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Title: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: allie on September 11, 2008, 01:13:17 PM
Hi have posted before have been in and out of hospital so have lost track of my posts.  I would just like to hear any other suggestions anyone has for my case.  I dislocated my right knee (patella) on 12th December 2007 and since then have had many tests & treatments including MRI, thermoimaging, x rays and scans also steroids, lumbar sympathetic block, ketamine therapy, in patient intensive physio and 2 surgeries which were arthroscopy and mua  (debridement) and an achilles tendon lengthening op which was in June.  Until 3 weeks ago I was using an ankle brace but have been told to remove that now which I was very happy about.   I was diagnosed with RSD, osteoarthritis and have problems with odema- my ankle has been swollen now for about 8 months and range of motion, bending is ok and has significantly improved but I am unable to fully straighten my leg (the only time I could straighten it was under anesthesia and following ankle surgery when I was in a full leg cast for 3 days) I also have muscle wastage throughout right leg.

Currently I am just wearing a small knee brace- I don't know what it is called but it has a hole in the centre.  I have stopped taking any pain meds  as I was on such a huge amount of meds I wanted to try without if possible.  I attend physio twice weekly for passive movements, gait training and electrical & heat therapy.  In between these sessions I do ankle flexion and extension movements throughout the day, use a heat pack once a day and practice knee flexion and extension frequently daily, I have also just started to use an exercise bike daily and managed 30 mins of this last night ( am building up every day)
I am concerned about lack of full extension after so long and the back of my heel where they operated on my achillies tendon feeling very lumpy, my foot and ankle are always swollen and at the moment I have continuous pain in my heel and ankle burning pain like RSD which began in my knee (Is it possible for RSD to move around??) , I have sensory difficulties in my foot to the extent that I am unable to feel the electrical therapy even on the very highest setting.  My knee doesnt give much pain generally but hurts during exercise and physio.  I also have the occasional very severe pain on weightbearing which stops me in my tracks.  In physio I have just begun to try to walk with a  single cane, with a gait belt and a physio to hold me up but because I am so unstable and having these episodes of severe, sharp pain-the physio has told me not to even reduce to one crutch at home myself, only under his supervision.  He ( the physio) is concerned about my lack of progress and is referring me back to my specialist to review both my knee and ankle.

I would just like any suggestions as to anything else I could try- I just want to walk (Im not expecting to run or play sport!!!) so that I can get my life back...I am finding it difficult not to lose hope  of walking again.  Oh by the way I am 34 years old, female and a teacher- I have continued to work when  have not been in hospital and am even wondering if my job is too much and I should give that up too.  Hope you don't mind all this waffling....Hope one of you lovely knee geeks may be able to help me , please
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: Tabitha on September 12, 2008, 04:13:21 AM
I'm sorry that you are going through such a tough time. I am not a knee geek, and I don't  know what to say. I hope that you find some answers soon.
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: step on September 12, 2008, 09:02:16 PM
Dear Allie,

Sorry to read about your pain, and that you still cannot walk so long after surgery.

I think the PT is right, a second medical opinion would help. Please check on this website posts about RSD - there are kneegeeks with this condition - maybe if you re-post your question on this thread:  (soft tissue problems) it could help you reach more of those who understand the condition.

I read that RSD can 'move around' in rare cases - it's called "migratory RSD"

I wish you good recovery,
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: allie on September 13, 2008, 11:58:29 AM
Thanks Lennie,
 I will try re-posting in the RSD section as well.  I have just been given a OS appointment for the 29th September.  I am hoping to stay positive and keep going until then. I will also try finding out about migratory RSD- there are times when my feet are totally different colours which is the same thing that happened when my knee was diagnosed, as well as the pain being the same so I am pretty sure that is what is going on.
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: Silkncardcrafts on September 13, 2008, 01:51:43 PM
Hi Allie,

Sorry to hear you are going through a difficult time. Whereabouts do you live ? If you're in the UK I know of a good sports medicine clinic in London that would probably be able to help.

