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Title: post op fulkerson osteotomy/info plz
Post by: girlcop81 on January 14, 2008, 11:51:06 AM
ive posted a couple of weeks ago in regards to my fulkerson osteotomy i had on Dec 4.  my first 6 weeks is just about up. i go back to drs. on the 17, and im supposed to be able to put some weight on it and and some movement.  do i have to stay in this brace and crutches. and how bad is pt going to be. will i need pain meds again, because i havent needed any. my knee seems so stiff and seems like its not going to bend. also my whole leg is so skinny, but doc says it will all come back. i stood up the other day without my brace on, it was a god awful feeling, i almost passed out. ive been putting vitamin E on my scar and its looking very good. any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you ??? ???
Title: Re: post op fulkerson osteotomy/info plz
Post by: chromolume7 on January 14, 2008, 01:13:11 PM
Hi!  I'm 4 weeks post op on a fulkerson, but with a different post op protocol, so I might be able to help...

I'm already in PT and allowed to bend my leg with weight on it (I can put as much weight on my leg as I want).  When I was first allowed to bend my knee (2 weeks post op), it was very stiff and uncomfortable to bend.  A lot of my early PT appointments were working almost entirely on bending. 

PT is generally not bad.  I'm usually a bit sore afterwards, but I have yet to reach for anything stronger than tylenol.  If something is hurting you that much in PT, let them know.  Despite popular belief, they really aren't out there to torture you (c;

I'd be very surprised if the doctor took you off the crutches and out of the brace immediately, especially since you haven't been able to put much weight on the leg or bend it.  You'll likely be very wobbly and will want support of some kind.

If you haven't already been doing quad contractions, it's a good time to start.  This will start getting the quads working again, and can be done with the leg straight.

Good luck!
Title: Re: post op fulkerson osteotomy/info plz
Post by: girlcop81 on January 14, 2008, 01:26:08 PM
thank u for that info it helps. i havent been allowed to put any weight on my leg or bend it. i wonder if hell unlock my brace for easier bending. my quad kinda contracts on its own, espeacially in the morning. doc says there 3 steps to this. first 6 weeks is nothing no bending no weight. 2nd 6 weeks some weight bearing and movement. 3rd 6 weeks strenghting.  thank u for ur info. y is ur protocol different.  i thought all fulkersons where the same
Title: Re: post op fulkerson osteotomy/info plz
Post by: chromolume7 on January 14, 2008, 02:51:34 PM
The actual fulkerson procedure (surgery) is pretty well standardized, but every surgeon seems to have their own post-op protocol.  I seem to recall a few people on the board who were never given crutches post-op, so it really does vary widely. 
Title: Re: post op fulkerson osteotomy/info plz
Post by: Mandy on January 14, 2008, 04:58:43 PM
Hey there~

I had Fulkerson TTTs on both of my knees about 3 years ago.  While they eventually did not work for me because my surgeon moved my tibial tubercle over too far, I can share with you some of my post op protocol. 

From what I remember, I was weight bearing as tolerated right after surgery.  I was in an immobilizer, and that had to be on anytime that I was up walking.  My OS allowed me to get off crutches as soon as I felt comfortable, so in the end I only depended on crutches 100% for about nine days.  After that, it was more for protection when I went out in public/crowded areas.  I was allowed to do home PT right away, which only consisted of straight leg raises, quad sets, etc.  After being 6 weeks post op, done with crutches and out of the brace, I was allowed to start aggressive PT at the clinic.  I was sometimes sore afterwards, but wasn't allowed to be in pain while doing some of my exercises.  My OS didn't want to risk messing thing up, so he told my PT that everything should be pain free.  For the soreness, I usually just soaked in a warm bath, or took Advil.

Hope this helped a little bit.  I wish you the best of luck in your recovery!!

~Mandy :)
Title: Re: post op fulkerson osteotomy/info plz
Post by: dileigh on January 19, 2008, 09:51:54 PM
I was supposed to have my Fulkerson's this week, but it got delayed because of cartilage issues. 

My OS says no weight bearing for the 1st 6 weeks.  He used to do weight bearing as tolerated, but apparently there was a study that showed a greater chance of breaking the bone if too much weight was put on the break.

Apparently this had never happened to him until after he read the study, told a patient not to be weight bearing and she had a break.  It's supposed to be more likely for women who are overweight, so that may have a bearing on his/her decision