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Title: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: g_singh on March 22, 2008, 10:07:57 PM
Hi Guys,

Brilliant information on the site and is definitely a help.

I had my ACL R Operation done through the NHS on the Tuesday just gone and wanted to track progress/gain advice on here  :)

OP Day:
General anaesthetic, operation went fine, went hope with splint.

On pain killers, taken splint and bandages off, leg is badly swollen!
Whole leg down the shin to the foot is redish with swelling.
I have started my quad exercises...

I spoke to my GP nurse and she said I should leave the dressing on.

Quad exercises and still Iciing to reduce swelling
Tried bending knee but swelling wont allow much progress!

Day 3:
Tried adding the knee bend and managed a slight bit.
Still swollen and still do not have much sensation near the bottom off leg (due to swelling?)

Easing of Pain killlers now and trying to share slight weight on leg (with crutches!)
I also managed to do a 5 set of calf raises against a chair.

This is it so far!

My only major concern so far is if I should remove the dressings for the wounds???
I have to go back to the hospital on wednesday (3 more days) and I am assuming they will change the dressing?

Thanks in advance,

Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: g_singh on March 23, 2008, 11:05:25 AM
BUMP  ;)

Day 5:
Im off the pain killers and the pain is very irritating and constant especially on the inside of the knee..
Attempted the knee bend while lying on my back and managed about 30 degrees, the swelling stops me going further more than the pain..

Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: g_singh on March 23, 2008, 07:17:04 PM
My leg is quite red and swollen from knee down to the top of the ankle, is this normal?
I also do not have much sensation in this area..
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: jathib on March 23, 2008, 09:37:52 PM
Swelling is normal and as you become more mobile the fluid will make its way down your ankle due to gravity. Numbness is also normal. However, redness is not normal. If your knee is red, hot, swollen and you have an increase in pain you need to call your doctor as these are signs of infection.
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: g_singh on March 24, 2008, 11:12:28 AM
Thanks Jathib,

Swelling is going down gradually and I am able to flex the joint better today.
The knee has been redish and hot since the day of the surgery so I am hoping it is not infection (Additionaly I do not have an increase in pain).

I have an appointment with my doctor tommorow and hope to quash any doubts!

I have not stopped taking the main medication for pain: Co-Codamol but take a tablet of Diclofenac before i go to sleep (think this is an anti-inflamatory?)

Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: g_singh on March 26, 2008, 11:24:08 AM
Just an update:
Been a week, I went to the Hospital today- the dressing stays on for another week!

Physio was quite aggressive and encouraged me to place more weight onto the leg.
Apparantly I am aiming for a 90 degree flexion of the knee for next week when i get the flexi Brace.

I raised the point of still not being able to feel the inside of my leg: The physio said that during the operation they cut one of the nerves??
I asked when I wil get sensation back and she said its a hit and miss situation. This is really upsetting as I do not want a "dead leg" for the rest of my life  :( Has anyone had this problem before??

Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: jathib on March 26, 2008, 01:43:11 PM

I raised the point of still not being able to feel the inside of my leg: The physio said that during the operation they cut one of the nerves??
I asked when I wil get sensation back and she said its a hit and miss situation. This is really upsetting as I do not want a "dead leg" for the rest of my life  :( Has anyone had this problem before??

Yeah, I haven't felt parts of my knee for 35 years. Sometimes the feeling comes back and sometimes not. If it does, it's a slow process. My PT told me that nerves heal at a rate of about an inch (2.5cm) a month. Also, they put a tourniquet around your leg during surgery that cuts off circulation. That can also cause numbness. In that case feeling should return sooner. My leg was numb for several days following my PKR. But the part below my kneecap will never return. I've gotten used to it by now.
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: g_singh on March 27, 2008, 11:20:33 AM
Thanks Jathib,

You are correct I did have a tourniquet around my thigh (still bruised!) , seeing as it has been a week already though, I reckon it must be the nerve damage. I hope time does heal because it is an odd sensation or rather lack off in the leg.

Its one week two days now and I am doing leg raises on the bed to increase quad strength and have started sharing weight on the leg evenly when walking on the crutches!

On a more positive note i managed to start up my car yesterday and let her run for 5 minutes, cant wait to drive!
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: az_2 on March 27, 2008, 02:40:51 PM
sounds like you had your acl done the same day as me, 18th? I had mine done on NHS down at Haslar in Gosport.

