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Title: competitive sports after 3x Acl recons???
Post by: staceybyrne98 on January 25, 2009, 11:43:55 AM
I've posted a few messages over the past year or so and am very grateful for all those that have replied  :-)

I have recently been told by my surgeon that he believes i've blown my acl for the 3rd time (the last revision done last yr is in a place that can't be seen by mri to confirm for sure- if that makes sense). I'm only 22yrs old, have a career in the Army and am big on playing sports - so for obvious reasons i'm more than desperate to get it fixed.

When i had the revision done last year my surgeon was quite optimistic about my future in the Army and the chance of continuing playing football etc. When i saw him a couple of weeks ago, it wasn't as optimistic a conversation lets say.

I know i can do nothing but wait and see - but at the same time i'd like to know if anyone else has retured to competitive sports after 2x revision acls, or at least hear about how you are getting on with everyday life so to speak.

yours faithfully
stace xx

Title: Re: competetive sports after 3x Acl recons???
Post by: Silkncardcrafts on January 25, 2009, 12:08:45 PM
Hi Stace,

Sorry to hear that you've probably ruptured your ACL again.

If I was you I'd definitely be getting a second opinion. Whereabouts do you live ?

It is very unusual for the ACL to re-rupture that many times.

I do know of an ex-Aussie rules footballer that ruptured his ACL three times and went back to competitive football. So, it can be done. It is not an impossibility.

Hope this gives you something to think about. My knee surgeon operated on an Aussie rules footballer who re-ruptured his ACL twice and is back playing football again.
Title: Re: competetive sports after 3x Acl recons???
Post by: clarky_vl on January 25, 2009, 02:48:24 PM
Hi Stace,
I remember reading your posts before, and have wondered how you have been doing. I am really sorry to hear that your latest graft had failed. I was very interested in reading your posts before, as i seemed to be going through the same thing with my knee, i had my first reconstruction in october 07, which failed after a couple of months, my second recon in july last year, which i experienced the same looseness with, and was told after just 18 weeks that it had again failed. I plan to undergo my third reconstruction on my left knee in june/july this year.

It must be really horible for you as you really need your knee to be stable for your job, and of course wanting to play football. Some people have recovered from having a lot of things done to their knees and gone on to do their sports again, but obviously you dont know how this next one will turn out or how you will feel afterwards, but i guess it is possible, it is just not many people have had this many reconstructions. plus, i imagine being in the army is quite demanding on your knees? so that is a little different.

Do you know what is causing this to happen, and what are the plans for your next revision? Good luck though with everything, i would be really interested to hear how you get on from here!  :)

Title: Re: competetive sports after 3x Acl recons???
Post by: staceybyrne98 on January 25, 2009, 02:59:42 PM
cheers for the quick reply (kjwilkin)

i live in Germany, though i am no longer recieving treatment from them (long story) so for the past year i've been going through the NHS in the UK. My current surgeon is highly recommended and the Army are keen for me to stay with him (i can't exactly say where i want to go, they have to arrange it- which is pretty annoying).

I honestly believe something else is contributing to the instability seeing that the tibial shift has been there umm near enough throughout the whole thing (im guessing thats why it keeps tearing my meniscus) even after each op. I dunno, im not the expert, just going to wait and see what happens, but i hope he fixes it this time lol!

If an Aussie rules footballer managed to get back then theres defo still hope - because that game is hardcore!

thanks again x

Title: Re: competetive sports after 3x Acl recons???
Post by: staceybyrne98 on January 25, 2009, 03:10:26 PM
hi Vicky

I remember you too, gosh we're falling apart - sorry to hear you've done yours in again!

