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Title: Synvisc
Post by: kljschaef on December 28, 2007, 02:17:10 PM
I just had the first injection of three of Synvisc yesterday.  I was concerned with the thought of having a needle stuck into my knee but it was really a simple procedure with no pain at all.  They gave me a shot of novocane first.  When the doctor was finished I was surprised that he had even started.

I am not feeling any relief yet but the doctor said it usually takes four to six weeks to feel any of the benefit.

I hope this helps, I am in constant pain.
Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: caren on December 28, 2007, 02:33:19 PM
I was in constant pain when i did my first round of synvisc and by the time they did the last one

was feeling much relief it worked good til I fell and reinjured my knee

you are lucky you got novacane my os just shoots the stuff in and the pressure was not a good feeling

hope you are feeling better soon


Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: jathib on December 28, 2007, 07:09:03 PM
I got no relief from the shots. My doctor sprayed my knee with some stuff to freeze it and then injected it with novocaine. The first shot wasn't bad, the second one hurt like hell, the third one was the most painful shot I have ever had in my life. If the first one had felt like that I never would have gone back.
Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: kljschaef on January 02, 2008, 12:31:14 PM
I go in this afternoon for the second shot.  It is normal to feel an increase in pain before the relief begins?  The doctor told me that I should not expect relief for four to six weeks but the pain has been becoming increasingly worse every day since the first shot.  I am considering taking scizzors and poking a hole under the knee cap to try to release some of the pressure.

Thank you for your help and guidance!
Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: kljschaef on January 03, 2008, 06:31:37 PM
I had the second shot last night and I must admit that it was worse than the first.  I am not sure if it is because of the winter weather or just that it is the second but I could feel the fluid going into the knee.  The knee has been hurting a great deal more than usual since I had the shot, I am about ready to take a butter knife to it.
Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: caren on January 04, 2008, 12:11:39 AM
You should not be feeling pain but some pressure is what i felt with mine
please dont take a scissors to your knee you probably arent appreoved on your own ins lol but seriously you shouldnt be feeling that kind of pain imo i would call the os office htat is doing your shots and tell them what kinds of pain you are feeling and let them be aware of it there is maybe soemhting that htey can do for you otherwise try rice and tylenol for the pain
good luck and hang in there the os was right it takes weeks to get relief
hugs to you
Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: lady on February 16, 2008, 06:29:14 PM
I had my first shot 2 days ago and can't wait for the next one. I hope all goes as smoothly. Did anyone have to have fluid drained?? I did and they took a good amount, so much my knee looks "skinny " if you know what I mean, at least in the morning, it swells up by mid afternoon but nothing like it usualy does.for a change. Does anyone know why you need to take it easy for 24 hrs after? I can't sit for 5 minutes. I get very bored easily. Will it affect the outcome if you don't take it easy?
I am looking forward to what this will bring. I am very anxious!
Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: Nettan on February 16, 2008, 06:47:37 PM
Just need to input something. I often read that many get bored easily. But if you want a good knee what is 24 hours of a whole lifetime really ?
This get me so angry as many here including me struggle to even get 1 minute of relief.
Think before doing anything foolish...a good knee is worth all waiting in the world.
I wish you the best.
Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: lady on February 18, 2008, 07:10:46 PM
I do agree with you Nettan
BUT. I have waited and put my life on hold. this is not new to me I have delt with waiting for 22 yrs. My first surgery had me waiting 6 monts on crutches and then a cane to finally be able to ride a bike. Then waiting a year and a half to play sports to find out your senoir year that no one wants a senior with a leg injury to play on your team no matter how good you are. although I'll never know if I was good enough because I had to wait.
I waited aloooong time recovering from ACI and followed directions to a T with a 5 yr old and a 2 year old and a husband who worked 50 hrs a worked 60 a week to help suplement the income I wasn't bringing in due to surgery. I put my family'slife on hold not just my own. I limited my actiivits everytime I went to the docs becuase the doc I had pretty much had me doing nothing to find out 10yrs later that the ACI did not work! and OA progressed. Told to retire at 35!
I am a very busy mom, wife, teacher I have waited, maybe bored was not the right word. Maybe busy and sitting on my hinnie knowing I have things to do was very hard. I did not take it easy totaly but did better than I would have. When 17 preschoolers need your attention they don't care you had a shot in your knee. I had to go to work not only does my boss rely on me but so do my students. At their age someone they count on is not there it can be upsetting as far as transitions and seperations issues. I planned my shots around my kids and my work the best I could. The first shot later in the day. I didnot work out the day before to limit swelling (so I would not have to have fluid drained-did anyways). I scheduled the 2nd shot during vacation week and plan on not working out the day for. Bored was the wrong word. Fed up with waiting maybe would have been better. Putting my life on hold agian for even 1 day is nerve racking for me. I'm very tired of it and it is getting very old. I need to live and people and things in my life can't take it easy for one day even if its nessesary.
Sorry I'm am not angry with you although I know it sounds it. I am  angry with waiting even if it is for 24 hrs last week its also 24 hrs this week and 24 hrs nexts week. I know what its like to be in pain that is why I am getting these shots so the pain does nto take over my life as it was starting to do. As I was starting to wait for the next surgery or knee replacement. Which is not an option I want to think of just yet at 37.
Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: lady on February 23, 2008, 07:02:46 PM
I am so excited of the possiblities of synvics. I'm shocked that only after 2 shots I have imporvement, I also noticed imporovment after the 1st. I'm hoping that after this series and in 6 months the next series works just as well. But for now the next 6 months looks and feels great. I'll keep this up as long as they let me, bring on the next 10 yrs.
I have 0 swelling. I have never had a "skinny"knee. I can't remember the last time it looked so small. And I wake up pain free! What is that?!?
Today I rode the bike for 20 minutes lifted/stretched and walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes. AND I'm taking the kids bowling. Bowling has always giving me trouble.
I hope I don't come across as bragging but I am in love with synvics and estatic with the possibilty of what lays ahead.
I just have to say if you are considering these injects and are on the fence, give it a shot (no pun intended). I was so hopeful and if they had not worked I think I would have been devistated. I feel for the people it has not worked for. I'm so glad that I gave it a chance.  It barley hurts, I had novacane. Besides 2 seconds of pain  compared to the everday ache of OA is worth it. I have to give kudos to my doc and his assistant. I feel just as comfortable with the assistant as I do the doc. His assistant is giving me the shots and I feel his expertise is a big reason for my results. these guys are great.
Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: Robin M. on February 24, 2008, 02:47:30 AM
Hi Jenne,

