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Title: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: zoeygrl on April 25, 2008, 01:44:53 PM
Hello everyone! I am so happy to have found this bb and really enjoy reading everyone's experiences.  I have an appointment on Monday April 28th for my 4 week post op visit.  I believe the OS is going to take xrays to see how the bone is healing.   I have been trying to think of a list of questions to ask him and I don't want to miss anything so I thought I'd ask you all for some help.  Here's what I have so far:

1.   How many more weeks of NWB?
2.   When can I drive? If so, can I get a disabled parking permit?
3.   Will I need to have the screws and plate removed from my leg?
4.   Do I need something to get through airport security when I fly in the future due to the metal in my leg?
5.   I'm up to 100 degrees in flexion, where do I need to be before I can walk?
6.   How much physical therapy will I need once I begin to walk?
7.   How will I know if I have overgrowth of the cartilage?
8.   Should I continue on the cpm?

Anything else you think I should ask? I feel like I'm missing a ton of stuff.  The OS I see is a great doctor but I do have to pull it out of him sometimes, he's very quiet and softspoken and I seem to find myself finishing his sentenaces.   

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!   :-*

Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: casey2291 on April 25, 2008, 06:03:52 PM

You might want to ask your OS how long you have to wear your brace for, when you get a new brace, if you get to unlock it or when you get to go to a smaller brace.  Also, once you are given permission to start weight bearing, ask if it is ok to weight bearing in the shower without a brace?   

I can tell you about my experience since I also had ACI/HTO on the medial femoral condyle (which if I remember correctly is also where yours was located) and respond to some of your questions based on my experience for you to compare to the answers that your OS gives you at your appointment.  Definately still ask your OS all your questions as they all tend to do things differently.  For me, I had to be NWB for 6 weeks and keep my leg immobilized for 6 weeks except for when I was doing ROM exercises.  At six weeks I was allowed to unlock the immobilizer brace and got to start weight bearing.  I had to continue wearing the big brace (unlocked) until around 10 weeks post-op (to protect the osteotomy)  At that point in time I got to switch to a smaller brace, but actually continued to wear the larger brace for several more weeks due to muscle weakness.  I don't believe that you need to get anything from your OS to get through airport security.  I also wondered that question and from what I read on the internet, airport security people are used to it.  You might have to show your scar and allow for a few extra minutes at the security gate.  I have plans to travel by air at the end of the May and I will let you know how it goes.  I also read that some hardware sets the metal detectors off and others doesn't.  I am interested to hear what your OS has to say about it.  As for PT, you should plan on being in PT for a good while, given that your insurance will pay for a lot of visits.  Often times, the amount of formal PT you get is driven by how many PT visits your insurance will pay for per year/per injury.  Regardless of that, you should at least plan on doing PT for at least a full year (an independent workout program at some point in time).   I am 6 months post op and I just reduced my PT sessions to once a week.  I am fortunate that my insurance pays for a lot of visits.  I do PT on my own twice a week at the gym and I plan on continuing PT on my own for at least one full year.  I work on my ROM everday.  I have probably been in PT a little longer than the average ACI patient because I had scar tissue which caused slow progress and I had to go back in for a scope.  As soon as I have full ROM, my PT will probably discharge me.   My PT told me that it would take at least a year or maybe a year and half to fully get my quad muscles back.  Also, from my own experience, you have enough flexion in your knee now to walk.  If I remember correctly, I was right around 100 degrees when I started walking.  Your biggest problem when you begin to weight bear is probably going to be muscle weakness.  Even though, I was given permission to ditch my crutches at 6 weeks, I didn't fully get rid of them until 10 weeks post op.  I just didn't have enough muscle in my leg to support me.  I really couldn't believe it when at my 6 week post op visit my OS told me to go ahead and try to walk and I couldn't do it without the use of crutches.  Hope this helped you some and that your visit goes well.   
Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: zoeygrl on April 25, 2008, 06:16:29 PM
Hi Casey, thanks so much, I totally forgot to ask about the monster brace, this really helps.  I have the unloader brace from before the surgery so I'll ask him about that too.  I have been doing all of my quad exercises and using my stim machine (even though I hate it so) and my slr's so I"m hoping my quad atrophy won't be too bad.   I feel like I'll have a little chicken leg after all of this!  My OS is very conservative so I bet I"ll be another 2-4 weeks NWB but we'll see.   Are you back to work? I can work from home but not if I have to be in the cpm for 6 hours a day.  My boss really wants me to come back on May 5th.    I will let you know what he says about the airport and hardware.   I hate the monster brace and can't wait to sleep without it.   Luckily I have 90 visits of pt a year from my insurance company (I also work there too!)  Thanks so much for your reply and your experience, it's good to know how you're doing.  We DID have the same surgery, so we should stay in touch to see how we're doing. 

