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Title: Did I tear my new ACL Hamstring Allograft???
Post by: Amy Buchalter on May 15, 2009, 06:28:00 PM
Hi there Knee Geeks!  I just had ACL surgery 5/4 and was so happy to get full extension and over 120 degrees of flexion within a few days post op.  I saw a PT a few days ago and she told me I could have torn my new ACL by over flexing the leg.  I have done a few no-nos on the new graft, like I pivoted once, and I tend to be flexible so I do things maybe I shouldn't?  How difficult is it to tear a new graft?  My surgeon states that I had a very strong graft.  I am really afraid of hurting the new graft and was thinking I should put myself into a brace to remind me.  I have been feeling so good after surgery......with my new knee and all....that....I may be a bit of a hazard to this thing.  Any advice?  Have any of you experienced a tear to a new graft?  What happens then?  I want to know what the worst case scenario I am getting so worked up with fear.  How would I know if the ACL new graft was torn?   ???