All i was told (29th December) was that he'll probably have to do a 2part recon for this one- so when i go back in about 2month he'll bone graft the tunnels and fix anything else he can, then 6months later he'll replace the ligament. I dunno, thats the hard part because you just dont know what to expect. How are they going to do your revision?

take care x
Title: Re: competitive sports after 3x Acl recons???
Post by: clarky_vl on January 25, 2009, 04:36:06 PM
Hi Stace,
Lol yeah we are falling apart a bit  :P

Wow all the ops start in two months then? Thats good that he is starting it all from scratch with the bone tunnels too, and i reeeally hope it works for you this time! Do you know what graft you will be having?

They are still trying to work out why mine keep failing, i don't appear to have any other ligamenty injuries that would cause it to fail, but like you i have had that wierd tibial shift throughout all of my ops... My surgeon has performed all the tests on me for other structures in the knee, and looked at the placement of my tunnels and says that they are great, but i have had an MRI to further check their placement, and will hopefully find out the final plans after seeing what they have to say. So far it looks like the plans are for a quad graft from my good leg (already used both hamstrings) with a LARS synthetic one for extra strength (like i had with my last one), and he will completely back out the tunnels with screws and staples just incase it is the hardware causing it, which is his current idea, and will keep me locked in a brace for 6 weeks or so to give it the best chance to heal...

So yeah, he is planning on changing a lot of things, like yours, but after everything i don't know if i have much confidence in the surgery. what do you think about it all, i guess you are worried about it failing again like i am? well we definitely deserve a success!!

how is your knee doing at the moment? i suppose it must be very unstable what with that horrible shifting thing it does  :(

Title: Re: competitive sports after 3x Acl recons???
Post by: staceybyrne98 on January 25, 2009, 09:16:43 PM
Hey Vicky,

Everything you're saying is sounding so familiar, my surgeon is so baffled too. i know the weird movement stopped for a couple of wks after the first op (after the Germans put me in a full cast) - as annoying as it was and silly as i looked trying to walk i guess it worked in the short term - no idea why it started moving again though! Hopefully the bracing works for you.

I'm very aware of it, so i avoid turning to my right and things that aggravate it where possible - bit hard with the type of life we lead. I'm hoping he also removes the cartilage this time because trying to repair all the time obviously isn't working! I've even been on 3x intense 3wk rehab courses to build up strength, and thats not helped one bit with the stability (good to get out of work though hehe). Did you ever get the chance to do a rehab course? What do you do for work?

He mentioned if he does decide the only option is to revise it again, he said he'd do it by allograft like last time (which im grateful for) but we didn't really talk that much because he isn't quite sure what he's gona do lol.

i think we just need to keep our chins up and hope for the best. x

Title: Re: competitive sports after 3x Acl recons???
Post by: Silkncardcrafts on January 26, 2009, 01:07:54 AM
Hi Stacey,

Really for your right now.

I have sent you a PM of the top knee surgeons in London. My old sports physician gave them to me who used to be the team doctor for the Fulham Football Club.

Your surgeon may be highly recommended, but often when someone has been seeing you for a long time their judgement can sometimes be impaired. On a number of occasions my OS has sent me off for second opinions to just to what out the best plan for me.

Also, Allografts are not nearly as strong as one taken from your own body. They can use patella tendons as well as hamstrings. Maybe ask about that option. I guess they have used part of the hamstring tendon from your other leg. That could also be an option if it's not been used before. Just an idea.
Title: Re: competitive sports after 3x Acl recons???
Post by: clarky_vl on January 26, 2009, 08:01:56 PM
hi stace!!

Wow, it really does sound like we have had/are having very similar experiences with our knees!! I am hoping that the MRI i had will help them come up with some reason as to why this happens, but if not, hopefully they change enough each time that it will be a success, if that makes sense!

I have had loooooads of physio since my initial injury and of course after surgery, and worked at it like crazy, i have pretty much been there constantly except for a few weeks at times... like you physio and muscle strengthening improved nothing!no intense courses though, just regular physio  :P

I am still in school, and am finding it incredibly difficult to get around and do things during the day, it can be very frustrating, but nothing compared to the restrictions you must have what with you being in the army and all :(

Vicky  :)