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Title: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 17, 2008, 06:41:05 PM
I will start this with a little history of Tyler so you can get to understand the boy I know, and even though hes going thru this,  how truley BLESSED we are. When I found out I was pregnant I was so excited... I was told I would never have children. At 23 weeks gestation the problems began with preterm labor, and an ultrasound showed that he had an omphalocele( liver and bowel outside of his body) AFP tests showed he was not normal.... and I was told that I should terminated the pregnancy, but I was certain that God had given me this child for a reason and decided who was I to mess with Gods creation. I Understood that it would be difficult, and was prepared for whatever came our way. Anyhow I worked very hard to do everything to keep this baby  but he came early anyhow. but only 8 weeks early, I carried him far longer than any of the doctors thought I would.... He was very long 21 inches and very skinny 5lbs 13 oz.  He had surgery as soon as he was born to put his liver and bowell where it belonged and he had lots of problems due to prematurity but after 2 weeks I could finally hold him without his heart rate jumping off the charts and we finally looked into each others eyes. I Knew at that moment we were going to be ok. The 1st 2 years he had several surgeries including having his tounge clipped as he has toung tied, another abdomenal surgery, testicle repairs, ears,  we wnt through therapy to teach him how to eat, speek, and even walk. We were told he would never walk, or talk. He underwent genetic testing only to have the Doctor tell me that he had Possible Beckwith weideman Syndrome. A rare genetic disorder. He did not have the visable symptoms other than the enlarged tounge and tall stature, and omphalocele  so it was ruled as "Possible" BWS.  But non the less we mutteled through. I have never treated him as though he had any disability, and he has been through his fair share of adversities in his life... I will spare you all the details... but when he was 18 months old he stood up. He was going to walk! And he does! In fact he is awsome! He is an A-B Honor student  I am so proud! He is a normal 13 year old boy, with the exception of medical problems . But when they pop up... we fix what we need to, go through what we need to, pick ourselves up by the bootstraps... and move foward. I have never lied to him about how difficult things are going to be, how painful things are going to be or how long recovery will be. And I dont intend to start now. He has always had a possitive spirit about him, and tries his very best at everything he does.
I know, he sounds perfect... right?  Im not dilusional... He's a NORMAL, obnoxious,back talking , silly, lazy,never wants to take a shower or brush his teeth boy. And Im grateful for all of it. (most of the time.)   
13 is a tough age for boys... He has always had some self confidence issues, due to all the medical problems, scars, and issues he has delt with. he was never very good at sports, even though we have tried them all.... I was quite ok with him being a nerd, He just never found that 1 thing that he was good at! until now.   He is 6'5 &3/4. ( cant forget the 3/4...) and He found basketball. Well it found him. He loves it. And he's good at it. I love it because he has found his "IT".  His confidence in himself is much better and his self esteem is soaring... For someone who doesnt like to be the center of attention, its ironic that he plays center in BBall.  His 1st season was a church league. in 6th grade. ( he is now in 8th)
At the banqut for that league he was playing around in the grass, and dislocated his rt knee. It was pretty bad.... scarred me to death...  and all the kids that were there too. I never want to see that again.. but as a mom you just do what you do to keep him calm , wait patiently for the ambulance as lit looks for you at some back woods , off the beaten path, farm slash lake front area... that takes you forever to find even with detailed directions.  You hold thier hand and tell them it will be ok even though you are shaking inside and out - and want so badly to do something for them... This is the part I hate, cause not only do you have to help your child, but you also have to calm the onlookers, give them directions as to what to do.... But also keep them from getting in your way without raising your voice and saying curse words.. ( cause lets face it, most poeple dont handle crises well) all the while staying calm yourself because if you dont your child will panic and the whole situation gets out of hand.  The ambuannce comes... hes alergic to morphine so they can only give him nitrus  for the long drive to the hospital...    I know... this is getting to be really long and you want me to get to the point..... we did PT... he got better...  He tried out for the 7th grade team... made it , played the season, (with a nervouse mom in the stands) he dislocated it again in front of the house... again playing basketball.... we did PT again.... he got better... the OS said he needed to have a reallignment surgery on both knees but couldnt because his growth plates were still open... He told us this would happen again and again until he could do the surgery.... He just needed to build up his muscles and keep them strong, and that would decrease his chances of it happening..... He worked all summer keeping in touch with coaches, and doing PT at home. He favors his rt knee, and he says he can feel it slip every now and again. He wears a brace on that knee just about 24/7. He doesnt shower in it( but by the way it smells.... he should)   10 days ago he was playing ball again, out in the street, getting ready for the upcoming basketball season,  when he stepped on a rock and dislocated the Left one. the good one. Now we knew that it had the same tendancies as the rt, but he had not experienced that one yet.... The experience with the ambulance, hospital ect... was horrible... no pain relief at all.... and an incompetant er doc to pop it back in.... I dont even want to talk about that now, as I am still Very angry about it. Anyhow... we are pros at this now, so we go to the OS... and he says the plates are closed enough, lets do this surgery. Skip PT this time, go directly to OR.FIX it this year and be ready to play JV Basketball next year with out the worry of dislocating anymore. So we did. and here we are.  He is discouraged because he worked so hard to get ready for basketball and was really looking foward to playing for Coach P. He feels like he has let everyone down, and they are not letting up. Everyone that talks to him says... oh man... what are we going to do without you... or Will you be playing this year?  or Dude??? why???
He feels bad enough, now we have everyone else making him feel bad too. Even the Teachers... who I specifically told that he was sensitive to the fact he wont play this season.!!.. In front of them... he tries to act tough... but inside he is angry... and disapointed. As a 13 year old, he doesnt know how to cope with all his emotions so his saddness comes out as anger in front of others.... He doesnt want them to think hes weak, He want to be strong, tough guy, cool guy, hero for the team, and every middles schools girls dream.... instead he is a really tall kid on crutches, wearing a smelly knee brace on one knee and a big ugly one on the other knee.... If he hears "Run Forest.... RUN...."   one more time, Im afraid that he may just have a meltdown.   All of this brings me to to DAY 1... September 16. Surgery...

We get up, put little sister on the bus... ( yes, God gave me another one) and sit around till its time to go. My Husband, bless his heart, has never dealt well with all the medical stuff, has takin the day off to go with us.. " He's thirsty, let him have a drink... Why cant he eat breakfast? they are just mean...  let him have a little food and dont tell them.. what can it hurt" says he...... Maybe this is why I prefer to do the whole Dr thing alone... Tyler is getting nervouse, lolly gagging getting shoes on... getting into the van, " I need to brush my hair, and my teeth"... like that EVER happens.... He slept all the way there.. an hour drive... get to the waiting room... hes very silent. Go back to pre-op... not saying a word... he wont even answer the Questions from the nurse, I have to answer everything.. Even Do you have to use the restroom? ..... nothin... So I had to make him go. By the way all the staff at the surgical center have to comment on how tall he is, or ask if he plays basketball.... Anyhow shy guy gets on the bed, when they tell him he has to take off his shorts, or his boxers, he can only wear 1 layer during the surgery..Another decision he cant seem to make. so I make it for him... He was acting very strange... I have never seen him so afraid before. Anyhow, he gets on the bed, in his boxers, and the bed is too short... his ankles and feet are hanging off the bed, and all the pre-op patients are lined up in this 1 room with curtains between each one, and they ask me to step outside the curtain so they can put his IV in.  I have seen this done to him a million times, but they had someone fall and bust thier head open so I couldnt watch.. They closed the curtain and all I can see are 2 size 14 blue surgical booties sticking out from behind a curtain.  I felt as though I had front row seats to a puppet show. I wanted so badly to draw little faces on them, and tell Tyler to rotate his ankles... but I didnt. He was nervouse enough and not really in the mood for joking around.  They gave him some relax him, and opened the curtain... Tyler started to tell me that the nurse woulnt even let him look at the IV as it was being put in, but he lost his train of though and just started giggling.  Aparently the guy in the bed across from him looked like Uncle Phil from the TV show Fresh Prince of Belaire.  'Uncle PHILL"  he says... thats Uncle Phil.!
They then took him away to do the femeral nerve block.... when they brought him back he was just goofy silly... talking about how he thought all the wires he was hooked up to made him feel like he was a video game, and wondered if he was a one player or a 2 player game....  They took Uncle Phill away 1st, and it was funny, cause He was an older gentelman, but as he passed Tylers bed he made a fist and held it up to Tyler as if to say... Fight the power dude. or ... or High 5 , catch ya on the flip side. anyhow it was cool. I think he was just having a scope done, cause he was done pretty quick, and then it was Tylers turn... I felt pretty good that he was not so rigid and scared anymore , and went to take my seat in the waiting room......  After the surgery, He took a long time to wake up, as I told them, he would, and was very nauseated, as I told them he would be.... ( why dont they believe you when they tell you this stuff?) I mean why ask if your not going to do anything to prevent it... instead they act all surprised when they have to clean up the mess.." gee I thought that little patch behind his ear would do the trick... I should have given him something for nausea"  He still had a hard time waking up, but i guess he said he felt alot of pain so they gave him a second femerol nerve block to keep his leg numb another 24 hrs  and they put him in the back of the van so we could go home. It took 3 people and we had to remove the middle set of seats so his leg would fit. It was like bringing my newborn home for the 1st time all over again. Every bump, curve, turn, car too close to mine made me anxious.. the hour long trip took 2 in rush hour traffic and in the rain... We got home My husband and I had to carry him in cause he couldnt figure out how to get up the 2 steps into the house, he went potty and we put him on the couch...where he slept the rest of the night. Me ...worry mom, sat up putting ice on it every hour,  I was so tired... But it was actually afraid to go to sleep 1 because, I wanted to do the ice thing, 2 because I was afraid that If I went to sleep I would not get up in time to get up at 5am and take him back to the OS for post op appt. I woke tyler up at 530 am to get him in the van for the 1 hr trip to the OS. He could not get up and Im so glad my husband was still home, He picked him up and got him to a standing possition so he could use the crutches to walk out to the van. We saw the OS for all of 2 minutes... he said incision looks good, hears a school note,and some pics of your knee , see ya in 2 weeks. then we drove an hour back home where I had to call a neighbor to help me get him out of the van and back on the couch... He just woke up a little bit ago and said his knee is starting to hurt BAD.. so I gave him some pain med... and back to sleep he went.  He will wake up soon... I hope when he does... he is not in pain. And I pray that someone is around the neighborhood to help me get him up to pee.   Ill write more later..... Sorry this post  is so long... But Im sure the following ones wont be.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: jathib on September 17, 2008, 07:57:54 PM
Well done Davori. I'm glad he's on the road to rehab. He sounds like a tough kid. I'm sure he doesn't believe it now, but one day this will all be behind him and all the adversity will make him a better, stronger person. Tell him to get well soon.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 17, 2008, 09:20:33 PM
ok, he's awake and the Mr eats alot  wont eat a thing. He says hes in too much pain. I wish I could do something for him, but he cant have any more pain meds for 2 hrs. he has to pee but wont. Im not sure if its cause he doesnt want me to ask the neighbor for help getting him up or because he hurts too much. He wont go in a bottle either.. I sure hope hes not waiting for meds to kick in... because Im not sure he'll make it. The grimace on his face tells me alot. He looks like he wants to cry. It has been kinda awkward since he is not really talking... I just want to help him....!!! If I ask for a pain level he says 8. thats pretty hight for him as he has a very high tollerance for pain. His ear drum almost burst once and he told me he just had an earache.... GRRRRR I know that I just have to stay calm and reasure him that his meds are coming just as soon as I can give them to him... but its horrible to see my baby doing breathing excersises to get thu the pain. It seems as though he's trying to block out the world... and I want to give him space but I also want to help.   I will post more later...
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: BigSkyGirl on September 17, 2008, 09:25:39 PM
If he is in alot of pain I would call the Dr and ask about upping the pain meds.  A few Percocet every 4 hours really don't cut it during the first few days.  You can read any number of threads on here that talk about pain management and the general concenses is to get ahead of it and stay on it.  Sounds like he is already behind so call the Dr and see what he can do.  After my surgery I took Oxycodone 20mg every 12 hours and 5 mg every 3 hours so don't be afraid of the meds.  After a few days the pain subsided and I was able to stop taking them.

Also, don't forget the stool softener, the pain meds will stop him up and that is not fun either.  I wouldn't expect him to eat much but try and get him to eat something even if it's just a protein shake or something.  Maybe even a real shake from McDonald's etc will get him some calories.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Thekaratekid on September 17, 2008, 10:12:55 PM
Hi Davori,

My heart goes out to you and Tyler, its bloody hard coping with surgery and rehab at 26 let alone 13! I can understand how helpless you must be feeling right now but it sounds like you are doing all the right things, he is very lucky to have a mum like you to take care of him.

The first few days are definatley the hardest, are the pain meds making him dizzy when he stands up? I agree with BigSkyGirl calling and asking about increasing the painkillers may be a good idea. I'm very surprised they didn't keep him in hospital overnight rather than making you drive all the way home and come back the next day! 

I really hope they manage to get his pain under control soon.

I know its hard but its also important for you to sleep to, Tyler needs you to be strong but if your shattered you will start to feel ill too. Is there anyway someone could sit with him for a bit while you get some sleep?

Best Wishes

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 17, 2008, 10:48:41 PM
thanks for your support... and I really need it now... He is in so much pain he is crying... and I cant do anything for him.. I gave him some hydrocodone 7.5- 325 x2... its been an hour and still not kicked in... He just wants to go back to sleep and he cant because his thigh is throbbing. Mom is about to loose it... and from our story you know we have been thru alot.. I cant bear to see him suffer this much..its breaking my heart. In front of him Im strong. But I have to keep coming in here to vent.. thanks for listening to me. I know this will pass... but why soooooo slow.... Im going to see if the DR is on call... Be back later..... lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Thekaratekid on September 17, 2008, 10:57:26 PM
Hey Lori,

No worries, We have all been through similar situations and these boards are a great way to seek support and advice from other like minded people. I would have been lost with out my KG buddies getting through the last 9 months.

I think its a good idea to call the doc, I really don't think he should be in quite so much pain, if they can up his meds it will make the world of difference. Let us know what the doc says.

Hang in there

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Tabitha on September 17, 2008, 11:03:31 PM

 Wow you have had a rough time, poor Tyler, he has accomplished a lot for a 13 year old. I'm wishing him a fast recovery and hopes that he will be back to basketball in no time. Hopefully better than ever. 

I too am confused why they didn't keep him over night, that is just torturous on both you and Tyler.

Best wishes durring recovery,
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 18, 2008, 02:38:43 AM
Hello everyone. Its me again.... still on day one. I called the Os office and they were closed so was the Surgical center.. but I got the PA to call me back.  I explained how much pain he was in and she asked what he was taking... I told her.. she then argued with me about how tall he was... she didnt believe that he was 6'5 and 3/4 ( cant forget the 3/4 :)) lol   3 times I had to tell her yes 13 years old  yes 6'5... yes 160 lbs... then she gave me the ok to give him ibuprophen at his 3rd hour. and still give him the hydro every 4 hrs. It took all day to get ahead of the pain  but I think we are almost there... He actually got up to pee...(and he went...and went and went and went...) and again thank goodness my husband was home from work to assist. The meds make him dizzy, and nauseated, and trying to support himself with an unstable knee and a painfull knee is hard work. I think your right.... he should not have been done outpatient. Arthoscopy, Chondroplasty with open realignment, and a TTT, and muscle stiches, and cartaledge debriedment, is JUST TO DARN MUCH for a 13 year old boy. He is supposed to have this done again to the Rt knee in 4-6 weeks.??? I dont think so!  Next time he will be staying at the hospital. Its only day one and I feel like I can give very valuable advice to everyone getting surgery.... Todays lesson.... STAY AHEAD OF THE PAIN!!! If they give you meds, take them until your sure you dont need them. That femerol block is quite tricky,, cause you feel nothing ........then watch out! I think my boy actually said a curse word today! And that is one thing he does not do.... I wish I could bear this pain for him, actually I cant even relate... I cant even imagine what it must feel like.  well any how Im sure it will be another long night...but I have the clock set just in case I do happen to fall asleep. I will be giving him the meds every chance I can.... I will not let him go through THAT again !  I may pop in later, but with any luck we will just call it a night and start again tomorrow. Perhaps I should wake Tyler up at 5am before my hubby goest to work, to see if he needs to go poty again. Im a little nervous that I wont be able to help him alone tomorrow... oh well... Ill worry about that later... Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your support!     Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 18, 2008, 12:35:01 PM
Yay!!! Day one is over!!!! Its the beginning of day 2 and Im optomistic. We got through the night just fine. I had to wake up every 3rd and 4th hour to give him pain meds... I set the alarm on my phone, just in case...  He had to wake me up one time because his ice was leaking all over  I felt so bad. Is it possible to get frostbite for leaving the ice on too long.? He seems to like the ice... but I cant keep it frozen. I have 2 bags that I made with the water and alchohol recepie ( ..My neighbor put them in her food saver for me...) They work great because they are a good size to cover his knee, and they stay slushy to they can wrap around instead of laying like a brick on top of his knee. I need more than 2 though... I have gone through almost a whole bag of store bought ice, I keep trying to rotate.. but its just not working out so well.  Little sister Morgan is now off to school so I think I will catch some zzzz's before our next meds dose.... be back later..... REMEMBER!!!!    STAY AHEAD OF YOUR PAIN!!!!     Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Thekaratekid on September 18, 2008, 12:57:43 PM
Hi Lori,

Well done on getting through day one, I'm glad you've managed to get on top of his pain now.

Just a thought about the Ice, are you able to get a cyrocuff? perhaps the hospital could lend you one. I've never personally used one but from what I've heard they are fantastic, they pump cold water all the way round the sleeve that you put round the knee which would save trying to hold icepacks on there. Failing that, what I use are the wine bottle coolers, you know the ones that you put in the freezer then put round the bottle of wine to keep it cool. I find it really works cause it doesn't leak ice and it will wrap almost all the way round your knee, if you had 2 I reckon you could join them up.

I can't believe everything that they did to Tyler  and then sent him home, poor lad no wonder his in pain. I think he must be a very tough person to be coping with all this so well at his age.

Hope you manage to get some sleep.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: brianne on September 18, 2008, 01:02:23 PM

It is possible to ice too much.  I generally followed a 15 minutes out of every hour ice rule.  You might want to look into getting an ice machine.  You fill it up with water and ice and it stays cold for at least 8 hours.  Mine has a temperature setting so I can make sure I do not set it too cold.  Plus, they cannot leak which is always a concern with bags of ice.  Even if you have to purchase it, the money would be well spent.

To respond to a previous post of yours, I have had 4 TTT's and they were all over night stays in the hospital.  I think when Tyler has the other leg done you should demand to stay overnight in the hospital.  Additionally, with the pain meds...sometimes a certain type will work better.  So if Tyler is not getting the relief from what he has, maybe a different type would work better.  Do not hesitate to call his OS if you think he is not really getting pain relief.  For me, I do not react well to pain meds and so I did better not taking anything, but that is my preference and I have bad reactions to pain meds.  

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: jathib on September 18, 2008, 02:50:13 PM
  him some hydrocodone 7.5- 325 x2... its been an hour and still not kicked in... 

I can't believe all they gave him was hydrocodone, and a low dose at that. Poor kid. He should have gotten Percocet for such a serious surgery.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 18, 2008, 08:01:49 PM
ok so I didnt go back to sleep. But we have had an eventful day. Our neighbors kids found a puppy walking down the middle of the street while waiting for the bus so they scooped it up and took it home. When Becky ( neighbor/ friend) called me, she, like me felt sorry for the poor pup. She drove around looking for anyone that may be looking for the poor girl. She brought the puppy over for Tyler to see, and of corse they hit it off. He was hoping to keep her, if no one claimed her. She kept Tyler entertained and distracted for some time... and it was nice to see him in good spirits. Pets are amazing arnt they?  Anyhow Becky drove around again and found that someone had put up a sign for a 6 week old lost boxer.... she is just gorgeous! Becky just went home to call the owners, Im sure that they are just sick over loosing that precious little baby. Our dog Cassie, was very protective of Tyler and did not want that puppy up on the couch.... but while it was on the floor they played... like I said a very nice distraction. 

GOOD NEWS   He ate a sausage egg and cheese sandwich... AND........ drumroll please..........................
He got up and went to the bathroom!!!! Yea!  I wont lie.. It was hard work to get him to a standing possition.... as I am only 5'2 and he outweighs be by at least 45 pounds... but We did it!  I had to get behild him and lift him from his shoulders... and put my  knee up under his butt  and  use my Quads to support him all the while trying to raise him like Im some sort of craft-o-matic chair lift.  Needless to say Im glad he got on the crutches and to the potty. He is very loopy from the meds... so he had to go very slowley.. and thats ok.... Im patient.... He wanted to sit at the computer after he went and check his email but after the 16 steps to the bathroom he decided he would maybe try later..  He is sched for PT tomorrow, he asked me to re sched it for monday.... of next  so I know he s feeling better.. he being sarcastic.   He has never really done well with pain meds, if they were perscribed I would go by how he feels. Usually over the counter meds work well enough... The RX stuff makes him loopy.  After yesterday though Id rather seem him loopy and sleepy, than in that much pain... Well anyhow just wanted to let you know the progress.... Our goal for the day has been met... and a new lesson... if you can find something to distract you you dont think about the pain as much. Yes I said as much, cause God knows its still painful... but when the Docs dont give stronger pain meds you have to do what works.  And that puppy was soooooooo cute. He already had a name if no one claimed her. Philly ..............after  Uncle phil from pre-op) Gotta run, Morgan is home    feel better guys!   Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: jathib on September 18, 2008, 08:38:54 PM
I gotta tell yuh, over the counter pain meds are not going to cut it. That would be torture in my opinion. They are worthless for a simple scope, say nothing about major knee surgery. Let him be loopy, there's nothing wrong with that.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Thekaratekid on September 18, 2008, 09:31:07 PM
Hi Lori,

Sounds like Tyler is doing really well, Now that he is eaten more I would think it would help with the side effects too. I found that I felt alot less dizzy and sick once I was eating properly.

Awww the puppy sounds really cute, it was good that you found the owner but also in a way a shame that you couldn't keep her. I agree pets are a great distraction and very therapeutic.

I wish him good luck at physio tomorrow, let us know how it goes. I was emailed a phot today that made me smile, I have attached it below as I thought it may make you both smile too....

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Tabitha on September 18, 2008, 11:37:15 PM
      I am sorry to hear about Tylers pain, that's awful. I know that Docs are so weird about giving pain meds, expecially to kids. My son had something called Loratab after one of his surgeries, and it was awesome. It was a liquid so it kicked in quick.
That's great that he got up to use the restroom, with you being so small, is there a desk chair or a wheelchair you can barrow to help get him around, especially since he's going to be doing this again?
Also frozen peas, or corn make AWESOME ice packs, they cost about a buck, they're big and you can refreeze them, I would mark them though so they don't get eaten.

Hope his pain subsides!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: datapopp on September 19, 2008, 03:46:59 AM
Hi Davori;

I can relate, my daughter just had a MPFL reconstruction on Tuesday so she is 2 days post far last night was the worst, she woke up but today I just gave her 2 percoset 5/325 each every 4-6 hours and it has made a big for some reason the cpm machine seems to give her relief it is at a slow pace set to 30 degree flexion...she has been on it all day...the insurance did not pay for it so I paid $350.00 for 2 weeks and I have no regrets.  I hope that your son's pain diminishes all the post on staying on top of the medication have been very helpful....I cannot believe he has to do this again in 4 weeks.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 19, 2008, 12:03:19 PM
DATAPOP>>> I have been waiting to hear how your daughters procedure went..... I did not check yet, did you start her post op diary?  I hope she gets to feeling better soon. We didnt get a cpm... in fact I dont know what that is.. the OS just locked his brace in at 40 degrees and said that he could bend it only that far for now... which I dont see happening... not yey anyhow. The best I can do is fuss at him to do ankle pupms... and if Im lucky, he wont give me the mean face when I ask him if he can tighten his quad a little for me... >:(
Trace >>>> Thanks for the pic. Its cute!!! and congrats on going back to work!!! What a milestone eh?
Tabitha>>>> I hate peas! but I may try the corn! The ice packs in the food saver are really working out great I had my neighbor make me 2 more of the 4cups water and 1 cup alchohol .. and Im rotating... They do stay very cold for a long time so he can keep then on longer and he really seems to like the coolness. The computer chair...What a great Idea!!!! Im totally tying that one next... he is just sooo much bigger and heavier than me.. Im really afraid that I may drop him...

DAY 3     
Lets just say I did a real bone head thing!!! As you know I have not gotten a lot of sleep.... because I have to give him his meds... I cant feel the pain, so I have to rely on the clock... and if I left it up to him  he'd take the meds every hour... kids dont understand there is a reason it says every 4-6 hours.. Any how  I crashed! I woke up to the sound of my alarm.... paniced... and ran upstairs to wake my daughter for school... she has been sleeping in Tylers waterbed( a real treat for her) since he's not using it. when she wouldnt wake up I pushed the matress and made lots of waves... and told her to hurry, because I woke up late.  I went back downstairs , feeling terrible I had overslept and of course worried that I didnt stay on top of Tyler's pain management, I started calculating the last time I gave him some, what did I give him, what time is it.... OH CRAP!!!!! its 3:30 in the morning.... Im officially a nut job!!! My poor baby is getting dressed for school in a hurry... and anyone that has school aged children know this makes for cranky with my tail between my legs.. I slowley climb the stairs and tell Morgan to go back to bed. Im sorry baby, mommy is a bone head,and its not time for you to go to school yet.... she's so cute, she just said ok.... and went plopped back down on the bed. 1/2 dressed...NEW LESSON...... when you waik up in a panic, triple check the clock! I could have easily given tyler meds at the wrong time,  I didnt .... but I can totally see how it could happen.      We have therapy this am... so Ill let ya know how it goes.... Thanks every one, for listening to me rant... Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Tabitha on September 19, 2008, 02:20:30 PM
Hi Davori,
          That story made me laugh! Once I came home from work not feeling well and went to sleep at 5pm and woke up at 9pm which I thought was 9am and I started running around the house panicking getting ready, then I saw my husband and son downstairs watching TV and I realized it was the same day, I felt pretty silly. So I think we've all been there, sounds like you may need a little break though. Sometimes you need to get out by yourself even if it's just to the grocery store. Can your husband or neighbor watch him for a little while to give you a break? Or some sleep?

 I am glad your neighbor made you more ice packs, I have some of the alcohol and water ice packs, they're great, I haven't found the right mix yet, maybe I will try your 1c/4c method. Mine are always to hard and feel uncomfortable at first.

Hope Tyler is well today, and that you get a short break. You sound like such a great mom, hang in there!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Lyndsey on September 19, 2008, 03:03:03 PM
Hi Lori!

Tyler is really a trooper! I can't believe how strong he is! A great support system goes a long way too! You are a great mom, and an incredibly strong person. I can't imagine having to watch my child go through what Tyler has been through. I am 19, and my littlest sister is 9. I can't even stand it when she scrapes her knee. I hate to see the people I love in pain.

I am 17 weeks post op from a derotational osteotomy of my right femur. And I completely agree with jathib, let him have the strong stuff and be a little loopy. I wouldn't worry about it either. He needs to be in as little pain as possible, and if it takes the strong stuff, then thats okay. Even at 17 weeks I still take 800mg motrin if I have a bad day. I have a few norco left and if I overdo it I am not afraid to take those either. I don't take them for a high, all I want is to get rid of the pain. After reading the posts on pain management and meds here, the whole meds issue has become a lot more clear to me.

It really stinks he has to do it all again. They are only separating the two by 4 weeks? wow. I know how you and Tyler feel about having to do it all over again. I am just now starting to feel better after my right derotation, and in December or January or so I am having the left derotated. Sooo, just as I recover from one, I have to do the other. Then when I recover from those, after a year, the plate and screws come out, so thats even more surgery. It really is a downer, so I try not to think of what is to come. I just try to think of the end result, and how much better my life will be after all of this.

Take care! I hope you have a good day! Like Tabitha said, Hang in there!!!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: BigSkyGirl on September 19, 2008, 03:13:10 PM
Glad to hear Tyler is doing better!!

Make sure he does the quad sets, I have lost 2' in my quad and I am having a very tough time getting it back.  It will come but he must be vigilent about it.  Also, the PTs always told me to ice 20 minutes and then take a break 30-40 minutes and then ice again, continuous icing is not good for the skin.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: datapopp on September 19, 2008, 03:57:57 PM
Hi Davori;

The CPM machine lets the kids lie there while it gently moves and straightens their leg,   The company actually brings it to your house and sets it up....  I will take pictures of Annie's leg today and send it,link it, you can see it.  LikeTyler there was no way, could she, or would she, try to slide her heel a little up and down :-X, quad can barely see them move as she grimaces in pain  :-[, ankle pumps...hurt but she moves the ankle the best, maybe an inch   :-\

Annie feels the machine seems to make her knee hurt a little less, she was in it all day yesterday. 
I will start her post-op today...I did not realize it is put in a different section.

I don't know if this will help Tyler...but Annie's OS said to give her 25 mg. of Benadryl at night with her 2 Percoset due to itching....I gave her the Percoset at 11:30 PM with a Benadryl...she is still sleeping and it is 7:45 AM.  I did not have to get up in the middle of the night ;) !!!!!!!!

I cannot foresee Annie going to school anytime soon....or doing any homework.  How long do you think Tyler will be out for?  Have you formulated any plan on how to help him catch up on the schoolwork he will be missing?  Annies school(public) said they will send a teacher to our home after the first 2 weeks...I have a half a mind to keep her out that 3rd week so the teacher can help catch her back up.
For some reason I thought she would be able to go back Monday....I now can see there is absolutely no way.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 19, 2008, 04:58:09 PM
Well now.... PT Was not fun... It took us an hour to get ready....change shirt, shorts, socks 1 shoe, and hair brushed and into the van... I was shooting for teeth brushed too but Ill take what I can get. we got there only to find out that because he just got out of PT from the last time he dislocated ... that we only have 3 visits left for the year! and today was one of them. How is he supposed to rehad this knee in 2 visits??? We are pretty familier with the whole PT experience, so well in fact we could probably work there ourselves..... but.. we just dont have the equipment at home to do this... They said they are going to TRY  and get the insurance company to extend it... The OS has perscribed 8 weeks for this knee and we still have another one to go!!!!!!! GRRRRR Im so mad. I hate ins. companies!  (deep breath) ok..... At PT today all they did was bend his knee... The OS has his brace set at 40 degrees.. and the best Tyler could get today was 30. and a painful 30 at that! His excercises consist of ankle pumps... try to bend to 40 degrees , every hour and a half x30, and when he is standing he has to try to get his foot flat on the floor. And when he feels like it try to bear weight.  We could have done that at home. instead of going thru all the trouble of getting there and waisting one of the 3 visits he has left... now that Ive said that, let me back up and say that Tyler loves his PT. He has built a relationship with them over there and trusts what they tell him to do. But the look on Chris the PT's face was not exactly optomistic when he found out the Os wants this better in 4-6 weeks... Mind you, he didnt say anything negitive... but I could see it on his face.

Tyler was feeling sick after the apponitment,and is pretty spent. But I had to make a side trip over to the School district office while we were out. I need to get him set up for Homebound... so he can continue his studies... #1, the Doctor never put any dates on the form as to when he could return, and #2   I was in the wrong office.  I had them fax the form to the correct office and brought him home.....H really didnt feel well.  The woman from the district just called me to tell me that she cant do anything until I have the Doctor fill in the dates... Im thinking about making up my own dates... but I wont. Ill call the OS office and see what they will do. The school note he gave me was for 2 weeks. But he really wants him back before then. IS It POSSIBLE???? I just feel like it is... Why do they have to make this so hard? By the time I get this all straightened out he will be jogging to school on his own!!!  And then we get  to do it all over again.... for the other knee... GRRRRR I should have just hit the snooze button today!!! 
tabitha, The PT did give me a good tip on Ice... you may want to give it a try... he said to freeze dish washing liquid. He said it doesnt freeze solid and its like a gel. I thought that was a good idea.
????? I know i wanted to write something back to big sky and datapop... but I cant remember what I was going to say... maybe I answered it already.... Sorry for the rant.... Ill check back later.....
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Tabitha on September 19, 2008, 05:20:00 PM
   Wow, you are truley being ran through the ringer. You have have so much to take care of, in such a short ammount of time. You are just so busy!

 I am glad that Tyler has a relationship with his PT, I have no idea who will be working with me and weather or not I will like them. So for him to already be established I think that will help a great deal. I hope your insurance company does the right thing and approves his  PT, I suspect they could get into some trouble if they didn't.

 I will have to try the dishwashing detergent, it sounds like what I need, I have 2 gel ice packs that I favor, so they are always warm because I swap them frequently, and it's ludicris to pat 10.00 for a  new gel ice pack.

 Hope Tyler is doing better now that he is at home and can get some rest.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: jathib on September 19, 2008, 05:43:18 PM
     ...My son had something called Loratab after one of his surgeries, and it was awesome. It was a liquid so it kicked in quick.

Lortab is the same as hyrdocodone. Hydrocodone is the generic form. Not strong enough for me for serious surgery.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: brianne on September 19, 2008, 06:46:32 PM

I know the OS has said that Tyler can have the other knee done in 4-6 weeks, but that does not mean that he has to have it done that soon.  There is a good chance he will be up on his feet enough to handle the second knee in about 6 weeks.  I had TTT's and MPFL recons done 7 weeks was hard but doable.

But the thing that OS's do not think about is the emotional toll of major surgeries on the paitents and their families.  I made it through back to back knee surgeries at 25 and that was tough.  I cannot imagine doing that at 13. 

I guess what I am saying is that there is nothing wrong with waiting a few months if not longer.  Yes it will mean it is going to be longer until Tyler is 100% back to sports and other activities, but sometimes it is better to just slow down and let the body rest.

As far as bending and ROM goes, this will be the hardest thing for him in these first two weeks.  Trying to bend a knee after major surgery hurts so much.  However, it is so very important to make sure that the knee gets bending early on or there could be major problems down the road.  The pain might be bad, but remind Tyler its a good thing and that he will be better off for it.  I found it helped to working on bending BEFORE icing.  After putting ice on it the knee will be very stiff and almost impossible to bend.  I also found it helped to massage the hamstrings and quads before trying to bend.

Good luck with everything.  This first week is the hardest and I know I felt like I was not accomplishing much in my first week after surgery.  The second week gets a whole lot better.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Thekaratekid on September 19, 2008, 10:12:32 PM
Hi Lori,

Wow you are doing so great helping Tyler and still being a mum and wife to the rest of the family as well. Your 3.30am story did make me smile I think we have all done that at some stage. Have you managed to catch up on your sleep yet?

Thats awful news about the insurance, although I moan like hell bout the NHS sometimes I can see there benefits too!! I hope they manage to sort something out for you, int the mean time I wonder if you physio could give you a bunch of excersises to do for a couple of weeks so that you don't have to go so often?

I think sometimes surgeons tend to give best case scenarios with rehabs, everybody is different so no 2 rehabs are the same. I was told I would be back to work after 6 weeks and driving the 2 hours a day etc but when I got there my knee hadn't read the book and just wasn't ready. As Brianne said the emotional toll is just as hard, I am 8 weeks post op and the thought of going through more surgery on my other knee now, I 'm not sure I would be able to face.

Perhaps you can play it by ear and if Tyler is not ready they may let you postpone the op for a couple of months? (do you get a choice with you insurance?, sorry I have no idea how it works over there).

I hope bothTyler and you get the good nights rest you deserve tonight.

Take care

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: datapopp on September 20, 2008, 06:39:14 AM
Hi Lori;

Does your insurance cover any chiropractor visits?  There are some Chiropractors that specialize in neuromuscular development and rehab.  Annie has one, our insurance cover 24 visits a year, plus the  eight visits to the PT.  Anyways they can develop a great rehab program that Tyler can use at home if the insurance will not pay for the PT.  Just make sure that they specialize in this area..ours works with several of the OS's in San Diego.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: jathib on September 20, 2008, 02:31:24 PM
Does your insurance cover any chiropractor visits?  There are some Chiropractors that specialize in neuromuscular development and rehab.  Annie has one, our insurance cover 24 visits a year, plus the  eight visits to the PT.  Anyways they can develop a great rehab program that Tyler can use at home if the insurance will not pay for the PT.  Just make sure that they specialize in this area..ours works with several of the OS's in San Diego.

