit further or try to have a more 'normal' day a work im just in so much pain after then progress seems to go a step backwards for a few days. Im just getting so frustrated now as im not even trying to do a lot just trying to get my life back to normal again like going to get my food shopping and actually being able to do the job I am getting paid to do.

Sorry this was meant to be a moan free post from me. Hope you have all had a good day and the pain hasn't been too bad.


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Post by: Teacher2Many on August 13, 2010, 09:36:45 PM
Okay since most of the fellow 'twistees' check this thread the most, figured I'd post here.  I have a quick question for everyone that's had these wonderful derotational osteotomies soon did you guys return to work and to what kind of work did you go back to?  I'm just trying to get a better grip as to whether or not I can return to work teaching preschoolers with moderate to severe disabilities when the school year starts (official first day back to work is 9/2 with 9/2 and 9/3 being a day full of meetings requiring 6 hrs. of sitting per day-oye vie!).  I am hoping that I can be back with my kiddos for the start of the new school year but am wondering if that's even a realistic approach right now. 

Just curious to see what everyone else's recovery time was re: when they returned to work and what kind of work they did (official job, labor, etc.).


Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on August 16, 2010, 05:43:55 PM
Indeed, hooray for hardware removal! Boo on surgery, but yay for less pain! I'm waiting to hear on the date for the removal, but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

So here's a rehab update. I have been faithfully following the rehab plan that the trainer in Houston mapped out for me, with additions and changes of course as time progresses and strength increases. Friday I took stock of my improvements on the jogging/running front. I'm jogging a lot more fluidly than I was last month and for a bit longer distance before the hip pain gets the best of me and the bad limp sets in. I think I still limp when I jog, but it seems a lot better.

As far as running, I have been doing "sprints" on the long walkway in front of my gym on plyometrics days. On Friday I realized I was finally able to actually push off and get into a bit of a real sprint, so that was a welcome realization. I think it's time to start timing myself since I am actually sort of sprinting now. If I push myself really hard, it hurts a ton, but at least I can do it. Progress!

Running, like on the treadmill, is still pretty limpy, but even still much improved since my last assessment of my progress and immensely better than at 6 months post-op in Houston when I tried to run for the trainer and pretty much fell flat on my face.

I have been battling shin splints since I started jumping rope last month. It's fine if I jump at a slower pace and not for longer than about 30 seconds for a set. But much longer or faster than that and both shins feel like crap. I've always battled shin splints, so while I'm not surprised to see them, I am in some strange way happy to see them simply because it means I'm getting strong enough to do things that actually bring them on. 2 months ago, if I tried to jog, my hip and tibia hurt long before shin splints were a thought. Now I have progressed to the point where I can do things like run/jog/jump at a fast enough pace and for long enough to actually make something hurt other than my surgery ouchies.

As far as everything else, just lots of single leg exercises, balancing, stairs (now 2 stairs at a time for all 20 floors), lifting, squats, cardio and stretching. My strength continues to slowly improve. The pain, not so much, but hopefully with the hardware removal even that will get better.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on August 16, 2010, 06:45:31 PM
Great to hear you're getting stronger!!!  ;D That's awesome news, and i'm so happy for you! Even if the pain is still there, this is a good update! Like you said, hopefully the hardware removal will take care of the pain. Jogging and running, sprinting!!! WOW! Way to go!

I started therapy on Friday and went for the second time thismorning. Dr. T doesn't really prescribe PT, but I told his PA that the pain in my hip from the tendon snapping and the bone has just been too much, and since he can't operate til the end of october, I needed to do something to see if I can help to control the pain. I can't believe how weak I am! I can barely hold my weight on my left leg! I have alot of muscle to build. I'm going 3 days a week, so far it's just been painful, but usually at the beginning it is. You're update is inspiration for sure!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on August 17, 2010, 05:34:46 AM
Thanks Lyndsey :-)
This is definitely a good update, one I'm happy to post. It's tough sometimes because I always feel like I should be doing better than I am, and doing more than I am. It's nice to have these moments where I realize and recognize how far I've come, instead of dwelling on how far I still have to go or how long it has taken me to get where I am. I'm my own worst critic!

Glad to read you are doing PT. I hope it gives you some relief until you can have your surgery. For me, working out might hurt, but so does sitting still and getting tight LOL. And I know I'm not helping my leg get better unless I work it. Working out really helps the mind too. Its a good way to relieve stress. And after injury/surgery, its a good way to feel active in your recovery. Plus, the PT will help you be stronger going into surgery too which will help with the recovery. Hopefully they are stretching you good, that is really important and something my PT was overlooking.

It's true it does hurt in the beginning (maybe the middle and the end too LOL ) but its worth it. There's a lot to be gained from exercising besides just strength.

I was never a gym rat until a few years ago. Now it is like a part of normal day it just feels wrong not to go to the gym. It has been way too hot to mountain bike anyway lately, so the gym it. Thankfully I have a lot of help in coming up with exercises and things to do to change it up.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on August 17, 2010, 07:32:38 PM
Hey folks. Wow, so it's real! :o I've got my date for my hardware removal. 8/31 I will lose my bionic woman status!

My doc's nurse emailed me with my surgery date a little while ago. For a minute I thought I was going to have to change the date because I wasn't able to get a pre-op appointment with my GP until next wednesday which would be too late for some of the test results. But *sigh* perseverance always beats resistance! After poking and prodding I got a nurse in the GP's office on the phone and she got me a date for the pre-op for tomorrow so all should be good. Huzzah!

So cheers! Here's to hardware removal and improvement on the pain and snapping!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Teacher2Many on August 18, 2010, 06:56:48 PM
That is awesome news indeed and hooray for getting the pre-op stuff done with the GP!  Is it going to be an inpatient or outpatient procedure?  Are they removing both the femoral and tibial plate and the screws from the TTT or just the femoral plate?  Am hoping it provides some relief with the hip issues and that the surgery proves to be a success!

Sounds like you are doing great with rehab...running, WOW!!!!   ;D  Honestly can't remember the last time I was able to actually run, aside from a little bit with my kiddos when we take them in the gym or playground.  I did try to get some jogging in prior to surgery and think tops, I was able to jog for about 30 seconds before the immense pain kicked in and the feeling that the leg was going to buckle.  Hopefully though, now that things are nicely aligned, that won't be an issue (or at least not after the other side is done)!  Something to look forward to indeed!

Congrats to you indeed~sounds like all your hard work is paying off!!!!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on August 18, 2010, 09:16:09 PM
Hi Beth!

I'm getting all the hardware out, so both plates and all 15 screws. It is going to be outpatient with a 2 night stay in TX. Not sure if they plan on having me see the PT while I'm out there, but I sure would like to, so I will have to make that happen.

I so hope this resolves the hip pain and the snapping along with the medial tibia pain with bending the knee. Any improvements are welcomed! I am confident it will help.

I hope you too are able to run once both legs are aligned. I have never really liked running, it was more of a necessity for playing sports than something I actually liked. But as they say, you never care much about some things until you can't do them. Now I'm pretty much determined to do it LOL. When I go to the basketball court to shoot around I watch the pickup games. I just can't wait to join in again. And one day I will!

I went for my preop today and it was actually the first time I've seen my GP sincemy preop last year, so I showed him my scars and xrays and he was just speechless. He couldn't believe the amount of work I had done at one time and he was very impressed with how things looked. He had me showing all the people in the office. He couldn't believe I was riding the stationary bike at 6 days post op either. Although my "running" isn't explosive, he said it qualifies as running for sure.

I guess I'm doing a lot better then I give myself credit for.

I think my GP learned a little something from me, because he said if he ever sees another patient with knees that point in or legs that look funny, he now knows to send them to Dr. Mark Sanders at the Sanders Clinic.

So now that I've got the preop done, nothing left but to book my travel and figure out how I'm going to see Texas Stadium this time around.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Snowy on August 19, 2010, 09:30:18 AM
Woot! I'm sorry there's no option except more surgery, but really glad for you that the hardware is on its way out. A skiing buddy of mine who had some exceptional hardware installed turned hers into a windchime after it was removed, which struck me as a particularly fine use for redundant orthopedic devices.

I'm like you in that I hate running, but I'm actually kind of excited about doing it as part of my rehab because it means I'll really be on the road to recovery. It's still a long way off right now, though.

Good luck squared - will be keeping fingers tightly crossed that all goes well for you.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on August 19, 2010, 05:03:27 PM
That's great news! I'm so glad you will be on your way to feeling better. I really do think that hardware removal will help! It may not take away all the pain, but I sure felt better without all that metal in me! I'm keeping you in my prayers! The snapping is awful, and I hope it's your plate that's causing it!

I've been going to PT and my PT isn't sure it's the tendon that's causing the snapping. I don't know though... he says it's so loose it's not even funny! And that shouldn't cause snapping. He thinks maybe it's in the actual joint, or other tendons around the area.... who knows. I guess we'll find out when he goes in in October and checks things out!

Good luck!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on August 19, 2010, 09:03:28 PM
Thanks Lyndsey and Snowy. Indeed, another surgery does suck but like you guys said, hopefully it will make things improved, if not all the way better once I'm all healed up from it.

Lyndsey, sorry the PT isn't helping with the snapping, but at least you are finding some relief from the other pain whlie you there. 3 visits isn't much, so hopefully with more treatment it will have more of an effect for you. Plus, the strengthening will be good for going into surgery.

So I'm going to Cowboys Stadium this time! I was considering doing it after the surgery, but was soon reminded that this is still surgery and I need to take it easy, so I'll spring for the extra night in TX and do it before. I guess in my mind I just don't want this to be a big deal. The thought of hitting reset on rehab already makes me want to bash my head into a wall, so at least if I pretend it's not a big deal I will have some peace of mind. But *sigh* it is what it is. Eventually the leg will be great, I just have to put in the work to get there. It will be worth it in the end. Anything worth having is worth working for.

They are going to get me into PT before I come home, which is good because I don't plan on doing PT at home unless I have to. I am confident I can do it on my own this time with the help of my trainer here at home and the guys in TX. I'm sure the staff at the clinic will be happy when they are done dealing with me though. I can be a pain in the ass with all my questions. But they are awesome, they field all my questions and work things out great. I couldn't ask for a better doctor or clinic to deal with.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on August 20, 2010, 04:30:52 PM
Here's a recent tweet for those of you needing some motivation:

You can't half ass and expect great results. You get out what you put in. #truth

That was tweeted by Shawne Merriman (OLB, San Diego Chargers).
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Post by: crankerchick on August 21, 2010, 01:49:08 AM
So here I go replying to my own posts, but it seems fitting to share this milestone since I am exactly 10 months post-op today.

Today I did my normal friday after work workout session. I went to the basketball court to shoot around and do a bunch of layups to work on jumping off and landing on the surgery leg. I was pleasantly pleased to find I was running after the ball a lot better today. Once done, I headed over to the gym for some more strengthening stuff and then cardio. When I was done, time for the normal stretching of the hip, calf, hamstring, quad and knee.

So wouldn't you know, while doing the cannonball my knee finally bent, on it's own, the same amount as the other knee. This probably isn't a huge milestone for some, or probably one they attain long before now, but for me it is huge. I've been doing this gawd-awful stretch everyday, multiple times a day, since I opened my eyes from surgery on Oct 20, 2009 and never once has it bent all the way without me forcing it. I have had full range of motion in this leg as far as heel-to-rump on my stomach for a while now, but still that cannonball I was missing a few degrees of ROM as compared to the other leg when I just bent it and relaxed and let gravity do the work.

Today that is no more.

I could not believe it. I was chatting with a very special friend and I looked down at my leg and I was like, wow it's bending a lot. So I brought the other leg up and almost crapped my pants I was so surprised to see them bent the same amount. I was grinning ear to ear. So now I must always stretch and chat to my friend at the same time. My leg apparently likes her very much. As it should. She played a big role in getting it straightened out.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on August 25, 2010, 04:38:54 PM
Only a couple more days till I leave for TX!

I've been doing "fitness tests" so I know where I am before I get chopped up again. I went all in on layups, dribbling drills, and defense position drills at the court on Sunday, as these are the basketball activities that are the hardest and most painful. Monday I did the heaviest weights I could lift for my weight training session at the most reps I could muster. Yesterday for plyometrics my hip was killing me and I wasn't really able to run, but I did my single leg balancing and squatting activities to my limit along with the normal jumping stuff and the stairs. The three screws on the front of my leg felt like they were literally going to bust out of the front of my shin LOL. Still sore today. Basically I took the rehab plan and put in overdrive. It's good, I know where I stand in terms of what I can do and how much it hurts to do it LOL. I would still like to time my "sprints" but yesterday running was out, maybe tomorrow.

Took my bike out yesterday for some trail fun after the plyometrics. I haven't rode in a few weeks, but in general I've been riding a lot less tentative now since when I first started. My leg don't like all the impact, but that's nothing new. It's beautiful out today so I'm gonna try to get in one last ride.

I'm pretty excited about the trip and all the things I'm going to do while in TX that I almost am not even thinking about the surgery itself. I highly recommend planning lots of fun things to do right before a surgery--it helps take your mind of the surgery itself. Of course, when I'm in the gym or at home stretching, that is when I think about all the progress I've made in these 10 months and I'm not really looking forward to the setback of surgery. But :sigh: it is what it is, it's for the best. I'm certainly tired of the snapping and pain and irritation and the restless sleepless nights, so the rehab setback is a small price to pay. The bigger picture is promising!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: mtltwisty on August 25, 2010, 05:19:40 PM
Hi All,

I'm new to this site and suffer from femoral anteversion. I live in Montreal, Canada and was wondering if you have any OS to refer me to in Canada. Dr Teitge was mentioned several times on this forum but I was wondering if you can give me contact information for other top rotation DRs in North America.

Thank you in advance,

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on August 25, 2010, 05:46:54 PM
Hi Mtltwisty, welcome to KG.

I'm sorry I don't know any doctors in Canada, but I will PM you with the list of the doctors that I know of in the US. Sorry to read you are twisted too, but welcome to the club! Best of luck to you.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: mtltwisty on August 25, 2010, 06:41:41 PM
Thank you...
Also, I read on several posts reference to Dr Teitge's "famous article". Do you know where I can get a copy of this article?
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on August 25, 2010, 06:45:37 PM

I will take care of you.

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Teacher2Many on August 26, 2010, 01:57:04 AM

Less than a week to go until you are officially free of all metal!!!  How exciting for you indeed, and even more exciting if it helps alleviate the pain and issues as well!  Am sending you well wishes now as I returned to work and grad school this week so my free time is limited and didn't want to forget to send warm wishes your way!  Hope that this surgery doesn't set you too far back re: your recovery but it sounds like your strength is coming along nicely so that should definitely help get you up and running that much faster.  Have fun at the Dallas stadium-not a sports fan at all (hate how much they get paid when the education system is suffering so much but I guess that's the teacher in me) but my brother and nephew are huge Dallas fans and I know they are eager for the official season to start!

Can't wait to hear how it goes and if it provides the relief you are hoping for!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on August 26, 2010, 02:35:44 PM
Thanks Beth, I appreciate the well wishes. And hooray to your brother and nephew, let's go Cowboys!!! I hope work and school are going well for you, that is a lot to take on, but we do what we've got to do!

So my only update is that I'll probably be a late-morning surgery so I get to starve all morning waiting for my turn LOL. I told the nurse I'm gonna go to Sonic at 11:30 Monday night and load up since I can't eat after midnight. I don't envy my mother-in-law. She's going to have to deal with me Tuesday morning and I'm a mean person when I'm hungry! I'm going to have find something to occupy my time that morning. I'm thinking the hotel fitness center. It's either that or instant message my husband all morning complaining about being hungry.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: slmac on August 27, 2010, 12:47:11 AM
I'm officially very jealous of you right now. You get to be metal free!!! That is so great. My doc knows I want my screws out, but is making me wait. It might be a while for me because if I wait to next year I wont be able to afford the procedure. hmmm.. I hope everything goes well and that you heal swiftly from your metal removal. It sounds like you are doing terrific! Keep it up.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on August 27, 2010, 02:21:01 PM
Hi Sandy! I hope you are doing well, you are almost 1-year post-op! Hmm, I'm getting chopped up, probably back on crutches, and getting set up the bomb in my rehab. Totally nothing to be jealous of! I'm jealous of the folks who get all this metal in them and don't even know it is there! Thanks for the well wishes and I hope you are able to convince your doctor to remove your screws before the end of the year!