I've got numb bit of leg too, from knee down my shin, about 2 inches wide. Figured nerve damage during surgery. I'm hoping it repairs.

I wasn't given advice about dressing so I took off the big surgery thing after 3 days and just put a smaller one on.

I'm not walking more than a few steps without crutches as my knee still feels wobbly and it hurts if I stand up for long. How is bending your leg going?
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: nerospiro on March 28, 2008, 10:12:37 AM
hi all i also had my right aclr day 12 now, swelling more or less gone now but leg still a little yellow from brusing and leg still numb, but has got alittle better over the last week, was just wondering singh did your pt give you the leg raises to do ,because i was told to stay away from them for now until my 2 week appiontment ,the only execises i was given to do for the first 2 weeks was the heal slides for flexion, leg striaghtening ones where you push your knee to the floor as far as you can get it and some very slight sqauts .did you have your op in the uk.
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: g_singh on March 29, 2008, 02:30:47 PM
Hi Guys,

Yes az_2 I had my operation on the 18th and it was through the nhs at west middlesex hospital.

Similar to yourself the inside of my shin and parts of my insole of foot are numb to touch, I have a constant "zingy feeling there from the nerve endings, but like pins and needles however feels like frozen and burning at the same time!? ???

It is one week 4 days now and the swelling has definitely gone down alot and I am flexing the knee at about 80-85 degrees which I am pleased about.. I would concentrate on getting the swelling down as this is primarily what prevents you from bending the knee?

NeroSpiro, yes the physio gave me the leg raises exercises after my first week consultation, i think everyone heals differently and from what i have read on here, getting your knee as straight as possible and working on flexing the joint is the primary objective. Rationale being that you can always build the quad muscles through your rehab and that working on flexing is good in the early stages as you can avoid the scar tissue building up.

Except for the pins and needles irritation down the leg I am feeling more confident and am putting more weight and walking on the leg with the crutches for balance. The physio said I should not worry as the leg can take the weight! I even had my first shower standing on one leg aka flamingo style, feel much better about myself lol placebo effect? ;D
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: nerospiro on March 29, 2008, 03:22:16 PM
hi all just wondering have been walking around the house without crutches ,all be it very gingerly should i be doing this ,they did tell me that i would be able to put full weight on the leg from day one and told me id be back to work in 2 weeks which ive since put upto 3 just to be sure still not very stable off crutches. anybody know whats the ruff guide for normal walking as i do a faily labour intensive job so a bit worried .
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: g_singh on March 29, 2008, 04:47:07 PM
Hey nero, I can only go by the physiotherapy plan assigned at the hospital, according to their programme you can loose the crutches after 2 weeks (once they give you the flexi brace).

I take it you are still wearing the stiff splint/brace given to you when you are walking about? You are ok to put weight on the leg as long as you are wearing the brace for stability. I am aiming to walk without crutches by tues (14 day mark).

On another note if your job is labour intensive why take the risk in going back so early? I think you have made a mature decision in waiting an additionaly week mate.  ;)

I managed to have a crutch aided mini walk in the garden... the weather is not very motivating!
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: nerospiro on March 29, 2008, 07:04:23 PM
hi singh agree about the weather very bad here in cardiff too, sounds like your doing well tho, where did you have your op because they didnt give me a brace only the crutches, infact the physio didnt mention having a brace at any stage hope i havent damaged anything ,do you know when they check the grapht
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: g_singh on March 29, 2008, 11:50:30 PM
Hi Nero,

I had the operation in west london, west mid hospital.
I am pretty sure a brace is standard issue?

I would contact the surgery/theatre and ask for more information mate? I am sure you havent damaged anything, surely the pain would have been an indicator.

I am unaware at present of how or when they check the graft  ???

Going in to see the surgeon on Thursday so hopefully everything will be revealed..I remember Apart from the cruciate ligament damage I also had am inkury in the medial ligaments, not sure if this operable etc but will get the answers next week!

I wouldnt worry too much if i was you nero, just relax and do as they tell you!
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: g_singh on March 30, 2008, 12:53:30 PM

Day 12-
Still doing my leg raises and have also been doing calf raises facing the wall for support.
Generally feel good but do get an occasional pang/prick in the "numb zones", guess these are the nerve endings??

Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: nerospiro on March 31, 2008, 11:54:16 AM
hi singh gald to see your rehab is progressing ,im on day forteen now get my staples out tomorow thank god ,havent done any leg raises yet hope they will give me the green light for them tomorow, not really getting anywhere with the flexion either but still feeling positve i know its going to take time im getting a bit stiff when i first wake tho so i got a few questions to ask the os when i see him tomorow.
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: az_2 on March 31, 2008, 11:57:38 AM
I didn't get a brace either...nor was there mention of one. I think it's down to the surgeon more than anything else. I go back on weds. Hopefully find out more then. I don't have my first physio appiontment till the 10th April which is a long time to wait as I had the op on the 18th march. I wish I had a clearer idea of what is good/bad for my knee. I want to improve mobility and avoid the scar tissue forming but don't want to damage the graft. I can put wieght on my leg but it still fees wobbly and I'm being careful....

So fed up with not being able to do much though....

I get my stictches out on Thurs - can't wait. Let us know what exercises they ask you to start doing Spiro.
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: g_singh on March 31, 2008, 12:35:39 PM

thanks guys i think we all heal differently as i doubt each operation is performed in the exact same manner!
I have been getting pain on the inside of the knee when i walk/exercise continuously, the physio had warned me of this though and said I would have to push through the pain barrier at some points. It is difficult to ignore your body i suppose!

az_2, I would not get too down, i know the fed up feeling very well! I have re-discovered listening to the radio to kill the time! The lack of flexibility in my case was due to the swelling so I would suggest that you keep taking the anti-inflammatorys and keep icing the knee continuously?

Nero i know exactly what you mean about waking up stiff (that could be miscontrued  :D). I get fed up of sleeping like a vampire in the coffin too, I will ask the Physio if its alright to sleep sideways etc (knee lying sideways) on wednesday. That would be day 14 for me too, wonder if they wil remove the stiches for me?

Keep it up guys and keep flexing those quads!
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: nerospiro on March 31, 2008, 05:45:04 PM
hi all   lol didnt realised what i typed till i just read your reply omg  :-[ made me laugh tho ;D my next post i will be staple free and to the next phase i hope .
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: az_2 on March 31, 2008, 10:03:12 PM
Sounds like we all had it done differently, you got staples Spiro and I got lots of blue stitches  :)

The incision where they took the hamstring is about 2 1/2inches long (9 stitches) bigger than I expected. AND bigger than the little bits of micropore stuff they gave me to put on it!

I've discovered last FM on the internet, best music website I've come across....try it

Is this sad or what: I'm quite looking forward to my sainsbury grocery delivery on weds morning. I should get out more!

At least the internet got invented before I buggered my knee  :)

Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: nerospiro on April 01, 2008, 07:50:48 PM
hi all   well i had my os oppointment today was very upset id been walking without my crutches so back on them for 2 more weeks ,was also upset i was doing sqauts which is weird because my physio said they where ok. so all in all ive not got very far but he was happy with my progress all the same . did have my staples out tho that feels fantastic dont half make a difference and i only had 7 small ones ,hope everybody else is progressing update day 15 :)
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: g_singh on April 02, 2008, 01:10:56 PM
Hi Guys,

Glad your physio gave you the ok nerospiro!
Az_2 the grocery deliveries made me laugh mate!  ;D

Day 14/15
I just got back from the hospital.
The dressing was removed, i think there are 3 inscisions on/around the knee, curiously 2 of the incisions did not have ANY Stitches! The third one had the ones that dissolve and were almost completely gone but im seeing the doctor tommorow to have the remainder removed!  ;)

The knee still has swelling and is not yet the same shape as the "normal" one but i was told that this is due to the fatty tissue as opposed to muscle deformation!

I have also got the flexi brace now, and it allows me to bend the knee to approx 90 degrees.
The physio also made me walk around the corridoor with minimal aid of the crutches.
I was shown a new set of exercises, mini squat with weight on the heels untill the knee hovers above the toe and then flex backwards (and clench the quads).
Another one is to walk backwards slowly as this strengthens the hamstrings!

My target is to loose the crutches over the weekend (I have promised my sister i will do a jehova convention esque thing by throwing them into the pond and walking across the garden)..praise the lord!

