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Title: Partial Knee Replacement - advice needed
Post by: dazlcm on March 03, 2008, 06:43:59 PM

I am having a partial knee replacement in 10 weeks time, I am 42, female, and healthy (apart from the knee), can anybody give me any advice on how long I am likely to be off work and restricted in what I do, the Doctor has said 6 weeks!!!, also any complications etc anybody has had.

Thanks in advance :)
Title: Re: Partial Knee Replacement - advice needed
Post by: tamter on March 03, 2008, 07:36:45 PM
I had a PKR 2 1/2 weeks ago, and this is what I have experienced so far.  My ROM is at 106 I have full extension, although I am having trouble being able to get my quad muscle to fire where I can raise my leg sometimes I have been told this happens.  I spent 2 days in the hospital I had a pain pump and and the put a nerve block so assitst with the pain control.  I can say that the pain in the hospital was controlled pretty good.  I am still having to take my pain meds still.  I would reccomend prior to surgery to do plenty of leg lifts with ankle wieghts if you can to have the muscles strong prior to going into surgery.  As far as how to prepare your home for surgery I would make sure all trip hazards are taken care of and I got a waterproof bag that I slipped over my leg to keep it dry while I take a shower it was easier for me then trying to get in and out of the bathtub.  I was told also 6 weeks out of work, 3 days after I got home from the hospital they delivered my continuos passive motion machine that I use 4 hours a day to help with regain my range of motion.  The pyhical therapy afterwards is very important.  Also I was sent home with an Ice machine that is wonderful to help with swelling and the pain.  Be sure to have your kitchen stocked with easy stuff you can fix for yourself while you are recovering.  And please have some patients the rehab of course doesn't come as fast as you would like.  Just take it easy and get plenty of rest my OS told me that let my pain be my guide on what I do.  All rehab protocols very from one OS to another OS so ask yours what his rehab protocol is.  I hope everything goes well good luck let me know if you have any other questions.  Tammy
Title: Re: Partial Knee Replacement - advice needed
Post by: jathib on March 03, 2008, 09:07:40 PM
How long you're off work depends entirely on what you do and whether you can stay off your leg. I had a PKR just short of my 49th birthday. I have a desk job and was back to work in 2.5 weeks. I think I still had one crutch at that time but ditched it within a week or so of my return. I was pretty much back to normal within three months or so but the healing takes several months to a year or more. I didn't really have any restrictions other than the standard, permanent restrictions that come with a PKR or TKR. I'm 15 months post-op and have little to no pain during the day and maybe a little stiffness at night if I've been walking a lot.
Title: Re: Partial Knee Replacement - advice needed
Post by: DeborahinNC on March 05, 2008, 03:36:04 AM
Hi dazlcm,

Well I'm kind if in the middle here.  I'm 6 months out from PKR.  I'm still having some issues but they are minor and I'm happy with the results of the surgery.  I still have some painful days but the pain is much better than it was before the surgery. 

I have an very physically demanding job so was out of work for a little over four months.  I work as a paramedic and we don't have a light duty policy so until I could squat and lift people.  However, if I had a job where it was not so physical I would have been back in about 3-4 weeks.  So, it does depend on what you have to do at work, also how you heal. 

Let us know how you do, I wish you the very best and ask questions, its the best way.

Be well,
Title: Re: Partial Knee Replacement - advice needed
Post by: dazlcm on March 05, 2008, 06:48:43 PM
Thanks everyone for your advice, don't really know what to expect now, just have to take it as it comes, but it can't be as bad as the pain I've got at the moment.


Title: Re: Partial Knee Replacement - advice needed
Post by: kiddthekatt on March 05, 2008, 09:59:55 PM
  It does hurt, and you need to know that. Don't go into the hospital with the thoughts that you aren't going to feel much pain. You proabaly won't feel too much for a day or maybe 2, but when those blocks wear off you will hurt. You have to remember that they are cutting away part of your knee bones and replacing it with metal and plastic parts. I hope you are one of the lucky ones that have little pain after this surgery, I wasn't. It hurt like hell!! Stay on top of your pain with your oral pain meds, because once that pain gets out of control, it's hard to get it controlled. I think just about anyone here will tell you the same thing.

