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Title: frustrated
Post by: soccerplayer777 on September 01, 2008, 11:40:09 PM
I am about two and a half months post op of a distal proximal realignment. I went back to the dr. and he's given me
the go ahead to try and run. I still don't have full range of motion(probably about a good 15 degrees off) or that great of quad strength,
so I have not yet attempted to do so. I have gone to the gym and have been doing the elliptical which is less stress on the knees and I am a little more comfortable with. But according to my parents I'm not pushing myself hard enough and some of my pain is "in my head".. I don't
know if I'm just crazy, but they haven't had this surgery. Its my knee and I know when to push through the pain and when my knee's had enough right? Oh well, just needed to vent..
Title: Re: frustrated
Post by: Clarkey on September 02, 2008, 04:56:18 PM
Hi soccerplayer777,

1st of all dont worry about needing to have a vent this is what this forum is for to share your knee problems and how it affects you physically and mentally.

The knee pain is not in your head at all and know what its like as I also been told its on my head the pain I keep getting, I also cant run since October 2007. Family and work collegue said it must be in your head the knee pain and not being able to run.

I go to the gym 3 times a week on excercise bike and cross trainer and my PT said if you get any knee pain stop straight away. I thought like you I was going crazy in the head but was not when I saw my PT and had a MRI scan, can see my problems below in my signature. Dont think you going crazy because you are no.

Nick :) {2008} :)