So, I haven't much to update. I'm shipping out tomorrow for TX. I'm already missing my hubby and I haven't even left him yet. But at least this time it's only for 1 week, not 6!

I had my last workout in my gym yesterday, so I tried to make it memorable. Judging by the way my whole body feels today, I'm pretty sure I succeeded. I also got in one last ride on the mountain bike. I decided if there was a time to break myself up, now is it, so I left my little easy beginner trail, skipped the intermediate trail I was riding before surgery, and went straight to the hard one. This trail is mostly advanced, but it is in a big state park so there are parts one can stick to that aren't so bad. I've only rode there twice (both before surgery) and both times were epic fails, so needless to say I was a little worried. So, yeah, LOL, it was another epic fail. There were many parts I had to get off and walk, many times where my leg just felt awful trying to maneuver things, and I did crash once. The crash was at low speed though and I fell on the good side not the surgery one. As for my riding ability, well, I had fun but let's just say I'm not quite an advanced MTBer just yet LOL. But I didn't die, so that's good, and my leg sort of held up. Looking forward to the day when it doesn't bother me at all!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: NickiAnn on August 28, 2010, 02:59:29 PM
Good luck to you on the hardware removal!  I hope that the surgery is uneventful and your recovery quick.  The mountain biking sounds fun.  I think you have the right idea to live it up!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on August 31, 2010, 07:37:14 AM
Well, my first 3 days in TX were a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Best time ever! And with the added bonus of keeping my mind off surgery and now I'm too tired to think about it. I'd rather reflect on where I've come from, where I've been, and where I'm going.

Now I'm onto the back 3 days of my time here, the part where I get cut on and cut up and unscrewed and "de-bionic-womaned" (I'm allowed to make up words if I want to). I'm to show up at the hospital at 8:30am. Maybe I won't die of starvation after all.

I did all standard operating procedures today at the clinic with pre-op interview and x-rays and everything. I was fortunate enough to have had all this done in the morning instead of the afternoon, as originally scheduled (Sanders Clinic for the win!). Freed up my afternoon to get to the stadium and also take care of things I needed to do without having to do a ton of driving back and forth. Considering I was running on 3 hours of sleep, that was even more of a blessing.

So nothing left to do now but to giterdone. I like saying giterdone. I'm not sure why, maybe I've been in TX too long.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: WorkinWings on August 31, 2010, 01:42:20 PM
I'd rather reflect on where I've come from, where I've been, and where I'm going.
That's the spirit!† ;D
Thinking of you: first starved, then unscrewed....niiiiice!
You're in the best of hands. You know that Dr Sanders will definitely giterdone, and giterdone GOOD!
Can't wait to see your post-bionic-woman-but-ever-the-wonder-woman reports from the other side.
All the best,
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on August 31, 2010, 03:56:10 PM

Thanks chica. You are definitely right, I'm in good hands. The best! I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for the well wishes!

Apparently I'm quite the trouble maker. My legs are two different sizes and so we had to spend some time finding the right size and length TED hose. I'm so special I get to have 2 different sizes for my two legs. Last time was a bit of an ordeal finding the right length too LOL. I guess not too many 6'2" women come through here. My IV is flowing and I'm just waiting for my turn to go back.

In a few hours I'll be one step closer to pain free. It will just be all about doing my part to regain and improve my strength and flexibility. I'm closer to the end than the beginning, that is for sure. Nothing left to do but visualize success and then go get it.

Rock on folks, catch ya on the other side.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Snowy on August 31, 2010, 05:03:11 PM
Best of luck! I hope it gits done quickly and well and you're not in too much discomfort afterwards. If a positive attitude going in is any kind of marker for recovery, you'll do great. Will be sending you good thoughts today and look forward to hearing from you once you're on the other side. :)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on September 01, 2010, 02:31:34 AM
Aug 31, 2010
Hardware Removal and arthroscopy
Day 0

Well folks, the deed is done. The hardware is out! I was taken to the OR around 1115 and I believe the surgery lasted for 2 hours, but I'm not certain. It's kind of hard to keep time when under sedation.

I was supposed to have spinal anesthesia but somehow ended up having general instead, so my throat is pretty scratchy and sore from the breathing tube.

The immediate post-op pain was unreal. Nothing like my previous experience. I believe I rated the pain 7/10 but that was being generous. My doctor's nurse was pretty mad that the anesthetist did not give me the spinal as indicated. THey had to give me some IV meds to get it under control. They have also made me stay the night.

I've been up and down the hallway with crutches. I'm WBAT. I've been doing straight leg raises (yes I can lift my leg!) and leg extensions and cannonballs every hour.

THe removal went well and my knee looked good. My patella cartilage is in good shape. Falling asleep now, but that's my update.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Snowy on September 01, 2010, 03:34:38 AM
Great news that the deed is done, but sorry to hear about the post-op pain. I hope that settles down overnight and you're feeling better by the morning.

Will you get the hardware to keep afterwards? I believe normally it gets disposed of as medical waste, but I do know one skier who kept the rod from her shattered tibia and made it into the centrepiece of a rather fetching windchime. ;)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Alyce on September 01, 2010, 07:21:37 PM
Hi Crankerchick,

I am so sorry that your pain was not managed properly.† I can't imagine it being worse than the initial surgery.† I'll be sending healing thoughts your way, and just know that you'll be bowling 300 soon!

Best Wishes,

P.S. I'm definitely keeping my hardware once it's removed in November.† I'm framing it with a card with the Churchill quote,"Never, never, never give up."
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on September 01, 2010, 07:25:32 PM
I'm so happy for you! Metal free is the way to be! I can't believe they didn't give you a spinal! That's pretty crazy, i'm sorry you were in so much pain afterward. I can't even imagine what the pain would be like waking up without an epidural. They had given me the choice between an epidural and general, and I chose the epidural. I'm glad I did!

Hopefully you'll continue to heal! I wish you a speedy recovery and all the best! Keep us posted!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on September 01, 2010, 08:33:45 PM
Thanks for the well wishes folks. Nice to sign in and see them.

So yeah, my doctor's nurse was pissed about the anesthesiologist not following the orders to give me a spinal. I could tell when I woke up with the scratchy throat that I had been on the receiving end of a breathing tube. It was rough, but some IV morphine qnd some physical therapy got it under control. PT showed up in my room as soon as they got me in there and got me up on the crutches and then doing the cannon balls and straight leg raises. I felt a ton better after that and had an uneventful night of dozing on and off and exercising. I took a few more trips down the hallway throughout the night.

Today I worked with PT again and then got showered up and then was finally released. That hospital was trying to hold me prisoner! I had to let them know that I had been released by Dr. Sanders and they needed to let me go! I had to stop in the clinic for xrays. Finally heading to the room now after we pick up my prescsription.

I'm headed home tomorrow. 3 hour plane ride, should be tons of fun. I've got all my exercises to do and will start on the bike probably Friday. I'm getting around on the crutches fine. I'm putting all my weight down and mostly just using them for balance. My ROM is 125 and holding. I'm so amped that I can lift my leg. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to.

I already started rolling back the pain meds. I spread them out over 6-8 hours and took only 1 throughout the night. I have only had 1 today at the insistence of the nurse and my mother in law. It hurts but that is to be expected. I don't feel like the dope is helping so I don't want to take it.

Hope you all are having good knee days!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on September 03, 2010, 04:34:51 AM
So it's post-op day 2 and I'm home from TX. It was a long day. My mother-in-law's flight left an hour before mine so I had I had to sit in the airport for 2.5 hours and then endure the the 3 hour flight home. The flight was delayed 15 minutes once we were on board too.

Sitting in the terminal was the worse. I had some ice, but no real way to elevate the leg. I used my backpack but it wasn't really high enough. I flew first class, so that helped with leg room and overall comfort. But the seat still dug into my side, causing some real pain on the femoral incision. I'm more swollen now, but whatever. I knew the flight would suck, it's a given. Just glad to be home now. Hooked up to the cryocuff and elevating with nothing but air under the knee.

It will feel good to sleep in my bed tonight. I was dying in the hotel bed. Crappy pillows.

I believe I can tell a difference in having the hardware out. It's hard to gauge right now, when everything hurts, but so far things seem better.

So my time in TX is over. I have to say, it was a blast, like totally the best time ever. Up until surgery, that is. But even that was for a good reason, and I couldn't have a better doctor or clinic taking care of me.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Snowy on September 03, 2010, 06:44:38 AM
So glad to hear that you're home! It sounds like all is going as well as it possibly could at this point. I have to admit I'm very impressed that you even attempted the flight so soon after surgery; I'm sure it wasn't fun at all.

Take care, and heal up well. :)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lottiefox on September 03, 2010, 07:59:50 AM
Great to hear that you're home, I can only imagine that wait in the terminal and then the flight were....nasty....but all for a good cause and now you're hardware free the gains will just keep coming.

Take care, chuffed you're doing so well!  ;) ;D

Lottie xx
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on September 04, 2010, 07:10:47 PM
Thanks Snowy and Lottie. Yes, that flight was pretty crappy. But I had a few things going my way during the flight to make it a little bit more tolerable. I was a bit surprised my doctor said I could fly home 2-days post-op. Last time I had to stay for a week. After the pain I was in immediately post-op, he had the "we'll see" look on his face. Glad he still let me go, it feels great to be home.

Chuffed, LOL, hooray! ;D

Day 4 post-op hardware removal

I just got back from my first trip to the gym since the hardware removal. It's always funny to see the looks on people's faces someone crutches into the gym wearing TED stockings and all bandaged up and then hops on a bike and rides. It's priceless. I once had a lady tell me seeing me in the gym on crutches made her feel like she had no excuse not to come in and work out.

I'm not a fan of the stationary bike at all, but I must say that was a most welcomed bike ride. I skipped the geriatric grandma recumbent and went straight for the upright. The first revolution was as tough as one would imagine But I got it around and it only took a few more revolutions and I was going. I ramped up the resistance and RPMs slowly until I got to my target heart rate.

The knee responded right away and loosened up nicely. Lots of creaking and cracking and popping. The thigh and the shin, well they no likey the bikey as much but oh well. Can't say it didn't hurt to ride, but it also felt good too.

After the bike I just did some stretching, core exercises on the ball, and some hip range of motion and glute activation exercises. One of them was always pretty painful to do for both the hip and and the medial part of the knee. The hip because of the snapping and the knee because of the screws. But hooray, I didn't feel that old pain today. Of course, a ton of other stuff hurt LOL but the hardware removal seemed to get rid of the old pain. I'm feeling pretty good about this removal. So far I can tell a difference for the better. I shall see for sure when I can do more.

My knee felt like jello when I finished, and is kind of achy now. My thigh is still feeling like it has been violently assaulted, but my shin and the muscle down the front of the leg (tibialis anterior??) is a bit looser now. I can almost pump my ankle through the full range of motion without pain. Right after the surgery, my shin was so sore, ankle pumps were not happening.

So that's it. Tomorrow, back at it for more biking. Everyday. Bike. For 1 hour. Yes! Fun! Did i mention I just looooove the stationary bike?
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lottiefox on September 04, 2010, 07:55:15 PM
Yay!!! Oh how I WISH you came to my gym in your TEDs, on crutches and pedalled for an hour.....I'd love it!!  ;D

Good news on the reducing pain in the troublesome hardware sites. Whats the rehab protocol for post hardware removal? is it a case of on with what you've been doing or do you have some restrictions for a while? It must be great to think that this is it now...the leg doesn't have any nasties in it and can just get stronger....

Oh, BTW..have you thought of trying the bike? I think you'd like it.... :P ;)

Just make sure it isn't a dream bike....

Lottie xx
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on September 04, 2010, 08:20:42 PM
LOL nice find Lottie! I love icanhascheezburger.

I have to take it easy for a few weeks. Removing the screws weakens the bone as it leaves behind holes that need to fill in. I had 15 screws removed--8 from the tibia and 7 from the femur, 4 of which were taken from long part of the femur. So I do have some restrictions for a while, as my doctor wants me to be mindful of the weakness of the bone as the holes fill in.

I'll be riding the bike everyday just like after the last surgery, and doing the exercises I got from the physical therapist. Not sure when I'll be allowed to start back on the weight machines and things, but I'm sure plyometrics and more impact stuff will be restricted for 6 weeks. Since I'm not going to do formal PT this time, I plan on just taking it a few days at a time and just communicating with my doc and/or his people on what I can do as I go.

It feels weird not to be working out though, I gotta say. This time last week I was jumping around, going up and down 20 floors of stairs, and shooting baskets. But I have a good feeling that when i get back to those things this time, I'll be able to do them pain-free!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Turtlebug on September 06, 2010, 01:56:02 AM
Oh, how I hate the "grandma geriatric recumbent" bike.  This is what the trainers have me use - The recumbent is nothing more than a "leg burning device to torture my legs" - their words and so true.  It loads the glutes and quads.  I don't want to cry "Uncle" - I want to SCREAM "Uncle"!.  They have me doing a workout with changes in intensity from level 10 to 19 (out of 20) - maintaining a minimum speed per level of intensity - and doing upper body weights at the same time. I like to think of it as one stop shopping. 

On "off" days - I will use the upright.  For me now, the upright at the same level of intensity almost feels "easy".  Strange how that works. 
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: NickiAnn on September 06, 2010, 08:29:38 PM
I'm so happy to hear that you're feeling a reduction in the aches and pains that had been bothering you the last few months.  Not that you're not hurting from the hardware removal, but it sure is encouraging that the old pain is gone!  Wishing you speedy healing--sounds like the worst is over.

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on September 08, 2010, 12:24:00 AM
Nicole: Thanks for the well wishes. It's definitely encouraging to feel like the things that were bothering me before the removal seem to be better. I will know more as I do more, but I'm definitely optimistic and my doc is very confident.

I use the recumbent to change it up. In fact, I did it today. I do feel I have to work harder to get my heart rate to the same point, but my knee feels different when I get off the upright compared to the stationary. The bend is definitely different on the upright compared to the stationary. I feel more bend in the knee on the upright.

1 week post-op hardware removal
So it's been one week. I'm very sore and have some parts that definitely hurt when I move and are tender to touch. My quad feels like it has been assaulted. The pain and soreness is marginally better since last week, but I guess as I learned from the last surgery, I can't expect things to change miraculously from day to day.

I'm able to fully weight bear and walk around and stuff without the crutches and have been able to since the day of the surgery but my quad and the femur incision just hurt pretty bad to do it. My gait is better as the soreness gets better. Still using the crutches, as I've been instructed to do.

I added in weights for all of the isometric exercises the PT in TX gave me except for the hamstring curl (that one sucks) and I've added in some other isometric ones to the plan. But I'm starting to get bored and feeling like I'm not doing enough. I figured this is inevitable. Time to talk to the doctor or PT about what I can safely add in. I know I'm supposed to be being mindful of my swiss-cheese-bones as my good friend so eloquently called them, but at the same time my mind hollers to me to do more more MORE! I just want to make sure I'm doing the best I can do and the most I can do.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on September 08, 2010, 03:13:20 PM
Sounds like you're doing great! An optimistic outlook, I think, is really important. Glad to hear the pain and soreness is going away. I'm sure it'll be a while before it's gone, but it sounds like you're on your way.

