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Title: microfracture
Post by: over it on July 07, 2008, 03:27:19 AM
I am 45 yo female just had my 8th knee arthroscopy with my 2nd and 3rd microfracture procedure.  This was the most painful one yet.  I had to have my knee tapped 3 times after the surgery for a total of 205ml withdrawn.  My medial meniscus is totally removed and the lateral portion is sutured together.  I had my first microfracture last summer on the opposite knee, but this one is worse.  Microfracture is on both lateral and medical femorial condyles.  I am having doubts that I made the right decision.  Maybe I should have just had replacement even though I am relatively young.  Why can't they invent a better knee prosthetic for younger individuals who are still very active?  It's frustrating.  Just wasnted to vent.  Thanks for reading my posting. 
Title: Re: microfracture
Post by: Headache 0121 on July 07, 2008, 05:22:07 PM
Hi Over it

I can see where you are coming from and I too would like to know why they haven't invented the "bionic knee" for us youngsters. At 34 there is no way they will offer me PKR/TKR so its MF or Fulkerson for me. Although I'd been in pain for some years I sometimes think: If I hadn't started on this route of having a debridement in May 07, maybe if I hadn't been made aware by the OS of the damage I'd previously caused could I have just continued until I began to have further walking difficulties? On the other hand the OS confirmed irreversible damage in May 07 so without debridement pain would have been inevitable at some point.

Having just had MF surgery in May this year I never considered how long the bone marrow would last, and having read your post, I reckon I'll have shot it to pieces come 40 yrs of age and am not sure I could cope another 6-8 weeks on crutches in the future. I expect other MFers say the same things but at the end of the day its about long term mobility and quality of life, so you just get on with it and have the operations.

I know an elderly couple in my street. Both have had multiple knee replacements, Rita 2 on her left and 3 on her right - the 2nd op on her right failed and she had another which she seems happy with. Her hubby Jack had a few replacements on both knees but his bones have crumbeld so he had to have arthrodesis on his right leg so his right is permanently fused in position. That makes me think I'd like to keep my own knees as long as I can.

Best wishes
Title: Re: microfracture
Post by: over it on July 08, 2008, 01:00:52 AM
Hey Headache,
Thanks for your input... I guess misery loves company.  Just knowing that I am not alone.. helps.  Over the years I have lost so many activities that I have enjoyed doing... okay.. enough pity time.  Need to go do exercises (PT). 

Take Care.

Over it
Title: Re: microfracture
Post by: Headache 0121 on July 09, 2008, 10:15:27 PM
Hi Over it.

I remember the OS advising "activity modification" amongst "avoid stairs". My Husband calls me Harry (Potter) because I am always "pottering" around. I cannot sit still and the word "relax" is something I have trouble with. When my OS says "activity modification; avoid stairs" he might as well be speaking in tongues. The only thing I modify is making sure I sit down in between housework and making sure I never kneel (couldn't kneel if I tried). I want to get back to the gym and do swimming and walking. If I've worn my knee out, I might as well make sure I do a proper job of it whilst I'm still able to do so. On the other hand (or knee  ;)) as you know yourself, you do what you can and keep taking the painkillers because why should we put our life on hold when we only have the one life anyway.
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