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Title: my pre/post aclr diary 15/6/09
Post by: zarayyan on June 24, 2009, 09:39:20 PM
I've had so much support and information from reading other people's diaries, I have decided to post my own. So here goes: (if you want to straight to post op, scroll down to Mon 15th June 2009.

Fri 14th Nov 2008 – Newton Prep had organised a match at school against Hornsby House, another local school. With only 20mins into the game, I caught my foot in the ground, and twisted my knee. I fell in excruciating pain. I managed to limp off. Sarah and Mel got some ice for me to ice the knee. After realising I couldn’t put any weight on the knee Sarah called a taxi, and I decided to go straight to hospital. After a 2hour wait in A & E, I finally left the hospital on crutches, with what the doctor diagnosed as a knee sprain. Why, why, why do I get sucked into these meaningless football(soccer) matches. I enjoy the game, but it's not my main sport. I teach kung fu, which is my main hobby. I am now going to have to cancel my first class in almost 5 years! Frustrating!

Mon 17th Nov 2008 – It was inspection week at school, so I took a taxi and hobbled in on my crutches. I spent Tues and Wed hobbling in to school. Taking a taxi to school and back, which the school said they would kindly pay for. I managed to get through inspection, and was even observed on Wednesday by a very sympathetic inspector.

Thursday 20th Nov 2008 – On Thursday I stayed at home and decided to call a local sports physio for a second opinion on my knee. We went to see a guy called Chris McFadden in Stonecott Hill. By the end of the hour session, he managed to get me off the crutches, (thank God, as my hands were killing me more than my knee), but said he would need to see me again to make a final decision on what could be wrong. He said it was probably a torn Meniscus ligament.

Monday 24th Nov 2008 – After my second visit, there was an improvement in my range of movement, but I still couldn’t extend or flex the knee fully. Chris suggested I go to my doctor to get an MRI scan, or go to Vista in waterloo to get the scan done privately, which would be costly (£250) but get instant results.

Had my scan at Vista. Lay down inside a big machine for about 20 minutes. It hurt, as I had to try to keep my leg straight for the scan images to be clear. I got my results on Friday through my physio. The news was worse than expected as it turned out to be a complete acl rupture, grade 1 strain to my, grade 2 strain to the, bone bruising and bakers cyst. On the bright side, my PCL and meniscus were still in tact!

I went to see my GP with my scan results, who immediately referred me to St. George’s hospital for my op. I requested to see Dr Adrain Fairbank as Chris Mcfadden (my physio) has told me he was one of the best.

Wed 21st Jan 2009 - I went for my consultation, but unfortunately it was with a different consultant who wasn’t even a knee specialist just a doctor in the orthopaedic team. He then referred me to Dr Fairbank. With all this waiting around for appointments, I decided to secure Adrian fairbank as my surgeon by going to see him at his private clinic at Parkside in Wimbledon. It was well worth £185 as he literally booked me in there and then. He checked my knee, told me he would use my hamstring graft, looked in his diary for some dates and told me to contact his NHS secretary to get the ball rolling. I requested 1st June as I wanted it as close to the school summer holidays as possible. I left Adrian Fairbanks office feeling very positive.

I finally got a letter from SWELEOC (south west London elective orthopaedic centre) informing me that my op would be on Mon 15th June. I was happy to finally get an op date and it would be with Adrian Fairbank.

Saturday 13th June 2009 – Finally the weekend before the op has arrived. I went out with a group of friends and relatives for a meal. It was a meal for a friend of ours who had surgery on his spine and he has been in so much pain. It makes me think my op and pain is nothing to what he has been through after a 2 years of agony. At the restaurant I began feeling severe stomach pains and was desperate to get home.
I had the most horrendous night of stomach pains and was suffering from constipation. I had never felt anything so painful. I got about 2 hours sleep that night. My pains continued all day Sunday and I was getting worried that I wouldn’t be allowed to go ahead with the op. I decided to take some medication to calm it all down, but I was also conscious that I had to stop eating and drinking the night before.

