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Title: After Operation rehab.......
Post by: paulmc18 on June 18, 2008, 10:35:44 PM

New to the forum, hope you are all well and pain free!!!

I had sustained a football injury and it resulted in recent knee surgery, cartlidge trimming.  Whist 'in there' the surgeon noticed that one of the crucite liguments had come away and reatteched itself to the back one.

He has said it will be ok but to be careful, carry on playing football tho.  I'm in the gym, stretching, bike to keep range of motion, along with leg machines to build muscle back up.

When I bend my left leg (so calf touches hamstring) I get extreme pain!?  What is causing this?

When I will make my first competative tackle and my left leg will obvioulsy bend right back, concluding in massive pain further injury.

Is there any way of 'ridding' the pain??  Or will I have to get reconstructive on it?

Sorry for the long topic!!!

Kindest Regards, don't want to 'hang my boots up' at 33!!


Title: Re: After Operation rehab.......
Post by: April28 on June 18, 2008, 11:21:48 PM
Hi PaulMC!

    If u have concerns and pain issues U should address it with your ortho doc!  Don't wait 2 its 2 late and cause more damage!  I am only 28 with alot of knee problems because I waited 2 long!  Just a word of advice!  Are you in physical therapy?  Do U strech your knee properly before playing sports?  Keep Me and everybody else posted!