Take care;
Title: Re: Partial Knee Replacement - advice needed
Post by: chaos on March 05, 2008, 11:11:34 PM
what part of the knee are you having replaced? i am 10 days out from kneecap replacement.  don't mean to scare you but the pain after surgery for me was oh  about 100x worse than pre op.  i went into it with the same thought as you it can't be any worse than how i feel now.  prepare yourself.  be sure and take the femoral nerve block.  the injection  is a piece of cake and so worth it.  i would never ever have a knee surgery without the femoral block.  you will get thru the pain but there will be pain and lots of it.  they will manage it for you.
Title: Re: Partial Knee Replacement - advice needed
Post by: Plumb on March 05, 2008, 11:21:03 PM
Famous words of advice.  I do not mean to scare you.. but you will know what it is like to feel like you been run over by a bus and they haven't extracted you yet from the crash.. kind of pain.  but that kind of pain only last maybe 72 hours.
Title: Re: Partial Knee Replacement - advice needed
Post by: moon on March 10, 2008, 12:19:49 PM
p lumb    ;D ;D ;Db, you gave me a laugh for the day, i real ;Dize that is really how it is going to be but i love you wording
Title: Re: Partial Knee Replacement - advice needed
Post by: rottenkid on March 11, 2008, 04:46:40 AM
Did you look into Arthrosurface hemi cap PKR if not do so. The recovery is slightly less then a typical PKR and you dont burn up one of your total knee replacements. I had a polyethylene button put on my patella and a titanium screw and chrome molly button on the troclear grove of the femur. With in two weeks I was at 140 degrees of flex and walking with out help within three stairs included. Only a handful of doctors nationally do the procedure because its real new. I am three month post-op and doing great. Good luck with whatever you go with
Title: Re: Partial Knee Replacement - advice needed
Post by: KNITTER on March 29, 2008, 05:13:11 AM
hey hi, I am a number of years post op partial knee, and have realyy
enjoyed being able to walk again!  The first days are painfull and hard
if you have never had OR's before. Ice will be your best friend use if often
and do your physio, do your exercises at home faithfully, each time
will feel better.  Good idea, get your physi dept. exercises preop, and
start in on them.  The stronger your leg before the better.
and yes it does get much much better, but you have to heal
from the surgery first!  Hope it goes well with you!
Title: Re: Partial Knee Replacement - advice needed
Post by: gloucestermen on June 20, 2008, 02:59:43 PM
Well this is my first post hope it helps! I had an Oxford knee done in late Janurary 08 and went thru 2 1/2 months of therapy that was extremely painful. They finally did x rays and discovered two stress fractures under the tibial implant. One directly under the keel and one just inside that. Off my feet for two weeks back on crutches lost all my muscle mass. I am lucky that the implants have not migrated and are still intact or there would have been the possibility of a TKR. The stress fractures were not caused by improper surgical techniques and were not present after surgery which means they were probably caused in therapy! I had a very aggressive therapist, and believe that was the cause of the fractures. There were times that I complained of severe pain in therapy and was instructed to push through the pain!! After the surgery I did not see the doctor for 2 1/2 months and was treated by the physician's assistant and all she did for my pain was write more prescriptions for pain meds!! I have just started therapy again with a NEW therapist so it's time to start over for me.
Title: Re: Partial Knee Replacement - advice needed
Post by: rottenkid on June 25, 2008, 04:39:15 PM
 This is an older post its cool that you replied to it. You might want to start a new post Oxford Knees and Stress fractures get a lot of attention on this site. You will find that most people are very knowledgeable on their injuries here. It is not uncommon for complications and set backs when dealing with the knees. Hope to see you post more.
Title: Re: Partial Knee Replacement - advice needed
Post by: texaschick on June 29, 2008, 05:26:28 PM
Please read my diary: (Lora's PKR Left Medial in the Post Op Diary section) or put in a search for Texaschick.
I went through a partial on March 25th. I have very few issues now at 3 months post op. I work as a graphic designer (90% sitting) and went back to doing work at a desk pretty quickly.  I can walk for hours now going shopping, doing house work, yard work. My back aches a little bit and my knee gets sore after a long day, but nothing Aleve can't handle.  I used a walker for about 2 weeks and a cane for about 4 weeks-I skipped using crutches. I liked the cane because I could carry and use it at work, stores, malls, etc. I got used to people starring at me with a cane-I was just glad to get around. My Dr. claims I should be normal after a year, but for now do not run-or jog or do anything that pounds the joints like horseback riding, skiing, etc. No problem there! I hope this alleviates any worries and I hope you have a speedy recovery.
Title: Re: Partial Knee Replacement - advice needed
Post by: SedonaAz on July 03, 2008, 02:41:24 AM
Hi All,
 My Partial took place the 3rd of June. So far I must say it's been a success. My afternoon of surgery I was up and managed 43 steps out and 43 back to my room. Day after surgery was a tough day. 93 steps out and back was murder.Surgery meds wear off the day after and then you know you've had something done to you. I had never experienced( bone pain)let me tell you I now know what that feels like. The machine your leg is in feels pretty good. I had one a t home for two weeks after. I got tired of it BUT now from time to time wish I had it still. Ice is for sure your friend. Use plenty of it. I can not stress enough the importance of bending thoses knees after surgery. Work thru your pain. It is SO very important to keep on bending to keep scar tissue at bay. My therapy has been real good. I came out of hopsital bending at 85* a month later I'm able to bend it to 114. 125 being the goal. I'm not saying it's easy but BEND. I'm having a harder time because my therpist tells me I limped for 4 years and have totally done the muscle in. Nothing left. So I'm having to rebuild the muscle along with my therapy.I know now to not limp !!!You actually hurt yourself in the long run. I've gone from walker to cane in a month. Only taking pain meds for therapy.I'm very please so far.
 Hope this post helps others.
Keep on bending!
Title: Re: Partial Knee Replacement - advice needed
Post by: dazlcm on July 09, 2008, 09:29:23 PM
Well Hi everybody