E gadz, don't use a chiropractor for rehab. They are not real doctors and have no business messing with knees. Your PT or doctor should be able to get an extension for more therapy visits. They do it all the time. I get 40 visits a year and the one time I went over my doctor just asked for an extension, it was a approved and that's all there was to it.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: BigSkyGirl on September 20, 2008, 04:16:41 PM
I too would call the insurance company, when does your year start over again?  If Tyler will comply with home exercises then maybe he can do them on his own but it very important to get the extension quickly, if he won't comply then you may be better off seeing the PT, think of it like a gym membership, if you talk to them some offices will charge you the rates they charge for insurance rather than the full on rate so that would be a small break anyway.

In another week he should be feeling better and able to move around, just try and keep a 13 YO down huh??  I hope you are feeling better yourself!!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on September 20, 2008, 05:11:16 PM
Hi there, I wrote you a long note , but took to long to finish it and lost it.  I am so frustrated, but will write later.  My son is 15.  Had open surgery on 8/23 and our stories are very similar.  Hang in there mom, it does get better every day. 
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: datapopp on September 20, 2008, 05:19:33 PM
jathib: Annie started seeing this Chiropractor who once again specializes in neuromuscular development and sports rehab not back adjustments  :D...and let me tell you he knows his stuff.  He gave her exercises that built up her vmo faster than her PT did in 2 months....not to say that there are not quacks out there just saying they are not all quacks.   Like any other person who is working with this type of injury whether it is the PT or the OS, etc.  you must make sure they have experience in the area and come recommended.

How is Tyler this am???   I looked up the BWS you were talking about.  Sounds like your family and Tyler have had alot of challenges to deal with.  How tall does the doctor think Tyler will get?
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on September 20, 2008, 08:53:02 PM
Here is part of my son John's story....I copied it from my initial post here.....Hi I am the mother of a 15 year-old who began with subluxation problems approximately one year ago.  It was the first jv soccer game of his freshman year and his left knee subluxed.  We were very naive and had no idea what was ahead of us.  He began PT a couple times a week and wore a brace, but was out of soccer for the season.  He then subluxed again in Oct. '07 while playing pickup bball at our local Y, and then had to have arthro surgery as he had a loose body in his knee.  He continued with rehab and then got in his first jv bball game in Dec. and lasted about 15 min. before he subluxed again with his brace on. 
He continued with rehab and by Spring was seeming to be doing well.  He got another brace-a donjoy and it seemed to work better.  He played AAU basketball, went to Duke U. bball camp (a family vaca), and played in our local Gus Macker 3:3 and was fine.  We should have left well enough alone (hindsight is so painful!), but we let him play another 3:3 where he subluxed his other (right knee) on August 17.  He fractured the cartlilage behind the patella and had open knee surgery on 8/23.  The OS put 3 tiny screws in and he is now on crutches for 10 weeks and doing the PT 2x a week.  In Nov. he will have another surgery...initially arthroscopic where the OS will manipulate the knee and decide if he can leave the screws in or not.  We would lean toward him getting the screws out which will mean another open surgery, but would rather not have to go later if there were issues with the screws.  Our son and family have been devastated by this (he will lose his sophomore year of sports too) and feel looking back that we have been so naive about everything.  He does have patella alta and grew 8in. in 2 years.  While not an elite athlete he has always been a competitive athlete. He is left footed and started in soccer and is a natural point guard.  He has lived to play HS sports.  He is my oldest and has 2 younger bros., 13 and 11.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: jathib on September 20, 2008, 10:06:29 PM
jathib: Annie started seeing this Chiropractor who once again specializes in neuromuscular development and sports rehab not back adjustments  

Sorry, but chiropractors do not go to medical school, they don't do internships or residencies and they don't even go through the same education process as physical therapists. A PT with a Masters or Doctorate has far more medical education. Chiros are in no way qualified to rehab a knee after serious surgery. I doubt any orthopedic surgeon would even accept a report from a chiro. They can do serious damage. You may have found one that has some other schooling but he is probably the only one.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: datapopp on September 20, 2008, 10:51:37 PM
Well we will just have to disagree...ours came highly recommended,is wonderful, the insurance covers him, and our doctor works with him  :).

Davori;  you said you went by Tyler he already listed as Homebound,  is he getting any support with his schoolwork.  The only thing Annie's has done is told us to get her homework off edline.  The support comes if she is out over 2 weeks.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 20, 2008, 11:46:24 PM
 GRRRRR day 4.
Our insurance starts over in December... I am hoping that they will just extend it. I called the OS office yesterday to get more meds, discuss the school note and about the PT. The OS was off and will leave him a note about the PT, but in her experience the PT has to try to get it extended. Sometimes the Doctor can just write a note to in requesting more visits, but it is very often denied. The OS has asked for 8 weeks of PT for Tyler 3 x per week for this knee... so Im guessing Il just have to wait and see.. as far as the chirocrackter..(I just combined datapops and jathib's goes I guess Ill just have to see what happens..I just like to have all my I's dotted and T's crossed so when uncertainty is thrown into the mix... I get all jumbled up.

Diggers mom... wow it sounds like my son. and Im so glad to see you have made it this far... we are only on day 4 so maybe you can let me know what else to expect from t.h.i.s.  d.a.r.l.i.n.g.  a.n.g.l.e. .....

last night he had a friend come over to play star wars mini's..(a board game I'm not sure how to explain) and he seemed to be in great spirits... he started to play a second game , got it all set up and decided he just could not do it and needed to rest... so company left... and my husband came home and made hamburgers on the grill.  Im so gladtoo. My friend Becky came over while we were at PT and mopped the floor ran the vac. and picked up a little... and wanted to make dinner so I could get some rest.. I refused the offer for dinner, I could do that myself.. I mean its not like Im the one that had surgery... But by the time it came for me to cook dinner, I really wished I had not turned her down... But Hubby saved the day! YEA!!! Tyler only ate 1 burger.. unusual... but I gave him some pain meds and he and I fell asleep. That was at 9pm... I woke up at 8 this am, and he was still asleep. He said he tried to wake me up but I didnt hear him. Im a light sleeper and was only 5 feet away from him so I must have been out like a light.  ... I woke him up and gave him some meds, and we both went back to sleepand woke up at noon......My daughter, bless her sweet little heart, made her own breakfast... and even made orange juice,,, mmmmmm. it was kinda weak because she only used 1 can of concentrate, and a gallon of water, and most of the concentrate ended up on the floor, counter, and sink.... but it was nice and cold for Tyler and I when we woke up!!!! YUM> She is so thoughtfull.  :-\   

This afternoon Tylers best friends grandmother made him a special linch. His favorite. Fried Chicken and homemade cornbread. When she brought it over he really came to life! Im telling you, the boy loves food. ! We bribed him into taking a shower when he was done.  He only ate 1/2 of it.. but thats ok, I didnt want him to get sick, since he has not been eating a bunch... and we began our journey up the stairs to the shower...

We had a good system to get up there.. he turned around and sat on the stairs, I held the leg, and he raised him self up one step at a time... when we got to the top.. he said"now what?  Niether uf us were very comfortable with him trying to stand up on the un operated leg...( w'll call that the good leg for sake of not confusing anyone. But just know thats not the good leg.Its very weak, and Im really afraid its going to go out on him.) Anyhow we get him to a standing possition.... at the top of the stairs, and .......   Ill post the rest in a minute... Morgan is back home and I think Yler needs me....... be right back
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 21, 2008, 01:00:41 AM
OK... Sorry about that... To make a long story short, I got the shower chair out of the attic, and tried to get him in the tub... it did not work! His legs are too long and he wont fit. So we tried my bath tub in my room cause it bigger.... again it did not work.. Tyler was uncooperative and I know its because his modest.. he did not want his mom to give him a bath. Then he pulled out the pain card... at that point I was just tired of trying to figure this out, so I just took off the brace, took off the bandage... and he began to feel sick. I wet the wash cloth for him and unsympotheticly told him to was wash up as far as possible.. wash down as far as possible.... then wash possible.   He did his best wiyhout getting undressed, then wanted me to re wrap his leg. The OS said to take the bandage off on Saturday, and leave it off after the shower. I really didnt listen to him though... I just put the brace back on, gave him a clean shirt, and handed him some deoderent. When he started to come back down stairs, he felt really ill, weak, hot and his ears were ringing. He went and layed down on my bed... and there he stayed... he He really looked green... he was all sweaty ( so much for washing up) and I feel terrible! ..I really thought he was just modest and frustrated... but he really was in pain.!  I couldnt get anyone to help me get him downstairs safely, so he stayed there till my husband came home from work. ... Im not sure why Im so angry today... but I think it really hit me... If anything happens to him up stairs.... I am not physically able to help him.... He is my child, but I could not catch him if he fell or even teatered on the stairs.... very scary thought.  Anyhow hes back downstairs, exhaused from his 3 hour shower and the ordeal of it all...

the incision looks great! he is afraid of it, but I have to say... its going to heal very nice! I just wish he would have washed.
He also wont do any bend excersises... it wont get better if he wont help... I feel the angry mom coming out and its a fine line between babying him cause it hurts and telling him to suck it up and deal with it! Todays lesson   If he says it hurts... It hurts... but I can totally see him using it to get out of doing what he doesnt want to. I have not learned how to tell the difference........ yet.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: brianne on September 21, 2008, 01:17:07 AM

When it comes to bending and working on ROM, you need to make Tyler push through the pain.  Its going to hurt him to work on bending, but it needs to be done.  I am sure that it is hard because as your child you do not want to see him in pain.  Remind him that if he wants to return to sports then he has to work through the pain.

He will have pain, there is not any way around that.  Remind him of that.  He is not going to be able to avoid this pain. 

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 21, 2008, 02:28:26 AM
Thanks Brianne..... I needed to hear that. but I guessed as much. He says it hurts too much. He has only done the bending 1 time today... he got to 30 degrees  so he says... I didnt see it. he said it feels really stiff.... I took the ice away, and Im not giving it back till he does more reps.... I feel like such a meanie.. and a nag. but he is supposed to be doing them every 1 and a half hrs.   Its frustrating because when he has company over, ie the neighbors, friend, or  even family... dad sister... he is MR Cool.... Its hurts's he says.. but for the most part, he is so ....whatever and matter o fact... But when its me and him.... its the worst!  He seriously... gets exhausted from putting on a front for people. As soon as they leave, he's asleep again, sometimes before they get out of the room.... Why do boys have to pretend its ok.... when its not? Why not just say, it hurts... Im not up for company....I just dont get it!  I am really beginning to think they think Im exaggerating his pain. because they dont see it!!!! I do! Even my husband doesnt see what I do.  Maybe thats making me angry today also... Everything is making me angry today.... and he is obviously getting frustrated too.  oh well  tomorrow is another day.... this too shall pass.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: brianne on September 21, 2008, 02:35:38 AM
His knee will be INSANELY stiff for a long time.  There is no way around that.  Remind him that the more he works on bending it the easier it will get.  If he does not bend it then it will get more and more painful and his recovery will only be that much more painful.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Lyndsey on September 21, 2008, 03:51:41 AM

I know my mother feels the same frustration as you about me. What you said about Tyler putting on a front for people is exactly what my mother says about me. I will admit to doing it too. I think I just want to be as normal as I can, and I don't want people treating me differently, just because I am going to be an invalid for a while. lol. When it's just mom and I, I don't have to worry about being strong or tough. My mom is probably the only person that knows exactly what I am going through, besides my kneegeek friends. I don't necessarily think that is a good thing either. So, I don't think it is just a boy thing, but an injured person thing. Just wanting to be strong and reassure everyone else. Unfortunately, it puts so much stress on mom. I can imagine it is frustrating for you as well.

As far as the anger goes, that is totally normal, I think. My mom and I usually have a great relationship, but about 3 days after I came home from the hospital she and I just clashed. It wasn't pretty, and eventually after a couple hours we both cooled down and apologised. I think it is because we spent soooo much time together, and I am not used to completely relying on her for every little thing.

Hope you have a good night and a good day tomorrow! Take care!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: TeitgeORPrincess on September 21, 2008, 04:01:27 AM
Wow...that is an intense post op story.....I don't even really know what to say except good luck with everything....I know it's really hard, especially for a special needs chlid (my brother has some pretty bad learning disabilities, nothing similar in condition to your son, but he's still abnormal academically, so I sort of understand, although I don't claim to...) and such a big deal surgery...eeesh. Keep him up on his pain med schedule, that's highly important (I've learnt that the hard way after 5 surgeries ;p) and encourage him...That is one thing I have found that's gotten me through all five (will be 6 next summer) surgeries w/ Teitge is encouragement from family, friends, my church (they pray for me every week) and so many others here on KG...Good luck and luv ya'lll

PS, my post op diary is on here too, if you're It's "Rotational Osteotomy #3" or something's by TeitgeORPrincess if that helps.

Good luck and thinking of you

Cheers love

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Post by: 3Diggersmom on September 21, 2008, 03:37:43 PM
Hi again.  Sounds exactly like what John and I went through.  I kept him downstairs the first 5 days and gave him "sponge baths" in the kitchen right off of our living room, where we slept on couches.  He stood over the sink for a few minutes bent over while I washed his hair quick then sat in a chair with just shorts on while I washed with the washcloth and soap.  When it came to the shorts area we put on towel on his lap, pulled off the shorts and left the room so he could wash up.  This seemed to at least make him feel clean.  With deodorant and clean clothes he was pretty happy.  I know also that he didn't eat much that first week either, that combined with constipation was not good.  We started giving him Colace pills a stool softener to help out.  It did work slowly and he was "normal" in about 2 wks.  The other thing about not eating, taking pain meds and trying to get him around was he did get naseous and almost passed out after a post op dr. visit, so do try to get him to eat something, crackers, anything to get something in his stomach with the meds.  JOhn was definitely better with friends around.  He seemed "normal" but was a BEAR when it was just us.  The getting him around was another huge hurdle.  I rented a wheelchair just in case he wanted to be where his friends were, but we only used it a couple times outside when we had campfires and invited the friends over.  That is important...trying to keep them involved the best you can.  I didn't want him to just sit and be swallowed up in the pain and frustration of it all.  Now our big issue 4 wks out is getting him to do the ROM exercises.  He just doesn't make them priority and we have to get after him all the time about it.  It does make me ANGRY and sad all at the same time.  Hope Tyler is doing okay today.  One day at a time.  Hang in there.  I'll be thinking of you.
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Post by: Davori on September 21, 2008, 04:52:19 PM
Day 5     
 lets just say that I wont be winning any mom of the year awards........ :'(
Tyler is feeling sick to his stomach today... but he wont eat anything.... not crackers, toast, pudding, not even cornbread! Ill give him some time on that today... He woke up asking for ice... I said no. Not until he does some Rom excercises... He himmed ans hawed... and tried to negotiate with me,, after the ice he said... No! I said. I explained to him that I understand it hurts.. but this is one battle I WAS GOING TO WIN, and he needed to get used to me nagging about it. When he refused to do them on his own, I did them for him..... now he wont admit it, but it was not as bad as he thought it would be.  Then I gave him some ice, hes hapily asleep and Im just happy I won! While doing the ROM's I explained to him that today he was going to get up and brush his teeth... and possibly change locations, we have walled in sun room that we call the "MAN CAVE" so Im putting him out there today. I need to air out my couch, and I think the change will do him some good. I think by setting some small goals for him, and laying down the ground rules... will stop him from getting to down on himself. Dont get me wrong... My heart still aches for him... and Im not trying to be unsympethic... but I have put on my game face... because his future is at stake!   Any how... my next work out is coming up soon... (man it really works my back and tricepts.) who'd a thunk a leg could be so heavy!!!  My goal today is to have him tired of me doing them for him... and he will start doing them himself!   wish me luck.....   

Diggers mom... thanks for the post, I think I will slip him a softener today... its been 6 days... not a good thing with his bowell history.

Princess.... Tyler is no longer a special needs child.... he is perfectly normal... acedemiclly, he just has physical issues every now and again...ok , more than most, but nothing like what the doctors told me he'd be..... 5 surgeries??? Dear God, how on earth did you manage to keep your spirits up? I really hope we dont have any others to look foward to. Getting through these 2 are going to be character building enough for us...  Prayers certainly do help. I skipped church today to stay hom with T.... the service is supposed to be an raising kids.. and boundries... figures...   gotta go work my tricepts.. lol  talk to ya soon.   Lori   
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Post by: brianne on September 21, 2008, 09:01:33 PM

Sorry you had to battle Tyler on ROM.  You did the right thing in telling him that he had to work on ROM.  This is going to be so hard for him because the whole process is so painful and he is so young.  You are doing the best thing for him by being supportive yet forceful so that he knows you are on his side but that he has to push through the pain.  It gets easier.  Once he starts to regain that ROM then everything will be less painful.  Maybe try reminding him that if he works on ROM now then he will get it back faster and there will be less pain overall.

Also a good thing in making him get up and move around a little bit.  With major surgery such as this its natural to want to lay on the couch and do nothing until the pain passes.  I know first hand that the more you get up and move around early on the better it will be. 

You are doing a great job.  I cannot imagine how tough it is to be the mother because you do not want your child to be in pain but yet you know that they are going to be anyway. 

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Post by: datapopp on September 21, 2008, 09:55:48 PM
Hi Davori;

One of the things that seems to work with Annie is that when she gets up in the AM no pain pills until she eats and does her first set of exercises, same at lunch, same at dinner.  I tell her that the pills will make her sicker if she does not eat ...therefore she can't have them until she does.....  Caveat is I will make her anything she wants to eat, bowl of fruity pebbles, sandwich, pizza, smoothie  you name it.   There have been a couple of times I have felt like a real witch...but they have to eat to feel better.
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Post by: BigSkyGirl on September 22, 2008, 12:55:38 AM
You guys are doing great, it's hard to be a mom but that's what you have to do.  Make them do the exercises BC it will be hell later if they don't.  They are young and know everything but you have to stand firm.  Make sure Tyler eats and is taking a stool softener with the pain pills, that was almost as bad as the pain.
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Post by: Tabitha on September 22, 2008, 01:02:58 AM
Just stopped by to see how Tyler's doing, looks like you are doing well. I hope you get the ROM worked out. I am having a very difficult time doing mine also.

I will keep your family in my prayers!

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Post by: Davori on September 22, 2008, 03:14:15 AM
Day 5 coming to a close... I managed to get him up once to go potty... and boy did he get mad when I made him brush his teeth!!! >:( He had to sit at the kitchen table to do it.. but I have spent way too much money on his mouth for him to go any longer without brushing!!! He didnot want to eat all day... and didnt want the meds either... but he finally asked for french fries... and I jumped on the chance... Yes I got out the deep fryer and made fries.. ( mind you Im no Betty crocker) but at this point Ill give him fries for breakfast too... If thats all he will eat. He says the meds make him sick... and I had to make him take some... even though he seems to be doing fine.. with food it, really helps him to be a little more cooperative. He still wont do the Rom excercises... But thats ok... cause I will ! He will get tired of me soon enough! his brace is set for 0 to 40. I got him to 40 today.. but I cant seem to get it to 0. the best I can do is 10.... is that because of the brace? or the swelling?  His knee is still very swollen, but it has gone down a little. his knee is bruising... Its weird.. It started as a red mark in one spot.. then it went to several spots... now its that yellowish yuck kind of bruise.... I have never known a bruise to change colors in the same day.... Any how he really doesnt mind me doing the ROM..... it doesnt even hurt.... he has not asked for ice either.. ( probably cause I woulnt give it to him this morning) He is rebelling against it now. .........He just wont get up! The Man Cave never happened....he an I sat and watched a marathon of Americas Next Top Model....all day. Neither of us even like the show... or the models... but I guess it just reeled us both in... cause we watched everyone!  Oh and I slipped a little miralax in his water... When I told him he was mad, but I promised he wont have to RUN to the potty, but it sure would make things easier when the time came.

I cant say it enough... THANK YOU guys sooooooo much for being here for me. It seems kinda odd that Im not the one hurting, and yet all of you are in some stage of recovery or another.. and your supporting me.  I feel like a (wee-knee) lol            I just hope I can somehow pay it foward.....     
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Post by: Davori on September 22, 2008, 02:43:04 PM
Good morning all!!! I hope everyone id feeling good today!    Today is DAY 6

The OS nurse just called and said the OS has approved 3 weeks out from school... Thats helpful because here in SC they have to be out 10 consecutive days before he qualifyies for homebound insturction. I know its not much, but 50 minutes of instruction per school day means  He wont be counted as absent. Here  the district requires that he miss 10 days or less to be promoted to the next grade.( 5 excused and 5 unexcused absences are the max)  So Im going to try to get someone to sit with T while I go over to the District and fight for him. Because remember he has to do this again... and he will be out more.....

Anyhow  T got up and asked for ice this morning. Again I refused.... I gave him some ibuprophen for the swelling and the pain, to take the edge off and he will get ice AFTER he either gets up... or does ROM excercises... Am I being too mean???   Talk to ya later
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Post by: Lyndsey on September 22, 2008, 04:16:27 PM

No, you aren't being too mean. ROM excercises are really important. I believe Brianne said the same thing in an earlier post. It is important that he at least to the minimum number of exercises they gave him. If he doesn't then his recovery will be alot harder. I hope you get everything worked out with Tylers school. Surely they make an exception or do something so that he passes. It's not his fault he has to miss the school. I missed 22.5 days of school my freshman year, and luckily my school was great and I passed and was 3rd in the class. I think as long as his grades don't suffer horribly then they shouldn't be so strict. Poor kid, having to deal with pain and school really isn't fun.

Hope you have a good day!
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Post by: datapopp on September 22, 2008, 04:22:31 PM
Hi Davori;

I KNOW it feels mean...but it is really important that he does his ROM and gets up....its not that you won't give him the ice in fact you would really like to.... you've just put the matter into his hands and  hopefully it will work....hardest thing about a teen is they can be so stubborn!!!  

Also, Annie's school is the sameway...she has to be out 10 school days in order to get any fact, I brought in a note from the doctor and I emailed her teachers prior to the surgery and they just said get the homework assignments off edline...nothing else.  They are also marking all assignments as F's until she gets back and turns them in....rather than as absent...I don't get that so right now she is showing an F in all classes.  And whats really off is if I took her on vacation for 5 days or more she would sign a contract to homeschool and get all her work in a packet but they don't allow that  for this??????  I think somewhere the schools have taken a wrong turn in some of their policies...I don't know what to do either ...

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Post by: Davori on September 22, 2008, 07:36:16 PM
Well its official... Tyler will have 17 hours of Homebound instruction... for this knee.  I have to go thu it all again when they do the other one... but its a start. While I was gone Becky came over and did his excercises for him... lol hes not to happy, and I just did them again... lol hes still not too hapy... But she did convince him to eat ... yay!   I think Im wearing him down! Like I said before I will win this battle!  He really has no problem with the ROM..... getting to 40 is not a problem, I wonder if I can set his brace for 50???? I just cant get him to 0... only 10.
Datapop call the doc to see if they will extend her time out... thats what I did. Even if Tyler is back in school before he complets the 17 hrs, they will still work with him afterschool.... The instruction is effective from the 1st day out till they return... and they are not counted as an absence.  I too have asked for homework packet... and still dont have one... since the 10th. So the Homebound instruction will be  a blessing as I cant help him with algebra... One of his core teachers said she would do it for him... so it wont be a stranger... she just does it after reg school hours... or so Im told. I guess we will have to see, I have been told alot of things lately that just NOT been as I expected, so perhaps Im being too nieve... 
Lyndsey, was it hard to get caught up?  He is missing the beginning of the school year... He only went a week or 2 and was just getting down to buisness in his classes when this happened... Im so proud that you came back so strong academicly!!! It truely shows a great character!  Im not too woried about LA, SS, or Science, Algebra on the other hand... is a different story.  He hates math! and Math of possibilities is even more difficult cause he tends to compartmentalize everything. ( he cant round, or guestimate an answer... he is very factual.... so if y=12 why not just say 12.?? )
I hope everyone is doing well... Ill check back later.... Lori
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Post by: Lyndsey on September 22, 2008, 08:15:20 PM

It wasn't too hard to catch up with the work. I am like Tyler though, not good at Math at all. I just don't like that there is only one answer. lol. I suppose that is the reason I am a Political Science major. I kept up with my math, I was in Algebra II, online by doing excercises other than the ones I had to do for school. is an excellent website with alot of information for review and instruction. I really agree with use it or lose it, so I tried to at least think of math once a day. I think the hardest thing for me was the first 6 weeks after surgery, I was really loopy. The anesthesia did a number on me. I couldn't concentrate, and was making stupid mistakes. But thankfully, that finally went away. It was really frustrating though. When I was writing thank you cards, I misspelled words and wrote down words that I have never even seen before! I am usually a really good at spelling.

The biggest thing is just keep your chin up and keep on going. It may seem like things are at their worst, but I always believe things could be worse. So if I am really struggling one day, I will think of all the good things in life, and the things I can do. That usually cheers me up.

Hope you have a good rest of the day!
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Post by: 3Diggersmom on September 23, 2008, 01:52:08 AM
Glad to hear Tyler is doing well and you are able to help with the exercises.  John seems to be doing better with getting the 3 sets a day of his ROM exercises done.  I noticed tonight that his quad is totally gone.  Its so sad, this was his "good" leg.  I feel really mad right now that this has happened to him >:(  I am wondering if there is anything I can do to help him build this up....has anyone taken any supplements for building the muscles back up?  Protein shakes, etc.?  Not that I could get him to drink any, but just wondering.  Datapop, definitely get a note from the doctor.  I think you are going to need to be proactive about this.  It doesn't sound like the school is being very empathetic at all.  You are going to have to point it out to them and demand that Annie get more from them.  She should be entitled to some type of tutoring.  Be persistent.  Good luck.  How is Annie feeling?
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Post by: BigSkyGirl on September 23, 2008, 03:40:26 AM
It's amazing how fast the quad goes, I lost 2" and I am about sick of going up the stairs one at a time BC my leg is not strong enough.  You must get Tyler to do his exercises, he won't listen but he'll be sorry like I am.  It has taken me months to even be able to step down and then I have alot of pain.  It will come back but the folks who didn't let their quads atrophy like this have come and gone here on KG.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 23, 2008, 12:41:41 PM
Hell oooooo  Well doing his rom excercises paid off.... I did them for him every hour and a half yesterday, and we almost got to 5 degrees.... a tiny bit of the swelling went down in his knee, but it seems as though he has begun to swell more in the calf... he has a very tender spot on the outside of his leg half way down the calf....its feels hard and warm to the touch... is that normal? he has not complained about this area yet....His knee is all kinds of funky colors..... any how I think the rom is helping, he actually reminded me that it was time to do them again ( once) but its a start.... I got him to sit up for a bit yesterday too....yay!  and he ate! YAY...  He has therapy today, and Im thinking of calling and canceling.... only because I have not heard anything yet as to wether they( ins. co) have approved the extension, and I would hate to waste a visit on things we can do at home... 

Im guessing the quad transfer part has him not able to do anything with it.. I did manage to get a couple of little flexes out of him. The Quad on the other leg is RAPIDY detererating..... it is very noticably... smaller... and he worked so hard all summer to build that up! :-[  1 step foward 2 steps back.... seems to be the ongoing story of late.   Well any how.... Im looking foward to a successful, productive day...
DAY 7 BEGINS>>>   I know it wont be cupcakes and rainbows... but ... Well take the littler pleasures in life...  ttfn    hugs to everyone that needs one!!      love Lori
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Post by: jathib on September 23, 2008, 03:35:44 PM
calf... he has a very tender spot on the outside of his leg half way down the calf....its feels hard and warm to the touch... is that normal?   

No, it's not normal. You might want to give his doctor a call. While calf pain is common, if it's hard, painful and warm to the touch it could also possibly be a blood clot. This is one of the reasons why he needs to be getting up as much as possible and doing his exercises himself. The more he sits on his butt the greater the chances of a blood clot. It's essential that he moves. I would call his doctor. He may well want him to go have an ultrasound done.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: brianne on September 23, 2008, 05:21:53 PM
I agree with Jathib.  Call his OS.  Its better safe than sorry with blood clots.

Use this as a lesson for him on why he needs to get up, move around, and move his leg.  Is he doing ankle pumps?

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Post by: Thekaratekid on September 23, 2008, 09:17:37 PM
Hi ya Lori,

I'm glad that they have managed to sort out some extra tuition for Tyler, maybe having something else to think about will be good for him. I know its not quite the same as a puppy but any distraction is a good thing  :)

Just thinking about trying to encourage Tyler to move and do his exercises, have you tried bribery? I know its not prob the ideal way of doing it but if theres a computer game or something he would like and knows he could get it if he does his exercises for the week etc, it maybe enough to get him started.

I agree with the others I think we would be a good idea to get to get his leg checked out, you can never be to careful with stuff like that.

Take care

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Post by: Davori on September 24, 2008, 12:12:11 AM
  Today has been a day.... ;D      The swelling was from his brace...   I think... cause it went down... but its turning to a bruise as well.. he also has a bruise starting to gu up his inner thigh  The whole thing sure doesnt look all that great! although I keeo telling him it does... the bruise means its healing... His whole knee is pretty warm... but I expect that is normal... We did Rom again all day today.. without too much pain..... and thank God his appitite is back..( Im sure I'll regret this soon)  I did bribe him with dibs.(Little frozen ice cream bites) and that seemed to work. He got up a few times today... and even got from the couch onto the floor!!! and get this...... R U ready??? He Did 2,yes 2 knee bends.... 1 to 40 degrees and 1 to 50.... and the kicker...... he did it without using his hands!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D   It was all leg baby!!! He grunted and grimaced through it... but he did it. That was the look of determination Im used to seeing....  I was a proud momma !  After that he was done... and he has been kinda jokingly being stubborn with me... I think he just wants me to push him... so I can be proud again... but I know that it took alot of effort  every now and again Ill look over at him and he is trying to tighten his Quad, or tighten his kneecap, and I just pretend Im not looking... Now getting up on his feet is another story.... I guess that really hurts... Anyone have trouble like that... laying there is tolerable as far as pain goes... he really has not taken any meds... but to stand... is terrible! He set his foot down today... but cant bear to bear weight...    Baby steps......  I know   baby steps.       He spent most of the day awake.... so he will sleep good tonight! (that means so will I ) yay... 

Trace, he does want a new cover for his phone... apparently it got a scratch on it when he dislocated his knee this last time..... perhaps you are right... a good bribe may get him up... I could tell him if he's up and around  long enough   I'll take him to pick one out.... That may give him incentive to get up more frequently.... He does want the new madden 08 game... he will have to really impress me though...

Bri and jathib... I put a call into the OS, he was in surgery today... but the nurse said it sounds ok, but will have the OS call me tomorrow..... I does look like the brace was just tight.. cause where it swelled up was in between the 2 bottom straps.... I dont know... now Im nervouse.... waiting on the os.....

all in all a good day so far!!!    He is starting to act like himself again... phew.... 

Too all of you who are stuck on the couch...... when the pain gets to be too much.... whistle,   It may not take away the pain , But I have found that the neighbors dog comes running and does a backflip when he reaches the end of his chain.... and thats entertainment..! :o.. hugs........ lori
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Post by: Tabitha on September 24, 2008, 05:56:19 AM
LOL about the dog trick!!!

Hey Lori,
      Wow, sounds like things are improving and the soreness was just the brace. Also sounds like Tyler is finally on board with the PT WAY TO GO! I know it's so tough, I have a difficult time and I am an adult.

I hope Tyler sleeps through the night so you can, a good nights rest will do you both some good.

Glad to hear the good news and I hope things only continue to get better tomorrow, maybe 3 leg lifts!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 25, 2008, 12:02:26 AM
Day 8     yea yea yea I know ups and downs... babysteps....  he is not so motivated today... yes he's doing rom excercises, but I have to nag him about it... the swelling went away overnight with the ice... and the bruise did too..... so I did not worry about it anymore. but..... it just came back!  bigger and purple.... Is it possible to leave the brace on too long... or too tight???
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Tabitha on September 25, 2008, 04:38:32 AM
Sorry he's not so motivated today! I am not either, so maybe it's across the board. I am wondering if the bruise didn't go away? Bruises go through a lot of color stages and they spread out more as they are healing, so I wonder if it was maybe lighting tricks or something. I hope that his brace isn't causing all that. Poor kiddo. hope you get things figured out!

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Post by: Davori on September 25, 2008, 12:07:47 PM

Boredome has officially set in! Tyler seems to think that we cant live another day wouhout ordering the  ShamWOW! the one from Germany, not a cheap immitation.... and we can order the sandwich maker and body shapers...( you get 3 free gifts if you order now) now mind you he is a slim jim, but it will improve his posture!! and he would look taller!   I cant help but laugh at him... but I really do feel bad. He is soooooo bored. He has not had many visitors...and he is beginning to feel like no one cares, or that they have forgotten him. His phone which is normally always ringing.. has not rung in days... Its really effecting his attitude. He is difficult, and un motivated... The pain is fine when he is laying around, but kills when he stands! Is that normal?   Also the bruise on his thigh does go away when he takes off the brace and adds ice... its the strangest thing..... 

Any ideas on how to entertain a 13 year old boy, thats feeling down? PLEASE HELP.  Yesterday I caught him taking a picture of his.... "6 pack abs" with his cell phone  and recording his flatulance to make a new ring tone....     

Tabitha... I hope you are feeling better today....

We are going to therapy this am so maybe that will change things up a bit......

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Lyndsey on September 25, 2008, 01:05:08 PM
Hi Lori,

I know exactly how Tyler feels! Not being able to do anything, and feeling that everyone has deserted you. Do you have a Play Station or video games??? I know I play Guitar Hero when all I can do is sit around. That's a pretty good outlet of frustration, and it takes alot of time up in the day. Ummmm, what else. We borrowed my Aunt's Wii to keep me entertained. That was kind of cool because it involved doing things like throwing the baseball. I could do it sitting in my living room, but it felt like I was doing something active. Is there any way you could call anyone to come visit him? I know visitors always passed my days quickly.

As far as the pain goes, yea, I think that is normal. At least it was for me. Even to this day 18 weeks post op, sometimes it is really painful to stand. So, I sit around all day and try not to do much. This board is great to keep a kneegeek occupied! lol.

I hope Tyler feels better soon! Tell him I said to keep his chin up, and things will get better!

Take care!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: BigSkyGirl on September 25, 2008, 01:37:38 PM
I know I was bored and I am a homebody, it is frustrating that hardly anyone came to visit me but a few people came thru unexpectedly so it was a learning experience for me, of course I am not 13YO.  One thing I learned is that I am going to make an effort to call/visit/send a card to people I know are not well - it does make all the difference.

So........does he like to read?  What about card games or maybe just going outside and watch you water or something.  In the early days I was happy to come downstairs and get out on the deck in the sunlight.....good luck.

His rehab should take up some time, it seems like if I do just the bare minimum that I am supposed to do it takes at least an hour.  I know you are having a hard time getting him to do it but tell him that 7 months after my accident I have gained back 1/2" of the 2" I lost, he will be sorry when he can't keep up with his friends.  I told my hubby that if something was chasing us I would be the one eaten BC I can't keep up with the crowd......LOL, then again I may run past them all with the proper motivation.....

Does he wear his brace all the time?  It does sound like it might be too tight, he could loosen it while he is in bed or on the couch.  Funny how all rehab is different, I had a torn ACL/MCL but only wore the brace for a few days, I was on crutches forever tho' and I think I should have had the brace on more and I could have walked some.

The pain on standing can be quite intense, it does get better tho' so you should be seeing some improvement soon.

Well, sorry to go on over on your thread, hope today is a good knee day for Tyler and you!!!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Sore knee on September 25, 2008, 06:47:01 PM
I dont know if its normal...but it sounds from others like it is when weight bearing, but especially being a teenager you can understand his frustration. Do you have a laptop that he can surf or play music on. X box is a good idea, I see a lot of kids that age with PSPs and all that kind of things. I suppose its keeping the variation.

Has any of his frinds come round, is he up to visitors ?