Mon 15th June 2009 – The morning of the op arrived and the stomach pains had subsided but not completely gone away. Funnily enough, I was desperate to get to the hospital so I could be put to sleep so I wouldn’t feel my stomach pains and because I was exhausted. The nurse saw me. I also spoke to the anaesthetist about my medication and Dr Adrian Fairbank (my surgeon) spoke to me before the op. I arrived at the hospital at 8.30am and was being put to sleep an hour later. The pain of the anaesthetic going into my hand was the last thing I remember before waking up about 2 o’clock that afternoon in the recovery room, feeling rather sleepy, but very glad it was all over and I didn’t have any more stomach pains (lol) ! I left the hospital at 3 o’clock full weight bearing on crutches, with no brace. Just a full dressing and bandage on the incisions. I was told to rest and start gentle extension and flexion exercises. I was also given co-codamol, diclefenac and tramadol. My wife came to collect me and we went to pick the kids up from school. For the rest of the evening I felt very good. I decided I wasn’t going to take the tramadol and diclefenac if I didn’t need it. So I just took the co-codamol which helped to ease the minimal pain I had as the nerve block on my leg was so strong, I couldn’t feel anything anyway. I slept very well that night as I was still tired from the anaesthetic. I was dissapointed that I had spent £100 though on a cryocuff and was told not to use it for 2 days until the bandage comes off. I even took the cryocuff to the hospital with me thinking I could stick it straight on in the recovery room.

exercises - gentle ankle pumps and lost of elevated rest.

post op: day 1Tues 16th June 2009 – The next day after surgery I felt fine. Just lazed around all day. My wife had taken the day off work to look after me (bless her, she has been a rock)
Not much pain in the knee, as I was taking my meds regularly. The hamstring actually feels more sore than the knee. The rucksack tip is gold!

exercises - some leg raises, knee hangs and gentle heel slides.

post op : day 2
Wed 17th June 2009 – I am using the cryocuff now as I have taken off the outer bandage and just have the dressing and steri strips on with waterproof plasters on. The cryocuff is a dream! I have been exercising regularly and I now have full extension and about 70 degrees flexion, so all is well. The ice bottles in the cryocuff tip is great too.

post op - day 3
Thursday 18th June 2009 – I managed to sleep with the leg elevated on 3 pillows last night and had a good nights sleep too. I was desperate to have a shower, so I covered the knee with a plastic bag and managed to hobble into the bath and sit on the kids box step whilst showering. I did buy a bath seat, but decided to try and not use so I could return it if need be.

exercices - heel slides 100 degrees flexion. knee hangs, quad sets.

post op - day 4
Fri 19th June 2009 -  I think I have overdone my exercises today as I am feeling sore on my incision. Three of my cuts were keyhole but one was an open cut and I think the flexion exercises have stretched the cut too much. I phoned the hospital and they said to calm down with the exercises for a few hours until it subsides and try to only exercise gently every two hours as opposed to the one hour I have been doing.

exercises - just knee hangs.

post op - day 9Wed 24th June 2009 - First physio session since op. I made sure I took my pain meds before the session as I wanted to impress the physio and also incase she put me through my paces. Unfortunately it was far from it. She measured my extension  0 degrees, my flexion 125 degrees. That was pleasing! However she didn't do much else. I was dissapointed that I had to keep walking with my crutches as she said I still had a slight limp and she wanted to give me more time on the crutches to rein me in a bit. She also said I shouldn't be doing leg raises even though, the physio department in at SWELEOC said I could. I am now doing physio with a different hospital as they are more local to me. It seems as though this physio is following a much more rigid protocol (by the book)

post op - day 10  

Thurs 25th June 2009 - I have been reducing my pain meds gradually. I only take them about 2/3 time in 24 hrs now. But I make sure I take them before the longer exercise session. I am mainly taking ibuprofen and paracetamol, but I still take the co-codomol when needed.

My parents are returning from Mauritius today after being away for 4 months. I know my mother is not looking forward to seeing my condition. When I spoke to her on the phone before the op she was asking me if I really needed to go ahead with it. It will be nice to have them back in the country. I might even get lunch dropped off for me as our kitchen is being refitted and is currently out of action.

