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Title: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 12, 2008, 01:34:14 PM
John-boy had his three tiny....and they are tiny!....screws removed yesterday at 11:30am.  The surgery was about 3 hrs. long and the OS said it went as well as he had hoped it would.  John's cartilage looks healed and he removed a bunch of scar tissue, so his ROM should improve too.  We decided to bring him home (an hour ride) because he still had his femoral nerve block and we figured bumps wouldn't affect him.  We were right, he even scooted backward up the stairs to his bed where he is still sleeping soundly  ;D  He is taking vicodin every 6 hrs. and is icing...which reminds me...I need to go get him some ice now.  So glad to have this over, now the hard part!  Hopefully he will be able to make it downstairs later. 
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: Davori on November 13, 2008, 05:32:18 PM
YAY   Im so glad you posted..... I was wondering about him..... Now Dont you feel better that its over.... I know your nerves were just a wreck!  Now its time to relax... and get some sleep, while you can. Cause you will be back to the routine.....of .....and homework..... How long is he out of school for?  Im so glad everything went well...... keep us posted.....
                            Hugs    Lori
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 14, 2008, 12:54:00 AM
Hi there!
Lori, I got your bug  :(  I actually got a flu shot and I swear 4hrs. later I was down.  I have gotten shots before, so not sure if this is a reaction or just a coincidence.  John-boy is doing okay.  He is not a happy camper as the nerve block has worn off and he is tired of being hurt (his words).  He will be out of school for the next 2 weeks.  His teacher dropped off his work for the rest of this week tonight....he was not thrilled...I was a little aftraid he was going to say something goofy since he's kinda loopy on his meds  :-X thank goodness he didn't!  He has a load of work...French 3 test, Math B lab and HW, video to watch and questions for health, Chemistry lab and notes, 7 short stories and quizzes for english, and a Global Studies essay on Nationalism!!!!  All that and he can't stay awake long enough to watch TV for more than 15min.  Hopefully he will be able to space the meds out longer than 6 hrs., so he can focus better.  He had his first PT session today and got 70 for his ROM!  After the first surgery he only got 40!  I am home with him tomorrow, so I hope I feel better, I would feel horrible if I got him sick.  I am taking Zucol lozenges, Germ MD pills, and drinking tons of fluids.  Say a prayer this goes away quick!  Thanks  :)
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: Davori on November 14, 2008, 01:11:37 PM
oh  Momma! I really hope you shake whatever it is.... I KNOW... its terrible to be sick and trying to take care of teenage boy.! Just make sure you get some rest too.... Its great that his rom is at 70... WOW... So when they took the screws out, did they just reopen the original incision? or do you have more battle wounds to deal with?   The homework thing....Dont even get me started! I went up to the school again yesterday, only to find that T has been pawned off on another teacher.... who by the way is very good at teaching math.... but is absolutly the absent minded professor.... oy yoy yoy! Please pray we make it thu this.... I seriously wanted to cry last night.... I was SO ANGRY... with the AMOUNT of work they expect him to do... and ALL on his own! He is in 8th grade.... NOT college! and its HORRIBLE>>>>  If I am overwhelmed with the work I can only imagine how he must feel.!
Tyler has been going without his pain meds... his choice... but I know he does not like how they make him feel... I know he must be having some pain... but will NEVER admit to it...NEVER! I ask pain level   he says 0.  I know he could not do any of this school work on the I really hope john can get thu it....  Good luck at PT.... and I will pray he does not get your bug... Get better..... Hugs   Lori
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 15, 2008, 02:56:09 PM
It's day 4 post-op and I think John is doing really well.  He seems to manuver really well...but I guess I shouldn't be surprised...he's been on the crutches and in the hinged brace since August!  Now I hope we can taper off the meds.  He is taking 2 vicoden every 6hrs.  It makes him dizzy and sleepy and he hasn't had a bm since Monday!  I am giving him colace, but nothing yet!  He had a bunch of friends over last night which was nice for him.  Our house tends to be the "hang-out", so it seemed good to have kids around.  He has a checklist...drawn up by the PT's...with 3 exercises he needs to do 2x/day.  Ankle pumps, heel slides and quad sets.  He seems to be much better able this time to do the heel slides, but they do hurt.  He is supposed to tense the quad and hold it for 10sec., but can only do this for 3sec. now.  He is still sleeping now.  Hubby and #2 son have left as #2 has a basketball scrimmage (his first JV experience).  Well I better go try and do some housework, or drink some more coffee...we will see which one wins out!  PS-I am feeling better, think I have a sinus infection.
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: Davori on November 15, 2008, 04:23:36 PM
Im so glad to hear you are feeling better..... and it sounds like Johnboy is doing great! YAY  now you just have to stay on him to do the excercises...... Its great that he had friends over... I wish tylers friends would come... The neighbor kids pop in for a min here or there but dont really stay long at all...
