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Title: 4 TTT's later and back to normal life
Post by: fraud_ninja on March 28, 2009, 04:10:30 AM
So success stories to exist!  ;D  I had TTT's on my right and left knees in late 2006 and early 2007.  They failed miserably and I ended up with TTT revisions and MPFL recons on both knees.  Those were 15 and 13 months ago.  My recoveries from those surgeries were difficult and long.  I turned out to be allergic to metal and had to have my screws removed at 13 and 11 weeks post-op from my TTT revisions.  That slowed down my rehab quite a bit.

But...there is life after all of the surgery stuff.

I got the all clear from my OS in early December of last year to do whatever I wanted.  I started slow, just a few activities to test how my knees would hold up.  After I realized my knees were holding up I started do more and more things.  I am now running 4 days a week, dancing, playing basketball, and I am going to start learning to play tennis in May.  I can climb on ladders, walk around on roof tops, hike, rock climb...pretty much anything!  My knees are never going to be perfect, but they are soooo much better than before.  I have to know when to rest and make sure I do not over do it, but I pretty much do whatever I want.  Of course overdoing it these days is running 4 miles, doing the elliptical for 30 minutes, lifting weights, playing basketball, and doing a pilates class....ALL IN ONE DAY!  ;D

Title: Re: 4 TTT's later and back to normal life
Post by: abazaba22 on March 29, 2009, 12:14:52 AM
Hi! I read that you got both knees with TTT/MPFL. I will need both knees, I have had patella alta all my life and have dislocated my knees many times on both knees. I will be getting a TTTG/ MPFL replacement in June. I figured I would do one this year and the next the year after. How was it with both 7 weeks apart? I do not usually have pain but they are like time bombs waiting to dislocate... and my activities are limited because I might dislocate my knee. So the surgery will allow me to do things but it is going to be a long road... do you think getting them done so close together was better than maybe waiting a year?

My doctor said I will not be able to bend my knee for the whole 6 weeks at all and will be partial weight bearing, because he is going to need to move my tibia medially and distally so it is not safe to bend it in the first 6 weeks.
Thanks! Abbey
Title: Re: 4 TTT's later and back to normal life
Post by: adlottis on March 29, 2009, 12:44:26 AM
You are doing well.  WOW  I thought I was doing good.  I walk 4 days a week, run 1 day a week, cycling class 1 day, strength training and eliptical.  I would like to run more days a wek but the knees just ache too much. 

A couple of questions for you, how old are you?  Do you have tendonitis? 

Title: Re: 4 TTT's later and back to normal life
Post by: fraud_ninja on March 29, 2009, 05:47:57 AM

I had patella alta just like you.  My Tibia Tubercle was moved medially and distally.  My OS is very agressive in his rehab protocol and he had me bending my knee in a CPM right out of surgery.  It worked well for me and I was able to get back as soon as possible.  As far as 7 weeks apart, I would not recommend it if you can do it further apart.  Originally my TTT/MPFL recons were supposed to be 12 weeks apart, but something came up and I either had to move it up five weeks or wait 8 months.  I chose to move it up.  I had pain all the time and so I needed so get back to somewhat of a normal life.


I am 26 years old and have no other problems with my knees.  I had severely unstable kneecaps which was the cause of my problems.  I do not have tendonitis or even arthritis.  I am extremely lucky because of this.

I am training to return to competitive running, my first race is on May 2nd...coming up soon.  So because of that I push myself a little more than others might.

Title: Re: 4 TTT's later and back to normal life
Post by: abazaba22 on March 30, 2009, 12:04:39 AM
Thanks! I think I will wait a year in between, this way I will be able to build up vacation and sick leave again... I don't think I can afford to be out longer to have both surgeries so close together. I am 26 also. This surgery is something I have been dreading all my life but had not heard of any options for surgery that were good enough, this sounds like it really will work, and my surgeon seems awesome, he is writing the guide on how to do this surgery apparently. So I feel much better about it. Even 12 weeks apart sounds tough. My knees aren't in pain now, I just don't want to be a time bomb any more and kind of start my life... it sounds like you are doing that and thats awesome! I am jealous! Hopefully I can be where you are at soon. I have never been able to run in my life really, I think I might like it!
Title: Re: 4 TTT's later and back to normal life
Post by: adlottis on March 30, 2009, 04:19:18 AM

You are smart to get it done when you are young,  i waitied till I was 40 and some of the hardest things I've faced is the mental aspect of it.  I kept telling my OS he needed to send me to a sports psychologist  to help me get over the fear that iI might dislocate again.  I had a surgery at 14 but it never fixed the problem and nobody ever offered me another solution.