My suggestion would be too see a good sports physician/doctor who can review both your knee and ankle and where your rehab is at the moment. It sounds like you haven't had sufficient rehab. I would ask them to refer you to 2 different surgeons. One for your ankle and the other for your knee. It is very specialised these days and need to see people specialised in their fields.

I would also encourage you to start taking your painkillers. Taking no pain medication when you are in so much pain is not the answer.

Like you, I have had problems with my knees and ankle for quite some time. I've surgery on both knees and my left ankle which are much better now.
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: allie on September 14, 2008, 01:34:40 AM

Thanks for your reply, Unfortunately, though I am from the Uk I am living in working in Seoul,  South Korea.  The medical treatment I have received here has been good I think (although the treatment I had initially from Dec- Mar was at best negligent, I then changed hospitals and doctors)  I have been attending physio at least twice a week every week since I was in hopsital in June and excercising myself in between these times.  I can only think there must be something I am not doing or not doing correctly or something that is being missed. 
I will go back to see the rehab specialist I am currently under as a first step, he can then refer me to other docs within the hopsital. 

I think I will have to go back on to pain meds, I was beginning to think about that myself. 
What did you find helped your recovery most of all?  What surgeries did you have?  I am glad to hear that you are much better- What, if any, limitations have you been left with?
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: Silkncardcrafts on September 14, 2008, 11:41:15 AM
Hi Allie,

I doubt whether you are getting the right treatment in Korea.

To be honest, I would seriously look at coming to Melbourne, Australia to get some good advice. When I lived in the UK my Australian sports physician had a patient that was living in Japan and wasn't getting the right treatment. So, she ended up going to the UK for her treatment.

In Melbourne my knee surgeon just specialises in knees and my ankle surgeon specialises in the foot and ankle. Let me know if you want their details. I think you would really benefit from seeing a good sports physician. Mine works closely with both surgeons and is very holistic in his approach. Let me know if you want his details too.

During my recovery a number of things have helped me including painkillers, going to a hydro pool, clinical pilates, a regular gym program, surgery and physio. On my ankle I have had 2 ankle reconstructions. As for my knees I've had a number of operations to address my patella instability. The last one about 4 months ago was a trochleoplasty which has made a massive difference.

Probably the worst thing you could do is give up your job. It is important to keep life as normal as possible when going through something like this.

I hope this helps.  :)
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: allie on September 14, 2008, 02:22:26 PM
Thanks KJ,

Because of my job I am unable to travel to Australia at the moment. (I sometimes wish docs would do internet consultations)  I am going back to the UK at Xmas and will seek more advice then, hopefuly though I won't need to by then. I will try to find a hydrotherapy pool here, we have a pool in my apartment building which  hope to use as I become more mobile, at present I would be unable to get in and out safely.

There is one doctor here who does clinical pilates, Im unsure whether or not to try him as don't know his background and have no recommendations, I don't want to risk further damage.  I don't know much about pilates
 Going back on painkillers seems to be inevitable, though I will wait until my app with the rehab doctor.

It sounds like you have been through a lot- what stage are you at now in your recovery? I am glad to hear you are feeling and doing better.

I will try to continue with my job,it is the most normal thing in my life (i dont go out much otherwise cos I find it so hard to get around) and just hope it is not making it worse.
Thanks very much for your help   :D
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: arkitect06 on September 14, 2008, 03:03:27 PM