I have also been taking some pics on my mobile phone to track progress with swelling etc and have included them below  ;D

Day 1: Bandaged up with splint


Day 2: Removed bandages


The swelling


Day 7: Decrease in swelling


Day 12: Been doing alot of the quads exercises, icing and taking the anti-inflammatorys to reduce swelling


Day 14: robocop Got the Flexi brace



I will keep posting pictures as its a good way of tracking progress etc!

Happy recovering (so cheesy i know)  ;D

Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: nerospiro on April 03, 2008, 08:13:20 AM
hi all  wow singh that brace looks just the job does it feel comfy or does it restrict you at all i suppose thats the idea tho isnt it to stop you moving the ways you shouldnt be moving i quess, leg seems to be coming on great and hows the rom exercises going, im on day 18 now think i put myself back a bit trying to do to much to soon knee swollen up since i went to snooker sunday night without crutches by the end of the night was limping bad and i think i pulled my calf because of it , calf easing a bit know but cant seem to move this swelling also my knee cap seems to be just flaoting around in there weather thats because of the swelling i hope thats all it is ive gone back on my anti inflamatorys to try to sort it out , amazing how hard it is to do nothing apart from streching exersises and lying around all day  :).
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: g_singh on April 03, 2008, 11:18:26 AM
Hi everyone,

nero the brace is comfortable enough, like you said it supports the joint and ensures it doesnt move into a "wrong" position. The rom exercises are coming on fine i think now that the swelling is going down its a case of making gradual progress!
Nero the knee swelling is normal and I would not worry too much, are you continuosly icing the knee?
Good to hear you are out and about though! I would take the anti-inflammatorys regularly? The knee cap moving is because of swelling and fluid build and will go away, just keep icing and doing ur quad exercises mate.(this is what the physio told me anyway!)

I went to see the surgeon today, they cleaned the wound and cut off the stitches, the rest should apparently dissolve in time! I can also confirm that my medial ligaments are fine and that the operation consisted of doing the ACL reconstruct and a tidy up of the cartilage  :) I also asked about the numbness and he assured me that the nerves were blocked and the feeling should come back in a few weeks to a month, heres to the healing process! ::)

Hope everyone is getting on fine!
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: az_2 on April 04, 2008, 02:45:51 PM
Hi all,

That brace looks serious G, good photos.

I made sure I was using the crutches when the Sainsbury's delivery arrived and asked the driver to take it all through to the kitchen, she was happy at first but looked a little less charitable after taking through the beer and wine. I'm afraid to drink more than a glass anyway, as I'm wobbly enough without it.

sounds like we are all moving forward. I got rid of my stitches but I did too much afterwards and now it's swollen up more.

they really do put screws in....I wonder if i'm going to set x-ray machines off whenever i go through customs from now on, here's a photo:

When I asked about what I should/shouldn't do the os said it's very hard to damage it unless you are very unlucky but i should avoid football, kite flying and drunken brawls. He's a bit of a spoil sport. Apart from that he said use the pain as an indictator. He also told me icing was a waste of time and that the graft will be weakest after 2 months because of the way the blood supply 'reconnects'

I still feel unsteady on my feet but at least I can be upright for a while now without feeling uncomfortable.

Do you thinking a gentle Kayaking at the weekend would be naughty? I can do a cunning crutch to paddle swap....I don't like sitting around all the time, I need some fresh air.

I shall try some mini squats etc as I'm not seeing the physio till next thurs, thanks for all the ideas/info

Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: riderdown on April 05, 2008, 09:22:24 PM

Just wanted to jump in and say I am one of the strange ones with the lasting leg numbness too! My OS says it is less than 1% of people that have numbness (other than around the incision site) for longer than 30-60 days. I am at almost 4 months, and have numbness from the upper inside of my thigh, all the way down the to knee, and then on the outside of my calf. I aften feel like water is running down my leg, and yes, hot and cold often. There is also a really irritating feeling like hypersensitivity and like it hurts and itches at the same time. I hope to follow your case to see if yours goes away. My OS said 3 months max, or the nerves where damaged when they placed the femoral block.

Good luck with your recovery! It sounds like everything is progressing well!
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: g_singh on April 07, 2008, 03:06:34 PM
Hi all,

Hope everyone is getting on well?