How long does your doc want you on crutches? Mine didn't really give me a number of days, but I did find that for things like grocery shopping, they were helpful for about 2 weeks. Weights already! I'd say you're doing more than enough! I wish I had your drive!

Hope things continue to go well for you!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on September 10, 2010, 09:34:39 PM
Thanks Lyndsey. I'm definitely optimistic about my outcome, metal free definitely seems to be better. Not having my best of days, but just trying to focus on the end when I will be able to do whatever I want whenever I want with no pain and no limitations.

I'm WBAT on the crutches for the whole 6 weeks post-op as precaution to be safe. It was a lot of metal to remove and I guess me not being a little lady doesn't help.

11 days post-op
I got to lose the TED stockings. My incisions stopped bleeding/seeping a few days ago too.

My knee, specifically the patella, has been bothering me a lot more the last 2 days when I do things like quad sets and SLRs. I've been working on ROM and trying to get my heel to my bum and I can pretty much do it, but I guess because of the swelling it makes my knee hurt to do it. I can feel my thigh muscles tightening up everyday and it's like I can't do anything about it. No amount of stretching really helps. The knee loves the bike, but the bike doesn't really help with the quad thigh tightness like say the elliptical does. Quad is still sore, but improving. Can't quite sit on my knees all the way yet, but its not due to ROM, more because of the tibia incision and the area lateral to it is tender to touch, let alone rest my weight on.

I hit the resistance machines today in the gym, but just kept it simple to start and went for low weight maximum reps. Not much pain doing the exercises, but after the leg extension my quad felt uber more awful to put weight on when standing. Think I better be more careful.

Kind of forgot what the deep shooting bone pain felt like. I'm being thoroughly reminded the last few days. Would be nice if it wouldn't decide to remind me at 1 am.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: rsuddeth on September 11, 2010, 07:06:32 PM
I have been avoiding these boards lately as I can't bare to think about knee pain all the time... and what you've been through just dwarfs anything I've experienced. I have say your attitude is inspiring.

I will say, though, that if you can bring your heal close to your bum, your quads aren't that tight, even if tighter than you're used to. Hopefully they will loosen up again when you can move more :)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on September 12, 2010, 04:56:42 AM
Thanks, glad I can be helpful. These knee problems and surgery journeys can be so tough, I totally get checking out from here. I do it sometimes myself! LOL

I think what is specifically tight is maybe the vastus lateralis or maybe just the soft tissue around it? It's where the femur incision is. I don't know, I'm not a doctor but you are right things aren't that tight or that bad if I can get my heel to my bum.

So here's an update since I'm on here.

My quad and hamstring were a bit sore today (in a good way) after doing weights yesterday. Stretching, bike, and the slew of PT exercises helped. Last night I finally got my husband not to be so scared to force my heel to my bum when I lay on my stomach. We got it there no problem. My ROM seems better now then it was before surgery ??? LOL. And the medial pain in the knee and the pressure on my shin when bending my knee is gone. ;D

I used the really soft mats in my gym today to sit on my knees. No problem as far as ROM goes. It just hurts around the incision and knee itself to have my weight on the knees and shin.

Externally rotating my hip is definitely better with the metal out. I can sit indian style for as much as my knee and shin will allow and I don't feel the pain in my hip. When I was bionic, I had to go to my happy place when working on external rotation.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, but I feel good about this. I went back and forth over whether to have the hardware out or wait it out and now I'm like heck yeah I'm so glad I got that stuff out. Dr. Sanders told me I would be better off with it out, and he was right as usual. It served it's purpose, but now, good riddance.

There is still swelling and ouchies from this surgery and using crutches is crap. I definitely tweaked something yesterday too, it still hurts. But still, so far so good.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on September 15, 2010, 03:53:48 AM
2 weeks post op hardware removal

Not much to update here, still prodding on. I can sit on my knees all the way now as long as I sit on a cushioned mat. I'm working on sitting like that for longer periods of time. As the soreness in the knee improves, I'll make my way to harder surfaces.

The pain in the outer thigh has died down to just a soreness over the last few days. My knee is pretty sore all around. I don't remember my knee or patella being so sore after the derotation. Maybe it's from the arthroscopy? I dunno. The area below my knee is of course sore and swollen. This is the area that remained swollen for the longest time after the derotation. It extends all the way behind the knee and is pretty annoying because just resting the leg on anything irritates it. But at least there's no plate and screws there anymore!

So I'm coming along, just keep pressing on. My gait is pretty good now that my thigh doesn't hurt to move. Totally gonna be ready to walk like a normal person when I get to ditch the sticks.

Even though my Cowboys played awful, I still gotta say it. How 'bout them Cowboys! See the star, be the star!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: rsuddeth on September 19, 2010, 09:08:16 PM
I can sit on my knees all the way now as long as I sit on a cushioned mat.

That sounds wonderful to me. Hope you're still doing well.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on September 19, 2010, 09:20:54 PM
That sounds wonderful to me. Hope you're still doing well.
I was doing much better 3 hours ago before my 'boys played awful and lost again! Ugh, on to the next one. Texans next week, hope we can get our shyt together.

Oh, but you meant my leg! LOL

I'm a work in progress but coming along. The soreness in my thighcontinues to improve, but I'm a little worried about a spot below my knee. And I can't seem to shake the soreness along the side of the knee and patella either, but it's only been a bit over 2 weeks so still early, nothing to worry about. Just do what I'm supoosed to and otherwise give it time. A lot has improved with the removal, a ton in fact, so no complaints here.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: rsuddeth on September 21, 2010, 12:25:11 AM
I was doing much better 3 hours ago before my 'boys played awful and lost again!
I'd like to say I'm sorry for the 'boys loss, but... he-he, I'm NOT!

You're right, it's too early to worry yet. And fabulous that you're already feeling less pain overall. But do keep your professionals informed. I never liked to complain in physical therapy (unless something was really unbearable) but there are things they could have helped me with earlier if I'd just told them...
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on September 21, 2010, 07:53:39 PM
Not a fan of America's Team?!?!?! That's ok, we can't all cheer for the best (or apparently the worst, as we are 0-2!)

3 weeks post-op hardware removal and arthroscopy
Yesterday I upped the weight and dropped the reps for my resistance training. That was fun. And by fun I mean ouch not so much. I added in some more exercises too to help target the hip more. I think I over did it, but such is life, you live and learn.

I do the strength training every other day and work upper body and core on the off-day. I ride the bike and do the PT exercises and stretching everyday. My strength isn't bad but isn't what it was before the hardware removal surgery (which isn't what it was prior to derotation). *Sigh* patience and persistence...

As for how my leg feels, still battling tenderness and soreness on the outer thigh, knee and patella, and lower leg. The thigh and lower leg are especially pesky, but just gotta work through it and give it time I guess.

So that's the update. A little better everyday and soon will be back to jumping and eventually running.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: rsuddeth on September 21, 2010, 10:41:42 PM
Not a fan of America's Team?!?!?!

Ah, I've got nothing against the Cowboys. But if a Chicago sports team actually manages a win... it's occasion for nothing but joy in my book :)

It's always good news/bad news in the recovery department, isn't it? I hope you'll be careful not to overdo. I fully understand being impatient to get back to normal -- believe me -- but you can hurt yourself, you know. It's good to put your body through its paces, but it's still under a lot of stress (as the pain won't let you forget.) You know, slow and steady, um.... still gets you there & without a speeding ticket?  ???
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: lizzy123 on September 26, 2010, 05:12:19 PM
Hi Crankerchick,

I just found your blog. I had a femoral ostecomy done in july on my right leg, and they were gonna do an external taylor frame on my tibia on the same leg at the same time. but my doctor changed his mind at the last minute and decided not to go with the external frame and just a tibial ostecomy right above the tibia tubercle. But do the surgeries seperate so my femur would heal and than do the tibia. The femur hurt but was not too bad I was off my crutches and walking post op about 8 weeks. I just got the tibia done last week, he had to rotate it 25 degrees, plated and screwed it in. And I am in excruiating pain , the pain meds dont work like they did last time, and I have to be off my right leg for six weeks.
Its good to see that I am not the only one having to go through these surgeries though.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on September 26, 2010, 05:30:26 PM
Hi lizzy123! You are definitely not the only one going through these surgeries. There are a few people on this site that have had the derotations. Its sort of like a club of twisted sisters. Not the best club to be a member of, but hey what can ya do?! LOL

Wow that sucks that you are in such pain, I hope it calms down for you soon. Have you told your doctor that the meds don't work? Perhaps there needs to be an adjustment?

Whoa, I bet you are glad to have internal fixation, I can't imagine having external fixation. That was not an option for me, as in I wanted no part of one of those.

I found that the tibia hurt a lot more after surgery than the femur. My thigh was really tight and uncomfortable but the shin just downright hurt all around my lower leg, but especially along the outside. These surgeries aren't trivial, and the recovery is kind of slow, but so far it has been worth it. The improvement in my knee in terms of pain and stability has been remarkable, and now that all my hardware is out, the irritation and discomfort that was still lingering so far seems to be gone.

So hang in there, it is for a good cause. It will be worth it in the end.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: lizzy123 on September 26, 2010, 05:39:09 PM
It seems that most people on these forums knew they had twisted bones , I did not find out til last year I'm 25.

Yes the pain does suck, its getting better since I've been out of the hospital. My last stay there was not up to level of satisfaction as my first surgery. The second night I was in so much pain, I got sick and the nurses just seemed to think I was pain in there butts. I wanted to tell them off and say FYI, this is your job!

Im just trying to stay on the 4 hour regiment with percoset and 12 hour with oxy and im on lovenox too.

I am glad that I did not have to get the external fixation, I would of had to have it on for three months and it just was not appetizing to me lol.

Yes the tibia does hurt alot more than femur.And for the fact that I cant move my knee like I was able to move it with the femur surgery, and everytime I am walking around I have to have brace on that keeps my leg straight.

I def. did not want to have this second surgery, the first one drained me physically and emotionally, and I just started to feel normal again and I have go through this all over. Thankfully I will not have to have another surgery to get the hardware out it will be staying with be as long as I am living.

Its nice to hear back from someone who is going through it too. I have these emotional breakdowns and people just dont understand why I am feeling the way I am.

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on September 26, 2010, 07:43:12 PM
I didn't find out about my twisted bones until last year, at age 28, despite having knee problems since I was 9 and seeing my fair share of doctors over the years. I actually learned about twisted bones thanks to this forum and then ended up traveling to get checked for it and learned that I have the deformities in both legs. If it wasn't for this forum and a good friend helping me out, I probably woud have ended up having a different surgery that wouldn't have addressed the torsions or the patella alta.

I could move my knee after the derotations. In fact, part of the rehab was to bend it knee to chest every hour. No brace either. Every doctor does it differently. I was so happy to bend the knee even though straightening it out hurt pretty good.

I know what you mean about being drained. I still have to make a decision about my other leg, if I want to fix it or not. I'm just ready to be done with all of it! its hard for people that haven't experienced it to understand the emotional swings. Pain, rehab, and just having one's mobility severely reduced is a lot to handle. Just have to power through. I'm thankful to have supportive family and friends and a good friend that I can talk to when I just need someone that "gets it."
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: lizzy123 on September 26, 2010, 09:30:45 PM
Yea I was always told that I had runners knee (pattela-femroal pain sysndrome) . But in reality I'm bow legged. I have it both of my legs too. But I only have problems with my right leg. So at this moment I am definitly not putting myself through this again , for a leg that I have no problems with.

After they cut my femur I could bend my knee a little and they really wanted it to be around 90 degrees after 2-3 weeks.  This time they want the same thing but my knee is so much more stiffer. they def are not having me move my knee to my chest. They didnt even send me to physical therapy which I am dissapointed in, cause sometimes I just do not have the motivation do to the exercises myself. lol

I have a support system, I had to move back home with my parents. But sometimes there too supportive and end up making me feel worse. And my boyfriend lives two hours away which makes it that much worse.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: lizzy123 on September 27, 2010, 12:34:39 AM
by the way. why did they not put a rod in your femur, and where did you have this surgery done at
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on September 27, 2010, 02:05:32 AM
I had my surgery at the Sanders Clinic by the most-excellent, genius even, Dr. Mark Sanders. I traveled from MD to TX and for me it was totally worth it. Careful consideration went in to choosing who to let break my leg in multiple places.

My femoral osteotomy was just below the hip (intertrochanteric) and was secured with a wicked Synthes plate and 7 screws. The plate has been chosen over the rod for better fixation, less post-operative pain, less blood loss, and lower incidence of delayed union (see literature by uber-expert Dr. Robert Teitge).

My tibial osteotomy was done just below the knee at the tibial tubercle, which was also moved down during the operation. It was fixed with a synthes plate and 5 screws. I had 3 screws in the front of the shin for the TTT.

After my surgery, bending the knee was a requirement. I opened my eyes, looked at my leg, wiggled my toes, said "Wow, that hurts!" and then in comes my doctor making me bend my knee to my chest. Then bending every hour and otherwise elevating with nothing but air under the knee to lock the leg in extension. I had a sheet of exercises to do 3x a day starting from day 0 and also stationary biking for 1 hour every day starting day 6. One of the reasons I choose my doctor is because of his approach to the rehab.

I actually stayed with my in-laws after my surgery, so 1 week in TX and then 5 weeks with them = 6 weeks away from my home and my new husband. It was the suck. My in-laws are great, but there's no place like home. I know what you mean, there's a fine line between helping and smothering. I had to remind the in-laws a few times to let me do as much on my own as I could, for my own sanity.

Where did you have your surgeries? Where were your osteotomies done?
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: lizzy123 on September 27, 2010, 03:59:26 AM
So you live in MaryLand? where do your in laws live?
I had my surgeries  done at hershey medical hospital in hershey pa.

Thats very interesting about the rehab. My first surgery I was give about four exercise. Ankle pushes, glute pushes, elevating my leg up and down, and bending my knee. But I wasn't able to get by knee to 90 degrees til  about two weeks after surgery. And was never give a perscription to go to pt.
Second surgery I am not allowed to put more than 30 lbs on my leg for six weeks. And was give the same exercises with no pt again. I might just go and try an get a physical therapist on my own. I feel like I would rehab so much better than on my own.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on September 27, 2010, 05:29:56 AM
Yeah I'm in MD. TX for surgery. Atlanta for the stay with the in-laws.

Can you pursue PT on your own without a doctor referral? What about just asking your doctor about it? Mine didnt specifically prescribe it, because I was already armed with a good home plan, but he had no objection to me going to pt if I wanted.

I opted to go 2x a week. My PT in ATL did not attempt to change the exercise plan given to me by doctor, he just gave me stuff to supplement it. Once home, PT was more of a miss. It just wasn't pushing me, way too conservative. I worked harder on my own in the gym everyday, but I wasn't sure if I was doing the right things to get my leg strong in the fastest time.† So I went back to the doctor and worked with the trainer in his office. I got some excellent help and direction and a training plan to follow.

Everybody is different. If you feel you will do better with PT then most certainly push to get it. Its your leg, do what you need to do to get it right. I did better on my own after working with the houston trainer and then following his training plan, but that's just me. The important thing is to get what you need for you and your leg.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on September 28, 2010, 07:51:02 PM
4 weeks post-op hardware removal and arthroscopy

Not much of an update. I'm just prodding along, doing my home exercises 3x a day and working out in the gym everyday. Have I mentioned lately how much I just love the stationary bike? Longest hour ever LOL. I pretty much have to ice after the gym, as I'm still battling some fierce swelling. Biking, stretching, going out, whatever, the knee swells more, like clockwork.

As far as how my leg feels, this past week has seen some decent improvement in the pain area. Some of the sore spots are appreciably better. Just dealing with the lateral part of the knee and patella and all along the shin just below the knee that are still sore, even just to the touch. Ugh. As for my thigh, well it's tight but less sore but I have this worrisome pain with weight bearing that I'm not sure about if it is something to work through or worry about.