Your story sounds too familiar except that I don't have ankle problems...just my knee.  I had TTT surgery in January and am still on crutches and have been diagnosed with RSD among other problems.  I have just had a procedure done on Thursday that is suppose to give me 6-24 months of pain relief, but it hasn't "kicked in" yet.  After reading all your posts here, I do not see anything about seeing a pain specialist.  I have been seeing one since July and they are there to make sure your pain meds are helping and also doing any procedures that could help.  RSD is a difficult problem for any doctor to treat.  I am in constant pain despite all my pain meds and procedures that I have had.  I have had 3 lumbar sympathetic blocks and just had a radiofrequency lesioning where they heat the nerve using a needle.  Heating it causes a lesion to where it blocks pain signals to the brain.  I am hoping this will help me!!!  I have a post op diary in that section called "Farrah's Fulkerson Osteotomy-Jan 8" if you are interested in following my story.  I have made many friends on KG and am very grateful for their support.  I have met a few others with RSD going through the same problems as we are.  It is just difficult for us to find any pain relief no matter what we do. 

Anyway, my suggestion is to ask your OS about getting referred to a pain specialist.  They can properly medicate you and suggest other options.  It's worth a try.  I know you don't want to take medications, but I don't see how you are possibly making it through this without them!!!  I am on so many meds including anti-depressant and sleeping pills to help cope through my daily life.  My OS has made sure that I continue to live my life despite all of this.  Depression can become a big problem if you just sit around and feel sad about this.  Depression causes added pain anyway, so keep living life no matter what. 

Good luck!!!

Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: Major_Grooves on September 14, 2008, 10:53:29 PM
Hi! I'm no knee expert, but I just wanted to drop a note about stopping your pain-killers. Chances are you are probably on anti-inflammatories - so they're not just masking the pain - they will be reducing the inflammation that is causing the pain, and reducing the inflammation helps with healing.

I understand that people want to reduce the amount of chemicals in their bodies, but, taken sensibly, I'm a big fan of NSAIDs (!

Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: allie on September 15, 2008, 07:46:15 AM
Hi Farrah, I was on as many drugs as you, NSAID's, morphine, sleeping pills, stomach protectors and something for the nerves or nerve endings.  I found that I have had reactions to a lot of them- when I was on steriods in hospital I had very bad reactions which caused my blood pressure to become very high.  After leaving hospital my meds were a little reduced but I spent around 3 days of every week sick because of them, that why I decided to stop taking them- I think a referral back to the pain clinic may be useful just to check out alternatives.  I attended the pain clinic whilst I was in the hospital as I was on PCA via IV which had to be monitored daily.

I am not really coping without them, you are right!!  If the pain was under control a bit more I might enjoy day to day activities.   I feel like I am trying very hard not to  just sit around and feel sad and not get to the point where I give up and stop trying to get back to ( semi) normal and talking to others on this board really helps with that.  I will be reading your story this afternoon.

Major Grooves thanks for the note about NSAID's perhaps I could just try them for a while without all the other meds.  I am glad I didnt need your advice about dressing for surgery- I had to wear a hairnet for my surgery so your story really made me laugh !!

Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: Silkncardcrafts on September 15, 2008, 08:46:00 AM
Hi Allie,

First of all, don't wait till you see your rehab doctor before you start taking the painkillers again. You need the get the pain under control again.

I would suggest you see a sports physician rather than a pain specialist. I have found a site for the Korean Society of Sports Medicine. However, I can not read Korean !!! Here's the link, They should be able to give you some names of some sports physician/doctors.

As for clinical pilates, I would definitely give it a go. If you can do it with a physiotherapist. It is unlikely to cause any more damage. Pilates is a very gentle form of exercise. Walking in a hydro pool is great too. Your body is supported in the water and will find you can a lot more.

I hope this helps.  :)
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: allie on September 15, 2008, 09:48:38 AM
Thanks KJ
I am back at PT tomorrow so will ask about pain killers then, I don't think it will just improve by itself at this point!! Thanks for the link- I will check it out for more information, I don't korean either so I will ask someone at work to translate it for me!  It was very kind of you to take the trouble to look for this for me.  I will try contacting a clinical pilates physio this luck with the hydro pool yet but I will keep trying to find one, just to have some freedom of movement in water would make me feel a lot better!!!

Thank-you so much for all your concern and help- It does help a lot!!!

Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: Silkncardcrafts on September 15, 2008, 11:42:22 AM
Hi Allie,

No worries, I know what you are going through.

When I lived in the UK I dislocated my shoulder when I fell on some snow that had iced over. I was so scared about going to a NHS hospital or doctor that I waited 2 weeks until I go the name of a sports physician in London. Soon after that a new sports medicine clinc called Pure Sports Medicine opened and was able to see an Australian sports physician there who was good with shoulders. If you ever need someone good in London have some great sports physicians/doctors and physios. I ended up coming back to Melbourne to surgery on my shoulder as physio wasn't going to fix my problem.

There must be a hydro pool somewhere. I hope you can find one.

Let us know how you go with PT tomorrow.  :D
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: allie on September 15, 2008, 12:31:36 PM
Thanks again KJ
I will let you know how I get on tomorrow.  I will check out sports med in preparation for when I go back to the UK for the Christmas holidays. Still looking for hydro pool... :D :D
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: arkitect06 on September 16, 2008, 03:08:09 AM
Allie, thanks so much for your posts on my diary today!!  It's just now approaching the end of our day.  I don't know what your time difference is, but I am thinking it's the beginning of your day right now??  Or mid-morning maybe?  No idea.  I know in China they are 12hrs ahead wherever my dad travels always.  Korea I know wouldn't be the same, but maybe close??? 

I can't believe the reactions you have had with your meds. Now I understand why you don't take them!!  I just thought you were one of those people who would rather suffer than take meds.  I used to be like that until it got so bad like it is now.  I wish you could find some meds that wouldn't give you problems though.  Even though my meds don't make a lot of the pain go away, I can't imagine the pain without meds right now!  Today I was suffering all day and took all the meds that I was allowed to take and was still suffering!  Without the meds, I know it's worse.  I haven't been taking the morphine and the roxicodone for too long, so I know it's not b/c I am used to it.  The meds just don't do anything for me.  You'll have to see on my diary, but I spoke with my OS and PS today and both want me off PT for 3 weeks and my PS may want me to get my meds adjusted if they aren't doing much for me over the next couple of days.  To help with the Roxicodone itching, they have me trying Benadryl for the next few days.  So far, not working, but it has only been a few hours.  I am definitely getting sleepy as I type this post though!  Well I hope you had a good night and have a great Tuesday!!!  I am so happy to have you on KG here with us!!!  I hate that we have a lot of similarities, but at the same time it's very nice to have someone going through the same things.  Good night (for me anyway)!!!!

Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: Silkncardcrafts on September 16, 2008, 10:12:46 AM
Hi Allie,

Just checking in to see how you got on at PT today.

I had physio tonight on my back and has made a big difference.
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: allie on September 16, 2008, 11:24:17 AM
Hi everybody Thanks for the posts KJ  and Farrah,

i have had a mixed day today really.  I have just got back from physical therapy which went ok today. Amongst other things we were trying ( and it is a two person effort!)  to get my leg straight in prone position with the aim of being able to touch the mat I was working on with my toes.  Well I must have tried about 8 times and couldn't get past a certain point quite a way off straight- the pressure of the bed against my knee was too much.  I tried using my left leg to "help' which sometimes works but not today-  I just couldn't do it and ended up collapsing into giggles about how ridiculous it must have seemed. I then managed to take a few steps with a single cane which was the best I've done yet ( ok it was with the PT almost holding me up!)  had chance to talk to PT about my appointment with the rehab doc, his main concern is the sudden pain and possible subluxation which takes me by surprise when walking as that makes me unsafe and is preventing further progress really, well that and the problems with extension, weakness and pain.   I think the sudden pain shows that my knee is still very unstable.

I have started taking NSAID's again, just some I got myself from a pharmacy so will see if they make a difference to physio on Thursday! hope to be able to get more extension in prone position by then- will practice tonight!

Glad to hear your physio went well KJ and that it has helped your back.

