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Title: Fell down stairs onto cement - ow!
Post by: jmcc on October 25, 2008, 08:53:53 PM
Ok, last night it was raining and I was wearing my cute little high heel boots.  I was going down these wooden stairs when I slipped, fell down about three steps, landing flat on my knee caps.  My right knee took the brunt of the fall because I was also carrying a heavy messenger back on my right side, which im sure pulled me more in that direction when I went flying.

Anyways... my knee swelled immediately, it was scraped even though I had on pants, and now today my leg and foot feel sorta numb and tingly, with pain in the knee that is shooting down my leg also.  My knee is also very warm.  I have iced it a couple times.  I have also found driving and keeping my knee bent at a certain angle to be quite uncomfortable.

There's one thing to note... my pain tolerance is incredibly, abnormally high, so I'm often not aware of the severity of the injury if going by my pain level alone.  I defy logic, what to me is mildly annoying is sometimes incredibly painful to others.  Blah blah blah...

As I'm still able to limp around, I'm not going to the emergency room.  I can probably get into my regular doc on Monday.  But... what kind of potential injury am I looking at here?  I already know I have torn cartilage in this knee from a previous injury, and all of my joints are hypermobile.
Title: Re: Fell down stairs onto cement - ow!
Post by: fatcats6 on October 25, 2008, 09:05:34 PM
Oh my goodness...why won't you go to emergency?  They'd take an xray and rightly so, you could have fractured your kneecap, torn ligaments, there's so much potential for damage and by not doing anything, you could be making things worse.  Lovely that you have a high tolerance for pain but that can also work against you and you have damage that's not getting treated.

If you really won't go to the ER...stop walking on it right now.  Rest and Ice and Elevate at the least, until you know for sure what you've done.
Title: Re: Fell down stairs onto cement - ow!
Post by: midge1uk on October 25, 2008, 10:02:39 PM
hi i'm no expert to these boards but please get your knee checked out asap!!! 2 yr ago i fell pretty badly onto the inside of my lt knee. it swelled pretty badly and i was unable to walk on it for days or even kneel on it for months, I totally ignored all these signs believing myself to be some sort of a hero.( i have quite a high pain threshold.) only to discover that now maybe due to this ignorance i am now looking at severe wear and tear aka arthritis and left wondering maybe if i got it sorted earlier then JUST MAYBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Fell down stairs onto cement - ow!
Post by: stickshifty on October 25, 2008, 10:17:32 PM
Ahh cute shoes will always be the downfall of us... (quite literally.)

When you say "regular doc" do you mean your GP or your OS? If you've had past knee issues, I'm sure you know that GPs generally don't know jack.

If you want to wait til Monday, it's your knee. I'd just take it easy and stay in bed this weekend.
Title: Re: Fell down stairs onto cement - ow!
Post by: fatcats6 on October 25, 2008, 11:32:03 PM
I forgot to add in my post...Cute shoes!  I'm moving house Thursday and have been packing up everything I own.  I'm going to sell every single pair of cute shoes I own on Ebay because I know that anything that's not flat heeled is now out for good.  I have no seperation anxiety at all, I see them as the enemy and fashion is certainly never going to be the reason I put my health and well being at risk every again.  I read some of you do and marvel at your courage in attempting to walk on stilts!  I'm just too chicken, cluck, cluck, cluck.
Title: Re: Fell down stairs onto cement - ow!
Post by: jmcc on October 25, 2008, 11:47:27 PM
Yea, I'm gonna wait til Monday.  I wont use the ER unless I'm on the verge of death.  I'm stubborn, and I'd rather sit at home than wait in a waiting room for four hours.  :P

By "regular doc" I meant my GP, not OS.  Getting to see my OS is a pain as he's one of the top in the country, probably wouldn't be able to get in for a week, but my doc is super cool ... she'll order xray the same day, and have me go in for an mri the next if need be.  OS usually wont give u the time of day unless you see your normal doc first.  Bleh.  Plus she'll give me a note to get a few days off work... working in the city, I don't feel like walking blocks on this, and climbing the many stairs I do at my job.

I'm hoping its just a really bad bruise, but with my luck (i'm a klutz), it could be worse.  I was on it today walking around, it hurts worse, so I'm definitely not gonna be on it tomorrow... just rest and ice and see what they tell me monday!