More coffee keeps on winning.... lol I really WANT to clean the house.... but that cofee just keeps saying  "psssst. Lori,  come here..... take a break....."    lol 
 Thinking of you both....  Hugs   Lori
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 16, 2008, 10:06:23 PM
Well, its day 5 for john and he seems to be doing really well.  He is tapering off the meds and doing well coping with the pain.  He studied and took a French3 test and is almost done typing up a chem lab.  He is now watching the Duke vs. Rhode Island game with dad and bros.  He has yet to do his exercises, so I need to stay on him.  I just got done cleaning the took me an hour!!!  There is still so much to do, but I am kinda not in the mood to keep cleaning.  I was going to make chili, but need to run out and get some supplies.  Half the family likes it and half want subs....grrr...its never easy.  It is snowing and cold outside, but I like it because we can all get cozy and stay inside by the fire  :)  We are toying with the idea of having John attempt a class or two at school, as he is behind in math and no one can help him...including the tutor (she is his global teacher).  Well, hope all is well with everyone.  Its a good day here  ;)
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: Davori on November 17, 2008, 07:57:12 PM
It sounds like he is making very good progress! YAY.... I know what you mean about the school work... Tyler needs the instruction in math also.... the other subjucts are not as hard... but still require alot of effort due to it being on his own with no help from teachers.... I SOOOO want to get him back in class... He just has so much to do.... to get caught up... 1st. We have to use our tudor wiseley... and math seems to be the one..... So are you going to send him to a few classes...? will they let him do that? We cant...but I wish.... Its all or nothing.... I think he is ready to return to school... physically...( Im nervouse about the weakness  and falling.... but he has to go sometime... Ill decide this week..when.... I HATE cleaning.... But I have so much to do.... T is finally well enough and does not need me every hour, but hubby is home this week... vacation.... so I guess I wont get much done with him I clean better when Im alone!  talk to ya soon....gotta get some wings out... wings for dinner since the Bills are playing I really hope they win....
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 18, 2008, 12:39:50 AM
Hi there, Day 6 post-op here. 
John had his follow-up apt. with the OS today (an hour away).  They took off the wrap and snipped the 'tails' of the stitches.  The rest will dissolve as they are internal stitches.  He just has the steri-strips on and can shower again (Yah!!  :D).  He will wear the hinged braced, locked and will use the crutches for as long as it takes him to get strong again.  He is going to PT twice a week.  The biggest thing is the quad strength.  The OS said he is tracking real well in that knee and he did some imbrication so as to tighten things up where they were prior to the dislocation.  The other knee has been good, but it is the bigger worry as it dislocated 3x's and never had open surgery to correct anything...Just arthroscopic surgery to remove a loose body.  John has a long road, but at least its toward recovery and not another surgery.  I am really not sure if school will let him come for just one didn't even occur to me that he couldn't....maybe they won't let him, I better check before I send him ???
Yah, hubby is looking forward to the Bills game too, he's a big fan.  I return to work tomorrow  :-\  Wish I could stay home more with John.  He will be fine until he needs to come down the stairs...I think I will have him call me and I can run home quick to help.  I work 10 min. away.  He still needs to do exercises for today, so I better run and get him on this. He was doing HW, not sure if he kept at it. Tomorrow is my #2 boy's 14th bday!!!  I can't believe they are growing up soooo fast!  He had his first JV scrimmage on Sat.  He is in 8th grade, but tried out and made the team.  Hubby went and said he did awesome!  17 pts.!!!  :D   Well, gotta run and take care of business before its time to hit the hay!!  Take care all  ;)
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 19, 2008, 12:20:10 AM
One week post-op, the days are flying by!  I don't think John showered today....  When I came home at lunch he said he didn't yet......  He mumbled something about it being hard to stand without the brace....I think he's afraid. 
I am trying to keep my anal side in check  ::), but this homework thing is killing me. .... John feels he will be too far behind to attend class this week to know what is going on and my email today asking his teachers if this seems warranted fell on deaf no one responded.  Looking over his binders they seem a disaster, but he gets decent grades, so I should butt out I guess.  Like I said I am fighting the control freak in me on this one  :o  His "tutor" is supposed to come over tomorrow night.  She actually popped over tonight, but he was at a parent meeting for bball with dad.  She noted she had 2 quizzes for english, but didn't want to just leave them....geeeeez, I felt funny like she thought I'd let him cheat or something.  His french teacher gave us his test to complete with no problem.  I don't know, I am probably dwelling, but I think not.
His PT went well, ROM was 85.  I think they did some electrical stim for his quad.
Well, gotta run the cleaner and fold the never-stinking-ending pile of laundry!!!  Hope everyone is well and feeling good  ;)
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: rouprak on November 19, 2008, 10:37:37 AM