thanks again!  I added a few more questions to my list! 
Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: casey2291 on April 25, 2008, 06:53:51 PM

My OS wouldn't let me wear an unloader brace and made me keep the big one b/c of the osteotomy.  I hope that you get to ditch yours soon b/c I know how heavy and just cumbersome it is.  I too hated sleeping in it.  I did sleep in it for a couple of weeks after I was officially allowed to ditch it just because turning over in bed was extremely painful for me (I think due to muscle weakness and the scar tissue problem that I had).  It took me a long time to be able to sleep normally again and even today, when I sleep on my stomach I am aware of the swelling in the knee.  Thankfully though, the knee rarely keeps me awake anymore.  I had a lot of weakness in my leg and I didn't use a stim machine right away except at PT, so that is a definate advantage that you had over me.  I too hated that stupid machine and when I found out my insurance company wasn't going to pay for it anymore, I gladly sent it back.  I'm glad to hear that you have a lot of visits of PT.  I have 100 visits a year and I have not even come close to that, but it is nice to know that I have access to them if I need them.  My PT facility has the option to become a gym member once you are capable of doing your exercises independently so I may end up scheduling a once a month visit for the next several months with my PT so that he can tweak my exercises and to make sure I am progressing appropriately.  I've already hit my out of pocket max on my insurance for the year, so the visits would essentially be free for me.  I went back to work around 13 weeks post op.  I intended to go back to work around 10 weeks when I ditched the crutches but there was a mix up at the OS's office and I couldn't get clearance to return to work.  I work with small children so it was necessary for me to be off the crutches before I returned.  I had accomodations when I went back to work so that I would have to do a limited amount of walking.  I'm learning that this surgery requires a lot of patience.  I had a little set back this week and had to take a little break from exercise routine.  Overall the knee started to feel better and I started to get overly anxious to return to complete normalcy and worked out a little too hard.  Even at 6 months out, I am learning that ice is still my best friend.  It sounds like you are doing really well so far and are commited to your rehab.  I hope you get a good report when you see your OS.
Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: MegTX on April 25, 2008, 07:44:48 PM
My "good" knee was covered in bruises from where the brace would hit it when I'd roll over at night & such.  I was so glad to get rid of that darned thing!  I ended up using my body pillow as a buffer between my two legs.   ::)

My insurance only covers something like 60 visits a year, so I'm a little worried about it lasting as long as I'll need PT.  But, I'm learning to take things as they come, yanno?  I'll be glad when I get full ROM and my strength up and can go back to a regular gym.  I used to HATE going to the gym, and now I can't WAIT to get back to one!!   :o

