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Title: Problems with Driving
Post by: ARC on September 08, 2003, 07:44:11 AM
Hi Gang:
I have a wierd question when it comes to driving.  As most of you know I am having problems with both knees and have been to 7 OS's with no succsess.  I am seeing a new doctor next month when I have insurance again.
Here is the question, I am finding that after I drive or sit in that position for any amount of time, the first couple of steps are killing me, and this is really affecting all the way up to both hips at this point. I know that only a doctor can give a correct diagnosis, but does this sound like arthritis to anyone, or has anyone experienced something similar.  The 1st couple of steps my knee(s) feel like they are going to give way, and I just lock my knee back to stop this from happening and they are constanly pins and needles.  I am looking at joing a gym but I can't tell them about my knee problems because they require a doctors note saying I can work out and I don't have a doctor yet.    
As always thanks in advance for any advice and support.  Hope everyone is having painfree days.
Title: Re: Problems with Driving
Post by: Emily on September 09, 2003, 03:18:38 AM

I have a lot of problems with my knee when it comes to driving too. The only thing that helps me at all is having the seat scooted back a bit farther than normal so that my knee isnt bent quite so much. It helps with pain when Im actually driving, but like you said the first few steps are still painful. I have been planning to talk to my PTs about this... but I always forget when I go down there.... Ill pass along anoy tips I get from them though! As for sitting for long periods of time (the biggest part of school!!) The only thing that helps with that is moving my knee a lot while Im sitting... or if possible, having my foot on something in front of me.  Best of luck with your appointment with your new OS, I really hope he can provide you with the help you deserve!  

Title: Re: Problems with Driving
Post by: dm on September 09, 2003, 03:34:34 AM
have you tried adding a cushion under your behind to change the angle of your knees? if you use a wedge, you can raise your behind while keeping your knees in the same spot, effectively straightening them a bit. Granted, you'll sit up higher, but maybe have less pain. Not such a big thing if you're short like me.
Title: Re: Problems with Driving
Post by: ARC on September 09, 2003, 03:51:12 AM
Emily and dm:
Thanks for the support and the suggestions.  The pain isn't really bad with driving or sleeping it is after the fact.  I may try the coushin idea to see if that helps.  Tonight I actually had to take pain meds, when I woke up a little while ago and the phone rang, I stood up and felt like both knees were going to go out from under me.  Just a couple more weeks before I can see another OS.  Keeping my fingers crossed, and thanks again.