Farrah I will check out your thread later, I think we are about 9 hours ahead of you, yesterday when you posted it was 3am here!! I was awake VERY early ( jus another one of those knee things ::) )

My good news from today- I have found a hydrotherapy pool close to where I live.  It is at another hospital and I can be referred to use it by the doctor and hospital I am currently registered with- I dont want to change doctors or hospitals as am quite happy but maybe could be referred to hydro once a week as an extra treatment.  I am so pleased to have found one!
 I have also contacted a sports medicine doctor and I am waiting to hear back from him- thanks to KJ for that info
I can't believe I have so many new things to try since posting on here- at the end of last week I had no idea what to do next!!!

Hope you all have a good day- off to start a hot pack- will check in again later!
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: Silkncardcrafts on September 16, 2008, 11:36:35 AM
Hi Allie,

Sorry to hear you had to go through so much at PT. Did you PT say anything about clinical pilates when you asked them ?

It's wonderful you have found a hydro pool. I find just walking up and down helps free my leg up and am gradually getting stronger.

Glad to hear that you have contacted a sports medicine doctor. Am sure they will have some good ideas and would probably have a better idea to manage your conditions than perhaps your rehab doctor.

My sports physician has been my godsend and has often come up with different ideas. He's happy to try new things too.

Look forward to hearing the next update.
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: allie on September 18, 2008, 01:17:23 PM
Hi just to update everyone :(

I fell down a few stairs today at work, someone bumped into me and knocked me- and have just got back from the ER as I dislocated my good knee and it would not go back in to place- had to be manipulated.  I am hoping that it will be ok in a few days as it has been the moment I can barely move  :( :(

Please wish me luck for the next few days- I am hoping to be able to stay at home but don't know how to manage really, my friend is staying tonight so I hope it all seems better and brighter tomorrow

Hope you are all having a better day
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: Silkncardcrafts on September 18, 2008, 01:42:47 PM
Hi Allie,

So sorry to hear about you fall down the stairs. The exact same thing happened to me when I lived in London, but it was my shoulder. Fortunately it went back in.

I have just been on a date. It was soooo much fun and really like the guy. We have a lot in common.

Hope you start feeling better soon.  :D
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: allie on September 18, 2008, 02:05:16 PM
that is good news about your date, keep me posted on how it goes with him, I am glad you have met someone that you like and very happy that you have had a good time.
I have been given a wheelchair for the time beginning so have just managed to make a cup of tea whilst I am waiting for my friend to arrive- she always seems to manage to make me laugh and it will be great to have an extra pair of hands tonight!

Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: arkitect06 on September 19, 2008, 01:17:05 AM
Allie!!  I'm so sorry to hear about your fall down some stairs!!!!  What did the person that bump you say or do??  Did they take you to the ER themselves??????  I'm sure that it was an accident, but I am sure they felt horrible after all of your pain and difficulties.  I hope you are doing okay considering what happened!!!  I have been lucky to not have any unfortunate accidents during the years of my knee problems. 

I really hope that you will feel better tomorrow and will find a great deal of relief from this situation by the end of the weekend!!!  Well I hope it's earlier of course!!!  Well I'm thinking about you!!

Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: Silkncardcrafts on September 19, 2008, 11:58:30 AM
Hi Allie,

How is your knee today ? I hope it's a bit better.

Am very frustrated as I have left about 5 messages for my knee physio over 3 weeks and still hasn't returned my call. Not happy !!!! Going to ring my sports physician on Monday as I know he'll call me back.

