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Title: my knee problem just need some advice
Post by: ianmthy on August 03, 2008, 06:11:03 PM
i have being  having trouble with both knees   since last summer  i had   three months off work and lots of  anti-inflammatories from my gp after i went back to work it lasted about 2 weeks  until the pain came back i was refered to  a local physiotherapist who says the tracking on my knees is out of sync and  i may have chondromalacia patella although this is rare for a guy of 31 she refered me to a podiatrist who has given me special insoles to correct the knee position i've seen him several times but he always says keep trying and come back in 8 weeks i still attend physio every 2 weeks as well.

then one night i had a game of football with some pals  i made a tackle and my pal landed on my right knee which swelled to about 3 times its size in a matter of minutes  the doctor at my local a+e x-rayed it and said i had a partial tear of my crutiate ligament he fitted a splint and gave me crutches and told me to rest  i took a weeks holiday from work and have been back twice for follow up appointments he now says i need an mri scan and i have to see an orthopaedic consultant in three weeks   he also said the quariceps muscle has wasted rapidly because of the splint and advised me to persevere without any support to get my quad working again i feel  every medic is saying something different and over a year later they are still unsure what is wrong the exercises the physio has given me just seem to make it flare up more  ie. i have to carefully lie in bed and stretch the leg and knee for at least 10 minutes before i can bend it enough to get up in the morning

can someone here please tell me what they think or would recommend as  i am not getting anywhere with the nhs
Title: Re: my knee problem just need some advice
Post by: ianmthy on August 03, 2008, 09:50:56 PM
just adding some more  details  my physio  recommends doing some light exercises
the a + e doctor recommends complete rest to get rid of the swelling its been nearly 5 weeks since the cruciate injury i dont know if this is good or bad for swelling also i cant take anymore time off work  just now i only stopped for 1 week with the cruciate injury and my job involves constant lifting and bending in  a freezer warehouse where the temperature never rises above - 25 celsius i dont know how much more damage working is doing or if the temperature will affect it more i know its best to wait until i see the orthopaedic surgeon and have the mri scan  i just want to know if there is anything that someone can recommend trying or doing  exercises ,medicines or just advise on what they think is the best way foward as i have 3 weeks before seeing the os and i want to keep trying myself until i see them i have already tried glucosamine which is supposed to help cartliage and tendons/ligaments etc but i didnt find this made any difference     
Title: Re: my knee problem just need some advice
Post by: Clarkey on August 05, 2008, 04:54:05 PM
Hi ianmthy,

When I saw my PT about my inflammed fat pad surrounded by fluid he reccommended going to the gym and use the cross trainer and excercise bike but said to stop straight away if you get any knee pain. Swimming might be useful in you case as you not putting to much strain on you knees as you would be doing at the gym.

Maybe try and speed up the appointment with your OS rather then waiting too long. I am sceptical about the use of Glucosamine as it not proved fully that it actuallly benefits the menicus and have had mixed veiws on this website some supporting it while others say its a waste of time.

Swelling of the knee a bad sign means something must be wrong inside the knee and its frustating having to book time off work so suggest again see your OS ASAP as its not good if you cant work.

Dont go to the gym just yet untill you have seen a OS.

Nick :) {2008} :)

Title: Re: my knee problem just need some advice
Post by: ianmthy on August 09, 2008, 07:06:08 PM
i'm not doing much exercise  just straight leg raises and basic stuff to keep it active  my work isnt giving me any more time of for physio etc  i've got the os next friday  the 22nd so hopefully i can see them and find out what is  wrong  then decide what to do about work  maybe time to look for a new job just found out there tryin to stop me gettin sick pay until next august because i took 1 day off when i tore my cruciate ligament   dont think 1 day is much to ask but we are only allowed 1 illness a year
Title: Re: my knee problem just need some advice
Post by: ianmthy on August 24, 2008, 06:02:43 PM
seen the os on friday   have to wait for results of the mri then he will discuss surgery