Just catching up on you over the last few days. John is doing really well. What op did he have to have the screws removed? Was is a TTT? All the same he is young and will hopefully bounce back.

Seems to be one of the biggest problems for parents who have kids who go through such major surgery, to get their school work on track! Idealistic world i obviously live in, but would expect the schools to be ultra helpful etc. I know in UK they are pretty good, but suppose never really been though it myself. I know when i was younger and had bad asthma and was off they were constantly sending me work! ha ha!

Well, well done John and i can understand the scared in the shower thing.

When i do one of my physio exercises i have to go from being on the floor to standing without my brace ( obviously do not use bad leg at all) but am petrified i am going to fall, so i suppose it just takes time to make yourself confident. I was lucky enough to be given a spare one form my aunt which i use in the bath but still cautious.

Well, good going john and well done for being so good with him! I think is good you are in ' anal' mode as you put it as we all need pushing otherwise very easy to fall behind.

Take care,

George x
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 20, 2008, 12:28:35 AM
Day 8-post op here.
John did a ton of math today while we were working, but what he didn't realize was I had been emailing his teachers from my work and getting feedback about how much he still needs to do. 
This made for an ugly scene when I got home.....He felt under appreciated for all his hard work and I felt pressured as I knew how much he needed to do the "tutor" was coming at 5:15 to give him 2 english quizzes plus more work from other classes....oh... and I had to go to my youngest boy's parent-teacher conference at school by 4:30!
John still hasn't done his exercises yet today, but hopefully he will "later" as he says he is going to.  I hate to be such a pain to him, but I have to keep on him.  After the first surgery we laid back and let him be in charge of the exercises and he didn't do them.
I know he is frustrated with being hurt and not getting to be like his friends, so I do have to keep this in mind  ::)  Oh well, live and learn, right?!  Tomorrow is another day in the land of messed-up knees!   
Think I'll just grab a glass of wine and sit by the fire....Everyone do the same!!  Have a great night  ;)
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 21, 2008, 01:20:27 AM
Day 9 post-op.
PT went well, Leslie, one of the therapists there said he was doing awesome  ;D  She is a sweetie!  She said his range is way better than after the last surgery.  This is a relief, now the quad has to cooperate! 

As far as a school work update.....John got a stinking 64% on the French test he took while he's been home.....I'm afraid all the grades will be similar...I just hope he can turn it around when he goes back.  What a bummer  :-\.  He is a smart kid, but effort is not high, and this just makes it that much harder.
Well, we had a big surprise tonight.....I got a call from my youngest asking me when we'd be home from PT.....when I asked why?  He said that the WHOLE varsity basketball team was at the house!!! :o  One of the players got on the phone and said that the coach.....A MAN......was supposed to call and let us know they were coming over to surprise John and hang out!  I told him I'd be home with John in 20 min (this was about 5:30)............My house was a mess and I had no food.

We walk in and there are 15 young men!!!!!!!  What a nice thing for him to do, but geeeeeezzzzzzz, only a man would forget to call us and fill us in on the plan.  It is my mother-in-laws 82nd bday, so hubby was leaving to go out to dinner at 7 with her and I had a hair apt. at 6:45, we ordered a sheet pizza and wings and just enjoyed the moment....what else was there to do! 

Well, gotta feed the two younger ones, as the pizza and wings vaporized!!  Have a great night and god bless everyone!  :-*

Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 21, 2008, 09:13:27 PM
Just a quick Day 10 post-op update here as its Friday and I already have my wine in hand ;D 

John spent alllllll day doing homework and they are still dropping more off later tonight!  Today was the last official school day he will miss (#8) and you'd think he'd been out a year!  I just figured that maybe one out of the seven teachers would say something like....."don't worry about this one, its not critical he do it"  What was that you said about husbands, Lori?....HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....that's my feeling about the teachers and the HW, quizzes, tests, etc.

