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Title: patella fracture after arthroplasty fix
Post by: jsherman on December 11, 2008, 06:08:54 PM
Hi. I had surgery 10/22/08 to repair 45% of my patella. Some bone was thrown away (could not be salvaged). I have three screws in knee. I also had a huge chunk of bone bonded on the left side of the patella which took a bit of time to heal where the doctor made me keep weight off and in the immobilizer to make sure it stayed there. I used the CPM at home for about a week. The doctor said it was not really helping and stop using it. I now have a JAS brace (joint active systems) and I started that almost a week ago. I also started PT (been 2 times). I had to wait a bit due to financial issues to get that going. I can only bend my knee max 25-30% degrees at my best. My doctor says he thinks he wants to go back in and arthroscopically manipulate it. I really do not want to do this. Anyone have any advice?

Jennifer Sherman
Title: Re: patella fracture after arthroplasty fix
Post by: gigi67 on December 17, 2008, 10:14:11 PM
i just came across your post. sorry u havent received an answer yet. 2 times of therapy just isnt enough to really result in anything positive yet. it takes several visits and daily home exercise programs perforemd usually twice per day ot really see a difference.

SOme small things that can help are:

heat up the major muscles like the quad with a  warm pack for 10 minutes, do your stretches diligently holding for a full 30 - 60 seconds depending on what your rehab therapist suggests. message those muscles to help loosen them up. I am 19 months post patella break and I still message my muscles usually after a hot shower., the quad and all around the knee area from the back of my knee to the front and down into the shin a bit.

sometimes the hardware is what is causing the ROM problems..mine did and alot of others have said they only bend so far until the hardware comes out mine was removed 8 months post op form my repair. one of the pins had backed out some and was poking into the skin and I could feel it and the basket would catch when Id try to bend it too far.

also take some form of pain med prior to stretching even if it is just ibuprofen which is usually what i took. then always ice after that home program faithfully. maybe give rehab a bit more time if u r apprehensive about the can opt for that at any time. rehab does take a while at first to get loosened up  but now 19 months post op I am using the eliptical machine , using weights, walking anywhere I want pretty much unless its too hilly....Im doing great for someone who still couldnt walk really back in May of this year! rehab is hard and you have to muster up strength and courage because its scary for most of us. but give it a good try! and best wishes!