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Title: i am scared what should i do please help
Post by: bella287 on May 04, 2008, 06:36:42 AM
hi all,
well mua is monday and i am terrified. ext is 10 flexion is 90 tkr was in january. like many others specialists is my problem. i am near them but they are not hap dr,s. my os says the mua and serial cast will give me some flexion but once extension is gone its gone(yes i know this is incorrect) but I am hoping if i go thru with it that the insurance co will then let me go out of network. i am right now fighting to go to fibromyalgia/c.f.s. specialists and even though this disease affects every aspect of my being including my abilty to heal they are still denying it. going on my 3rd appeal the reason they give is there are dr,s in network to treat me there is not. all they want to do is shove more pills my way and treat the symptoms instead of trying to get it into remission. so knowing what i know about arthro any suggestions about things i should insist on to keep damage at a minuem. I know no weight bearing, elevation ice . i am on 40mg oxy but what is a good pain med for pt. could someone write a list for me as far as what to ask for what to tell pt anything helpful, should i be put on a antiifflamatory(cant be nsaid cardiac patient) what quick release pain med for pt etc. I dont want to go thru with this but i know if i dont the insurence co will deny going out of network because i didnt exhaust the treatments a in-network wanted to do. please anything you all can think of will be helpful. tgfk......thank god for kneegeeks lol          thanks bella ???
Title: Re: i am scared what should i do please help
Post by: Janet on May 05, 2008, 01:22:55 AM

Good luck with your MUA. I started to write an answer about what to expect/ask for, but I have no idea what happens with a serial cast.

Title: Re: i am scared what should i do please help
Post by: Jaci on May 06, 2008, 04:31:11 AM
Hello Bella,

I hope everything went well with your MUA. Let us know how you're doing.

Wishing you a smooth recovery.