When do you take the plasters off the incisions. I have taken one off and it seems quite dry so that seems okay. But I'm wondering whether I should take the rest off, especially the open cut one? I phoned the hospital and they said if they are dry you can take them off. Or go to see the nurse at the local GP and she will chk them. But I phoned the doctors and can you believe it, the nurse has called in sick! She's meant to be a nurse! (joke - lol)

post op - day 13

Sunday 28th June 2009

Went Srawberry picking yesterday with the family. Didn't do much picking myself mind, just watched the wife and kids as I hobbled down the side. It was just nice to get out in the sun and have a nice day out. I decided to use my crutches as the ground was uneven. Got loads of veg too. When we got home the wife made a lovely vegetable soup and then straberries and ice-cream for desert. Delicious!!

Anyway, the knee is feeling really good today. I am doing lots of slr's and my flexion must be close to 135+ degrees. Can't wait to go to ACL class tomorrow. I hope they officially ditch my crutches and step up my rehab. I really want to get on the bike too. I feel the pre-rehab work I put on the bike etc is really paying off as my quads are gaining dood strength. Although they do look feeble comapared to my right thigh which is my naturally weaker leg. I think I am ready to drive too, as I am left footed and have had surgery on the left knee I hope they give me the go-ahead soon. My open incision is still painful on and off and I think the nerve damage is going to take a while to wear off but apart from that, all is well.

post op - day 14

Monday 29th June 2009 - Woke up raring to go to physio (acl class) today. Made sure I iced my knee and took my pain meds. I walked into the hospital with my crutches (felt strange) but luckily when I got into the class, the physio said I didn’t need them (only on long walks etc) YES! I was really pleased about that. It got even better. I went on the exercise bike for 10mins on low resistance, did step-ups on my operated leg, bridges, one leg balances on my operated leg, 60-degree semi-squats with a swiss ball and some light hamstring and calf stretches. So it has been a good morning and I have felt no pain after the exercises. He said I have good flexion and good strength too. I just have to hold myself back now and not overdo the exercises, but I’m so glad they have moved me on.

Post-op day 17
Thursday 2nd July 2009

10.30am -   10 mins stationary bike (level 2)
11.30am -    1 x 60 secs 60 degree swiss ball squats
   Calf and hamstring stretch (30 secs each)
   50 x step ups (using first step)
   5 mins work on hamstring and quad flexes
12.30pm-   one legged balance (1min)
   30 x hip abductors
1.00pm   alternate bridges (10 secs hold) and crunches 5 sets of 10
2.00pm   30 heel raises
2.30pm   15 mins stationary bike (level 2)

Post-op day 18
Friday 3rd July 2009

10.00am    25 mins stationary bike (level 2)
11.30am   alternate bridges (20 secs hold) and 5 sets of 10 crunches
   Heel slides x 30
   Heel raises x 50      
                Calf and hamstring stretches
1.30pm   25mins stationary bike (level 2 + level 3- 1 min)
2.30pm   alternate bridges and crunches 10 x 10 sets
3.00pm   5 x 30secs 60 degree swiss ball squats
   hamstring and calf stretches

Post-op day 19
Sat 4th July 2009

9.00am   20 x step ups
   20 x calf raises
1.30pm   15 mins stationary bike (level 2)

Didn’t do many exercises today. It’s hard to get much done at the weekends with the kids around.  Although we went out to a park today which had some great outdoor gym equipment. So I managed a few mins on the stationary bike and some upper body equipment.

Post-op day 20
Sunday 5th July 2009
8.30 am   50 x heel slides
12.30pm   25 mins stationary bike (level 2, 5 mins level 3)
1.00pm   50 heel raises, lots of flexion (2 inches away from my butt)
3.00pm    20 x soft lunges, 50 x heel raises
                calf and hamstring stretches

not much done today with the kids around and the Wimbledon tennis final ! Gutted for Andy Roddick but Federer is the greatest ever!!!