Thanks for all the helpful posts, I am now 4 weeks post op and have to say it's the best thing I ever did.  I am from England so a lot of your terminoligy was a bit different to ours so that was a bit odd for me.  I have to say some of you were right, the 1st couple of days were hell, couldn't stop being sick with the Morphine on day after the op, every time they tried to get me out of bed I was sick (not a good sight), but once that passed, I was up and out of bed 24 hours after surgery.  I don't know if they put you to sleep in the US, but in the UK the tend to do it with a spinal injection and just sedation, so waking up in the middle of surgery was a bit odd, but don't really remember much which is probably a good thing.  I thin the key is without a doubt keeping on top of the pain medication and exercise.  I was a bit worried that me bend wasn't too good, the the PT was pleased this week as it had improved from 95 degrees to 103 degrees in a week, so fingers crossed it will keep inproving.  Can anybody kneel on there new knee or will I never be able to do that?

Thanks again

Lynne  :D
Title: Re: Partial Knee Replacement - advice needed
Post by: rottenkid on July 09, 2008, 11:42:31 PM
 Kneeling for me has been a nightmare. I am able to kneel for about three minutes before I want to kill someone. However everything else is getting better and better everyday. I am six month post op, I have a six inch scar right along the joint and thats were the pain comes from. I was told that this should also get better with time. Flex was no problem for me I was at 145 degrees within two weeks. My problem was my quad didn't want to fire for about three weeks. Now I just get noise from it not much pain except when kneeling.
Good Luck