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Title: TTT - 14 days post op
Post by: ohiostatemel on July 23, 2003, 09:17:45 PM
Hey everyone.  I had to make a new name because I couldn't remember my password or my email acct to have it sent to, so its the same as before (OhioStateMel) except all lower case.
I had my TTT on July 9th.  The doctor ended up finding more than was expected once inside my knee.  He ended up moving the patellar tendon over (as planned) with a screw, plus he  had to align with both a proximal and then distal realignment plus advancing the muscles.  After surgery I was in the hospital for 4 days with PT twice a day.  After I got out of the hospital, I continued the twice a day PT until yesterday (Tuesday) when I finally could head back to South Carolina.  As far as PT, everyone thinks I am doing very well- I am now bending (with pain) to 110 degrees, but I am now almost comfortable at  90.  I am locked in my Breg brace straight out until my next follow up  on Aug 5th.  

When I work up from surgery, I had horrid pain, so they ended up administering a femoral nerve block, which ended up being a godsend, until the next day when it all came back.   I do have a couple questions for everyone.

I can't, and haven't been able to, feel the right outside part of my knee since surgery.  It is like rubber.  My PT said I probably won't ever regain sensation there, but I was wondering if anyone has???  I am super careful shaving now, expecially since I still have the steri-strips on the incision.

I hope that everyone is doing great!  When I was in such horrible pain, about the  only thing keeping my sane was knowing that alot of you guys have gone through the same.  Now, I am just taking it one day at a time.  Hope everyone is well!!!


Title: Re: surgery went ok- im back in SC now
Post by: AC on July 23, 2003, 09:24:53 PM
I also had a TTT recently.

After my swelling starting going down, a lot of my feeling started coming back.

I had the same thing with my LR surgery last year.
Title: Re: surgery went ok- im back in SC now
Post by: Janet on July 23, 2003, 09:55:43 PM
Sounds like you are doing well. I'll bet you're glad to be home! You had a lot of surgery, and are doing great with ROM. Keep up the good work!!

Whenever they cut through the layers of skin, nerves are damaged. It's interesting that you can tell which direction the nerves run because only one side is numb! I also had the numbness, but it eventually went away. Sometimes I still get the "pins and needles" feeling, but it doesn't cause any problems. Give it time and see what happens.

Title: Re: surgery went ok- im back in SC now
Post by: Lizzie - UK on July 24, 2003, 01:41:22 AM
Hi Mel

I too had the same problem with the sensation  on the lateral part of my knee.  It was nerve damage, however, I am pleased to say that the normal sensation of touch came back eventually.  I don't recall how long it took, but it did come back through time.

I am pleased that you are doing well in your rehabilitation and wish you more luck as you progress to flexion without any pain.

It is good that you can rely on this board like so many of us all.  It is such a good resource for informaton, but truly the best thing about the board is that there is always support from fellow KNEEgeeks who know exactly what you are going through and are always willing to help.

Much love Mel
Onwards and upwards ;) ;D
Lizzie xxx  :-* :-* :-*
Title: Re: surgery went ok- im back in SC now
Post by: Jennie on July 24, 2003, 01:43:23 AM
Hi Mel

I am glad to hear that everything went good for you with your surgery!

As for the feeling in your knee I don't know if you will ever regain feeling, but I have not, I can only feel from my ankle to my shin and then from the top of my thigh up, so my os said that I probably would not because of all the surgeries that I have had and I am numb pretty much over my whole knee!!

Anyway really glad you are doing okay and you sound like you are doing great in pt 110 degrees is WONDERFUL ;D

Keep up the good work!!

Title: Re: surgery went ok- im back in SC now
Post by: ohiostatemel on July 25, 2003, 06:37:50 AM
Hey there again- there were a few things I forgot to add in my first entry so I thought I would here.

I don't have to go to PT for the next two weeks since I am doing so well with ROM- the doc wants me at 115 by then and I am already at the 110 mark, so I am doing my painful bending myself.  (But let me tell you: my PT in Georgia was a beautiful, hot, hot, hot man!!!!!!!  Nothing like more reasons to strive to do well:)
Today was a pretty good day.  I finally am back in my apt.  I am getting around pretty well, and my mom was driving me nuts, so I finally got to come back to my own house and BED today.  I think that has worked wonders mentally.