Post-op day 21
Monday 6th July 2009

9.00am       50 x Heel slides
11.00am     15 mins stationary bike (level 2)
1.00am       bridges 5 x 30 secs
                 2 sets of 10 dumbell curls (musn't ignore that upper body)
                 50 x calf raises, 50 x step ups

5.00pm       15 mins on stationary bike (level 2)
                  50 x heel raises
                  50 x heel slides
6.00pm       6 x 15 secs SLR's

Post-op day 22
Tuesday 7th July 2009

10.00am   15 mins stationary bike (level 2)
      2 x 50 heel raises
      2 x 10 dumbell curls
      Alternate bridges and crunches 5 sets of 10

Post-op day 23
Wed 8th July 2009

9.00am   100 x heel slides
10.30am   20 mins stationary bike (level 2)
1.00pm   alternate bridges and crunches (10 x 10 sets)
   5 x 10 sets dumbbell curls
   power bar sets
5.00pm    20 mins stationary bike (level 2)

Post-op day 25
Fri 10th July 2009

Not even gonna bother recording the last couple of days! Need to get back on track soon!

Post-op day 26
Sat 11th July 2009

9.00am   100x heel slides
   50 x heel raises
11.00am   6 x 30 secs slr’s
4.00pm   30 mins stationary bike (level 2 and 3 x 1min level 3)

Post-op day 27
Sun 12th July 2009

9.00am      15mins stationary bike (level 2, 5 mins level 3)
      50 x heel raises

1.00pm                   50 x 60 degree lunges
      6 sets of bridges and crunches

Post-op day 28 - 1 month!!!
Mon 13th July 2009

9.00am      ACL CLASS
      single leg bridges
      single leg balances into single leg squats (up and down slowly)
      single leg step-ups
      balance board
      increase resistance on stationary bike
      jogging on a trampet and on the spot

11.00am    20 mins stationary bike (15 mins level 3 resistance)

4.00pm   5 x 15 secs single leg step-ups
   5 single leg balance to squat

7.00pm   5 x single leg bridges (raising up and down with control)

Post-op day 30
Thurs 16th July 2009      

10.00am   15mins stationary bike (level 3 10 mins)
   5 x 15 sec single leg squats
   10 x single leg step-ups
                10 mins jogging on trampette
   5 sets of single leg bridges and alternate crunches
   upper body – dumbbell curls and press

Post-op day 35
Sun 19th July 2009

am      30 mins stationary bike (15 mins level 3)
      100 x heel raises
      5 mins jogging on trampette

pm      single leg bridges 6 x 15 sec sets
      single leg squats x 5
      20 press-us
      dumbbell work

Post-op day 35
Mon 21st July 2009

am      20 mins stationary bike (level 3 – 15 mins)
      100 x heel raises
      10 x single leg bridges
      10 sets of crunches
      dumbell work

Post-op day 36
Tues 22nd July 2009

am      30mins stationary bike (level 2 and 3)
      5 x 15 secs single leg squats
      upper body work – dumbell, push ups x 20

Post-op day 37
Wed 23rd July 2009

am      15 mins stationary bike (level 3)
      3 mins light jogging on the spot
      upper body work – dumbbells

pm      15 mins stationary bike (level 3)
      single leg step ups x 5
      heel raises x 100

Post-op day 40
Sat 25th July 2009

Kung Fu Seminar

Title: Re: my pre/post acl diary
Post by: mollyc on June 25, 2009, 03:00:40 AM
Welcome to the board! It sounds like you're doing great. You are much further along than I was at your stage. (I'm one month post-op today.) The early work really pays off, but you do have to be careful not to overdo it.  (Your knee will let you know when you do!)

So interesting that they didn't let you use your cryo-cuff for two days.  I've heard that it's especially important to ice consistently for the first 72 hours in order to moderate the swelling. I was told to bring the pad from my ice machine (different brand than cryocuff, but similar idea) to the surgery.  When I woke up in recovery, it was put on over the bandages and under the immobilizer brace. As soon as I got home, I hooked it up to my ice machine and have been using it ever since. (I'm hooked up to the machine now, in fact.) I'm a big fan of the ice machine. I am supposed to use it 3 hours on/1 hour off.  In the early days, I eagerly looked forward to turning the machine back on after my one hour off. It makes a huge difference and my swelling has been fairly minimal after the initial 2 or 3 days.

