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Title: hi there :) from aussie noob.
Post by: aussie_dan on February 25, 2008, 04:56:56 AM
hi, obviously im dan, and im from melbourne AUS.  bit of history first.  im 27, been involved in knee bashing sports since i was a little tacker.  started  training in martial arts at age 9, playing inline hockey at 14.  my first knee dislocation occured when i was 16, playing a game of inline hockey. did the right knee, resulting in 3 months on crutches with immobilization.  second time was right knee during martial arts training.  this resulted in a tear in the cartledge on the inside of my right knee.  arthroscope resulted in the removal of 73% of the material on the inside of my right knee.  i have full movement, but it does cause issues sometimes, nothing major though. 

on with the new info.  2 days ago i fell through a 6 foot hole, landing with my left leg at a funny angle.  i ripped the crap out of my leg, causing open wounds in the middle of my shin, one in particular is pretty nasty.  after a visit to the emergency department at my local hospital, a fear of a broken leg was abating to a visit from a lovely lady wrapping my leg up with a zimmer splint.  the doctor thinks ive done ligament damage, but would not expand, and says there is no point going to see an orthopedic surgeon until the swelling etc goes down in my leg.  its a bit of a kick in the guts for me, as im a pretty out and about kind of bloke, and very independant.  sittin on my arse when there are better things to be doing is kind of annoying.  at this stage, im still not sure what is going on with my knee, and this splint is driving me up the wall. 
Title: Re: hi there :) from aussie noob.
Post by: suehaem on February 25, 2008, 08:31:06 PM
You poor sole.  I don't know what to say to cheer you up.  Try to keep your mind active to relieve the boredom.

I would like to say have a speedy recovery but it sound nasty and you will need to see the OS when your swelling goes down.

Good luck

 ;D North Wales
Title: Re: hi there :) from aussie noob.
Post by: kathat on February 25, 2008, 09:37:04 PM
Howdy from another Aussie!! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time...NOT!! What a bummer to be stuck on the couch when you could be out enjoying our summer weather. I'd make an appointment to see an orthopaedic surgeon anyway - my GP thought that the crunching from my knees was not significant but referred me to an OS anyway...just as well, as I have ground away 1/3 of the cartilage from each patella due to alignment issues. I reckon it's better to be safe than sorry and find yourself a knee specialist OS. Good luck with your recovery.

Title: Re: hi there :) from aussie noob.
Post by: aussie_dan on February 26, 2008, 05:07:42 AM
yeah its driving me up the wall.  i never thought id be so beat up about having to miss work lol

so i just found the referal from the doc for the OS..  "i dont believe there is any damage to major ligaments, but would like your opinion as to whether there is any significant soft tissue damage the the medial side of the knee?"

i mean, what is that?  ive got a nasty bruise and im being a sook?  would have been nice to have been told.  ive made an appointment to see my regular GP on thursday, and after he stops laughing at me im sure he'll be more candid with me.  the xrays are pretty blurry and not real helpful due to the swelling.  im slowly geting used to the splint, but they are annoying arent they!  ive had mine for 2 days and im sick of it.  a friend of mine had one on for months waiting tor a TKR..  ive gained alot of respect for her i tell ya!

thanks for the well wishes.  the mental aspect and lack of doing what i want is the worst part.  im a busy person, to have to sit here and do nothing is going to get to me i think.
Title: Re: hi there :) from aussie noob.
Post by: kathat on February 26, 2008, 05:51:36 AM
Nope, I don't reckon that he thinks that at all. Even soft tissue damage can cause things like maltracking and stuff, so it can be pretty serious and, as anyone here can tell you, knee problems can cause all sorts of grief especially if left too long. Definitely a matter of being better safe than sorry. I am due to get one of those braces this year after my next lot of surgery, and I can't say I'm looking forward to it! With any luck it will be in winter, not summer!! A zimmer splint and crutches in 40 degree heat would be a form of torture!! Now you just need to find a sit down hobby to keep you busy while your knee are you at needlepoint  ;) Just make sure you keep up the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and get the knee seen to sooner rather than later. Good luck.

Title: Re: hi there :) from aussie noob.
Post by: fatcats6 on March 08, 2008, 07:31:02 PM
G'day from another Aussie.  I'm in Albury/Wodonga, in the NE of Victoria.  Your injury sounds abit more than sook material, lucky you didn't break your neck!  As others have told you, soft tissue injuries can be worse than breaks.  I'd be peg-legging it to the OS too.  I think I'd rather know it's nothing than assume it is only to find out later it wasn't.  Just remind yourself that you'll be further down the treatment line getting it looked at sooner than later.  Also, you'll know what kind of timeframe you're looking at for work and the rest of your life.

The mental aspect of knee injuries is what does your head in.  It's just so hard not to get bored,  There's only so much TV a person can take!
I've got a laptop, which is great, I downloaded heaps of games to play, checkers, pacman, from and they knock off an hour of time.  If you can, get outside and get at least 1/2 an hour sunshine, things go wackky when you don't get enough daylight.

How's your sleeping going?  You need a minimum of 5 hours to get into restorative sleep, which is when the body heals itself.  Try not to become a midnight jockey of anything, Tv, computer etc, if you are awake, just close your eyes and try and drift.

The brace.....what can I say that you don't already know?  Actually, I do know....the more time passes, the more they suck.  Wait till your muscles start wasting and you can't hold the damn thing up not matter how hard you tighten the straps.  At 4 weeks post op, I begged the OS to let me loose it, it was hurting me by pushing the kneecap sideways when I tried to walk in it.  Now I wear it when I sleep and that's it.
If you aren't able to do that, ask if you can take it off when you're lying in bed, nice and still.  Let the air get to your leg, especially when it's getting hot.

Ask lots of questions because the medico tend to not tell you everything, and write the questions down so you're not stuck dumb.

Good luck.  Let us know how you're finding the medical system in Melbourne.  I'd be interested to see how our tax dollars are working city vs country?