I always forget to ask for my pictures of the surgery & my operative report.  :-)
Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: casey2291 on April 25, 2008, 07:55:28 PM
Meg...I have had 52 visits of PT since my surgery and I am at 6 months post-op.  I think you will be just fine with the 60 visits a year that you are given.  I did take two weeks off at different times b/c I was out of town.  At some point, you will be able to do some stuff on your own and won't need your PT as much.  I slowly decreased to two sessions a week and now I am down to one.  I think I would have been discharged awhile back if I didn't have problems with my ROM.  Be sure to keep track of your visits b/c I have never been to a PT facility that does that for you.  I too now "enjoy" going to the gym!!   :)
Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: MegTX on April 25, 2008, 08:03:31 PM
I hadn't actually figured it up, but I'm 11 wks post, I have only been going 2x/wk from the beginning, and missed 2 appts because of illness, so I've only had 18 of my 60 so far.  At 2x/wk, that's 30 wks covered, which is a little over 7 months.  I know once we have ROM & strength up, they'll drop me back to 1/wk so it'll be fine.  I'll find out next week if the doc is going to do the surgery to clear the scar tissue, since I'm only at 108 and I should already be at 130+ which will of course mean more work in PT.  :/
Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: casey2291 on April 25, 2008, 09:20:26 PM
I hope you don't have to go in for more surgery and I know that I did everything I could to prevent it.  No one ever wants to go through another procedure and I dreaded having my knee operated on again and going through the anestheia and the nerves of another operation, but I know that I was extremely pleased that I had my knee scoped.  I don't think my PT agreed with me having it done until it was done and he saw how quickly my gait and ROM got better after my scope.  My ROM increased pretty quickly after my scope and so did my pain levels.  ROM work after my scope was still painful (still is), but the fact that now I see progress with my ROM seems to make it easier.  How is your gait at 11 weeks out?  are you still on crutches?
Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: MegTX on April 25, 2008, 09:56:26 PM
My ROM was stuck for about 5 weeks at about 85 degrees, then I got a good pop on what had to have been a major adhesion, and it went up to 100.  We went back and forth between 95 and 100 for a couple of weeks, and now there's been a very slow, but steady progression for the last 2 weeks, I'm sitting at 108 now.

I've been 100% weight bearing since about 8 weeks, have been using a cane to keep from getting in the habit of limping, the last week or so I've quit using the cane around the house/office, and just use it when I'm running errands or going somewhere with variable terrain as a safety.  I can keep the limp to a minimum if I walk slowly and concentrate on it, if I don't it's pretty pronounced.  My PT says my gait is actually pretty good for where I'm at, and for me to just keep working on walking heel to toe and not limping as much as I can.

My PT is fine with doing a scope or not, he says I'll be fine either way but we'll get there faster with the scope.  I don't have issues with anesthesia now that I know to clue my anesthesiologist in about the nausea and use a motion sickness patch the night before.  So really, I don't object to the scope if the doc thinks it's best.  He's been on the money with everything else with my knee, so I'll trust him on this one... as long as he's talking a scope/LOA and NOT a MUA.  I will not agree to an MUA, but I don't think he'd do that anyway, he's too good at what he does.
Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: zoeygrl on April 29, 2008, 02:14:14 AM
Hi everyone! I had my 4 week check up today and have good news! I can start pwb at 20% this week and work my way up to 50% in 2 weeks.  By June 1st I should be full weight bearing and switch to a cane if need be.  PT is 3x per week.  I can send the cpm back too but have to use the immobilizer brace for another 4 weeks, yuck.   :'(

Still no driving until June 2nd and that poses a problem for me and getting to and from work.  My boyfriend can take me sometimes but the rest of the time I will have to rely on others.   My boss is looking to seeing if I can work from home a few days a week to take the pressure off of getting a ride.  I checked into the bus schedule and it would take me 93 minutes and 3 transfers to get to work that would only take me 20 minutes if I were driving.  this is a huge hurdle for me to get over at this point, but I cannot jeopardize my job.   I will work it out with my boss somehow.   

I am excited to start the next process!  I can't wait to get a normal life back.  Although it's been only 4 weeks I am about to go stir crazy! 

Thanks everyone for your support and good wishes.   I will continue to montior these boards and provide feedback and updates! 

I'm happy now!   ;D
Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: dileigh on April 30, 2008, 02:53:11 AM
Does your area have handicapped public transportation? We do here, but they limit the number of days per week you can schedule it.  That may be an alternate way to get you to work at least a few days. 

Did you remember to ask all of the other questions in your first post?  It always feels good to get out of the house. 

