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Title: Pin Removal. Post op problems
Post by: wagtail on November 02, 2007, 09:11:58 PM
Hello to everyone. Been having a rather torrid time lately. Suffered multiple leg fracures in March and been recovering slowly since. But had one of them pins in my lower femur to secure the long femural rod (whatever it is called). I did have a fractured patella but that has since healed, however that pin actually snapped a month or so ago and has been removed 3 weeks ago. But, I now have this absolutely excrutiating pain just below my knee cap when I place weight on the leg. I used to be ok, still on 1 crutch as my hip was still not strong enough, but pain free and able to walk without a crutch using a shopping trolley for support!

I have looked at what the problem might be, and considered that the broken pin may have just damaged something in there, but it was never like this even when the pin snapped and the pin was situated above the knee. I am not due to see my surgeon again for another 3 weeks, but will see my GP on monday. Does anyone have any ideas if this is maybe something other than tissue damage? (Which will heal in time.) I am frustrated that no-one involved in my medical recovery seems to consider anything other than standard recovery and text book procedures.

Would really appreciate any help.
Title: Re: Pin Removal. Post op problems
Post by: gigi67 on February 04, 2008, 10:41:11 PM
if u get this, i hope u do. i noticed u never got a reply from ur last post. sorry about that. i know what its like when u make a post and no one responds and u r hoping and looking everyday to see if they do. DRATS!  I just had hardware/pins and wire removed from my patella break JAn 8,2008. My knee also hurt directly underneath it when it hadnt done so before hardware removal...also was the clicking and popping with every move/bend i make...ugh. OS says he can plan  to look around with scope when i go back this months at my 6 wk check up.... i dunn though..he says could be misalignment, meniscus tear, ridge  behind my kneecap rubbing across the bones, blah blah.... all of those could be's...geez. its been almost one month and the pain right underneath has let up some but the clicking and poppng still bad and i still get pain there just not as bad. my plan is get  back to the gym and swim n the pool and try to strengthen things in there before i let my OS poke around soome more. keep in mind the nerves get severed during surgery...maybe a link??? anyway i was wondering how things are? Still aching under the cap? getting any better?