My incision is starting to harden and form scar tissue.  What do you guys think about me doing some light massage to help soften it up?  The doctor did a great closure.  All internal stiches and one long 9 inch one running down the middle of them under the skin which was taken out on monday.  I had some not very pleasant things to say when that was ging on.  Nothing like a 29 yr old (hot, hot hot) PT pulling and tugging to get the stitch out.

My brace is really starting to annoy me.  Its the breg one.  No matter how I fasten the thing it still manages to slip down halfway covering the knee and rubbing on the incision.  Does anyone have any secrets to getting it to stay up?

Hopefully, when I go back he will unlock the brace and then I will be able to drive.  The PT said thats when I will be able to drive.It is killing me not being able to.  I just bought a new car 3 months ago, and now I am making payments for it to sit in the garage:)  

Ok everyone, I think this is it for today!  Thanks again for your support and I hope that everyone is hanging in!
Title: Re: surgery went ok- im back in SC now
Post by: Donna on July 25, 2003, 07:44:14 AM
Hi Mel,

Glad to hear the surgery went ok and you made it home safe. I also have a 9 inch incision from my TTT. I still have a section on the outside of my leg where it is numb. I was also told it may be numb forever there. I am thinking it probably will be because it has been 16 months since my surgery. Sounds like you are doing well with your range of motion. I can also relate to the brace slipping. Mine would never stay up. It was quite annoying.

Well good luck and keep us posted on your recovery.

Title: Re: surgery went ok- im back in SC now
Post by: ohiostatemel on July 26, 2003, 06:53:26 PM
Lets see now.  It is now Saturday and I am 2.5 weeks post op.  Yesterday and, so far, today are rough.  I seem to be taking 2 steps forward then I take 2 steps back.  I cannow feel the raised are where the screw is.  It grosses me out, but I guess it will make a great party trick one day.:)

I have been trying to use less pain medication, but I have been on it around the clock since yesterday morning.  

My parents are coming up today to take me to their house for a diversion.  I was going to spend the night, but I am not crazy on that idea anymore.  My dog goes with me when I am there, and he drives their two crazy little dogs NUTS- so its really more work than rest.

Lets see, my jerk of a boss called me last week )9 days after surgery) to say how "busy" he had been and didnt have time to call- then he went right into "when are you coming back to work".  I told him he might as well not have bothered asking about my condition and just should have jumped into what he really wanted to know.  I told him I have no idea.  I was thinking about maybe trying to start with going in for a few hours later in the week.  What do you guys think?  My job involves alot of running around and being on your feet, but I could probably just sit at my desk with paperwork.

Well, I gotta get hobbling down the stairs now.  Take care everyone!
Title: Re: surgery went ok- im back in SC now
Post by: Jennie on July 27, 2003, 02:36:46 AM
Hey Mel

Glad to hear you are doing okay, but sorry to hear you are having pain right now!

By the way, I live in GA and also had a very hot,hot,hot PT, I was just curious as to where you went??

Anyway, hope everything continues to go good for you

P.S The only way that I would even think about going into work if you absolutly have to, is make sure you will not be having to rum around, and make sure you have something to  prop your leg up on at your desk, God knows you don't want to hurt yourself and have a setback ;)

Love, Jennie
Title: Re: surgery went ok- im back in SC now
Post by: ohiostatemel on July 27, 2003, 06:27:04 AM
My surgery and PT was at the Hughston Clinic in Columbus.  That place was a godsend.  Besides being somewhat of a "country club hospital" (if you know what I mean)- I have NEVER gotten that good of care for anything medical.  Plus, the HOT pt guy helps:)
Title: Re: surgery went ok- im back in SC now
Post by: Marriah on July 27, 2003, 10:20:44 AM
Hi Mel, when I read your first post , your questions are the exact ones I have wondered.  And we're  both 23!  I, too, had surgery recently (the 10th).  I had anosteotomy, a plate, 6 screws and an ACL reconstruction.  I ended up staying in the hospital for 4 days because of the pain.  

