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Title: Can you sprain a patellar tendon?
Post by: april on October 03, 2007, 06:59:38 AM
 ??? Just wondering if you can sprain the patellar tendon like you "sprain" an ankle. I suppose you could technically sprain anything, but I haven't really found any info yet referring to a patellar tendon sprain. Right now I've got a pain on the medial side of the knee, on the half of the patellar tendon on the inside of the knee and the fleshy corner just next to it. The quality of the pain is rather dull, but still aggravating, and it reminds me more of a sprain or bruise, rather then tendinopathy, patellofemoral pain, or a fat pad irritation, all of which I've had at one point or another recently (sheesh!) Don't know how I got it, all I can say is I was walking home after arriving from a plane flight, and noticed I was hurting in that area mid-way. Now, my PT's noticed that I tend to hyperextend my knees, and have an inward rotation of the thigh so maybe it got "pinched" that way. Because of this, the knock-kneed position and inward femur rotation is way worse than it used to be on that leg and I can barely walk normally. This puzzles me and has me pretty disappointed. I was looking forward to working on my feet again.
Title: Re: Can you sprain a patellar tendon? Update: sagging kneecap?
Post by: april on October 04, 2007, 10:50:41 PM
Whopee there's more  :P : now I can't track the knee forward in a straight line, and it feels like the kneecap is "tugging" at the lower thigh with each step, sometimes like it's getting caught on something or something's about to pop. I am wondering if it's a tracking problem caused by the kneecap sitting too low on the knee as a result of the injury, whatever it was. The only thing that helps now is wearing one of those drugstore kneebraces with a cutout for the patella, I guess it lifts it a bit. There is a subtle difference between the height of the kneecap compared to the other leg, it "sags" slightly. I've seen my GP, she can't really do anything except say ice and anti-inflammatories, brace it, and I won't get to see a sports medicine dr until 2 weeks from now. What the heck could this be? Does this sound like a sprain, where when the "swelling" goes down the kneecap will move back into place? Or could it be a tear (though I would expect the kneecap to move up, rather than down, if that were the case) Do you think it's safe to go to work on my feet (I work in a lab, so there's some sitting, but a bit of getting up and down from chairs and walking around the room) with the brace on?