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Title: Patela shaving
Post by: Jairo on November 10, 2008, 04:22:26 AM

I'm 28 years old, and six years ago I twisted my right knee and got a (suposedly) small chondral lesion in my patela. Since then I have crepitus, pain and a mild swelling when I bend my knee with load. More than five physicians said that it was negligible, and just prescripted exercises to "realign the patela".

The years passed, the pain and swelling are only getting worse, and I'm growing afraid that I'm treating the wrong thing. I suppose my problem was never a malalignment, but a cartilage defect caused by acute trauma, which will grind anyway it tracks. So I'm trying to gather information about cartilage shaving of the patela for my specific case: a (now not so) small acute lesion, with nothing to do with maltracking.

From the physicians that I talked personally, some said it was OK, some said it was futile, and some literally didn't even know that the procedure exist. So I would like to ask to you too.

What is the best tool? Despite thinner, does the cartilage can become smooth as new? Is it possible for the pain completely disappear, or that would be dreaming too much? I just would like to get an idea, because I really have none.


Title: Re: Patela shaving
Post by: Remicade on November 11, 2008, 04:00:30 PM
i will try to answer your questions with my expierences in mind. i had my patella resurfaced and i had a 7mm plus of synthetic cartilge inplanted and microfracture in the other bare spots..

i am not sure about what you are asking about the "best tool"
but once you shave some cartliage it will not become smooth as new, once it is shaped it will never be that much better.
the pain might get better, but i really doubt it will go away. i hope it does for you, but my knee's ache everyday. its good to dream and hope all will be better, but keep one foot on the ground and expect the worse.  but i would do everything i could to help your knee after surgery to help the pain and get it to heal properly.
its easy to get frustrated with pain and discomfort, but try to be as positive as you can.
Title: Re: Patela shaving
Post by: Jairo on November 14, 2008, 08:52:26 PM
Hi, Remicade.

By "tool", I mean the method used for shaving. I know that there are at least three: abrasion, thermocauterization and a new one called "coblation", which uses radiofrequency. Which did you use?

What do you mean by "synthetic" cartilage: autologous transplant, or a true synthetic material?