Been really struggling with my pain when walking. Going to ring my OS's rooms on Monday.
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: allie on September 20, 2008, 10:34:55 AM
Hi everyone

I managed to see a Sport physician and chiropractor yesterday (my friend drove me- very slowly_ The car trip wasn't much fun :() and I am now really confused.  I thought the treatment I have been having in PT was the best treatment I could get here as the hospital I have been attending (since March) comes highly recommended and is the largest and reputedly the best university hospital in Korea.  However at the Chiropractic clinic the doctor was horrified by the condition of both my knees and ankle- at one point I asked him what he thought I needed to work on most and he said "its all awful isn't it".  He inteviewed me and I filled out a chart when I arrived, they showed me a film about Chiro treatments and then had a look at my legs to assess them. 
The treatment he ordered was some machine with a vibrating plate which I had to stand on (using my crutches) for 10 minutes, he then used a metal tool on the outside of my knee and my heel as he said I have a lot of scar tissue (this part of the treatment made me cry it hurt so much!) during and after this he checked my ROM.   He then attached tape to the areas he had worked on, he took photos of my posture and carried out adjustments on my back and had me do exercises with his PT which were different from any I have done before, the involved lifting against resistance in different positions and using a thera band to stretch my heel cord.  He said I should heat before exercise and then ice after and gave me an exercise sheet and a report on my current condition and treatment program to take home.
All the way through he was asking me "did they try this before"  or 'have you done this before at PT'.  He also asked me why the hospital had not referred me to sports medicine before as there is a sports medicine clinic there!  He also was discussing my case with his PT in korean and was using the name of the hospital I am attending and I am sure his comments were negative.  At one point I asked him a questiobout why he thought I hadnt been told to try one exercise which seemed to really help before and he said that the hospital "don't know what they are doing!"    He then said most hospitals in Korea and the States have difficulty fixing knees and often miss things that could help.

I am so confused now as although this doctor seems highly qualified, supported the olympic team here and comes recommended to me by another patient i have only met him a day ago and have been attending the same hospital for 6 months.  I don't want to think that they have not been treating me correctly and thought I could trust them.  I guess I don't really know who to believe or  trust.
He has said that I should be treated by him 3 times each week using treatments that are quite different from the things I have had done so far.  I can't accept that if he is right then I have been having at best ineffective treatment in PT.  If he is wrong he is obviously just saying these things to give me some hope and ensure that I buy his treatment program which is quite expensive I think 60 dollars for each session, he said that I should be able to walk within 4 weeks of starting his treatment, after 10 months that was like music to my ears.

What would you all do in my position????

Today the pain has been awful and my back hurts too following the treatment yesterday _ I dont usually have back problems.  I have just stayed inside as it has been raining very heavy- has anyone found a way to hold an umbrella on crutches??!  I have been inundated with with  friends visiting- my friend who bumped me on thursday called around too and feels so badly that I wa trying to make her feel better, to be honest it could have happened anytime anyway!

Farrah How are you doing today- any change in pain yet??

I am sorry to hear you are struggling Kj- it sounds like your sports medic is more supportive than your PT.  I hope you get some help with your walking difficulty on monday.

Have a great weekend everybody
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: Silkncardcrafts on September 20, 2008, 01:58:14 PM
Hi Allie,

Sorry to hear you are struggling and very confused now.

Just sent you a private message. If you reply to my message I'll see what I can find out about the guy you saw.

Glad lots of friends are visiting. Enjoy your weekend.  :D
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Post by: arkitect06 on September 20, 2008, 05:22:06 PM
Allie, I am so sorry that you are so confused now.  I guess that I would be too.  I know what you mean about being skeptical at this point since you were under the impression that you were under great care at the hospital you were going to for so long.  It does sound like that new treatment is very different.  This vibrating thing sounds really weird.  What was it and what did it do for you?  What was this metal thing he used for scar tissue?  Was this guy Korean or another nationality?  I guess that doesn't matter, but I am curious. 

My opinion is to do what you feel is best.  Depending on what I thought of the treatment with this new place, I may go ahead and try it for a while since I know that I am not improving at this other hospital.  If your knee is worse for a few days after each treatment, then you know that it's not what is best.  Were you in extra pain after this session?  Or did you notice a difference?  What did they say to you about being in pain after treatment?  Being able to walk in a month would be music to my ears to and that's why I think I would try the new treatment.  If you are not walking in a month and things haven't improved, then obviously go back to your original place.  $60 is a lot of money for 3 days a week though.  I wonder if you could do it in 2 days instead to make it more affordable and not such an expensive risk. 