Good Luck to you,
Title: Re: 4 TTT's later and back to normal life
Post by: abazaba22 on March 31, 2009, 04:20:53 AM
Thanks, yeah I had pretty much given up on the surgery because I had not met any surgeons that had given me any options that were good enough. I got "lucky" on Valentines day I got hit from behind by an electric wheelchair and dislocated my knee... something felt different, so I went to urgent care immediately and it happened to be that the OS on call knew exactly what to do for me and his partner is one of the top surgeons for this surgery. I think that now is the best time for it, I don't want to worry about being pregnant, or holding my baby, while I dislocate my knee. I want to be able to coach my kids some day at sports also! So I want to do this before I have the responsibility of children and marriage.
I am also afraid that I will still fear my knee dislocating... I have spent so much of my life watching every step I take that I am not sure it will wear off. Its funny, right now I am tempted to do anything because I know it is gonna get fixed soon... but I just can't shake it. Only time will tell how I do after the surgery I guess.

Title: Re: 4 TTT's later and back to normal life
Post by: adlottis on March 31, 2009, 05:04:16 AM
I waited to do my surgery till after i was married and my babies were old enough to care for themselves.  It was still tough, I had a 2nd grader and a preschooler and they were going to 2 different schools, but at least noone required me to carry them anymore. 

My problem with the dr.'s I saw through the years was they all looked for injury done after the dislocations nonone ever looked to see why I was doing what i was doing until I saw my current surgeon.  The only bad thing is that I had done so much damage from the dislocations and had no cartilage in the trochlear groove that he ended up having to do a chondroplasty and that is part of what delayed my rehab time considerably.

That fear of dislocating is a hard one to shake but hopefully by you doing this earlier it will give you time to do just that. 

Title: Re: 4 TTT's later and back to normal life
Post by: fraud_ninja on March 31, 2009, 05:50:18 PM

I wish you luck with your upcoming surgery.  I do differ in my opinion of the surgery from Annette.  I had constant pain, 100% of the time because of the instability of my kneecaps.  I would not have gone through any of my surgeries if my pain had not been constant. 

The TTT and MPFL recon are big surgeries, and nothing is ever certain when it comes to the outcome.  Surgery is always a risk and there is always the possibility of infection, blood clot, and failure of the surgery.  For those reasons I chose to wait until I had pain all the time.  I had my TTT revisions and MPFL recons because my orginal TTT's made my pain so bad I could not even walk around the block.  For me I would have lived with the fear of dislocating rather than going through major surgeries.

However, everyone has a different point of view on this and everyone has their own experiences with these sort of things.  I trust that you have thought out your decision to have surgery and all that it involves.  Good luck with everything.

Title: Re: 4 TTT's later and back to normal life
Post by: abazaba22 on April 01, 2009, 05:09:22 AM
I understand what you are saying about pain, my main goal right now is to be able to have a healthy life. The MD told me that I have 100% chance of this happening again, and I know this, I know that this is going to happen constantly throughout my life and I can't afford to miss work every time it happens... and I can't mentally afford this to continue happening, I get so frustrated and upset when it happens. I can't imagine if I have children holding my baby, and just stepping down wrong and having my baby fly out of my hands... I am trying to think of the future, and this problem will not go away, my MPFL is like a rubber band... my OS said it is obliterated, I don't have a lot of pain right now because I don't do much to cause pain... I want to be able to exercise! I have confidence in my surgeon and I hope I will be saying the same thing in 6 months! I also want to get it done now rather than later in life when I have more responsibility. Thats what going through my head. If I am going to have to get it eventually I might as well do it when I am young enough to recover faster. Hope you are doing well!
Title: Re: 4 TTT's later and back to normal life
Post by: fraud_ninja on April 02, 2009, 08:57:14 PM

Those are all valid reasons for considering this surgery.  As long as you have a well qualified OS then things should go just fine.  With any surgery there are risks...but for most people the benefits far outweigh the risks. 

I just move forward with an extra amount of caution now because I had such disatrous results with my first TTT's.  Most people will not have this experience and I know that.  However, it is a reality that I think everyone needs to be aware like this can not only fail to correct the can make it worse.  The time in between my TTT's and my revisions was the worst time of my life...I could not even walk around the block, walk up or down stairs.  I can remember having to plot my route through the grocery store...otherwise it was too much walking.  Once I realized I forgot milk but I was already in the parking lot...I did not go back in for it.  This is extreme and will not happen to most people.   

Good luck with everything and I am sure that you will have wonderful results.  It sounds like you have done your homework and know exactly what you are getting into.