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Title: Mosaicplasty - 6 months on.....
Post by: BDP1972 on August 12, 2009, 04:48:28 PM
Please be gentle with me - I'm new here and my knee hurts!  ;)

Hello all

Where to begin......well, at the beginning of January 2008 I was knocked down by a car whilst out running (training for London marathon).  As well as shattering my right humerus and sustaining a radial nerve palsy and facial scarring, I landed heavily on my left knee.  There was no immediate damage done to it other than cuts and quite severe bruising and my surgeon's focus was obviously on the right arm in the immediate aftermath.

As time went on, the left knee didn't improve and continued feeling sore, bruised and generally uncomfortable, resulting in a referral to knee surgeon here in Edinburgh, a scan and the discovery of significant damage to the patello-femeral area (forgive, spelling and other errors but I'm not a medic).  Mosaicplasty was recommended (running was discouraged) and I went ahead with the procedure at the begnning of Feb this year.

6 months on, I've made some progress but the knee remains, if anything, more sore than prior to the operation.  My physio has plateaued, left quad is still noticeably weaker (I could be doing more on this I know), and knee itself gives pretty much 24/7 low grade aching with occasional swelling and general feelings of weakness.  Basically, I'm fed up with it.  Feels at the moment that I shouldn't have bothered with mosaicplasty especially having read some of the negative press that this procedure receives.  My surgeon, whilst recognised as good, lacks a little in the bedside manner and I find it difficult to get answers from him.  I have an appointment back there next week where I am expecting he will agree to re-scan as it has not improved in the 6 weeks since the last appointment and this was mentioned as an option then.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what he's likely to recommend if there's a problem and the grafts haven't taken?  More mosaicplasty?  Or is this something I'm going to have to live with?  Am I whingeing?  Or should I really be expecting some improvement by now?  I'm also petrified that I'm not going to run again - having come to running later on in life, I only then discovered how great it made me feel and how sane it kept me away from the usual work/family life pressures. 

With apologies for the whingeing and thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.....