I also had a femerol nerve block. Not a lot of people on the board do, but mine was awesome. It lasted nearly 24 hours (supposed to last 8-18 hours) and got me over that initial really painful initial period really well (as well as a pretty harrowing trip home from the hospital directly after the surgery--see my thread on the cruciates board for details "surgery date: May 27th"). So glad I had one.

Again, sounds like you're doing great. Eager to watch your progress! Molly
Title: Re: my pre/post acl diary
Post by: zarayyan on June 25, 2009, 12:17:39 PM
Hi mollyc

thanks for the reply. How's the rehab going for you? I think I had that femerol nerve block too. Anyway my leg was numb from above the ankle all the way up to my knee and it is only now starting to wear off. My shin still feels numb, tingly and slightly sore. I still don't understand why that is?

Your machine sounds great! I'm going to search for your thread now. keep us posted. Riaz
Title: Re: my pre/post aclr diary
Post by: mollyc on June 25, 2009, 08:03:46 PM
The numb shin is quite common.  It's not from anesthesia. It's from nerve damage from the surgery. I had it too and now, a month later, the numbness is starting to recede.  At first, it was from my foot up to my knee. Now, it's about mid-calf up to my knee.  Apparently, there is some chance that it won't ever go away completely. I think that I've read that there are some people who always have a small numb spot after ACL surgery. In any case, for me, it's just a strange feeling.  A small annoyance. Doesn't get in the way of activity.  But, it will probably be with you for several weeks at least. Molly
Title: Re: my pre/post aclr diary
Post by: iheartparker on June 25, 2009, 10:32:25 PM
Hey there!

Sounds like you are doing awesome! I am 5 weeks post-op and I am down to one crutch! (im allowed to walk without it when in the house) My flexion is only at 110 degrees!! So well done on yours!!

As for the numb patch, i had an ACLR on my right knee 2 years ago and i still have a patch that has an altered sensation! With my left knee, if i touch my incision, i dont feel it ON the spot i touch, but i feel it about 1 inch over!

Good luck with the rehab! any questions, there are alot of people on here thathave recently been through the same thing (im sure youve figured that out by now!) And Ive had ACLR on BOTH knees so I would say im pretty experienced lol...

Title: Re: my pre/post aclr diary
Post by: zarayyan on June 26, 2009, 10:35:52 AM
Well thanks guys. That answers that question. I was wondering why it was feeling numb and tingly. It is beginning to subside, but can still feel it half way up my shin to my knee. I've started walking around at home with one crutch too, although I haven't been given the go ahead to do that yet (very naughty, I know!) But I just find it easier to practise my gait with one crutch and I don't feel unstable at all. I feel my physio is gonna hold me back. I know they are trying to be careful and following a typical acl protocol, but the reason I have got a good range of motion so early is because I went into the surgery with full range of motion and strength because I waited 6 months for surgery. So I had time to fully recover apart from the acl itself. Even prior to surgery I was playing all sports as normal. The surgeon did say he expected my recovery to go well as I am going in, in good condition. He said it will make all the difference having waited so long! Hey Mollyc, can't find your diary. I wish they would make it easier to find things on this site. I tried clicking on your name but it doesn't lead to it??

Hey Iheart parker 2 aclr's. I feel for you!
Title: Re: my pre/post aclr diary
Post by: Kaputt_Knee on June 26, 2009, 12:01:03 PM
If you are using only one crutch even if it is only in the house, make sure it is the OPPOSITE side to the operated leg. Using only one crutch upsets your body's natural balance so better to have it on the non-injured side. But really both or none is the best way to be. You could try lengthen the one crutch or both so you have a more upright stance which will enable you to walk more naturally while having the security of the crutches. I am assuming you are using elbow rather than under the shoulder crutches by the way - those under the shoulder instruments of torture are so old-fashioned and positively medieval  ;D

Practise taking very slow deliberate steps at home thinking heel, sole ball, push as you roll through the foot. It helps fine tune the extension too by the way. As it becomes easier, even with the crutches think through each step and speed up as you become more proficient. It helps gently stretch the hamstrings as well and pushing off the toes and ball exercises the quads and calf as well. I used to practise in front of the wardrobe mirror looking like a slo-mo video but it worked a treat.