Some cool news is I can totally sit indian-style and cross my legs now without pain. Bye bye plate pain on lateral rotation of the hip. The Houston trainer gave me a bunch of external hip rotation stretches that pretty much brought tears to my eyes when I was bionic, but now they now longer hurt. I'm very much liking metal-free, in case I haven't said that lately.

Edit to add:
How 'bout them Cowboys!!!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: agresknee on September 29, 2010, 12:03:26 PM
Been a rough year for you but glad you got the metal out before your  1 year anniversary hope on that day your feeling awesome and pain free...

Poor kate when I tell her your a Cowboy fan, she is mega Giants

Keep up the good work, kate is enjoying a stressful senior year but knee is great

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: lizzy123 on October 05, 2010, 03:19:34 PM
How long did it take you to get off your pain meds. My first surgery took me about a month half. I want to try and be off of them in like two weeks.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 05, 2010, 07:18:19 PM
Lizzy123, after the derotation, I took them for I think 5 days. After that I just took one here or there as needed. I started off taking 2 percocet every 4 hours and did that the day of the surgery and the next. 2 days post-op I dropped it down to 1 tylenol and 1 percocet every 4-6 hours. I think on either day 4 or 5 post-op I just went to Tylenol every 4 hours as needed. I know I popped a pill before my flight home on post-op day 6, just to be safe LOL. Everybody is different though. In my case I just didn't think they were helping. I took them for as long as I did more because I was worried the pain would get out of control without them.

Suzanne, you are right it has been quite the year for me but I'm soooo on the other side and looking forward to bowling and basketball and whatever else I set my sights on! Glad Kate's knee is doing good and she is enjoying the fun and stress of senior year!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 05, 2010, 08:15:49 PM
5 weeks post-op hardware removal and arthroscopy

I can't believe it has been 5 weeks. Feels like forever!

I've been chillin out lately, as the pain in my thigh was progressively getting worse. I was told to ease up on my holey bones and stop stressing them so I've just been riding the bike for an hour, but no lifting or anything else. It's just so weird not to be doing more. But I'll be back to working out soon so I guess I should just enjoy this time for the excuse to sit still.

The lateral knee soreness is almost gone now and the patella feels a lot better. I can kneel now without too much difficulty. Just dealing with the pain/soreness on the tibia and the knee that swells like a balloon and throbs from time to time. The incisions have closed up nicely and I have (had?) dissolvable stitches so no railroad tracks from staples this time. I will be ready to run and jump when I get the green light.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: vl7007 on October 06, 2010, 01:59:23 AM
Hey crankerchick,

 It is great to see the changes/improvement you have managed to achieve so far.  I am sooooo happy for you.  Setting your own limits is great, and knowing when to slow down to allow bones time is also important.  I a glad that you seem to be finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  Look forward to more posts of your success.  Take care.

Kat's mum vicki
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: rsuddeth on October 07, 2010, 02:26:14 AM
Sounds like good news to me. I know it's disappointing (and hard!) to do less than you're used to. But they are right, you need to let those bones heal before you go crazy with the weight bearing stuff (I know, it doesn't seem crazy to you.... )  It's great that you can bike for an hour -- I'd love to be able to do that with any degree of comfort (but hey, I'll dance for an hour -- which is probably harder on my knees than the bike -- and hardly feel pain then -- I guess it just depends what gets the happy juices going for ya!)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 07, 2010, 06:55:37 PM
Vicki: Thanks for the well wishes! I'm definitely looking forward to making more success-story posts too!

Rsuddeth: I totally am not a fan of the bike, I'd much rather road bike or even better, mountain bike. Dancing for an hour with no pain? That's great! At least it is something you like to do.

I guess I wasn't thinking that lifting weights would really stress the bones that much since they aren't full weight-bearing exercises like say squatting, which I know I'm not supposed to do. I did get the ok from the doctor to lift before doing it, and wasn't going at full weight, opting for higher reps instead. Not sure the lifting specifically is what caused the thigh pain to get worse, but since being told to lay off, things are improving.

My stupid still twisted leg has decided to participate in a marathon pain contest though. Going on like 8 straight days of ache in that leg ugh.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: NickiAnn on October 08, 2010, 12:30:18 AM
For the sake of comparing notes, where does your still twisted leg hurt?  Do you have the under the knee cap pain or hip pain?  I was wondering recently why my knees never dislocate like yours did when we have nearly the same angles.  Hmmm... it's all very mysterious. 

I know you're very tender now from the hardware removal, but prior to the latest surgical irritation, was the knee on your untwisted leg feeling pretty good? 

I'm spending a lot of time after school on the couch as I'm still having trouble.  I'm really conflicted about what to do about this surgery...

Be careful on your freshly wounded leg!  You've still got healing to do!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 08, 2010, 03:11:09 AM
Hi NickiAnn. I really hope your latest round of pain gets under control soon. Ugh, pain really gets old quick, and the couch is only nice for so long before it gets old too.

My twisted leg hurts in what I guess is the tibiofemoral joint. The bones in my knee ache relentlessly. Sometimes it hurts when my knee twists even slightly. It hurts at the medial joint line, more so to the touch than actual pain just at rest. I have pain around and behind the kneecap after heavy activities. I can feel that the patella doesn't track properly. When I bend I can sometimes feel a catching. If I keep bending, not only does it feel off but the patella will "clunk" and go back into place.

I used to feel this same ache in my straight leg, but that leg also had significant medial pain and instability. Since the derotation, I have no pain or instability in that knee. All of my pain/discomfort was from the surgery or the hardware and wasn't in my knee.

I think it's more to it than just angles. My two legs are similar, but only one had instability. We aren't perfectly balanced people, we usually tend to one side more than the other. That has to make a difference. There's a dynamic aspect to it and since we don't use our bodies dynamically the same on both sides, it just makes sense to me that one can't compare one knee to the other and expect them to behave the same just because they look the same on an x-ray or CT scan. But I'm no doctor, so what do I know.

Comparing me to you is of course like comparing granny smith apples to red delicious. We have similar angles, but of course, we are built differently and have a slew of other biomechanical characteristics that differentiate us. And don't forget the patella alta. Do you have patella alta?
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: rsuddeth on October 09, 2010, 01:24:01 AM
Rsuddeth: ...† Dancing for an hour with no pain? That's great! At least it is something you like to do.
Yes, but I realize that I lied. At the time I wrote this it had been almost a week since I'd danced, and I conveniently forget. Sometimes it gets better after the first few dances and between the ibuprofen, a drink, and the endorphins I feel fine (until the next day when I pay for it.) This Wednesday evening, though, I tried dancing & it hurt the whole time. (Was fun, but hurt.) I am still trying to figure out what's wrong, but if it looks like this isn't going to get much better, I think I'm gonna have to quit dancing. I will have to find something else to take that place in my life.

My stupid still twisted leg has decided to participate in a marathon pain contest though. Going on like 8 straight days of ache in that leg ugh.

Sorry to hear that :( I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: NickiAnn on October 10, 2010, 08:07:33 PM
Thanks for comparing notes with me.† Somehow I find it oddly comforting that someone out there with the same problem as me is having much the same pain as me.† I certainly don't wish you pain, but it does make it seem less lonely.† I do not, however, have the grinding sensation that you describe, nor do I have that feeling of my knee "clunking" into place.† For me it's just a deep ache under the knee cap punctuated by sharp little jabs when I least expect it.† But the new development is a feeling of pressure and soreness behind each knee.† I'm guessing that's excess fluid pressing on the membranes in the posterior portion of the joint.

Good point that everyone's anatomy is individualized.† I guess we will each experience our "twistedness" in a unique way.† I supposed I'm searching for patterns of symptom and outcome because I feel so lost in terms of what to expect and what to do.† I'm hoping that another course of rest will resolve this latest flare up, but I have no idea whether it will or not.† I would very much like to postpone this surgery until I have children, but I need my knees to hold out just a little longer.† It seemed that even the doctor had no way of predicting for sure how I will progress as the years go on.† I think that's my biggest problem right now, that I have no definable prognosis on which to base my decisions.† I have decided that I am willing to sacrifice some of the activities I love, hiking, walking, etc. just to keep the knees comfortable long enough to have my baby, but will these modifications even be enough?† I guess I don't know...

Speaking of individual anatomy, I do not have patella alta.† I'm assuming that would have been noted in the radiologists report after the CT scan.† Dr. T didn't say anything about it either.† As I think about it, I do remember that years and years ago, when I first investigated my knee issues,† Dr. Mast told me I had good, deep trochlear grooves.† Perhaps that's part of the reason that my twistedness doesn't lead to instability.† I think I have decided that my trochlear grooves are my best feature!

As concerns the outcome of these surgeries, individual anatomical differences worry me.† It seems that some people do beautifully, while others have continued issues with pain.† I suppose I'm also searching for some type of predictable pattern in that regard.† I wonder if people with more dramatic rotations have more trouble with the muscles, tendons etc. resettling into the new position.† It seems that you are doing quite well, and I would hope that I would do similarly.†

Well I guess if we had crystal balls life would be a lot easier!† Sorry to write a book on your post.† I guess I have a lot on my mind!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 11, 2010, 01:46:06 AM
Hi NickiAnn, no worries, having a lot on one's mind is pretty typical around here LOL.

You are right, a crystal ball would be awesome, but then again it would also be boring. We would always know the "best" thing to do, and where's the fun in that LOL?

I opted for taking care of things before trying to start a family. Right now I have no responsibilities to anyone but myself. My husband can take care of himself and I have disability insurance so I can miss work for however long and recover with no worries. Ditto with the rehab. Nothing else to focus on but work and working my leg (and finding time to have some fun). If I choose to fix my right leg, I will do it soon, before starting a family, for the same reasons. It's not a question of whether or not I could handle the recovery and juggle a family because I'm sure I would make it work. It's more like, why even put myself in a position to have to?

I think it's dangerous to try and base your decision on the results of other outcomes. Every case is different. It's fine to use them to get an idea of what to expect, how to prepare, who to choose for the surgery, etc. But using them to compare and gauge if you should have the surgery is dangerous because you just don't know and you can't know how your outcome would compare. The point of the surgery is to make you better, not worse. The right surgery performed by a skilled surgeon on an informed patient willing to do their part in the recovery, to me is the best recipe for success that one could hope for. The rest is out a person's control and really should have no bearing on the decision.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: mermaids on October 11, 2010, 12:26:19 PM
While my surgeon felt this was the best option for me, he and Fulkerson stressed that there are no guarantees.  It is entirely possible this surgery will leave me worse off than before.  However, for me, doing nothing was not an option.  I was in so much pain on a daily basis that I had to take the chance. 

Fulkerson explained that knee is very complicated joint.  Changing one thing might fix that one thing, but make other things worse.  (He said it much more elegantly... and medically.  :))  The patient's physical condition before the surgery is also a major factor.  Fulkerson was thrilled that my OS set me up with such a rigorous PT schedule *before* the surgery.  To me, it seems most of the muscle tone is lost, but my PT guy insists that it will come back quickly when I am allowed to be more aggressive with PT. 

Because the recovery is so long and arduous, timing the surgery is important.  My surgeon's biggest challenge is slowing me down.  I hate to be restricted.  I am use to ignoring pain and pushing through.  He is begging me to not do that with this surgery, to slow down and let my body heal.  He said this surgery is not one to play around with.  If I don't let it heal properly, there will be problems. 
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: NickiAnn on October 11, 2010, 03:28:07 PM
I guess these surgeries are complicated and outcomes are not as predictable as we would want in an ideal world.  Life just doesn't work that way.  Mermaids--I looked at your thread and I'm glad to see that recovery is going so well for you!  It certainly gives a person hope that surgery and recovery can be relatively smooth.  Crankerchick, hopefully you can permanently avoid further surgery, and I can avoid any surgery!  In the meantime, I'm taking the day off work to elevate, ice, and hopefully calm things down before my marathon day of parent teacher conferences tomorrow.  If nothing else, it's lovely to be home today watching the maple in front of my house turn red while the cat snoozes in the corner.  Life always seems so much better on a sunny fall day.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: rsuddeth on October 12, 2010, 03:00:51 AM
Mermaids, I really believe that's true about the PT/tone before surgery. My doctor didn't push for it, but I did. I am convinced that doing the SLRs before the surgery helped a lot when I had to do them after. It was amazing how I completely lost all tone in my right calf within a day (it didn't look like my leg!) But the PT said it would come back quickly, if it had been as toned as the left, and it did. (My right leg is still smaller than the left, and maybe always will be, since I don't run anymore, nor walk on my toes as much as I used to, but the tone is good, and and the strength is adequate, and both returned quickly.)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Kat_Walk on October 12, 2010, 04:32:10 AM
Sorry to jump on your thread Crankerchick, but I just wanted to ask you a question..
About the not being able to do a SLR from locked straight extension, how long did it take til you got over that?
Was it just until you didnt have to put the roll under your ankle to get the knee straight?

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 12, 2010, 05:08:45 AM
No worries Kat_Walk. Yeah I would say it lasted only a few days for me after hardware removal. I remember overnight in the hospital and the next night in the hotel having the mysterious can't-iift-my-leg-after-having-had-it-locked-in-extension. I just usually bent my knee a few times and all was good. It's like the leg is paralyzed or something at first. After a few days, say maybe 5 days post op I didn't have the problem anymore, and after I guess a week I was allowed to ditch that elevation method as an all the time type of thing.

I don't think I had it with my original surgery, probably because by the time I was doing SLR I wasn't elevating like that all the time anymore. Even still, I recall having the strange feeling of not being able to use my leg properly after having elevated like that. Its like it was "stuck" if that makes sense.

NickiAnn, here's to hoping for no more surgery. I sure hope your day off brought you some relief.

Mermaids, the derotation surgeries are a bit more involved than the TTT, but that fact still remains like you said, that the patient has to slow down and heal. Being in good shape going is definitely important too. The bike is a good thing to do everyday going in to surgery since it is non weight bearing.

When it comes to twisted bones, I just have to believe that straighter is greater! It's definitely better for me. For a lot of the. Twistees on here, the same can be said. My doc never once entertained the idea that surgery might not help. The point was to fix what was clearly abnormal. I didn't fly 3 hours to hear, "it might help you, it might not." I could get that answer at home LOL.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Kat_Walk on October 12, 2010, 05:32:37 AM
Thanks Cranckerchick, I was wondering if it was gonna be something that would last a few days or a few weeks. I hope the OS lets me out of the immobilizer when I have my appt on thursday, which I am praying will help with the SLR's. Funny thing is the OS said I wasnt allowed to come out of the immobilizer until I could do a SLR so its a bit of a vicious circle!

I have read through your diary, not all of it admittedly as its alot.. LOL! But I get the idea of what your surgeries involved and I must say you a truly remarkable person. I have really struggled with the TTT & LR though I dont think I had the most informative or proactive OS either. You have been through so much and come so far, you are such an inspiration to others, keep up the good work!  ;D 

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on October 12, 2010, 03:38:39 PM
Hey everybody,

I completely agree that straighter is greater! As with any major surgery there are ups and downs, but I believer overall that it has been well worth it!

I got on today to see what was up with everyone, and this thread is definitely where the info is1 I've been doing pretty well the past week and a half until yesterday when it really all started catching up with me. I went whitewater rafting a week ago, then last wednesday i went kickboxing with my aunt. That wasn't a very smart decision, but i was doing well and thought I could handle it. Come to find out, that was way too much. So starting last night there were really bad storms and so I think between the weather and my activity level I am really paying. If I didn't have to go to class I would probably take something stronger than motrin.  :-\  I only have a couple more weeks until my surgery and hopefully things will shape up after that.

BUT, to leave it on a good note, I would never have been able to go kickboxing or rafting before the derotation. So yes, it has caused me a great deal of pain, but at least I could do it!