Riderdown, glad im not the only one out there! ;) It is day 20 for me so lets hope i beat that 1% statistic and get some feeling back within the next 10 days! I can definitely relate to the irritating hypersensitivity sensations you mentioned but alas what can you do but ride the storm!

az_2 sounds like you are getting on marvelous indeed! That screw picture is awesome, really does put the operation into perspective!
The screws used are made from a form of bio degradable hard wearing plastic stuff! Apparantly as the bone heals, it will literaly close around the screw and tighten on itself so as to close gap. The screw will degrade leaving the bone holding the ligament in place (just as the lord almighty intended!).
I suppose every case is slightly different, my physio swears by R.I.C.E (rest, ice, compression and elevation). If you have swelling then icing is a must!
Az_2 did you swap the crutch for the paddle?! I would avoid taking on physical activity so early on and be content with walking for now! ;D

Day 20:
Went to my first physio session today, didnt do much except get an assesment!
I did however ditch my crutches and walk across the room unaided so I am happy with that.
Swelling is still there but an exercise regime of strengthening the quads has been encouraged.
We compared the "operated leg" to the normal one and the difference in girth and muscle build is noticable (apparently muscle starts degrading after 48 hours of the surgery!). So for now its a continued regime of leg raises ( 2 sets of 30) in a day, calf raises and quad clenching on a continual basis.

The physio said that the actual intensity of workouts builds up after 5 weeks (when the flexi brace is removed).
I will also be able to drive a car at this stage! Cant wait for that! 8)

Hope everyone is getting on fine, i will try upload a picture tonight (saucy one of my shaved leg lol)

Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: nerospiro on April 07, 2008, 06:30:26 PM
hi all just a quick update on my progress, im now on day 21 went back to work today which i wasnt happy about, but need the money asked for light duties and my boss was good enough to give me the lightest jobs we had ,which was putting up fence panels on a five a side pitch, walked for about 9 hrs doing screws up all day had two half hour breaks and coped better than i thought, was unable to do my exercises during the day but going to do them after this and did them before i started work, knee was a bit swollen when i got home and leg feels tired but no dramas, think i will sleep good tonight tho :) good to see everybody progressing without to much trouble, got my first pt appointment thursday actually looking foward to it ,ill post my results when i get home good luck all .
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: g_singh on April 10, 2008, 11:13:50 PM
Hello everyone,

Quick update-

Day 23:
I went for a walk round the block today, watched my step around the pavement drops and felt fairly confortable (except for the numb areas which are really uncomfortable under the brace).

Have been doing my calf raises and leg raises as per norm, I have also started balancing on each leg to raise some confidence (physio gave ok on this). I do this with a chair nearby for support incase i need it!

Swelling is still there, only noticable thing so far is that when i do leg raises, after clenching the quads, my knee  cap tends to stick abit before popping into place when i relax! I have put this down to swelling etc

Nero, sounds like you have got stuck right in! Hope you are being careful at work?
How did the appointment with the personal trainer go?

I have also uploaded pictrues from day 20 below:
My aim is to keep a track of the muscle on the operate leg!

Slight leg raise, with quad clench:


Swelling is obvious and the muscle shape is clearly different in comparison.

Sitting with cold gel pack:


The muscle difference in quad and upper thigh is clear.
I can definitely see how much the muscle has degraded!

Thats it for now, my next physio session is on Wednesday and will report any new exercises or updates!

Hope everyone is getting on fine  :)

Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: nerospiro on April 11, 2008, 06:48:42 AM
hi all   day 25      singh i also got a funny feeling in my knee cap as if its sticking ,makes it a bit uncomfatable when walking but like you put it down to swelling. seen the pt yesterday and had my first rom test showing 115 degrees flexion and nearly got full extension so pleased. told me that she cant give me much more to do unitl 6 to 8 weeks because of healing so just carry on with what i was doing, got another opointment in 2 weeks going to set a goal for myself of 120 degrees extension and hopefully will be able to get on a stationary bike.  how was the walk for you singh im  finding it a bit challenging at the mo to walk without a limp especially come the end of the day only been in work  4 days feels like a month got aches everywhere  :) .
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: g_singh on April 16, 2008, 08:23:32 PM
Hello people,

Day 25:
I went for my physio session at the hospital.
The feedback was very positive as I have full extension of the knee  :)
I went through a series of exercises which i will describe briefly and hope they help anyone else:

exercise 1 - wedge raises
Sit up right on flat surface, a wedge was placed under my knee (soft, a towel doubled up could be used) and I did a set of 30 leg straightening raises.

exercise 2 -  normal raises
Still sitting up, did the normal leg raises. i.e without a wedge, clench the quads and lift the leg off the ground, heel straight, toes turned inwards to clench the muscles. Again a set of 30.

exercise 3 - hamstring curl
Lying on my stomach curl the leg, heel aligned and moving towards the buttock.
I felt twitches of pain in the hamstring but was assured this is normal.
I could only get around the 90 degree mark during this workout.

exercise 4 - Inclined reverse walk

I went on the treadmill next, did a ten minute session of walking backwards at a steady speed.
The tread mill was on an incline i.e it was like walking up a hill backwards, I felt fairly confortable with this, no pain.