Sue  ;)
Title: Re: my pre/post aclr diary
Post by: mollyc on June 26, 2009, 04:44:16 PM
This should get you to my thread:

Title: Re: my pre/post aclr diary
Post by: zarayyan on June 27, 2009, 09:50:26 PM
Thanks Sue, that's very useful advice. I certainly have got the elbow crutches. I can't believe they would still give anyone the under arm crutches. At home I have decided to ditch the crutches altogether and have been practising my gait. It seems to be going well. But now I have to pretend to walk in to physio on Monday with crutches!

Hey Molly, thanks for the link, taking the children out to the farm for strawberry picking, will read that when I get back.
Title: Re: my pre/post aclr diary
Post by: mollyc on June 27, 2009, 10:24:02 PM
I have the underarm crutches.  This is routine, apparently, in the US.  And, I have a conservative OS who required me to be non-weight bearing for four weeks and then weight bearing with crutches for an additional two weeks. So, I have 1.5 more weeks into my 6 week sentence with crutches! I'm envious of you on a number of levels!

Sue: I too have found your gait advice helpful.  Been using it for the last day or so to great success. Thanks!

Enjoy the strawberry picking! They are just coming into season here too (northern California), so I'm looking forward to many weeks of fresh strawberries in my future.
Title: Re: My pre/post aclr diary
Post by: zarayyan on June 29, 2009, 10:35:53 AM
Mon 29th June2009 – woke up raring to go to physio (acl class) today. Made sure I iced my knee and took my pain meds. I walked into the hospital with my crutches (felt strange) but luckily when I got into the class, the physio said I didn’t need them (only on long walks etc) YES! I was really pleased about that. It got even better. I went on the exercise bike for 10mins on low resistance, did step-ups on my operated leg, bridges, one leg balances on my operated leg, 60-degree semi-squats with a swiss ball and some light hamstring and calf stretches. So it has been a good morning and I have felt no pain after the exercises. He said I have good flexion and good strength too. I just have to hold myself back now and not overdo the exercises, but I’m so glad they have moved me on.
Title: Re: my pre/post aclr diary
Post by: lasqueen on July 01, 2009, 02:53:56 PM
Hey zarayyan, you got it on your left knee with a hamstring graft as well! Also, after the injury I quickly regained range of motion and stability, so like you, was torn (no pun intended ha ha) about whether or not to get the surgery.  In any case, I'm glad you had a fruitful PT session.  My OS is very against PT (thinks at home exercises should be sufficient) and it's always hard not to second guess him when I read of people going to cool PT classes. I, too, find that a big challenge is to hold myself back and not overdo the exercises....
Title: Re: my pre/post aclr diary
Post by: mollyc on July 01, 2009, 04:51:21 PM
Lasqueen: I feel the same way about the ACL classes. I'm soooo jealous! My PT is essentially guided home exercise.  I meet with him 1x a week for a half hour and we check in and plan next steps for exercise.  But, we don't do a workout then. We try new things, he looks at me do the new exercises from the previous week to make sure I'm doing things right, we problem solve any issues I'm having...but it's really up to me to do the work on my own at home.  If it makes you feel any better, I found a study that shows that there is no difference in recovery rate between home exercise and guided PT workouts, as long as the patient is self motivated. You sound *very* self motivated and I am as well, so we should be good to go.  I do miss the ACLer bonding, though.