Hope everyone else is doing well!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 13, 2010, 02:55:02 PM
Whitewater rafting sounds awesome! Me and some friends are planning a trip to go, probably next spring. We are going to go tubing this winter though, should be fun. It's funny you mention kickboxing, because I'm thinking once I get the ok to do more (once this dang thigh pain clears up), I'm going to start with either karate or kickboxing, I haven't decided. I know my straight leg will hold up just fine, we'll see about the twisted one. I hope your pain tapers off soon. Only a few more weeks!

Hope your OS let's you out of the immobilizer tomorrow. I'm just not a fan of those things at all. Hehe, indeed this is a long diary, LOL, I just hope it is helpful for others, otherwise it's just a lot of typing for nothing. Thanks for the kind words. I hope you start to turn the corner soon. In the end when you are all healed up and pain free, it will be worth it.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 13, 2010, 03:16:00 PM
6 weeks (+1 day) post-op hardware removal & arthroscopy

Well 6 weeks ago I got all my metal out and had a looksee in my knee. A week from today will be 1-year since my derotations & TTT. I wish I was kicking butt doing everything I want, but I think I'm doing pretty good nonetheless if I turn off my over-achiever attitude and accept that this stuff just takes time.

So I think I've finally got the swelling under control. It's not blowing up like clockwork anymore. It's hard to believe there are parts of my leg that are still sore this far along, but it's nothing intolerable so no sweat. The thigh-pain on weight bearing is a lot better, but still hurts a bit so I am to keep taking it easy until the pain subsides completely.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: duckie857 on October 13, 2010, 04:15:50 PM
Whitewater rafting is SO. MUCH. FUN.

I went this summer up in New Hampshire with a bunch of family on a class 2-3 rapid. My Dad got remarried to this awesome woman who loves the outdoors as much as him. For her bachelorette party she brought all the women in my family, plus my cousin-in-law Travis and my boyfriend out rafting (they can't golf and didn't want to get made fun of by the doctor and chef that works on a golf course  ;D).

I was in the raft, but some of them, including my boyfriend, went in the duckies (inflatable kayaks). We did two runs down the river and I've never had so much fun. It's definitely exhausting, though. Once I heal from this surgery I want to go on a class 4 and really go at it! If I had the strength and nerve to go in a duckie, I would have...but I've never kayaked before and didn't want to get stuck!

The one thing I'd warn against is that you have to be ready to carry the raft with your group down to the river.  This might involve some wet and rocky trails that are steep. I was SO horrified when I did was in August when I wasn't doing too great and I knew that if I wasn't careful I could really hurt myself. Plus, there's a lot of strain on your leg to stay in the boat, and other people are depending on you to grab on to if you start to capsize. There were definitely some close calls and I paid for it that night in pain and swelling. was so worth it!  ;D
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: lizzy123 on October 15, 2010, 09:05:06 PM
Were you restricted from driving. I am so upset, because i am getting cabin fever in my parents house. I cant do anything cause I still am not allowed to but more than 30 lbs on my leg and no driving for another 2 1/2 weeks.

This is starting to really take a toll on my mental health. I think it would be a different story if I was recrupationg somewhere where I knew people and could go out and do things. But all i do is spend my time on the couch or in bed cause I have nothing to do.

I was praying they would let me drive three weeks post surgery but they want me to wait six weeks.

anyone else the same way?
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: mermaids on October 15, 2010, 09:36:00 PM
I was driving within a week of my surgery.  It wasn't easy to get in and out of the car, but once in, driving was no problem.  My OS was not crazy about me driving so soon, but understood the reality.  I had no one to drive me to appts... or my children to school.  His biggest concern was the use of narcotics while driving.  I told him there was no way I would get behind the while if I took narcotics.  Since pain has not been an issue for me, narcotics have not been necessary. 
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 15, 2010, 09:42:59 PM
I had no driving restrictions, but that probably it's my left leg. I would assume driving restrictions would be in place if it were my right leg. It makes sense, because you need to be able to slam that brake if necessary. You probably shouldn't break someone's driving leg in half, spin it around, and then allow them to operate a motor vehicle while it heals. Not safe for the patient or those on the road either. That 30# restriction is there for a reason.

Now, I hope I'm eating my words because if I let my doc unspin my right leg, I'll want to drive too, so here's to hoping I'm wrong and that my doc would let me drive LOL.

I know what you are going through, it was very similar for me, as I was in TX for my first week after surgery (in a city where the hang out spot is the Super Wal-mart) and then with my in-laws in Atlanta for the next 5 weeks. No friends, family, or husband there. I pretty much spent my time in my room, on the couch, or on the stationary bike. Some days were tough, but I just reminded myself what was good about the arrangement: having people to help me (or not, if i so desired), having my meals made for me, having chauffeurs LOL, and basically just not having to worry about anything but getting better. Sure it sucked, but it wasn't so bad. There are certainly worse situations to be in then being waited on, sleeping when I felt like it, not having to go to work, and *gasp* having a free pass to sit around.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: sarbah77 on October 15, 2010, 09:56:42 PM
Well, I was unable to drive for 16 or 17 weeks after my HTO.  It was on my right leg, so I knew going in that it was going to be a very long time before I could be independent.  It did suck but it was all part of the "suck" to get to the outcome I was aiming for.  And I had 6 weeks total NWB and 6 weeks of 25lb weight bearing so it was a very very long haul.  It's too bad that you didn't get clarification from your OS before surgery - sometimes, it's easier to deal with it when you know ahead of time.  But it IS a broken leg and until you can stomp that brake without injuring yourself, that's kind of how it goes.

But in the meantime, queue up those chauffeurs and do what you can!  Or make them do what they can. :)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: duckie857 on October 16, 2010, 01:55:47 AM
Oh, wow. 16 weeks without driving? I'd die! I'm constantly hopping in my car and driving 4 hours for a 2 day trip home to see family, so I can't imagine doing that for 4 months! During my last surgery, left leg, I wasn't allowed to drive while I was on pain killers but once I was off them I could. The only problem I has was my 0 degree ROM. I drive a 95 VW Jetta and I'm 5'8". Not exactly an easy task to accomplish!

I had my TTT done 9 days ago and I could drive now if I was completely off the pain killers, but I just don't think I could fit in my car seat yet. After the 20th I'll be able to bend at 45 degrees. I honestly think my OS did that so I could get a bit of my independence back! At least I'll be able to drive myself to my PT appointments!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Kat_Walk on October 17, 2010, 11:23:27 AM
I totally understand the frsutration and mental status!! I am 6.5wks post op and I tried to get into my mid size car today.. boy what a task that was. I was "released" from the immobilizer 3 days ago, if I still had that clunker on there would be no way in heck I could even attempt to get into the car. So anyway, I gave it a bash but my problem is I dont have enough ROM to sit far enough back in the seat, as I still cant bend the op leg much (the op leg is the non-driving leg of course). My ROM is only about maybe at best 35 degrees, its gotten stiffer since the immobilizer came off, which is really frustrating! I just want to start driving, its like being a prisoner in your own house!

Crankerchick, do you mind checking in on Duckies diary, coz I posted some (very crappy quality photos of my) xrays of my TTT (sorry, but I only got films, and no CD of the xrays) I am very concerned about the way it was done and am wondering if the reason why I still have lots of pain and lack of ROM. From what I can tell my ROM is well behind most people at this stage. I'd be very interested to hear what you make of it..
Thanks a mil,
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 17, 2010, 02:49:16 PM
I was allowed to bend my leg from the start (in fact required to bend it knee to chest starting from day 0), so I didn't have any problems getting in the car or driving or anything from the start. My issue was being a passenger in some cars, the seatbelt would dig right up on the femoral incision, ouchie ouch! And my mother-in-law bless her heart she thought her vehicle was "better" for me because it was an SUV and high up on the ground. Fail. Whoever thinks the Lexus SUV is roomy must not have been tall because I'm 6'2" and sitting in that truck my knees were just barely not touching the dash. I rode in that thing with clenched teeth, both from that dang seatbelt and from my knee perched precariously close to the dash. And she's not the most attentive driver...

Try not to be frustrated with your ROM, that period of immobilization does a number on ROM and strength but now that you are free of it and allowed to bend, things should improve rapidly if you work it (with permission of course). The stationary bike, heel slides, prone quad stretch, and cannonballs are your best friends in that endeavor.

Hopping over to Duckie's thread now.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: mermaids on October 17, 2010, 03:22:55 PM
The care really makes a difference.  My car, Honda CRV, is so much more comfortable for than my husband's PT Cruiser.  When I drive, there is a little spot between the parking brake and the side of the car that is the perfect spot to rest my foot.  At first, it would take a minute to get my leg situated just right.  Now that I can unlock my brace more, it is much easier.  In the PT Cruiser, we keep a small card board box that I use as a foot rest.  In my friend's Toyota Rav4, I put my crutches between the passenger seat and driver's seat at an angle, creating the perfect angle to rest my leg. 
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: smartdriver on October 17, 2010, 03:50:43 PM
With both left and right HTOs I was driving a week after surgery since I had to get back to work.  As long as I wasn't taking narcotics, I could drive  :)  I'm 5' 9" and drive a MINI and fortunately, the doors actually open quite wide so getting in and out wasn't too bad.  It was worse trying to get the crutches in and out than it was getting me in and out!  Still didn't prevent me from stopping and getting my morning Starbucks fix...If they weren't super busy they would carry my coffee to my car for me.  But, I did figure out a way to carry a small tote bag to put my cup of coffee in without spilling a drop - sweet!!!!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: lizzy123 on October 17, 2010, 04:32:27 PM
I can bend my knee and everything. i can even get in and out of my car fine . i even pushed down no the brakes and gas.... no pain. but the stupid doctor wants me to wait. its fustrating for me. im not a person who likes to just around.

yea it does suck that he didnt inform me well, he said no more than 25lbs of weight bearing for six weeks but not about the driving
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: lizzy123 on October 17, 2010, 04:41:51 PM

does anyone elses look like this ?
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: duckie857 on October 17, 2010, 05:10:30 PM
Lizzy, I don't know what you had done, but I had a TTT only. 10 months ago I had a VMO Advancement, Medial Reefing, and Lateral Release. I'll post a photo. You can see my old scar to the bottom right of the photo and my new incision next to a quarter (that's the TTT.)

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 17, 2010, 05:25:35 PM
Lizzy, my incision is not curved like yours. It is very straight, but it is about the length of yours. It is about 8" in length. The femur incision is about the same. My tibia plate was about 5" in length, perhaps a bit shorter. I had staples on my incisions after the derotation and dissolvable stitches after the removal.

Duckie, our incisions are bigger than yours because we don't just have screws, but instead plates for fixation.  The tibia is broken in half and rotated so screws alone wont do the job of course. My tibia plate was small compared to the femur plate, but the incisions are about the same size.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: duckie857 on October 17, 2010, 05:31:35 PM
CrankerChick, I knew you had a lot done...I wasn't sure what had happened to Lizzy, though! :)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 17, 2010, 05:43:28 PM
Ah, I wasn't sure how of much of this long thread you had forced yourself to sit through LOL. Lizzy had a femur derotation first, and then a tibial deroration. I believe she posted the details a few posts back in the jumble LOL. Just saw your op report, thanks for sharing!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: lizzy123 on October 18, 2010, 01:14:11 AM
Yea I am not quite sure why mine is curved. When the doctor was first talking to me about it, he told me it would be straight sort of looking like a knee replacement incision but longer. I wake up and I have this curve incision , I havent yet get to ask him why it is like that.  I go back on the third to get an xray to make sure my tibia is healing, and than hopefully get the approval to drive. *fingers crossed*

My femur rotation scars are all down my leg, my top incision is about three inches long, and than i have four other sets of cuts,
these are the bottom incision, the three scars that are together are where i have three screws

this is the top incision where they put the rod through

three together are three screws in the upper part of the femur and the one alone is where the bone was cut at

I hope to be able to get to see my xray for my tibia when i go in next time

sorry im putting all these picture on your discussion board.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 18, 2010, 02:33:49 AM
Wow Lizzy, mine are nothing like that. I just have two long incisions, one 8-9" one on the side of my thigh starting basically about 2-3" below my waistline and then one anteriolateral on the shin starting just below and outside of the patella, like lateral to the patella tendon. That one is about 8" in length. Hmm, but I forgot you have a rod in your femur, not a plate. That explains the incisions where the screws are and why your femur incisions are so different from mine.

All of the work on my tibia was done through the same incision. When I had the hardware removed, he of course just opened the same incisions and did the arthroscopy through that incision also.

Fingers crossed for good healing and clearance to drive on the 3rd!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 21, 2010, 05:09:49 AM

A year ago today I waved goodbye to my teary-eyed mom as I was wheeled to the OR. Six hours later I woke up with a straight leg and the uber-awesome Dr. Sanders telling me to "Push it girl!" as I bent my knee to 125 degrees. Around this time, I was probably posting for the umpteenth time in this very post-op diary about my experience.

And so it began.

This last year has been a ride--but a ride so worth it. My leg is so much better. My patella is stable. My knee doesn't hurt. I can do so much more than before surgery. Prior to hardware removal, I was playing basketball, running for a bit, mountain biking, and walking as much as I wanted. Prior to my derotation surgery, I didn't dare do any of those activities. At that time, it was a relief just to walk to the bathroom without a subluxation.

At 1 year post-op, I can still feel improvement in how the leg feels. The hardware removal has made a big difference. No more snapping on my hip, no more irritation bending my knee.

Who knows how many miles I have logged on the stationary bike from the first time I got on it 6 days post-op or how many hours I've spent almost daily in the gym. But all for good reason. My doc said, "You have to sweat!" Well, I've sweat out my fair share of hair styles in this year, but it really did and still does pay off.

I'm looking forward to tackling even more things. I know my leg will just continue to improve and as I keep working on strength, I'll be doing everything I want in no time. Even still, it sure is nice to be doing so much more than I have been for many years.

Sanders Clinic for the win!

Actually, it's 10/21/2010 now, but oh well.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: duckie857 on October 21, 2010, 05:16:52 AM
Congratulations, CrankerChick! You've had an amazing recovery and it's so great to see you doing so well :) I'm sure all of us on here are grateful for all of the knowledge and presence on you bring to this board. I'm so glad the last year was worth while to you. I hope you have continued success and you get better and better so you can do anything you want in life.

It's only up from here!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Kat_Walk on October 21, 2010, 10:31:49 AM
You truly are an inspiration to those of us who are not quite where you are yet! Your determination encourages us to push through, as there is light at the end of this long and sometimes very dark tunnel.  ;)
I'm so glad it has been worth it, its great to hear a success story! What a difference a great doctor, a hard working patient and one year makes hey?!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: agresknee on October 21, 2010, 12:17:00 PM
What a great READ!!!!!!  I remember your first post,,,,,,,,Iam so happy you have had such a success story.