It is sometimes harder being a Mum and watching on, I think you are doing an amazing job !
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Tabitha on September 25, 2008, 08:06:44 PM
Poor Tyler,
               I know what it's like, I don't get to do much here. I keep updating my resume, and trying to get a job. It must not be very good because I don't seem to get any calls. Arggg....

i know I do movies, and I have a wii that has been pretty entertaining. I want the wii fit for my PT :)

Maybe some game books, or computer games is he can get to it would help entertain him. 13 is a rough age to be homebound and PT doesn't really qualify as entertainment.

 I hope he finds something he likes other than farts in the phone, that's only funny for so long you know.  ;D

I am doing better today, except for the cancellation of my PT appointment last minute, that got me a bit upset.

Hope Tyler does well with PT today!! Keep your chin up!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 25, 2008, 11:29:33 PM
It took us over an hour to get ready for PT and all we had to do was change clothes ( in which Im quite proud of our little tent system so hes not too creeped out that his mom  may see anything....) brushed his teeth, and combed hair. Which he is not finding out that long hair gets knotty when you dont comb it!  When he got to PT we still dont have approval for an extention from the ins. co, and the visits will cost me 110 dollars per hour. YIKES!! I did not sched his next visit as its the only one left and I need to save it.... He got his rom up to 60...YAY! and did a # of knee bends, again no handed... He was so trying to show off for his PT. I know it hurt like HELLO!  It was funny... neither of them talked, it was akward. Chris just told him what to do, and Tyler did it. He didnt really push him or anything, but at the same time didnt encourage him either.  I noted all the excercises... so we could do them at home, and asked questions about when he should be able to BW... Chris seemed to think  when he can...  wrong answer. Now Tyler will fight me when I try to get him to do it.!  Anyhow we came home and he has pretty much been done for all day! He slept alot.. so I guess he just wore himself out trying to impress Chris.  By the way... getting more purple every day.... kinda blackish.... ewwww.

Joanne, BSG and Lynds..  Still bored. He doesnt want to play the wii.... or the psp. doesnt want to watch any of the movies I got for him, and my laptop is broken.. so all I have is the PC and he cant sit here too long... He probably could, but wont.    only 2 of his friends have come over. 1 cant stand to see him this way, and only pops his head in to chect in... and one comes for a few minutes before bedtime, since he has football practice every day. The others have not called... or stopped by. Its frustrating cause he is normally on the phone.....girls girls girls... or out with his friends. playing ball.I really think he is depressed... Did any of you get really down and yucky like this... I mean, he and I talk, watch tv, and goof around a little... but I KNOW I'm no substitue for real life... I am trying my best to keep his spirits up and be the NAG!!!   

Today, I needed to just get out! I rode my bike to the store about a mile from here... .. no Im not a fitness nut... Im allergic to excercise...ahhhhhchoo! But there has been this CRAZY gas shortage thing going on here in the South East and the lines to get into the gas stations are just insane! I just wanted a Diet pepsi, and a pack of smokes!! I know... bad for me! 

Homebound will begin next week.. so that will occupy his mind... one more thing for me to NAG about.... I swear if we get through this... we will have a GREAT relationship later on in life. I know right now its his job... to aggrivate me, and give me a hard time, I dont expect him to appreciate anything Im doing for him... cause Thats my job! 

Anyhooo thanks for listening to me rant! I thank you all for the ideas... I think Ill try again to get him to go to the Man Cave, or outside, or if I have around in search of the precious gas... everyone is seeking... Something, anything to get out of this house!!! 
sincerely cooped up in SC...... Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Tabitha on September 25, 2008, 11:47:22 PM
Good for you getting out of the house, I am sooo jealous of your bike ride. I want to ride my bike so bad, it’s one of my favorite things to do, I only get so many months of the year to be able to do it and this happens to be one of the last ones for a while.

I sure hope the gas shortage doesn’t come here. It’s so bizarre all the drama around gas. I think it’s all a bunch of political bull.

That’s great that Tyler got to 60 ROM, now you know what he can do and you can push him a little more tomorrow. I bet he is tired. To bad about the insurance mess surrounding PT, I only get 20 a year so I really have to use them wisely also.

I laughed about your “tent system” my 7 year old just started worrying about me seeing him undressed, and it made school shopping a nightmare. So we would have to do something similar if we were in the same predicament.

I know what Tyler’s going through, when I was a little older than him I had an injury that I was home bound with and all I wanted was my friends. Maybe you could suggest he call and invite friends over, maybe rent a new movie ( I like Speed Racer) and have a movie night and schedule it around his pain meds so he can be comfortable. Or maybe set up a board game and have him invite someone over. ??? maybe ???

Well I hope he finds something that he’s interested in. Good luck on your search. :)

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on September 26, 2008, 04:19:45 AM
Hi there,
I know that John was very down in the dumps when he reinjured and had his surgery just before school started.  All of his buddies were practicing for football and soccer, even his gf.  We were proactive and whenever anyone asked what they could do we said to have their son/daughter visit.  We also had his close friends/cousin text everyone to come over for campfires or movies.  I also rented a wheelchair just to get him outside right after his surgery.  He now (heading toward week 5 post op) is going to games, school and movies on his own...on crutches of course, but pretty mobile none the less.  Our biggest problem continues to be his lack of motivation to do his exercises.  I was near tears returning from PT tonight.  He got 95 deg. , but the therapists say he should be at 105 or more by now.  He knew I was upset and we had words about it.  He insists he is doing the work, but I just don't see it.  I don't know why he doesn't push more.  I am so down about it.  Oh well, I know I'm the mom I should deal with it.  It is just sooo hard sometimes.  I hope some of this helps to get more buds around Tyler.  hang in there everyday will get better.  John hurt so much in the beginning to stand or walk, but each week he did more and more.  Like I said, he went back to school 11 days post op on crutches.  You will get there too! ;)
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 26, 2008, 02:12:08 PM
3 diggers mom... I understand the disappointment thing.. Tyler was supposed to be up and moving by now ( like John) 11 days back at school...thats awsome! today is day 10 and its just not going to happen. On the otherhand Tylers rom is way better than expected...Maybe if we put the boys together..we would have a Whole recovery.  lol   Dont feel bad about crying... Im getting pretty close.. but as we have been thru PT and recovery before.. I know that it takes time. You can always try the scare tatic... Tell him he will wind up with a stiff knee forever.. and that wont be good when he tries to make a marriage proposal... ( believe it or not , Tyler brought this fear to my attention...and seems to be very concerned about it. AT 13 !!!  ???)  I hate to see them give up or not work as hard as they should because as a mom you want only the best things for them.. They dont really see the long term, kids live in the here and now... as they should..

Tabitha thanks for the suggestion... I think I will sched a party night at my house. Our neighbors are very close, like family, we have several families that are super tight.... the kids have been out doing thier thing, but If I can plan a fun time for them this weekend that may just help...  keep reading as I have a cool distraction I want to tell everone about at the end of this post.

I know that I was in the middle of a post last night...and for the life of me cant seem to find it... So whoever got a 1/2 of a reply from me.. ??? .. Im soooooo sorry! I had an eventfull evening.....

OK.......I know this is not really about T, but feel like I want to share....Last night my friend Becky's daughter came over and busted thru the door screaming and crying... Hysterical.... she was carring her dog Abby, ( a yorkie) saying her eye popped out! They have another dog Tessa, a puppy that I gave them from my dogs litter, about seven months ago.( cockapoo) Apparently they have been fighting alot lately and just not getting along at all!  Anyhow they got into a tiff and I guess Tessa bit Abby. When Megan brought tessa to me, she had blood around her ey and it appeared to be bulging out of the socket. Of course  Becky was on an outing with her youngest daughter at the time ( we are all doing this thing where we spend one on one time with each kid individualy.) Anyhow, I just new... we need to go to the vet.  All of them in our area were closed for the night and the emergency vet is about 25 miles away. Becky met me at my driveway, kids all crying.... her 3, Tyler, who can get up to see whats going on, and My Morgan, was a rock!! I was so proud! She just put her Arms around then and hugged sooooo tight.. telling them its going to be ok... I was so proud! She would normally flip out at something like this, and here she was... Solid and confident that Her mom could fix this... all the while comforting Matthew, age 13, Megan age 12, and Becky's Morgan age 9. ( Yes we have 2 Morgans and they are best friends.)
We took abby to the er vet, I had to drive cause Becky was a wreck, and is not confident when she doesnt know where she is going. They popped her eye back in and stiched her eyelid closed. They think that they are able to save the eye, but wont know about saving vision for 2 weeks. They seem to think that because we acted so quickly, she has a pretty good chance.  The kids are all upset, and I fear they may have to find a new home for Tessa, Its just not fair to keep them in the same house, when they just dont get along. I would hate for something else to happen to either of them... and I think they would both be happier. The kids wont like it tho.  :( 
So we spent the evening at the vet and when I got home ... lol my poor hubby..... had 5 kids... 3 that were crying, 1 that needed help going potty Tyler, and 1 who is a yacker and adores her daddy...My Morgan.... He was just overwhelmed........ poor guy. I mean he walked in, and I drove out! Normally I give him a whole list of stuff to do, or rules to follow, even if Im just going to the store.... lol  he had to fend for himself, and I must say, in his own little way, he handeled it! I was proud! UNTIL......I sat down to watch my evening TV, only to find out that SOMEONE CANCELED MY RECORDING OF  SURVIVOR!!!! 
GRRRRRRRRRRRR Anger!!!!! I was mad. but no one did it.  Does no one live at any of your houses? Noone does alot around here! GRRRRRR >:(    Now I dont know if Tyler just wanted to escape the situation.....but I must have scared the Poo out of him! Cause at that moment, he decided that he need to GO! Which made me happy  :) since it has been 10 days... and nothing... so we scooted him up the stairs..backwards, and got him to the throne. He spent alot of time in there and I just knew that could not be good... Potty got clogged, overflowed.... :'( This is just not my night!!  Got him back downstairs, cleaned the mess, and reminded Tyler its ok.... again..... he felt like it was his fault... which it was, but I was not going to blame him for anything, and I really cant be mad... It happens....   I got setteled in an was going to watch Greys.....Season premier.... YAY   when my husband came to tell me OH!!! You got an email... wink wink... Yes honey, I know homebound is going to start next week... no.. you got another one.. wink wink... I got up to check my email.... I had sent an Email to the Harlem globetrotters, asking the fan club to possibly send Tyler some encouraging words to his email....  Special K Daley e -mailed me directly... and said " he would rather speek to Tyler personally, and when would be a good time to call him?" Are you kidding me???? Tyler LOVES " Special K". Hes the star on the team...and Tyler got a photo with him last march when we went to a Globetrotters game! I cant wait to see the look on his face when he gets that call !!! ;D ;D ;D  never in a million years would I think they would actually call... I doubted the whole email thing. I was just trying anything to lift his Spirits.... But if anyone else know how to get Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Tyler Hansboro, Kevin Garnett, or Yau Ming.... Let me know.  Seriously.... I am so excited for Tyler.... He is going to be thrilled about this.... I have to keep it a secret until it happens tho... cause I dont know when it will be.   :-X     

So as you can see I had an array of emotion last night..... oh and I know the 1st step is admitting to it..  s o      here goes..........Hello my name is Lori , and Im addicted to KG!

Thank you for supporting me..... Ill post   about  Tyler later as he is still asleep and I have no news.... I have to go, The moms in my neighborhood have this thing we do on Fridays, when the kids are in school.... its called Kitchen [email protected]#$in. ( it rhymes) Its helpd keep us sane... kinda like KG.... but we talk about family, hubbies... ect...

Hugs to all who want ,or need one.... Ill check back in a bit.......... sorry this was a long post.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Thekaratekid on September 26, 2008, 04:29:39 PM
Hi ya Lori,

Wow you've certainly been having a rollercoaster of events!!

That is so nice of the Harlem globetrotters to offer to call Tyler, he will be so excited and it will probably give him the lift he needs. You saying that has given me an idea of something else you could suggest Tyler could do to help his boredom. How about writing to celebrities that he likes and asking for their autograpgh? If you send a stamped addressed envelope its amazing how many will send you a signed photo for free. We have done it quite a bit in the past and have lots of footballers, pop stars and TV celebrities. Our most impressive one is Steven Spielberg!! You can usually find addresses for people on the web either through their websites or you find out who there management is and send it to them. If you send it to their management though you must make sure you address it FAO "celebrities name" and also mark it as private and confidential, this will ensure it is opened by them and not their agent. Not everyone replies but its amazing how many you here back from in the end.  Its very exciting when you send out a load and then they start coming back.  :)

How's your friend's dog now? Is their anyway you could have one of the dogs for your friend, then the kids would still get to see her regularly? I'm the biggest soft touch going lol I would rescue so many animals if I had the chance, my hubby forbids me to go to any animal rescue shelters casue he knows I will come back with loads lol.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 26, 2008, 06:04:55 PM
What a great idea!! Thanks... i think I will have him do that.. I hope the Special K calls soon.. cause its killing me to keep this secret from him...and I dont want to suggest your idea before he calls cause then Tyler will put the 2 together.....He can make a list of all the people he admires...tell me why he admires them... and sent out letters... It will be a good teaching tool on admiration... while opening up discussions about what good moral qualities people see in each other....

Abby is doing fine. Becky had to go do some volunteer work at the school and did not want to leave her alone, so she brought her over here so we can take care of her and give her her meds.... Its good for T too.. right now they are both laying on the sofa, waiting for the pain meds to kick   I wish I could take Tessa back, but believe it or not my dog Cassie, her mom, gets really aggrivated with her, and Im afraid the same thing could happen here. I too am a sucker for animals.... I got Cassie by accident when I found her at a puppy mill....her eye was injured and the person that was supposed to get her, refused to pay the $ for a defective dog. I took her because I just knew they would turn her into a breeding dog, or kill her. Thoes kind of people make me angry.... So I bought her... and brought her home. She is blind in one eye, and it makes her kinda nervouse around small kids and unpredictable animals... so its best that she remains an only dog.... Tessa on the other hand is a fantastic girl.... she just needs a family that possibly has kids, and keep up with her energy... and also be an only dog.... I really hope we can find someone that we know so we can still see her.... all the kids.. even mine... are sad about it, but realize that it would be best... She's still young and adaptable... Abby is a little older and set in her ways.

Tylers swellin in his calf went way down...overnight...good sign?? I can put 2 fingers in the calf part of his brace, and his knee it self is not even touching the sides anymore... wow!!!  He says it really hurts today though. Normally when he is just laying around his levels are about a 2 or 3... but today he is having a time of it, even with meds..... I hope it feels better soon... We have to get up and excercise   soon. I really wish we had a CPM machine... Although that could be a new job for me... I could rent myself out as a CPM machine   and before you know it Ill have more muscles than a lady body builder... lol

Has your pain and swelling gone down? I really hope your feeling better than this am.    Later    Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Tabitha on September 26, 2008, 06:36:54 PM
Whew…. That was a book.  Wow you’ve had a lot happen in the last few hours since I visited your thread!

Wow, about the Globe Trotters, you know I have never heard of anything like that, that’s really amazing I have a lot of respect for that team. He will be excited. I wouldn’t be able to keep that secret. That’s great that you’re going to have a party for him also, I am sure it will be something he will look forward to, maybe you could use the party’s as incentives for increases in ROM and PT. Like if you get additional 10 degrees I’ll order pizza for the party or something.

I am so sorry about your neighbors dog, it’s so sad to think about. Hopefully they find a good home for the feisty one.

That’s great that Tyler’s swelling is down. Mine was down yesterday but I went out today and it ballooned. Yikes!

Hope everything else is going alright, and that tonight is less eventful than last night.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on September 27, 2008, 04:32:49 AM
Lori,  what a cool surprise for Tyler!  I can't wait to hear how it went.  One of our best friends used to play on the Washington Generals...the Globetrotters rival team that travels with them and plays against them every night.  Hope the pup is doing okay, wow what a night.  Love the Kitchen [email protected]#@$ing, great idea! 
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 27, 2008, 03:58:36 PM
Day 11
 Tyler had an off day yesterday.... it was cold and rainy, and his his pain was more than usual.... I tried my best to keep his spirits up.... but Im his mom.... not his friends. (who by the way still have not really hung out with him... I gues there is a Star wars mini's tournament today so all the boys spent the night at Uncle Danny's.... bummer... we were hoping that they would come hang out here. Tyler really thought that he was going to be ready to go to this tournament... hes disappointed.  He did not sleep well at all last night and is a little cranky today.

Still waiting for the special surprise... to call.  Nothing yet. But I will let you know as soon as I hear anything.

Still nothing from the ins. co.....

still nothing firm on when Homebound instruction will take place...

In all he really has nothing to look foward to..except another day of his mom nagging him to do things that hurt.

diggers mom... cool about the Generals.... I always feel sorry for them... Just when you think they are going to win..... they dont.  When Tyler was much younger  he used to root for them to win.... He has  always has a soft spot in his heart for the underdog.... He is wise to the game now.... but I think secretly h'ed like to see them win...

Tabitha, I hope your swelling is back down.... Did you have your leg up at your meeting?  or were you trying to be like regular folk, and sit properly in a chair?  It kinda worries me, that it can baloon up like that, cause what will Tyler do at school, sitting at a desk???????

I wonder if he is in more pain at rest now because of the weather??? Or do you think its just his mental state?  Or Is it supposed to feel worse??  He says his pain in in the top of the kneecap, and on the sides of the knee... maybe its healing???? I dont know...

I hope that all of you weekend warriors know your limits.... and dont over do it!!!! Wishing you all a pain free day.       hugs    Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on September 27, 2008, 11:13:45 PM
Hi Lori,
I hope today is less painful and boring for Tyler.  There are definitely on and off days for John.  His knee is still pretty big compared to the other one and it has been 5 weeks today since his surgery.  He has been doing his exercises more!  He did 30 leg lifts last night and said, "those were for you mom"  Melt my heart!  Again this morning...actually it was afternoon, but shortly after he got up he was doing his ROM exercises in the TV room  :)  His dad and I went to our local high school sports hall of fame luncheon (hubby is a member) to see the new inductees.  Well it got off to a bad start as he said it started at 1pm and while we were enroute I read the tickets which said it started at 12 and lunch was served at 1pm.  It was 1:30 when we got there and the inductees were giving their speeches  :-\  I was embarassed, but we slid in.  The speeches were very nice about our hometown and how its close knit and a great place for families, kids and sports.  It made me so sad when one inductee noted that aside from the sports memories it was the friendships with the teammates that meant and still mean the most to him.  My boy has lost out on this and will again this year.  It stinks so bad!!!!   I am sad and angry again at this thing.  I know I should pray that he will be a good person, but I also pray he will get to experience playing sports again someday.  Oh well, I hope everyone is well and your spirits are high.   ;)
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 28, 2008, 12:56:33 AM
It is a proud thing when they do the excercises to please you!!!!! ;D  Tyler and I have this thing back and forth ...its all in fun...but it works for himmmm He calls me the Natzi... and I call him a baby,..... but we continue this back and forth banter... with love... until he is done... I know he hates to do them... but he also knows I wont let him NOT do them.  The sports thing is sad... Like I said before... he has finally found a sport he is good at... and he loves... and now cant play. After all we have been through... I would not mind telling people that Im the proud momma of a computer geek, or a gamer... but he wants to play ..... Its sad to see him down about it, especially since he worked so hard to build his knee back up to play this year... He really feels like he let the team down... He didnt even want to tell the coach....

Its really encouraging to know that john is up and attempting normal life.. and I think that once T gets back to school his mood will lift as well.... As long as everyone leaves him alone about not being able to play this year....He feels bad enough....

So many feelings... and its not even MY Knee..... I compleatly get where you are coming from...
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: celinenj03 on September 28, 2008, 03:00:37 PM
Hi Davori, as a mom of a son (7) and a knee victim, I thought I'd write. You're doing such a great job with him! I'm sure it has to be so hard to see someone go through this. But it's only temporary and it will pass.

I just wanted to add that if you could get a CPM (most insurance will cover 50% of durable medical), it would give him great relief and keep his pain probably at about a 1 if that. Movement is the best medicine for a knee.

However, if you can't get the CPM, there are alternatives. When he is up for it, maybe he could roll his foot gently back and forth on a skateboard, that mimics the motion of the CPM. He lays flat on the floor with his knee bent and foot flat on the skateboard and rolls it up and back gently. Or there are always heel slides. But that is more manual and more exhausting than the skateboard which he could do while watching tv and relaxing.

Movement also keeps swelling down. About playing, it's better to miss only one season than many or even all. Take care of your knees while your young Tyler! You'll be back...
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 28, 2008, 04:28:47 PM
celine...Thanks for the tip on the skateboard trick... T has not ever been very coordinated to skate.. but Im sure I can find someone around here that has one....

I am going to ask the OS next week for a CPM machine... I did not know it was an option before the surgery, so I didnt know to ask... But since he still have no answere from the insurance company about getting more PT visits.... I really need to do something... I am beginning to panic a little... since we dont have PT... and I cant afford to pay the out of pocket expense....If Anyone can give me some more excercises to do with him here at home I would definatly appreciate it! 

My current regiment with him is 30 heel slides..... 30 ankle pumps.... 30 quad tightening things..( to move the knee cap) sitting with leg bent letting gravity get as much bend as possible,( this also helps to bear a little weight) and however many unassisted heel slides he do do tho what ever degree he can so them..... And leg raises... He cant actually do them... but the attempt to do them makes him uses his muscles.....  and when we finish...I make him get up...walk around a bit on crutches and setting his foot down on the floor.......
We do this as aften as possible.... He hates it... but does it.... Can anyone think of anything else I should be doing at this stage in his recovery??????  Today is DAY 11....
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: celinenj03 on September 28, 2008, 05:58:39 PM
Heel slides are great. Doing them on the skateboard just makes it easier is all.

I was doing quad sets which is where you contract your quad muscle (gently at first) with your leg straight.

CPM's are sometimes prescribed, depends on the OS and of course on the procedure. They are very expensive to buy, even used. To rent I'm not sure what you would pay in your area, but mine cost 22 dollars a day and my insurance pays 1/2, but I need it for 6 - 8 weeks! so it adds up.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: BigSkyGirl on September 28, 2008, 11:05:59 PM
Hi Lori:

I would call the OS and PT and ask for the protocol they are using for recovery.  Because all of our knees are different as all of us are all of the exercises prescribed for our recovery were different.

It seems to me it was more important to know what I should not do at any given point, for instance the OS said I had no restrictions on flexion from the start but I was not to do any open chain leg extensions or ham curls early on.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 29, 2008, 03:09:12 PM
Celine I guess A cpm machine even at that rate would be out of the question for thats expensive...and at the rate we are going we will have to pay PT too....GRRRR I just dont know how we are going to do it.....But my sons legs are worth it...and if I had to choose....legs or poverty....I supposes its hands down not even a question...Why does everything have to cost so darm much????? I mean 897.00 dollars for an ambulance ride......497.00 dollars for a mild sedative to put a dislocated knee back in place??? not to mention dr fees... ect.. GRRRRR I just think its unfair! At this point....I believe Tyler has personally pain for a new wing at our local hospital, and should have it named after him!!!! Sorry for the rant.

I will be talking with the OS on Wednesday, so Ill have lots of questions for him seems like I have to hold him hostage to get my answers, but this time I will have to ask his if There will be or can there be anything else I forgot to ask?? Funny how you dont know what to ask until its a problem, and then he is not available cause he is in surgery 2 days a week....

To everyone... Yesterday was quite productive.... It took 3 hours ... but I finally managed to get him in the shower... working on flexion just enough to get that looooong  leg into the tub. And the whole modesty thing... He hates to admit he needs my help..but doesnt want me to go far, all the while helping him with the promise that my eyes ARE closed!! I'd rather give a cat a bath!  But he feels alot better... and actually showed effort! He worked on his excercises, got up and walked around more, and seems to be showing progress.  He only requested pain meds in the am... and refused them all day after that... today I gave him ibuprophen instead of pain med... and we will see how it works out.
I can see a huge difference since we first began this post.... and with any luck we will continue to progress.  He got his flexion to 50 using only his muscles... no hands... Still swollen, and purple..and unable to WB  but he is trying to put foot down when he walks... so its a start!

Still no word on the Surprise!!!!! and its just killing me not to tell him!!!! Ill keep ya posted....

I hope everyone is having a good knee day, Ill be bak later...gonna go read up on you all!!!!  lol

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on September 29, 2008, 05:07:00 PM
Hi Lori,

I've been lurking here for a while reading about your dear son Tyler.  I love that you joined KG's for him.  You sound like such a great Mom.  He's lucky to have you.

I was laughing at your description that you'd rather give a cat a bath.  Ha! Ha!  Poor T.  He wants to be able to do so much on his own but I bet he really appreciates all the care you're giving him.

Hope the surprise happens soon.  He'll be so thrilled. 

Good to hear he's on ibuprofen instead of pain meds now.  Hope he's OK on it and keeps improving.

Keep up the good work you superMom!!!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: BigSkyGirl on September 29, 2008, 05:31:09 PM
Lori, your bath story reminded me of a comic strip not too long ago, here is the link to the 1st day - this story line ran for 3 days, I hope it works.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 29, 2008, 06:00:58 PM
 ;D ;D ;D YAY!!!! we have something to look foward tooo... T's teascher is coming over after school today to give him some homework to work on!!!!! And he thought I was a natzi before!!!he he he...(poor attempt at an evil laugh)     Lori
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Post by: Davori on September 29, 2008, 06:16:36 PM
lenore...super mom.....I think not.... But i sure have tried these past few weeks... as far as him appreciating me.....I dont know.... most times I think not...but this morning he actually wanted a hug!!! That doesnt happen very often anymore now that he thinks he's grown!!  But Im really glad for your kind words.... without you guys... i would have lost my mind by now!!!
BSG.. thanks for the funnies... I cant see to find the one you are referring to but I really enjoyed som giggles today!!!!   But seriously... If you guys could only see the work and effort Tyler and I have to put into everything we do... It is kinda funny in a sad sort of way... everything is a fine balance... I wish you could get the full visual...
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Post by: lilrosie06 on September 30, 2008, 06:41:16 AM
Hey Lori....Ive been reading your posts and just had to send you a post and let you know that I think you are doing a great job with your son. And he DOES appreciate you. Although I have no boys, I do have 3 girls, who can be stubborn. Lol. But when it boils right down to it, they really do appreciate everything we do for them. (or mostly :P) I also have enjoyed your humor. Ive gotten so many laughs from the way you put things in your posts. I think its so cool how you are able to get things done with him, as a mom, but even moreso at this time, a friend. Thats so important. Especially to a 13 year old. Yeah, we have to be firm, and discipline as parents, but they need to know we are their friends too.

Anyways, I could go on and on, but just wanted you to know I think you are a wonderful mom. Hang in there. He will get stronger with each day.

 ;D Donna
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Post by: Davori on September 30, 2008, 05:04:12 PM
Thanks donna.. I really do appreciate all the kind words from the kg's... I still dont think Im doing anything that any other mom wouldnt do... but I do try to keep life real... If its gonna hurt...Ill tell him its going to hurt.... If its going to be hard... I tell him that too....We went into this surgery knowing that it would be both.. and he knew that once we started He could not quit!!! So it pains me to tell him we still have another knee to go... (and with a straight face too)  :-\ I have never lied to him about medical stuff..and cant start now. So I guess All I can do is be honest...still... It scares the heck out of me to make him go thru it again... but It will be better in the long run... As far as the humor... well its mostly sarcasm.... but I cant see to get thu a day without it...I think its what keeps me sane.... Some people may think Im being mean... but if you cant laugh at your self or the situation...all you can do is let it fester until your panties get in a bunch.... and you wind up exploding!!! And when you think about it..who does that benifit??? no one...and it messes up perfectly good panties! :o

Tyler had an awsome day yesterday... no pain meds... only ibuprophen... his teacher came over with work... She is so bubbly  and perky that it really made T happy... She also brought a GIANT and I mean GIANT...get well card that a girl at school made for him...Genelle... is a "friend" that Tyler has like for 2 years... they are not boyfriend and girlfriend...but I think secretly they bot want to be... Genelle had all the kids on their team (4 8th grade classes) sign the card... and it was awsome!!! I told T that I wanted her phone # so I could call her and thank her... and he of corse turned all red and said no mom.... I will.

More good news...... PT has been approved until 11-14-08.... so we are going today..... YAY!!! ;D
We are only going 2 x per week but that is because we want to try to save a few visits....for the other leg.. just in case..   We will work extra hard at home! At least we will have the visits to know if we are on target for recovery or not.... WHEW!!!   

Still now surprise :( :( >:(

He had a sleepless night... and so did I...but he refused meds... just wanted ice...

I dont know how I got off track with my days but today is exactly 2 weeks since the surgery! I may have counted day one as the day after the anyways.. we will call today Day 14!

perhaps this is our turning point... we took two steps foward... noy just one. lol 

Gotta run... If I dont start getting him ready for pt now... he will be  naked or when we get there ...... cause we will be there on time!!!

Ps got rom to 70 this morning....   it even surprised him!!!     Later friends... Hope everyone has a happy happy day........Hugs    Lori
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Post by: Thekaratekid on September 30, 2008, 05:21:01 PM
Hey Lori,

I think you and Tyler make a great team, to be able to help him through all of this is far from easy.

Aww that was really sweet of the girl from school, she must really like him  ;)

Good luck with the physio today, let us know how it goes.

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Post by: Tabitha on September 30, 2008, 05:30:55 PM
Hi Lori,
      I tried to post the other day but my computer has wierd issues and after I had written a bunch it was all erased so I had a tantrum and just turned my computer off, so what I am saying is I am sorry it's taken me so long to post. ;)

 I LOVE this story about Genelle, she sounds like she really cares for Tyler, to get that many children to sign that card she must've went on quite a mission. He must be a special guy to grab the attention of a girl like that. I am glad that he's going the thank her, she earned it.

 YAY Tyler, your pain is going going!!!!!!! That's so great, I am having a great relief from pain also and I have found that I feel so much better mentally when I am not on the meds I hope Tyler is feeling more mentally together.

 Glad things are starting to improve and Tyler got a visit from his teacher. Do you think he'll be back at school next week?

Lori you're doing a FANTASTIC job. And I am so glad that you have found support here as I have. Tyler is a lucky little guy to have you for his mom!!

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Post by: lenorem9 on September 30, 2008, 09:02:13 PM
Lori I still think you're a SuperMom and I bet Tyler does too. 

Great news he is at 70 ROM already and OK on just the ibuprofen. 

Try not to worry about the other knee yet Lori.  Just take it a day at a time.  You're both doing so well.   

PT thru Nov 18 is great too.  I'm so glad things are a little better for Tyler. 

The only other thing I have to add are YOU doing?  I know this post is about Tyler but we want to hear how Mom is too. 
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Post by: Davori on September 30, 2008, 11:17:18 PM
OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Guess who just called Tyler??????  Special K Daley from the Harlem Globetrotters...........!!! 

We went to PT  today where he wore himself slap out!!!! He even took 2 steps...using the paralelle bars.... yes my baby is learning to walk.... :)  He got his rom to 80....and by the time we got home, he was exhausted, and very sore! So I gave him some pain med, and he fell asleep... that is until Special K called me! I woke him up and  and told him special k was on the phone... he rolled his eyes at me and said yea right..... I said.. Im not kidding, he wants to talk to you! I handed him the phone, and they talked for a while. I could tell at first he was skeptical... but then I say the BIG A## cheese on his face and knew then that he knew it was really him........... i lest them alone for a few minutes, they talked and Tyler handed the phone back to me. He said that he was glad to have the oppertunity to talk with him, and to encourage him a little, he wants me to send a photo of Tyler and he together..( the one we got at the game) to his email... He said that he was at training camp and they happened to have a break so he wanted to call..... YAY  I thanked him profusley.... and he said he would like to keep in contact and to keep him posted!!  When I got off the phone I went back to the living room to see my Mr. Cool with tears in his eyes.... He was just thrilled..... He asked how he got our #  how he knew about his surgery, and wanted to know all the details....... He is sooooooo happy right now...I LOVE IT!!!!!  He now has to admit... His mom rocks! 8)     Im not sure if he will be able to concentrate... his teacher is here right now.....but I dont even care... hes happy and so am I.  For those of you who wish you were young again...... remember algebra!    Gotta run for now... but will be back later to check up on everyone!!     Lenore Ill post later about me... I cant think straight right now!!!!
I will post more about Genelle later also....
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Post by: Tabitha on October 01, 2008, 12:03:31 AM
Hey Lori,
         Your hard mommy work is paying off! You need to give yourself a pat on the back, you have really made this recovery process a bearable one for Tyler. I think it will make it less stressful for the next surgery with him having so much support with friends, you special K. You're a pretty great mom.

 That's so great that he got the call, I love that it cheered him up so much. And it sound like he is doing great with his PT also.

Glad things are going better!!

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Post by: lilrosie06 on October 01, 2008, 07:03:14 AM
Awwwwwwwww.....Im so glad he got the phone call!! ;D :) :D 8) I have tears in my eyes. Thats so cool!! Again, you are doing so well with him. Just remember to take some "You time". :)

Sleep well....

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Post by: Davori on October 01, 2008, 01:05:23 PM
YAY  we are still happy... Tyler did not sleep well last night, so that means I didnt either...thats 2 nights now... he says its not the pain... he just cant get comfortable... At 3 am he was still saying I cant believe that Special K called ME!  lol I love it! Apparently he too had knee trouble when he was younger and it gave T some hope...Special K told him that it will be hard work on this part but he believed he could do it!  sooo awsome!! Well we have an OS appointment this morning at we got up at 6 to take a shower..phew..... that only took 65 minutes today...we are getting better... but afterwards... I still llook like I bathed a cat. Soaked head to toe... so I too need a shower, which is cold cause he uses up all the hot water...ohhhh thing things I do for that boy!    :-*

T is kinda nervouse that the os will try to take his tape off his incision today... he did not get stapeled... and it doesnt even look like stiches... so I dont know what he is going to do.  We gotta go...its 8 am, it takes over an hour to get there, and the interstate is closed cause a tanker flipped over this morning....probably the one that was coming here to fill the tanks at the gas stations.... Anyone else having gas shortage???? what a pain... waiting 2 hrs in line to spend 50 dollars for 13 gallons of gas!!! Rediculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  wish us luck... be back later...... Lori
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Post by: brianne on October 01, 2008, 01:49:18 PM

I found the same problem with not being able to get comfortable.  For a long time I did not have pain but I could not get comfortable at night.  I actually found I had better luck on the couch then in my bed.  Tyler will probably have to try a few different things before he finds what works for him.

Sounds like he is making some really good progress.  Its so hard at first, but then things start to happen and its so encouraging.  Lets see...yesterday I went on a 4 mile walk, I did the elliptical for 5 miles (7 minute miles), I did 60 minutes of pilates, and I swam 1.5 miles.  Just 7 months ago I was in Tyler's position.  So, you can tell Tyler about me if he needs a little encouragement.  A year ago I could not even walk to the end of my block.

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Post by: TeitgeORPrincess on October 01, 2008, 04:27:01 PM
Ok, that's a stressful morning! LOL Flipped tanker, no gas, hour drive....eesh! I'm going back to bed to sleep all that off! :P

Aww....Poor T! I'm trying to remember if I ever had that same problem....I guess the only time I did was in the hospital (those beds are SO uncomfortable) but I had to put up with it cos I was hooked to IVs and my CPM....I agree with Bri though, he'll just have to experiment with positioning and maybe propping pillows, or can he lay on his side at all, or is he primarily a back or tummy sleeper? Sometimes not being able to turn to your 'favourite' position (for me, it's my tummy or R side) is frustrating and you just can't get comfy, much less sleep. That I totally understand...Hope it all works out ;p

I'm gonna go....I'm feeling rather useless right now; Dad is sick and sleeping, doggies are snoozing (whew) and the dishes are pretty much done, so I need to go pick up my room, shower/shave and get ready to go with my Mummy around 2:15 to get my Vicodin.