Zarayyan: Sounds like you are continuing to do great! Amazing that you're not having pain after the exercises. I'm pretty sore when I'm done my workouts...not my muscles, actually, but my knee is tired and sore and I sometimes have a lot of pain on the site of my main incision. Perhaps your strong fitness going in is helping protect your knee while you're doing the exercises. Bravo!
Title: Re: my pre/post aclr diary
Post by: zarayyan on July 02, 2009, 10:38:38 AM
Hi Molly,

yes, so far i've not felt pain from the actual knee but my main incision does hurt after exercising. I had to take my first pain med in 3 days yesterday. It calmed down within half an hour and I got a really good nights sleep. So ready to up the exercises today, but I'm really making sure that I increase my exercises gradually rather than suddenly.
Title: Re: my pre/post aclr diary 15/6/09
Post by: vinnic on July 02, 2009, 02:39:02 PM
Hi zarayyan, sounds like things are coming along.  Hope your recovery continues to go well and best of luck in your rehab.   
Title: Re: my pre/post aclr diary 15/6/09
Post by: zarayyan on July 05, 2009, 08:13:14 AM
Thanks Vinic
Title: Re: my pre/post aclr diary 15/6/09
Post by: zarayyan on July 05, 2009, 08:32:35 AM
I've started to record my exercise diary in more detail above. This is just so that I stay on track. I am hoping it will help me to keep up the rehab regularly. It also gives me a time guide so I can spread out the exercises and vary them. It's starting to pay off already!
Title: Re: my pre/post aclr diary 15/6/09
Post by: JoH on July 05, 2009, 10:25:43 AM
Hi Zarayyan

I had a hamstring graft, but on my right knee about 5.5 weeks ago.  You sound like you're going really well with rehab and have a great PT.  I'm also going to ACL classes but am being told to take it easy on the bike/cross trainer (only about 15 mins at a time).  Do you have the wobble boards/cushions to practice your balance?
Take care
Title: Re: my pre/post aclr diary 15/6/09
Post by: zarayyan on July 05, 2009, 10:37:46 PM
Hi Jo,

I have been told not to practice on the wobble board yet. My next acl class is not until next week now, so I will know what extra exercises I can do then. I've also been told to take it easy on the bike. I've gone close to 30 mins and did 5 mins on level 3 resistance today. I really should only being doing level 1 and 2 ! But I'm listening to my knee and so far so good. Hope your rehab is going well.

take care

Title: Re: my pre/post aclr diary 15/6/09
Post by: zarayyan on July 05, 2009, 11:29:55 PM
Something I have noticed is a faint yellow patch on my calf and one above my knee cap. It doesn't hurt so I can't imagine it is bruising, but I have no idea what it is?? Can anyone enlighten me?
Title: Re: my pre/post aclr diary 15/6/09
Post by: mollyc on July 06, 2009, 02:09:52 AM
Is the patch new? Or has it been there all along? If it's new, I'd say bruising.  Some of my bruising was very faint and yellow, and, didn't really hurt that much. If it's been there since the surgery, it's probably the antibacterial stuff they put on your leg when they prepare it for surgery.  They are supposed to wash it off post-surgery, before you wake up. In my case, they didn't do such a good job and I had 2 patches of it on my leg when I came home. Since I wasn't allowed to scrub my leg (could get it wet, but not scrub) it took forever to come off.
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Post by: zarayyan on July 06, 2009, 08:43:57 PM
Hi Molly,

I'm not sure if it's new. I only noticed it a few days ago. Your explanations to what it might be sounds about right. I'm gonna try to give it a good old scrub tonight without getting my main incision wet.
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Post by: zarayyan on July 10, 2009, 09:41:26 PM
Not much structured exercise done in the last couple of days, so not even gonna bother recording it. The builders have gone, so I have been on my feet doing a lot of cleaning. Also loads of walking around in the last couple of days. Also went to the kids sports day. I'm glad there wasn't a parents race this year otherwise would have made a fool of myself and then had to go through a second aclr (lol). Need to get back on track!

The scars are looking good. The keyhole ones are very smooth and small now. The main incision has dried well, stitches have dissolved and it is not as painful anymore. The knee is still swollen after lots of walking or exercising, which i think is the only thing stopping me from getting full flexion, but the legs are definitely feeling much stronger.
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Post by: zarayyan on July 13, 2009, 09:18:34 PM
Went to ACL class today. There was a different physio to a fortnight ago. He was really good. He moved me on to 3 new exercises to really work the hamstrings and glutes. He also let me step up the resistance on the bike, got me on the wobble board and said I could do some light jogging on a trampette or on the spot. So he really wants me to push on today.