My biggest incision runs along the inside, lower part of my right knee, about 5 or 6 inches long.  (I also have a smaller incision on the right side, with a few others for the scope, I guess.)  Now, most everything to the right of it is numb, and I cant stand to even touch it because it feels so gross.  My nana had a TKR at the beginning of this year, and her numbness hasnt gone away, but for a lot of people it does.  I'm really not sure what it depends on.  

I'm really glad to hear how well youre doing post op.  You mentioned you had a 'breg' brace.  Which kind is that?  I have one that runs from my upper thigh, all the way down to my ankle.  Its got a hinge-y thingy at my knee.  I have never been able to get it in the right place, nor have I been able to keep it there.  Please, lol, let me know if you figure out how.

Please keep us updated on your progress.  Its really encouraging to hear about someone doing so well.

Love, Marriah
Title: Re: surgery went ok- im back in SC now
Post by: ohiostatemel on July 28, 2003, 04:47:37 AM
Im glad I am not the only one with this awkward, goofy, unable to stay up brace.  To answer your question, mine is the breg with the hinges (currently fixed) at the knee.  Above the knee is a lovely sea of black with 3 very stylish and uber sexy velcro straps.  In fact, they are so sexy, I have three more below my knee.  I think I ma starting to lose my mind:)

I read your post in the other topic.  I am thinking of you- I hope that everything starts to turn around for you and your husband.

Take care!!!!!
Title: Re: surgery went ok- im back in SC now
Post by: enuff81020 on July 28, 2003, 03:42:24 PM
Hi Mel,

Congrats on all of the positive going on for you now--I think that ROM is awesome--the sign of a  lot of hard work on your part.

My doc explained to me that that numb thing can last as long as a year--thank goodness it doesn't hurt and is just a strange sensation.

I haven't had the brace issue, so I won't try and go there--but here is my "boss" story--He contacted me to let me know that they neded a projected date of my retyrn before I even had my surgery.  That ws great--and my doc figured early September, but told them early October to cover my bases.  It makes me wonder who is thinking this is a vacation or fun or something.  I don't know about anyone else--but when I weigh knee surgery/rehab./pt/pain vs, work--I know which sounds the most appealing to me.

Keep up the good work, don't let the day to day frustrations hide the great success you seem to be having.

Take care, Sylvia

Title: Re: surgery went ok- im back in SC now
Post by: ohiostatemel on July 29, 2003, 07:14:52 PM
Sylvia: Isn't it amazing how come people have no clue?  I expalined time and time again that this wasn't going to be a simple scope to him,to no avail.  I didn't add this part, which is funny too.   The day before I left for surgery my boss told  me that I would have to go to a seminar in Columbia (about 2 hours away) on the 24th.  HAHA.  Since I can't drive, and that was less than 2 weeks after my surgery- I don't think so.  Amazing huh?

I have been doing pretty well.  Starting to get pretty bored.  I am tempted to lay out and get some sun, but its so stinking hot here that it really isn't bearable.  I have almost finished my book of 500 crosswords, and I think I am going to go nuts watching TV.  Some guys from work said they will take me to lunch tomorrow to free me from my apt., so that should be a good diversion.

I have been having problems sleeping- but last night, I finally managed to get comfortable, so I got a GREAT 9 hours in.:)  

Okay, I have to go hobble towards the shower now.  I hope that everyone is doing well (or as well as can be expected:)  

Take care,
Title: Re: TTT - 14 days post op
Post by: Natalie.D on August 06, 2003, 07:05:41 PM

As far the numb thing goes, I had my first TTT 6 years ago and the outer side of my knee is still numb, I don't think I'll ever get any feeling back in it.  My last TTT was 9 months ago and the numbness in that knee is worse than the first one, I sometimes get sharp jaggy feeling pains which I thought might have been the nerves coming awake again but it is still completely numb.  I don't really mind it too much though because it doesn't affect the use of my knee at all which is the main thing.