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Title: I couldn't do without my Breg PTO and Ice Machine!
Post by: rhea on July 16, 2002, 03:40:06 AM
For anyone with lateral tracking issues, let me introduce you to the Breg PTO.  It's my 4th type of brace that I have tried, and the best by far.  Its not just a brace with a buttress  ;)  Its so much more!  There is an open back variety (which I have) that provides you with a bit of an opening at the back of the knee so when your knee is bent you aren't being pinched and you don't have material digging in.  On top of of the buttress rests a plastic molded plate.  The plate is adjusted via two velcro straps to apply pressure onto the buttresss.  As you bend you knee the buttress changes the amount of pressure applied to help prevent subluxation.  The brace has four straps (two behind top and bottom, two in front, top and bottom) that when adjusted to fit your leg keep the brace right where you put it!  That's adjusting your brace in the middle of a busy side walk!!  And Breg is now offering this brace in a breathable material called "airmesh" (which I have) that draws moisture away from your skin.  There is a hinge on each side of the brace to prevent hyperextension.  I don't have hyperextension issues and the hinges DO NOT impede your range of motion.  The hinges allow the buttress pressure plate to function better.  The thoughtful engineering, material used, and overall construction of the brace makes it a very effective and very comfy brace that most people with mal tracking issues would consider a god send.  This thing is so comfy I can even sleep with it on a night on bad nights, and sometimes forget I have it on!!!  

All in all, I'd give this brace a full 5 knee caps. 0 0 0 0 0

For a link investigating the effectiveness of the Breg PTO (including mri scans and graphs and comparisons with another brace and no brace at all) copy and paste the following URL into your address box:

Here is a link to a site that sells the Breg PTO for a good price (159 US)

Here is a front and side view of my right knee in the PTO just in case you all are wondering what the thing looks like....!.jpg&.view=t&.done=http%3a//

The other product Im in love with is my icing machines.  I have the Breg Polar Care 300 which takes about 5.5 trays of ice (or you can just use 2 trays of ice and a few ice  packs) and will either run via air pump plugged into the wall (like an aquarium pump) or via hand pump.  It provides cold therapy for a good 6 hours at a time.  I also reccently got a Breg Polar Care Cub which is 100% manual.  It works via hand pump and takes only 2 or so trays of ice.  It provides about 4 hours of cold therapy and is a very light weight portable model.  I can even carry the thing on crutches.  

Those are my little products.  I think its safe to say I am a die hard Breg PTO fan.  I know other ice machines similar to Breg ones are just as good so I advise you shop around with the icing machines and find the one that suits you the best.

Hope everyone is doing alright and enjoying this new kick butt forum!!

Title: Re: I couldn't do without my Breg PTO and Ice Mach
Post by: jslkw on July 16, 2002, 03:52:46 AM
I just got the breg pto brace. I had been using a bioskin q brace (which I loved) but it kept falling apart.I've been thru 2 in the past few months. I am currently trying the breg for one week to see how I like it. Up until today, I thought it was great. There is a little bit more to it than I think I need but it does seem like it will last awhile. My problem today is that after wearing it at work for 8 hours, my knee is really bothering me in  the area of the patella tendon. I've had a problem with tendonitis and the bioskin seemed to help that, along with the patella tracking, alot. It just doesn't seem to apply pressure on the tendon like I need. I was checking out the breg website and noticed the patella stabilizing adjustable horseshoe brace. That seems like it might address my problem. Maybe I'll give Breg a call and get some info from them.
One thing that I do like about the PTO is the hinges that keep the brace up! I didn't have to pull it up all day long!
Title: Re: I couldn't do without my Breg PTO and Ice Mach
Post by: rhea on July 16, 2002, 04:14:21 AM
Once I supposedly had patellar tendonitis (I think my OS mis diagnosed me by not listening too me!!) so I did mega amounts of research on it.  They have braces for it where it pushes down the knee cap to relieve stress off of the patellar tendon.  However I think that'd probably be bad for your pfs.  Infact, I wore a brace like that and I would bet money it gave me pfs!  Oh well...siiiiiiiigh!!  Anyways, yeah my Breg PTO has spongey padding in the patellar tendon area that more protects it from bumps rather than supplies compression.  I think phoning the breg people would definetely be a good idea.  They sell pads to insert on the inside of the brace by the hinges that perhaps you could put below the patella opening so you'd get some pressure on the patellar tendon if that's what you are seeking too.  One thing is for sure... I don't think the  PTO will be wearing out or breaking down soon!!  Jeez, those things are stitched and restitched!!  Even my dad was impressed...and he's not that easily impressed.