Well John's pain is lessening and he seems upbeat.  Let's hope it continues  ;)  Have a great night all! 
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 23, 2008, 05:50:06 PM
Where did Saturday go????  Day 12 here.  John has started walking around a little without his crutches, not sure he is supposed to do this.  He still has his hinged brace on and its locked, but I am not sure if he is supposed to be WB or if he is how much.  I know the quad is still very weak, so I better ask at PT tomorrow. Teenagers think they are invincible! 
He road the bus with the team to a scrimmage and seemed upbeat.  I bet its hard for him to just watch.  Well gotta go get him out of bed!!!  It's almost 1pm and he is still sleeping....teenagers! 
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 24, 2008, 10:41:31 PM
Day 13 post-op
John seems to be moving along.  His school is officially on vacation until 12/1, so that's good because he won't have more HW to do, but bad because now all the friends and girlfriend are over constantly and he won't finish up the work he has left to do and also is lazy about his exercises.
Teenagers, they just want to lay around, eat and watch tv or play video games.....don't get me wrong I love having them here vs. someplace else, but it can be trying sometimes.
Well, i have a lasagna in the oven, better keep an eye on it.  Take care all! ;)
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 25, 2008, 11:04:52 PM
2weeks post-op!

Okay the lasagna was consumed by 7 kids and hubby with none left to spare!  John-boy is "on" the Varsity bball team here....even though he won't play this season....he still attends all practices and even had to do 200+ push-ups for being 2 minutes late to practice.....I loved that because he would not hurry up for me!, but unfortunately the coach (who has no children)  did not include his name in the line-up for the article that was in the local paper tonight  :-[ 

Of course we won't say anything to him, but geeeeezzzzzzz....this was it........the one and only time his name would ever be in print this year re:bball........not that it matters, but it does!  I hope his name will be on the roster and he isn't just doing stats for the team.  It's a bummer.  No one understands, but us and sometimes that feels lonely  :-\
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 28, 2008, 03:11:17 PM
Day 17 post-op for John-boy-
He got 105 for ROM at PT on Weds., which they say is great for him at this point.  He is walking pretty much with no crutches and seems pretty much pain free!  I couldn't ask for more  :)
Family was surprised to see him off the crutches so soon.  I think now it will be hard as he begins to feel better, but is sitting on the bench watching his friends play basketball.  However he seems upbeat right now.  We just need him to keep working on his exercises and his homework before we go back on Monday.

Its snowing and hubby and I are putting up the Christmas decorations which is a full day event...we have a big Victorian house and hubby is a bit like Clark Griswald when it comes to lights!   :)  It's snowing and beautiful out.  Hope everyone is feeling good and making progress.  I'm sending good thoughts to all!
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: rouprak on November 28, 2008, 03:37:32 PM
Wow that is great news about Jon-Boy! 105 after 17 days!

Ah the snow sounds lovely! I love snow at Christmas but in UK the weather is soooo weird who knows if it will snow or be sunny around Christmas time!

In a way its quite nice that is Christmas time that we are going through this as when cold and wintry is nicer to be in.....i was meant to have mine in AUG but my OS broke his hand!!! SO lucky escape really!

House sounds lovely! I feel all warm and excited about Christmas! My parents house in Somerset is  a big Georgian House and looks lovely at Christmas.....i will miss decorating my flat in London but will get all the joy of being down here so cant complain!

Happy Christmas decoration day!

Keep up the good work! I think it kind of gets a bit hard when you can start doing things but not quite EVERYTHING! Sounds like he has some good friends and can go and see/play etc so that will keep mind off!

Well done. You and LORI (who seems to be MIA :( )  are SUPER MUMS!

Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 30, 2008, 03:06:43 PM
Day 19-Post op  :)

The house is silent (rare) all are still asleep, so I thought I'd post quick.  John is doing great and goes most everywhere without crutches.  He tries to get out of going to mass (church) with the excuse his brace won't fit in the pew, but we set him up in a chair...he can't get out of it that easy!

House is decorated and its snowy out, perfect!  Tomorrow he heads back to school with hopefully most of his school work done.  I will need to go through it with him today to assess his status!