The aim of this exercise was to extend the knee fully when walking.

exercise 5 - Inclined forward walk
This was at a slightly more brisk pace in comparison to the reverse walking and was again for ten minutes.
The incline really worked the calf muscles and it felt good to feel the pump in the legs again!

exercise 6 - Trampoline balance
The physio made me stand on the trampoline and shift weight from left to right ( feet never leave the trampoline). I then did the same weight shifting but this time front to back. This was not a workout as such but felt good and gave me some confidence.

Exercise 7 - calf stretch with weight load
This was the mamma of exercises. There was a rehab machine, which has a front pad that you hug.
The load/weight is adjusted accordingly.
Start from a semi squad position, hug the pad and stand up carrying the weight straightening the knees in the process. You then tip toe to full extension bearing all the weights and working the calfs!

Felt a good pump in the muscle and actually broke a sweat today!

The physio mentioned that in next weeks session I should loose the flexi brace and step up the exercise programme so I am looking forward to that! The numbness is still there from knee down the shin to the instep, this is worrying as it has not shown any sighs of progress  ??? The surgeon had estimated approx a month for the sensation to return and I am on day 25 now..heres to hoping..

For this week its the same exercise programme at home as before but I am to include the hamstring curls routine (2 set of 10 raises twice a day).

I hope everyone else is getting on fine with their rehab, next update will probably be on Monday next week!

Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: nerospiro on April 17, 2008, 07:14:23 PM
hi singh sounds like you had a real good workout there m8, every little progress feels good dont it. i still have numbness like you and im on day 30 and walk with a slight limp which is worring me a little.but leg feels stronger all the time so i am making progress just slow my next pt session is monday hope for some new exercises.and i hope the next 20 weeks go as fast as the first 5 happy rehab  :)
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: g_singh on April 21, 2008, 11:14:57 AM
Hey all,

Day 34 (week 5!)

Time seems to be flying now that I am working from home!

I went for my physio session at the hopsital, repeated the same routine as last time but one new exercise was introduced. A light hamstring workout.

You sit on an elevated plane, hang both legs off, cock the right foot under the bad leg foot and raise it up (i.e lift the other bad leg without working the quads). You then push your heel down on the bad leg, with resistance from the good leg(foot under bad legs heel), until ur hanging parallel again.

A basic type of resistance exercise...hope that made sense! ;D

Other than that, I lost the flexi brace and did all the exercises without it! I feels kind of naked and I think it is more of a mental hurdle to trust myself to walk etc as normally as possible. I still do not have the all clear to drive my car yet, the physio said that I should be ready in a week, I cant wait! :)

In a nutshell, I have been told to carry on as normal but without the brace. Be very careful when turning and do this in little steps for now.

 I was doing the hamstring curls yesterday and had cramp in the hamstring which freaked me out, the physio said that this was normal and that I need to work at it slowly and keep doing hamstring stretches.

How did your session go nero?

Thanks and happy healing..

Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: nerospiro on April 21, 2008, 06:07:38 PM
hi all   had my pt session today nothing to stressful, checked my flexion which was 125 did some stairs up and down, up seems alot easier than down ,and had a go of a wobble board which i found very difficult to master ,but like you singh was told to carry on with what i was doing got my next appointment in a week hope to be on a bike then cross fingers. 
Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: g_singh on April 29, 2008, 03:12:36 PM
Hi everyone,

Had my session yesterday, physio made me the usual routine mentioned but added the steps to the routine.
I had to step up and down on the stairs, emhasis on bending the knee to take the weight.

A second exercise on the steps was to tip toe off the edge and do some calf raises, my calfs are still aching!
I also got on the bike witht he seat high to allow knee flexion at a comfortable height. Did this for five minutes, felt good but my knee felt swollen and sore when i returned home...this is normal im told.