Wow, PWB, I still don't have that ability and no PT until after the 6 week appointment, just some home exercises.  You're going to be ahead me quickly.

Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: zoeygrl on April 30, 2008, 03:31:57 AM
Hi Diana, thanks for checking in.   Yes, I had a list of 12 questions to ask the doctor thanks to you and others!  Here's what he told me in no particular order:

1.  Hardware - most likely will have to have it removed next year (about a year from now) unless it doesn't bother me at all.  he said most people want it out because they can feel the screws
2.  No airport card needed, if the metal detector thing goes off just show them my scar.  weird.
3.  Work really hard at the weight bearing and pt to get my range of motion back.  I went today and I feel so beat up and sore....owie. 
4.  Since I can't drive for another 4 weeks he won't discuss the disabled parking pass.
5.  Overgrowth, he said that I will know in a couple of months if I have overgrowth from the catching and popping when I walk.  Then he will evaluate me to see if they need to go in and "shave" it back...yuck.
6.  He said I must wear the brace at all times except at pt.  I am really beginning to get annoyed with it, I put ice on my leg today and took a nap without the brace and my leg is really bothering me now.  I think it's from the pt though.

I think that's about it from all the questions I didn't answer in my follow up email.   I had to take one of my hydrocodones tonight as the pain is pretty intense from working out today.  This is the first one since I quit taking them 3 days after my least I have a good supply to get me through the pt...tee hee. 

Hope you're doing well.   I think everyone is very different and every doctor has their way of doing things.    I may be ahead of you but I worry that I'm going too fast and I'll have issues.  We'll see, let me know how you're doing?  so nice to hear from you

Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: Army John on April 30, 2008, 03:41:11 AM

  Good to hear things are going well.  I suspect you'll never set off an alarm at the airport because they are typically, if not exclusively, using titanium hardware.  I have never triggered anything and I have hardware in my shoulder and now I have even more in my knee.  My wife doesn't set anything off and she had a TP fracture and that joyful injury comes with an erector set of hardware-- she has something like 10 screws and some huge plate. 

I too hate my brace... with a passion.  I don't know if I am supposed to drive or not but I have been.  I had surgery on the left knee and I drive an automatic.

Finally, I sent that PDF file you sent me to the therapy department on Fort Drum.  I'm not pleased with how conservative they are being with me.  Now I'm not saying they're wrong it's just that I am not a very patient person and after reading it, I think I should be allowed to do more.  But again, this is a year long recovery so I'll bite my lip. 

Take care..... John
Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: zoeygrl on April 30, 2008, 03:02:57 PM
Hi John, thanks for your follow up.  My ex husband sold titanium maxiocranialfacial surgical equipment so I should have know about the airport thingy!  My xray showed 4 big screws and a plate, fun fun.  You sound like the million dollar man with all your pieces patched together.  erector set - that's funny! 

It's weird that your pt is so much more conservative but I think that's because you have multiple lesions right? Did you have Carticel? I was assigned a case manager from Carticel who would answer any of my questions.  While I never called them, that might be a resource for you to ask some more questions on the pt? 

Best to do what they say, although I am tempted to start driving in another two weeks as I have to take a cab to work and it's costing me $40 each time! take about ouch!  Since mine is my right knee I can see why they don't want the compression but I have got to get around!  I'm going to try it once I get to 50% weight bearing.   

Kentucky Derby is Saturday, I think my horse is Big Brown.  going to a party I hope.   Take care and hope your recovery keeps moving forward! 

I think it's a big aggressive that my pt is working me so hard! I am hurting today, I think I may have pulled a groin muscle, ouch!  or it's just that my muscles aren't used to working this much.  I go back tomorrow for another round of torture.   

Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: casey2291 on April 30, 2008, 04:29:46 PM
Good info to know about the hardware, especially since I am flying at the end of May.  Thanks for the clarification on that John and Zoey. ACI was on my left leg and I started driving at 3 weeks post-op.  I also had an automatic.  The biggest problem was keeping my leg straight while getting in and out of the car.  You mentioned your PT being conservative.  Be thankful that he/she is protecting your grafts and being conservative.  You can always mention to them when an excerise becomes easy for you and ask them if the protocol allows for you to increase/add to your program.