The good thing is there was only three of us in the class today, so we each had plenty of time with the physio. I told him about a clicking I can feel in my knee in the last couple of days and he reassured me that it isn't the graft.

I feel positive that I can push on now.
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Post by: lasqueen on July 13, 2009, 10:23:06 PM
Huzzah! Jogging on a trampette! Sounds like things are going well!
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Post by: zarayyan on July 15, 2009, 10:13:54 PM
Yeah, I love the trampette thing. I use my kids mini trampoline. The jogging makes me feel like I am moving my whole body again, whilst keeping the knees very soft.

The hamstring strength work has really made me ache, but I can feel the difference already!
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Post by: mollyc on July 16, 2009, 03:58:18 AM
Sounds like things are continuing to go great for you! What are you doing for your hamstrings and glutes? Do you find the mini trampoline challenging balance wise? I would imagine it would require more balance than, say, the elliptical. I haven't seen the mini trampoline at my PT, so I might not get to experience it...
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Post by: zarayyan on July 16, 2009, 04:24:30 PM
Hi Molly,

The mini trampoline is great! It has a bar that I can hold onto. When I used it at acl class the physio told me to use it near a bar/ledge that I could hold onto for balance. Although my balance is quite good and I can manage without holding on.

For the hamstrings and glutes I have been told to do single leg bridges, lie down, keeping the thighs in line, holding the bridge for about 10-15 secs then lowering and raising up again. (reps)

Also single leg squats - balancing on operated leg, then bending knee over toes as if to sit in a chair, the back up to standing again (as many reps as possible)

I have also been told to do single leg step ups using operated leg only to take all the weight, stepping down with unoperated leg but don't touch the floor, push straight back up again.

Quite tough exercises to begin with so only 2-3 at a time. Also better to do them slowly and carefully.
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Post by: vinnic on July 16, 2009, 05:14:32 PM
Sounds like things are going well for you zarayyan.  I like that you have a bar you can hold onto if you needed to with the trampoline.  Molly, I didn't see a trampoline at my place either (it's rather small and sparse compared to other places).  My therapist surprised me though by bringing one out from the file room after I asked about using one!  The other exercises you're doing sound really good z.  Continue to heal and best of luck in your recovery!
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Post by: zarayyan on July 26, 2009, 07:49:56 AM
Yes, I have been very slack and missed the last couple of days of recording my diary. Today my Kung Fu instructor is holding a kung fu seminar in Crystal Palace Park. I really wanted to meet up with all my kung fu buddies, so I decided I would go down to offer my support but be very disciplined about not joining in.

Well, I managed to hold off joining in for most of the day. I mainly advised and guided those that needed help. Although at the end once my buddies started to play chi sau (sticking hands – a sensitivity training game) it was too difficult to resist. I felt confident joining in, but I told everyone to go easy on me because of the knee. Actually, I ended up giving them a hard time! After that small taste of training again, I can’t wait to get back to teaching and opening up my class again.

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Post by: zarayyan on July 26, 2009, 07:59:39 AM
I probably will not post my daily exercise diary in here for now. Maybe just a weekly log or significant events as I write my daily diary in a word document then usually copy it into here. I am off to the in-laws in the midlands for a week and probably won't be able to access a computer so easily. Also I really need to find a gym to join while I'm there as I won't have all my home exercise comforts!!
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Post by: mollyc on July 26, 2009, 04:16:12 PM
Have a great trip!  And, I just checked out your daily log (up in the first post).  Sounds like things are continuing to go well...What was the kung fu seminar? Were you participating? Or watching? Molly
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Post by: zarayyan on July 29, 2009, 05:33:56 PM
Thanks Molly, everything seems to be going well at the moment. The kung fu seminar was something my instructor hosted to the public. I also teach kung fu, so I was just helping out that day. Couldn't do too much though, had to take it easy. Frustrating!