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Post by: Davori on October 02, 2008, 01:03:52 PM
Sorry about being MIA......  yesterday was rough..... Oain wise not really a problem.... emotionally though...........IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!
Ok lenore... you wanted to know how I was doing........ I have come to my breaking point.... I HATE THIS!!! I hate that he has to go thu this I hate his pain I hate making him do things that hurt I hate that he is not in school I hate his friends are too afraid to come visit I hate that he cant sleep I hate that even tho he is in pain he refuses the meds I hate that his meds make him sick I hate making ice I hate that he has to do it again I hate that I have to decide on the date and most of all I hate having to be strong when it is tearing me up inside.........I feel like such a meanie... I dont want to do this again... but I have to... and there are so many factors that go into it... the OS wants us to sched a date for the next I do it sooner......or later......... there are vadid reasons for both.....
This whole thing has my fingers all jumbled up and I just cant seem to put into words what Im feeling right now....... I think I need to go get some coffee and take a breath...... Ill be back

I hope everyone else is good today.......
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Post by: Lyndsey on October 02, 2008, 01:11:53 PM

I am sorry you have to go though all this. Just remember that I am sure Tyler appreciates all you are doing for him, and you are a GREAT MOM!!! He is lucky to have such a great mom to support him. You are NOT a meanie, even though you may feel like it. You are doing what is best for your son, and even though he may not like it now, he will thank you in the future. This site is a great place to let all those frustrations out, because we understand some of what you are going through. You and Tyler are in my thoughts and prayers!

Take care,
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Post by: lenorem9 on October 02, 2008, 01:22:15 PM
Good one Lori.  Doesn't it feel better to write it down and get rid of some of it?  Thanks for sharing.  

What most people don't understand about this whole knee journey is the emotional battle we all go through.  The pain you can deal with most of the time, the time off, expense, and everything else you can deal with but the emotions tear you up.

I can't even imagine how hard it has to be as a parent of someone going through all the physical battles you go through with Tyler.  Do you have a support group for yourself?  Friends, family, church or whatever?  Make sure you are taking care of yourself too, not just Tyler.  He needs you to be strong and you need to keep your sanity by doing something special for yourself once in a while too.  

It sounds to me like Tyler is doing fantastic with his recovery.  I think as he shows more and more progress it wil much easier for you to start thinking about the next surgery.  You will know more of what to expect and how to deal with it so much better.  

Hope the rest of the day is better and you find some peace.  Sending you warm calm thoughts and the usual hugs!!!
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Post by: Sore knee on October 02, 2008, 01:52:37 PM

I feel so much for you. You have read so often about the rollercoaster of emotion the patients goes through, the ups and downs and sheer frustrations of the the daily knee journey. However you have it once removed and that I think can be harder as a parent. You could take it from T in a second and the frustration of knowing you cant take away the pain or ease the PT or do all the other maternal things that we always do eats the heart out of you and I get that.

Just know you are doing everything possible and T inside knows this, you are being an amzing Mum and carer and the rollercoaster is hard for you too as you are hanging on at the tail end and can only follow T's days.

Vent away, KG is all about that and easing the load. In the frustrating moments where being a parent is hard keep reminding him and you that this is to give hima  chance of his dreams, without it it would not be an option...this way it might be !!!

You are doing GREAT !!!!!!!!
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Post by: Davori on October 02, 2008, 05:33:12 PM
Grrrr what is going on with my posts???? This morning I posted a question about sched the next surgery and its not even here!!!! I think that my puter is even tired of this mess.....

ok    short version       Anyone with a TTT.......  do you think that Tyler will be ready to have 2nd surgery in about 2 more weeks???? I have to sched it.  He has begun to wb a little... walkning with crutches..... financially and educationally I need to do it sooner   not later.... Dr wants to do it as soon as he can wb... Appts are filling up fast as the holidays are coming..... Can we actually pull this off???? with him not being very strong or confident on the current post op knee???  Am I really choosing to put my baby thru this again.......GRRRRRRR   Please HELP!!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: KW on October 02, 2008, 06:21:54 PM

Sorry I don't have a lot of time for a long post...Work is kicking my butt...

To be honest...If Tyler can hardly WB now then there is NO WAY he is going to be ready for a 2nd TTT in 2 weeks.  He is going to need time to rehab this leg before he is ready for the next...As the saying goes...he will not have a leg to stand on. 

Do you think there may be some fear behind Tylers not wanting to WB? (I know i mentioned this an another thread to you)   I have been through 3 TTT's and have been able WB out of the hospital with all.  Not pain free but it was doable.  With the 1st I was scared to death to put any weight on it at 1st but after a little the pain eased up.

Best of luck,
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Post by: brianne on October 02, 2008, 06:25:02 PM

My opinion would be wait.  Tyler needs more time to recover.  The past two weeks have clearly been very hard on him both emotionally and physically.  Not to mention they have been hard for you and the rest of the family.  Tyler struggled to even get himself off the couch to go to the bathroom.  I did mine 7 weeks apart, but I am older and I think being older makes it easier to handle it emotionally.  If Tyler has his other knee done in just two weeks he will be very much unable to care for himself at all.  His first knee will not be anywhere near ready to handle to weight bearing burden.

There might be financial gains or benefits for having the surgery sooner, but do not let this be a deciding factor.  When it comes to a major surgery such as a TTT do not be rushed into it because of money.  I could have rushed some of my surgeries and it would have saved me thousands of dollars, but when it comes to something as important as knees, pay what you have to pay to get them done right.

Additionally, its still early to tell if the first surgery has made a difference for Tyler.  He is still rehabbing and it will be a while until you know if there will be any improvements.  You would not want to jump into the second surgery and then discover that neither one was benefical for Tyler.  Waiting even another 4-6 weeks from now will give you a better idea.

I do not say this next part to be mean or anything...Tyler is young and incredibly strong for a 13 year old boy.  With that said, I read on your diary about the early days and how much Tyler was unwilling to even get off the couch to go to the bathroom because of the pain.  This seems a bit extreme to me, I was up and moving around on my own by the day after surgery.  I was in pain, but I did it.  What is going to happen when he is in too much pain to even want to get up at all after his second surgery?  This also seems to have been really emotionally difficult for him.  I do not think he will be ready to handle this surgery all over again in just two weeks.  I had mine 7 weeks apart at the age of 25 and it was hard on me.  I could not have done it at 13 years old. 

My opinion is wait.  He might want to get back to Basketball as soon as he can, but he is young and knees are too important to rush.  Do not let his OS make you feel like you HAVE to have this second surgery in only two more weeks.  You have to make a decision that will be best for Tyler's physical and emotional well being.  If it means he needs to wait then that it what should be done.

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Post by: Thekaratekid on October 03, 2008, 01:37:21 PM
Hi Lori,

That was so exciting that Tyler got his special phonecall, I bet he was buzzing for days  ;D

I really think that 2 weeks will be too soon for Tyler to have another op, its so important to give the first leg time to rehab properly otherwise as Karen says he really won't have a leg to stand on.

I understand your worried about him missing out on his education, I've just had a thought though, how about having the op done over the christmas holidays? I know its probably not the ideal time of year but I ahve had 2 ops now right over christmas the positive points are

You don't miss as much work/school cause most other people are off anyway
There is lots to do to take your mind off it
Loads of people are around to visit you
you get extra time to play with your pressies!
physio is appointments are easier to get cause most people don't want them over christmas.

Just an idea esp as it will give Tyler another couple of months to get that leg really strong.

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Post by: Sore knee on October 03, 2008, 03:08:48 PM

It is so hard being the one who has to decide on surgeries. I think everyone has offered very credible advice and suggestions. I have not been through that op but even what I have had I would agree with everyone- it's just too soon. For both of you, he relies on the stronger leg right now and if you operate on that then pt even becomes complicated. Visiting the toilet ok those first few days with one sore and one very sore knee. Well you know the practicalities better than anyone. If only we lived closer we could all pitch in and help.

Whatever you decide we will always be here to listen and support :-*
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Post by: Davori on October 03, 2008, 05:04:46 PM
I really do appreciate all the advice and comments from everyone!!! Thank you so very much for listening, and offering opinions...and brianne....I dont think your mean at alll!!!!  I am so mad at myself.... I have let this thing get to me and the past 2 days...I have actually made myself sick about it.And I do mean sick! My head hurts, my teeth hurt from clenching....I was so anxious my stomach was in knots... and I have even had HORRIBLE mussel cramps, and spasms... I woke up this morning and just decided that if make this decision is tearing me up this much, I need to wait... I cannot let myself feel pressured into making a decision that may affect the outcome of my sons knees. This blog is not supposed to be about me, its about Tylers experiences. I have never second guessed a decision concerning Tyler's medical necessities in my life!!!  And Im not going to start now... I do have faith that this procedure is the right one, and I have complete confidence in the OS..... ANYHOW i AM GOING TO WAIT UNTIL i KNOW HE CAN HELP IN HIS OWN was difficult enough with one leg  two will be impossible for me to do.

At the OS appt.. they took exrays   and when the Dr came in to look at them he said "WOW thats a big screw" duh..... you put it in there! I guess he only uses 1 screw instead of 2... and it does look huge..!  Tyler and I have decided that they ran out of the right size screws and just used whatever was laying around   lol... Just like what his dad would do.. well most men  would   but he said it looks good, and gave a script for swelling... he didnt sched another follow up cause he expects to see him when I sched the next knee.....

At PT yesterday... they really worked him! He had to walk... which he did  with the help of the parellel bars as support,,,, it was mostly him , but like Karen said I think he is more afraid than anything...
The quad sets they made him do at 0 and 30 degrees flexion.... he hates them... He says they feel weird... At 30 degrees it apparently makes the muscle longer and he feels it all the way up his thigh...
Leg raises he hates!!! He cant actually get his foot off the ground yet but just attempting to    Hurts... he says.  oh and he has to use a theraband around his knee. the theraband is tied to a chair... and he has to flex and bend slowley... No biggie... One of the PTs there had a TTT done a year ago and says her quad sets are still not as good as Tylers... so Im guessing he is doing very well... He went the whole day with a pain level of about 2, and did not require any meds... not even over the counter stuff...
My guess is he will be doing much better in time to return to school next Thursday.... and I will then assess how well he is doing and decide on the date of the surgery.......

There! do I sound like the level headed mom you all know and love????    Good! I cant believe I let this get me all worked up!!!  I just needed to put my BIG GiRL Panties on... and deal with it!!!!!!

LOL     MUCh love to all of you!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lilrosie06 on October 03, 2008, 05:20:00 PM
Lori...I would feel the same way you do. You are entitled to some down time. This has been a huge ordeal for you....mentally, physically, emotionally. Dont be hard on yourself. Things have a way of working out. Sounds like T is making good progress. Being 13 isnt easy, and having major debillating surgery AND being 13 is worse. As far as the friends are concerned, that goes with their age too, I think. MY youngest was sick last summer. She was 15. Her best friends, who she was inseperable from, totally turned against her. I honestly dont think they believed she was really sick. And they are just now....coming around. They have their own way of thinking and analyzing things, I think. Crazy kids!! ::)

As for the screw, and you guys joking about him putting whatever size he had there in, you are just lucky he didnt use some duct tape in one way or another!!!! :P ;D :D :) You know guys and duct tape!!! Men.....cant live with 'em, and sure can't live without 'em!! ;D

Do you guys have a Wii? Just asking because while I was recovering, I was able to sit in my recliner, and still play. A nice way to pass the time away.

Anyways, keep your chin up!! You are doing a great job!! Before you know it, T will be up and running around and back on the court!! ;D

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Post by: Davori on October 03, 2008, 08:13:11 PM
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="FAKE MUSCLE"></a>    Did it work???
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 03, 2008, 08:29:48 PM
not how I wanted it to..... Grrr Im going to figure this out!   For thoes of you who look at the pic.... its fake.. Im not really that strong... and by the way... I really do look much better than  Must be the lighting... lol
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: TeitgeORPrincess on October 03, 2008, 08:39:52 PM
You can just copy/paste the IMG code (very bottom one that looks like this (http://URL would be here)) on here....and then I always post the "direct link" (the links are labelled on photobucket now) below because the boards re-size pictures to be so small sometimes they are hard to see.

Good luck!

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Post by: Davori on October 03, 2008, 10:15:29 PM   oK  tRYING AGAIN... i THINK THIS IS ME AND bECKY WITH THE mORGANS.......
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 03, 2008, 10:17:21 PM

???? Did it work????
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: KW on October 03, 2008, 10:37:36 PM

I applaud you for the way you are handling this situation.  As tough as it is you keep a level head! Donna is right...This has been a huge ordeal...After being through it 3 times myself I can't imagine watching my child going through the same thing. Truly amazing women! 

Don't the screws look cool on the x-rays.  I am the owner of 3 right now that i am going to gladly give back in November 08'.  Below are the 2 I gave back in Jan 08' about 3 weeks before my revision.




Take it easy and remember to take a little you time!


Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 03, 2008, 11:26:43 PM
WOW that is impressive!!! I wonder how big Tylers actually are.... :o   
Sp are you just getting the screws removed??? if so how long were they in for? Why are you having them taken out?  Ewwww creppy thought... what if they re use them???? (shivers) 
Below I am going to attempt to paste a pic of Tyler and Special K.... Hope it works

and these are Tyler and his friends Matthew, (Becky's son, Brent (best friend) and Tyler    guess which one is T ..
They are all
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Post by: BigSkyGirl on October 04, 2008, 01:22:47 AM
Wow, are you sure Tyler isn't drinking the pool water you used on the watermelon??   :o  He looks like a fine strong young man and he is doing just fine, things take time and it is not fun.

Loved your rant!!!  I think we - no, I know we all have felt that way, I still sit and think sometimes that I am never going to run again or go up stairs, I stand at the bottom and look up and then go up one by one in tears BC I am still afraid to do them - yes afraid - I do them all day long at the PT Palace.  I get so down and then mad at myself, I am 6'1" so I could give Tyler a run for his money and have never been considered a wimp but this whole knee thing has gotten the best of me from time to time.  After a while I slap myself about and just get on with the exercises and PT and what not.  I figure we all have earned those pity parties.

I can't imagine how hard it is to watch your son go thru this, you definetely have to get yourself a support group even if it's just with the girls going to Starbucks or something, you are not much help to Tyler if you get run down.

I don't know anything about a TTT but it sure sounds like he is not ready for the second one, he should at least be off the crutches B4 the 2nd one.  I wonder why the OS wants to do it so soon?
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Post by: Davori on October 04, 2008, 01:35:33 AM
lol   I never even gave that a thought.... He did spend alot of time in there this year doing PT... And he has grown alot this year... lmao!!!!  YUP YUP>>>>> Must be the pool water.... Like I sid before... I cant grow   

The os thinks he will be ready... He is doing very well.... but he wont be here when its said and done... now will he?  I guess because he is young, he is more resiliant than us older folks....I dont know..... All I know is I need to remember the name of my hair color cause it is going grey faster than normal...
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Post by: KW on October 04, 2008, 02:22:45 AM
IDK…I was thinking you were feeding Tyler something more along the lines of Miracle Grow.  He is one tall boy for 13...I have a good friend who grew like that and ended up at 6’ 8”. Now when I get mad at him I stand on a chair…I hate to look up at him (he is over a foot taller then me) when I am yelling. lol.

Now that things are worked out and Tyler is back in formal PT I think you are going to see amazing progress.  Formal PT makes all the difference in recovery from this surgery.  Probably going to motivate him to work on his home exercises even harder (If that is possible…My nephew is 13 and all he will do is play video games) .

We are talking about doing a scope with my hardware removal.  I probably have a meniscus tear that is giving me a heard time (and not showing up very well on the MRI) plus some other pains my OS is thinking about taking a look at.   I would rather take care of everything at one time so I will tack the scope onto the hardware removal.  These screws will be in for a total of 8 months when they are removed in November.  My OS normally makes people wait 6 months to have the hardware removed.  I have a total of 3 screws and 2 washers this time.  They are bigger then what is normally used for a TTT because this was a revision .  The screws drive me INSANE…they hurt most days so they need to come out.     No worries about them being reused…in the US they don’t do that..but some OS’s do re-sterilize the hardware the use it in less privileged countries when doing charity work.

Keep going..You are doing a great job!
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Post by: lenorem9 on October 04, 2008, 01:41:18 PM
Love the pics.  Thanks for sharing.  Tyler is adorable. 

So have you started writing the letters to other movie stars/athetes for Tyler yet?  Sounds like the Special K thing was a huge hit.

Keep up the good work Lori and don't be afraid to rant here.  We know it's Tyler's diary but we still need to hear about you too.
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Post by: Davori on October 04, 2008, 05:38:40 PM
oh   yea.... I forgot about that... I didnt want to encourage it until after his phone call otherwise he would be on to me!!! lol  but now that he knows that its possible for the famous to respond  ... I will suggest it.

heh heh heh.......... my plan is working..... I occupied the bathroom downstairs for a VERY LONG TIME today, and Tyler could no longer wait for me... Guess what he did??? He went up the stairs... by himself... carrying his crutches.... yep yep... I guess if ya gotta go.... ya gotta go! He then came down without my help... I did stand there and watch him, and he did not even cheat... He walked down, using his crutches.... I am so proud!!! ( as I wipe a tear of pride from my cheek) I guess now that I know what he is capable of I will be less willing to let him be lazy.... ITS ON NOW!!!! 

I do need him to get cracking on the homework, and showering, and PT, ...... He has decided to have a power struggle on these points... and I guess I cant blame him.... There is NOT a whole of of things he is in control of right now, so the need to have some say,  is important to him.... I guess Ill just have to come up with ways that allow HIM to think its his  bc believe me... he is going to do them... one way or another... ( evil chuckle)   

Today is day 18 post op and I cant believe it has gone by so fast.... we have come so far, and none of it could have been done without the help and support of all of again Thank you....

ps remind me to tell you about a funny PT story.... I cant do it here though.....He would just kill me. lol
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Post by: Sore knee on October 05, 2008, 04:20:55 PM
Wow T is tall !!!! I hope he is feeling easier and that every day helps - great news on his toilet expedition, bless out of desparation sometimes great things can happen. It is so tough being a Mum watching him like this but I have to say I think you look pretty great given you must have lacked sleep and been looking after T all the time. As they talk about here at my kids school gates, you are a yummy mummy !

Hope he keeps improving and we are all curious now about the funny story LOL
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Post by: Davori on October 06, 2008, 01:52:51 PM
Day 20
Tyler is up and down the stairs with little or no problems....YAY  ;D
He slept in his own bed last night YAY ;D
His Rom is still about 90 YAY :D
He has been med free for about 4-5 days now YAY ;D
HE went to the stor with hubby yesterday  YAY :D
He has a ton of homework to catch up on......... :P
we still fight about doing the excercises........... >:(
He needs a shower................................... ::)

Today we have PT    and tomorrow he has an orthodontist appt....something to look foward to....yahoooo :)

I hope everyone has a good day..... Hugs...Lori :-*
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Post by: lenorem9 on October 06, 2008, 02:06:38 PM
That's a whole lot of YAY's and smiley's and only a couple of frown faces.  I like it!!!

Nice to hear T is able to navigate the stairs, sleeping better, and med free.  Now he's really cruising. 

You'll be fighting about the exercises forever probably.  It's bad enough doing exercises when you're healthy but it's really no fun doing exercises when you know it's going to hurt. 

Keep fighting Lori.  You're doing a great job!  T will be back to B-ball in no time at all. 
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Post by: lilrosie06 on October 06, 2008, 05:13:19 PM
Sounds like T is coming along just fine!! ;D Thats soooo good to hear!! You've done great, mom!! Pat yourself on the back!!

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Post by: TeitgeORPrincess on October 07, 2008, 04:31:15 AM
Wow, I'm UBER jealous that T is off the meds! LUCKY LUCKY him :P Congrats on getting better, mate ;p

I'm 2 pills shy of having the 8 in 24 hours max Vicodin limit thing....Not feeling so hott today. WAY overdid...Enthusiasm far outdid the ability.....oh well.

Congrats, T!


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Post by: Thekaratekid on October 07, 2008, 06:04:08 PM
Well done Tyler !!  ;D ;D

It really sounds like his doing great, you are a fab Mum Lori to have been able to help him with his rehab and get such great results.  :)

At the end of the day his a boy and boys will do anything to get out of doing chores, and to them showering and excercises will fall into that box lol. Reckon you will be struggling for a long time yet to get him to do those of his own free will lol.

How did he get on at the orthadontist, was he ok sitting in the chair? Did they xray him? I once had an xray in the dentist whilst I was non weightbearing (as my knee had locked bent for a week and didn't reach the floor), there wasn't room for me to have crutches whilst standing in the machine ant there was nothing to hold onto either. You ahd to bite down on this thing and this wirling device went round my head while I stood there for about a min! In the end the only thing helping me keep balance was my teeth btiting down lol, I bit sooooo hard. lol odd appointment that one!! Hope Tyler didn't have to go through that too.

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Post by: Davori on October 08, 2008, 04:59:20 PM
Day 21.... ok... 3 week post op.
yesterday I woke up with a renewed rejuvination... I had been a little cranky lately and decided to get some stuff done.... I needed to do laundry, clean kitchen, steam the carpet where my lovely dog has decided to claim as her own personal potty... grrrr.  Give Tyler a shower, get homework done, go to orthodontist... and various other nameless, thankless jobs a mom must do..... it turned out that i only the got the shower, orthodontist, and dinner... oh and some homework.... grrrrrr  By dinnertime I realised that there was no way I was going to accomplish my goals for the day... AGAIN, and Psycho mom came to visit my house!!!!!! I just want a little help! I am not complaining about doing for Tyler... but at some points its like caring for a toddeler... very time comsuming.. and "my stuff " is not getting done. I feel like Im being swallowed by a giant hole of housework.....

At the orthodontist I had to hold his leg the whole time cause the cubicles are too small and his feet hit the wall, they hang off the chair, he cant bend it enough to put it on the there I stood... and of all days for her to accidently pop off a bracket...... good new tho is that they are going to try to get his braces off in 2 weeks... if he wears his bands like he is supposed to, they will take them off on the 20th,and he will get a retainer....YAY... think we can do it???? I just have to remember to make him keep the bands on at all times........ another thing for me to nag about! It seems as though my life of late is a fight, then wait till the next one... why is everything so hard?  Grrrr. I would like one smooooooth day. no struggles, no arguing, no bribing, no nothing.... If I was ever gonna run away, today would have been it! But I decided that would not be a good idea....They need me! God knows they cant fend for themself...Sure they may think it ok... for a while.... but all they have to do is run out of clean underware, then they will miss me....except Tyler....he could care 

Ok so thats my rant... Im done. Now I really do have to try and get something done today.... T has PT, at 1pm... and perhaps his teacher will show up today... I have not seen or heard from her since last Wed...falling further behind in studies...... ..... Perhaps I should start drinking... then I would care alot     Later friends.... I hope everyone is having a pain free day, if not at least tollerable....

                   Hugs  Lori
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Post by: lenorem9 on October 08, 2008, 05:31:08 PM
I give you a lot of credit Lori.  I watch my friends and neighbors with kids, pets, household, etc. and I have no idea how they keep up with all of it even when the kids are healthy.  I can't imagine trying to take care of a child with lots of medical issues too. 

You're doing a great job.  Don't run away yet.  Tomorrow will be a better day and Tyler will be one more day closer to recovery.
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Post by: Davori on October 10, 2008, 07:05:19 AM
ok   I didnt run away....  I wanted to.... but lenore convinced me to srick
It has been a hectic few days... and frustrating..... Tyler has been fighting me every step of the way...
He doesnt want to do his excercises.... homework is brutal... ya know, I have always fancied myself as pretty smart... I love to learn, I was self motivated to put myself through highschool, and college...( I left home at 16...) and I just dont understand why teenagers are so darn lazy.. especially this day in age when an education is so darn important....!  I had to milk every drop of homework out of him!!!  I understand that in 8th grade its hard to learn new concepts...especially when its from a textbook that is least in class you have the interactions of other students, and the teachers talk talk talk....
Let no one take thoes things for granted....They are ways of learning and remembering..... the alternative is what we are dealing with now, and that is just hard..... boring....and frustrating. Without a teacher to let you know if your doing it right, you constantly wonder if your on the right track.

SO acceleration=initial velocity - final velocity over time.......what the.....??? thats science
why do you need to simplify distributive properties???  Just make it simple to begin with.....Math
Language arts....pretty easy stuff  read a novel..identify character,plot,theme,and conflict...
Social Studies.....slavery...very cool, but boring and time consuming, Im going to rent Roots for him to tie into this unit....I love History and Language Arts.... but that math and Science....I feel helpless to help.
Oh and get this... her has 2 chapters to read in Health....about drugs, dependancy, and how to say NO to lol .....and Rashes and skin irritations.... too much.

So homework takes FOR EV ER.....Im talking hours....... he just cant seem to stay focused, and its so darn frustrating!!!!

I finally got out by myself today..... YAY  I went shopping. ;D..  (grocery :()  I have been cooped up in the house so long I actually felt overwhelmed deciding what papertowels I should buy..... I just stood there.... dumbfounded...lost in space.... should I get the cheap ones? the chooses a size? single roll? 3 pak? 12 pak? I almost had a meltdown.... when I realized what I was doing , all I could do was try to calculate the final velocity if I chucked the darn things into my cart....... and laugh at my self... out loud. and people were looking....Im sure they must have thought I was some sort of crazy person... but I really didnt care at that point!!!!

Tomorrow I have kitchen Bit##in' so I am making a point to go...I have a bunch to get off my chest...if not my family will pay..... like tonight, I made Kraut and pork chops... not because they like it.....(they do) but I made it cause I knew it would give em gas.....hubby has a hard time holding back....and is around people all day!!! thats mean huh? oh well, I dont care, the retribution in the end is worth it. Tomorrow Ill make Chilli, if he does not help me a little more......

Tyler is doing ok with his knee. He has been waking up stiff every morning, and is using more ice, but doesnt want to take anything.....He is down to one crutch, but is complaining that his ankle hurts now...please dont go there... we dont need bad ankles too..... He also says his other knee feels its loose...but tight...????  Im watching that one!!!   Daughter Morgan has a fever tonight, so Im going to check on her, then go to bed.....   Night all.....
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Post by: lenorem9 on October 10, 2008, 12:36:52 PM
Glad you didn't run away Lori.  Sounds like you are dealing with things in your own way.

AHAHAHAHAHA!  Feeding your hubby Kraut and chili to make him fart? That is just too funny.  I love it!  He thinks you're being really sweet and making his favorite meals while you're really trying to be mean.  I love it!  You'll have to share that trick with Farrah.  She can practice on Matt.

I'm trying to picture you in the supermarket tossing papertowels and throwing a tantrum.  Maybe we should get T-shirts printed up with sayings like "Watch out I'm recovering from knee surgery" or "Watch out, my son is recovering from knee surgery and I'm not in a good mood". 

Hope today is a better day and not as stressful for you. 
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Post by: lmr1 on October 10, 2008, 03:58:44 PM
Hi Lori

I will admit that i havent read the whole of this diary but have read the first few pages and the last one.  You are a great mum for sharing this, for being there and for all the encouragement that Tyler has been and is being given.  God sure chose welll when he picked you!

At just over 3 weeks it sounds very positive.  I am much further along and i still struggle with bits......mainly emotionally and i am just a little older than Tyler.  Will be following this with interest!!

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Post by: Davori on October 10, 2008, 05:56:45 PM
lolenore.T shirts are a great idea!!! Bumper stickers too....hmmmmm lets see   sloagans...

My mom will kick your butt...(for me)
KG's We're down....r u?
Kneed to know? Ask KG...
Got Ice?
Yes I have crutches...and I know how to use em...
Say hello to my little friend.....meds...ok bad joke!
Nice to kneed you...
HTB.......code known only to the KG Gang......

I dont know can anyone else think of any... ???
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Post by: Thekaratekid on October 10, 2008, 09:35:04 PM
Hi ya Lori,

Lol making dinner to make the family fart then chilli, I hope you went for the 12 pack of toilet rolls lol  ;D  :P

Good news bout Tyler's Brace, its such a great feeling when you finally get a brace removed, it takes a while to get used to a retainer though. I can remember when I got mine, cause it had a plastic gum that went over the roof of my mouth I used to play with it with my tongue making it go in and out. Lol Bad mistake one day I did it while I was running home from school and it fell out and went down a drain lol my Mum was not impressed!

You are doing great encouraging Tyler to do everything, he will thankyou for it in the long run, promise.

Trace x

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Post by: 3Diggersmom on October 10, 2008, 11:10:51 PM
What a hoot!  Isn't it crazy how absolutely wacky this whole thing can be?  I go from laughing to crying in an instant.  John still drags when it comes to doing his exercises, but he is doing great with mobility.  He is 6wks. out and is still wearing the immobolizer, but uses his crutches sparingly.  The sad thing here is that he almost seems back to normal, but we have to do this all over on 11/11 to get the screws out.  I dread it so much.  I think it actually took me crying for him to get serious about the exercises....he is better about it, but not perfect.  Good for Tyler, everyday will bring him closer to being well.  John is still only getting 90 for ROM and he goes to PT 2x/week.  Hang in there your doing great! ;)
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Post by: arkitect06 on October 11, 2008, 03:57:18 AM
Lori, sorry that this is my first time on your son's thread!  I have only read your last post (before the t-shirt one) and it was hilarious.  I like the gas thing!!!!!   My husband gets gas very easily, but I don't dare feed him anything to cause it!!!  I have to sleep next to him and then hear all about it the next day!!!!!  He literally calls me from the RR at work to tell me how horrible his butt feels or how long he has been in there!!!  Haha!  My husband is a nut! 

Sorry your son's school and knee is such an issue.  I can't imagine being in school going through this.  I can barely make it through a job.  I really hope things get easier for you and your family soon so you don't have to keep forcing gas on them to get some peace :)  Haha!  Have a good night!

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Post by: Davori on October 13, 2008, 06:25:54 PM
Hello.....  Sorry I have been a little MIA this weekend.. My mother usually comes over on the weekends and spends time with us while my dad goes hunting,and since the surgery she has been staying home...It was nice to see her, she and Tyler have a unique bond and it was nice to have the company....
My sister also came with her 2 older girls, and the new baby...well i say new, but she is actually 6 months old now.  She lives an hour away from us, and with the gas prices...she has not been able to make the trip. I cant believe how chunky that baby is!!!! She has no knees...elbows, or ankles... just wrinkles where they should be.... and True example of Cankles if I ever saw them!!! lol  Tyler and his cousin, Brittney have been close since they were babies...they are only 8 days apart... and He really enjoyed having them here for the afternoon....He even went outside ;D to sit and hang out... He was up and around... like nothin was even wrong..... But when they left he just melted into the floor.....asked for ice, and was just exhausted.....

Today we had PT at 11 am... he went in a little sore, and sleepy, but came out knowing that his hard work at home is paying off!! ( ok my hard work) He is down to one crutch around the house, last night he even took a few steps without the crutch!!! ;D He was proud of himself... the pt said that his ROM is at 120 without assistance... and if he pushes it with his hands he can get 125.... I think he could push a little more but hes too afraid to, but Im happy with 125..... She was very surprised that he can almost do a leg raise on his own... He needs a little help getting his foot up off the ground... but once its up he can raise it and lower it.... I love this pt cause she talks and encourages... She lets me know that he is making progress... Tyler likes Chris, and I do too...... He just not a talker!....

I guess Tylers ankles is hurting still, and its because of they way he is walking....He is really trying to figure out the weight distribution thing...and its causing problems both for the other knee and the post op legs ankle.....?????    His RT knee is slipping now... he has not had a full out dislocation....but he feels its coming... The OS wants to do surgery on the 23rd. YIKES!!!!  I think he will be ready!. I hope so! I know Im not...But Im putting my game face on.... and I guess we will just deal with whatever comes.... I say that sooooo calmly right?? today Im calm... tomorrow and the day after... I dont know.... next week Ill probably start freaking...... But right now I know that when Im in a panic.... all my KG friends will be here to support, and encourage...... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!    :-* :-* :-* :-*

Ok... Well since I have not been on the puter this weekend, I need to catch up on all of you... and see if you are behaving yourselves!!! 

Farrah..... I have lots of suttle ways to get back at family....let me know if you need any  They are not hurtfull... they just make me feel better sometimes..... lol 

Diggers mom... yes a regular rollercoaster of emotion..... why do you need to get the screws out?? Please dont tell me that the OS has yet to inform me of more ????? I dont think I can do it!  Do John still have alot of swelling??   Getting these boys to do the excercises is hard isnt it?  Maybe we can switch boys for a while... Ill work with John, you work with Tyler.... lol  they seem to do it for others... and take great pleasure in giving the parents grief!!!! I think its thier job!  lol    Im not sure if I should Fire him from this "job" or give him a promotion cause he is sooooo god at it!

Trace.... UGGGGGh I do remember getting called out of class ALOT... to help my little sister cause she accidently threw her retainer away with ler lunch tray!! My parents would have killed her, so we dug through alot of trash.....  Im hoping that Tyler will only have to wear this retainer at night! Cause I have put way too much money into him... to kill him now    lol.

Lisa... You are doing fantastic!  and thank you so much for your encouraging words....I know that Tyler may not say them to me...but you guys do... and thats helpfulll  Its a hard thing to watch someone you love hurt, depressed, un inspired, or giving up....and have to be the one always possitive, and encouraging... so To all of you out there..... Todays assignment....
Tell your support system... your care givers.... your family.... how much you REALLY do appreciate ALL the little things they do... even if its just being there to sit with you....Tell them!!!  ok?
                                    Class dismissed.           Hugs     Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: TeitgeORPrincess on October 13, 2008, 08:21:41 PM
ROFL to "Say hello to my little friends...meds..." ROFL!!!!!!!!  ;D ;D ;D That was HYsterical!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone is doing ok...... :)

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Post by: arkitect06 on October 14, 2008, 01:19:53 PM
Hi Lori, I hope today is a good day for you and your son :)  That's great that his ROM is doing so well and he's walking with one crutch sometimes.  Sorry he needs more surgery so soon!!  Hopefully he'll be able to motivate himself on his exercises next time???  Wishful thinking?  Haha!  As far as screws getting depends on the surgery.  Sometimes OS's make it standard procedure and others only do it if the screws are a problem.  So if your OS hasn't mentioned it, then it probably will not have to happen.  I have mine in and will probably have them forever. 

Well it's time for me to work now!!!  I hope you have a good one!

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Post by: lenorem9 on October 14, 2008, 04:10:37 PM
Lori, it sounds to me like Tyler will be ready for that next surgery.  He has done so well and made such great progress he'll work even harder on the next one.  I bet it will be much easier for all of you.

It's great you had some company this weekend and someone else to pay attention to Tyler instead of just you.  I bet he loved the attention and diversion.

Is hubby behaving or are you still making up fart meals for him?  I just think that is so funny.

Hope all is well today.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 14, 2008, 04:49:13 PM
4 weeks post op

No Lenore  hubby is never behaved! He is a big kid! Last nigh I had to make a regular dinner, throws him off my evil plan....heh heh heh      If I make the beans too soon he will catch on! He hates beans....but I put them in my chilli anyway! For those of you who dont know... my hubby works for a company that reguires him to be in grocery stores, putting product on the It makes my plan work even better......he cant hold his gas....and it never fails... as soon as he lets one go....someone needs to come down that isle!!! And when he is the only one standing there its kinda obvious who cut the cheese!!!!! It really does a number on his ego when the HOT Chicks wrinkle up their faces at him!!! And kids... we all know how discrete they are.......ewwwww WHO FARTED???? he he he.....

Well today Tyler is supposed to go to school at 345. He is going to meet his teacher there instead of at home. Its good because his team of teachers will all be there, (they meet after school to plan lessons)  and he will get some help in Math....i hope. Since we will be there anyways we are also going to pick up his best friend Brent from football practice... the coach is also the same coach that Tyler has been avoiding......His basketball coach. He still does not want to face him cause he feels like he let the team down, and I think Its the perfect oppertunity to face this issue.  I give myself a pat on the back for offering to pick up Brent....hehehe

Oh yea! Ill have to post funny PT story on your thread Lenella......Lets just say....certain things happen when you STRAIN doing excercises at PT.........thats all Im saying.......
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 14, 2008, 07:43:30 PM
Ok.... so Im a little concerned..... Tyler has lost 15 pounds.....probably more since the brace is kinda heavy...maybe 3 18 total..... He was laying on the floor today and I could see the bones in his hips... front and back! His spine has always shown a little but now its more pronounced... A month ago he weighed 160 pounds. Now he is at 145. The first week I did have a hard time getting him to eat, but I cant imagine that 1 week could do this? He has a normal appitite....BIG! so whats the deal. PT suggested protine help the muscles heal, will this also add bulk?. He appears to be thin anyhow, since he is so tall....he really does not need to lose any weight.