Keep up the good work!!!!!!!  It is such a great feeling on that one year mark when your feeling great

talk soon Suzanne
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Kat_Walk on October 23, 2010, 01:45:53 AM
Hey Crankerchick, just thought I'd pop over and give you an update on my situation..
Sounds like you were on the money with the muscle imbalance thing. My OS wasnt in any hurry to see me after my subluxation, but I was really stressed about it so my personal GP (Primary Doctor) sent me for scans. The TTT is fine as far as they can tell, the tubercle placement is good, nothing has shifted, but all soft tissue scans support the subluxation possibility, (lots of inflammation) so subluxation is more than likely. My PT checked me out and agrees that I had subluxed. The reason according to the radiologist and doctor is a muscle imbalance, and for the minute I am in the splint. Going to see the OS next week to see what to do from here. Probably up the PT strengthening exercises I guess. At least no more surgery for now!!
Hope you are doing well.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: agresknee on October 23, 2010, 04:58:23 PM
what is muscle inbalance guys
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Kat_Walk on October 24, 2010, 06:22:51 AM
Hi Suzanne,

A muscle imbalance is where the inner range quads are not strong enough to hold the patella firmly in place and the outer range quads are much stronger, consequently making the patella want to pull to the lateral side despite the surgery correcting the tracking and tilt issues. The patella is still subluxing out of position from the smallest amount of pressure due to a slight twist or jarring of the lower leg, all whilst NWB (I'm still heavily reliant on my crutches, my patella subluxed twice this week, once when I just brushed my op leg foot on the pavement as I swung it through on the crutches to take the next step and again less than 24hrs later, when I rolled over in bed (alone..haha, no funny business involved, my husband has not been that lucky† :)) - I wasnt in the splint on both occasions when it subluxed as the OS has said I didnt need to wear it anymore only about 5 days earlier at my 6 week appt. Now the OS said I have to stay in the splint 24/7 for now til I see him next week, probably until I can build the inner range quads up, although this in itself is challenging if in a straight leg splint and is not helping the ROM issues I am also dealing with. Once the inner range quads are up to scratch strength wise it should hold the patella in place. I'm going to enquire about the possibility of swapping into a ROM brace instead, as other TTT "victims" have told me they have found it much better. Did I get that right Crankerchick?? Feel free to correct me or add to this..!† :)

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 25, 2010, 02:50:09 PM
Thanks ladies for the well-wishes on my 1-year "anniversary" of sorts.

Kat, thanks for the update. I'm glad to read your OS and GP both think the instability might just be muscle related. It sucks they've put you back in the splint though. Gotta get those parts moving and strong so they do their job and keep that patella in place.

With doctor's permission, I'm now slowly increasing the intensity of my workouts and adding in more exercises, especially to target the upper thigh, hip, and glutes, which was the main area I was struggling to regain strength before. I'm hopeful that now that the snapping is gone and the irritation is reduced, I'll finally be able to strengthen those muscles. I just have to take it slow to start, doctor's orders.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: lizzy123 on November 03, 2010, 10:17:28 PM
I got my six week post op appt. I'm finally allowed to put full weight on my leg. YAY! But they are sending me to physical therapy now cause my quad muscles are shot, and they get to determine when I can drive. Little disappointed with the driving situation.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on November 04, 2010, 06:16:01 PM
Ugh, still no driving? Hopefully the physical therapists will release you soon to drive. Glad to read the bone is healed up and you are now allowed to weight bear. Hit the PT hard and you'll be driving in no time.

I guess I'll update since I'm on here. Not much to say. I'm 9 weeks post-op from the hardware removal and arthroscopy. I still seem to be battling swelling in my knee and just below it, but for the most part my leg is good, albeit still a bit sore in a few places. I'm focusing a lot on single leg exercises like single leg wall squats, single-leg leg press, balancing, etc to target the weak upper part of my leg. With the hardware out, the exercises are less painful, but they do leave the area irritated and fatigued for a few days, but that has always been the case ever since I started walking after the first surgery. This area has always felt tight and weak. It's what affects my gait the most. After really working it, the tightness pretty bad. But with patience and putting in the work, even this area will be strong and I'll have my leg at 100%!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: agresknee on November 08, 2010, 03:26:50 AM
You keep up the good work your determined you will get to 100 percent before you know it
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on November 10, 2010, 07:38:12 PM
Hey everyone,

So i'm on day 12 after having my left hip opened up after the plate removal in december. They ended up fixing 3 major problems. One thing theyy had to fix was a bone fragment that had to be removed from my IT band. It had embedded itself from one of the last surgeries and he had to cut it out and repair the tendon. Then he did have to shave and smooth the head of my femur like he thought he would. Then he had to separate tendons that had grown together or something like that. So all in all, i'm really  glad I had that fixed.

I went back to class monday, and since I was using no crutches at home I thought one would do for school. That was a bad decision....  I underestimated the amount of walking that is involved in school. So as much as I didn't want too, i've been taking two to school. The added practically 40 pounds for my backpack doesn't help any. So even though he said no weight restrictions I find myself in a really fair amount of pain if I do too much walking.

The incision is almost 12 inches this time! I don't know why he had to make it so big, probably to make sure everything was okay. He scraped all the scar tissue away from the previous times it was opened. The incision has really caused alot of pain this time. I'm not sure exactly why, because it looks really good. It's all closed, and it's red but not disgusting.

The epidural didn't end up working so they have me dilauded for the pain. Man oh man, I was higher than a kite, but it did work well for pain control. I was seing pink unicorns and talking to papa smurf. LOL.

Hope everyone is well.... thought i'd give you an update.

Lizzy, sorry to hear you aren't driving yet! Hopefully soon!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: NickiAnn on November 11, 2010, 01:19:26 AM
Hey Lyndsey!

Glad to hear that the doctor was able to find definite sources for all your pain.  I sure do hope that you are now on your way to final healing!  Crankerchick,  I'm also happy to hear that you are doing so well.  I can't believe how quickly time has been flying.  Already nine weeks since your hardware removal!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: lizzy123 on November 11, 2010, 06:10:18 PM
So last friday I went to see a physical therapist for the first time. He told me I could drive. YAY!  Im going twice a week. Getting on the treadmill (I have to hold on to the rails) relearning how to walk is hard and retraining all my muscles that I feel I have lost all function.

Lynsey sounds like you had alot done. Hope you feel better!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on November 14, 2010, 04:30:39 PM
Lizzy, glad to hear you're back on the road! The walking again really is difficuly. I actually didn't do well at it at all. I limped for a really long time, until I started doing some pool exercises. I didn't walk correctly until I practiced walking in the pool where I wasn't worried about weight or falling. That really helped, and then I eventually lost the limp.

I'm not doing too bad at all! It's for the most part really really good. I am SO happy that my hip doesn't pop or grind anymore. My only problem now is patience. I need to just chill and let everything heal, but i'm really not good at that. Walking is okay without anything at home, but when I go to school, the added weight of my backpack makes my hip KILL me, and then of course there is the 30 minute drive to and from school that doesn't help. So i've just been using crutches at school. I just need to quit whining and get in gear, but you all know how it is. I feel like I should be fine, because they didn't actually break any bones..... but it still really hurts sometimes! In the evenings and the mornings is the worst. The incision is still pretty painful. I don't dare touch it. It's been 16 days today, and I feel like it's been forever and I should be better by now.

Hope all is well with everyone else!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Alyce on November 23, 2010, 09:33:33 PM

Hi Lyndsey,

I had no idea you were having all that work done.† I was just there 11/04 to have my hardware removed.† We could have been hall mates!  Aren't the new digs fancy?

It sounds painful just reading what you had done, let alone living with it.† I just can't imagine walking with a 40 lb. backpack and crutches.† You will heal quickly like the first major surgery, and then you will be done.

It's a drag going back to no driving, especially around the Holidays.† My pain really spiked when I started PT again.† I'm assuming yours was not your right leg?

Just wanted to touch base and say how happy I am that he found the sources of the problem, and all is fixed.† Sorry about the long scar.† Hang in there, and don't ever worry about complaining.

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on November 24, 2010, 02:01:43 PM
Hi Aree!

The worst part of it all was I had no idea I was having all that work done! I knew there was alot of pain in my hip, and I knew he would have to go in and fix it. I just had NO idea there was so much wrong. Yuck. The backpack and crutches is pretty difficult. The worst part is, I can walk pretty well, but it's painful after a while. So I really have to be careful. I have no restrictions, but yet pain seems to be pretty restricting itself this time.

I'm a tiny bit worried. It's been 3 and a half weeks since surgery, and it's still hurting me. If I do absolutely nothing it doesn't really hurt, and if I walk a little i'm okay. But the minute I do some stairs, or walk more than a little, i'm in pain. I thought i'd be able to go back to doing what I do by now. I know I can't ride for a while, but I thought walking would be okay. I can hear the voice of Dr. T's PA telling me I should be fine by now. lol. I guess i'm frustrated because thanksgiving is coming up, and if I take percocet i'm fine and can walk around really well, but then it wears off. I only have 10 left, so i'm going to have to really think about how much activity I want to do and how much pain I want to shoulder over this holiday. Ugh, sorry to vent again, i'm just really frustrated! On top of all that, the leg is still swollen and warm. Now, the incision itself looks AMAZING whoever sowed me up did a wonderful job.

Yep, it was my left leg, although I drive a standard, so i'm just now getting back to the swing of driving. Thanks for the message! :)

Take care and have a great Thanksgiving!!!!!!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Alyce on November 24, 2010, 06:32:02 PM
Hi Lyndsey,

I would expect you to still be in quite a bit of pain this soon out.† I think you should call Jessica and have her phone in some pain pills for you.† If you are in pain, then your body can't heal.† Plus, and I'm speaking from experience, at some point you just get tired of fighting the pain.† You have had many complications, and the whole recovery process can make you weary.† Dr. T. would have no problem with giving you more pain meds to get you through the Holidays.

I bet your scar is pretty.† The last thing I asked Dr. T. before I went into surgery, is if he would please stitch me up.† He did such a fantastic job with the first scar that it was barely noticable.† I always had sun screen on it, and I am very fair skinned, so I scar well.† People actually have complimented me on my scar, which always makes me laugh.† Only a caring surgeon of 30 years stitches from the inside so that it is one fine white line!

I hope you start to feel better soon.† Feel free to vent anytime.† It will slowly get better.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: WorkinWings on November 26, 2010, 11:21:35 PM
This whole moving to the >300 posts section deserves congratulations, but has made this thread very hard to locate....
Cranker, dear....Howya doing?!?† †We love success stories....Bring it on!†
Miss hearing from ya!
Come back to your (as well as Dr Sanders') thread!!

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: drmark on November 27, 2010, 02:47:52 AM
Thanks ClippedWings.† But, I am honored to be on the same thread with Dr. Teitge
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on November 27, 2010, 05:16:13 AM
Whoa. :D
It's nice to be missed! :)
I suppose I can bring myself out of my Thanksgiving food coma to update, especially since I have happy things to report.

Once I got the ok from Dr. Sanders to gradually increase my activities over a few weeks, naturally the first thing I did was go to the gym and run on the treadmill. I was curious to see how metal-free running would feel. It feels so much better, almost like normal. Movement is much more fluid and natural feeling. Maybe this isn't so special, since I've been able to "run" for a while, but it's nice to see and feel the improvement. It's not "running" anymore, it's just plain old running.

The second thing is bowling. It's much better now! Before the hardware removal, bowling was the suck--if you could even call it bowling. Taking a few steps and chucking the ball in pain is hardly bowling. It hurt so much in the thigh, around the plate, plus the snapping. But now, no snapping and only a little pain. It was a great feeling, to see and feel that progress, and to feel really optimistic about being able to get back into it.

I'm doing even more in the gym then I was before. It's a balance, trying to work hard without doing too much and hurting for days on end. I'm kind of figuring it out LOL. I'm lifting more than I was prior to hardware removal and doing lots of single leg-type exercises but with weights now and with less difficulty and pain. I still have pain in the thigh, which seems to be the source of the limp that won't die, but I suppose I just have to keep being patient and just working at it. No pain in the knee. :) No instability. :) No tibia pain, just numbness and tightness.

I'm planning on playing some pickup basketball soon now that I feel more confident about my running.

Thanks ClippedWings for checking up on me!

Thanks Dr. Sanders for being a great surgeon, for fixing me up, for going that extra mile for your patients, and for putting up with me through it all. I'm glad to have Dr. Teitge teaching us about this stuff and I'm honored to have you for a doctor.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: lizzy123 on December 13, 2010, 02:46:25 AM
Hey everyone! hope everyone is doing well.
So **update** with me, I'm little over 11 weeks post op. about three weeks are so ago , i stopped using the one crutch and have been getting around ok. I still have a limp in my right leg, that I'm desperately trying to get rid of before i go back to school and work.

No pain issues except for when i bend my knee, on the inside of my leg i get a sharp pain. they think its just a muscle or tendon that just has been used in months.
The doctor said my bones are fully healed and are looking nice. I def. can see improvement in the alignment of my knee compared to my left knee.
Heres a picture of my legs together

heres a picture of the hardware in my tibia
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Lyndsey on December 14, 2010, 10:15:40 PM
lizzy, crazy hardware! The limp truly took me almost a year to get rid of, and it was never gone completely until the hardware removal. Even now, i'm a little over 6 weeks out of dr. t repairing my tendon and shaving the bone, and I still limp, especially after a long day. Glad to hear you are doing well!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: lizzy123 on December 16, 2010, 04:21:23 AM
im not getting my hardware removed
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on January 14, 2011, 09:19:02 PM
Hey everyone! It's been about 4.5 months since my hardware removal and arthroscopy and wow like 14 months since my derotation surgery. Time flies when you're having fun?!

I think I'm doing pretty well if my lack of updating this thing is any indication. It must mean I'm off living my life and not thinking about my leg anymore. ;D

I've been using running as one of my gauges of progress and I'm super happy to post that running is not an issue for me. It feels almost normal, definitely doesn't hurt, and I can jog a mile faster now then I could before the surgery, and possibly faster then I could 10 years ago. I'm looking forward to playing basketball come spring time.

I have bowled a few more times since posting last, and it's better with each outing. As long as I don't push it too far, my thigh doesn't hurt much after ward. Strength in the upper part of my leg is still a bit of an issue, so I need to keep working it. It doesn't affect me at all in day to day stuff or with running, but squatting type things like bowling, the weakness is evident. I've been asked to bowl on a good team in a really competitive league in the fall so it's time to really focus more on bowling and elevating my game.

I still have some pain and irritation and soreness, mostly where the femur work was done, but nothing to complain about. My biggest focus is on having all my strength back--and more. The elliptical seems to be the best piece of equipment for this, along with the stationary bike and exercises like squats and lunges. What I've learned from the hardware removal though, after being made to sit still for a few weeks, is that giving my thigh some time to chill really is helping more than anything. I have seen a lot of improvement in that area by backing off. I still notice improvements in strength so I must be getting it right.

So there it is. I'm still alive and kicking! I'm pretty satisfied with my results and very happy with my choice to travel to Dr. Sanders to have it done right and all at once. Rock on! Sanders Clinic for the win!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: agresknee on January 16, 2011, 02:39:28 AM
Loved reading your post you sound AWESOME so happy for you,  Kate is doing awesom in Basketball nothing new to report which is a really good thing.

congrats on your success
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: agresknee on February 07, 2011, 02:56:05 AM
Read your advice on a post was great advice

Hope your doing well, lost your post during all the moving around so glad to see your still out here and doing well
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on February 07, 2011, 03:03:06 AM
Thanks! Glad to see you still hanging around as well. Super glad to read that things are still going well for Kate!

I think I'm doing pretty complaints :)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: agresknee on February 20, 2011, 08:57:21 PM
Still remember your first post glad you have no complaints and all is well!!!!!!!! Same in NC she has her last game tomorrow for Basketball and it was a fun season, sorry to see it end not sure what I will do Friday nights next   Coming up on two years soon and she is a success glad you are as well.

Nice to catch up keep up the good work
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: WorkinWings on March 31, 2011, 11:34:56 PM
Hey, Cranker!

I know why you've been so quiet here in your thread: you've been doing wonderfully well :-)

But I wonder if you've seen this article about your Super Surgeon??

Here's the link:

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 01, 2011, 05:19:34 PM
Hey ClippedWings, errr wait, WorkinWings :-)

It just so happens that I have seen that article, but thanks for sharing it. :)
The funny thing about that article is that for both of my surgeries, going to Gainesville tended to turn many heads. The hospital staff, seeing on my wrist tag that I was from MD, just kept saying, "You came here? From MD?! But that's faaaaaar." At the hotel, when I gave the attendant my license, same thing: "You came here? To Gainesville? For a surgery like that?" I just kept saying "Yes, you all have one of the best surgeons in the country for these kinds of things and I would go to podunk if that's where he was operating out of." It's really a no-brainer.