Let us know what you opinion doesn't mean much, but just gives you something else to think about.  I really hope that you are not worse today from that treatment!!!  I hope you feel better!

My pain is bad as always.  My diary explains what I have been up to lately...lots of negative things happening in my life right now...just a really tough year.  Have a great weekend!

Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: allie on September 21, 2008, 01:39:47 AM
Dear Farrah,

Your opinion means a lot to me. Before I found this website and especially you and Kj I had no one I could talk to who even close to understood what I was going through- one of my friends told me she "knew what it was like as she was in plaster for 6 weeks when she broke her leg which is much more serious than what I have done, at least I haven't broken a bone!"
I read more of your diary every day- it continues to inspire me, you have been, and are so brave. Thank-you so much for taking the time and trouble to respond to my posts, hopefully we can support each other.

I would just try the new place for a month and if it doesn't work go back to the hospital but stopping hospital treatment now would mean that I have to be join a long waiting list to even see a specialist, someone I know pulled some strings to get me seen quickly the first time- they wouldnt be able to do this again, I don't want to be in  a position where I am not having any treatment or help.  Maybe just going for 2 days each week and keeping going with the hospital too would be a compromise although the new doctor put a bit of pressure on me to come 3 times a week and pay for 12 treatments in advance which I haven't done yet but think will have to if I go again.

The pain has improved a little this morning in my good leg, I have been icing it regularly and the swelling has decreased a little, still can't even crutch though....maybe later!!!

Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: allie on September 23, 2008, 11:59:39 AM
Hi everyone!

I have had a good day today- I have been able to crutch around since yesterday- I never thought I would be so pleased to be able to use crutches!!! The pain in my left knee  has improved and I have taken off the splint, just wearing a support bandage now so have made good progress.

Physical therapy was tricky tonight but not as bad as usual as he was working on both legs so there wasn't quite so much pressure on my bad leg.
I also had to change my crutches as I had worn through the base of one of them so that there was only metal in contact wth the ground!!  The new crutches are great as they have foam attached to the hand grips- I feel like I am just bouncing along although in reality I am far from bouncing- no more blisters !!!!   ;D

Hoep you are all having a good day, off to try to make some dinner!!
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: allie on September 27, 2008, 11:29:05 AM
Just a quick knee rant!!  I am sorry if it doesnt make much sense!!!   :'( :(

I am waiting for my rehab appt on which is on Monday at 9am.  I really hope that they are willing to try something else at this point.  I think they will have to as my PT (who recommended I should go back to the doctor) said on Thurs that they need to review the therapy treatment I am getting.   I can't seem to take my mind off this appointment this weekend...  If they are not willing to try my suggestions, thanks mainly to posting on here and people helping me out, I think I will have a hard time not giving up

At work on Friday one of my colleagues asked me if I would be coming in to work on Monday with no crutches- I was quite upset to have to say that there wasn't even a slight chance of that happening- I don't usually talk about my leg at work, just try to get on with things, like many of us Knee geeks do so I think they have no idea what it is really like for me.

I was hoping to be so much better by now that at the beginning of July I booked a holiday to malaysia on the 25th of October, to a hotel on the beach.  I think I will have to cancel this as I cannot get in and out of a pool, cannot imagine walking on a beach safely and certainly will not be going on a walk through the rainforest to see Orang Utans and parakeets which was going to be the highlight of the trip for me, especially as I was going on my own just as a target for my recovery and kind of a reward- I know it sounds silly but we all need things to keep us going-    this will be just another disappointment in a long line of them.

