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Title: Hylegan shots
Post by: Angel on August 27, 2003, 08:26:49 PM
I had my first one the other day and my leg is all swollen up and I am wondering about side effects ???  I cant stand on my leg and I can not go without having ice on my knee I had surgery in January and they r trying this before surgery can anyone give me some advice on the side effects if this is normal.
Title: Re: Hylegan shots
Post by: enuff81020 on August 27, 2003, 09:09:07 PM
Hi Angel,

Hylagen injections are designed to replace the lubrication in your knee so things can glide and function appropriately.  I had synvisc injections what seems like eons ago.  SynVisc is a brand name--they require 3 injections over 3 weeks.  Are you having 5 injections total of hylagen?

I didn't have any really bad effects from synvisc--one dosn day and then back on the move.  The second one for me and for many seemed to be the achiest of all.  There are others who have had some touchy side effects.

If you are concerned that things aren't going well, I'd recommend a call to your os--they can reassure you or determine if an exam is indicated.  Another place you might want to check for info is on the arthritis section of this board--there is a board for injections.  You may browse around and find something that will  help you.

I'm so sorry you are having pain and discmfort from something designed to help you--I hope it passes quickly.  Dont forget to ice and elevate for relief from that swelling.

Take care, Sylvia
Title: Re: Hylegan shots
Post by: Leentje on August 29, 2003, 12:17:41 AM
It is normal to have some pain and discomfort (swelling, warmth feeling) after a Hyalgan injection. Talk to your OS about it when you go back for your next injection. I am now having my 2nd series of Hyalgan injections. I never had severe discomfort after any injection so far, but some have pain etc. My OS told me that he had a person the other day that even had a slight temperature raise after having had the 1st shot. He then gives 1/2 dose the next injection.

If your symptoms get worse you can alwayss call the OS or his office just to be sure.

Good luck!
Title: Re: Hylegan shots
Post by: Frogfan on February 24, 2005, 05:01:48 AM

I am also scheduled for injection of hyalgan, I am freaking out b ut sin ce I had surgery in aig and ha ve NO relief from pain and hurt all the time, I m 31....They said it may be good but I am scared of how it is done, nummbed? or just given? how long is the needle and does it take long? I am sorry I am just freaking out..they have to give me valium to get me just in the room LOL...I almost would have kneee surgery again rather than this LOL...


Title: Re: Hylegan shots
Post by: Frogfan on February 24, 2005, 05:06:35 AM
Angel read my post. help :)))
Title: Re: Hylegan shots
Post by: Heather M. on February 24, 2005, 07:04:35 AM

Check the dates before you reply to posts, since this exchange is from 2003.

I can send you down to the arthritis section--the very last section before the bottom.  Read through the topics there and you'll find one which refers to injections.  I'll try to dig up some links.

The other thing for you to do is use the search feature.  Look up Hyalgan, SYNVISC and hyaluronic acid injections.  There is a web page out there that may help

This is given by injection, and so the degree of discomfort varies by the doctor doing the shot--some are artists with needles.  Others...not so much.  I actually prefer my knee injections without the numbing agent beforehand.  This is my preference, because the shot to numb the knee hurts just as much as, say, a cortisone injection.  Worse, it burns like heck.  I'd rather just have the doctor inject it all at once and get it over with!  The benefit for having a local to numb the area is that it will likely give you quite a bit of immediate relief.  I've had cortisone injections done both ways (with local and without) and while they're not fun, they aren't any worse than novacaine at the dentist.  The important thing to do is RELAX so you're not all tense--that will make the injections worse.  Just take a big breath in before, and concentrate on blowing the air out of your mouth very slowly and deliberately while you get the shot.  If you must, take another breath in through your nose, and blow it out through your mouth--slowly.  Concentrate on your breathing and relaxing all of your muscles. 

It will be just fine.  And hopefully you'll fall into the large group of people who are really helped by this procedure.

Title: Re: Hylegan shots
Post by: Frogfan on February 24, 2005, 08:09:02 PM
Thanks Heather...I guess I did not see the dates..

You have very good points. My dr uses a spray to numb...not a needle...OMG I do not hink I doucl take 2 needles....LOL

Thanks I printed your posts to take with me :))