Glad to hear that the Synvisc injections are helping you. It's great that you can do some things now that you couldn't do before. Being in chronic pain is the pits! It's so difficult to put your life on hold due to pain and other limitations. I know all too well about that. Take care.

Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: lady on February 26, 2008, 02:08:31 AM
Well today was not so good. But I hope I just have to limit the walking on the treadmill. So I'm not doing it tommorrow and just doing the bike. I had soccer practice (I'm the coach) today and did use my leg to much so I think I'll go easier.
Oh well. I am bummed but I'm so happy to have had the 10 days I had and am not ruling out the synvisc, I have 1 more shot to this Thursday.
Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: lady on March 01, 2008, 12:53:23 AM
I had my last shot yesterday and wow I'm shocked. I could tell as I was driving home that it was not going to be a good day. It swelled quite a bit. Anyone ever have the feeling that the swelling that you think you'll explode. Don't know how to explain it. It felt so full.
Also my calf was bothering me and still is, like I had a really bad calf cramp, but didn't.
I hope this is all due to the bad weather we are getting and just funny that I had a shot yesterday.

I stupidly entered a team into a vollyball tourny for MDA, which is tomorrow. YUP I STUPID!!! It stinks because I was looking forward to it so much becuase I had no pain and felt so good when I entered the team. The rest of my body is ready to go but my dam knee isn't.  I'm resting the #$%&^# and gonna ice it, oh and pray, I'll be okay for tomorrow.

I really don't get what happened. How short lived was that. :-[
Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: celinenj03 on March 01, 2008, 01:04:35 AM
I guess it might take a few days to calm down. It's sort of like a trauma to it. Just take it easy. You'll get back soon enough. Take care of yourself for now. It's great that you were almost there...
Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: Plumb on March 02, 2008, 08:49:51 PM
It takes a few weeks for the shots to be at the best possible relief level.   You may still need to take anti infamitories to manage the pain levels.

