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Title: Allergy to knee implants
Post by: christyv on March 08, 2008, 07:47:54 PM
Three years ago, I had both knees totally replaced.  The improvement was short-lived and, after a year, I was still complaining of pain, burning and stinging.  Last fall, after the doctor ruled out anything he could fix, I went to an allergist.  The test was simple and immediate.  I reacted severly to manganese (a small part of the components) and cobalt (a large part).  I am now suffering through my third and fourth knee replacements; the first revision in January, the second in May, Lord willing.  If my doctor had simply asked if I had ever had any allergy to metals, I might have remembered jewelry I can't wear.  If you are facing TKR, save yourself ALOT of pain and have a patch test done before.
Title: Re: Allergy to knee implants
Post by: kiddthekatt on March 09, 2008, 09:23:12 PM
   Good Lord, you have been through the mill! I agree with you. The one good thing my first os did do was ask me if I had an allergy to metal. I guess I looked at him funny, because he then said are you allergic to any kind of jewelry? I told him yes, I was allergic to silver and brass. Now had he been as concerned when he cut my tibia, then he wouldn't have cut it too short. So now I'm facing my 4th revision. Good luck Christy.

Title: Re: Allergy to knee implants
Post by: christyv on May 12, 2009, 02:48:27 AM
 :o  Omigosh!  I just read your message, Angel, and I'm so sorry for you.  I've been so blessed to not have any other complications with my surgeries, and both my doctors have done excellent jobs with the surgeries.  I'm still suffering the same symptoms as before the last two revisions, and my current os is researching bone cement allergy possibilities.  I don't know what I'll do if it's that.  I've found that the compression stockings that were helping for awhile are now causing my skin to react to the rubberized tops.  Oh, well.
Title: Re: Allergy to knee implants
Post by: Caroline109 on May 12, 2009, 03:56:02 AM
Christy, I had allergy tests before my PKR as I do have nickel sensitivity (can't wear cheap jewelry or I start to itch) last summer. The tests revealed no allergy to nickel or titanium, only to fragrance and the adhesive (paper tape) holding the allergy patch test thing on my back. I have since had the PKR and after almost 9 months, thankfully haven't had a problem. I asked my OS about the testing. He said it was something people rarely ask about and since I had had past issues with nickel, he ordered the testing, done at a dermatologist's office.