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Title: bulge when extending knee
Post by: rmracer on August 17, 2008, 01:39:47 AM
Hey, I have had 2 acl reconstructions in the past 3 months on my right knee. I don't know how I tore the first graft. I had the graft from the same side patellar tendon the first time and from the opposite the second time. I am now about 6 weeks into my rehab from my second surgery. My doctor says that I have a lot of fluid in my joint. The other day I was getting out of a chair and when I locked my knee all of the way straight something popped in the front of my knee, and I looked down and there was a bulge below my kneecap and just to the right of the patella tendon. Now every time I straighten my leg out this fluid bulges out in that exact same spot. I was just wondering if my knee just had to get some of the fluid out of the joint or what. It hasn't really caused me any pain. Any thoughts on what might be going on would be appreciated.