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Title: Cany anyone tell me if my condition is bad
Post by: Thomas Grady on September 21, 2009, 10:12:01 PM
 I will try to explain my situation as best as i can Please help me understand if you can...I work as a plumber I first injured my right knee in Oct 06 and went to the doctor in in mar 07 I thought initially I had only sprained me knee... I explained every thing to the work comp Dr he prescribed physical therapy and and Pills... After 3 months my knee got worse while continuing to work... He ordered a MRI it came back as a #1. Suprapatellar effusion. #2 Oblique Tear of the posterior one third of the mid-body of the medial Meniscus,extending to the free edge of the Meniscus...
After this MRI Pieces of the Mencius broke off and became lodged in to the inside of  my Patella and remained the for 3 months while continuing to work I have my first surgery was in Oct of O7...
Things did not go so well for me after surgery and therapy the op doctor sent me back to work in Jan of 08 I worked 10 days and had to return to op with pain and swelling he ordered an MRI and took me off work... The MRI came back as a smaller residual  posterior horn Medial Mencius tear... I had a 2nd surgery to repair. My knee never felt worse after the 2nd surgery I had many problems all through out Therapy... After 1 year I paid for an MRI on my own and it cam back as a Tear of the Lateral Meniscus this time.. The work Comp Ins Co refuses to now treat me they say this is a separate injury to the same knee... I have done nothing to my knee to cause this Injury to my Lateral Meniscus I have not worked in 2 yrs since my first surgery... It it possible that this Injury I have now be caused by the Initial  Injury to my Medial Meniscus and also should the Dr taken me off work considering the type and nature of work I do... Heavy Construction and Industrial Pipe fitter... Someone please help me I have a comp lawyer no help and Kaiser Insurance which they cannot do anything for me until I am released from the comp DR which now the Insurance co will not respond to my lawyers request to change... I am in extreme pain and no medical Treatment, the pain pills I am taking keep me knocked out most of the time... Is there anyone on the Internet that can read my MRI Scans and tell me anything  how to take care of myself and the full extent of the damage now done to my knee.
Title: Re: Cany anyone tell me if my condition is bad
Post by: MorganaKC on September 21, 2009, 11:51:25 PM
Were the tears repaired or removed? You obviously have a fair bit of damage in your knee, and the most recent tear will be causing a lot of pain too.

My situtation is similar; repeated tears with no injuries but the first. Fortunately each surgery has been covered by ACC. The most important thing is to push for a new surgeon, but it all depends on your insurance scheme and health plans. It is possible that the most recent tear is from the first; often degenerative damage occurs after a significant injury. Try and work with your lawyer to insist that it isn't a separate injury.

Sorry I can't be much help. Also, try taking glucosamine supplements to rebuild cartilage and ease stiffness. Cycling is a good way to smooth the joint, strengthen your muscles and keep fit without weight-bearing and increasing the pain.

Good luck, I hope you get it sorted out.
Title: Re: Cany anyone tell me if my condition is bad
Post by: Thomas Grady on September 23, 2009, 09:23:07 AM
Thank you that was very informative information I do believe the condition is degenerative from the first intial injury... I am pushing for a new surgoen I blame him for the most of my problems for not taking me off of work before my first surgery.. He kept me working as a plumber for 9 months before operating the first time... The medical examiner that was used to settle my work comp claim said this was most likey destryoed my  knee.
I highly recommned anyone that is reading this and if you are an athlete or construction worker to consider the risk of this injury save your self a life time of pain and misery.