2days prior to this I had been getting a burning sensation/soreness on the inside knee, this was next to the scar and I was told it is probably just the scaring etc

Overall I am making gradual progress, and apart from the numbness I am staying positive  :)

Title: Re: My ACL Reconstruction OP: G Singh
Post by: nerospiro on April 29, 2008, 05:25:56 PM
hi all   im a bit of a bad day today had my pt session and to be honest gone a bit backwards, flexion down on last visit from 125 to 120 and my walking seems to have gone backwards too, on top of this had a nasty fall on the weekend hope i havent done any damage, anybody know when they check the grapht  :'(i was expecting up and downs in the rehab i quess this is one of the downs find myself getting paroniod over my grapt hope everybody else is making progress.
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Post by: Bruce23 on April 29, 2008, 06:02:36 PM

Form what I understand a fall usually does not mess up the graft, even though that is a phobia that everyone experiences at least once :).   Fluctuations in PT are normal as well as you said.  Try to relax and have a good day.

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Post by: g_singh on April 30, 2008, 12:26:43 PM
Hey Nero,

Dont worry about the flexion and progress, in the grand scheme of things overall progress can not be determined by days, give it a week and you will see what progress you have made  ;)

I too felt that i was going backward as after the bike exercises and steps, my legs have been sore and my knee feels very swollen. My sister in law is a banker and one of her clients is a physio at Arsenal FC, the physio told her that ACL patients need to rest alot and that you should be carefull not to overdo it...I am trying to use my body as an indicator personally, if the pain doesnt feel right I tend to leave that exercise and concentrate on something else!

I also asked the physio at the hospital about checking the graft, she said they dont do a check andt that the acl procedure is quite solid (she mentioned that they have never had a failure), well ... that gave me some confidence!  ;D

As Bruce said, be positive mate. I have been watching videos of my idols Gianfranco Zola and Zidane for inspiration! I definitely want to be back in football next year. The amount of people who have told me to stop sports is not funny, they all reckon il be back to square one and that I will never be a footballer again.......we live once mate, heres to no regrets and positive mental attitudes..  8)
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Post by: nerospiro on May 13, 2008, 03:46:58 PM
hi all  just a quick update 8 weeks now and had a pt session and my surgeons appointment, had acouple of new exercises did some lunges one legged sqauts ,checked my fexion and extension which is full and 122 which is a bit worse than before but not to down about it ,seems a bit harder to get leg straight when standing anybody else had this problem . still got a limp some days and a bit of pain from my one incision below my knee cap, asked my surgeon about it and he said that he cant see any sign of infection and was happy to let me carry on as i am. got next appointment in 6 weeks time and another pt session next week ,also had the green light to cycle out doors which is great getting bored with the stationary one. hope everybody is progressing nicely.
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Post by: g_singh on May 14, 2008, 02:56:21 PM
Hi everyone,

Nero we seem to be on similar timelines and healing in a like fashion. I too get slight pain at the incision and get slight itchiness there at times, however i actually like this because everything else is still numb!
Also when standing up after a long time of being seated, i get that tension and slight pain when trying to straighten up.
I have found that doing the knee flexing with towel underneath, gets rid of this sensation!

I have an appointment with the surgeon tommorow morning and hope for some answers regarding the numbness. I am not too optimistic though as everyone seems to recommend time as a healer of nerves  >:(

With regards to flexion, how do you measure the angle? The only hamstring exercise that i currently emply is the knee bending on stomach.

I did go physio yesterday and started cycling and a rowing machine too which felt good. I have also been given the all clear to start cycling so am also looking forward to that!

p.s Nero are you still icing everyday?

Hope everyone the best!

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Post by: nerospiro on May 15, 2008, 07:49:04 AM
hi all

singh good luck with the oppointment this morning just to let you know that i still got numbness too but not to concerened about it as long as theres no pain :). with regards to flexion my pt checks it when im sat upright the same as doing the flexion execise, they have a tool sort of like a pertractor with extended ends on it if that makes any for the icing havent iced from day one my os didnt subscibe it, although in the early days i did try it as i was constantly reading it on hear but to be honest ive not got alot of swelling now and it doesnt seem to be swelling with the new exercises im doing either let me know how you get on.
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Post by: g_singh on May 20, 2008, 12:17:44 PM
Hey all,

Thanks nero, i saw the surgeon on thursday and he assured me that they had not cut any nerves.
I do have feeling in my foot and he mentioned that this indicates that the major nerves are undamaged.
With regards to the numbness of the shinn/below knee, he reckons that a nerve may have got twisted/damaged when making the incisions.
I asked for an estimate on feeling coming back, he reckons it could take anything upto a year!!