If it were me sitting around, i would gain 15 pounds...How does this happen?????? Should I be concerned??
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: TeitgeORPrincess on October 14, 2008, 07:47:54 PM
What kinds of meds is he on? Sometimes meds can do stuff like that.....But he really needs to eat....I know it sucks when you don't feel good and maybe are frustrated at PT or pain or whatever, but your body needs food in order to keep on healing and giving energy, etc. Protien shakes would probably work, yeah....Have you called your primary care physician? Usually they have really good ideas & maybe can recommend something.

Good luck

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on October 14, 2008, 08:29:42 PM
I wouldn't be too stressed Lori.  15 lbs in a month is a lot but he can gain it back quickly too.  Sounds like fun...lots of ice cream sundaes, chocolate shakes, and treats for Tyler.  Yum!   
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Post by: 3Diggersmom on October 15, 2008, 01:11:49 AM
Hi Lori,
wow that ROM is incredible!  It really does show how dedicated you have been.  Does Tyler still seem to be eating as usual?  Remember muscle does weigh more than fat and he has definitely lost some of that.  Guys seem to have lots more than gals, so don't stress I'm sure as the muscles build back up, so will the weight.  Protein in any form should help, but shakes are always good especially if made like a smoothie  :)  When John got hurt this summer and we knew he wouldn't be playing ball, his coach said he'd have him be on the bench for varsity.  We hope he does follow through with this as John would feel so much better. His younger bro. is trying out for JV and will most likely make it.  John only played JV for about 15 min. last year before he got hurt again. Maybe Tyler's coach could recommend he is still part of the team and let him know he wants him there.  Maybe you could let him know how Tyler is feeling, since these boys don't talk!  You did a great job with Special K, I'm sure this would be a cinch!  We go back for surgery on 11/11.  John has to have his screws out due to the location...they will rub on the femoral condyle when he is able to bend fully again someday.  I know exactly  how your feeling about facing another surgery.  It makes me so nervous, scared, depressed, you name it!  But everyone keeps saying it will be okay now that we know what to expect, I hope their right!!!  Well gotta go fold more laundry, why is my pile sooo small compared to the mountain of clothes they generate?  Have a great night!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lilrosie06 on October 15, 2008, 06:29:48 AM
Lori....Glad to hear things are still progressing. I dont think  Id worry about the weight loss too much. Hes been through alot. I wish I could lose weight sitting around. Lol. Like you said, Id gain it. Guys are so different that girls.

Hope he continues to get stronger with each day. Thinking about him.....and you.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: arkitect06 on October 15, 2008, 05:51:55 PM
Lori, I have lost 5lbs in the past week!  I haven't had much of an appetite.  When I first had surgery, I lost 10 lbs!  Once on one of these medications, I got my appetite back and gained it all back plus some!  Right in time for my sister's wedding.  Now that I'm off of it, my appetite is minimal again and I guess that's why I have lost 5lbs.  Anyway, my point is maybe not to worry about the weight loss.  Hopefully he will not lose anymore though.  He definitely needs food in his system to get better...especially wtih the other surgery next week!! 

You are an awesome mom with all of your secret plans to get things your way!!!  :)  Let us know how your son does meeting this coach!  Meanwhile, lay off the beans!!!  POOR HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!!!  Haha!!!  My husband would be the same way though!!! 

Have a good Wednesday!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 16, 2008, 04:59:32 PM
I have been so caught up in everyones thread that I have neglegted my own....

Ok so on Tuesday... I got tyler some whey protine to mix with milk and let him have that with lunch... 20 oz.. He seemed to like it ok, and I tried to make it seem like it was soley for muscle building....he is already overly self conscious about his appearance, so I didnt dare tell him he is tooooo skinny. He drank it, and off we went to school. When we pulled in there were still kids there leaving, or getting on busses, and he did not want them to see him. I think he feels awkward getting out of the van. Idk...
But he insisted we wait till most everyone was gone. He then told me that his stomach was really upset and felt like he was going to throw up.....not good! He thinks it was the protine shake..I think it was nerves. We go in... the school nurse was thrilled to see were a few other teachers that happened to be there... and of corse stopped us to chit chat.... Tyler decided to SHOW OFF and handed me his crutches and took a few steps for everyone..... you would have thought he did a backflip!!! applause and everything! Its good he was proud enough to show them, but he HATES to be the center of attention...I believe the purpose of the show was a Guy show "see... Im ok"....
We went to class.....where the math teacher.. went over a lesson, I took notes... and started to get it! lol  but she went way too fast for me. my head was swimming.....I looked a T and asked if he understood... and he said yes... With relief I said thank goodness.. cause I didnt get it.! lol His homeboud teacher took all the work he completed, gave him some more, we watched a movie on slavery, picked out a new novel, and were done... we went to pick up Brent from football practice, only to find that the other parents sitting there were all people we knew....from years of interactions through athletics...
I answered a gajillion questions... no he wont play this year..he is 6'6 now... he had surgery, he will have another one next thursday... no i cant buy his shoes at walmart, dumb stuff.......He decided to go to the bathroom...and he left me there . He was gone a long time.... I worried... He came back to tell me that they were waxing the floors and even though the floor was not wet...he slipped a little.... my heart sank!
He quickly told me that he did not fall or injure himself... but I am soooooo glad i decided to keep him out until after the 2nd surgery....  I would just be sick...if he had gotten hurt......

Coach P was glad to see him. He walked over to T and without saying a word... he reached down and squeezed tylers Knee... Commented on the scar...and the swelling....we talked about the next surgery he then .gave him some words of encouragement, told him to work hard and get back to school soon.
and that was it. I think Tyler felt relieved.... we talked about it after, and he said he trusted that coach would not hurt him....I would have kicked   I think he feels better, and coach did not say anything to imply he was disappointed....(gee I wonder what little bird told him not to say anything?)
Anyhow, Tyler is looking foward to getting better, so he can feel like part of the team again.  He is hoping that Coach P will let him sit on the bench, or help asst coach... I dont know if he will.... but I think its good that Tyler wants to be apart of it even though he cant play.

On Wed we went to PT, I explained to PT Chris that I was going to leave them to work alone today... without mom hanging around..... I wanted to see if he would open up a little more......I must be hard having your mom around all the time!!! So I tried to give him some space.... It seemed to work a little, so I gave him space at school again....That is so hard... I want to be right next to him to catch him if he falls...(as if thats even possible)..... but I know he needs a little space to be himself.... Im not dumb.
I know he is not the same kid when Im not around. He opens up a little more, So I am working on stepping back and letting him be himself...ugggg. I hate it.. but I know its necessary.....

Today he has 2 math tests and a Social studies test to take,   then he will be caught up to Sept 26th...He has 2 health tests yet to take 2 science quizzes, and a test....and Im not sur about LA... hes doing the work, but i have not heard anything about a test...... Report cards come out on the 23rd. The day of his surgery. I just dont want to see incompletes...  I dont know if its possible to make up all the work before then, but Im hoping to make a great deal of progress by then cause he will fall behind again... come the 23rd......Sometimes I feel like life is like a shampoo bottle......

Rinse and repeat!!!!!!      Thanks for taking the time to read all this.......Nothing nearly as exciting as you guys......Homework and PT....Shower and braces.... Laundry.... and yes Diggers is strange how my pile is so much smaller..... whats up with that??? My daughter does not have a pile...she has a mountain! Seriously. Who wears 23 pairs of panties in one week?  She is 10!   

Hugs to everyone....... Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: arkitect06 on October 16, 2008, 05:28:09 PM
Lori, I like your story of your daughter's mountain of clothes!!!  Wait until she's 14 or older!!!!  Then there will be two mountains!!  Don't expect her to clean out old clothes for charity or trash or need all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Haha!  My sister was horrible about clothes!  Being a gymnast, I always went through 3 outfits a day!  So my pile was huge too, but we always did our own laundry. 

Anyway, it sounds like you are doing a great job of being mom for T!  He seems to be doing very well too.  I hope that the next surgery is smooth enough too!  That's great that his school works with you guys on his situation.  I'm also happy that his coach wasn't too tough on him.  After showing off his few steps the other day, did he complain of increased pain?  Just curious.  Well I love reading your stories!!!  I hope the rest of your week goes okay!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on October 16, 2008, 08:16:01 PM
That's great the school visit went so well.  And he was showing off on crutches and everything?  I love it!  I bet he's going to surprise you with this second surgery.  Now he knows he can do it and he'll sail through the next one eager to be back to the team and normal life.

23 pair of panties in one week?  Hmmm...I don't want to know!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 17, 2008, 11:58:42 PM
we went to pt today and tyler got freaked out when they told him to stand on the post op leg with out holding on to anything and lift the good one.... He got down right ugly... and said he did not trust that it would hold him....!!! Another Pt came over when she saw that he was being uncooperative....There are 3 main Pts that work with T. a man...and they have the whole testosterone thing  going on.... Liz... who is sweet and supportive, and then there is Leah... I love her.... She does not take any crap from him yet she cool and fun.....I love them all very much... I just wish I could pick which one he sees to go along with his mood for the day   lol.
 Anyhow Leah went over to help him, and she just held her hands out to him and told him to DO IT! and he did..... He was sooo mad But I think it was his way of showing fear.... Cause he did not refuse her.... he just does not trust his new knee..... He says it doesnt hurt... there is no pain at all... he is just afraid that it will buckle... So my work this weekend is work on him trusting that this is going to hold him! Does that make any sense???  Otherwise they say he is doing FANTASTIC!!! Rom is at 125.... He got on the bike today and just problems with rotations at all... He can walk with out crutches.. although they want him to use them out in public places cause its safer... still cant do a SLR... but thats ok.... Im impressed with his progress too... He has had no pain for weeks... and only reguires ice after working out, or in am when he is a little stiff and sore from the evening.... So PAIN is not the issue at all..... His big problem is fear.... 
Im sure that it doesnt help that Thursday is coming faster than we expected, and although he has not wanted to talk about it.... its there in his mind....poor guy.... To be 13,   afraid.... and not know how to express himself....... very frustrating....  Other than that he is doing great.

Lenore... I live in SC now where we rarely get any snow..... We are very close to the NC Border.
Its beginning to get cooler now, but we get mostly rain...not snow.  Actually Its rainy today... and my daughter went camping with the girl scouts for the weekend... She is going to be soo miserable....Cold  wet.... and an hour from mommy......geeesh... I hope she doesnt get sick....
They are doing some fun stuff with the boy scouts like canoeing, archery, and geocashing... I sooooo wanted to go with her, but with the rain im kinda glad I couldnt.....
I do miss the snow for skiing....and hiking... Its beauty at night.... the quietness of it.... So I need to go home every now and again to get a fix... but My New HOME  is here......
Have a great weekend everyone..... Ill check in later.... Mom is here again this weekend, so Im going to go talk to her a bit...... HUGS    Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 20, 2008, 06:42:42 AM
worry wart mom  cant sleep.... Tyler has not been able to do heel slides all weekend.... he says it hurts. Like a shooting pain just under the knee.... I cant be certain... but it seems to be where the screw is.... Any advice??? does this mean he is having trouble with the screw????   He has been doing so well.... no pain, not really even complaining....   He is supposed to get his braces off his teeth in am... after that I think I may call OS... I have not bothered him for anything outside the reg visits.... but Im a little worried..... so I hope it wont be too much of a bother... He is sched to see him on thursday... but that is not in the office... thats in the OR.... ahhhh To call or NOT to call   that is the question...   perhaps its just normal healing........ listen to me ramble.... If anyone has any imput     please share.... Thanks

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on October 20, 2008, 12:48:00 PM
Could be anything or nothing Lori.  I kept getting (and still get) strange pains every once in a while.  Some of them are shooting pains, some are clunks or catches and some are just aches.  You just never know.  He'll probably be fine waiting until Thursday when he goes for the other knee.  Hope it goes away before then. 
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Sore knee on October 20, 2008, 10:24:47 PM
Hey Lori

Just wanted to pop in and see how T was doing, sorry about the pain but wow a few steps at school that was good. Fear is a huge part of rehab and its a mental game with a try and see all the time. Just you keep doing the awesome job you are and he will be great. Havent read back too far....did you decide on the other surgery ?
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: KW on October 21, 2008, 12:10:10 AM
Lori,  It's really not odd to have pain where the screws are as the bone begins to heal and as you begin to use the leg more.  You can take a deep breath....It does not mean that he is having problems with the screws.   Most likely just the increase in activity is causine the discomfort.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: arkitect06 on October 21, 2008, 12:13:33 AM
Hi Lori, sorry about Tyler's pain over the weekend...just after you said he didn't have much pain during all of this :(  Did you end up calling the OS?  It doesn't hurt to ask matter when it is.  I used to hate calling my doctor if I had issues, but now I e-mail or call with the slightest concern and they always get back to me without complaining.  So call if you feel the need!!!!  That's what they are there for.  If there is any type of problem, then it could be the OS's decision to reschedule the next surgery anyway.  Since he will be relying on his current op knee so much, it should be as healthy as it can get before Thursday.  I hope by now that pain is gone, but Lenore is right in that you always get weird pains during recovery.  I hope that Tyler's fear improves some.  I remember being very afraid of bearing weight on my surgery leg early on.  It would buckle a lot!  It took months for that to improve.  Now I just have pain with weight-bearing, but that's another issue.  

Keep us posted on everything!!  Good luck to Tyler!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 21, 2008, 03:59:32 PM
We can rebuild him..... make him stronger ...... faster........   lol  anyone remember the bionic man????

Tyler got his braces off his teeth yesterday..... and I LOVE his smile.... he is so cute!!!
We are rebuilding his knees.... we have reconstructed his inner ears..... tounge....abdomin... private area...and lots of other stuff too.... He is wondering what else we will have to re build.... lol  I told him Im creating the perfect child..we still have a long way to go so now he calls me Dr jeckle.....and Mrs Hyde when I make him do things he does not want to God forbid... take a shower!!!!!

We went ot PT yesterday... and they told us that the pain is normal.....its just from healing and increased some of you suggested..... thanks for being there for me.... I get in those worrysom moods sometimes........

Joanne  yes we are going ahead with the other knee this Thursday... his rt knee is becoming increasingly unstable...and we need to do it...or he will dislocate again.....he has lost so much muscle on the right knee that I can clearly see how mis alligned he is... The patella tendon is literally like this  / .       We have been practicing how to get up from the couch.....and get into the van.... and we both know it will be difficult, but do able......... :-\      Im glad your back from your trip..... Ill just bet you had a blast! Sorry about playing on your thread........but I think that Lenore is a terrible blame her for not keeping me in line while you were gone!!!  ha ha....

Farrah... I did not call the OS... The PT said if they were concerned  they would call him.. but they dont think its a problem.... He needs to get back to icing... ans elivating....and just work through the pain... after he gets going... he is fine, and he seems to forget about it....and he says its not painful enough for him to take Im just going to let it go.....

Lenore and KW  thanks for easing my worry with your comments..... I do appreciate you guys sooooo much. Im trying not to be nervouse... but Thursday is coming up faster than I expected...

Tyler has a TON of homework to do before tomorrow... he needs to turn all this stuff in so he can get a report card....His teachers are being really great about what he needs to do to pass the semester.....and though it seems to be alot....its nothing compared to what he could have to make up!!! Science and Math are really hard.... for me too.... But I think its because he has to learn it all from a book, and does not have the advantage of the classroom instruction that makes learning these things fun..... games  ... activities.... repitition.... so all we can do is our best.......(heavy sigh)

So anyhow.... Im going to check on make sure you are all behaving.... lol 
                                     HUGS   Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on October 21, 2008, 04:28:42 PM
What's this about ME being the "bad influence" on Joanne's thread?  LOL  I was sweet and innocent until I met that Nevella character!!!  She's the bad one!!!  And BTW, I don't think you need any influence at all Miss innocent Lori!!!

YAY, no more braces for Tyler.  Bet he's loving that.  I'm so glad to hear his knee pain is normal.  It will still be a long time before you stop worrying Lori.  There's always some strange new pain just when you think everything is fine again.  Sometimes the pains are so sharp you could swear everything has failed.  It's amazing how long the healing takes.  Sounds like you've had a lifetime of worry about that poor boy.  I pray you'll have relief from it some day. 
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 21, 2008, 04:48:20 PM
Darn!!!!  I was hoping to slip that blame in there where you wouldnt notice it!!!! Thats why I did it here instead of on her thread!   lol   I guess you really do read EVERYTHING! lol   BUSTED BUSTED!!! cant be trusted!         you??     sweet and innocent??? OK. So was I     till I met that crazy Nevella Character! LOL
From now on.... I'll just blame in on her....
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on October 21, 2008, 05:03:12 PM
Nice try but YAY, blame Nevella!  Does she follow this thread or are you the one friend she hasn't stolen from me? 

How's Tyler doing with the protein shakes and gaining weight? 
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 22, 2008, 02:48:44 PM
HERE WE GO AGAIN ............. Today is 5 weeks and 1 day post op....
Yesterday it took tyler and I    8HOURS... to do Math Science and Health.......8 HOURS!!!!!!  Language Arts and Social Studies will just have to wait..... but we needed to get the others done so he could have some grades in the book for his report card that is coming out tomorrow.  Today we will go to PT and to school one more time before.......DA DA DOOOOOOM.......the next surgery........Tomorrow!
The Surgical center called this morning and woke me up...... he has to be there at 6 AM! Which means we have to leave here by at least 5AM, and get up at least by 4AM>>>>>>    Im sweating just thinking about it...... I am so nervouse..... and Im not even the one getting hacked up! I could seriously throw up right now!!!!!  BUT>>>>> I have to put on my big Momma game face.... and tell Tyler with enthusiasm... that he is going in earlier this time.... and that will be good for him..... He wont have to wait so long to get get a drink, or food.... he will get home earlier.. maybe...  My husband is taking the day off work..... That will be good for tyler.... i guess... But He makes me crazy in the waiting room......He never handles these things well, so I have to constantly reasure him of everything.....and I hate to say it... ITS really hard to hold everyones emotions in check.... when inside my GUTS are flipping out!  This is why I rather just do this stuff myself....... I know he wants to be there..... and should be.... and perhaps Im being selfish... but i wish he would go to work.... I cant tell him this of course... because he will not understand, and take it the wrong way......and be all offended..... He just doesnt handle these things well.... and I dont want to deal with it.!!!  Does this make sense to anyone???

tyler and I have been practcing getting up not using the Rt knee.... and getting into the van.... I think its doable.... but it is going to be HARD!!!! maybe they can help at PT with this today..?   

He is drinking protine shakes... when the lady from the surgical center called she said she was going to talk to Dr Majors and let him know about the weight loss..... but she did not seem overly comcerned....
and I think it really is muscle loss..... hes a tall boy.... and his Quads are  next to nothing now..Im not sure if its the swelling  or not  but his post op (left) Quad is bigger than the right one at this point.

Well I got lots to do today.....if I can stay focused.... and keep T focused... so I guess Ill go make myself BUSY... to keep my mind off this up coming event......that is only 20 hours and 24 minutes away......

                       Hugs....... I hope everyone is doing well today......           Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on October 22, 2008, 03:58:23 PM
I'm not even married and I understand your feelings Lori.  Hubby would be very upset if you asked him not to go but I see why you don't want him there.  You sound like a caring, nurturing person and don't need someone else you'll have to care for and nurture when he's getting upset.  Hopefully everything will go fine and hubby will be a help instead of a hindrance.   Plus Tyler will be so glad he's there. 

T will sail through this surgery just like the last one.  And as far as getting him in and out of the van....Hubby will be there to help you lift him up if necessary.  The rehab will be that much quicker too because now you all know the routine.

Sending you calming peaceful thoughts for a good night's sleep and a smooth surgery day tomorrow.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lilrosie06 on October 22, 2008, 07:44:53 PM
Lori....Ok, my turn to support you. Geez, this medical/hospital stuff between us needs to stop!! :o :o I know how nervous you are. When I am the patient, its all good. Im cool, calm and collected. When its someone close to me, however, I am a wreck. Must be a girl thing!! :-[ 8) But I am sure everything is going to go well. Before you know it, you will be back home, and once again, playing the role of mom/nurse/PT and all that happy stuff. Dont you wish we, as moms, got paid for our job?? ha ha ha...we would be rich!! As for your husband and the waiting room, I have one of those too. Rick hates the waiting stuff. Actually he hates hospitals. Period. So when Ive had my surgeries, and they are running late, which is the norm, he is sighing, griping, etc. Last night he was telling me how his surgery will be about 4 hours, and then, recovery time will be awhile as he and anesthesia dont get along. No, I dont like to wait, but Ill handle it totally different that he would. I feel its one of those things we have no control over, so we might as well make the best of it. Anyways, know that Tyler and your family will be in my prayers, and that Im here if you need anything at all. Let me know how it goes....

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Thekaratekid on October 22, 2008, 08:35:48 PM
Hi Lori,

Sorry I've not stopped by for a while.

Just wanted to say a big goodluck to Tyler for tomorrow, sending him a big hug.  :)

You are a fab Mum and he is very lucky to have you there beside him helping him along, I know its hard waiting and keeping everyone calm, sometimes I think its harder for the person who actually waiting, than the person who is fast asleep in theatre.

Hang in there, sending you positive thoughts.

Trace x

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 22, 2008, 11:48:48 PM
11 hours and 40 minutes......... lol       I feel better than I did this morning... tried to keep busy most of the day.... but got absolutly nothing accomplished..... no shopping, laundry, cleaning... nothing...
We got a shower... and went to PT.... thats it.  they did however work with us on how to get up from couch... and how to walk with crutches on the current post op leg.... I think I need to go to rt knee and left knee now... cause its going to get confusing come tomorrow.......the left was 1st... the right is 2nd...... k everyone got it?   good.

Trace ....   thanks for stopping by and sending me possitive thoughts....I really appreciate the suppost.
Donna....   your right.... I could be rick... especially if you also include teacher, servant, whipping boy, bell hop, chaufer, trainer, personal chef....need I go on??? When people ask my occupation I have lots of fancy titles.... but I usually just put down that Im a "Domestic Goddess"  (even tho between us ,  I hate the domestic part)  lol    So he has all the details on the surgical procedure??? I have not checked your thread.... but Im assuming we have a time and date of surgery??????
Lenore..... Thanks for being you! ;D Always my rock when I need one...and a friend to get silly with....and No Nevella has not stolen me but I like her just the same!!!! :) 

Ill probably be back later since I wont be able to sleep...... love ya'll.....hugs   Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on October 23, 2008, 01:34:50 AM
Hi Lori,
I will be thinking of you and Tyler and sending you all good wishes for a smooth recovery.  Your almost on the other side of the mountain now!  I understand all your emotions as we near our 2nd surgery (11/11).  My hubby gets so worked up he won't sleep for days beforehand.  It is exhausting to be everything to everyone, but I wouldn't trade it for the world and I know you wouldn't either.  I will be waiting to hear how your all doing.  God Bless! ;)
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lilrosie06 on October 23, 2008, 03:51:48 AM
No, Lori, no surgery details here. He has to figure out the whole work thing yet. He works for the state. Has FMLA, but its unpaid. So he has to use his "leave time", of which there is not a lot to work with being the end of the year. So...I told him to check and see if they will advance him some of his leave time for next year. He has 23 years in, so its not like hes a newbie or something, you  know? So hes working on that now. It just sux....he has a job with excellent pay, excellent medical benefits, so I dont understand why they dont take better care of you as far as pay when you get sick? But we will be fine....just some figuring out to do.

Again, good luck tomorrow. Ill check in off and on to look for your post when you get home.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 23, 2008, 04:17:55 AM
7 hours......... NAHHHHHH Im not worried.... 8) cool as a cuke I am!!!  lol  Mom came to spend the night with me... ::)  She wants to go with us to the surgery..... The more the merrier I say........... Deep breath.... heavy sigh........   Ok.... better now....... later guys.... Ill post when I can tomorrow after we get home...... I hope you are all pain free.... 
Lenore.... upper body hurts more the 2nd day after you have overdone it!!! But Good for you for getting up and doing it!!!! You have way more ambition than me......Ill just sit here and cheer you on ok? Eating my chips n dip.... and Jelly belly's...... lol GO Lenore GO!!! lol  :D  need me to count for you?
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: arkitect06 on October 23, 2008, 09:41:01 AM
Lori and Tyler, good luck today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on October 23, 2008, 10:34:58 AM
You're funny Lori.  You're cheering me on for my exercises while you are sleepless and stressed to the max?  Thanks.  It worked.  I did more exercising last night.  I must have heard you counting.  Or was that you counting sheep to try and get some sleep?  Hey, save some of that chips and dip for me.  That's my favorite dinner!

Hope you got a little rest.  Right about now you're at the hospital and stressing the most.  Hope it's not too bad and you're home in no time.  I'm thinking about you this morning.  Poor T.  I still think he'll do even better with this one because now he knows what to expect.

Love ya!  Hugs!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 24, 2008, 01:55:20 PM
Hello everyone..... sorry its been so long... but yesterday was a blur...... I know that on Wed night( or rather Thursday AM I finally went to sleep at arounf 345 am.... and my alarm went off at 4 am. I woke mom up, then hubby and Tyler.....   Hubby did not get up right away, and when he did, he dicided that he needed a shower.....uggggh  then he had to have coffee... and as we were walking out the door.. he decided he needed breakfast which he proceded to fix... ( for only himself) while I took the other middle seat out of the van (since hubby did not do it the night before as I asked)  So my day started out a little peeved.... We got to the Surgical center, and Tyler was sched to be 1st.... we got him all set up...he was terrified.. they gave him some magic medicine.....versaid (spelling?) and he started to flash his beautiful new smile...... we had just been thu all the prep stuff so that was easy...and pretty much the same.....I told them he gets nauseated when he wakes up...and that the little bandaid thing behind the ear was not enough for him last time....and told them about the nerve block issue he had.... they wanted to give him something different this time... I guess it was like an epidural...cathater that we could leave in for 3 days... then I would have to take it out when all the nerve block med was gone from this little fanny pack thing.... Tyler did not want that....and he made sence as to why... he said that it would just prolong the fact that the pain was coming..once the block wore off...and that as long as we have the meds in him before the block wore off he could get over the initial pain faster.... makes sense to me! why lay there for 3 days ...waiting and worrying about the pain thats we declined and opted for the reg nerve block.... VOWING to NOT get behind on the meds this time!!!!   
He was really worried that he was going say or do something stupid... so he did not enjoy the versaid as much as last time.... He made me promise to not let him make any new friends like he did last time :)
(rember Unkle Phil?)   They took him back.... did the procedure.... OS came out... said same as last time,  the only difference was that he had to "clean up a little more under the knee cap than the other one, and smototh out the roughness"  ???  so the Arthoscopy,chondroplasty with open re alignment and tibial tubicle transfer with Quad transfer went well"....( I love to say all that) now that I know how to.   lol  It makes me sound smart... and I love to see the look people give me when I tell them.... its like HUH... and then I just walk away.... lol   
The surgery only took an hour..... but i was in the waiting room for ever!!!! I made a friend...a little girl that shared her teddy ghrams with I shared my jelly belly jelly beans  and we played....She drew me a picture and she was just so darn cute!!! She kept my mind off the fact I was irritated with hubby, and worried about T.   I swear that 30 people came out and went home before they came to get me......Tyler just would not wake up!!!! They said he was in Pain again when he woke up so they game him some demerol.... which made him even harder to wake up... I told them to just yell   BUS!  That usually works for 
They said he got off the operating table by himself... on the 1st op knee with no brace...and into the chair....OS said MUST WEAR BRACE AT ALL TIMES WHEN STANDING, and they locked that one back in at he wont buckle when trying to get around..... I was mad they moved him like that with no brace on! And Im sure the OS did not know about it..since the nurse looked a little worried when my jaw dropped to the floor...... 
We got him in the van.... brought him him out of the van...into the house...onto the couch....( at this point I was very happy Hubby was with me)  cause it was a hard ...slow...process!
Post op was this AM.... thank goodness for the PA at office helping me get him out of van and into office.. but we had to do it all alone when we got home...and we did!! YAY He is now on the couch again....FULL of meds....nerve block is starting to wear off..... and I have my alarm set to ring ever 4 hours........ Im feeling confident right now.... ;) 

Thank you all for your well wishes....and prayers.... Its nice to know that you guys are here for us..... MUAH  kisses to you all!!!!

Now Joanne.......ready.....dip two three four....dip two three picking up the remote......point...and h o l d   i t......hold it..... good...... now GET YOUR HAND OUT OF MY CHIPS   AND GET DOWN AND GIVE ME 30!!!!  what? 30 is too hard? FINE YOU BABY>>>JUST GIVE ME 3 SETS OF 10 instead>>>>>     NOW!   lol

 Love ya!!!!  I gotta go take a nap... Im getting delerious!!!!   Ill check back later, and catch up on all your threads...... Hugs..... Lori
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Post by: Thekaratekid on October 24, 2008, 02:22:01 PM
Hi Lori,

I'm so glad that Tyler is ok and the op seems to have gone well. I would imagine that he will find this rehab slightly easier as he knows what to expect this time.

He has done fantastically to come out of hospital so quickly, though I must say like you I am surprised that they moved him without the brace on.

Lol you did make me smile when you told me what your hubby was like the morning of the op, it was just so much like the sorts of things my hubby does too. I think sometimes his way of dealing with stressful situations is not to think about them until the last possible moment which means that he doesn't plan his actions in advance!

I'm glad your hubby and your Mum were there for you and Tyler though, are they able to get up during the night to give Tyler his medicine as well so that you can sleep too?



Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 24, 2008, 02:39:54 PM
trace.... no  hubby works crazy early to late hours so I dont bother him with all that... plus.. I feel better knowing what I gave him and when... I really dont want mistakes.... Mom went home after surgery yeaterday, she had to work today.... So its just me and T.... and thats ok... till I have to get him up... lol thats hard...

BTW I had to laugh... I just got thru posting on your thread.... only to find out that you need to do excercises too..... lol   So now I have 2 people in my class!!! lol you and lenore!  I am way more flexable than any PT... or boss out there so you just let me know what class you want to attend!!!! lol

OH... I have a question....Can anyone tell me the diff between  hydrocodone    10-325
and why do the #s keep changing???  is one stronger than the other? they all say take 1-2 tab every 4-6 hours as needed for pain........

Hugs    Lori
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Post by: jathib on October 24, 2008, 02:51:34 PM
OH... I have a question....Can anyone tell me the diff between  hydrocodone    10-325

The first number indicates the amount of hydrocodone in the pill. The 10mg is the strongest obviously. the second number is the amount of acetaminophen (Tylenol) in the pill. The amount of acetaminophen taken needs to be monitored closely. It should never ever exceed 4000mg per day. That includes anything else he might take like Tylenol or even some liquid medicine has acetaminophen in it. The lower the amount the better. Tylenol is the number one drug that people overdose on. They think since it's over-the-counter they can eat it like candy. Too much can destroy your liver quickly.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 24, 2008, 03:02:24 PM
ahhhh ha... so thats why they want him to take ibuprophin and NOT Tylenol.... it makes sense... Im not sure why they gave him the 10 this time.. and 5 last time... but perhaps he wont need to take 2 this time...  right now im not taking any chances....Im giving him 2. We really had a BAD time of it last time..and I dont EVER want to see him go thu THAT again.....  Thanks so much for your quick response... YAY jathib to the rescue!!! ;D
I really need to take a nap.... Ill be back later guys.......  Lori
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Post by: lenorem9 on October 24, 2008, 03:11:02 PM
YAY!  T and Lori are home and all is well.  Glad things went OK.  I loved you saying to yell "BUS" to wake up T.  That cracked me up. 

Make sure T eats something with that hydrocodone.  It made me barf if I forgot to eat.  I only took it one day because I hate drugs.  Hope he gets off it quickly and can handle the pain OK on just ibuprofen. 

Get some rest!
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Post by: Thekaratekid on October 24, 2008, 03:30:53 PM
Cool! Lori's excercise classes. Sounds like a good idea to me. Can I book one with bending exercises please lol, how bout you lenore what excercises do you need?

Are you strict Lori?  ;D

Hope you manage to get some rest.

Trace x
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on October 24, 2008, 03:43:12 PM
Well, I like the chips and dip exercise but since Lori is delirious and called me Joanne I think I'll make Joanne drop and give her 30 instead. 

I could use the squat exercises because I'm still wishing for HTB but please don't make me do the bunny hop.  Watch out Trace, I think she's probably as mean as your TKD instructor.  You might regret asking to join Lori's exercise class.  You might be better off joining BSG and I doing our extension parties.  We have lots of adult drinks at those parties.  Of course it would be the best exercise class of all if we could all have Farrah's new "stimulator".  LOL  (You have to read Plumb's article on Farrah's thread to get that one).  LOL
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Thekaratekid on October 24, 2008, 04:00:43 PM
Lol well what more could we want at exercise classes!!

I think I could do with someone pushing me to do the exercises sometimes, its hard to prioritize work, chores, life and physio. So please shout away lol. Though a drink and exercises sounds like a fun idea, wahoo bring on the extension parties, if ya drink enough does the pain get easier?  :)


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Post by: lenorem9 on October 24, 2008, 04:13:52 PM
Hey, this is fun.  Lori is napping and we took over her thread.  Ha! Ha!  Maybe I should try to find those Mickey ears and put her face into them too.  HEH! HEH! HEH!  She won't notice for a few hours anwyay, right?  Whoops, I think I'm going to pay for this when she wakes up.

I hear you about needing a push to do the exercises Trace.  I'm so NOT motivated to do them anymore.  Farrah and Nevella are pretty good at nagging me but I think we need the tough MOM-ERATOR Lori to really get on our case.  Tyler needs a break anyway.  We can rent her out for exercise parties state to state.  Whaddya think?  It could be like that "Biggest Loser" show with Lori screaming at us to keep pushing harder. 
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Thekaratekid on October 24, 2008, 04:33:45 PM
Lol sorry for hijacking your thread Lori.  :P

Mickey mouse ears, lol I think you may have to sit on the naughty step for a while if you did that.

I think the biggest loser show sounds like a good idea, Lori would be fab at getting results from us, do you think she'd come across the pond to see me though?

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on October 24, 2008, 04:58:25 PM
Oops, sorry.  I forgot you're in the UK Trace.  The Biggest Loser is a US reality type show where big fat people try to lose weight and these drill seargant type trainers scream at them to run up hills and do all kinds of exercises.  I don't watch the show but see it on previews sometimes.  Sounds like the kind of motivation we could use. 

I'm sure we could get Lori to go "across the pond" on those days hubby is driving her insane.  She'd be glad to get out.  She could bring Tyler with her and he can protect us from her. 
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Thekaratekid on October 24, 2008, 05:06:39 PM
Lol I thought it might be something like that, we have similar shows here. It usually works though and the people always end up healthier at the end.

I think we have found Lori a new job! Lol I make films and programs for a living maybe I could make a knee version perhaps call it the biggest Bender? Lol

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on October 24, 2008, 05:20:43 PM
Oh yeah!  Now you're talkin'.  See what you're missing Lori?  You could be a movie star in the UK!  We're gonna have to put some padding on that derriere though.  We can't have you on TV with no booty!  Trace will fix you right up. 
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on October 24, 2008, 10:30:41 PM
Hi Lori, glad you and Tyler are on the 'other side' now.  I hope you get some much needed rest and are able to keep up the good work.  Tyler is lucky to have you.   ;)
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 24, 2008, 11:20:26 PM
You guys crack me up!!!! lol   while the cats away... the mice will play... I see how you are! But its ok.. cause it was nice to see some fun chatter going on.......

Tyler is almost over the BIG hump.... the block is wearing off... and I have him chock full of meds.... so when he is not sleeping  he is rather comfy....WAY better than LAST time..... so far... knock on wood..

Lenore... I am rested now... I got some zzzzzzs in between my alarm going off and the occasional phone call..... I feel much better... and can now say... Im soooo sorry... I know that you are not Joanne... I just got a little confused....  As far as the excercise classes.... Im there..... Im cheap... and I WILL travel...