Well take care there!!  Let me know how you make out with the Breg people!!  

Goodluck in your search for a good brace that'll last awhile and help your pfs and patellar tendonitis.  Knees really suck, don't they!!!

Title: Re: I couldn't do without my Breg PTO and Ice Mach
Post by: jslkw on July 16, 2002, 04:37:53 AM
knees really so suck!!!I had surgery last fall and am in more pain now than before the surgery. Last year I dislocated my patella. then came the surgery = lateral release, chondroplasty and drilling, and some other minor stuff. Then this year came the tendonitis and bursitis. Nothing else left to add to the list!! anyway.I looked inside the PTO and can't figure out where you mean the pads would go. I will definitely ask the breg people. I will let you know what they say
Title: Re: I couldn't do without my Breg PTO and Ice Mach
Post by: rhea on July 16, 2002, 05:25:30 AM
Oh god you poor thing!!  You've been through a lot of ailments!  My problem up(canada) here is trying to find a good OS who'll do an exploratory arthroscopy to figure out whats wrong.  I've had x-rays, bone scan, and mri that haven't shown the problem.  And of course I got the "growing pains" garbage for a good 4 yrs until my growth plates were closed so they couldnt tell me that anymore.  Now I am a "chronic pain patient".  I'll see my 1st sports med knee OS in sept.  He's suppose to be the best in Canada.  He took me on after getting an email from me begging him to please see me!  So already the guy is in my good books.

The pads are meant to be stuck on the inside of the brace where you can feel the hinges joints.  Like where the top part and bottom part of the hinge meet, that area only stuck on the inside of the brace.  Some people don't like that pressure so they order the pads to provide cushioning there.  I was just wondering if you could order the same pads and  put them in the inside of the brace around the patellar tendon area.  I just though that perhaps you could build a few up thus creating pressure.  I don't know......just a crazy guess!  The Breg ppl will probably have some ingenius suggestion!

Take care and i hope you are doing better soon!!

Title: Re: I couldn't do without my Breg PTO and Ice Mach
Post by: Linds on August 30, 2002, 05:18:28 AM
Hey Rhea, you stole my suggestions... :o long is we get to share our awesome products with all the knee people it should all be great!
Take care
Linds ;)
Title: Re: I couldn't do without my Breg PTO and Ice Mach
Post by: CarolynWoodstock on September 25, 2002, 05:59:49 AM
I love my BREG PTO brace.  I have tried so many braces.  I am actually on my third one though because the braces keep stretch out if you wear them all the time.  The ones with the open back are the worst about stretching out.  My first one had an open back and was stretched out in like 6 months.  My second one had a closed back and last 10 months.  The one I have right now I have only been using for like 6 months.  Thankfully, they have replaced the brace twice for free because it wasn't supposed to stretch!  Actually, I will be getting my fourth BREG PTO brace soon because I lost a lot of weight and now I need a smaller size.  Thankfully, I have really good insurance that covers all my surgeries, braces, and physical therapy.

I actually have a medial tracking problem, not the lateral tracking problem that the brace is designed for, so I wear the right brace on my left knee and it takes care of my medial tracking issues.  So if you have a medial tracking problem, you can still use the brace.
Title: Re: I couldn't do without my Breg PTO and Ice Mach
Post by: Netty on November 26, 2002, 04:58:47 PM
Hi Rhea, nice pics of your knee, love the little smiley face. One question, how do you add your pics to this site?. I have some good shots of my operations but I dont know how to put them on here.
Title: Re: I couldn't do without my Breg PTO and Ice Mach
Post by: Emily on February 23, 2003, 06:37:43 AM
If anyone needs a brace for chondromalacia that is caused my maltracking or hypermobility, this is the best brace in the world! Before I got it I could hardly walk without my crutches, but since I got it I have been able to go shopping without even one crutch!!    So Ifany of you need a REALLY good brace for mal tracking or hypermobility, this is the BEST brace I have found! The only complaint... I didnt choose which variety of the brace I got ebcause it came from my OS, but I have a closed back airmesh, and it irritatess the back of my leg. So if you have the same problem try wearing a knee high with the foot cut out so it is a barrier between ur skin and and the brace. Good Luck!!
Title: Re: I couldn't do without my Breg PTO and Ice Mach
Post by: 3acldave on March 08, 2003, 11:41:39 AM
AMEN on the ice-machine!!!!

it's a MUST HAVE....once you go BREG (500 for me) , you never go back.....