With regards to physio: I went yesterday which makes it Week 9
Did some cycling and steps (with dumbell weights)
Knee felt sore but nothing major!

Looking to join a local gym so i can use the machines!

Overall the physio is happy with progress and next session is next week thursday!

Hope everyone is getting on well...
cant wait for tommorow, chelsea/utd......cmon chelsea!!! ;D

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Post by: g_singh on June 23, 2008, 05:31:43 PM
Week 13:

Update, have been going physio strong and am cycling and doing standing squats from chair with 5 kg weights.
Bought a bike and cycling daily, i can feel the pump in the quads on the good leg but nothing on the bad one!
Physio has hence given me the green light to join a gym and up my game between our sessions!

Ordered my sorbothane insoles and did a light jog on the tread mill.
Knee did not feel to bad, but i was running flat footed on the bad leg and have to overcome this mentally.

Overall knee is getting stronger, but i do suffer from stiffness when sitting down too long :(
I also Still do not have any feeling in my lower leg, i am getting used to live with it but in all honesty it doesnt feel good when you touch, very odd sensation!
Also when i wear socks on the bad leg, i can see slight swelling around the ankle, dont think this is anything to worry about?

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Post by: nerospiro on June 24, 2008, 06:57:51 PM
hi singh
    glad to see you are still progressing, how is your rom going i  am still stuck on 135 on my flexion, extension is good can get it straight but when i stand up for a while seems to be harder to get straight while standing which is still causing me to limp slightly :-\ havent done much jogging yet apart from on the trampoline in pt ,did see my os today tho and he seems happy with my progress o and i still get a bit of pain around my larger scare site which my os said is quite normal dont see him for 12 weeks  unless i get problems cross fingers , also gave me the go ahead to up my exercise hope to start jogging this week but the limp is still putting me off .
        good luck
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Post by: g_singh on July 01, 2008, 04:18:02 PM
Hi Nero, physio is gonig good and I am generally feeling more positive.

The physio said that you should not worry too much about flexion angles as it will always return, the main focus is that yuo can straighten the leg/knee.
I get the same feeling once I have been sitting for too long, the knee feels really tight and stiff on the inside. I takes me a little while to adjust again by doing some slightly painful leg extensions!

The limp I am told is  a mental thing and you should consciously try to walk as you would normally.
I have started running on the treadmill at the gym and the physio noticed that i was running flat footed on the bad leg.
I was told this is a mental aspect and I should think positively and try to run normally! Ran better last week!

I was also recommended to buy Sorbothane insoles when running etc. I would deffo recommend these, absorb quite alot of the impact!
I have also been given the go ahead to lunge forward now (straight lines, no angles), this is quite a workout!!

Hope you are exercising hard as this is the stagew e can build up the muscle once again!
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Post by: g_singh on September 25, 2008, 05:27:48 PM

6 Months on

Got signed off the NHS Patient list last week!!

I have been jogging regularly and knee seems to be holding stable untill yesterday.
I was doing a side ways stretch and put slight pressure on the knee on an outward stretch and felt the knee give a little....

This has really scared me and making me question if the operation has actually worked??    :( :( :(

Feel really down as I have really put the physio work in and have been training just as the physios have been telling me.
I am going to try visit the physiotherapist tommorow and see if i can get an assesment..

There is no visible swelling or soreness but having said that my knee down to my ankle is mainly numb.

Quite possibly at the lowest point in this whole process, any advice or experience would be much appreciated.

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Post by: g_singh on January 21, 2009, 11:36:01 PM
10 Months Gone

Knee feels strong, however i still get sharp pains sometimes on the bottom off the knee.
Leg is still numb and I am beginning to doubt I will ever get the feeling back.

ON a positive note, i am running once a week and have started playing squash.
This gives the knee quite a workout and touch wood, it hasnt budged when i am lunging and going for shots.

Joining a gym this weekend to step up muscle build up and take things to the next level.
I am hoping to get back into football/soccer by May/June this year  :)