Zoey...sorry to hear that it costs you so much to take a cab to get to work.  Do you have any co-workers who might be willing to pick you up or take you home?  I would be very cautious if you start driving before your OS recommends.  If you happen to need to brake really hard, you might not have the strength in your leg to do so and it might also compromise your ACI or HTO.  This was a very expensive operation with a long recovery time.  I would just hate for some freak thing to happen while you are driving and it gets messed up.  But, at the same time, you gotta do what you gotta do to get to work...sometimes life doesn't always work out just the way we would like it to.   

I hope everyone is healing nicely and feeling good!

Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: Army John on April 30, 2008, 05:50:48 PM

  Yes, I have a case manager at Carticel but I wouldn't trust a reps advice on PT.  And yes, I do have multiple lesions and I had a TTO as well.  Like I said, I am impatient when it comes to this stuff.  It's as if knee surgery has become a hobby I seemed to have picked up along the way.  Like I have said previosly, I am your typical type-a personality who can't stand sitting around. 

  The only thing I am "cheating" on is progressing on the CPM machine.  I haven't put weight on it or anything else.  I know one thing, when I get to put weight on my leg I am in for a shock.  My body has wasted no time turning my leg into what one would expect to see on a POW held captive for years.

  Well, let me go knock the dust off of myself.
Take care....... John
Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: zoeygrl on April 30, 2008, 06:40:12 PM
Hello again! I just had my best friend pick me up to go to a visitation at another friends mother's funeral home.   She said she would pick me up and take me from pt every day and take me to work!  My office is about 20 miles from work so this is a big deal.  I told her I would pay for the gas and buy her lunch and love her until we die!  We have been friends since the 5th grade.  She's a dear to do this for me.   I didn't know what to do.  My co worker will pick me up in the mornings when I don't have pt and then give me a ride home every day, so I think I'm covered now.   I just hated to ask anyone since it's so far away.  I won't drive until he releases me, I'm getting pretty frustrated not being able to go up to the store for something and my boyfriend is just about over running all my errands for me.  Especially since this is Derby week and there is so much going on! 

So, my issue is solved for the time being and I feel so fortunate to have such good friends.   

Also, I think I pulled a groin muscle during the night, it hurts like a bugger today and had a lot of pain when we went to the funeral home.   My knee feels great, it's my groin muscle that is killing me...ouch!  I'm going to lay down and use my cpm before they come to pick it up tomorrow.   

Thanks for all your support.   John, your sense of humor is very funny....knee hobby.  captive POW leg...funny.  I'm not a type A but my boyfriend is and I can't imagine what you are going through.  I consider myself a Type F personality - fun loving, easy going and nothing bothers me much.   But now, it's all starting to get to me. 

Take care everyone!

Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: casey2291 on April 30, 2008, 06:48:25 PM
Glad that you were able to get transportation to and from work.  You had me worried that you were going to be driving.  Sounds like you have some good friends who care about you!

Hang in gets better!!!!  Soon you will be walking around and feel like your old self again. 

Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: Peg Leg on April 30, 2008, 11:55:23 PM

I'm glad you were able to work out the rides and all; it is so hard to lean on our friends, when in truth, they want to help out.  I also had a groin pull and it bothered me for weeks!  I have no idea how it happened, but what a pain.  Hope you are feeling better soon!

Peg Leg   
Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: dileigh on May 01, 2008, 12:37:25 AM
Glad you got your rides worked out, I don't have the driving problem since mine is on the left knee.   I do know that free ROM is harder than the CPM, I can get to what looks like 90, but not much past it right now.

I went back to work and have had a couple of episodes where I've lost my balance and put weight on the surgery leg.  It wasn't bad yesterday, but it really didn't like it today.  Sitting with the ice right now, and iced it in the car on the way home.

