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Title: I can't believe how much this sucks!! (meniscus)
Post by: huma1 on February 04, 2008, 05:32:11 PM
First of all, this is a really awesome website, im glad i found it!  :D

I just really need to vent. i was in my acting class (which i was thinking about declaring as my major, and was absolutely in LOVE with) and its weird cuz i dont remember exactly what happened wen i hurts, i may have come down on it wrong cuz we were jumping around but my knee felt like POP! and my whole body practically shook from the inside. I hadnt until this realized how many hills and stairs and inclinations my campus had. and i live on campus so walking back from my class to my room was the hardest thing i ever had to do. no getting out of the shower was the hardest thing ive ever had to do, but thats a different story. i went to the student health center at my school and the doctor gave me sum ibuprofen and told me i'd be fine cuz it wasnt broken but if i was in pain i shud come back in a week! i got back to my room, and it kept popping!! i know, i just had a feeling that sumthing was very wrong in my body and ibuprofen would not make it go away. i tried to get to class later that day but it was horrible, again with the popping! So i came home and went to the orthopedic and the xrays are fine but he think i tore my meniscus, i got MRI's done on friday& i shud be able to go on and talk to him on wednesday.

I just need some advice, i looked up meniscus tears online, and i have the symptoms of a large tear for which it sayss that surgery is usually required. I cant straighten my knee and it feels wobbly and i cant put weight on it and im limping. I'm home now, and although i havent gotten the MRI's i've already missed a whole bunch of class, and my parents are recommending that I withdraw for the semester, which im considering as well. Is my decision premature? Am i just being dramatic? if i take a medical leave from school i can go back regularly. But a whole semester feels like such a waste of my time!! and i love my schedule.

My knee really hurts at night and in the morning, it feels stiff and wen i get up suddenly the POP comes back. This is so strange for me, i grew up in NYC im used to walking fast and being independent and now I can barely do ANYTHING. I'm 19 years old, this shouldnt happen to me, i'm such an active person it's so hard for me to lay in bed or my couch all day and not do anything!  >:( My family is very supportive and so are my friends, but i cant be emotional in front of people, although i have talked to my mom alot, its just always easier for me to get my feeling out if i write them down or type them out

If i take the semestr off ill miss SOOO much, all the events the parties, the wonderful classes im takin and all the amazing professors i have. ive ben thru the surgery thing before (for my ankle) and it was a horrible experience waking up from the anesthesia. I have a 3.5 GPA, i dont wanna miss school. This is horrible, i feel so stupid, one little slip and my whole life is falling apart. I keep tellin myself that i'm okay and i'll be fine and i'll get thru this but waking up to pain in my knee in the middle of the nite is so dicouraging  :'(

Wow, I ramble .. i'm sorry. if you took out the time to read or comment on this thank u, it means a whole lot!!
Title: Re: I can't believe how much this sucks!! (meniscus)
Post by: themomof5 on February 04, 2008, 06:33:10 PM
First of all I'm sorry this has happened to you at such a young age.  i was 14 when i started having problems and nearly 25 years and 8 knee surgeries later, I can understand how frustrated you must feel.  With that said, know that there are options and you can get better.  i don't know that I would withdraw from school if you can make it work.  Icing will do wonders to help the pain.  I went back to school after I had my kids and will graduate in 12 weeks!!  I have had two surgeries (scopes, lateral releases, and lots of menicus tears) while in school, raising 5 kids and still managed to get a 4.0 as a full time student.  Your teachers will work with you if you talk to them and explain the situation.  Follow the advice of your doctor, do your homework on your knee problem, and don't give up.  You will get better, you can continue to be active (I still do everything I want to do), and stay focused - keep the big picture in mind.  Youth is on your side.  Good luck.  Hope all goes well.
Title: Re: I can't believe how much this sucks!! (meniscus)
Post by: lenorem9 on February 04, 2008, 07:30:29 PM
Hey huma1,

I love the title of your post.  That should be the title of this whole board. 

You are NOT "being dramatic", you are NOT "stupid", and there's no need to apologize for venting.  We can all relate to that feeling.  No knee injury or surgery is ever easy.  Anyone that tells you that is lying.

Don't panic yet.  It may not be as bad as you think.  Wait and see what the MRI shows. 

Meanwhile hang in there and let us know how you make out.  Good luck!

Title: Re: I can't believe how much this sucks!! (meniscus)
Post by: brianne on February 04, 2008, 08:47:51 PM
Sorry you have injured your knee.  It can be very frustrating.  I hope you get some answers and a plan very soon so you can get some relief.

As far as being in school goes...its really up to you.  Yes it is easy to rehab and recovery from surgery when you are not in school.  However, it can be done.  Many people juggle school and rehabbing their knees after surgery.  You would not be crazy to want to take this semester off, and you also would not be crazy to want to keep taking your classes.  Its really a personal choice.

I would recommend waiting until you know what the plan is.  You do not even know if you have a torn meniscus yet.  Also, sometimes the wait before surgery can be very long...many months even.  So until you know what is going on I would say keep your classes.

Good luck with everything!

Title: Re: I can't believe how much this sucks!! (meniscus)
Post by: huma1 on February 05, 2008, 11:41:56 PM
Hey guys, thanks a lot for the kind words and thoughts

As for the pain, it's actually gotten better. My knee wasn't so stiff this morning when I woke up, I actually didn't have that much of a hard time getting down the 2 steps to get out of my house, my brother just got a new car and he was really mad at me yesterday for not coming out to see it. I was really scared cuz i didnt wanna have the wobbly, loosing my balance kinda feeling, but it didnt happen! i was so happy, and then the doc said the worst word EVER "surgery"

The orthopedics office got my MRI's back today, and the doctor that looked at them said there's definitely a tear but he could'nt tell me much more because he hadn't examined me when I went to the office last week. He said I'll be able to discuss surgical and or physical therapy options with him tomorrow.

ugghhhh, I'm so not looking forward to this doctor's visit tomorrow morning, but at the same time i wanna FIX this already, i know theres people here that have had problems for years, but that past week since i hurt myself feels like yearrrrssss

my fingers are crossed!
Title: Re: I can't believe how much this sucks!! (meniscus)
Post by: jathib on February 06, 2008, 12:38:43 AM
Trust me, surgery is not the worst word ever. If this is the worst thing that ever happens to you consider yourself lucky. A knee injury is not the end of the world. In the scheme of things it's pretty trivial. I've had surgery on my knee, ankles, shoulders, elbows, etc. and none of that was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. It is what it is.
Title: Re: I can't believe how much this sucks!! (meniscus)
Post by: huma1 on February 06, 2008, 01:38:19 AM
Believe me dude, at this point in my life, it was the worst word

I was getting somewhere, i was content where everything was, i felt invincible and when it takes u long time, and a lot of getting past self-esteem issues and changing yourself and finally feeling like u found the 'right path' ... it's a huge blow, like STOP everything i've busted my ass for and be on the couch all day, i;m just one of those people that plan, and have lists, and have a timeline and reality checks like that are totally unexpected! its might not be the worst thing, but its the worst timing

i have horrible needle phobia, and ever since i heard the word surgery i can't help but remember that HUGE IV needle that'll be stuck into my hand, and the horrible feeling i woke up to after anesthesia, the shooting pains in my knee are not helping either

i guess we all have our definition of the word trivial, i've definitely had worse things happen to me, so i know im lucky and blessed, and im not all omigod my life is over, im gonna die. I think i have a pretty good grip on the 'scheme of things' ... but last i checked the board was called 'spiritual help and encouragement', correct?

So what was the worst thing thats ever happened to u?