Lenore it will cost you some Salen hot dogs, Bison chip dip, Beef on weck, sponge candy, vernors gingerale, webbers mustard, horseradish, and an honest to goodness NY apple crisp... oh and a VERY LARGE>>>Pizza..... we cant get decent pizza here.... lol
Trace... It will cost you.......hummmmm can you get apfelkorn?? Im not sure what you have where you are...I used to live in Germany...and I know there is something  you can temp me with...Im not picky...I love Food and peas please.....
Diggers mom.... how is John doing??? you can throw him in this class

As far as being a movie star.......I could do that too..... although my last one did not turn out so good...with budget cuts and all we had to get rid of the back implant which would have made it more realistic.... lol   producers...... go figure... lol   

I promise everyone gets HTB... just DO NOT QUESTION my Methods....hehehehe  evil laugh....
                            Hugs...... gotta run... time for meds... and Im going to try to get him up to go potty... Ill be back later........ Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on October 24, 2008, 11:30:08 PM
Phew!  You were gone so long I thought you were mad at us for hijacking.  LOL  Glad you found humor in it and I'm really glad you got some rest. 

He's over the big hump already?  YAY!  And way better than last time...see?  I knew he'd do even better this time.  That's so cool.  I'm very glad to hear it.  Keep up the good work SuperMom!

I think those are all Western NY treats.  I've never heard of any of them.  Well, pizza of course but in my opinion there is no good pizza here either.  You have to go to NYC for good hot dogs and pizza or for any good food.  Everything in NYC is good.  Yum!  I did just put a fresh batch of apple crisp in the oven though.  How long will it take you to drive to Albany?  I'll save you some. 
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: *Margaret on October 25, 2008, 02:32:05 AM
just wanted to pop in and say i can provide all of the Western NY treat to anyone who would like to come here and see the Falls.  ;D

Lori.... Just wanted to say you are doing a great job with T. Hang in there you will be through this soon enough.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 25, 2008, 04:24:38 AM
Ohhh ok margaret.... so you must know about Dicamillo's.... If you want to join our excercise class it will only cost you 1 dozen bavarian cream, 1 dozen powdered custard..... and a bag of bread crumbs..... and everything Lenore cant send me..... lol  Im originally from Lockport/ Sanborn area....  Im in SC now but I still can give you directions if you need them. :D   

I swear you guys must think Im as big as a house..... Im not.  I just LOVE food.....Especially what I cant get here........

Tyler is doing great!!I got him up tp potty...and he is using his 1st op leg just great... he says its sore and weak... but he is doing it. He only complains of minimal pain...but thats the meds... and he is even putting 2nd op leg on floor already... !! ;D It took at least 10 days for the 1st one to even toe touch....
I think that tomorrow we begin ROM....yay... He will hate me... We are not sched for PT again until Wed... and i need him to work a little ... not alot... but I can see its swelling up really good... its in his calf this time....its huge!!  on a good note tho... the 1st op leg is really looking good... even the scar is shrinking.....

Super mom... ha ha ha I love it.... I thinks its funny cause if you only knew....I am alot more confident this time around... and a lot less worried... so I kinda feel like I am wearing a cape! I wish I had super strength  or super powers... cause he is really heavy... even if he did lose 15 pounds.... He is just soooo dang TALL....everything is hard to do... and distance is hard to judge....when I put him back on the couch... he almost missed cause we misjudged... and because Im WAY down by his feet... I cant catch him...... when he stands up... I have to pull him up as far as I can ... then he pushes on my head to get all the way standing... every time he pushes on my head I swear I shrink an inch.. pretty soon he will have compressed me into a cute little mommy he can keep in his    Ill up date tomorrow
I hope everyone is behaving!!! Lenore... and I wish everyone a pain free restfull night...
                        Hugs   Lori

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Tabitha on October 25, 2008, 04:38:26 AM
Hey Lori,
     I had a few minutes so I stopped by to see how you and Tyler are doing, wow, another surgery already! He is one tough cookie, you are amazing! I hope that he heals fast! I will keep you in my prayers!

Stay tough Super-Mom!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: *Margaret on October 25, 2008, 05:58:29 AM
Lori.... Yes i know DiCamillo's and ofcourse i can do that with the doughnuts. Wow even though we are miles apart we are close. I am in Lockport. How long have you been down in SC? Directions, hmm i might have to take you up on that.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: allie on October 25, 2008, 12:10:01 PM
Dear Lori

Thank you so much for taking the time to post on my thread when you are going through so much with Tyler.  He is doing well though and it sounds like you have everything under control.  With 2 bad knees you just have to find a way to manage, a way to get through it all...slowly and steadily.

I hope Tyler continues to make good progress and that you can control his pain enough for him to start rehab exercises.  I find that playing my fave songs whilst I exercise helps me and encourages me to carry onen it is hard- I say to myself I will just carry on to the end of this song! Maybe this would help Tyler ( i dont know if he likes music) The only thing is you have to choose songs that arent too fast!!!

I will continue to read your posts and wish Tyler a speedy recovery- he is very brave and is doing a great job!!

Allie xx
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Post by: lenorem9 on October 25, 2008, 12:30:57 PM
Yum!  You're all making me hungry.  We better hurry up on those exercise classes with all this talk of food.  I'm on my way to Margaret's for all that Western NY yummy stuff.  Nothing to brag about in Albany. 

Lori, did you think I wasn't going to notice that little slam at the end?  Huh? Huh?  If you think I'm misbehaving now just you wait.  You've got me here now and you're stuck with me so there! 

I LOVE, reading about all the great things Tyler is doing.  Sounds like he's really determined this time.  Please don't take this the wrong way Lori but why isn't Tyler using the crutches to push himself up instead of your head?  Using the arm of the couch to shove himself up or maybe a stiff chair turned around backward to shove off would help.  You'll end up hurting your back trying to lift him so much. 

Hope you're feeling more rested today Lori.  Keep up the good work SUPERMOM! 
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Thekaratekid on October 25, 2008, 02:56:09 PM
Hey Supermom,

How ya doing today?

Sounds like Tyler is coming along great, he must get his determination and perseverance from you, it must be so tough doing everything all again so soon. You are doing fab keeping up with his pain meds and encouraging him, I hope your not feeling to tired.

I'm glad you weren't cross with us hijacking lol, I'm not sure what apfelkorn is?? In the UK we have great fish and chips (our local shop is in the top 5 in the country), they have fresh fish everyday and batter it in front of you,would that persuade ya? If not I'm going to try making proffiter rolls with chocolate sauce next weekend, all that cream and chocolate should be very yummy.  ;D

Glad everything is going smoother this time, Tyler is very lucky to have you there supporting him through it all.

Trace x
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Post by: Davori on October 25, 2008, 06:46:03 PM
oooooo yea! so you NEED Me to come next weekend do ya.... I have not had a decent fish fry since i left NY.... and that chocolate thing for desert......ok Trace  ..... Ill come....Ill be right there....applekorn is a liquor.... Its kinda like schnapps... quite yummy.... But im up to trying new 

Lenore.... You know I only did that to see if you were paying  But you know its true!! you are always mis behavin..  as a matter of fact I think that should be your new name....Miss behavin! :-*   
Allie..... He likes music.. and thats a good idea... It sure beats counting....counting gets boring after a while....   so look out Trace and lenore... Ill choose the longest songs for you!!! lol like
Tyler like R and B  and rock... Im sure we can find something....

Margaret.... Until I can get you some directions.. to Dicamillo's  and to save you the gas  If you could just PLEASE swing by Reids....and then shoot over to Pontillo's... ohhhhh Pontillos... cry cry .... I miss the food!!!!!  I used to live over by the Kenan center.... It is such a small  I have been in SC for 13 years.... I love it... but I still miss alot of things.... I still have family up there... and of course friends... I wonder if we knew any of the same people??  We will have to compare notes....

on to Tyler... He slept really well.......I think that 2 of the meds....was a little too much for him as he slept 12 hours... only waking up to take midnight I gave him 2.... Then I just gave him ibuprophin the rest of the tim until today at noon... I only gave him 1 hydro.... he seems to be ok on that... He tried to get up to go potty... and he is just too weak in the arms...he does use the arm of the couch... and the back of a chair... but because he is so darn tall he he cant get all the way up...Its kind of like us normal sized people trying to get up using a short coffee table... So thats why he uses my hear... its the only thing I can find tall enough for him to push off on.... It did not work today... His arms are tired... and I could NOT lift him...He got mad... and I felt bad... so we had to call my rent a husband....(Marcille's husband) to come help.... thank God he was home.... I hope this little setback does not make T not want to try again.....    His calf is still enormous!!! and he has been doing ankle pumps ice and elivation.. to try to combat that.... Its not working yet... but  I have hope...  He is not ready to Rom on that one yet.. so Ill pass for today and just do what I can with the 1st op leg... We have come too far on that one to let it backslide........

Let me go see what you are all up to.....  Hugs.... Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: *Margaret on October 25, 2008, 07:16:40 PM
WoW Lori, this is a really small world! I live near the Kenan Center! we will have to compare note and we might know the same people.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 25, 2008, 07:20:03 PM
getting smaller by the minute..... lol  I lived on Vermont ave... went to Lockport high...class of 86.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: *Margaret on October 25, 2008, 07:22:07 PM
wow this is really getting smaller by the minute, i live on Beattie between willow and grant. actually if you go do regent st if you go stright you would end up in my drive way. do you have Aim?
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 25, 2008, 07:28:25 PM
I used to have aim... but I think I have msn messenger now... Ill have to check....
I used to deliver papres over there... i went to Emmet in 9th grade,,,,
If you want to Pm me that would be ok... or you email me  at my screen name... at comporium dot net.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: *Margaret on October 25, 2008, 07:34:57 PM
i sent you a PM  ;D
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: dimples3887 on October 25, 2008, 08:28:00 PM

I just wanted to be completely honest with you and let you know that you are absolutely AMAZING. I just started reading this post-op diary and the work that you do for your son is absolutely astonishing.  It makes me feel like I can get through 1 TTT with no problems.  I'm so glad that you have taken on the task of posting any and every detail about Tyler's surgeries and rehabs so I know what to look forward (or not) to.  I have a TTT scheduled for November 19th and came back to the site to see how long before I would be on my feet enough to go to classes. 

Quick question , based on Tyler's post-op of his 1st knee, how long do you think before I can be in classes? 10 days? or longer?

I look forward to continuing to read your accounts of Tyler's post-op and just wanted to commend you on being such a great mother to him.  You are an inspiration!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on October 25, 2008, 09:34:58 PM
AWWWW...see Lori?  Kirsten thinks you're a Super Mom too.  We all do. 

Watch out Kirsten...if Lori asks you to be in her exercise class....JUST SAY NO!!!  Don't say I didn't warn you! 
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 25, 2008, 10:09:04 PM
lol   come on Lenore... your scaring away my potential
  kristin... Ill be right back to post a reply to you... Im in the middle of something....
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 25, 2008, 10:56:42 PM
Sorry... Im back......

Kristin... Ill 1st start by telling you that EVERYONE recovers at a different rate. It depends on your pre op condition...your pain..your swelling.. your motivation and your excercises... There are alot of things to consider... age, weight...determination!!!  At 10 days post op  he we were celibrating making our 1st trip upstairs to go #2.  YAY  It took a few days after that momentous occasion to gain the faith and begin to bear weight..... He probably could have gone back to school at 3 weeks. but he had another knee that was extreamly unstable and we just opted to wait .... Its a wait and see thing.... Our OS 1st said that 10 days he could go back... but he just was not ready...too many people...elivating the leg... and meds all create problems on their own......My best advice on this matter is to Plan for the unexpected... You may go back at 10 day... yes its possible... but be prepared in the event your not ready... Talk to teachers... get assignments... set up tutor... you have to drive yourself ?   If you can... try to strengthen your quad as much as possible before surgery....
Have lots of Ice.....LOTS...  and keep hanging out here. The people here have been nothing but GREAT!!  And help me alot!! I will be happy to help if you have question.... Please feel free to ask! Make sure you do a post op diary so we can check on you...and help you through the good     the bad    and even the ugly.... LOL  Best wishes to you.....Ill be thinking of you as your day approaches..
                           Hugs   Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 26, 2008, 07:50:38 PM
Quick update..... Tyler and I were watching TV last night and we started talking about that show... Trading Spouses.... He told me to "Not Even Think About IT !" when I asked why.... He said that because there is NO ONE that could or would take care of him as good as I do.... AHHHH he totally made this whole unpleasant experience worth it!  In his own....wierd and twisted  unvocal way.... he was saying that I was SUPER MOM!!!! YAY!!! Ill have to keep that moment of sheer pride and happiness in mind when I turn into Psycho MOM again.... Cause he will Hate me again   SOON.... lol 

His swelling is really concerning! he says he has some areas that are numb along his tibia.. well below the incision.... and when he stands.... insted of the intense pain he had last time... it feels itchy....?? Ice and elivation.... its all I can do..... I only have 4 ice bags made up... and its hard to keep them frozen since we are rotating so often...  We have come up with a new way to get up...and did it all by ourselves today... but I feel that his 1st op leg will become achy and weak later on  and we will have trouble again..... I am going to go out to the shed and see if I can find a way to build some sort of platform under the couch so it will be easier to stand from sitting possition.....wish me luck.... Im not all that handy with tools.... but Im going to give it a shot....... Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: BigSkyGirl on October 26, 2008, 09:11:54 PM
I know some swelling is to be expected but have you called the Dr?  I know how poor Tyler feels being so tall, that was one of the problems I had when on crutches being so tall (I'm 6'1" and all legs) it was hard to get up and down.  Be careful about hurting yourself helping him, you are quite an experience nurse/PT now but we don't need you hurt!!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on October 26, 2008, 10:25:58 PM
Great idea to build something by the couch Lori.  What about a tall stepladder tied to the leg of the couch to secure it?  It would look terrible hanging out in your living room but at least it would save your poor head and back.   

Trading spouses?  Really?  You wouldn't really consider that would you?  I watch that once in a while when nothing else is on and it's so ridiculous.  You'd end up getting traded for a pig farmer's wife or something.  LOL  Don't do it!!!    It's great Tyler tells you that you're a SuperMom too!!!

The swelling and numbness is probably all normal but like BSG says, if you're still concerned call the doc.  You know the routine.  Sometimes you feel foolish calling but it's worth the peace of mind.

Have a good night Lori.  Hope you both get some much needed rest.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: arkitect06 on October 26, 2008, 11:04:33 PM
Hi Supermom!  Haha!  You do sound great!  I don't think I could go through this with my parents though!  My parents worry too much and my husband isn't as bad.  He worries, but keeps it to himself and just helps me with what I need.  He does get impatient when I pick wrong times to ask for help, but he has been great.  My mom does take care of me when I need someone and my husband is NA.  She picked me up 1.5 weeks ago at PT when they wouldn't let me drive home...of course I got the pain medicine lecture, but she helped me.  :) 

As far as the swelling and numbness go, I would call the OS if you are concerned.  Like I said before, you can't call too much when you are worried.  They are understanding and should answer any questions or concerns!  I had a lot of swelling after my TTT and numbness next to my incision area.  The numbness may go away after a few months...well so should the swelling, but it sounds like it is worse than last time.  Unfortunately, my sensitive area (where numbness used to be) turned into what I have now :(  I am NOT saying that's what Tyler will have.  His will go away. 

Let us know how it turns out if you talk with his OS!  Good luck!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 27, 2008, 12:22:34 AM
ok.... So Tyler is now sitting high on the horse.... we have 4 cinder blocks under the couch!  Now i really do have a redneck livingroom!  Now I can call him CINDER-ella instead of  Now he can get up without causing me any pain... YAY  when I bring the leg around he is practicly standing anyhow.... lol

Tyler and I invented a game to play for all the KGS   Its called Thera band baseball......all you need is a thera band from your local PT office... and a ceiling fan...oh  and a wad of balled up paper... Tou stretch the thera band into a slingshot... and try to shoot the wad of paper into the ceiling fan.... when the fan hits the paper... it shoots out.... if it hits the wall its a homerun! if it hits the Fire place its 3rd,  the TV is 2nd...and 1st is the love seat.... anything else is a foul ball..... It was fun.. and it passed the time since everyone was busy elsewhere today......

Thanks for reassuring me... I will call the Os in the am... and ask about it.. cause its not right.... even his brace does not fit right... It feels wrong to me... and we are getting frustrated with trying to put the brace in..... I know some swelling is to be expected.. but this is  just odd....
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: brianne on October 27, 2008, 12:36:02 AM

The increased swelling can be normal.  I had far more swelling with both of my left knee surgeries than my right knee surgeries.  I would still recommend that you call just be safe, but its not uncommon for one leg to have more swelling even with the same surgery. 

As for the numbness, its very possible that a nerve is being affected somewhere in there.  I have a huge patch of numbness even 8.5 months after my left surgery.  Its painful and annoying all the time, but the nerve for me is purely sensory.  I am numb from above my knee cap down to my foot...all on the inside.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: dimples3887 on October 27, 2008, 02:06:57 AM
I just wanted to tell you that the thought of Theraband baseball really just made my day! :)

Hope all is well!  I'm bogged down with school work but I'll try to hop on tomorrow and write an actual message to you!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: arkitect06 on October 27, 2008, 07:24:28 AM
Lori, I like your couch idea!  Haha!  I don't remember ever having problems (well huge problems) getting off the couch.  Of course, I only had one knee done at a time.  I guess I probably did rely on my "good" knee a lot to do that. 

Cool game!  I have a theraband around here somewhere, and I may just get it out to play a game with my husband!  Haha!  We'll see.  Maybe it will help his mood some.  He was actually great to me today and we had a good time together.  I actually felt like doing things that I haven't done with him in a long time...if you know what I mean!  You know...palooza stuff!  Haha!  He was surprised!  I can sometimes get through it despite pain if I am relaxed enough.  I know this sounds weird and maybe TMI, but I had some serious problems breathing afterwards!  I couldn't catch my breath and wanted to pass out.  I think it may be from my meds, but it scared me.  We haven't done that stuff since I had the problems with breathing, feeling faint, weak, etc...maybe a month.  He does most of the work!  Haha!  So I just couldn't understand my issues afterwards.  I went to bed and let my breathing put me to sleep.    I hope Tyler doesn't read this!!!!! 

Anyway, you are a great mom for letting Tyler sling shot paper wads across the room into the fan!  I guess you don't have a lot of fragile things???   I have some seriously expensive gifts that sit on the mantel and around the living room that are very fragile if paper hits them to fast.  SO I guess I may be too afraid to try it in that room.  We have fans in all the others though! 

Well, since it's 3:30am here, I guess I should get back to sleep until my alarm goes off in 2hrs! 

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on October 27, 2008, 01:31:37 PM
Love the redneck couch on cinder blocks.  Good one Lori.  Theraband baseball sounds like fun.  I bet my cat would love that one too.  She'd be jumping up in the air trying to grab all the pieces of paper that don't land on the fan. 

Hope OS tells you the swelling is fine and normal.   The numbness might go away but it might not.  I still have a couple of spots that are numb. 

Have a great Monday!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: arkitect06 on October 27, 2008, 04:46:00 PM
Lori, how's Tyler today?  Did you end up calling the OS?  Let us know how it's going. 

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 27, 2008, 04:50:09 PM
still waiting for call back......
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 28, 2008, 04:24:30 PM
Sorry... i have not been checking in.... Tyler has not been feeling well . The PA called to say that the swelling is normal.. and that I need to watch for Hot red areas... Keep icing.. and elivating... and to give ibuprophin for swelling... OK  doing that... the swelling seems to go down.. then flair back up after a while... so Ill just keep on doing what Im doing...  Tyler was fine yesterday... and he even played a little on his playstation... then he got ill.... He felt ill enough to ask for a bucket... and said he felt anxious.. like his heart was racing....then hot... and cold... So I kept a very close eye on him all night.... I have decreased his med... and Im not sure if its that...or something else....The highest pain # he has given me is a 4-5 but it decreases with just Ibuprophin....I dont know.... the meds may be making him nauseated.. and the lack of meds causes the pain to increase to 5... I dont know...... I just want to get this under control..... He says his toes are cold... but they are pink and and normal ... I hope its just the coolness in the house as the weather here has gotten colder...   ankle punps... My gut says everything is fine.. but he is not a complainer.... so it kinda worries me...    We have been doing so well this time... I just dont understand....perhaps its just nerves......
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lilrosie06 on October 28, 2008, 04:48:26 PM
Lori....Maybe ask for something for nausea for him. I know I get those exact feelings each time I have surgery. They give me a med for nausea and it helps alot. Just a suggestion. Hope he feels better soon.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: brianne on October 28, 2008, 04:53:11 PM

It can be kind of unnerving when things seem to pop up after a surgery that did not occur with the previous one.  It sounds like everything you are describing that is happening to Tyler is normal, even if it did not happen the first time around.  I had completely separate experiences with all four of my TTT's.  I had my toes get really cold and even numb after my second TTT...its pretty normal as far as I know although its kind of alarming.  It sounds like things are going pretty good for the most part.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Thekaratekid on October 29, 2008, 08:03:39 PM
Hey SuperMom,

Sorry to hear that Tyler is feeling ill, I hope its nothing serious. Is he eating very much? I found that I felt quite sick if I wasn't eating enough with my tablets. I've also heard that taking an antihistamine like benedryl can help with sickness if its caused by tablets but I've never tried it personally.What's his tempreture like?

Great idea making the sofa higher, must be helping you head/back and Tylers independence loads though ;D. When you sit on the sofa now do your feet touch the ground though?  :)

I love the Theraband baseball  game its sounds like fun!, I don't have a celing fan though unfortunatley  :(. I was creative and came up with my own version though, I laid on my back cause I was using the band to stretch my quad so had it hooked onto my foot, I pulled it all the way back as far as it would go and then..... I saw my hubby coming down the stairs and twan a brilliant catpult, if you let go of the ends it really goes lol. Hibby was not impressed  :P

Hope your doing ok and that Tyler is feeling better today.

Trace x
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lilrosie06 on October 30, 2008, 06:16:13 AM
Lori....hope Tyler is feeling better. Thinking about you......

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 30, 2008, 07:52:16 AM
Thank you all for your replies and reasurances.... and I m sorry I have not posted much.... Tyler has been feeling ill... so I cut his meds back a bit.. he had been doing fine with the pain... until about 430 am on wed.  He woke me to go to the bathroom..and when we put his brace on he winced in pain.... I lowere his leg to the floor, as usual.. and he screamed at me to PICK IT UP PICK IT UP! So I did... The pain was too great.. and he decided he needed more meds...It took 2 hours before he tried again.... all day on Wed.. he refused to eat... Which I attributed to the meds and nausea... so I gave him some phinigran that the OS had perscribed...  We had to go to PT.. so I gave him 2 tablets for pain... and convinced him to change his clotes...and do a baby wipe bath...I put him in the van....which was no picnic... and off to PT. When we got there.. he did not want to get out.. and I had to convince him to go inside...The only way he would go in was if he could bite down on a wad of tissues...( Tyler does not like to EVER be the center of for him to walk in with a wad of tissue hanging out of his mouth was terrible) he went straight to a mat... did not pass go.. did not stop to get checked in.. nothing... He was white as a ghost... and sweating...... I just felt so bad for him. I felt like it was my fault and I had gotten too far behind on the meds... ( but in reality I had only lowere the was still more that he had last time) The Pt's all felt sorry for the pain he was in.. and after he had his leg back up.. her began to feel better....Chris the PT did his eval on the new op leg.. took measurments... ect.. we noticed that he has  a HUGE red area on the outside of his knee going up towards his thigh... but its not hot hot.. he also had some red areas on the calf, shin and knee...Chris thinks they are ok.. but want me to watch them in case.. They look like very bad burns..... Perhaps its the just beginning of the pretty colored bruises?????
Any how I had to convince him to get back in the van..He was exhaused...and loopy from the meds...but still in pain inspite of the 2 pills... pain level 8-9. I got him home....he took a nap in the van for a while before I could convince him to come in the house....He said he wanted to wait till he had to pee so he did not have to get up 2 times.... how pitiful....  Once back on the couch... he wanted ice...but he was cold... I feared he had a fever.. and though the worst... but he had no fever... He was pale.. and I kept thinking that somehow I had overmedicated him...? All the times..... and different meds...I really began to second guess myself........ I finally convinced him to eat apple...YAY.
That did not stay down long tho.  I can count on my right hand how many times he had thrown up since the days of baby on my hip and formula in my hair days..... It is not a good thing if he throws up....  so the day turned to night.. no food.. and I refused to give him meds unless he ate even a few crackers.....
All the while my daughter who has been starving for my attention... says she broke her arm... or her head hurts.. or she had to go to the nurse cause her tooth has a tummy this point I have made my self sick!.. My nerves are shot.. I feel like a bad mother cause cause I just want her to go to bed, My teeth hurt from clenching all day... my stomach is in knots...cause I feel like I have messed up Tylers  meds somehow.... My head hurts....and all I can smell is sickness..... ( I have a hyper sensitive nose....and I smell everything)   

I never thought i would say this... but my daughter has come downstairs... and she is throwing up too...
and Im glad.....(She does not throw up either)....but now I know Its not my fault.... They must have some kind of bug!! Its going to be another long night... but I feel strangly ok with it right now... at least I know its not some weird complication from the surgery......
Sorry this post was so long.... Im not even sure it makes sence... I just know it has made me feel better summerizing it...somehow... perhaps Ill make more sense tomorrow.....

oh and someone asked about the couch... when I sit on legs dangle like a toddler.... my daughter wants to make it into her fort since she can fit under it now....

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Thekaratekid on October 30, 2008, 05:50:01 PM
Hi Lori,

Don't panic, you are doing great. I know how careful and thorough you are, you won't have mucked up the meds. I'm so sorry that the kids have got a bug, it really is the last thing you need right now.

Just a thought, does Tyler drink Milk?, if he could just drink that it will line hos stomach a bit for his meds and maybe stop him feeling so sick cause of those and not eating. Hopefully the bug will just be a 24 hour thing.

How are you feeling?

Hang in there things will be back on track before you know it.

Trace x

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on October 30, 2008, 09:19:35 PM
Thanks Trace.... Im now pretty sure it was not me that messed up.... tyler is feeling better... he has not been throwing up.. unlike my daughter... :(  I swear its been a rough couple of days.... Tylers bruise is incredible!!! It started out looking like severe burns.. now its beginning to turn all kinds of pretty and yucky shades..... It goes all the way his his butt... and the calf is beginning to burise up nicely too.... The brace is just too painful to put on and get up to pee.. so we have decided to use the immobilizer temporarily...... I just can keep enough ice frozen to give him the relief he wants... so for now he is setteling for mildy cold packs...... My Morgan has a fever.. but for the time being she has stopped throwing up... Thank God ! I have been a constant whirl of motion since yesterday.... between carring puke buckets... lysol, cleaning the carpet ... bring meds.. ice... potty breaks... popsicles... soup.... crackers ....washing blankets... changing clothes....  phew........ Im exhausted.... Morgan is worried she cant go trick or treating tomorrow... Tyler is worried she wont either... ( cause he has know he would not go.. but was really counting on her to bring home the goodies... lol)    Mom is coming tonight to stay a few days... In not entirely sure where she is going to sleep..... My whole up stairs is free... lol 

I have to go... I have an open house at Morgans school tonight... and I really need a shower... yuck! Hopefully someone will come to relieve me so I can go....... ( I must say tho... if I go.... i may not come back for a while..) lol   They will find me asleep in my van in the school parking  cause lets face it.. where else do I have to go??     Ill talk to ya later....   Hugs to All    Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lilrosie06 on October 31, 2008, 04:25:05 AM
{HUGSSSSSSSSSSS} Lori!! Hope this finds you sound asleep with a nice, warm comfy blanky. Im so sorry you have had such a crappy  (or should I say pukey) couple of days. :-X My goodness, girl, you have got your hands full, dont you?? Im glad though that you know that you arent the reason T got sick. That would've bugged me too. I panic about those kinds of things. Tomorrow will be a better day for ya, I just know it. Sleep well, and have sweet dreams...... :D

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on November 01, 2008, 10:43:20 AM
Hey Lori, just checking in.  How's all the puking going?  What an awful week for you.  Good thing you didn't get the puking too. 

Hope everyone is a little better today.  And I really hope you got that shower.  P-U!!!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on November 01, 2008, 11:52:24 PM
Morgan is feeling better... Tylers pain is long as i dont make him move... Mom has taken over the love seat.. and Hubby well.... Its football seanson..need I say more?  Cassie the dog has been walking around for hours trying to find a place to burry the saltine she stole from Tyler....and  I have just been.... well.... nevermind..... Im here.. doin what I do... I really wish i had something interesting.. or even funny to talk about... but I dont.  Perhaps Ill pop back in later when Im in a better mood.... GRRRRRRRRRR I have to go.... Hubby has discovered I have a moment to myself... and has decided he NEEDS to eat!    No rest for the weary.....
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Sore knee on November 02, 2008, 07:06:55 PM

How are things I gather T had his 2nd op when I was away. How are you ? SOund slike you have been having a rough time and I so wosh I could do more to help you. Just know I am thinking of you all  :-*
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on November 02, 2008, 11:59:41 PM
Hello everyone.... I have been busy today... morgan  had Girlscouts and I needed to pick up a few things at the store so I had Dave stay with Tyler.... He was ok cause the Bills game was on... and they watched it together.. Then he called me to run to the grocery store and get him some sausage for this dip the men around here like to eat while watching football..... In order for me to have the time to go get this he had to take the girls... to youth group meeting... He did not want to, and said it was because he had a few beers... Whatever... I got what he wanted only to find out.. he did NOT even make arrangement to take them.. But wants dinner... Football.... and beer.... and Im sure by the end of the night he will tell me he has no clean socks for work tomorrow.... GRRRRR He is frustrating me sooooo bad. I just need a break... and I cant do it all!!!  While I was gone... he never fed Tyler... and  did not do anything to help me out at all..... he actually made more work for me!!! and ate all the Halloween candy I worked so hard to get for Tyler.... I swear Im going to snap.....

I need to watch my temper.. cause I dont want to say the things that are on my mind in front of the kids... and Im sure he will feel really bad once I let loose....  Its not just him that Im angry at... Its a compilation of things that are getting to me... I NEED ME TIME>> and have not gotten any in a while... I want my couch... My TV... My shows.... and MY remote....with now one to bother me.....Is that too much to ask? For One night?  I can only take so many showers... (thats the only place I can go to get away..) Tyler's friends dissed him again this weekend... My sister told him he was freekishly skinny... and my neice brought her friends over like He was some kind of show n tell.... Telling him... Stand up Tyler... I want them to see how Tall you are... HE CANT!!!! Dummy. Then made him feel bad for not going trick or treating with them  ... Tyler got angry... What part of I CANT dont you understand ?

Mom went home for the night.. she has to work tomorrow.. and will be back tomorrow night... to spend the week.. She took vacation, and wants to spend it here.. perhaps I can get her to help me out nex week..... 
Sorry my post is soooooo angry.... I just needed to  get it out.... I gotta go...     Later...   lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on November 03, 2008, 01:22:30 AM
Wow!  Sounds like you've got a lot of reasons to be angry Lori.  How do you finally get "ME TIME"?  Do you have to flip out to get it?  Do they make a waterproof TV you can put in the shower?  I can see it now..."Tyler, go and see if your mother has come out of the shower yet it has been hours and I think I still hear the water running". 

I really hope your Mom can continue to help out.  You're being stretched pretty thin.  Hope tomorrow is a better day!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 03, 2008, 02:00:10 AM
Hi Lori,
You need to take your hubby aside, maybe outside and give him a piece of your mind  >:(!  I know he is probably a good husband and father, but I don't know what ailes them sometimes....but something does and they need a wake-up call.  You do so much for everyone in your family you get taken for granted today!  Men don't get that on their own....he's going to need it pointed out to him.  I hope your mom is able to give you a chance to rejuvenate someplace, even if its going out to lunch with friends or seeing a movie.   Hang in there, we are here for you  :)!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Sore knee on November 03, 2008, 09:41:26 AM
I understand from past experieneces how you feel and I do think you need to have even 20 mins alone with your hubbie for a coffee and tell him how exhausted you are and the examples of the other night. I am sure when he hears it like that he will try and help. If you dont I know from personal experienece the frustration builds up until you want to explode and the anger increases.

You do deserve some me time and you are a strong, dedicated Mother and wife and you need some down time. This has been tough on T and your family but also you as you are worrying for them all. You are amazing - and although we all know you are indeed superwoman  :D its ok to say you know what this week I need a night out to see a friend or to have a bath or to lie and read a book.

You know we are always here for you.

Take care and hang in there ! :-*
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on November 03, 2008, 02:42:05 PM
Thank you all for the support guys.... I really appreciate it. I dont loose it often... and I guess this this time it will just have to wait... as my anger has now turned into ...WHATEVER>>>>  I just dont have the energy to be angry anymore... IM SICK. My chest is tight... and on fire when I cough... and my body feels weak.... My voice had been reduces to a whipser... (not sure if from the cough... or the stress, as that sometimes happens to me) but I guess this screaming match will have to wait. lol  Boy did he get lucky! lol 

Its just me and T today... which is nice... it will be quiet... and I can get some things done around here without turning around to find them UNdone again.... Tyler has Thearapy at 1 today... and Im going to try to get him in the shower.... He is SOOOOO gross. Somehow I need to get him a haircut...His hair is as long as mine.. and at times I cant tell if he is awake or asleep cause he looks like cousin IT.    His knee is still very sore, but he only wants to take ibuprophin...the constipation caught up to him and he hates that..... But yesterday we had to make that Trip upstairs.. to the big  ( another reason He was angry... he did not want DAD to take him... so he waited for me... My husband is way more capable to assist in the getting up the stairs thing.... but for some reason he does not trust him to be gentle with his legs....    It was funny to see me get him up there... I had to hold both of his legs.. as he scooted one step at a time on his butt,,, at the top of the stairs.. on the floor  in front of the toilet... he looked at me  then the toilet...then back at me... and said... "Now What ?"  That potty may as well had been Mount Everest....The stairs were the foot hills  but that toilet was the peak ! We managed to get him up onto the side of the tub...then onto a chair... then over to the toilet........errrrrrr ummmmmmmm  now what? Im not sure how he gets his shorts down... but that is his thing... not mine. I would not mind helping him but OMG that would be just HORRIBLE..... if his MOM had to help him with that too..... Needless to say the entire experience is an ordeal....... then we have to come back down...... phew.....

The big bruise on his thigh has pretty much gone away... but its weird how big red hot spots keep popping up on different parts of his leg... today they are on the inside...under the knee... you would think that since the whole thing happened at one time... that it would bruise at the same time too... but no.. it doesnt.   It makes it very hard to put the brace on... this one just does not fit the same as the other one... and its very painful to put on.... ??  Even though its very loose arounf the calf... it hurts for the brace to even touch the skin..... why is that I wonder....

Im going to go enjoy a moment of silence.. as I wont have time later....and there is no school tomorrow.. Voting day.... I think Im going to close my eyes and just pick one! lol   But Ill check in on you guys later... Thanks again for letting me vent yesterday.... Now that Im past the Really angry... Ill start planning my revenge... hummmmm ex lax and chocolate tast the same    right????   lol  any other ideas ? Im open to......          Hugs   Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Thekaratekid on November 03, 2008, 03:19:40 PM
Hey Lori,

I think you have the patience of a saint! I would have blown a long time ago! You deserve to be treated with respect and for the whole family to appreciate what you do. I'm worried about you, you really need some rest so that you don't get any sicker.

I do have a suggestion for ya but it is a tough one...

When I was 14 my Mum had enough of doing everything for me and my Sister and my stepdad so she went on strike for 3 days!!

What she did was stopped doing everything for everyone, we suddenly had to cook, clean iron the lot, it really made a difference and we then appreciated everything she did for us. She didn't tell us it was only for 3 days and it really was a shock to the system.

I know Tyler really needs you right now but how about going strike except for anything for you and him, it will be very hard but at least it will give you some you time, the others will be fine (maybe if you wait till the weekend or something so the kids don't miss school and your husband will be at home so can take of them). We never to took our Mum for granted again after she did that lol I'm sure it would work you if you can persevere and don't tell them its only for 3 days.  :)

What do you reckon?