I like my brace a whole lot more than the immobilizer, and it's now set to 90 degrees so it's not quite as hard getting in and out of the car.  I do have to move the seat all the way back sometimes in order to get in the driver's seat.  More for getting by the door than anything else.

My OS usually takes out the screws after 6 months, but I'll probably wait until October, more vacation time and right before the health insurance changes again.  I can imagine what this did to our rates for next year.....

I like the type F personality, I need more of it ;D

Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit? Now a Groin Pull
Post by: zoeygrl on May 01, 2008, 02:58:53 AM
Hi again.  Well the groin pull has turned out to be much more painful than I could even imagine.  I have been stuck in bed all afternoon icing it down and I am absolutely miserable right now.  I have only been up a couple of times to get to the bathroom and I am in a great deal of pain.  I can't believe how this has laid me up.  I have a pt visit at 7:30 tomorrow morning and I'm wondering if I should cancel or go in and have them help me with this pain.   I read on the internet there are three kinds of groin pull and considering the amount of pain I'm in I might be a stage 2 or 3.  I cannot get comfortable in any position and it is screaming with pain and I'm not even moving! The pain goes from the middle of my inside thigh up to the very top of my thigh.   

I may have hurt it yesterday in pt or in getting in the car on my way home from pt, because it started last night and hasn't let up at all today.   Anybody have any suggestions? I tried to wrap it with a worn out ace bandage.   No relief at all.   help???

OWIE!  what to do? How long does this take to get over? I've never had a groin pull before? 
Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: Army John on May 01, 2008, 03:45:21 AM

Well I am glad I can be a source of humor.  You should have seen me at the Derby a few years ago and all of those Mint Juleps--- ahhhhh, proud moments.

  Anyway, I am an equal opportunist when it comes to injuries.  As a lacrosse player, when I wasn't breaking my collar bone or wrecking my knee, I was pulling my groin. They don't heal quickly.  What you can do is use an ace bandage and as you come up through the goin, pull up tightly.  I found that pulling it up relieves the pain.  Your PT can probably describe that with cool medical terms, but I can't.  I really recommend against using any deep heating cream like Ben-Gay-- for the obvious reason.  If they aren't obvious, well take my advice.

I'm not sure what exactly you're doing at PT but you may really agitate it.  I'd also take some motrin (or similar item).  You'll feel better in a week or so but you really have to take it easy as it'll be easy to agitate it again until it's fully healed.  I played an entire lacrosse season with a pull. 

  Now I did get to experience a hernia a few years ago during a move.  I thought I pulled my groin, it felt exactly like one.  After two months of it not going away, and saying to my wife, "that bulge looks weird, huh?", I decided to go to a doctor.  Again, not one to half a$$ any injury, I headed to the OR for hernia surgery.  The great thing about hernia surgery is after two days, feeling like you were beat with a baseball bat goes away and you're back to feeling and being  normal in a week.  Plus, there's no PT with hernia surgery!  Not that you really needed that llife story, but you may want to look for signs of a hernia.  They are very easy to get as the stomach wall has 3 inherent weak points.  I remember the doc telling me that a lot of people get them from simple things, like getting up out of a chair. 

Good luck and I guess we'll have to scratch you from the kickball tournament this weekend?  Quitter.  ;)
Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: zoeygrl on May 01, 2008, 10:32:48 PM
John, you crack me up!   ;D  Kickball tournaments are out for me as are dodgeball, red rover and moving statues I'm afraid.   I'm NOT a quitter, I'm just a broke down old filly.   tee hee   I went to my pt appt this morning in excrutiating pain and he only worked me out a little bit since the groin pull was killing me.  When I got home I broke down and took some ibuprophen and I feel so much better.   I had been only taking tylenol since my surgery.   I think the pain is starting to go away but I feel it's still there.  The pt said the groin pull will likely go away by this weekend and to switch from ice to heat on Saturday.  yowie that hurts.     It was way worse than any knee pain I've had since my surgery.  I even cried a bit. 