Since I'm on here, I will update and say that yes I have been doing quite well. No complaints. Life is moving along, which is a blessing. As far as my leg goes, well it has been 7 months since the hardware removal and I don't care to count how long since the derotation surgery and things are still going well I think. They say you are never the same after surgery, and I can believe that. Just from the plica excision 4 years ago, things never felt the same. Since the derotation, yes, my leg still feels like I had surgery. It works like it should and my knee doesn't hurt and the patella stays in place, but sure some parts of my leg around the incision still feel "different" and even sensitive. Most days I think about my leg very little. I think about my knee specifically hardly ever. I just don't see my knee as an issue anymore. Aside from not having the pain or instability (as if that isn't enough!), I can't begin to describe how refreshing it is not to think about that knee anymore--the knee that has been on my mind or in the back of my mind since grade school.

I've been working with a soft tissue therapist and strength and conditioning coach as part of my on-going goal to get in better shape overall. We focus right now mainly on my thigh area around the incision as well as hip flexors and the other tissue and muscles in that area. He does ART (thanks Suzanne!) and also the Graston technique to stimulate the area and work out scar tissue. He says my muscle strength is good, but there's room for improvement of course. I am not one to really go for what I deem the "hocus pocus" with the adjustments and the massage, but what he does seems to relieve some of the tightness in the area and help get the tissue from being bound up, which means more fluid movement and muscles that work in my favor. Mostly time has been the biggest contributor in my opinion, along with the stretching and working out.

So yeah, I do everything I want to do. Everything isn't to the level it was at various points in my life (usually at the expense of pain), but there's nothing I can't do and very little that I do that leaves me wishing I didn't do it.

The other leg is a different story, but it has been mostly cooperative. It's never been unstable, which is the main reason I don't fix it yet, but it does hurt and I can feel that it doesn't track right. I now call it the new bad knee while the straight leg is the new good knee. Moving on with life and living life just seemed more appealing than more surgery at this time, so I willingly duke it out with the right with no complaints. I just hope Dr. Sanders hasn't retired by the time I'm ready to fix that one, if that day ever comes.

So that's it for now. Apparently some people still read this, so there's your update. Life is good. Leg is good. No complaints. :)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: agresknee on April 14, 2011, 03:32:55 AM
AWESOME post I LOVED IT, Kate is still doing ART and I am really glad you find it helping, she doesnt do the adjustments just ART but I swear it has kept her on the court and pain free, I dont think she even thinks about her knee anymore.......who thought we would get here from those early days.

In a little while it will be two years from kates surgery but my life is good and so is her, I now have a new worry as a parent she is off to college in the fall.

I am so happy  your doing so great!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: emergRN on April 29, 2011, 07:54:42 PM
Happy Birthday ;D
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 29, 2011, 07:58:18 PM
Awesome! Thanks! ;D
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: smillie on April 30, 2011, 03:43:32 AM
The funny thing about that article is that for both of my surgeries, going to Gainesville tended to turn many heads. The hospital staff, seeing on my wrist tag that I was from MD, just kept saying, "You came here? From MD?! But that's faaaaaar." At the hotel, when I gave the attendant my license, same thing: "You came here? To Gainesville? For a surgery like that?" I just kept saying "Yes, you all have one of the best surgeons in the country for these kinds of things and I would go to podunk if that's where he was operating out of." It's really a no-brainer.

They must be getting used to the traveling patients now, because when I was dealing with the people at the hospital and hotel they would start to ask and then would stop and say, "Oh, you must be here to see Dr. Sanders."  :-)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on April 30, 2011, 12:01:37 PM
They must be getting used to the traveling patients now, because when I was dealing with the people at the hospital and hotel they would start to ask and then would stop and say, "Oh, you must be here to see Dr. Sanders."† :-)
Cool! When I had my first surgery, I believe he only had that clinic open for a few months at that point so it makes sense. Small towns are funny though. Word travels fast and everybody knows everybody.

When is your surgery? May 17th or somewhere around there?
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: smillie on April 30, 2011, 06:42:08 PM
Living in a small town, I can attest--word travels fast and everyone knows what everyone else is doing.  LOL  I still am getting used to finding out that people I've not yet met know all of my business.  :o 

We go over a week from tomorrow. Surgery is on the 9th. I'm trying to figure out what I should pack and what we'll need in the hotel.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on May 09, 2011, 09:26:36 PM
Smilllie! Hopefully you are settled in your room now and on the path to recovery. I'm not sure if you have a thread somewhere created for your surgery, so I'll post here in hopes that you see it. Just want to wish you a speedy and uneventful recovery. You are/were in GREAT hands. Hopefully I'll talk to you soon. Take care.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on June 19, 2011, 03:52:56 AM
So, here's an update.

Quite a few people have been asking me online and offline lately about my activity level, the "long term" results of surgery, and Dr. Sanders.

For my activity level, I do everything I want to do. I feel like I keep saying this, but there it is again in case you missed it in my previous posts. I mountain bike at intermediate level a couple of times a month. I ride paved trails a few times a week, sometimes longer depending on where we go. I'm bowling as much as I want and am probably going to go back to bowling tournaments this summer and resume leagues and serious tournament play in the fall. The fact that I'm just now doing bowling like this isn't because of my leg so much as my motivation level to bowl as well as miscellaneous health issues completely unrelated to my leg. I play whatever sport I want, mostly just for fun, but sometimes more competitive when I feel like it. This obviously isn't a ton of activity compared to people who play in rec leagues or run 10Ks, but for me, it's a lot more than I've done in many many many years. Plus, I really feel like if I wanted to play rec league basketball, I could.

Today I biked 20 miles in the morning then went to a cookout and played ultimate frisbee, soccer, basketball, and football all afternoon and evening. My leg doesn't feel any different than it did when I woke up at 8 am, after 4 hours of sleep. Two weeks ago I was on vacation and walked all over every city we visited each day as well as danced the nights away on the cruise ship, with very little consequence. I'm honest, somedays by the end of the day (i guess I should say by the end of the early morning when I decided to finally sleep), my upper leg--the area that seemed to take the longest to bounce back--would feel a bit fatigued and a little more irritated than normal but it didn't "hurt" and did not stop me from enjoying vacation or doing anything I wanted to. My knee never hurt.

My husband commented that it's so great to see me active this last year and finally doing the things I enjoy without dealing with pain or instability. Last summer I was so happy to finally just do things that I hadn't done for so long. This summer I'm very grateful not only to do those things, but also to do them well, and without much consequence. Personally, it's a fair trade to not be able to do things quite as well as I once did, but to at least be able to do them without knee pain. It's certainly nice to be able to do them without apprehension. While I'm not quite sure that my leg will physically ever feel like I never had surgery, I can say that none of that interferes with doing the things I want to. Strength is something that can continually be worked on, so I don't count that in equation. The remaining residual irritation is so manageable that I consider it mostly a nonfactor. It's there, I accept it, and I move on. It doesn't stop me.

Last, regarding Dr. Sanders, I think if you've read even a portion of this thread you will know that I think the world of my surgeon. Everybody thinks they have the best doctor, I know I'm not special in that regard, but I will be realistic and break it down and state facts. The facts are there are many doctors out there, but only a few that will do the requisite imaging and thorough examinations that these patellofemoral issues demand before making a decision on surgery. Only a few have the know how, guts, and skill level to perform the complex procedures to fix these patellofemoral issues that often go unnoticed or undiagnosed.† Only a few understand and know how to correct the mistakes of previously failed surgeries. As always, your mileage may vary, but you always have a choice in who you trust to attempt to fix you. Exercise that freedom of choice and make sure you get yourself thoroughly evaluated. I obviously don't regret my choice of who I let fix me.

My right still twisted knee a few weeks ago felt as though it passed the point of no return, to the point of picking up the phone to make that call to TX once I got back from vacation, but for whatever reason has calmed down greatly in this time. Fingers crossed that it will behave. I'm not optimistic, but am obviously hopeful.

I'm probably not going to touch this thing for a good long while after this. There's nothing left to say on this one. If you have questions, you can post here, email me, or catch me posting in other threads.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: agresknee on June 19, 2011, 10:36:06 PM
YOUR post is so AWESOME I wish there was some way for the new people who join this community to find it!!!!! I read some of the new posts and refer them to yours.

Congrats on all your progress  and I enjoy your FB and seeing you enjoy life knee complications free
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Clarkey on June 21, 2011, 05:28:04 PM
Hi There,

I have seen your posts on KG and like me are a regular poster and really pleased for you that you are making some real progress after your knee problems. I am also more and less over my knee problems and has been over 6 weeks now since I could go for a jog for the 1st time in over 3 and a half years.† It is nice to read a postive post for a change where a members knee is almost back to normal and pleased you have shared your success on your thread.

Just do not over do it as I did and ran too many mile at once and my knee flared up and could not run for 2 weeks. Slow and steady progress is the best way to get back to normal physical activities. Could maybe do a marathon one day that I hope to do one year and already training for it.

Nick† :) {2011} :)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on June 23, 2011, 12:17:52 AM
Thanks Suzanne and Nick! It is very nice to be living life and enjoying myself. Nick I'm very pleased to hear that things are going better for you and that you are now able to run. That is just excellent. Do remember, slow and steady definitely finishes the race, even with running. Best wishes for the marathon run. Running isn't my thing, but being able to play basketball with confidence and without knee pain sure does feel good.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Hooligan on July 11, 2011, 05:50:33 PM
Hi there -
I just wanted to pop in to this thread. I rarely post on this site, but have read this thread for a while (along with Brianne's) and have found it very helpful. If you don't mind, I have a question I'd like to run by you all. It's about fear of reinjury.

Following years of subluxations, I had a TTT one year ago. I've worked hard at the rehab - my ROM is great, I can jump, I can squat (and I look super fit - lol!). There are muscle imbalances and tightness, but I really think it will sort itself out with more hard work.

However - I have a residual and constant fear of reinjury. I was walking so badly before the surgery for two years that I developed all sorts of compensatory movements. Mostly, I would hike my hip and not fully weight bear through my left leg. In the past two weeks, my gait has FINALLY started to normalize - but it makes my heart skip a beat every time. I got so nervous and shakey the other day I had to bust out the cane - it's absurd!!

Repeated subluxations are no joke - before the surgery, I'd literally fallen on my face in the middle of the street from my knee going out. I have to say, my only regret with this surgery is that I didn't have it sooner before all these fears set in.

I see some of you have made phenomenal progress - some of you even run, which blows my mind. How have you overcome this fear?


Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on July 16, 2011, 04:16:43 AM
Hi Hooligan, glad to hear you are doing well after your TTT. I remember you posting a while back in this thread.

You are so right, recurrent instability is no joke and it does a number on the psyche. Prior to surgery, I was walking pretty terribly as well--like a pirate with a peg leg!

I'm not really sure how to answer your question without sounding all perky and motivational and annoying, like the opening speaker at a high school graduation.

For me, I just reminded myself that I did a lot of groundwork and had a lot of help to get my knee working properly. I would be doing a disservice if I let fear keep me from using my leg to it's fullest potential. I basically kept reminding myself that I didn't go through surgery just to wuss out of everything surgery was meant to give me.

There's no way to know it works without using it. I just reminded myself, if it's fixed, it isn't going to go out, and if for some reason it isn't fixed, I wouldn't know unless I used it to find out. When I was working with my favorite trainer, I told him I was so annoyed at having to fight my mind, let alone my leg, to do some things. It's not that I wouldn't do them, because I always gave it my all and did my best and pushed through, but I was just tired of the thoughts that would initially come into my mind, especially when doing movements like those that involved twisting. What he told me was, "If [Dr. Sanders] said your knee is fixed then it is fixed." That was the end of that conversation.

You have trained your brain and body to behave a certain way with your knee, now you just have to train it again.

So I say, trust yourself that you did the best thing for you knee, trust your doctor that he fixed you, and then beyond that, just do it. If seeing is believing, well you won't know unless you use it the proper way. It's either fixed or it's not and if you never do anything to find out, then you just rob yourself of all that you could be doing with your fixed knee. And if it's not fixed, then you are just prolonging finding out. For some, ignorance may be bliss, but that's not me.

Are you doing any plyometric type exercises? Any that involve twisting or cutting? The reason I ask is because these types of things are more explosive and you really are relying more on action and less on thinking to do them, because they are deliberate and require you to do the motion before you can think about it.

For just general walking, that is something you just have to overcome in your mind. Walk deliberately. Count in your head if you need to, to force your body into a cadence. And remember, if you cheat, you are only cheating yourself.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Hooligan on July 16, 2011, 08:25:33 PM
Hi -

Crankerchick, you certainly didn't sound perky or annoying or anything of the sort! Everything you wrote was right on the mark.

In my head I know you are right. I've got to just find out if it's fixed - push it and see...and live with whatever happens. I am just prolonging finding out - and since it IS fixed, it's so true that I am robbing myself of time with a great, functional knee. When I don't want to do things, friends think it's because my knee must hurt. It's so hard to explain that it totally DOESN'T hurt - it just feels weird, and sometimes I'm just exhausted from fighting to move/walk normally. I often repeat in my head, "I'm so over this. I'm so over this. I'm so over this."

I think the problem is that in my rehab we skipped some basic steps. I could squat and jump before the surgery - just about anything that kept the knee bent, and therefore stable. I could swim 2km, no problem. I biked 12km to work every day. What I couldn't do was walk properly or stand on that leg with it fully extended, with quad contracted (i.e., tree pose in yoga).There is a basic foundation that I am missing. My new physio and are going to start attacking that this week.

As for plyometrics - you are right about needing to get "moving". I like stable, isometric exercises - which will only get me so far. However, I am starting with a personal trainer this week. We are going to start slow and see where things go. I'm going to stick with this to the bitter end! I have to get this left leg working to its full capacity...because the right knee is twitching with a sneaky sense of instability and it needs to be fixed too.

Thank you for the inspiring words.


Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: WorkinWings on October 20, 2011, 04:23:28 PM

Thinking of you today: the second anniversary of your untwisting...

Your great spirit, your hard work, and very generous sharing of the knowledge you acquired, have made of your surgical success story such an amazing inspiration, that it has in these two years spawned several new "generations" of successfully fixed knees out there!

Many cheers to you (and to Dr. Mark Sanders) today!!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 27, 2011, 02:32:45 AM
WorkinWings, thanks for remember my 2-year untwisting day or as I called it, my Happy Straight-leg Birthday. It's funny, I was doing something on Wednesday and thought, "Whoa, what day is it? Is it past the 20th?!" Then I looked at the calendar and breathed a sigh of relief that I hadn't missed my straight-leg birthday.

It's nice not to think about that knee anymore. What a blessing to almost forget that 2 years ago I was giving some bald head doctor dude the evil eye as he made me bend my leg only moments after opening my eyes from surgery.

Thanks for remembering and thanks for your words. Sorry it took me a while to respond, but as they say, folks tend to stay away from here once they are out enjoying their fixed parts.

Happy 2-year straight leg birthday to me!

Special thanks to the folks on here for helping to save me from the clutches of those with less knowledge on this topic and super special thanks to Dr. Mark Sanders and all the folks at the Sanders Clinic for doing what they do best, and better than the rest, day in and day out.

Rock on.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: greyliston on October 28, 2011, 04:29:16 PM
Thanks to you crankerchick for providing good information to those who are desperately seeking it!
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Driden on October 28, 2011, 07:09:55 PM
She gives a pretty good pep talk, too. I see a career in
Motivational speaking.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 28, 2011, 09:56:00 PM
Haha thanks guys.† I just feel pretty passionate about this topic and want to help in the same way that I was helped by folks here and the people in TX. My thread has gotten pretty large but hopefully it is still helpful.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on June 13, 2012, 12:32:58 AM
I don't know if anyone even still reads this thread anymore, but I've posted an update (a positive one) in the PF section. I won't repeat it here, but here's a link to it.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 21, 2012, 02:36:17 AM
I almost let the day go without popping in here to give a special update. Today marks 3 years post-op from derotation of my femur and tibia along with tibial tubercle advancement and I spent it doing something I love, something I couldn't do for what seemed like forever before I had this surgery.