Trace x
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on November 03, 2008, 03:40:53 PM
ohhhh Trace... I wish I could.....! That would teach them.... but If I continue doing for Tyler and not the others.... My poor daughter would have a melt down..... She doesnt understand that he NEEDS me to do things for him as it is... so she has been feeling so neglected lately... But your right... Im pretty patient... and you know what they say.... vengance is best served cold.... the question is.... can I wait a few more weeks.. to go on strike?  Ill try... but I need to do something NOW..... maybe Ill turn all thier underware pink! on accident of course... lol 

The men working outside my house on a water line today just came to the door and asked us to leave because they accidently cut a gas line......GREAT! JUST GREAT! Where am I supposed to take Tyler ? I explained the situation...and they are going to try to get someone her as fast as possible...... I guess the Pink undies will have to wait.......... later guys.......   Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on November 03, 2008, 04:17:33 PM
Here's your opportunity Lori.  Take Tyler to a hotel while the gas line blows up your house and the  insurance company will pay for everything!  LOL  Not funny I know.  Hope things looks up for you soon. 
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: rouprak on November 03, 2008, 04:32:25 PM
Hi Lori,.

Thought i would take the time and read through your post op diary - from a mothers eyes, seeing as you have been so great with me!

Poor you and Tyler! Sounds like an ordeal but hopefully now you are coming to the end of the road. Did you manage to get the gas leak sorted or are you still out of the house! What a complete nightmare, i bet you feel like pulling your hair out!

You sound like a complete saint and i bet your son would just not be able to cope without you! It will all seem worth it at the end and i do believe in kharma so you must have a whole heap to come your way!!!!

How are the tummies now? Worst possible time to all get ill!

Hang in there!

Hugs, george xox
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lilrosie06 on November 03, 2008, 05:17:26 PM
K Lori...I have the perfect idea. ;) Lets escape. Somewhere warm, tropical. Just get away from everything.  :DGoshhhhhh wouldnt that be perfect?? ;D :D A nice, sandy beach somewhere, with lounge chairs, tropical drinks, and no stress!! ;D OMG....I could so use that right now. And you definitely can too. Doesnt it suck how everything just seems to keep piling up and up and up, and we are supposed to remain that Rock of Gibralter?? Then that one day comes where we just cant take any more and want to blow up on the next person who even looks at us the wrong way. Grrrrrrrrr.....I feel your pain. Boy do I ever. So dont worry, you arent alone. What you are feeling is quite natural. You have had a long haul. But you are one tough cookie. So try and hang in there, and not kill anyone in the meantime. 8)

I have to say the gas company issue would have put the icing on the cake for me. Let me know what came of that whole situation. When does mom get there?? I hope she can help you out this week. You need a break.

Hang in there......

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on November 03, 2008, 09:03:06 PM
The Icing on the cake!!!!!  Today at PT....Tyler fell.  I said a cuss word really loud... and I think I almost threw up! THANK GOD>>>He fell onto a mat! He did not hurt either of his knees.... but the clammer of the crutches falling and his braces on both legs banging together and him hitting the mat.... scared the HE## out of me... no harm no foul... then hed did it again going out to the van..... I have been noticing that it looks like his 1st op knee is buckeling on him... but he says its just weak.. it did not buckle... whatever.... All I know is it has me really afraid to have him get up and around.... (and before you all yell at me.. and tell me he has to get up.... I Know) I will continue to make him get up and do his excercises... and go potty... and I'll even do it with a smile on my face like everything is ok... even tho  inside Im terrified!!!  I cant let him sucomb to this fear....  geeesh... blaghhhhh.  :P 

The gas guys came and fixed the leak before I could even enjoy the fact that it was off.... Grr.. I so would have taken T to a Hotel... with ROOM service.... while I had a massage, cuckumbers on my eyes and some really good looking man feeding me grapes..... lol  nahhhh in MY dream there are several men feeding me grapes.....  Yes Donna   lets run away...... anyone else? If we get more to join our vacation we can get a group rate... and you know in todays economy.... we need to save every dollar we can.... lol

BTW    chilli for dinner. ;D  Its all I can do at the Mr Soup is NOT food....and  I hope its the stinkiest batch yet!!!!! lol  wow I feel better....   ;)

Dang it   T is sick again   gotta go...... GRRRRRRRRR
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: brianne on November 03, 2008, 10:06:05 PM

Its natural to be afraid that Tyler will fall especially with two knees right out of surgery.  I know I feared falling all the time when I had my second TTT revision and MPFL recon just 7 weeks after the first.  If it makes you feel any better, my OS assured me that it is really hard to do damage in a fall after a TTT...those screws are holding everything together pretty well. 

Keep up the good work.  This is all very hard to go through and I am sure it is harder to watch your child go through it.  Sounds like Tyler is doing wonderful.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on November 04, 2008, 02:56:30 PM
False alarm on the sickness.... I think he just wanted me to come and sit with him..... He is sooooo bored.  Ill check back in later after I go vote.... still dont know who.... but Ill have a while in line to decide........ lol     Later.....Lori

Ps   Thanks Bri.... I really cant afford to have him damage his TTT's  and we certainly dont want to go thu this again........
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on November 04, 2008, 03:10:18 PM
So glad Tyler didn't get hurt falling and that he isn't sick again too.  Falling is so scary.  I fell 3 days postop and I just wanted to bawl.  I bet he was so scared.  I'd feel like puking if I saw him do that too. 

Good luck voting.  Our lines weren't long at all.  I was in and out.  I'd give you my opinion but we all know what they say about opinions...
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: dimples3887 on November 04, 2008, 05:28:05 PM
Wow is all I have to say! You are amazing and your nerves are so much stronger than mine.  Surgery in 2 weeks and I'm freaking out and there you are holding down the fort with two post op knees, a hubby that doesn't help and a darling daughter that doesn't quite understand.  You are absolutely amazing! Just keep your head up knowing that in the end, all of your hard work will pay off and your son will live a better life because of everything that YOU have done for him.  I hope you have a great day today!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on November 05, 2008, 04:36:11 PM
Super mom is sick..... yucky mucouse monster has gotten in my chest and crawled into my head! I know I have a thank goodness that I have been doing this for 7-8 weeks now... Its like Im on auto pilot....... I voted yesterday.... the line had about 400 people in in and I was worried it would take forever... but this man came out and asked for everyone with the last name N-Z   YAY  I went to the front of the line... I felt soo guilty....when I was done I had to walk past all thoes people.... I just hung my head and walked fast.......  Got a million things to do today... so Ill try to get back on later and post on everyones diary.... I just wanted to let you all know... Im thinking of you, and I really want to catch up... Im just moving very slow... and have alot to do..... later    Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: rouprak on November 05, 2008, 05:00:40 PM
Super Mom!

I hope that this finds you feeling a little better. You make sure that you rest and take care of yourself! Lots of hot lemon and honey drinks!

Take care,

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Sore knee on November 05, 2008, 07:07:50 PM

Hope you are feeling better today and that your fever has eased. So has the election fever passed now or is it still kicking off ?

We have watched from here on tv.

Glad you were able to jump to the front of the queue...nice one  ;)

Get well soon
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on November 05, 2008, 07:51:06 PM
OK SuperMom, here's the perfect opportunity for you to slow down and let everyone else take care of you for a change.  Get healthy and don't try to keep being Supermom until you feel better. 
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on November 06, 2008, 11:48:38 PM
Hi everyone..... I have left out so much in the past few days....But I have felt soooooo crappy. I am still feeling bad  but I am on the up swing... so no pity for me... Tyler has been doing really good. He is putting weight back on the 2nd leg..( although he says it keep locking when he bends..) (not sure if this is good or bad) but he went to the "Man Cave" yesterday. that means he got off my couch and went to the back hall to hang out... He even slept back there...YAY He got up 2 times last night without MY help... YAY   He went upstairs..using just his crutches ( me very close behind in case he fell) He took a shower.... YAY back to the 2 hour ordeal... But he smells nice...YAY He is compleatly off the pain med....YAY....  Now phase 2 of the recxovery begins......

I have been trying to get his teacher all week.. with no avail...but we have kept busy doing ROM and and elivation... today I fell like we at least made some progress.... It has been so hard with me soooo sick.. but I keep on going, cause I know he needs it..and Im the only one he will let help him... Mom, bless her heart, has come to help but has not been able to do much, since he really only trusts me to help him... But her just being her has been another person to at least talk to.. Since his friends are not coming over or even calling... I feel so bad for him cause he is so out of the loop of things....

I took mom for her flu shot yesterday, and noticed that the trees are changing.... they are so beautiful... The Reds are really red, and the yellows are and oranges are so bright... all mixed in with the Carolina pines..... Breath taking.... I guess I too have been a little sheltered.... the seasons are changing fast and we are missing it.  Maybe this weekend we take a drive up to the mountains... to see the trees... We so NEED to get out. 

Gotta run.....make dinner and pick Morgan up from skating....I just wanted to give everyone an updat... I cant wait to find out whats been going on with all of you... I noticed that Lenore,and Farrah...and others have moved... so I need to go find your new address.... lol  Farrah I hope your back is feeling better...Lenore you better be do your excercises.... and diggers mom  Hows John? Donna....? Hows hubby? and how are you?  Allie, Georgiana...Joanne, Bri.....I miss you all... behave... Ill post soon....
                                          Hugs   Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: rouprak on November 07, 2008, 12:04:20 AM
Hi Lori aka "super mom"

FANTASTIC news about Tyler doing so well and being off the pain meds!!! It makes such a difference when small improvements are made as boosts your confidence and he will feel so proud of small changes.Brill about pain meds too! He will be more himself and human now.

I am nearly off the codeine - just one today, so that excites me and I think in a few days off it completely amd just on paracetamol.

Get up into the mountains. I am in Somerset, UK and is gorgeous. Miss being out and about!!

Take care and remember you still need to get over your illness so take it easy!

George x
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: arkitect06 on November 07, 2008, 12:19:51 AM
Lori, so sorry it has taken me another length amount of time to visit your thread!  I am sooooooo happy to hear that Tyler is doing so well.  How is he doing mentally?  Is he happy or sad, etc?  I am sure this has been so difficult for him, but he will be thrilled once it's all over and better!  I hope he can go back to his sports again!!!  How is his school work coming along?  Has it been difficult getting him motivated to do that?  I couldn't imagine going through two surgeries and having to get through school!!  I keep reminding my parents that I am NOT going to take my 7 architecture exams until my pain is all under control and I am generally feeling better.  I couldn't imagine studying for those right now!!!  I need those 7 tests to finally become a licensed architect.  I am well beyond my 3yrs of hours to accumulate!!!  So it's time to move on with this career!!!  Now is just not a good time.  So I commend Tyler for getting through school during this!!!!  I am sure you are a proud mom for him being so young and tough!  I don't think my 15yr old brother could do what Tyler is. 

I appreciate you checking up on me here.  My diary location is now in the >100 list of post op diaries.  I am there with Kirsty, Lenore, and soon to be Donna I think.  I hope you find me b/c I could definitely always use the friendship :) :) :)  I have been struggling with some post op issues if you haven't read about it...itching bandage, bloody incision, PO back soreness still, and today had some stimulator computer programming problems while at the doctor getting my dressing rechanged.  Definitely ready to move on with my life!  I will be baking some cookies this weekend to give to all the nurses and doctors at my pain specialist on Monday...that's when I get my staples out!  I am baking pumpkin chip cookies to go with the upcoming season!!!  I have only made them once before, but they were delicious...and a hit at thanksgiving. 

You know, my parents have a lake house in SC.  It's just across the GA border on Lake Hartwell.  My husband's grandparents live on Lake Bowen near Sparttenburgh (sp?), SC.  We used to visit them a lot until they got a husband is severly allergic to the cat.  Whenever we visit them, we drive to the NC mountains and look at the beautiful views.  We always eat at this restaurant called Side Street.  Ever hear of it?  It would be such a small world if you have!  They have the best Italian food EVER!!!  You know, one of the top OS's in the US is in Sparttanburgh...they have another facility in Colorado.  My husband's grandmother goes to the SC one for her feet...she just had one of her toes cut off on both feet from a problem with the way they were growing...gross, I know!!!  I haven't seen her since her surgery a few weeks ago. 

Anyway, I will plan on checking back here soon to see how Tyler is progressing! 

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 07, 2008, 02:12:37 AM
Man, I feel so sorry for you, chest colds are the worst!  :P  I shut down when I get them, can't believe you keep trudging on!  Sounds like T is managing very well with this 2nd surgery, except for his fall! :o  Man I would have screamed I'm sure and then John would've been mortified.  Glad he was okay!  John is doing okay...his hardware removal surgery is on Tuesday, so dad and I are getting anxious.  We will take turns taking off work, as both of us can't take the whole thing off.  I have tutoring lined up, but hope he'll be back to school by the 1st.  Basketball has started here, and younger bro. made the JV team  :D  Bittersweet, but the Varsity coach is having John be part of the team and he is going to all the practices, so it won't be too bad.  I think he feels pretty good about everything.  I gotta run, hope to watch Grey's Anatomy tonight and escape from thoughts of least for awhile!  Take care and drink lots of warm tea  ;)
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on November 07, 2008, 05:30:29 PM
HELLO HELLO step closer to feeling better....Still snotty... but feel tons better... Thank you all for your well wishes and advice on resting....

Diggers mom... I know you are worried about Johns upcoming surgery....keep your spirits up...and dont let John see your concern... if you view it as a possitive step to finally being closer to done   he will too. TV does put me into another universe too..... Thats  "MY time" and Im a TV junkie when it comes to be around 8 pm.... lol Thursdays are the best ! Survivor.. Greys... CSI... Im hooked.... lol  I think Im even have a calouse on my clicker finger..... lol  DVR IS AMAZING !   How long do you think it will take John to recover from this surgery?  I have heard that some walk out of OR and back to work the next day...Lets hop John is one of them.... I think its GREAT that he still can be part of team even though he wont be playing..... I wish Tylers coach would invite him to participate as well... That would make him VERY happy.   

Farrah.... I have not caught up to date on your thread yet.. but I will.... From the sounds of it you are having some problems with the stim.....I hope nothing that cant be fixed.... it sounds like it has helped your knee pain alot, and lord knows you need the relief...  Spartenburg is about an hour away... Im actually just south of Charlotte NC... along the Catawba river....  tylers OS is in Charlotte... and Im very confident in his abilities... actually when I moved South from NY I made sure that the medical care was decent before I came... I must say that I have only had 1 doctor that I did not care for in all of Tylers care.... It seems as though we have some pretty exceptional Dr's here.....But then again we always go to Specialists....not GP"s (other than his pediatcic Dr)    Pumkin chip...... YUM...... I have never had them but they sound fab..... mmmmmm       
School has been a hassel.... its hard to lean from a book and only a book... I think that you need to make learning fun and interesting... otherwise your just learning it for a moment,  not a lifetime... right now we are just trying to get the teacher to give us something to do!!! She is having her class watch "the Patriot" in class so he is supposed to read chapter 7 and 8 on the rev. War.  Boring. Im going to get the movie for him so we can at least kinda do the same things he is doing in class...... We have had no other assignments for 2 weeks.... NOTHING! Im angry cause he is such a good student, and his grades are falling... not failing, but falling....GRRRR

Georgianna..... YAY almost off the meds..... See I told you.... your on the upswing..... hows your pain? Are you doing your excercises????  I have been wondering how you are doing.....

I just want to tell everyone... how much you all inspire me to keep on doing what Im doing..... I know that Im not even the one who is in pain... yet you are all here for me, and help me to hold it together inspite of you own problems..... Thank you all for the kind words,, the advice, the laughs, and the chance to PAY it foward.... You are all truely my heros...... Hugs   Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lilrosie06 on November 07, 2008, 05:44:20 PM
Lori....Just responded to your post on my thread. So glad you are feeling some better. It sucks to be sick, and especially when you have 1,000,000 things going on. :-* Yeah, the whole school thing is something else. Ive been there when my kids have been off for a period of time. Its almost like they take their good  old time in getting them into the swing of things. Ill never understand that. My youngest cyber schools now. We like it alot. She can do her work here at home and not deal with the drama of the school setting. Her school will be merging with another local school in her senior year. She didnt want to be caught up in the middle of that. I dont blame her. But cyber school is hard. She really has to work. Not what everyone thinks. They do offer more courses then her current high school does, which is really weird.  My middle one is a senior. So, in 2 more years, all of them will be out of high school. (Man am I getting old.! :o)

Just gonna mosey on back and get my hair washed and stuff here soon. Tonights our dinner out night.....and my choice to pick. Maybe Applebees? Fire Mountain? I dont know.....big decision. Lol. :P

Ill check back later on. Hope you guys have a good afternoon....

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on November 07, 2008, 06:12:34 PM
Hi Lori, welcome to the over 100 club.  Good thing that's not our age, huh?

Sorry to hear you're still snotty.  Yuck!  Get better soon!

Exercises? What exercises?  I don't have to do them when my exercise teacher is sick do I?  I need you cracking the whip to motivate me.  No, seriously I HAVE been doing my exercises and I think I overdid it with the impact type stuff like kicking my kick bag and jumping rope.  So I've toned it down a bit and back to just the bike and stretching stuff. 

When do you think Tyler will be able to attend school again?  I bet his grades will bounce right back up again when he feels better and gets back into the swing of things.  Don't stress too much about it.  How's his weight gain doing?  Are you filling him full of good fattening foods?

I'm not much of a TV junky but Thursday nights are my favorite too.  Ugly Betty and Greys for me.  Can't say I ever developed a callus on my clicker finger though.  LOL

Get better soon and wipe that snotty face!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: allie on November 08, 2008, 01:57:37 AM
Have a great weekend Lori
I hope your flu is getting better by now, you are doing great to carry on, it is amazing how you deal with everything so calmly and still post on others threads to keep them cheerful too.
Thank-you for your posts on my board I always look forward to a message from you!!

Allie xx
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: BigSkyGirl on November 09, 2008, 12:31:45 AM
Hi Lori, hope you are feeling better and are taking some "me" time.  you are Supermom but it doesn't do anyone any good if you wear yourself know....I know, you know.....

Anyway, maybe Tyler's knee "giving out" is his quad being weak.  I used to get that alot at first and it's scary but I finally decided it's not my knee but my weak quad.  I hope so anyway for mine and Tyler's...and yours sake.

Well, short post, wanted to check in with everyone and see how things are going, I hope you have a good weekend.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Tabitha on November 10, 2008, 04:26:20 AM
Hi Lori,
     I was just stopping in to see how Tyler is doing. I was dissapointed to hear he is having his knee give out since Lenore had a similiar issue now I am just paranoid about a similiar event. I am hoping both are related to atrophy and not damage.

 I hope things are well and it seems like you are hanging in there like a trooper! Way to go Super Mom!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on November 11, 2008, 04:02:25 PM
Hello world..... I keep saying Im better now... but then this nasty bug puts me in my place... :P  But this time I think im ok... aside from the fact that when I cough I feel like one of my kidneys are coming up.... There is nothing worse than having a coughing fit that gags you cause in your attempt to get suck in your own hair .... :'(  I have resorted to the old ponytail for now... just to avoid this unpleasantness.......

Tyler is doing good. PT yesterday... he got on the newstep... and his ROM is about 70... he is now walking... with his crutches... and working on the parrell bars... at home last night he tried to go with only one crutch... its difficult.. but I admire him for trying. I think he is just tired of being so immobile...and he is pushing himself to have some normalcy.....
He has been having alot of trouble sleeping.... he has to be concious of not flopping his feet outward because it puts a strain on the muscles on the sides of his knee, and prevents him from being able to bend... but with size 14 feet... I can see how it would be hard to keep them in a toes up possition ALL NIGHT>>>   

We still have NOTHING from his home bound teacher!!! GRRRRR
He is bummed cause basketball tryouts started yesterday...........
His friends still NOT calling......He is bored!
He is getting everything.....knees, crutches, friends, teachers, sister, dog, braces, couch cushions, Its like walking on egshells.... but I know its because he is frustrated, tired, and bored.....
I wish I could find something different to entertain him.....

Lenore here is a pic of my girl....... my little techno Queen .......
Hope it worked.....             Hugs    Lori

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on November 11, 2008, 04:32:42 PM
Wow, you're still sick?  No way!  I hate when the cough chokes you.  That's so scary. 

It's great Tyler is still staying motivated for PT and getting healthier even though everything else stinks (friends, basketball, etc.).  Hmmm...time for another secret celebrity call?  Poor guy! 

Awesome pic of the techno queen.  She's so darn cute and I love the birdhouse doors too.  So did she do her powerpoint presentation for you yet?  I love Nevella's description of her doing it.  I can just see her standing looking up at a screen and using her laser pointer to show you exactly what she wants for Christmas.  Too funny. 

Please try to rest some and get better Lori.  You sound beat.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on November 11, 2008, 05:19:41 PM
nanny nanny boo boo....... See It took me all morning.... but I finally posted a very distorted pic of ME!   YAY  I hate the pic... but it took me too long to figure it out, and Im not changing it now! lol  See lenore...... you have inspired me to try..... your so awsome!  Nevella.... with her sparkely things.... that will take me a year!  lol  maybe I can get my techno queen to help me.   Ya know ... back in the day a techo queen was something very different...... lol     Gotta run.... Check on you guys later...
                                        Hugs   Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Sore knee on November 11, 2008, 09:57:16 PM
Your little girl is so cute and if thats her room, my girls would love it.  I am glad to hear you are feeling better and have sympathy...I took a terrible throat and wa sin bed all weekend. I was thinking of you  :-*

I hope T is continuing to make improvement and think you done great...your photo looks very pretty !!!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Tabitha on November 12, 2008, 02:45:08 AM
You poor thing,that's so awful to feel under the weather for so long. And when you're trying to take care of your little man too. That would be frustrating,  I have been lucky so far (crossing fingers) I haven't gotten sick. I thought for sure I would catch something after my surgery since my son has brought home a few bugs from school already. I buy that airborne stuff and it's worked pretty great actually.

Well I hope you get better soon so I can be glad for you!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lilrosie06 on November 12, 2008, 06:57:30 AM
Heyyyyyyy Lori!! Nice pics!! ;D :D

Sorry you are still coughing. I hate chest colds!! They wear you out!! :o I have asthma, so usually after an attack, I end up with a chest cold. I have a nebulizer which helps alot though. And knock on wood, the asthma has been pretty good. :-X

Sounds like T is coming along ok. Dont you hate that whole school issue? I mean come on, the kid wants to stay up with everyone so hes not totally behind when he goes back. You would think they would make that a priority? ::) Geesh! And the friends thing goes with the age, I think. Teenagers are in their own little world, and unfortunately dont realize how much their friends need them when they are sick, hurt, etc. But Im sure they will come around.

I just posted in my diary....finally. So you can check it out when you get the chance. Good to hear things are looking up your way. Take care of that cold.

Sleep well....DONNA :)
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on November 12, 2008, 12:12:48 PM
Nice distorted pic Lori. I'm going to call you Elvis.  Looks like you're saying "Thank you very much" with the Elvis curl.  LOL  Sorry.  It really is a cute pic. 

Feeling any better today?  Hope so!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 12, 2008, 01:14:03 PM
Hi there,
I wrote a few days ago, but hit the space bar and my long message vaporized  >:( I hate when that happens!  John had his surgery yesterday and we brought him home last night.  So far so good.  I am sorry to hear your still not feeling well.  You better hunker down on the couch next to T and watch some movies and is the key.  I have a billion things to do, and want to start a post-op diary if I can, so I will just write this short one for now.  I think your pic is very pretty!  Your little girl is adorable too  :)
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on November 12, 2008, 05:23:34 PM
auwwwww shucks ...guys... your all so sweet.  Tyler and I just got back from 2.5 week post op appt.  Dr Majors sounds very optomistic... He says it all looks good..... They clipped his top and bottom stitches... and have him a new hinged brace for when he is ready... He is still very afraid... but the new hinged braces look just like the old STINKY ones he was in before when he kept dislocating... The difference now is that he will only have to wear these ones when he is playing ball....Tyler thinks he will wear them all the time like before... NOT! I know its a security thing for him now... but he really need to learn to trust these new knees..... We''ll get there.... Oh  He has out grown his 6'6 crutches  and we now have to go to a special medical supply store to get taller ones.... ugggggg!
We have PT today.. so Im off and running again.... thats ok.. I need this rush rush day to get my dander up... cause when Im done with PT... IM GOING TO THE SCHOOL ! I have still heard NOTHING!!! and I know he is now at least 5 weeks behind in all his classes....! While there Tyler wants to check in with the basketball tryouts.... Hey its something to do..... He wants to play so bad....  :-[  maybey the smell of the gym.... the feel of the ball.... and seeing who is taking his place as center.... will speed his recovery... I dont know...... I gotta run.... Ill check back in with y'all later... I hope everyone is good....
oh and yes.... Im feeling more my psycho :D  self..... YAY       Hugs    Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: allie on November 13, 2008, 12:45:02 AM
Hi Lori,

The photos are great, your daughter is so cute and her room is beautiful. I am glad to hear that Tyler is doing ok and has had a good report from his OS- good luck with the super tall crutches!!

It is great news to hear that you are feeling better and back to your usual self, everything will feel much easier now you are feeling better I think.  I have just had an awful stomach flu- throwing up every hour and trying to get to the bathroom on time is quite funny!! It helps to see a funny side some times doesnt it!

Good luck at the school- I think Tyler will  catch up just fine with your help and I hope he enjoys the basketball game tryouts.  How long will it be before he can play again- if you know this that would be a big target for him in the future.

Have a good day- thanks for still reading my post even though you have moved on up here!!!

Allie xx
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: arkitect06 on November 13, 2008, 08:59:38 AM
Hi Lori, I am glad that everything with Tyler is going smoothly!!  How is the pain and swelling and such?  Is it improving always?  I'm sorry his friends aren't calling!!!  They definitely don't understand that he needs friendships to continue going on and being motivated with something.  Can't he call them?  I'm sure many of them are busy with sports and school work in the evenings anyway.  If I were him, I would call some friends.  Good for you trying to take care of the school situation and work load.  5 weeks is a long time to be behind!!!  I hope it gets worked out without too much of an overload.  The teachers seemed so great at the beginning of all of this and now are getting a little lazier it seems.  I just think it's great that he can take so much time off for his surgeries and still have the opportunity to do his work and stay alongside is classmates in grade levels.  Is he at a public or private school? 

Okay, it's 4am and I need to go back to sleep.  I hope you are improving from your cold!!  Did Tyler go watch some tryouts at school?  Did he enjoy it or did it bring him down more?  I guess his goals for playing again are shooting for next year's season, right?  Okay, time for bed.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on November 13, 2008, 04:47:03 PM
Hi Kg's.....  Ok.... 1st let me say that the pic is not my daughters room.... its my kitchen, but her room is very cute... I painted it pink and of course it began with Disney princesses.... but she is growing up a little now, and is more into Hannah montanna and High school musical now... All my neighbors laugh at me cause of the colors I choose for my house... but i cant help it... I like the feel of sunshine, even when its gloomy....... So my house looks like an easter egg..... lol ( Not really...but some of it
Tylers room is really cool.... I painted it Chrome.... and he has chalkboard sillouetts (life size) on the walls... I think its too dark... but he likes it...Den is lime, and bathrooms are Carolina blue... except mine, which is pink ..but its going to change to lavender... I just cant seem to come up with a color to paint my living room... I dont want it to be drab...but I do want it to flow with the yello and lime..??? lol I have been pondering that for over a year now..... My wall has swatches of different colors taped to it.. but I just cant decide on one I like..... I NEED the bright, cheery in the winter, and cripst clean in spring summer....since that is where I spend most of my time... I want it to look FRESH...

Tyler went to PT yesterday... on 2nd post op knee his ROM is 102.... YAY! he is now walking with out the crutches at home.... and he even did some leg presses at PT... Very good day at PT... Very encouraging... She showed us how to do deep tissue massage on the scar so it will be less visable.. and said lots of possitive things about his workout.... Im excited... He is finally on the road to recovery... now its just work work work.......

I went to the school. Apparently the teacher that he had doing his homebound  ( who is one of his core teachers and is GREAT) is just too busy these days to continue... she sent me an email saying she was trying to find another teacher to help him with math, since the rest of the work he can pretty much do independantly.... without help.... But when I got to the school, I found out she wants to transfer him to another teacher.... ( The French teacher stepped up)  So mayby I dont understand, but it sounds like she is quitting as his homebound teacher, and she took it upon herself to find a replacement.... ? I dont know.... I do know that his SS teacher left a bunch of work for him to do, the MATH teacher gave us almost a full semester of work to catch up on.... and English teacher told him they were doing a project with the science teacher and he has to write a Thesis on a planet......from the looks of the ruberic, its a very complicated paper, and without the class instruction... he may not do as well as he would normally. But I guess we will get thu it....... He has a ton to do in 2 weeks..... I dont know why they did not give us this before... its not like I did not try... now he has to get ALL caught up before he goes back or he will be LOST.........especially in math... He is still in the chapter from the 1st week of school... the rest of the class is finishing chapter 5.... and its cumlitive... so he has to do it progressivly... to catch up....GRRRRRRR I was sooooooo angry last night.  I would not be so mad if they had not told me to NOT WORRY about his grades.... but to NOW find out that they are holding him to the same grade standards as the rest of the class... even tho he cant possibly take the quizzes on the class activities.....he just gets a zero. and its calculated as part of his grade... I just dont think its fair!  We are NOT looking for any freebie grades... He is willing to EARN his grades.....but its almost like whats the point in trying soooooo hard, when you know you WONT get a fair grade  anyway ?   I will encourage him to do his best... but I dont think I can fault him for not wanting to.....I think a bribe is in order now... I hate to do it... but I have to motivate him.....He has always been a very good student.... and now ..... well its going to be hard......
Tyler stopped by the gym.... coach was in his office and Tyler waited very patiently, but the coach kinda just brushed him off.... I think he was busy, but Tyler thinks hes mad at him....The team does not look as good as he thought they would... I guess alot of the really GOOD players.. either havent got the grades   or got transfered when they re zoned..... So once again   we are back to   "I let the team down.....and coach is mad at me"   grrrr

Sorry this is so long.... but I just needed to vent.... now I need to go wake the sleeping giant....and get crackin on this school work......Ill have to break it into managable parts.....its going to be a huge undertaking.... but Im up for the challenge... lets hope he is... lol    Wish me luck.....
           Hugs   Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on November 13, 2008, 05:00:51 PM
Oh Wow!  That message is a whole lot of stress for both of you.  Sorry to hear it Lori.

I can't believe the coach just blew him off.  How rude!  If anything a coach is supposed to be encouraging him and trying to cheer him up. 

And all that homework?  Eeek!  Sounds like a ton!  Maybe it will be a good focus for Tyler though.  He'll be so busy studying he won't have time to dwell on the knee. 

Great to hear PT is going well and he's walking some without crutches.  Wow!  He really is recovering quickly with that 2nd surgery.  That's fantastic!  Good job by both of you! 
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lilrosie06 on November 13, 2008, 07:14:58 PM
Lori....Bright is good!! :) I love bright!! I love to watch Extreme Home Makeover, and I always notice how they decorate the house. If its dark wood, dark furnishings....or light wood, bright, happy furnishings. I love yellows, greens, tans, light colors. And Im a sucker for hearts!  :DMy kitchen is done in blue. I made a border above my cabinets of wooden hearts, painted blue to color coordinate with my kitchen. My livingroom is done in green and tan, but I also have hearts in there. Once things settle down here, we are going to make a decision about whether we want to buy this house (when Rick and I got serious, we got this, as my apt. was small) OR, look for another or possibly build. But right now thats on the back burner. At any rate, you can bet it will all be bright and cheery! ;D

So glad Tyler had such a great PT session. That must make you feel soooo good! :) Hes done very well. Two major surgeries in such a short period of time drain you, even if you are only 13. Before long, he will be back to his old self...shooting some hoops, etc. Im sorry his coach didnt acknowledge him the way he really needed to be acknowledged. That sucks. You would think he would have been happy to see him and would have encouraged him all he could. :-\ Maybe, like you said, he was extremely busy and just having a bad day. Dont let him get down. Just keep encouraging him....

And the whole school thing is ridiculous! >:( School definitely just isnt the same as it used to be. Its a shame that this homebound thing has turned out like this. All you can do is a little at a time so he doesnt get overwhelmed. As long as he does his best, thats what counts. And I too would be angry about him getting 0's for quizzes. Thats not right....not al all! >:( I think Id have to argue that one. I mean, cmon, depending on how many quizzes they take...that can be alot of points. But hang in there. Before you know it, this will all be behind you guys and things will be back to normal. Will he go back before Thanksgiving??

.....Ahhhh.....Thanksgiving. :D Then Christmas! ;D So much to do, so little time. Im due to start my baking here soon. If you noticed the pic of the cookie table at my wedding, we had 22 different kinds of cookies....I made 14 of those. And I always do alot of baking for Christmas. Ill start here real soon, and freeze them. Kind of a tradition. Hope my kids keep it up in the years down the road. :)

Enjoy the rest of your day.......

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on November 13, 2008, 08:08:20 PM
Donna.... He is supposed to go back to school on Dec 1st. but yesterday the OS gave me a blank note if I feel he is able to go back sooner   or later.... probably sooner if I can help it.....
I love the Holidays..... Since we moved down south... and missed our family so much I have started traditions in our neighborhood.. with the families that are also transplants.... It started out small... then each year it grows and grows.... I have made a special plate for each person that comes to holiday dinner... for example  my plate has a family tree on it cause I love Geneaology... Daughter is ladybugs.. hubby is a bills fan.. neighbor loves angels... music,pepsi, baseball, basketball, art, everyone has a unique plate with a blessing on the back... The kids love it! Everyone wants to say their blessing at dinner time. Its really funny... but we patiently let everyone say their blessing...... I currently have 31 plates... if that tells you how big this has gotten.! I am the mom that makes christmas cookies with the kids every year, and tho they are all getting older... they still want to do it... so we do... we have also started making candy... and we deliver them to all the other neighbors......I do the easter eggs... and and for EVERY Holiday we do a hunt! Most are a little too "old to do easter egg hunts now" so for every holiday I make up a picture hunt... I send them out.. into the city, with a responsible driver to take pre determined pics of their take a pic with Santa.. and they have to go find a Santa... or they get creativity points..... take a pic of someone kissing under the mistletoe... ( one group came back with the dads kissing lol )   I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS>>>> mostly cause I love to watch the kids......So I dont mind all the activity at my house........the cleanup is messy... but its the only time I really dont mind.... I still grumble about it... but thats just me.... I LOVE it ! By the way... i cant remember who was talking about pumpkin cookies.... But who ever it was.... pm me the recipie... PLEASE...
Hugs   Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 14, 2008, 01:09:15 AM
Hi Lori,
Man the school thing is not right!  I hate it when they just don't seem to get how frustrating and hard this is.  >:( I would not stand for them giving T zeroes, no way.  You give them a piece of your mind and don't let them do that to him.  I can't believe they would even suggest it.  You need to let them know you have been trying, but were not given any responses.  What is up with the coach too?  Is he someone you could give a call?  Would he be receptive to this?  It's not like your a parent asking him to play your kid, you just want to let him know how disappointed T is about the season and that it would mean a lot if he would consider having him on the bench and still part of the team.  We are blessed to have a great coach, who insisted John be on the varsity bench....he even made him do 222 push-ups for being 2min. late to practice the Saturday before his surgery.  I loved it, cuz John-boy was like....what's the hurry, I can't play anyway.....Ha ha ha, loved it.  He is definitely part of the team.  The coach even came to see him a couple nights ago here at the house. 
Wow Christmas is the best here.  We have a big family....hubby is youngest of 7....and we all get together at our house, it is a big house, but feels small when we are all together.  Hubby is like Clark Griswold when it comes to decorating.  You sound like you make everything fun, great memories for the kids.  Good for you, your family and friends are lucky to have you!  Well, hang in there and stay tough for T.   ;)
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: BigSkyGirl on November 14, 2008, 01:58:16 AM
Bummer for Tyler for the coach to act that way.  He probably didn't really mean anything by it - men are generally pretty dense - but I can see whaere it hurt T's feelings.  Might not be a bad idea to call him and explain the situation to him, is he generally ok?  Maybe he just had something on his mind.

