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Title: Thicking of the medial plica?
Post by: friendlyface on June 20, 2009, 11:57:19 PM
Has any one heard of thicking of the medial plica and pain AFTER a partial menisectomy, possibly caused BY the arthroscopy procedure?
I have a painfull lump at the edge of my kneecap around the initial  op incision.
Im into my 9 week now and have returned to work. Im still doing doing PT and that is going well.
I have full flex of my knee but when the knee is straight the lump appears and the simple thing like walking becomes akward causing a slight limp.
I was going to leave this for another month or two hoping for things to settle but a family friend is a doctor and has mentioned this condition and said I should get back in touch with my surgeon.
Any views would be appreciated.
Regards Karl.