Well the Kentucky Derby activities are all going today! I'm missing a really fun time at the track today, my boyfriend called and said he's having fun.  Well at least one of us is!   My sister keeps telling me to drink a Mint Julep but I would rather eat broken glass than drink one of those nasty bourbons and sugar drinks.  I have some friends in town for the Derby and they are picking me up tomorrow to take me to lunch.  should be fun. 

I've seen some funny hernia bumps on other people and heard stories of their recovery.  One of my friends said it felt like he was in a knife fight. 

Anyway, I'm feeling much better now and hope I don't re-injure it this weekend.  I guess I won't be attending any fun events.   I'll just watch it all on tv! 

Thanks for your support and sense of humor!   

Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: dileigh on May 01, 2008, 10:58:34 PM
I want to play kickball too :'(  Maybe we can organize a game in about a year when we've all healed up.    I've never really gotten into the Derby, usually just watch it on Sportscenter after it's all over.

Glad the groin pain is getting better, can't imagine that on top of everything else.   

Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: Army John on May 02, 2008, 01:12:20 PM
The KY Derby is not about horses, it's about the experience.  I pride myself on the fact I never saw a horse with my own two eyes when I went.  The infield was far more entertaining.  Plus I didn't have to wear any costumes like those sitting up in the stands. 

Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: dileigh on May 02, 2008, 09:33:51 PM
So, sounds like the difference between trying to watch any sporting event on TV, and actually being there.   One of the guys from work is a horse guy and he's thinking about driving up this weekend.

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Post by: zoeygrl on May 02, 2008, 10:09:39 PM
I have gone to the infield at the Derby since 1979 and I usually go with my college friends every year.  Last year I went to the backside of the track and it wasn't as fun.  The infield is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives, for some people, once is enough.  tee hee. 

It is unbelievably fun even at 47!  I have friends from all over the country who come just for the KY Derby infield.   What you see on TV is only one of the 12 races they have all day long.  If you see a horse you're lucky, it's the people watching that is the best.  We would just lay on our blanket, get sunburned and partake in liquid refreshments and food.   There is always this one guy who would pile up styrofoam coolers, tie a towel around his neck and run and dive into the cooler pile.  very funny. 

Anyway, I'll be sidelined this year, but will go next year for sure just to prove I still have the party spirit. 

If your friend decides to go, I have one tip, the filly is a gray horse and her name is Eight Belles. I think that's my horse this year.   

Happy Derby! 

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Post by: Army John on May 03, 2008, 03:32:04 AM
People watching!!  I am a great people watcher.  I go to dirt track racing and I tell people, "the people watching,alone, is worth the price of admission".  When I was in the Indianpolis Recruiting Battalion we were always at big events-- concerts, super motor cross, NHRA, NASCAR, etc.  We typically had VIP or all access passes.  Talk about some people watching! 

  I can't imagine sitting anywhere but the infield at the Derby.  I had an absolute blast.  My motto is, "you have to grow old but you don't have to grow up!" 

Wait, this is a knee forum right??   ;D

Big scar-check
lacking ROM-check
tons of rehab ahead of me-check

Good to go!   ;D
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Post by: zoeygrl on May 03, 2008, 02:49:04 PM
I think this is a knee forum!  Glad to hear you're doing okay John.  I am still nursing my groin pull.   If I wrap it tightly it and pull up on the bandage occasionally it really helps.  I went to lunch yesterday with my girlfriends and then they took me to the mall for a bit.  I was using my Dad's wheelchair and man I felt it when I got home....swelling and tons of pain in my abductors! owie.  after wrapping it up and taking ibuprophen the pain went away about 2 hours later.     :(

My boyfriend just left to go to the track, he's going to have a great time partying without me! Luckily they have full coverage the entire day here so I can see what's going on.   I may even drink a beer or two while doing my pt exercises.   Lost a bit of ROM since I went to the pt on Thursday I'm afraid. 