The school thing is bizzare, what a state our country's education system is in, but....that's a discussion for another thread/website.  I too love the holidays, Halloween is my fav', I love anything pumpkin, we even have a black cat who's my little snugglebunny.

Hmmmm, the plate thing sounds interesting, this year you will have to do one with a knee on it and set a place for all us KGs.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on November 14, 2008, 02:00:12 PM
I always have a plate out for the unexpected guest.... So I guess a knee plate would be cool.... Ill need to design a really cool one.....hmmmmmm does anyone know how to draw a Donjoy post op locking brace? lol 
Ok so last night I was so MAD I wanted to cry.... They have pawned Tyler off on another teacher...and did not even have the courage to tell me.....I though things were going well... but apparently they just dont have the time for him.....  I understand that its a busy time, and would understand if they had even talked to me about it.... but they said nothing... I leaves me wondering  What did we do to make them mad? His new teacher is very good a talking Tyler thu the math lessons he has missed... he has a way to talk to him that Tyler understands... and that is GREAT! but honestly... he kinda scares me ... He is the absent minded professor.... lol he lost the work the teachers gave him, he lost the math book...and is really nrevouse around me... kinda awkward and shy... and really disorganized... Im worried he wont get things turned in, or he will lose things... but as long as I keep a list for him and stay on top of things we will get thu it....I had to make a list of things for him to get from the other teachers... he put it in a folder.... and put in in a drawer in his class and told ME to remember where he put it...eeeeek  His Core teachers gave him a CRAPLOAD of work.. and due dates! Its CRAZY the amount of work he has to do..... many of the assignments are class  group projects... and he has to do them by himself......Chapters and chapters....of work.... hand outs and MATH>>>> The one that kills me is the LA/Science project... He has to write a Thesis on an planet...using 25 notecards... at least 8 source cards, bibliography, parenthetical documentation and thats just the research part  then he has to write the paper... then he has to make a web cast,powerpoint,or a physical display to present to the class....These people are PSYCHO! the other students get to do it as a group.... he has to do it on his own... with no instruction, or guidance from the teachers.....  and like I said that not even the half of what he has to do....... Its overwhelming to me! I can only imagine for Tyler.... He actually told me last night that he wants to just do 8th grade over again...He would rather fail, than be under this much pressure.... ( which by the way, when he is under pressure from tests n such.... he has a tendancy to have minimal seizures....)  he is a perfectionist  and this is alot for him!  all I can say is yeeee gads.... pray for us!  I gotta go get him up.... he has PT early today, and a TON of home work to do... I calculated  that if he works 6 hours a day he might be able to get this work done in 2 weeks... then they will give him more... and thats NOT factoring in the new teacher.....geeesh... Well see....
Gotta stay possitive... Im really trying! :P   Hugs   Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Tabitha on November 14, 2008, 09:48:34 PM
Oh Davori, I am DREADING those years of school with my kid, I don't know how you do it!  Can you request a professional tutor instead of a teacher? My sister in law has a master in teaching but is a professional tutor. She just tutors a fedw kids a week, and she is hired by the school district for some of them and some of them pay privately. IT would be something to ask about since they can't seem to manage to keep one of there teachers???

I hope that you are feeling better, I kind of skimed thorugh and didn't see anything about weather you were or not.  I am glad that Tyler seems to be healing quicker this time. Poor kid has had so much to deal with! At least he's got a good support system (you).

Well hope you get your situation with the school worked out.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 14, 2008, 10:34:11 PM
Well, I think its time for a sit down with the teachers to discuss this situation.  It is obviously not fair and to be honest I just think they need to hear what T. is up against here.  I work in a school and sometimes teachers just need to hear the situation to gain some perspective.  Its not that they mean to be insensitive, sometimes they just don't get it until you plead your case.  If that fails then you need to go above them to the principal.  In light of T's extensive medical history and what you noted about his seizures he would even be elligible to be offered an accomodation plan under Section 504 which is a federal statue that protects students who aren't in need of special education, but do have something that interferes with their can get an accomodation plan for him that fits his needs...reduced homework, extended deadlines, whatever he needs to accomodate what is going on with him.  We have also toyed with the idea of John repeating a year....he doesn't know that, but it might give him another year to experience all the things he is missing out on.  I doubt he'd go for it, but we have thought about this.  Please don't let them push you around on this.  Let them know what's up.  Hang in there! ;)
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: BigSkyGirl on November 15, 2008, 01:42:23 PM
Definitely talk with the teachers, principal, super...whomever you need to until someone listens.  I don't think any of it is personal it's just that everyone is so busy and involved in their own lives that you have to jump up and down to get attention.  There's no way they can expect him to do all that by himself.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: rouprak on November 15, 2008, 04:38:20 PM
Hi Lori,

Woooowsers! Just been catching up on the last few days of your posts and cant believe about the school! It really is awful and must be so hard for you as a mum who is trying to care for a child who has just had  2 major knee ops and also trying not to let it affect his grades etc. You would hope that the school would be as helpful as possible seeing that itys so important for him and also for them to keep him up to date as much as possible with the class! You must be tearing your hair out!

Going from one teacher to the other -they sound like they have no idea what to do! All you can do is just do your best for Tyler and do as much as you can with him during the day, as well as factoring in tiredness and of course the PT! That take sup good chunks of the day too!

Just hang in there and keep telling yourself that you and him are both doing AMAZINGLY  :D well and the best is all that you can do. YOu are a fighter and cant see you taking any crap from the teachers. He is lucky to have you as many parents may not bother!

Hope you are now also back to top health after your sickness last week!

UK is getting ready for Christmas and i am getting excited. Sad to be missing all the parties in London. I love London at Christmas and going out in the cold and having mulled wine and mice pies! Being at my parents house is fabulous but i only have 2 friends around here and is about 2 1/2 hours from London so cant quite invite my friends over for a drinks party! ha ha!

Love your ideas of the plates! Fantastic idea! I esp loved the idea ( cant remember who suggested) of doing the knee one! Very apt!

Anyway i must go, Mum about to light a nice log fire and going to settle down and watch Strictly Come Dancing ( i thinik you have a similar show in UK)

Take care and keep your chin up!

Love George xox
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on November 15, 2008, 10:46:35 PM
Don't know what to say that hasn't already been said.  Sorry you and Tyler are still struggling so much Lori.  Sending positive thoughts, hugs, and a few stiff drinks too.  What's your favorite?
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on November 17, 2008, 08:13:03 PM
ANYTHING TEQUILLA!  But at this point...if it contains alchohol....IM GAME!   I bribed Tyler with Boston Celtics tickes...they will be playing the Charlotte Bobcats at the end of the month....if he gets all this caught up....He gets to go to the game!  I hate bribing... but he deserves some reward for all the hard work....   will post more later....Hubby is home this  WHOLE WEEK....YAY ( vacation) so I have to go entertain him..... lol    Hugs   Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Sore knee on November 17, 2008, 08:15:50 PM
Well I hope entertaining hubbie brings you welcome relief and de-stresses you Lori - you so deserve it.  ;) ;) ;) ;)

I am sorry life has been so stressful, everyone else has said it, so what can I add to it....want to come over to mine for a girls night. Everyone welcome and we can have a wee cocktail or two. Please hang in there - you are doing amazing !!!!!

Love and hugs :-*
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 18, 2008, 12:46:28 AM
Hmmm, a Margarita, yum!!!  I'm game  ;D 
 Tickets to a game, that sounds so cool...I bet he is psyched, how is his stress?  You mentioned that he has small seizures if too stressed out.  I hope the work is doable for him.  The school should give him a break.  So the hubby is home for a week?  Maybe it will take some of the load off of you?  Or do you need to work overtime now?   I know when hubby and I were off one day together after John's surgery we drove each other nuts.  That's not usually the case, but I think we were just nervous about his pain, etc.  Well, hope your week is smooth.  Keep up the great work!!   ;)
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lilrosie06 on November 18, 2008, 02:38:34 AM
Alcohol?! Did someone say alcohol?? :P What can I bring? Bacardi and coke? Long island iced tea mixers? Ill bring ANYTHING!! And drink anything for that matter!! Just count me in!!

gosh, I sound so pathetic..... :-[

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: rouprak on November 18, 2008, 10:38:27 AM
Alcohol -count me in too! ha ha! I shall be there with a vat of wine! Like that idea!

Anyway on a more serious note ( not that Alcohol is not serious!) how are you doing Lori? Hope Tyler is doing well and up to date with everything in physio etc

. Did you manage to speak to the slchool about him? Hope you get all sorted out! YOu seen a very determined person and sure that they will realise that all you are trying to do is get the best for your son!

Anyway, i gotta run the phone ringing!

Take care Lori

George x
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on November 18, 2008, 12:48:45 PM
Long Island Iced tea? Yummy!  I'll take one of those.  (That's all it would take to knock me out). 

The bribe sounds like a great idea Lori but don't be so hard on yourself.  That's not a bribe.  That's doing something very special for a son that's trying really hard.  Sounds like a great idea.

Make hubby help out this week.  You deserve a vacation too.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Thekaratekid on November 18, 2008, 07:10:02 PM
Hi Supermom,

Sorry I've not been around for a while.

Just caught up on your news, wow Tyler is doing fab walking at home with no crutches! Good for him  ;D ;D

I can't believe the schools have sprung so much work on him at this late stage!! That is so unfair no wonder he feels stressed!

When I was a kid I was terrible at leaving everything to the last minute, my Mum ended up helping me make a planner for my bedroom wall that planned out my days completely. It really helped me organise myself cause it would have stuff on like english 1 hour then 10 minute break, maths 1 hour, 1 hour free time etc. She was great at making me stick to it including having the breaks so that I didn't get too stressed and I loved ticking off what I had done. Just thinking perhaps you could make something similar for Tyler?

Trace x

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: datapopp on November 19, 2008, 12:07:26 AM
Hi Davori;

I am glad to hear Tyler is doing so well!!  I haven't been around for awhile and thought I would check in.  I had the same problem with Annies school and I finally just put her in a Home Independent study program through Laurel Springs Homeschool ... just for this semester and hired a tutor for Algebra II.  They are accredited and keep track of grades, work,  etc.  I went in and talked to the schools about her receiving zeroes in everything while she had been out and it was like running into a brick wall....
She is currently taking 8 courses instead of the six and will finish the semester before the kids in the public school, and is working 2 days a week.  She finally got approval to begin spin class this week Yeah...anyways good luck and look at other alternatives if the school won't budge Tyler should not have to suffer any consequences for his surgeries....
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: BigSkyGirl on November 19, 2008, 01:45:05 AM
Did I hear someone mention adult beverages??   ;D :D ;D :D
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Tabitha on November 19, 2008, 04:49:37 AM
COUNT ME IN! ;D I have earned a drink, I make a mean lemon drop! YUMM!

-Hope you're well Davori, way to go Tyler with ditching the crutches, it's hard, but it strengthens those quads right up!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on November 19, 2008, 08:30:07 PM
sorry I have been mia.... boy what a way to come back.... I get to the party late.... and you are all already on your way to happyville  dont worry... Ill catch up.....  I am on my way to the school to get a little help..... so I will pop in an answer all the posts later on tonight..... and I dont know who it was that was questioning the helpfulness of hubby..... but........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D                      >:( really now.... do any of you truelsy KNOW a man that is REALLY HELPFUL around the house????? if so Im moving in with you!!!!!
                   Hugs   Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Tabitha on November 19, 2008, 09:24:17 PM
We'lll have to have another cyber-party! I never actaully made a drink I was all talk!

My husband is pretty helpful around the house, but I noticed it right away and married him, plus he's cute so he kinda like the perfect man, unless I am mad. Then he's a jerk.

Hope that you are doing well and your little man is getting onto his way to walking crutchless all the time, and then to school hopefully.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 20, 2008, 12:44:01 AM
Hi Lori,
Hope you get somewhere with the school stuff.  I will be glad when John goes back, it is impossible to stay caught up and I have discovered that while they say, "don't worry, take your time"  That is crap.  They mean, get it done as quick as your non-hurt peers or else.
 I hate to be cynical like that, but that is the sorry truth. 
Even if Tyler doesn't get all the work done, take him to that game for trying.  Like I said, it's next to impossible!  John is a sophomore and is taking advanced science and math, but still.... I really thought they'd lighten the load a little or give him more time....sorry Charlie, no such deal!!!
Tyler sounds like he is moving right along and will be back in no time, did you decide on a date yet for his return?  I think you said, 12/1, right?  That's John's return date too.
Well, gotta change into some comfy clothes!
Oh, my hubby is very helpful...sorry....he has his moments though, just like all the rest!  He puts up with me though, so gotta keep him  :-*  Have a great night!

PPS-Hey Datapop, so good to hear from you, I have wondered about Annie and you!  Great idea about the homeschooling!  Good for you!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lilrosie06 on November 20, 2008, 05:25:26 AM
haha I never made a drink either, but Im still game. :P hubby is great around the house. Probably more anal about things than I am, and thats pretty bad. :o Not sure you would want to move in now though, as he is quite the cranky one. Lol. Mr. Tough guy isnt so tough right now, just ornary...but Ill still keep him. :P

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on November 20, 2008, 12:31:03 PM
Actually I think I was the one that mentioned hubby being helpful around the house.  Easy for me to say because I don't have a hubby.  LOL  It was wishful thinking for you Lori. 

I'm still looking for the husband that will prepare my Thanksgiving dinner, coordinate and entertain all the guests, serve dinner, clean up dinner, etc. while I sit my fat ass on the couch and watch the football game and do nothing.  LOL 
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lilrosie06 on November 20, 2008, 10:40:46 PM
LMAO good luck with that, Lenore!! :P ;D 8) :)
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 21, 2008, 01:04:06 AM
Okay, its pretty sad that I just asked my 14yr. old what LMAO meant and he rattled it right off!  I gotta keep up with the times more!  Oh yeah and he said....hey mom, I won't tell you what LMFAO means.....Crazy kid!! :o
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: rouprak on November 21, 2008, 02:12:39 PM
Maybe is a USA thing as i have no idea what it means......................?

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on November 21, 2008, 02:33:10 PM
LMAO = Laughing my ___ Off and you can guess what the "F" added means. 

Lori, where are you?  Do we have to hijack your thread again to get your attention?  Did you smother under that pile of homework?  Are you still hung over from all of those party drinks?  Huh, huh, huh?  Come back.  We miss you!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lilrosie06 on November 22, 2008, 12:05:21 AM
Loriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....what the heck are you drinking, lady? We started discussing having a drink, and you vanished. Lol. Did you have one too many?? :P ;D Or did you kill the hubby while hes on vacation driving you nuts, and now are in hiding?? Lol.... 8) :P Peek your head in for a sec to let us know you aren't either a. drunk, or b. in jail, k? ;D

Laughing at the computer lingo. Im up on all, lmao, lmfao, roflmao, roflmfao....I have 2 teenage daughters and one thats 22, so they educated me well. :o

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 24, 2008, 10:45:48 PM
Where is Lori?  Hopefully I won't tune in to see you on an episode of 'Snapped'......the show on WE that tells stories about women who "snapped" and committed some crazy crime....just thinkin about your hubby being on vaca and you needing to work double-time!   :o
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: rouprak on November 25, 2008, 08:39:51 AM

LORI where are you - we miss you? I hope that you are doing something mega fun and Tyler is doing well!!

Look forward to hearing all your news! ;D

Love George x :D
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Sore knee on November 25, 2008, 03:15:00 PM
Hey Lori

How are you doing ? How is T doing ?

I have been thinking of you and hoping you are doing ok. How are things going at school and are Ts friends back in touch more.

ANyway come back soon.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Tabitha on November 26, 2008, 09:12:59 PM
Hi Lori,
   I was just checking in with you, hope that you and Tyler are doing well!

Stay healthy,
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on November 27, 2008, 03:40:34 PM

Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you enjoy your family and friends and T is doing well!!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on December 08, 2008, 06:33:02 PM
Hello........ I miss you all soooo much! Im really sorry I have not been on, but I have had a really CRAZY past few weeks....I have been helping out a friend with her kids, watching them during the day... doing MEGA amounts of school work, PT, Girl scout functions, Girls on the Run stuff ( my daughter ran a 5 K YAY) Mom has been hanging out, Hubby was on vacation, water pipe under slab foundation broke, computer would not work... (duh... disconected cable....)  I have been a running fool.....
By the end of the day Im worn out, and have not even been able to stay awake to watch any of my shows......3 weeks behind on all my favs...

Tyler is doing GREAT. He went back to school last Monday... YAY He still has more work to do, so we have been going to his Homebound teacher after PT, after school... The Basketball Team has invited him to travel with him and attend all games, so hes kinda happy about that...although he wants to play soooo bad, you just see it as he sits there encouraging them to score! He did get to go to the Celtics game... he earned it, He is still working very hard at school work, .. it seems like whenever he is almost done  another teacher gives him more tests or work he needs to do freom when he was out. I am still trying to get his last report card fixed, and am curious about what this one holds....
He is down to one crutch at school, and thats only cause of the crowds in the hall, and he sometimes gets tired.... All the walking has caused his  I .T . Band in his thigh to tighten up causing him to limp and over use the knee muscles....which gets achy.... He was so sore the other day he had to use his crutches to just get around in the house... but it comes and goes and Im sure its just from all the added activity...
He fell down the stairs on Friday, hurt his tail bone a little, but the knees are ok.... no biggie tho... just added 20 more grey hairs to my head....He cant ride the bus yet, cause he only has a 90 degree bend  with the braces on and the bus driver makes them sit 2-3 to a seat... he just cant do that, he can sit on the bus if he turns his body sideways.... but they wont let him have a whole seat to himself.... I have to go to the district office on that.... so until I can get him permission, I have to drive him....YAY. 

Alot of weird things have happened in the past few weeks, and Im sur Ill catch you all up on them soon.... some pretty interesting, funny stories... and several frustrating ones.... but for now.... IM BACK!!!!  I have missed you alll so much..... I need to go see what everyone is up to, and how you are all doing. Im sorry if you were worried, Im fine.... T is fine...... We are just waiting for the normalcy to kick in.... Im sick of fighting with insurance companies.... school boards..... teachers..... bus drivers.... creditors..... ect... and Im so happy that i figured out I dont need a new computer... (stupid cable) I have my life line back!!!!!!

Lenore you dont need a husband...... you need a WIFE! 
Diggers mom..... LOL No I have not Snapped yet....but if you see my pic on there.....send me a quick note....k? it could happen soon.... hows John?
Donna    Not in jail..... ha ha If I was , Id still be there cause   I couldnt affort the bail money..... Hubby ok? Ill check your thread and get updated.
George, joanne, Farrah ,Tabitha, Data pop... (hows Annie?)  Sorry I just miss you all.....and Ill post on everyones thread....    HUGS TO ALL>>>>>>>>>
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: BigSkyGirl on December 08, 2008, 06:35:41 PM
Glad to have you back!!  Glad Tyler is doing so well, ask the PT about doing some foam roller exercises for his tight IT Band.  I have same issue and it does wonders for loosening it up!!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on December 08, 2008, 07:05:27 PM
BSG.... He loves the foam rollers... I just cant seem to simulate that one at home.... I can get in there and use my thumbs.... but I have not mastered the rollers yet. I tried a rolling pin, with foam wrapped around it... and I even tried a pool noodle... ...I just let the therapists do this one...                He loves it though... it kinda tickles... in a it hurts kinda way says he....  ????      Glad to be back.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: rouprak on December 08, 2008, 07:15:53 PM
Yay welcome back LORI  ;D

Glad that all is ok! Been so long was getting worried!

I cant believe the bus story! Bloody hell surely thats not legal/safe anyway is it??

Glad T is doing well! Always something that starts to ache after you have had a knee op! I find my hamstrings are the problem for me and also where i had the lateral release......thought was suppose to release yet feels the opposite!!!!!

Will leave you a while as sounds like you very hectic and also got loads of threads to catch up! Dont worry about reading all of mine!!!! You will be there for hours!

My knee is at 90 degrees so me and T are doing well!

Take care and so glad you back!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on December 08, 2008, 07:35:20 PM

I'm so glad to hear everything is OK.  T is back to school and touring with the B ball team...that's awesome.  It has to kill him that he isn't able to play but at least they are still including him as part of the team.  Hope he's able to catch up on the schoolwork.  Sounds like you're all trying very hard.  Good job!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: BigSkyGirl on December 08, 2008, 09:19:11 PM
I know exactly what he means about the rollers, it is definitely a hurts so good kind of thing.  My hubby laughs when I'm on the floor with it 'cause I'm like - ohh, ouch, OWW, oh,....ahhhh.  He says he wonders what I'm doing....oops TMI..... I use it on my quads and hams as well.

I got mine from the PT Palace and they only charged me $14.00 way cheaper than on the web.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on December 09, 2008, 02:04:17 AM
Hi Lori,
Welcome back!  Geez i thought we were going to have to make a road trip to make sure you were still alive and well  :)  Glad to hear T. is back and is going to travel with the team.  John is doing okay.  He is definitely sick of being hurt.  I think its hard for him to watch his friends play, but he is a great teammate to them, very encouraging.  I get so sad just watching him keep stats though.  I know I should be happy he's healthy, etc. but I get down about it.  Can't wait to hear some of the stories you have coming.  Have a great night, glad your back I missed you. 
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Tabitha on December 09, 2008, 03:25:21 AM
     Glad you are back, I was worried there for a while.

Sounds like you have just been running around like crazy! Glad that Tyler is doing well, and you are back on though!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lilrosie06 on December 09, 2008, 06:39:35 AM
Loriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Welcome back!! ;D So good to hear you werent iin jail. Lol. Sounds like you have had an eventful couple of weeks. But glad everything seems to be coming along well. Thats terrific!! ;D T seems to be doing really well. Im so glad hes able to go with the team. That has to boost his spirits some. He has done really well with having 2 major surgeries back to back. And oh yeah, so have you mom....I mean doc....or is it nurse, or PT? Have you actually chosen a title?? Lol. Now it sounds like you have taken up daycare. Geesh. You never stop, do ya girl?? :o Anyways, I missed ya tons, and was gettin real worried. Its so good to see you back, alive and well, and with no warrants out on you or anything!! 8) Ill check back tomorrow. (or I guess I mean later today....I still dont know when to go to bed.)

Hang in there girl!!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on December 09, 2008, 02:06:26 PM
Hey ya'll..... :D 
So listen, I got so wrapped up in all you were all up to yesterday, that I compleatly lost track of time...oooooops. T had a PT appt. at 3pm, and I did not leave the house till 3. I picked him up from school.... late... got to PT.....late.... forgot his shorts..... He had braces on under his pants.... so he could only ride bike, and do minimal stuff at PT... made me mad cause I basically wasted a PT session. and at this rate it looks like I have to pay for all of them.....GRRRRRRR I HATE INSURANCE COMPANIES>>> While at PT I got a call from school transportation office, saying that he will look into getting Tyler his own seat on the bus, but finds it doubtful, he could however arrange for a special needs bus to pick him up.....yea right. Like thats going to fly. Tyler said he would rather walk the 4 miles to school.... Also while at PT I got a call from tudor... asking "what am I supposed to be doing right now?" I explained we would be there in a few minutes and that he needed to get test from math teacher, all the while Tyler is telling me that he needs to skip tudoring, cause the girls basketball coach is expecting him to help with the game, and after that he needed to keep stats for the boys game..... GRRRR I was angry with T for not telling me this in advance, and feeling bad that we were wasting Tudors time.!  I drove up to the school, pushed him out the door, told him to do the right thing.... and started home, only to realize that I had forgotten to pick up my daughter from Girls on the Run! Super mom I AM NOT!
My neighbor picked her up, ( she usually does, but I always call to make sure she is going to get her...) today I did not call! BAD MOMMY!  ???   When I got home, I helped daughter with homework, studied for tests, and threw some slop together for dinner, then Tyler called to get picked up from the game.... I really hate it when my day starts to fall apart! Its like a giant snowball..... by bedtime I feel terrible, certainly unworthy of the title supermom, and all I can do is crawl under the blanket and hope to start fresh in the morning...... So here it is morning.... and what am I doing ? The same thing that got me in trouble yesterday!!!!!! :o     I have tons to do.... I really dont know where to start.... Its has been so long since I have just me here during the day that I have forgotten my NORMAL routine, and so many things that have not been done in so long that I have forgotten how to prioritize....or maybe I just dont WANT TO DO THEM>>>lol   hmmmmmmm laundry  or bathroom??? Floors or grocery shopping? Dust or dishes?    TV or COMPUTER>>>> lol   gotta run.... Ill check on you all later. I need to at least spray some air freshiner so it smells like I cleaned something today.     I hope the day finds you all well, and pain free..... Hugs  Lori :-*
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: dimples3887 on December 13, 2008, 09:13:58 PM

Welcome back! I tried to post this the other day but apparently got distracted by something shiney and exitted the window without hitting the post button.  You most recent post about losing track of time on here made me laugh so hard because I could relate.  I spend hours on here reading people's posts when I should be studying for finals.  So while your household may have to learn how to function without you for a few hours a day, I'm trying to cram during all nighters brought on be these posts. Haha!  Anyway, I'm glad to hear Tyler is doing well.  Since you disappeared on us a few weeks ago, I had my surgery and started a Post-Op diary.  If you catch a few extra minutes, check it out. :) 

Anyway, I hope you're having a great start to the weekend and everything is smoothing out over there.

Hear from you soon!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on December 15, 2008, 05:02:51 PM
Hi Lori,

Just checking in.  How goes the bus battle and everything else?  Are you staying off here because you're afraid to get sucked in again?  I know the feeling.  I'm on so many different threads it takes me forever to read them all. 

Hope things have calmed down some and T is doing great!  And yes, you are still a SUPERMOM even on those crazy days when you feel like you aren't!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Thekaratekid on December 16, 2008, 06:38:27 PM
Hey SuperMom,

Just caught up with your news, i have been AWOL for a few weeks too, isn't it amazing how time flies when you are rushing around trying be there for everyone, can totaly sympathize with that one  :)

Glad Tyler has made it back to school, sounds like he is doing great.  ;D Watching the basketball games will be really good for him, I found watching karate gave me that extra incentive to work even harder at physio so that I could ge back to it quicker. Also he will probaly lean far more than he realises, ie learnng other players bad habits and making sure he doesn't devlop the himself and also if he is watching all the games he will see the weaknesses of the opposing teams. By the time he gets back he will be scoring baskets left right and centre!

Hey don't worry of course you are still a supermom, everybody has bad days sometimes its what makes us human.  :)

Trace x
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: 3Diggersmom on December 18, 2008, 02:40:41 AM
Hey Lori,
Your doing great as usual.  Don't be so hard on yourself!  I have to remind myself that sometimes I waste time worrying about things that won't matter one bit when the boys are grown and gone....which is not too much longer from now....unfortunately!  I love the air freshener idea...better yet some scented candles!!  Teenagers are sooooooo trying aren't they?!  We definitely deal with a lot of the same issues.  I just wait for those moments when all that I preach actually seems to matter....those moments are few and far between, but when they come, boy are they sweet!!  Glad your back I missed you!  Hang in there,  :-*
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: arkitect06 on December 18, 2008, 08:03:14 AM
Lori, so sorry that I have been gone from KGs for a while.  My internet just for KG doesn't work.  I can access any other site in the world except this one sometimes.  Well it is working right now, so I figured I'd catch up on some diaries! 

It sounds like things are going well despite hectic!  That's great that Tyler is back in school and gets to travel with the basketball team.  Walking on one crutch is good, but I bet he can't wait to be done with that!!  I hope Tyler sees how much his mother did for him and worried about him during everything.  No matter a few mistakes during parenting here and there, you are super mom to all of us!!!  You did a great job helping Tyler with his recovery and getting through school at the same time.  That's so difficult.  It's too bad about the bus seat situation.  I am sure he wouldn't ever want to ride the special needs bus.  I bet that would be depressing riding with some of the disabled children...especially since T is completely coherent and aware of his surroundings. 

Well I am not sure how much you have kept up with my diary, but I just had the SCS revision surgery on Monday.  The wire is now in the right place and I am not getting sick anymore.  The knee pain has improved a lot also as long as the SCS is on!  For some reason I am still depressed, but I will get through it.  I think it's just b/c I still have so much knee pain and muscle weakness to get through.  PT should help the rest of it.  I got laid off from my job back in mid-November and still haven't come close to getting a new one!  So maybe that's part of the depression.  I have been relaxing a lot at home and also trying to get some Christmas stuff down here and there. 

Well it's so great to hear from you.  If I can't get on KG again, you can PM me your e-mail address so we can continue to correspond.  Have a good one!!!

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on February 27, 2009, 07:27:15 PM
Well hello everyone.... I am so sorry I have been gone sooo long, but all of you have been in my thoughts..... My Computer went down... CRASHED!!!! I could not afford to get a new one till Uncle Sam paid me  I just got a cheap, basic computer till Im rich again.... but this will do till then. A whole lot of nothing has been going on... same as always.... I am keeping a baby, and an afterschooler for extra money.... so my time is limited.. They keep me real busy, and between Taking T to PT 2 times a week, and all the other things going on... Im exhasted by the end of the day.  Tyler's quad is still very weak... he does not complain of pain, at all... sometimes a little sore, but no pain. He still thinks Im a mean person cause I make him excercise... But Im on to him.... He thinks if he acts normal... hes healed!  He is just compensating in other ways as to APEAR normal.....He can jump a little... he is outside everyday after school practicing his basketball shots... and they are going to start him jogging next week. He is always afraid when they have him try new things... but once he sees it not that bad   he embraces the callenge...
He still gets down, cause he is not able to do all he wants to... ( and will only admit that to me) he is way tooooo coooooool   to show anyone else he is not tough!!!!  But I get it. and this too shall pass.... someday he will look back on this whole experience and and be gratefull for all the pain, fear courage, dedication, and even maybe.. just maybe.. be grateful for that evil mom that pushed him through it.  I really believe that all the emotions we have gone through...and all the lessons we have learned, have built our characters, strenghtened our will, andtaught us some very good life long lessons.....    With that said... now I have to go change a poopy diaper, and I will catch up on all of you soon.... I PROMISE!   Hugs...... and Misses  lol    Lori
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: lenorem9 on February 27, 2009, 07:41:06 PM
YAY, a blast from the past.  Good to have you back Lori.  I thought we lost you. 

I can't believe T is jumping and playing basketball.  That's fantastic!  And now he's getting ready to start jogging too?  That is the best news I've heard in a while. 

You can bet he will look back at all the hard work his SuperMom did for him through all of his medical issues. 

Can't wait to hear more progress.  We've missed you guys!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Sore knee on February 27, 2009, 09:58:45 PM

How are you. I am so pleased to hear T is doing will take time but he has come so far. How is the child minding going ? Its nice to hear from you again.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Tabitha on March 10, 2009, 11:51:59 PM
Hey Lori!!!!!!

 I am so glad that Tyler is healing, it's slow but it sounds like he is progressing like me, a little at a time and you just get better and better, but REALLY SLOWLY!

 You are brave to watch little rug-rats. I love kids, but I love them in short spurts.... well except my own, he is unconditionally loved.

 Well I am glad things are continuing to improve, hope you get a better computer soon.

Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on September 16, 2010, 07:44:28 PM
Hey everyone.... I dont even know who is still on here but I thougt it was time for a quick update... Tyler is now in 10th grade... and we had a great summer... busy. He was sought out and picked up by a terrific aau coach to play basketball with an exposure team. so we went ot alot of BIG tournaments. Clemson, USC, Myrtle beach... these tournaments are to get these kids noticed on the court.... and he was doing well until.... the night after 27 college coaches signed up to see him play a a HUGE tourney at the beach... he dislocated AGAIN...while wearing the brace. It turns out he GREW AGAIN. he is now officially 6 foot 8 inches tall, and now 15 years old. he could not play in the tournament but we went any how, (it was paid for) and if nothing else he could still get noticed on the bench.... He was crushed. I could not imagine having to deal with the emotions he had to deal with. the good news is that he did not do any damage to the knee itself... but again his confidence is back at square 1. The OS has ordered new custom braces for him and they seem to be doing great. We are just working out the kinks of them... But he LOVES them. Its called a Bledsoe brace. they are expensive, but they hold his patella in tighter and they have an air bladder to fit him even better.. Awsome. He wants to play so badly. He still lives basketball, works out regularly, and is again back to playing. Practice has already begun for school ball, and he is eager to play. Me on the other hand... is still nervouse EVERY time he plays... and if given the oppertunity I stay at every practice, and of course I go to every game. Last year he did not get alot of playing time, I think the coaches are still afraid of him but his summer coach has seen what he is capable of and now has a little influence of the school coaches since he will now be one of them. We are looking foward to a great year...Im pleased that they are now seeing what he can do, and they are learning how to use Tyler and his strengths.
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on March 02, 2011, 01:37:54 AM
Wow... I just read through all of the posts...what a journey....Im still at every game... most practices.... and I cringe every time he dunks the basketball....but he is confident, strong and fast... I just know we made the right decision to go through this ordeal. He still needs to work his legs ... often, and yes he gets lazy about it, but he has been working out 5 practices a week, and he has conditioning class in school. Plus games, and playing on weekends... so I guess if slacks a day or two its ok. I can say, that through this experience, he has decided that his career will be in sports medicine, and athletic training..... I think he has come to realize that when a person loves a sport as he loves basketball... they will go through almost anything to play.... but you need someone to encourage and motivate you to be yor best, try harder, push further... where there is a will there is a way. I am so proud of what he has accomplished.... every setback that life thows at him, he takes ahold of, and overcomes..... Dont ever tell him   "He cant" cause HE WILL!

To all my KG's out there, Thank you for the support, without your love I may not have survived this and still be sane.... To anyone that may come upon this post.. and need support or advice or encouragement... please look me up on facebook... Im willing to pay it foward... forever. we all need someone during times of need and this site helped me tons! Here is to hoping you are all pain free, or at least able to tolorate it... hugs to those that need it.  Ill check back when I can, until then much love  Lori Bayne Wilk                          aka supermom... nahhhhh still not buying that
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on March 07, 2011, 06:08:43 PM
Just when we get to a good place... AGAIN....He grows...Tyler Knows he is growing again because he can feel it. It worries him because everytime he grows he has an incident.. with his knees. He can feel them getting " unstable" which worries me because it is the beginning of the summer season. He feels like he has to prove something to his teammates, which inevidabley causes him to work that much harder to prove himself. This can cause an injury. Will I ever not get anxious? He wants to grow...but he does not like what comes with it.. and neither do I. When we got these surgeries, we were told his growth plates were almost closed. since then he has grown at least 3 more inches...and now possibly more!  I have to lay him down in the driveway and and chalk him like a crime scene.....ugggggh. Will this growing disrupt the work already done???? what do we have to look foward to this year?  This whole experience has had its ups and downs...... I am certainly much and I find myself very anxious at time. Its just sooooo hard when Basketball is his LIFE LOVE, and All I can do is sit in the Bleachers, and encourage him  while secretly praying everytime he jumps ,gets fouled, dunks, or falls......
I guess we just have to take it as it comes.....Not KNOWING... worries me to death. He does not want to go thu it again, and I dont want it for him. Two steps foward... one step back. Story of his life. I just want better for him!
Title: Re: Tyler's Post-op Through the eyes of a mother
Post by: Davori on June 13, 2012, 02:58:44 PM
Hello everyone.... just wanted to update you on how things are... Tyler is good . He is a Junior in High school now, and still playing Basketball. Still 6'9, so he has not had any growth spurts in a while. His Knees are strong. He has increased his vertical jump, and his speed and footwork is MUCH better. He is generating interest from college coaches, and for the most part emotionally in the right place. There is always that what if??? in the back of his mind, but it does not seem to interfere with his game. As A mom... its still hard. He is more independant now, and wants to go play a game, without me there... and it kills me, not to be there EVERY TIME. This week he went to college camps, and I had to stay home.eeek. The only problems he has currently...are when it rains, or is going to rain, his knees ache a little. and he gets sore, from working out... but thats to be expected. He is learning to recognise the signs he needs to sit down.... just wondering about the screws...?????? at some point  they will need to come out. I just hope its not any time soon.