Well I hope all is going well with everyone and you all are feeling good and on the road to recovery  ;)  Have a great Sunday!
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: rouprak on November 30, 2008, 08:04:35 PM
Ooh great news about going to school tomorrow! Is he excited about it? At least he is only back for a few weeks before they break for Christmas so is a nice time as things slow down a bit and fun stiff begins!

I bet you will miss having him at home every day!  Probably enjoy a bit of time to yourself too!

Snow - oooh i would love some snow now! Would love to be sitting and looking out as snow is just so lovely! Is about 2.5 degrees at the mo here so may have snow but UK snow is pretty rubbish so generally does not settle much! 

Made me laugh about going to mass! I am 27 and was just having the chat with my mother as we go to midnight mass for Christmas and is always so busy! So i was saying i may have to 'reserve' a seat as no way i will be able to sit as church pews are tiny at the best of times! Kids will try anything!

Hope you are having a good Sunday. Not sure of your time difference know behind UK! I am settling in for the night with a roaring fire and my dog at the end of my feet and going to watch a good prog!

Happy snuggley (dont think thats even a word!) Sunday everyone


Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: 3Diggersmom on December 03, 2008, 03:17:49 AM
3 weeks post-op for John-boy:
Tonight we went to the first JV and Varsity basketball games of the season.  My 14 yr.old had his first JV game and John-boy is keeping stats for  the Varsity team.  It was bittersweet.  I was very happy for my 14 yr. old, as he started and did well, but it was hard watching John sit on the bench.  He is sooooo passionate about the game, I really miss seeing his intensity.  He just doesn't throw himself into Chemistry or French the same way  :-[ 
But who knows what God has in store for him...we will just wait and see and try to make the best of this.  I need to make an apt. to go in and speak to the principal about the so-called tutoring John received while he was out of school.  He never received any "instruction" there was just a delivery of the work.  Apparently he doesn't understand this, because when I arranged to have John meet with his math teacher, the principal cancelled this....he said John had already received his allotted 10hrs. of instruction.  That is crap and he is going to know it soon.  He also said the math teacher was not an "approved" does that make any sense????   He can teach math, but can't tutor??????  Is there any common sense left in the world?!
Oh well gotta get ready for tomorrows day of work and school, Hope all is well with everyone. more thing...John was doing his heel slides last night and his quad looked so darn small, how long does it take to come back?  I know everyone is different, but wondered.  He is still in hinged brace and will be for awhile, but is not using his crutches at all.  We go back to the OS on the 11th for a check-up. 
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Post by: rouprak on December 07, 2008, 06:45:32 PM
Helllo there,

Sorry not been on for a while. Just catching up. All looking good with John-boy. I bet he cant wait for the holidays again! He must be tired!

Heel slides, well i am 6 weeks PO and still my quad is pathetic! As is my calf muscle! It just seems to hang down! But they are there and once you can start more on them then they will beef up quite quickly! As you know a long road and annopying how you loose so quickly but takes 100 times the amount of time to get them back!!!! Bit like losing weight!!!!

Just needs to keep up at them.

What is his brace set at? I have just started to ditch my brace which is great - i have to use outside and in car  and when tired, but can use with the crutches as i had started to HIP HITCH which i am told is very common and not good! When are they hoping to get him out of it? I kinow you have your app on the 11th so maybe then! !

Well look forward to catching up! Hope the OS app is more successful than my OS's on Wed!

Take care

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Post by: 3Diggersmom on December 09, 2008, 02:23:05 AM
Hi there,
tomorrow will be 4 weeks post-op for John-boy.  He is at 115 ROM, which is great compared to his last surgery.  He is still crutch-free, but in the hinged brace.  I am not sure what it is set at, I'll check. 

There was a bball tourney this weekend.  John is keeping stats for varsity.  He seems okay watching, but he has made comments about being sick and tired of being hurt.  I don't blame him.  It just seemed like he was this normal, active kid who was a natural at sports and then one day (the first day of his freshman yr.) his life changed (first knee dislocation).  Hubby and I ran into a man tonight who asked about John and then he made the comment,"He'll probably never play again will he?"    Okay, so where did this guy go to school....Insensitive High??!!  I guess this is a very possible reality, but not one I want to hear.  I just felt like saying geez, thanks for the vote of confidence buddy!