My last supartz shot was in Dec. had a booster cortizone shot in Feb and I find myself being able to do the stairs one over one. Which I havent been able to do in a few years.  Never gave up trying to do them with out pain.. back of my mind I know it will be short lived but nice to do while I can.

Just enjoy doing ..  while you can do it.   
Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: lady on March 03, 2008, 03:06:16 AM
It seems to be better today. I still played volleyball and wore a brace. I was hoping to get away from the brace but thought I'd better play it safe. We'll see what happens in the next few days. I have soccer practice tomorrow and i'll just take it easy on the team and on me.
Ya the short lived part is bitter sweet. I found myself so excited before and after the shot. Because of the hope of doing and not paying later.

"just enjoy doing...while you can do it.
Thats my new moto. I love that.
Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: celinenj03 on April 22, 2008, 03:32:45 PM
Hey Lady! How are you doing these days! My OS ordered Synvisc for me. It is sitting in his office. I haven't decided yet. Let me know how you are.
Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: lady on May 12, 2008, 08:53:06 PM
I'm sorry I haven't checked this site in awhile. Spring is a crazy time around here.
I coach a girls  under 14 travel team and it keeps me very busy. I also do a bit of volunteering with preping the fields. And I do all this because I can PAIN FREE! well most of the time. Sometimes I have some aches in my knee but it usualy becuase I played a scrimmage with the girls. Or I just simply over worked my knee. In the begining with synvics I was over working it. I would bike for 10 miles walk for 2 and lift in 1 day. That was crazy. Now I do either bike or walk, but I limit the walking and do more biking. And I took up Boxing. I'm starting slow and only doing it 1 day a week and hope to build up to 3x a week. I love it. But I'm not bragging to my doc because I think he'll think I'm a NUT!
I have lost weight and inches and my bad knee actualy looks stronger.
I really suggest you give it a shot(no pun inteneded). What do you have to lose. My insurance paid so it was a no brainer for me. If your insurance dosen't pay then I can understand the reluctance.
I was either having a unispacer or synvisc.I would rather do something biological and less evasive then surgery......Again. I have put off surgery several times as I feel the more they go in and fool around the OA progresses more. I don't know if this is true but its how I feel.
I hope with whatever you decide it all works out well and you can get on with your life PAIN FREE! I am definitly going to do this shots again and again until they don't work anymore. I cross my fingers they work more than once, because I have just started to live again and I'm loving my new hobby -boxing. Of course there is no actual punching people but I wouldn't mind punching anyone,,,,I just don't want them punching me. lol
Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: jathib on May 13, 2008, 02:17:08 PM

I was either having a unispacer or synvisc....

I hope you're not going to consider a unispacer when the synvisc fails. They are a complete failure and I didn't even know doctors were still doing them.
Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: lady on May 14, 2008, 01:45:49 AM
That is was one of the reasons it was a no brainer to try the synvisc. I heard they do "dislocate". I would however consider the unispacer over a PK or TK if it is still an option after the shots. I'm pretty sure that it will not be an option after the shots. My doc knows I am not interested in a Pk or Tk quiet yet even if my knee is so I think that is why he discussed the unispacer. He did say the shot was a better option, and thankfully it is working. And I am thrilled.
By the way I have read the unispacer now is much better than in the past.

Title: Re: Synvisc
Post by: Plumb on May 14, 2008, 01:55:51 AM
I would ask about a hemi cap instead of a spacer.

When the time comes. You will know it is time.

So I start my third round of Supartz in June.  I have cartlidge flipping around that at times hurts bad. I am bone on bone but still pretty mobile.  Had a cortizone shot that did next to nothing on Friday. NSAID patches that take away the knee pain but leave me with a neck ache.

Just one of those moments where I am miserable. I pulled a hammy as well.

The good news is my TKR knee is wonderful and pain free and lovely.. I just wish I get to the point where I am totally pain free enoughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh already..
Send me the warm weather or give me chicken bits.