Also my boss wants to speak to me on Monday afternoon after the appointment- I have been doing ok at work lately I think and I have managed to work for 2 complete months without a day off ( even though there are days when it really hurts to move) but I am also a little worried about this as the company owner is coming over from England on Tuesday.  I don't think there are any problems and the owner often comes over but I am still a little concerned.  It is not unusual for my boss  to see me as I am vice principal but it seems like just one more thing to deal with. TBH I wouldn't worry much if I did have to leave but I do like my job and don't have anything else to focus on.

I really hate weekends, I feel excluded from most things- the expat life here is great fun and very active and most things are inaccessible to me, a lot of things here are up stairs (overcrowded city life) or involve walking and standing for longer than I can.  Also I dont drink at all at the moment whilst I am on meds and crutches, I try not to put myself at further risk, this means I seem to miss invitations to parties o bar crawl type evenings.  I am not that bothered really but it would be nice to have a choice about things to do.
I have spent almost all the past 3 weekends inside due to the bad condition of both my legs and so far this weekend, it is Sat evening here, I havent seen anyone...

I just want to regain some shred of normality and get my life back-  even just go for a walk on a day like this, without pain, swelling and exhaustion...

Ok rant over, sorry all, I will try to get back to being positive again soon

Hope you all are having a good weekend



Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: Silkncardcrafts on September 30, 2008, 04:25:13 AM
Hi Allie,

How are you ?

Just checking up to see how you went with your appointment yesterday and your meeting at work with your boss.

I saw my sports physician this morning and don't need to worry about knee physio anymore. Very excited about that. He's going to tell my OS that I think it's a waste of time doing knee physio and said he should be ok with it.

Don't worry about your ranting. We all feel like that sometimes.
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: allie on September 30, 2008, 11:20:17 AM

Thank-you for asking about my appointment and meeting.  It all went ok.  I saw the rehab doctor first and he referred me straight back to the OS- luckily he had a clinic that day and they fitted me right in as an urgent case, otherwise his first appointment was December 29th!! ( he is a famous doctor in Korea- apparently and is the top knee doctor in Seoul).  He said that as there has been some improvement in ROM since he last saw me in May he would like to try different pain meds and has put me back on 3 different meds including NSAID's and 2 pain meds.  I have to try for 6 weeks with physio who will now be advised by the sports medicine team at the hospital with the main aim of weaning me off the crutches.  If that doesnt work he said I will need to consider further surgery. He has also referred me back to the pain clinic possibly to have another sympathetic nerve block or Ketamine therapy again.

Today I had physiotherapy, I tried lots of different, new exercises.  the physio still says it is not safe for me to go down to one crutch ( due to the knee giving way) but I asked him to let me know as soon as he thinks I should start with this. 

So I will keep trying for another 6 weeks but will absolutely insist on them trying something else  if I cannot get down to one crutch (at least) within the 6 weeks.  I think (hope!) that this is reasonable!!

The meeting with my boss was nothing to worry about and was really about something else entirely, except I ended up crying about my knee and facing another 6 weeks on the crutches (how embarrasing :-[)

That is good news about your knee physio, your sports physician sounds great.  i hope your OS listens to him!

Any more news about your friend?

Allie xxx
Title: Re: 10 months on crutches - Please help me!
Post by: Silkncardcrafts on September 30, 2008, 01:07:50 PM
Hi Allie,

Glad you were referred back to the OS. It sounds like they are on the ball, better than the rehab doctor you are seeing. Sorry to be blunt !!! I think doing physio for another 6 weeks is reasonable. How often do you have to do physio ?

Did you ask the rehab doctor about getting referred to the sports medicine department ? I reckon you need to be seen by a sports doctor/physician to review your overall rehab program. I'm sure they would be much more proactive.

My OS will listen to my sports physician. He's actually stopped physio on a number of times, so my OS probably won't be surprised. Just hate wasting time.

Been chatting on line with my friend. We are seeing each on Saturday. Going to take the dogs for a walk and have lunch.