We are going in to meet with the principal at John's school on Weds. due to a denial of instruction (John was set to go in and receive some math instruction from the teacher a few days before Thanksgiving, however it was cancelled by the principal).  The principal is under the grand delusion that John received all the instruction (10 hrs.) that he was due.  There was noooooo instruction.  The person merely dropped off work.  She even wrote an email to the principal stating this and still it didn't help.  He said the math teacher was not board approved to tutor.  Does this make any sense.  He can teach, but can't tutor.  The other lame excuse was that tutoring should not replace the actual class instruction....what????  Is the tutoring supposed to help or leave him hanging?  I never would have thought it would be this hard to help a hurt kid.

OS apt. on Thursday, we'll see what that holds.  Until then, hope everyone is feeling strong and positive  ;)
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: 3Diggersmom on December 09, 2008, 02:48:48 AM
I almost forgot....I almost joined this site as a patient and not the mom of a patient.  I was trying to do some Martha Stewart crafty thing outside with some flower pots and christmas ornaments (first mistake...I am not crafty!!)  I made the pots complete with sprigs of pine, ornaments and pine cones.  I was sooo proud and decided to carry both pots down to the back yard where I was going to put them on the window sills when.........DOWN I fell!  My back steps are wide and made of Slate.  I tried to grab a bush on my way down, but it was no use.  The stinking pots went flying with the ornaments,etc. sailing thru the yard.  I banged my knee/shin badly, but didn't feel much pain until today.  Now everything hurts...quads, chest muscles, shoulder.  What a goof I am  ::).  Oh well, thought somebody might get a chuckle out of that.  Have a good one!
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: rouprak on December 09, 2008, 10:36:13 AM
Oh no dont join as a patient! Far better being the mum! :P

Well you know what you have to do dont you ICE ICE ICE that shin!

Bless you! Hope not too battered and bruised! That treaches us all not to be too crafty when we dont have it in us! 10 points for trying though.

Hope the OS goes well tomomrrow if dont hear before then. JB seems to be doing great! School sounds awful!

Love George x
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: Davori on December 09, 2008, 01:22:55 PM
Hey you.... I just read thu all the stuff I have missed, and I have to ask..? Are we nurturing the same kid? it sounds like I thought about you n john on dec 1st... Did he return? How is it going? Tyler is back, and only uses 1 crutch at school....he would rather not use any, but He occasionally needs it to catch himself, and its a reminder to others.... not to jump on him. Aparently "the girls" like to jump on him and give him hugs..... as a mom Im not so happy about this....especially since they just dont get it....crutches usually means you can barley carry your own weight...let alone someone elses......
He is 2 tests away from being ALL caught up.... THANK GOD! We have been working and working....I am tired of begging him to get it done..... it seems as tho everything is a battle. Homework, PT showers, I am just done with the constant nagging...... Why dont they understand that by putting off or procrastinating, they are actually messing up our daily sched. ?  I DO have another child, and things to do, places to be......So if he does not take advantage of my help in MY TIME, it messes up the whole day. ...... My day is planned from AM TO PM and if one thing gets out of whack.... the day gets shot....
anyways   thats my rant.... I am really sorry I missed out on all that has been going on.... it sounds like you have it under control, and Johnboy is doing great.....!  As far as the Anal part..... yea, I know, you have to be. otherwise NOTHING GETS DONE!    8)   Later    KEEP UP THE GOOD WOPRK MOMMA!
                       Hugs Lori
Title: Re: Mom's post-op diary of John's hardware removal
Post by: 3Diggersmom on December 18, 2008, 02:30:39 AM
Hi all,
I have been doing what the rest of the world is trying to do...get ready for Christmas!  We had John-boy's 4 week post-op apt. last week and it went well.  The OS told him he could lose the brace after a couple weeks.  It's funny bec the PT folks still want him in it due to the nasty weather, but said he could keep it unlocked in the house.  We are still going to PT 2x week.  John continues to try and get all caught up in school, but I think he's pretty much there.  We are now going to bball games where he keeps stats for the team.  Younger bro. plays for the JV team. I feel sad for him being on the bench, just watching, but thinking of him playing makes my heart race and my stomach flop.....if any of you remember.....John-boy can't have corrective surgery yet bec he is not done growing.  He has only had surgery to help with damage done by the dislocations.  I pray that somehow he can play before he graduates, but I am scared to death to go through this again.  Well, better go and get #3 to bed!!!  Miss reading everyone's post, will have to catch up with everyone.  Have a great night all!