I spent my straight leg birthday in the bowling center all day, working and bowling with the likes of 37-time PBA titleist and USBC and PBA Hall of Famer Norm Duke and the fine east coast representatives of Storm Bowling Products. I was on my feet all day, and I'll finish my weekend off tomorrow with competition bowling.

Not a bad way to celebrate 3 years of being the proud owner of 1 straight leg.

This site was so pivotal in my journey towards getting better educated about the conditions and treatment options for patellofemoral pain. I'm just really happy and thankful for all of the help I got here. I can't say thanks enough to Dr. Mark Sanders for fixing me up, staying committed and involved in my recovery, and for continuing to be a great resource even now.

It's been 3 years. Wow. Rock on.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 21, 2013, 02:06:49 AM
Well, here it is, 4 years later. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I don't have much to say because life is good.  My leg is good. I actually want to say it's better than it was this time last year. Not only does my leg not bother me noticeably, it really seems like the little nagging discomfort in my thigh has almost gone away completely. I don't know if it's even possible/probable that things can improve this far out from surgery, but I know what I feel and what I feel and notice is some of the situations where I did used to feel discomfort in the thigh, like laying on that side on the floor, or walking all day long and then trying to climb stairs, I just don't even notice pain in those situations anymore. My leg definitely feels like my own, even around the tibia. About the only thing that reminds me I've had surgery is the numbness, which will never go away and isn't an issue anyway.

Most importantly, I continue not to have knee pain. No instability. I don't trip over my straight leg anymore LOL.

This was also a very good bowling season for me, having bowled events across 7 states and having a very good run in them. After 3 years of knee issues, surgery, rehab, and practicing my way back, I had my best season in probably 7 years, capturing a tournament win, several top 5 finishes (3 in large national events) and a special doubles win in an event I bowled with my husband. It was our first win as husband and wife (we got married a few months before my surgery).

I have had some very positive developments in my life as of late, with the main one being the key motivator for this surgery in the first place. It's wonderful to feel things coming together, from the effort to find a diagnosis, the almost wrong surgery, the surgery itself, the rehab, getting back to sports on my terms, and now big life changes. It sounds cheesy, but all of this is no doubt thanks to the folks here who helped me, the people at the Sanders Clinic who went above and beyond to help me, and biggest of all, my awesome doc Dr. Mark Sanders who took time to answer my hundreds of questions and then fixed me up to better than I was before. Picking up some lifelong friends along the way just sweetened the deal.

I can't wait to see what life has in store for me in the next few months, but I'm so happy to enter this new phase of life without my leg being even the slightest worry on my radar.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 21, 2014, 02:39:41 AM
I'm not sure who still reads this (that's probably a good thing), but here goes.

The last post was 1 year ago, on the 4 year anniversary of my surgery.

Here I am now 5 years out and still doing well.

Life is so different now from where I was when I was being wheeled into that OR 5 years ago. At this time 5 years ago, I was laying in a hospital bed wondering when I would be able to finally live my life on my terms. I was excited about what life would be like to have a straight leg, but I would be lying if I said I didn't also wonder what life would be like if the surgery didn't work out for me.

I was optimistic because I was confident I had made the right decision for myself after doing a lot of research, asking a lot of questions, and doing a lot of soul searching. Like anyone, though, there were times I was still a bit nervous--that something would derail all of my efforts.

Yet, here I am 5 years later and everything has come full circle. When I went in for this surgery, I had many things on my mind. I had just gotten married and starting a family was definitely on my mind. I wanted to bowl. I wanted to play sports without pain. Some days leading up to the surgery, I just wanted to be able to walk!

Now 5 years later, I am doing all of those things.

Yep, one by one each of the things that I dared to hope for and dream about as I did my cannonballs in that hospital bed 5 years ago have come to pass.

I walk. I run. I bowl. I play basketball. I ride my mountain bike.

Now I run behind my little one.

My daughter is 9-months old. Every day I carry her around. I crawl around on the floor with her. I run to her when she cries. I take her on walks around the lake.

I do all of these things and I don't think about my straight leg at all. Or, I guess I should say, I don't think about pain or instability in my straight leg at all. When I think about that leg, it's usually to smile because it's fixed and it doesn't bother me at all.

What a blessing.

Thanks to Dr. Mark Sanders and everyone at the Sanders Clinic for doing what to you all is probably just another day's work but for your patients is doing something that gives them the opportunity for a new lease on life.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Clarkey on October 21, 2014, 03:46:20 PM
Hi Crankerchick,

It makes a pleasant change to read a success story on KG bulletin board as the majority of posts are negative about failed surgeries with knee problem worse than it was pre op. Despite your setbacks with numerous amounts of knee surgery you have managed to get back to full fitness again.

Dr. Mark Sanders is one of the top OS's for knee problems to see and have not seen him for a while posting on KG Bulletin Board, I expect he is extremely busy so has got no time anymore to sign into the bulletin board.

I am hoping that despite being more prone to excessive scarring and AF that I will soon be running again at a competitive level long distance that has been put on hold since January 2013. Two scopes does not put me off pushing myself to run again despite knowing that running on a hard surface slowly wears the knee out.

Congratulations on your 5th anniversary success, you were lucky to have Dr Sanders and his medical team to sort out your past knee problems.

[email protected]

Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Storres on July 16, 2016, 05:43:26 PM
Hi I am not sure if you still look at this diary, but I would like to contact you but I am not sure ho how to send private messages. Still new in this website.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: vickster on July 17, 2016, 07:59:32 AM
You need 20 posts to be able to PM. You can get your count up in the games room part of the forum, but do read the rules before joining any of the games. There are other get to know you threads to join too :)
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Clarkey on October 20, 2016, 03:18:29 PM
Oct 20, 2009
Day 0
I would like to thank everyone for the well wishes.

I'm of course out of surgery now. It took a bit longer than originally expected. The doc said it took a bit longer to transport me from table to table (different table for femur and tibia). We didn't not do the arthroscopy. We ended up doing my femur 22 and my tibia. My patellas brought down 16mm.

They wheeled me out of the outpatient waiting aroomd 7:30, right on team. I said bye to mom, who I think held up really well. I, however, started to get emotional while they were wheeling me to the OR. I started crying. The anesthesiology joked with me while walking and then just gave me the sleepy medicine and that's all she wrote.

I woke up the recovery room to a very nice nurse who was tking my vitals and feeding me ice chips. Dr. Sanders came in told me how everything went and then did the cannonball stretch right away.

At some point after that I was wheeled to my room where my mom waiting for me.

The staff has been great so far. PT has been in twice (once every hour) to do my cannon ball. On the first visit, we got up on the crutches and took a few steps. I was a bit weak though, so we didn't do much.

Then I was able to eat, just liquid foot of jello, sorbet, juice, tea and water. They said as long as I keep that down, I can have reall food for dinner.

Doc just left my room again to check on me. His day is done, but he said to call him if I have problems, otherwise he would talk to me tomorrow.

I'm pretty tired, falling asleep writing this.

My pain level isn't bad at all, lyin gstill that is. THe cannonballs suprisingly don't hurt. Its the straightening back to normal after having bent. My femur just mostly feels like I fell on it. The tibia/shin hurts more than the femur, but so ffar not terrible.

I think that is all. My eyes are drooping. I probably have another 30 minutes before P/T comes back so its nappy time.

Hi Crankerchick,

Curious and intrigued on your 7th anniversary today if the 'Derotational Osteotomy' is still a success or are you now starting to feel aches and pains again, hindering your sporting activities. My OSís registrar mentioned doing an Osteotomy over a year ago as I am on the borderline? My OS thinks it would not be a wise move, maybe the registrar was being to big-headed trying to be one step ahead and should never have suggested it in the first place.

Hope 7 years on that it is still very much a success story for you.

[email protected]
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: crankerchick on October 24, 2016, 04:44:12 PM
I'm a little late in posting this, as ironically, I was in Houston attending a technical conference on my kneeniversary.

Yes, 7 years since I had my left leg corrected for the mal-alignments that caused me so many problems for so many years. I couldn't be more grateful for the resources, help, and support I received here to get to the root of the problems and save me from the surgical mistake that was to be a Fulkerson TTT and lateral release in the presence of femoral anteversion and excess tibial torsion.

At 7 years out, I am 100% free of the pain and instability I dealt with for so many years. I walk, run, jump, kick, bowl, bike, and generally do anything I want to do without knee pain or instability. I'm the mother of a fabulous 2-year old that I'm able to care for confidently, without worrying of falling down as I run behind her.

I'm 90% free of the collateral damage of surgery to my femur and tibia. I do have tenderness internally   on the soft tissue of the femur that only bothers me when I lay on hard surfaces on that side. It's interesting, though, that even at 7 years out, this does still fade with time. I noticed a few months ago I was laying on the floor on that side in my daughter's room playing with blocks and I was laying on that side and didn't even feel it. The tibia is 99% pain free. It's a little odd sensation along the incision, and definitely still numbness lateral to the incision, but it's not painful at all and probably will never go away completely.

So my update is this. If you still read this, or if you come across it in your research. Do yourself a favor and make sure you have yourself thoroughly evaluated by a doctor that will look at each leg individually and will evaluate you for bony mal-alignments including knock-knees, bowed-legs, and excessively rotated femurs and tibias. This is not something that can be thoroughly evaluated by looking at your legs or regular x-rays. They are best quantified with rotational ct-scans and standing leg length x-rays. I found my doctor, Dr. Mark Sanders, in Houston, TX at the Sanders Clinic. There are choices out there and not every doctor is aware of or willing to evaluate these problems but is all too willing to do a cookie cutter procedure due to the presence of instability. It's important to treat the problem, not the symptom. I was able to eventually find a doctor that diagnosed the problem rather then just propose a surgical fix for the symptoms. I won't trust my legs to any other doctor now.
Title: Re: Derotational Osteotomy + TTT - 10/20/2009
Post by: Clarkey on October 24, 2016, 05:19:19 PM
Hi Crankerchick,

I am so pleased to see that 7 years after your Derotational Osteotomy that it is still a successful outcome and are benefiting greatly by going ahead with the surgery. Dr Mark Sanders sounds like a fantastic OS that not afraid to try and get his patients back to competitive sporting activities rather than saying you stuck with it for life! Learn to accept and live with it was what my PT said to me last week which is not something I can do so easily.

18/09/15 14 Months Day 427 Post Op

14 months post-op after AIR surgery and hope I am 3rd time lucky in 5 days when I finally get to see Prof Snow. Lucha, you are right that it a good that the hospital are making sure I am seeing the best! My right knee problems has not been a straight forward fix as originally planned.

Here a CT scan report done on my right knee with talk about a 'rotational osteotomy' by the registrar that my OS soon ruled out as an option not to go ahead with. Maybe the registrar is right after all as he the only one so far that pinpointed the intense knee pain while assessing my knee. 

Dear Dr ****

I have reviewed this gentleman in clinic today, with the results of the CT scan. His TT-TG on both sides is 13mm and there is approximately 37 degrees of external rotation of the distal tibia with respect to the proximal tibia on the right, and 42 degrees on the left.

I discussed possible treatments with rotational osteotomy, I explained all the pros and cons of the surgery, however I would like Professor Snow to consult the patient before listing him for further surgeries. I asked him to come back in four weeksí time and we can decide about his further treatment.

Yours sincerely

Mr *** ****

I do know that 13mm is within normal range and nothing to worry about. What I am not so sure about is the 37 degrees of external rotation of the distal tibia with respect to the proximal tibia on the right, and 42 degrees on the left is something to look at as it matches with the term Ďrotational osteotomyí

Could the wrong angles cause excessive maltracking problems to such an extent that the a knee realignment surgery of rotational osteotomy is required! PT has not helped my PFS is at a chronic level that it now having a daily impact in my daily activities.

I am not a expert as I am only guessing what could be wrong! I would think an exploratory scope or a lateral release surgery would be a less drastic form of surgery that often not a successful surgery! I will not say anything or suggest to something else. I will leave it to the capable hands of experts to decide what happens next. Why did he say surgeries in his report that could well be a grammar error! It could be for hardware removal if the procedure in the report was to go ahead.

[email protected]

No idea if I would benefit going ahead with such a big surgery or not?

[email protected]
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Post by: neptronix on March 20, 2018, 11:20:11 AM
Thanks so much for this update. I've been looking for some hope for a while. I have my kneecaps tilted outward significantly and a foot that's about 10-12 degrees out. Tibial torsion surgery is probably for me.

What surprises me is that your kneecaps went back into alignment after such major issues with them. Were your kneecaps hanging off to the side like mine too?
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Post by: Clarkey on March 20, 2018, 10:36:08 PM
Crankerchick does not post or visit very often on KG Bulletin Board, might get a delayed response back from her. I do not know what was going on when I saw my OS's registrar suggestion to me such a major surgery when I am only slightly out of alignment that is a common occurrence for many of the general public being bow legged. It is nice to hear a success story, good luck with what every surgery your OS decides to do that will take significant time to recover from! At least 18 months to 2 years for any type of knee realignment surgery.

[email protected]
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Post by: crankerchick on March 21, 2018, 03:07:08 PM
My kneecaps pointed in ever so slightly while my feet pointed out ever so slightly. When viewing my legs from a distance they looked slightly knock-kneed but once I bent them, it was apparent they were wonky. I saw myself in the mirror riding a bike after the surgery and my still twisted leg looked quite gross once bent and the rotation was more apparent.

My kneecaps do have a bit of tilt to the outside but the joint itself clearly points inward. I have femoral anteversion also so I think this makes sense. Femur rotates inward, tibia compensates back outward and the result is my feet look pretty normal but the joint is poorly aligned.

My left (corrected) knee is pain free and issue free. I still have some nagging discomforts from various aspects of the surgery itself, but they are the casualties from such an elaborate procedure in my opinion and donít affect me more than the original problem ever did. The surgery was worth the collateral damage of surgery itself. I was very fortunate not to have had any previous realignment surgeries to have made things worse and also very lucky that my cartilage behind the kneecap wasnít terribly damaged from the mal-alignment.

My right knee is still wonky and gives me pain and problems. It has started to be unstable as of late but life is not at a place right now where I can really do the surgery on that knee. When people ask about the knee and I show them how to look to see the wonkiness, they canít believe I walk on a joint with bones going 2 different ways. Again, itís quite subtle to see and is more apparent when looking from the right angle from above when the knee is bent or from a distance where you can see that my knee actually points in and isnít in line with my ankle. When I look at my fixed leg now, my knee joint points a bit more straight and is in line with my ankle. My foot also doesnít rest pointing outward.  My right knee the joint points in and is literally offset from my ankle to the inside (my knee joint isnít inline with ankle), again I guess because the torsion on the tibia rotating outward approaching the ankle. It just creates a mis-aligned knee joint as well as legs that donít carry the force of the body perpendicularly to the ground.
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Post by: neptronix on December 10, 2018, 05:42:04 PM
Thank you for chiming in again. Hope we hear that your other leg gets corrected one day and how it goes.
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Post by: neptronix on October 27, 2019, 02:18:30 PM
I just wanted to come in here and say thanks again. I had a derotational osteotomy done on my right tibia and went with an external fixator. The process was brutal and it took 8 months in the fixator for healing to be complete enough for it to be removed.

I still have both femurs to fix, but i am already seeing big improvements. The searing ankle pain is gone and the hip pain has gone from disabling to just a little nagging, which gives me a lot of hope for having that femur corrected and seeing it go byebye.

Your posts were a big inspiration to me and the reason why i am not in a wheelchair today.

I hope we hear how you are doing in the future.