My day will consist of:

goofing on the computer - check
watching endless Derby coverage - check
heel slides - check
patella movement - check
feeding and watering my dogs - check
looking at my scar - check
stim machine on quads - check
2 movies to watch - check
shower? maybe
beer? maybe
Feeling sorry for myself while all my friends are having a blast - check

Have a great day everyone! be sure to watch the Derby! it should be on about 6:00pm on one of the major networks.   
Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: dileigh on May 04, 2008, 06:03:59 PM
I didn't see coverage on the Derby yesterday, but saw the highlights as usual. There's a golf tournament here this weekend and it took all of the coverage.   That sucks about Eight Belles.

I am confined to my chair today, developed a very bad pain in my chest when crutching, I think I pulled something yesterday.  Doesn't hurt unless I'm using the crutches. I hate still being dependent on others.

So did you do the shower and beer? and what movies did you watch?

Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: zoeygrl on May 04, 2008, 06:28:40 PM
Hi Diana, so sorry you're feeling yucky.  You may have pulled a chest muscle or something.  I am still nursing my groin pull, trying heat now since I finally found my heating pad.   The pt told me three days of ice then try heat.  I've also lost a bit of my flexion since I found it so hard to do the exercises yesterday.  I'm going to see how it goes today.   You should avoid using your crutches for a bit to give it some time to settle down and heal.   ouch! 

I didn't have a beer yesteday, I watched a movie called "The Savages" which was really good but hit very close to home for me.  It's about a brother and sister who put their Dad in a nursing home.  I just lost my Dad a few days before my surgery and he was in a nursing home for 8 years.   so it was hard to watch and I cried a bit.   good movie though, great acting. 

Very very sad about Eight Belles, I have a winning ticket ($25.00) on her and it seems so wrong to cash it.  I was very excited about the race and was talking to my boyfriend who was at the track when he told me a horse was down.  He saw it happen right in front of him and he said it was the most horrible thing he's ever seen.  He was crying when he called me.   He said so many people were upset (he was on the backside of the track where the stables, horses, trainers and owners go).   He said people were crying everywhere.   It makes you think about the humaneness of the sport, those horses are only two years old and still babies.   It's sick really.  I watched it all on tv and it was just heartbreaking.  My friends who were also at the track won a bunch of money on her but were just devastated.   The mood apparently was very somber out there despite all the partying.    One of my girlfriends won $400 on her and said it feels like blood money.   

I had a hard day yesterday feeling sorry for myself but I'm much better today. My friends are coming this afternoon to take me to a get together/cook out tonight.   I really really need to get out of this house! the weather is gorgeous outside.  Yesterday after the derby was over, I tried to take my dog out front down the steps and I missed a couple of steps and stumbled and landed on my bad leg, but was able to get myself steadied on my crutches.  I very nearly fell into the yard, I was so scared, my heart was pumping and I was very worried.  I had a bit of swelling but ice took care of pain.  I hope I didn't compromise my implant!   This is the first time I've really stumbled enough to worry.  My dog has decided that she will not go outside unless someome takes her out on a leash.  She's been doing this since I've been home the last 5 weeks, it's weird.  She also has arthritis in her front right leg and it hurts her sometimes, but the rest of it is a behavorial issue I'm sure.   

Thanks for checking in, I sure hope your "pull" isn't something serious and that you recover quickly.   I'll check in with you tomorrow when I get back from work!  Have a good day today, nurse that pulled muscle!

Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: dileigh on May 04, 2008, 07:15:02 PM
Very scary when you have problems going down the steps. Glad you didn't seem to do any damage.  I hope you have fun with your friends today to make up for yesterday!

Title: Re: ACI/HTO follow up Questions for OS 4 week Post Op Visit?
Post by: Peg Leg on May 04, 2008, 11:43:50 PM

I am so sorry about what happened to your Horse; it is just heartbreaking to see one of those beautiful animals go down like that.  About your spill; I tripped at 2 weeks and put full wt. into my bad leg.  It hurt like h*** for about 15 hours.  Fortunately, I had the immobilizer on and it all worked out.  I hope you were wearing your brace!!  Take care of that groin pull and try not to beat yourself up too much about the fall.

Peg Leg